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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38235

Chapter 38235 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Daly-Schveitzer, S.; Beugnon, G.; Lachaud, J-P., 2002:
Factors influencing the predatory strategy of the ant Gnamptogenys sulcata Ponerinae, Ectatommini Facteurs influencant le choix de la strategie predatrice chez la fourmi Gnamptogenys sulcata Ponerinae, Ectatommini

Pezzo, F.; Olmastroni, S.; Corsolini, S.; Focardi, S., 1999:
Factors influencing the reproductive success of the south Polar skua Catharacta maccormicki Fattori che influenzano il successo riproduttivo dello stercorario di McCormick Catharacta maccormicki

Martel, B., 2003:
Factors influencing the selection of oviposition sites of the loggerhead turtle of Caouanne Caretta caretta on the Madagascan coast Les facteurs intervenant dans la selection des sites de ponte de la Caouanne Caretta caretta sur les cotes Malgaches

Wagner, E.D.; Ee-Siriporn, V., 1969:
Factors influencing the survival of mice infected with Trypanosoma equiperum Jap

Cuttitta, A.; Maneiro, I.; Bonanno, A.; Patti, B.; Riveiro, I.; Basilone, G.; Buscaino, G.; Genovese, S.; Mazzola, S.; Guisande, C., 2006:
Factors influencing zooplankton biomass and distribution in the Strait of Sicily Fattori che influiscono sulla distribuzione della biomassa di zooplancton nello Stretto di Sicilia

Huerta, C.; Halffter, G., 2000:
Factors involved in the subsocial behaviour of Copris Coleoptera Scarabeidae Scarabaeinae Factores involucrados en el comportamiento subsocial de Copris Coleoptera Scarabeidae Scarabaeinae

Marikovskij, PI., 1976:
Factors limiting numbers of the ants Tetramorium caespitum Lin

Charlton, RE.; Carde, RT., 1990:
Factors mediating copulatory behaviour and close-range mate recognition in the male gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar

Ikeda, M., 1960:
Factors necessary for E tenella infection of the chicken VI Excystation of oocyst in vitro

Cuif, J.-Pierre.; Dauphin, Y.; Denis, A.; Gautret, P.; Kiyashko, S.; Massault, M., 1997:
Factors of early diagenesis in calcareous biominerals example of a Porites skeleton from New-Caledonia Facteurs de la diagenese precoce des biomineraux exemple dun polypier de Porites de Nouvelle-Caledonie

Paramonov, A.A., 1971:
Factors of forming skeletal formations ofthe head capsule of Tylenchida Thorne, 1949

Duguy, R.; Moriniere, P.; L.M.linaire, C., 1998:
Factors of mortality of marine turtles in the Bay of Biscay Facteurs de mortalite observes chez les tortues marines dans le golfe de Gascogne

Urban, J.; Sedivy, J., 1997:
Factors regulating the mass outbreak of the pale tussock moth Calliteara pudibunda L Lepidoptera, Lymantriidae Faktory regulujici premnozeni stetconose orechoveho Calliteara pudibunda L Lepidoptera, Lymantriidae

Zamora-Munoz, C.; Tierno de Figueroa, JM.; Alba-Tercedor, J., 1999:
Factors related with the distribution of Sialis nigripes Pictet, 1865 Megaloptera, Sialidae in the upper reaches of the Genil river basin south of Spain Factores relacionados con la distribucion de Sialis nigripes Pictet, 1865 Megaloptera, Sialidae en la cuenca alta del rio Genil Sur de Espana

Sathe, TV.; Santhakumar, MV., 1990:
Factors responsible for host finding behaviour by Campoletis chlorideae Uchida Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae, a parasitoid of Heliothis armigera Hubn Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Kisseleva, G.A., 1966:
Factors stimulating larval metamorphosis of a lamellibranch Brachyodontes lineatus Gmelin

Farias Urrutia, A.; Garcia Mari, F., 2002:
Factors that influence the egg-laying behaviour of adults of citrus leafminer Phyllocnistis citrella Lepidoptera Gracillariidae Factores que afectan el comportamiento de puesta en adultos del minador de hojas de citricos Phyllocnistis citrella Lepidoptera Gracillariidae

Kapitonov, V.I., 1964:
Factors which limit the spread of Marmota camtschatica Pallas in the extreme Northeastern region of Asia

