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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38237

Chapter 38237 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bashan, Mehmet., 1998:
Fatty acid composition in phospholipid and triacylglycerol fractions of Melanogryllus desertus Pall Orthoptera Gryllidae Melanogryllus desertus Pall Orthoptera Gryllidaeun Fosfolipid ve Triacilgliserol Fraksiyonundaki Yag Asidi Bilesimi

Palma, H.; Cristi, E., 1994:
Fatty acid composition of cultured and natural mature intracapsular larvae, and adults of Concholepas concholepas Bruguiere, 1789 Composicion acido graso de larvas intracapsulares maduras cultivadas y naturales, y adultos de Concholepas concholepas Bruguiere, 1789

Manuzzi, MP.; Ventrella, V.; Pagliarani, A.; Trombetti, F.; Borgatti, AR.; Pirini, M., 2006:
Fatty acid composition of phospholipid classes in mitochondria of Mytilus galloprovincialis Composizione degli degli acidi grassi delle classi fosfolipidiche di mitochondri di Mytilus galloprovincialis

Akulin, V.N., 1969:
Fatty acid composition of the phosphilipids ofthe muscles and liver of the Sockeye salmon and of the zooplankton from Lake Dalneye

Pagnucco, C.; Pane, L.; Serrazanetti, GP.; Carli, A., 1997:
Fatty acid composition of zooplankton from Terra Nova Bay Ross Sea - Antarctica Composizione in acidi grassi dello zooplancton di Baia Terra Nova Mare di Ross - Antartide

Yazlovetskii, I.G.; Kaplan, P.B., 1977:
Fatty acid content of the eggs of the cereal moth Sitotroga cerealella

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Fatty acid distribution in Squilla mantis Crustacea, Stomatopoda from the Emilia-Romagna coast Distribuzione degli acidi grassi in Squilla mantis L Crustacea, Stomatopoda della costa emiliano romagnola

Serrazanetti, GP.; Monti, G.; Pagliuca, G.; Falasca, A., 2002:
Fatty acids in wax esters of zooplankton samples of Antarctica Acidi grassi nelle cere di campioni di zooplancton dellAntartide

Bastos, A.L.; Baish, A.L.iza M.; Clementin, R.M. de Souza-Soares, L.A.; Furlong, E.B., 2006:
Fatty acids profile in muscle and skin of Balistes capriscus and Menticirrhus litoralis fished in southern region of Brazil Perfil de acidos graxos da pele e musculo de Balistes capriscus e Menticirrhus litoralis, pescados na regiao sul do Brasil

Taverne, L.; Chanet, B., 2000:
Faugichthys loryi n gen, n sp Teleostei, Ichthyodectiformes from uppermost Albian marine Early Cretaceous of the Fauge Dale Isere, France with phylogenetic comments on Ichthyodectidae Faugichthys loryi n gen, n sp Teleostei, Ichthyodectiformes de lAlbien terminal Cretace inferieur marin du vallon de la Fauge Isere, France et considerations sur la phylogenie des Ichthyodectidae

Luppold, F.W.; Wolfart, R., 1999:
Fauna conodonts, dacryoconarids, trilobites biostratigraphy and facies of the Devonian limestone Hercynian facies in the western Harzgerode and Blankenburg zones in the Harz Mts Fauna Conodonta, Dacryoconarida, Trilobita, Biostratigraphie und Fazies von Hercynkalk-Vorkommen Devon in der westlichen Harzgeroder und in der Blankenburger Zone Harz

Chikilevskaja, IV.; Labetskaja, AG.; Efremova, GA.; Balagina, NS., 1998:
Fauna Acarina in Belarus catalogue

Moog, O. ., 1995:
Fauna Aquatica Austriaca Catalogue for ecological classification of the aquatic organisms of Austria Ciliophora May 1995 Fauna Aquatica Austriaca Katalog zur autokologischen Einstufung aquatischer Organismen Osterreichs Ciliophora Lieferung Mai/95

Gasymov, AG., 1976:
Fauna Azerbaidjana 41 Crustacea

Haensel, J.; Bartel, N., 2004:
Fauna Flora Habitat Directive and bats - manifold aspects for practical bat protection FFH-Richtlinie und Fledermaeuse - vielfaeltige Aspekte fuer den praktischen Fledermausschutz

Geoffroy, Jean-Jacques., 1996:
Fauna Gallica Diplopoda, computer data base inventory and management of biodiversity of Diplopoda in France Fauna Gallica Diplopoda, base de donnees informatique inventaire et gestion de la biodiversity des diplopodes de France

Martin-Piera, F.; Lopez-Colon, J.I.nacio., 2000:
Fauna Iberica Vol 14 Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea I Fauna Iberica Vol 14 Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea I

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Fauna Iberica Vol 29 Crustacea, marine copepods I Calanoida Fauna Iberica Vol 29 Crustacea, Copepodos marinos I Calanoida

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Fauna Liaoningica, Pisces Liao-ning tung wu chih

Satunin, K.A., 1913:
Fauna Littoris rientalis Ponti Euxini Unter der Redakt von K A Satunin zusammengestellt von K A Satunin, L S Berg, A N Kiricenko und V S Muralevic

Borutzkii, E.V., 1945:
Fauna Mokrii Turkmenii ts Sopredelnykh Oblastei Srednei Azii

Vujic, A.; Simic, S.; Milankov, V.; Radovic, D.; Radisic, P.; Radnovic, D., 1998:
Fauna Syrphidae Insecta Diptera of Obedska Bara Importance and need of protection Fauna Syrphidae Insecta Diptera Obedske Bare Znacaj i potreba zastite

Miskovsky, Jean-Claude ., 1998:
Fauna and archaeology Tautavel, 5-7 June 1997, European Centre of Prehistoric Research in Tautavel, UMR 5590 of the CNRS Faune et archeologie Tautavel, 5-7 juin 1997, Centre Europeen de Recherches Prehistoriques de Tautavel, UMR 5590 du CNRS

Hacker, H.; Schmitz, W., 1996:
Fauna and biogeography of the Noctuidae of the Macaronesian Archipelagos Lepidoptera Fauna und Biogeographie der Noctuidae des makaronesischen Archipels Lepidoptera