Greven, Hartmut., 1999:
Facts and considerations on viviparity of Poeciliidae Tatsachen und Uberlegungen zur Viviparie bei Poeciliiden

Dorée, M.; Cavadore, J.C.; Picard, A., 1990:
Facts and hypotheses of calcium regulation of MPF activity during meiotic maturation of starfish oocytes

Wipking, W., 1990:
Facultative and obligatory diapause responses in three species of burnet moth a characterization of life-cycle phenologies by field observations and laboratory experiments

Jakubiec, Zbigniew., 2002:
Facultative commensalism of wintering woodpigeons Columba palumbus and rooks Corvus frugilegus Komensalizm fakultatywny zimujacych grzywaczy Columba palumbus i gawronow Corvus frugilegus

Kalmes, R.; Ndoutoume, A.; Rojas-Rousse, D., 1999:
Facultative hyperparasitism in the Hymenoptera Eupelmus orientalis Hymenoptera Eupelmidae in a populations cage Installation de lhyperparasitisme facultatif chez lhymenoptere Eupelmus orientalis en cage a populations Hymenoptera Eupelmidae

Rojas-Rousse, D.; Ndoutoume, A.; Kalmes, R., 1999:
Facultative hyperparasitism of developing parasitoids by the ectoparasitoids Eupelmus vuilleti and Eupelmus orientalis Craw Hyperparasitisme facultatif de parasitoides en cours de developpement par les femelles des ectoparasitoides Eupelmus vuilleti et Eupelmus orientalis Craw

Nauwerck, Arnold., 1996:
Facultative planktivorous fishes in Mondsee and their diet Fakultativ planktivore Fische im Mondsee und ihre Nahrung

Nauwerck, Arnold., 1999:
Facultatively planktivorous fish in Lake Mondsee and its feed 2 The roach Rutilus rutilus L Fakultativ planktivore Fische im Mondsee und ihre Nahrung 2 Das Rotauge Rutilus rutilus L

Sepilevski, E., 1911:
Fadenformige Anhange bei den Trypanosomen

Tottewitz, F.; Stubbe, C., 1998:
Faecal count methods and monitoring system Losungszahlmethode und Monitoringsystem

Barja, I., 2005:
Faecal marking patterns by European pine marten Martes martes in northwest Spain Importance for its study Patrones de marcaje con heces por la marta europea Martes martes en el noroeste de Espana importancia para su estudio

Tapia, A., 2005:
Faecal preferences of the Amazonian tapir Tapirus terrestris Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Scarabaeinae in secondary Amazonian forest Preferencia por fecas de tapir Amazonico Tapirus terrestris de escarabajos estercoleros Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Scarabaeinae en bosque Secundario Amazonico

Pharisat, Andre., 2005:
Faeces of the barn owl Tyto alba at Etrabonne Doubs Pelotes de rejection de chouette effraie Tyto alba a Etrabonne Doubs

Ramirez, J.G.briel.; Franco-Herrera, A.; Rincon, D.; Castro, L., 2005:
Faeces production rate and coprophagy in Eucalanus subtenuis Copepoda Calanoidea, under laboratory controlled conditions Tasa de produccion de fecas y coprofagia en Eucalanus subtenuis Copepoda, Calanoidea, bajo condiciones controladas de laboratorio

Tiinofeev, B.A., 1963:
Faeteur de diffusion et Fhyaiuronidase dans les Trichomoncis porcines et Tritrichomonas foetus Riedmuller, 1928 Protozoan diseases of domestic animals

Enemar, A.; Thorner, A.M.ri., 1998:
Fagelsangdalen 45 year history - annual report for 1997 Fagelsangsdalen 45 ar - arsrapport 1997

Thorner, Ann Mari., 2006:
Fagelsangsdalen 2006 return of the nightingale Fagelsangsdalen 2006 naktergalens aterkomst

Enemar, A.; Thorner, A.M.ri., 2001:
Fagelsangsdalen 49th anniversary Annual report 2001 Fagelsangsdalen 49 ar Arsrapport 2001

Kovanda, Jiri., 2006:
Fagotia faunas and the Pleistocene stratigraphy in the Alpine foreland compared with some classic localities of the continental glaciation in Germany Fagotia-Faunen und quadriglazialistisches stratigraphisches System des Pleistozaens im noerdlichen Alpenvorland im Vergleich zu einigen klassischen Fundorten im Bereich der nordischen Vereisung Deutschlands