Mazo, AV. van der Made, J.; Jorda, JF.; Herraez, E.; Armenteros, I., 1998:
Fauna and biostratigraphy of the Aragonian site of Montejo de la Vega de la Serrezuela Segovia Fauna y bioestratigrafia del yacimiento aragoniense de Montejo de la Vega de la Serrezuela Segovia

Shevchenko, AI., 1975:
Fauna and breeding places of black fly Diptera, Simuliidae of the Voroshilovgrad Province

de Jong, JJ. van Apeldoorn, RC.; Bink, FA.; Jonkers, DA.; Mabelis, AA. de Molenaar, JG.; Sierdsema, H.; Stumpel, AHP.; Verboom, B., 2002:
Fauna and characteristics of forest terrain A study of the relationship between landscape characteristics and the suitability of forest as a habitat for a number of animal species Fauna en terreinkenmerken van bos Een studie naar de relatie tussen terreinkenmerken en de geschiktheid van bos als habitat voor een aantal diersoorten

Bordera, Santiago., 1998:
Fauna and distribution of Iberian Gelina Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae Fauna y distribucion de Gelina Ibericos Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae

Il'yasov, I.N., 1963:
Fauna and distribution of armoured mites in different geographical zones of Tadzhikistan

Kuznetzov, VN., 1975:
Fauna and ecology of Coccinellidae Coleoptera from Primorye region

Denisov, V.P. ., 1994:
Fauna and ecology of animals

Tsyrenov, VZh ., 1990:
Fauna and ecology of arthropods in Trans-Baikal and Pribaikal regions

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Fauna and ecology of blackflies in Polesye

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Fauna and ecology of blood sucking insects Diptera from the central parts of Kolym plains

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Fauna and ecology of ground beetles Carabidae of the Marii Chodra National Park Fauna i ekologiya zhuzhelits Carabidae Natsionalnogo Parka Marii Chodra

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Fauna and ecology of hover flies Diptera, Syrphidae of Yakutia

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Fauna and ecology of insects in Belorussia

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Fauna and ecology of ixodid ticks of Western Poliessia, URSR

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Fauna and ecology of the trematode larvae occurring in molluscs in the Barents and White Sea

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Fauna and ecology of waders on the Bolshaya Zemlya tundra and Yugor peninsula

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Fauna and ecology Results of mid-winter waterfowl counts in Croatia during 1989 Faunistika i ekologija Rezultati prebrojavanja patkarica, Anseriformes, u Hrvatskoj zimi 1989 Godine

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Fauna and ecosystems of the geological past

Hansson, Christer., 1999:
Fauna and flora inventories in Costa Rica - an initiative to survey the biodiversity in a tropical area Fauna- och florainventeringar i Costa Rica - ett initiativ att kartlagga den biologiska mangfalden i ett tropiskt omrade

Chezeau, G., 1999:
Fauna and flora inventories in the impact studies for public enquiries in Charente-Maritime France Les inventaires faune et flore dans les etudes dimpact soumise a enquete publique en Charente-Maritime

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Fauna and flora of Pitzundsk relict primaeval forest

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Fauna and flora of Upper Palaeozoic deposits of the Gorlovka Basin

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Fauna and flora of Yonne Faune et flore de lYonne

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Fauna and flora of Zeeland An underwater field guide Fauna en flora Zeeland, onderwatergids

Sparmberg, H.; Kopetz, A.; Boessneck, U., 2005:
Fauna and flora of wetland area between Luisenhall, Noeda, Stotterheim urban area of Erfurt and district Soemmerda/Thuringia Fauna und Flora des Feuchtgebietes zwischen Luisenhall, Noeda un Stotternheim Stadt Efrut und Landkreis Soemmerda/Thueringen

Chatelain, C.; Kadjo, B., 2000:
Fauna and flora relationships in Tai National Park a bibliographical study Relations faune flore dans le PNT une etude bibliographique

Noskova, A.A., 1968:
Fauna and number of oligochaetes in the shallow parts of the central parts of Kuibishev water-reservoir

Pailhaugue, Nicole., 1998:
Fauna and occupation seasons from la salle Monique during Pyrenean Magdalenian, Grotte de la Vache, Alliat, Ariege, France Faune et saisons doccupation de la salle Monique au Magdalenien Pyreneen, Grotte de la Vache Alliat, Ariege, France

Zakharov, BP., 1990:
Fauna and seasonal and diel activity rhythm of tabanids in southwestern Zabaikal

Shvetsov, Y.G.P.luvinkina, R.A.; Sebeleva, G.G.; Stupina, A.G.; Moskvitin, V.P., 1977:
Fauna and structure of a population of small mammals Micromammalia and their ectoparasites in the Pribaikalsk part of the construction site of the Baikal-Amursk main line

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Fauna and taxonomy proceedings of Zoological Museum of the Byelorussian University, Volume 1

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Fauna and the geographical distribution and some of the problems connected with the ecology of Ixodidae in Azerbaidzhan

Pospelova-Shtrom, M.V., 1957:
Fauna and the geographical distribution of Ornithodorus in the world

Wiren, Mats., 1994:
Fauna and vegetation in city parks Fauna och vegetation i stadens parker

Abraham, L., 2003:
Fauna and vegetation of the Latranyi Puszta Natura Conservation Area A Latranyi Puszta Termeszetvedelmi Terulet elovilaga

Ostiguy, Diane., 2005:
Fauna and you - a project tailored to young people La faune et vous, un programme sur mesure pour les jeunes

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Fauna assessment in the Republic of Djibouti Faunenerfassung in der Republik Dschibuti

Moreno-Bejarano, L.M.riam; Alvarez-Leon, R., 2003:
Fauna associated with manglares and other wetlands in the estuary of the rio Magdalena, Colombia Fauna asociada a los manglares y otros humedales en el delta-estuario del rio Magdalena, Colombia

Goitia, E.; Rivero, F., 2005:
Fauna associated with the lacustrine macrophytes of River Ichilo varzea Cochabamba Fauna asociada a la macrofitia lacustre de la Varzea del Rio Ichilo Cochabamba

Caicedo R., G.; Vargas G., H.A.; Fernandez, F., 1995:
Fauna associated with the nests of Xylocopa spp carpenter bees Hymenoptera Anthophoridae Fauna asociada con los nidos de las abejas carpinteras Xylocopa spp Hymenoptera Anthophoridae

Fulin, Miroslav., 2000:
Fauna at drainage area of the Upper Torysa River in Levocske Vrchy mnts Fauna v povodi hornej torysy v levocskych vrchoch

Provencal, Philippe., 2000:
Fauna at shallow water at Strandkjaer, Ebeltoft Cove Lavvandsfaunaen ved Strandkjaer, Ebeltoft vig

Patzak, Uwe., 2003:
Fauna breeding in the city of Dessau Die Gebauedebrueter der Stadt Dessau

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Fauna buruana Syrphiden nebst einigen Brachyceren Orthorrhaphen

Kutzenberger, Harald., 1997:
Fauna conservation Faunistischer Artenschutz

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Fauna der in der palaarctischen Region lebenden Binnenconchylien I Testacellidae, Glandinidae, Vitrinidae Leucochroidae

Staeck, Wolfgang., 1996 :
Fauna distortion by aquarium trade red neon in Surinam Faunenverfalschung durch die Aquaristik Roter Neon in Surinam

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Fauna dynamics - recent developments in the bee fauna Hymenoptera Apidae of Gonnersdorf Gegenwaertige Dynamik in der Fauna - Entwicklungstendenzen des Wildbienenbestandes Hymenoptera Apidae der Eifelgemeinde Gonnersdorf

Berndt, M.; Welle, J., 1998:
Fauna facies and stratigraphy of the Walsum strata in the Rheinberg shaft Lower Rhine Bay Fauna, Fazies und Stratigraphie der Walsum-Schichten im Schacht Rheinberg Niederrheinische Bucht

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Fauna fossile terziaria di Markusevec in Croazia Con un elenco delle Dreissensidae della Dalmazia, Croazia e Slavonia

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Fauna fossilis cavernarum I II Hohlen-Catalog pp 1-192 III Tier-Catalog, pp 1-96 Fossilium catalogus, pars 82, 1938 Fauna fossilis cavernarum II II Hohlen-Catalog, pp 193-240 III Tier-Catalog, pp 97-208

Fordinal, K.; Nagy, A., 1996:
Fauna from Pannonian freshwater limestones from the surroundings of Turcianky western margin of the Tribec Mts Fauna panonskych sladkovodnych vapencov okolia Turcianok zapadny okraj pohoria Tribec

Bibikova, VL., 1974:
Fauna from the Encolitic settlements of north-east Byelorussia

Alvarez-Leon, R.; Rey-Carrasco, I., 2003:
Fauna from the M/N Vikheim ship exploration in the northwest of Colombian Caribbean Fauna extraida en la exploracion del barco M/N Vikheim al noroeste del Caribe colombiano

Malakhova, N.P., 1971:
Fauna in metamorphic rocks of the Ural

Malakhova, N.P., 1970 :
Fauna in metamorphic rocks of the Uras

Martin Esquivel, JL.; Oromi, P., 1990:
Fauna invertebrada de las lavas del Parque Nacional de Timanfaya Lanzarote, Islas Canarias

Bech, M., 1990:
Fauna malacologica de Catalunya Molluscs terrestres i daigua dolca

Rammelmeier, E., 1935:
Fauna mollyuskov rekivitima

Botev, B. ., 1990:
Fauna na yugozapadna Bulgariya Ch 3 Fauna of southwestern Bulgaria Part 3

Kronestedt, Torbjorn., 2005:
Fauna och Flora - a face-lifted centanarian Fauna och Flora - en ansiktslyft hundraaring

Karaman, Gordan S., 1997:
Fauna of Amphipoda Crustacea, Malacostraca of Skadar Lake basin and its vicinity 228 Contribution to the knowledge of the Amphipoda Amphipoda Crustacea, Malacostraca bazena Skadarskog jezera i njegove okoline 228 Prilog poznavanju Amphipoda

Musaev, MA., 1977:
Fauna of AzerbaidjanVol 6 Birds Non-passeriformes Part 1

Voronin, F.N., 1970:
Fauna of Belorussia and mature conservation

Voronin, F.N., 1969:
Fauna of Belorussie and nature conservation

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Fauna of Brachiopoda from the Bashkirian of the Saratov-Volga region

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Fauna of Brasil Description of two new Ctenostoma, catalogue of the cicindelids Coleoptera Faune du Bresil Description de deux nouveaux Ctenostoma, catalogue des Cicindeles Coleoptera, Cicindelidae

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Fauna of Coleoptera Melolonthidae of Villa Las Rosas, Chiapas, Mexico Fauna de Coleoptera Melolonthidae de Villa Las Rosas, Chiapas, Mexico

Carrillo-Ruiz, H.; Moron, M., 2003:
Fauna of Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea of Cuetzalan del Progreso, Puebla, Mexico Fauna de Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea de Cuetzalan del Progreso, Puebla, Mexico

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Fauna of Coleoptera on Theobroma grandiflorum Schum Sterculiaceae in Manaus, Amazonas State, Brazil Coleopterofauna visitante de Theobroma grandiflorum Schum Sterculiaceae de uma plantacao nos arredores de Manaus, Amazonas, Brasil

Cyrino Zequi, J.A.tonio.; Lopes, J., 2001:
Fauna of Culicidae Diptera found in the internodes of the bamboo in a residual forest in the urban area of Londrina - Parana, Brazil Culicideofauna Diptera encontrada em entrenos de taquara de uma mata residual na area urbana de Londrina - Parana, Brasil

Reznichenko, O.C., 1957:
Fauna of Cystoseira overgrowth of the Black Sea

Barus, V. .; Oliva, O. ., 1992:
Fauna of Czechoslovakia Amphibians - Amphibia Obojzivelnici Amphibia

Barus, V. .; Oliva, O. ., 1992:
Fauna of Czechoslovakia Reptiles - Reptilia Plazi Reptilia