Labruna, MB.; Leite, RC.; Resende, JS.; Fernandes, AA.; Martins, NRS., 1997:
Failure in transmission of Borrelia anserina by Amblyomma cajennense Acari Ixodidae Falha na transmissao de Borrelia anserina pelo Amblyomma cajennense Acari Ixodidae

Martins, M.L.terca. de Moraes, de Moraes, J.R.dini Engracia.; Malheiros, E.B.aga., 2000:
Failure of cortisol response in induced capture handling stress and carrageenin in Piaractus mesopotamicus Holmberg, 1887 Osteichthyes Characidae Falha na resposta do cortisol ao estresse por captura e por carragenina em Piaractus mesopotamicus Holmberg, 1887 Osteichthyes Characidae

Pettersson, Mattias., 2001:
Fair Isle, classic bird island and stress-free oasis in the Atlantic Fair Isle Klassisk fagelo och stressfri oas i Atlanten

Strivay, Lucienne., 1996:
Fair eating The rights of animals in the encyclopaedias of 1750 to 1800 From ethics to policy Manger juste Les droits de lanimal dans les encyclopedies de 1750 a 1800 De lethique au politique

Rigi, Emanuele., 2005:
Fairies of the forest The leaf-frogs of the genus Phyllomedusa Die Feen des Waldes Die Makifroesche der Gattung Phyllomedusa

van Nieukerken, EJ., 1993:
Fairy moths from blue ribbon and clock gentian De langsprietmotjes van blauwe knoop en klokjesgentian

Herger, P.; Herger, M., 1998:
Fairy tale animals Marchen-Tiere

Chaduc, F.; Franck, M.; Mercier-Parisot, P., 1990:
Faisabilite et developpement de lechographie sectorielle dans le cadre dun parc zoologique gestation de la reproduction et investigations cliniques

Mayer, Horst., 2003:
Faithful and easily bred rose-crowned conures Zutraulich und zuchtfreudig Rotkopfsittiche

Pace, R., 2004:
Falagriini, Deremini, Athetini and Thamiaraeini from Borneo Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Falagriini, Deremini, Athetini e Thamiaraeini del Borneo Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Braza, RD., 1990:
Falcate rust disease causes insect-feeding on galls

Becker, Gernot., 1999:
Falcated teal along the Neckar Sichelerpel auf dem Neckar

Salvini-Plawen, Luitfried v., 1996:
Falcidens vasconiensis spec nov Mollusca, Caudofoveata from the continental shelf off southwestern France Falcidens vasconiensis spec nov Mollusca, Caudofoveata du plateau continental du Golfe de Gascogne

Lehmann, Herbert., 1995:
Falcon breeding on a balcony Turmfalkenbrut auf dem Balkon

Maehler Junior, J.K.rel F.; Suertegaray Fontana, C., 2000:
Falconiformes of the Pro-Mata Research Nature Conservation Centre species richness, status and considerations on the conservation of species of the north east of Rio Grande do Sul Os falconiformes no Centro de Pesquisas e Conservacao da Natureza Pro-Mata riqueza, status e consideracoes para a conservacao das especies no nordeste do Rio Grande do Sul

Lindberg, Peter., 1999:
Falconry falcon breeding in Bohuslan Falkenerarfalk hackande i Bohuslan

Rodriguez do los Santos, Manuel., 1996:
Falconry in Andalusia La cetreria en Andalucia

Lierz, M.; Greshake, M.; Korbel, R.; Kummerfeld, M.; Hafez, HM., 2005:
Falconry methods for the training of birds of prey and their reintroduction into the wild - a contradiction? Falknerisches Training und Auswilderbarkeit von Grelfvoegeln - ein Widerspruch?

Campbell, A.J., 1910:
Falcunculus whitei, Eopsaltria hilli and Ptilotis planasi spp n described

Griesohn-Pflieger, Thomas., 2001:
Falke Expedition 2001 Bird cliffs and migration on Helgoland Falke-Reise 2001 Vogelfelsen und Vogelzug auf Helgoland

Bogiatto, R.J.; II., 1990:
Fall and winter food habits of American coots in the northern Sacramento Valley, California

Vadasz, C.; Halmos, G.; Kovats, L.; Csorgo, T., 2000:
Fall migration of the Isabelline shrike Lanius isabellinus in west Mongolia A pusztai gebics Lanius isabellinus oszi vonulasa Nyugat-Mongoliaban

Ammon, P.L., 1915:
Falle von Ueberwinterung der Saatkrahe im Gouv Tula

Unfricht, Wolfgang., 1997:
Fallen foundlings - the hoopoe and the oriole Gerettete Findlinge - Wiedehopf und Pirol

Eder, E.; Weissmair, W., 1998:
Fallen from the sky - the discovery of large branchiopods in Upper Austria Von Himmel gefallen - Funde von Gross-Branchiopoden in Oberosterreich

D.Araujo Quitete, J.M.P., 1971:
Fallotritella montoucheti a newspecies of Caprellidae from the Brazilian coast Crustacea Amphipoda

Mebes, K-H.; Filser, J.; Fromm, H., 1996:
Fallow areas as refuge habitat for Collembola in agrarian ecosystems Brachflachen als Ruckzugsgebiete fur Collembolen in Agrarokosystemen

Ullrich, Karin., 1999:
Fallow areas in Klettgau vegetation and Hemiptera Heteroptera Buntbrachen im Klettgau Vegetation und Wanzenfauna Heteroptera

Bessel, H.; Schrader, S., 1998:
Fallow field earthworm coenoses in relationship to duration of fallowing Regenwurmzoenosen auf Ackerbrachen in Abhaengigkeit von der Brachedauer

Kobel-Lamparski, A.; Lamparski, F., 1999:
Fallow land and vineyards in the terrace cultivated Kaiserstuhl region - a realisation of the integration model in nature conservation Brachland und Rebflachen in der Terrassenlandschaft des Kaiserstuhls - eine Realisierung des Integrationsmodells

Reissenweber, Frank., 1996:
Fallows and protection of birds - are the fallows of the former DDR-border line a model for set-aside fields? Brachflachen und Vogelschutz - ist der innerdeutsche Grenzstreifen ein Modell fur die Flachenstillegung?

Bernasconi, R., 1990:
Falniowskia n gen for Bythiospeum neglectissimum Falniowski et Steffek, 1989 Mollusca Prosobranchia Hydrobiidae

Zetterstrom, Dan., 2003:
False face in the crested tit Falskt ansikte hos tofsmes

Donazar, Jose Antonio., 1997:
False information on the tawny eagle Scavengers or predators? La falsa polemica sobre el buitre leonado Carroneros o predadores?

Deguergue, Pierre., 1999:
False mandibles of curculionids Coleoptera, Curculionidae Les fausses mandibules chez les curculionides Coleoptera, Curculionidae

Kadyrov, A.; Kh., 1977:
False powderpost beetles Bostrychidae-pests of tugai forests of Tadzhikistan

Malkmus, Rudolf., 1996:
False smooth snake, Macroprotodon cucullatus Geoffroy St Hilaire preys upon Mediterranean worm lizard Blanus cinereus Vandelli, 1797 Kapuzennatter Macroprotodon cucullatus Geoffroy St Hilaire, 1827 verschlingt Netzwuhle Blanus cinereus Vandelli, 1797

Svensson, S., 1977:
Falsterbo 10 October 1977

Wirdheim, Anders., 2000:
Falsterbo Bird Station An ordinary day in October Falsterbo fagelstation En vanlig dag i oktober

Karlsson, Lennart., 2005:
Falsterbo bird observatory 2004 Year of the waxwing Falsterbo Fagelstation 2004 Sidensvansens ar

Sinni, E.L.perto.; Martin-Chivelet, X., 2000:
Falsurgonina parva, a new foraminiferan species of the Santonian of Bocairente SE Spain Falsurgonina parva, nuova specie di foraminifero del Santoniano di Bocairente se della Spagna

Dadd., 1909:
Falterformen aus Thuringen

Salvadori, T., 1905:
Fam Cacatuidae

Weyer, Dieter., 2002:
Famennian Anthozoa from Morocco 1 Czarnockia Rozkowska, 1969 Rugosa Famennium-Anthozoa aus Marokko 1 Czarnockia Rozkowska, 1969 Rugosa

Nehring-Lefeld, M., 1990:
Famennian biostratigraphy of the Kowala 1 borehole on the basis of conodonts

Perri, MC.; Spalletta, C., 1990:
Famennian conodonts from climenid pelagic limestone, Carnic Alps, Italy