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Fauna of Denmark-carnivores

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Fauna of Dissomphalus Ashmead Hymenoptera, Bethylidae of the Brazilian Atlantic rain forest, with a description of 23 new species Fauna de Dissomphalus Ashmead Hymenoptera, Bethylidae da Mata Atlantica Brasileira, com descricao de 23 especies novas

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Fauna of Elateridae Coleoptera of the Nimba region with description of new taxa Etude des peuplements dElateridae Coleoptera de la region du mont Nimba et descriptions de taxons nouveaux

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Fauna of Entomobryidae and Sminthuridae Collembola in the Mount Vran area Fauna Entomobryidae i Sminthuridae Collembola u podrucju planine Vran

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Fauna of Ephermeroptera of the south part of Male Karpaty Mountains Fauna podeniek Ephemeroptera juznej casti Malych Karpat

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Fauna of Gamasids in the Far East

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Fauna of Hemiptera - Heteroptera of the Steppe and semi arid zones of Georgia

Baugnee, J., 2005:
Fauna of Hof ter Musschen the gastropod Vertigo angustior Jeffreys, 1830, new for the region of the capital Brussels Un hote de marque a lHof ter Musschen le gasteropode Vertigo angustior Jeffreys, 1830, nouveau pour la region de Bruxelles-Capitale

Dubitzky, A.; Blank, SM.; Schoenitzer, K., 2005:
Fauna of Hymenoptera Symphyta, Aculeata in the north of Dachau, Bavaria Die Hymenopterenfauna Symphyta, Aculeata im Norden von Dachau, Bayern

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Fauna of Hymenoptera of an old fruit orchard in Bratislava Fauna blanokridlovcov Hymenoptera stareho ovocneho sadu intravilanu Bratislavy

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Fauna of Iberia Vol 16 Hymenoptera Cynipidae Fauna Iberica Vol 16 Hymenoptera Cynipidae

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Fauna of Kazakhstan and its protection

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Fauna of Lepidoptera associated to a natural ecosystem of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil Fauna de Lepidoptera associada a um ecossistema natural no estado de Sao Paulo

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Fauna of Mezzano Sugar Refinerys basin Ravenna La fauna delle vasche dello Zuccherificio di Mezzano Ravenna Vertebrata

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Fauna of Mt Babia Gora, Poland Monografia fauny Babiej Gory

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Fauna of Mucronatachalk of Simbirsk

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Fauna of New South Wales

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Fauna of Obailinsk most ancient complex of fossil mammals in USSR

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Fauna of Oligochaetes in the Tbilisi water reservoir in the first three years of its existence

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Fauna of Olvia

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Fauna of Oribatidae from the Crimean mountains

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Fauna of Paleolithic dwelling places of Mediterranean area

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Fauna of Poland according to the works of Rzaczynskiego, T J 1664-1737

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Fauna of Quaternary molluscs in the deposits of the ancient Mologo-Sheksninsk lake

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Fauna of Romania Arachnida Volume 5, part 5 Family Salticidae Fauna Romaniei Arachnida Volumul 5, fascicula 5 Familia Salticidae

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Fauna of Russia and neighbouring countries Insecta Plecoptera Volume I, Issue 1 Plecoptera, Group Euholognatha

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Fauna of Russia and neighbouring countries Insecta Hymenoptera, Volume III, Number 3 Ichneumonidae subfamily Tryphoninae tribes Sphinctini, Phytodietini, Oedemopsini, Tryphonini addendum, Idiogrammatini subfamilies Eucerotinae, Adelognathinae addendum, Townesioninae

Deloya, C.; Parra-Tabla, V.; Delfin-Gonzalez, H., 2007:
Fauna of Scarabaeidae-laparosticti and Trogidae Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea associated with cloud forest, shaded coffee plantations and transformed communities in Central Veracruz, Mexico Fauna de Coleopteros Scarabaeidae Laparosticti y Trogidae Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea Asociados al Bosque Mesofilo de Montana, Cafetales bajo Sombra y Comunidades Derivadas en el Centro de Veracruz, Mexico

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Fauna of Subtropical forests of south-western China

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Fauna of Trichoptera of the Sumava Forest Fauna trichopter Sumavy

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Fauna of Tyroglyphoidea in the environs of Tbilisi

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Fauna of Ukraine Mammals

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Fauna of Uroczysko Kramnik nature reserve Fauna rezerwatu przyrody Uroczysko Kramnik

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Fauna of West Mexico and Panama Mitridae, Volutidae

Strong, A.M., 1955:
Fauna of West Mexico and the Panamic Province

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Fauna of amphibians and reptiles in the locality Na Plachte, Hradec Kralove Fauna obojzivelniku a plazu na lokalite Na Plachte v Hradci Kralove

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Fauna of anthropogenic mammals of Belorussia

Moroz, M., 2003:
Fauna of aquatic beetles Insecta Coleoptera Adephaga of the landscape reserve Olmanskie Bolota Belarus Chrzaszcze wodne Insecta Coleoptera Adephaga rezerwatu krajobrazowego Olmanskie Bolota Bialorus

Tomic, D.; Mihajlovic, LJ.; Ristic, M., 1998:
Fauna of arboricolous noctuid moths Lepidoptera, Noctuidae and earth-measurers Lepidoptera, Geometridae at the Deliblato Sands Fauna arborikolnih sovica Lepidoptera, Noctuidae i zemljomerki Lepidoptera, Geometridae Deliblatskog peska

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Fauna of area of Old Russian town of Voin

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Fauna of barn owl Tyto alba pellets in south west France 1982-89 study Faune des pelotes deffraies Tyto alba du sud-ouest de la France Campagne 1982-89

Prevedello, J.A.gusto; Graciolli, G.; Barros de Carvalho,, 2005:
Fauna of bat flies Streblidae and Nycteribiidae from Parana State, Brazil composition and distribution A fauna de dipteros Streblidae e Nycteribiidae ectoparasitos de morcegos Chiroptera do estado do Parana, Brasil; composicao, distribuicao e areas prioritarias para novos estudos

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Fauna of birds of Vaigach Island and northeastern part of the Yugorsky Peninsula

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Fauna of biting midges Diptera, Ceratopogonidae in Kustanai region Izv

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Fauna of cave beetles from Cave Stangovc Kisovec, Central Slovenia Favna jamskih hroscev v jami Stangovc Kisovec, Osrednja Slovenija

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Fauna of chironomid Chironomidae; Diptera in Turkish Thrace region Kirklareli, Tekirdag, Istanbul and Canakkale Trakya Bolgesi Kirklareli, Tekirdag, Istanbul ve Canakkale Chironomid Chironomidae; Diptera Faunasi

Svanbaev, S.K., 1958:
Fauna of coccidia in rodents of Central Kazakhstan

Svanbaev, S.K., 1958:
Fauna of coccidia in wild ungulates of Kazakhstan

Dolny, A.; Pavlik, P., 2005:
Fauna of dragonflies Insecta Odonata in the area of a limestone quarry Kotouc in Stramberk Czech Republic, Podbeskydy upland Fauna vazek Insecta Odonata vapencoveho lomu Kotouc ve Stramberku Podbeskydsky bioregion, Ceska republika

Bueno Villegas, J.; Rojas Fernandez, P., 1999:
Fauna of edaphic millipedes Arthropoda Diplopoda from a high tropical rain forest in Los Tuxtlas, Ver Mexico Fauna de milpies Arthropoda Diplopoda edaficos de una selva alta de Los Tuxtlas, Ver Mexico

Gadzhiev, A.T., 1960:
Fauna of gamasids occurring in rodents of Nakhichevan

Venkova, I.N., 1957:
Fauna of gamasids of Crimea

Mocek, Bohuslav., 1997:
Fauna of gill-footed crustaceans Anostraca and shield-bearing phyllopods Notostraca Crustacea Phyllopoda in the locality Na Plachte, Hradec Kralove Fauna zabronozek Anostraca a listonozek Notostraca Crustacea Phyllopoda lokality Na Plachte v Hradci Kralove

Ortuno, V.M.; Pelaez, L.; Viejo,, 2004:
Fauna of ground beetle of an anthropic wetland from central Spain Coleoptera, Adephaga Carabidofauna de un humedal antropico de Espana central Coleoptera, Adephaga

Kadzhaya, G.; Sh., 1970:
Fauna of harmful Acaroidea of Transcaucasia

Starostin, IV., 1992:
Fauna of inland waterbodies of Turkmenistan

Usakova, G.V., 1958:
Fauna of ixodid hematophages of Kazakhstan

Lukin, E.I., 1962:
Fauna of leeches of Kuibischev-water-reservoir

Domingo, M.S.; Alberdi, M.T., 2004:
Fauna of mammals in the Upper Pleistocene of the Las Majolicas site Granada Fauna de mamiferos del Pleistoceno superior del yacimiento de Las Majolicas Granada

Rachinina, N.A.; Maligina, Z.G., 1964:
Fauna of mites of wild animals in the central and eastern Kizil-Kum

Wlosik-Bienczak, Ewa., 2000:
Fauna of molluscs in the Junikowski Stream in Poznan in the years 1996-1999 Fauna mieczakow Mollusca Strumienia Junikowskiego w Poznaniu w latach 1996-1999

Trach, MT., 1975:
Fauna of moth Noctuidae Sufam Hadeninae of Moldavia

Kasimova, G.A., 1964:
Fauna of nematodes in the vegetable cultures in Kuba-Khachmass zone of Azerbaidjan

Griglyalis, A.I., 1961:
Fauna of oligochaetes and the dynamics in number and the biomass of Ilyodrilus hammcniensis and Psammorycetes barbatus in the lake Disnai

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Fauna of parasitoids associated the Diptera Cyclorrhapha Insecta Fauna de parasitoides associados a diptera Cyclorrhapha Insecta

Wohlgemuth, Evzen., 1997:
Fauna of pools in the area of the flowed gravel pit Moravicanske jezero Zvirena tuni v oblasti zatopeneho sterkopiskoviste Moravicanske jezero

Holusa, O., 2003:
Fauna of psocids Insecta Psocoptera in the National Nature Reserve Mazak in the Moravskoslezske Beskydy Mts Beskydsky biogeographical region, Czech Republic Fauna pisivek Insecta Psocoptera Narodni prirodni rezervace Mazak v Moravskoslezskych Beskydech Beskydsky bioregion, Ceska republika

Holusa, O., 2005:
Fauna of psocids Insecta Psocoptera in the Natural Monument Kamenec in the Podbeskydska pahorkatina Hilly land Podbeskydsky biogeographical region, Czech Republic Fauna pisivek Insecta Psocoptera Prirodni pametky Kamenec v Podbeskydske pahorkatine Podbeskydsky bioregion, Ceske republika

Ambros, M.; Dudich, A.; Stollmann, A., 1999:
Fauna of small insectivores and rodents Insectivora, Rodentia of the chosen wetland biotops in southern Slovakia Fauna drobnych hmyzozravcov a hlodavcov Insectivora, Rodentia vybranych mokradnych biotopov juzneho Slovenska

Ratnadass, A.; Cisse, B.; Diarra, D.; Sidibe, B.; Sogoba, B.; Thiero, C.A.adou Toumani., 1999:
Fauna of stored sorghum grain in two regions of Mali and comparison of losses inflicted to local or high-yielding introduced varieties Faune des stocks de sorgho dans deux regions du Mali et comparaison des pertes infligees aux varietes locales ou introduites pour ameliorer le rendement

Spuris, Z.D., 1967:
Fauna of streams and lakes of Latvia

Belmonte, G.; Bussotti, S.; Constantini, A.; Denitto, F.; Metrangolo, M.; Muscogiuri, L.; Onorato, R., 2003:
Fauna of submarine caves of Cape of Leuca Ionian Sea - Apulia Indagine faunistica sulle grotte sottomarine del Cap di Leuca Mar Ionio-Puglia

Gonzalez, J.M.; Romero M., F., 1996:
Fauna of the Henri Pittier National Park, Aragua, Venezuela list of Papilioninae Papilionidae Lepidoptera Diagnose and comments Fauna del Parque Nacional Henri Pittier, Aragua, Venezuela lista de Papilioninae Papilionidae Lepidoptera Diagnosis y comentarios