Canestrini, G., 1900:
Famiglia Canestrinidae, pp 902-910, pls 78-81

Canestrini, G., 1900:
Famiglia Demodicidae, viii, pp 956-970, pls xcvii xcviii

Canestrini, G., 1900:
Famiglia Listrophoridae, pp 883-901, pls 82-91

Bydzovsky, Vladko., 2002:
Familiar and unknown labyrinth fishes 2 Labyrintky zname I nezame 2

Zubakin, UA.; Judin, KA.; Firsova, LV., 1990:
Familie Laridae, Mowenartige

Flint, VE., 1990:
Familie Stercorariidae, Raubmowen

Anonymous., 1999:
Families and genera in individual regions Familien und Gattungen in den einzelnen Regionen

Dutra, R.R.xo Coutinho.; Miyazaki, R.D.unko., 1994:
Families of Coleoptera captured in eight sites of Parana state, Brazil Familias de Coleoptera capturadas em oito localidades do estado do Parana, Brasil

Marinoni, R.C.; Dutra, R.R., 1998:
Families of Coleoptera captured with Malaise trap in eight sites of Parana State, Brazil Alpha and beta diversities Familias de Coleoptera capturadas com armadilha Malaise em oito localidades do Estado do Parana, Brasil Diversidades alfa e beta

Marchiori, C.H.nrique.; Penteado-Dias, A.M.ria., 2002:
Families of parasitoids collecteds in wood and pasture areas in Itumbiara, Goias - Brazil Familias de parasitoides coletadas em area de mata e pastagens no municipio de Itumbiara, Estado de Goias

Gathof, JM., 1984:
Family Amphinomidae Savigny, 1818

Azevedo, C.Oliveira, 1999:
Family Bethylidae Familia Bethylidae

Sinev, SYu., 1994:
Family Blastobasidae Sem Blastobasidae - moli-blastobazidy

Sinev, SYu., 1994:
Family Blastodacnidae, Batrachedridae and Cosmopterigidae Sem Blastodacnidae - pobegovye uzkokrylye moli Sem Batrachedridae - moli-lyagushki Sem Cosmopterigidae - roskoshnye yzkokrylye moli

Kuznetsov, VI.; Seksyaeva, SV., 1994:
Family Bucculatricidae Bucculatrigidae and Phyllocnistidae Sem Bucculatricidae Bucculatrigidae - krivousye krokhotki-moli Sem Phyllocnistidae - moli-sokoedki

Kuznetsov, VI., 1994:
Family Choreutidae Sem Choreutidae - mole-listovertki, ili khoreutidy

Zagulyaev, AK., 1994:
Family Cossidae Sem Cossidae - drevotochtsy, ili kossidy, Holzbohrer

Khotenovsky, I.A., 1965:
Family Cryptotropidae fam nov Trematoda

Zagulyaev, AK., 1994:
Family Douglasiidae Sem Douglasiidae - duglasiidy

Paredes, C.; Indacochea, A.; Cardoso, F.; Ortega, K., 2005:
Family Ellobiidae Gastropoda Archaeopulmonata in the Peruvian coast Familia Ellobiidae Gastropoda Archaeopulmonata en el litoral peruano

Falkovich, MI., 1994:
Family Epermeniidae, Scythridae and Elachistidae Sem Epermeniidae - zontichnye moli Sem Scythridae - mrachnye moli Sem Elachistidae - zlakovye moli-minery

Zagulyaev, AK., 1994:
Family Eriocraniidae Sem Eriocraniidae - bezzybnye pervichnye moli

Brandao, C.; Roberto F., 1999:
Family Formicidae Familia Formicidae

Bisenbaum, Willy., 2003:
Family Gelechiidae Stainton, 1845, subfamily Gelechiinae Stainton, 1845, tribus Apatetrini Le Marchand, 1947 Familie Gelechiidae Stainton, 1854, Unterfamilie Gelechiinae Stainton, 1854, Tribus Apatetrini Le Marchand, 1947 mit Fundorlisten, Fundortkarten und Farbabbildungen

Kuznetsov, VI., 1994:
Family Glyphipterigidae Sem Glyphipterigidae - glifipterigidy, ili mole-listovertki

Sukhareva, IL., 1994:
Family Hepialidae Sem Hepialidae - tonkopryady

Morozova, I.P., 1953:
Family Hexagonellidae, its systematic position and phylogenetic connection

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