Wohlgemuth, Evzen., 1999:
Fauna of the Maloninsky potok stream and the side pool in the area of the water reservoir Smolna Zvirena Maloninskeho potoka a bocni tune v oblasti vodni nadrze Smolna

Avakyan, G.D., 1970:
Fauna of the Armenian SSR

Terteryan, A.E., 1968:
Fauna of the Armenian SSR Dipterans Simuliidae

Akramovskij, NN., 1976:
Fauna of the Armenian SSR Mollusca

Smith, J.; Smith, P., 1990:
Fauna of the Blue Mountains

Grzegolec, Adam., 2004:
Fauna of the Bobrza river valley Fauna doliny Bobrzy

Moreno, Jose Manuel ., 2003:
Fauna of the Canary Islands Secrets of evolution Fauna Canaria secretos de la evolucion

Cech, S., 1975:
Fauna of the Dobrotiva Formation Ordovician from temporary outcrops in Prague

Anufriev, VM.; Bobretsov, AV.; Voilochnikov, AA.; Neifeld, ND.; Kudryavtseva, EN.; Kupriyanova, IF.; Petrov, AN.; Polezhaev, NM.; Pystin, AN.; Sokolskii, SM.; Soloveva, VA.; Tureva, VV.; Yushkov, VF., 1994:
Fauna of the European North-East of Russia Mammals; Vol2, pt 1 Insectivora, Chiroptera, Lagomorpha, Rodentia

Yushkov, VF., 1995:
Fauna of the European North-East of Russia Vol 3 Helminths of mammals

Tatarinov, AG.; Sedykh, KF.; Dolgin, MM., 2003:
Fauna of the European north-east of Russia Metaheterocera families Saturniidae, Endromidae, Lasiocampidae, Lemoniidae, Sphingidae, Drepanidae, Thyatiridae, Notodontidae, Lymantriidae, Nolidae, Arctiidae Volume 7, part 2

Estafev, AA., 1999:
Fauna of the European north-east of Russia avifauna T1 non-Passeriformes Part 2

Skompski, Sylwester., 2004:
Fauna of the Ferdynandow Interglacial at Podgorze B1 near Wysmierzyce on Pilica River, central Poland Fauna interglacjalu ferdynandowskiego z Podgorza kolo Wysmierzyc nad Pilica

Puppo, J.M.nzanilla.; Fernandez-Badillo, A.; L.M.rca, E.; Visbal Garcia, R., 1995:
Fauna of the Henri Pittier National Park, Venezuela composition and distribution of amphibians Fauna del Parque Nacional Henri Pittier, Venezuela composicion y distribucion de los anfibios

Gonzalez, Jorge M., 1996:
Fauna of the Henri Pittier National Park Euglossini Hymenoptera Apidae Bombinae Keys and preliminary list Fauna del Parque Nacional Henri Pittier Euglossini Hymenoptera Apidae Bombinae Claves y lista preliminar

Chudzicka, E.; Skibinska, E., 1998:
Fauna of the Kampinoski National Park and its protected zone in the zoological bibliography of 20th century Fauna Kampinoskiego Parku Narodowego i jego otuliny w pismiennictwie 20th wieku

Belyaev, G.M., 1970:
Fauna of the Kurile-Kamchatka Trench

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Fauna of the Lower Cambrian of Tuva

Zhuravleva, I.T.; Zadorozhnaya, N.M.; Osadchaya, D.V.; Pokrovskaya, N.V.; Rodionova, N.H.; Fonin, B.D., 1967:
Fauna of the Lower Cambrian of Tuva, reference section on the River Shivelig Khem

Aldana, Manuel., 1997:
Fauna of the Lower Jurassic of Cuadrangulos de Chachapoya, Rioja, Bolivar and Paccha - Peru Fauna del Jurasico inferior en los Cuadrangulos de Chachapoya, Rioja, Bolivar y Paccha - Peru

Kramm, Elmar., 2004:
Fauna of the Lower Schaumkalkbank Triassic, Anisian of Rodges Hesse Fauna der Unteren Schaumkalkbank Trias, Anis von Rodges Hessen

Nikiforos, Giovanni., 2002:
Fauna of the Mediterranean a complete guide Fauna del Mediterraneo guida completa

Skorupski, M.; Krzeminski, D., 1997:
Fauna of the Mesostigmata order mites of Douglas fir at the area of Runowo Forestry Department Fauna roztoczy z rzedu Mesostigmata w drzewostanach daglezjowych na terenie Nadlesnictwa Runowo

Semikhatova, S.V.; Kureeva, G.D., 1950:
Fauna of the Moscow beds of the Middle Carboniferous in the Southern part of the Don-Medveditz uplift

Krach, W., 1977:
Fauna of the Neogene Pisces

Uspenskii, SM., 1974:
Fauna of the North and man

Kaljo, D.; Oraspold, A.; Roomusoks, A.; Sarv, L.; Stumber, H., 1956:
Fauna of the Ordovician of Estonian SSR II Middle Ordovician

Kaljo, D.; Oraspold, A.; Roomusoks, A.; Sarv, L.; Stumbur, H., 1956:
Fauna of the Ordovician of the Estonian SSR II Middle Ordovician

Koehler, Guenter., 2001:
Fauna of the Orthoptera Ensifera et Caelifera of Thuringia/Germany Fauna der Heuschrecken Ensifera et Caelifera des Freistaates Thueringen

Pipan, T., 2005:
Fauna of the Pivka intermittent lakes Favna presihajocih pivskih jezer

Marcuzzi, Giorgio., 2003:
Fauna of the Province of Belluno, Italy Fauna della Provincia di Belluno

Lototzki, B.V., 1950:
Fauna of the Russian steppe 2 Ixodoidea

Kharitonov, D.E., 1950:
Fauna of the Russian steppes VII Arachnoidea I Araneina

Gambashidze, R.A., 1963:
Fauna of the Santonian-Danian peripheral deposits of the Loksk and Khrami massifs

Veisig, S.J., 1930:
Fauna of the Shollar Springs

Narzikulov, M.N.; Umarov, S.A., 1970:
Fauna of the TadzhikSSR

Huba, M., 2005:
Fauna of the Tatra Mts in the context of sustainable development of the Tatras region Fauna Tatier v kontexte trvalo udrzatelneho rozvoja tatranskeho regionu

Savchenko, E.N., 1966:
Fauna of the Ukraine Volume 14 Crane-flies Part 1

Merklin, R.L.; Bozdanovich, A.K.; Buryak, V.N., 1964:
Fauna of the Upper Ritzev deposits of the rivers Kuban and Great Zeienchuk North Caucasus

Ishunin, GI., 1963:
Fauna of the Uzbek SSB III Mammals Carnivores Ungulates 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8

Salikhbaev, K.S.; Bogdanov, A.N., 1961:
Fauna of the Uzbek SSR Vol 2 Birds Part 3

Salikhbaev, H.S.; Bogdanov, A.; N,., 1971:
Fauna of the Uzbekh SSR Vol 2 Birds Part 4

Moroz, M.; Pakulnicka, J.; Lukaszuk, A., 2004:
Fauna of the bugs Heteroptera and beetles Coleoptera in the watercourses of the Berezina River basin in the Berezinski Biosphere Reserve Fauna pluskwiakow Heteroptera i chrzaszczy Coleoptera ciekow wodnych dorzecza rzeki Berezyna w Berezinskim Rezerwacie Biosfery Bialorus

Barabash-Nikiforov, I.I., 1950:
Fauna of the burrow of desman as a factor surrounding influencing on its life

Sartbaev, S.K.; Romasheva, L.F., 1964:
Fauna of the ectoparasites in the nest of synanthropic birds

Dubinin, V.B., 1952:
Fauna of the feather mites of auk-like birds Alcae and their peculiarities

Ivanova, A.A., 1958:
Fauna of the ixodid ticks along the Orenburg railway

Polak, S., 2005:
Fauna of the land habitats of the Pivka lakes Favna kopenskih habitatov Pivskih jezer

Korotkevich, E.L., 1956:
Fauna of the late tripolsk settlement of Sandraka

Mordukhai-Boltovskoi, F.D.; Mordukhai-Boltovskaya, E.D.Y.novskaya, G.Y., 1958:
Fauna of the littoral zone in Rybinsk water-reservoir

Boessneck, Ulrich., 2006:
Fauna of the municipal area of Erfurt, part II fishes Pisces Cyclostomata Fauna des Stadtgebietes von Erfurt, Teil II Fische Pisces Cyclostomata

Lewandowski, M.; Dmowska, E.; Ignatowicz, S., 1999:
Fauna of the oyster mushroom houses Fauna upraw boczniaka ostrygowatego

Diehl, S.; Diehl, D., 1997:
Fauna of the roadside Faunistik am Strassenrand

Byzova, Y.B., 1964:
Fauna of the soil, fleas and mites of north central Vropeisk forest

Bocakova, M., 2003:
Fauna of the superfamily Staphylinoidea of the Kralovstvi Nature Reserve in Central Moravia Fauna brouku nadceledi Staphylinoidea prirodni rezervace Kralovstvi v Grygove u Olomouce

Fordinal, K.; Zlinska, A., 1998:
Fauna of the upper part of Holic Formation Sarmatian in Skalica Vienna Basin Fauna vrchnej casti holicskeho suvrstvia sarmat v Skalici viedenska panva

Rohacova, M., 2005:
Fauna of true bugs Heteroptera of the Natural Monument Kamenec Podbeskydsky biogeographical region, Czech Republic Fauna plostic Heteroptera Prirodni pamatky Kamenec Podbeskydsky bioregion, Ceska republika

Ortiz, S.G.; Acosta, J.C.; Murua, F., 2004:
Fauna of vertebrates and mining activity base line study in the Castano river basin, San Juan, Argentina Fauna de vertebrados y actividad minera estudio de linea de base en la cuenca del rio Castano, San Juan, Argentina

Ayala Barajas, R., 2004:
Fauna of wild bees Hymenoptera Apoidea Fauna de abejas silvestres Hymenoptera Apoidea

Kriz, J., 1960:
Fauna polyteichoveho obzoru v bohdaleckych vrstvdeh v ulici Nad Kdonii v Praze-Podoli

Gonzalez i Silvestre, Josep Vicenc., 2001:
Fauna present at the Cavall caves - Lliria and Olocau Camp de Turia, Valencia Fauna present a les coves del Cavall - Lliria i Olocau Camp de Turia, pais Valencia

Jager, Manfred., 1998:
Fauna section What happened at the end of the Cretaceous? Part 2 Faunenschnitt Was geschah am Ende der Kreidezeit? Teil 2

Garcia-Talavera, F., 1990:
Fauna tropical en el neotirreniense de Santa Maria I Azores

Martin., 1908:
Fauna v Sumatra

Barbier, Y.; Rasmont, P., 2001:
Fauna-flora data, a tool for management and use of biogeographical data Data fauna-flora, un outil pour la gestion et lexploitation des donnes biogeographiques

Fay, HAC., 1986:
Fauna-induced mortality in Haematobia thirouxi potans Bezzi Diptera Muscidae in buffalo dung in relation to soil and vegetation type Fauna-induced mortality in Haematobia thirouxi potans Bezzi Diptera Muscidae in buffalo dung in relation to soil and vegetation type

Senaris, C.; Ayarzaguena, J., 1996:
Fauna amphibians and reptiles Fauna anfibios y reptiles

Lentino, Miguel., 1996:
Fauna birds Fauna aves

Balbas, L.; Taphorn, D., 1996:
Fauna fish La fauna peces

Daza, Maria Eugenia., 1996:
Fauna mammals Fauna mamiferos

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Faunal Provinces in Space and Time Proceedings of the 17th Inter-University Geological Congress held in Queen Mary College University of London 17, 18, 19 December 1969

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Faunal analysis of noctuid insects in Xizang Aut Reg

Aguilar Baltar, Adolfo Luis., 1992:
Faunal analysis of the Iberian site of El Amarejo The bird findings Analisis faunistico del yacimiento Iberico de El Amarejo Las aves

Ortega, A.S.nchez.; Tercedor,; D.F.gueroa, J.M.nuel Tierno., 2002:
Faunal and bibliographical list of stoneflies Plecoptera of the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands Lista faunistica y bibliografica de los Plecopteros Plecoptera de la Peninsula Iberica e Islas Baleares

Beiro, JC.; Badih, A.; Pascual, F., 1998:
Faunal and chorologycal diversity of Orthoptera of the Sierra de Baza Natural Park Granada, Spain Diversidad faunistica y corologica de la ortopterofauna del Parque Natural de la Sierra de Baza Granada-Espana

Contarini, Ettore., 1997:
Faunal and ecological data on Coleoptera collected on black pine Pinus nigra Arnold in the tosco-romagnolo Apennine Insecta, Coleoptera Aspetti faunistici e zoosociologici nella coleotterofauna legata al pino nero Pinus nigra Arnold sullAppennino tosco-romagnolo Insecta, Coleoptera

Ratti, Enrico., 2000:
Faunal and ecological notes on Italian flat bark beetles Coleoptera Cucujidae Note faunistiche ed ecologiche sui cucuidi Italiani Coleoptera Cucujidae

Salazar E., J.A.; Constantino, L.M.; Lopez Vaamonde, C., 1998:
Faunal and ecological study of the genera Antirrhea Hubner 1822 and Caerois Hubner 1819 in Colombia Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Morphinae Estudio faunistico y ecologico de los generos Antirrhea Hubner 1822 y Caerois Hubner 1819 en Colombia Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Morphinae

Mikeladse, T.; Koppler, K., 1994:
Faunal and floral investigations in the Pennicken valley near Jena Faunistische und floristische Untersuchungen im Pennickental bei Jena

Dowgailo, K., 1997:
Faunal and systematic overview of Ebaeus species Coleoptera, Malachiidae from Central Asia Faunistische und systemastische Faunistische und systemastische Faunistische und systemastische Faunistische und systemastische Faunistische und systemastische Faunistische und systemastische Faunistische und systemastische Faunistische und systemastische Faunistische und systemastische Faunistische und systemastische Faunistische und systemastische Faunistische und systemastische Faunistis

Meyer, M.; Hellers, M., 1997:
Faunal aspects of a synecological research project by example of the butterflies Insecta, Lepidoptera Faunistische Aspekte eines synokologischen Forschungsprojektes, dargestellt am Beispiel der Schmetterlinge Insecta, Lepidoptera

Saiz Salinas, JI.; Urkiaga Alberdi, J., 1997:
Faunal assemblages in the intertidal zone of Port of Bilbao Abra de Bilbao Comunidades faunisticas en el intermareal del abra de Bilbao

Shin, HC.; Choi, JW.; Koh, CH., 1990:
Faunal assemblages of benthic macrofauna in the inter- and subtidal region of the inner Kyeonggi Bay, west coast of Korea

Ducasse, O.; Bekaert, O., 1996:
Faunal associations of ostracods and differentiation of palaeoenvironments at the Oligocene-Miocene boundary Ostracofaune et caracterisation des paleoenvironnements a la limite Oligocene-Miocene en Aquitaine

Nestorova, Ekaterina., 1998:
Faunal catalogue for Bulgaria 2 Lepidoptera, Geometridae Catalogus faunae Bulgaricae 2 Lepidoptera, Geometridae

Drovenik, B.; Peks, H., 1999:
Faunal catalogue Carabids of the Balkan countries Coleoptera Carabidae Catalogus Faunae Carabiden der Balkanlaender Coleoptera Carabidae

Smettan, Hans W., 2002:
Faunal change in Ostfildern Esslingen district since the end of the 19th century Faunenwandel in Ostfildern Kries Esslingen seit dem Ende des 19 Jahrhunderts

Bernerth, H.; Tobias, W.; Stein, S., 2005:
Faunal change in the Main between 1997 and 2002 by example of thte macrozoobenthos Faunenwandel im Main zwischen 1997 und 2002 am Beispiel des Makrozoobenthos

Almeras, Y.; Faure, P., 2000:
Faunal changes of brachiopods of the Toarcian-Aalenian boundary in the western north Tethys Les changements fauniques chez les brachiopodes au passage Toarcien-Aalenien en domaine Nord-Tethysien occidental

Shen, S.C., 1963:
Faunal characteristics of Tibetan mammals and the history of their Organization

Drushchits, V.V., 1964:
Faunal characteristics of the layers of the lower Cretaceous

Mura, Michela., 1992:
Faunal comparison of aculeate Hymenoptera from the slag heaps of Hornu Entomofaune comparee des hymenopteres aculeates des terrils dHornu

Caloi, L.; Palombo, M.R.ta., 1998:
Faunal complexes and environmental variations of the Middle Villafranchian-Aurelian of Central Italy Complessi faunistici e variazioni ambientali nel Villafranchiano-Aureliano medio dellItalia centrale

Cividanes, F.J.rge. de Paula Souza, V.; Sakemi, L.K.nji., 2003:
Faunal composition of predator insects in forest fragment and area of vegetables in Jaboticabal region, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil Composicao faunistica de insetos predadores em fragmento florestal e em area hortalicas na regiao de Jaboticabal, Estado de Sao Paulo

Lopez-Vaamonde, C.; Cardenas Murillo, R., 2002:
Faunal composition of the butterflies of a tropical sub-Andean forest, Colombia, Lepidoptera Rhopalocera Part I Composicion faunistica de las comunidades de mariposas diurnas de un bosque subandino tropical, Colombia, Lepidoptera Rhopalocera Parte I

Morales Muniz, A.; Cereijo Pecharroman, M.A.gel., 1992:
Faunal considerations on the Late Neolithic-Calcolithic boundary the archaeological site of Papa Uvas Huelva Consideraciones faunisticas en la transicion Neolitico final - Calcolitico el yacimiento arqueologico de Papa Uvas Huelva

Fusu, Lucian., 2001:
Faunal contributions to the knowledge on encyrtids Hym, Chalc, Encyrtidae of Romania Contributions faunistiques a la connaissance des encyrtides Hym, Chalc, Encyrtidae de Roumanie

Hannig, Karsten., 2006:
Faunal data on selected ground beetle species Col, Carabidae in Westphali, part VII Faunistische Mitteilungen ueber ausgewaehlte Laufkaeferarten Col, Carabidae in Westfalen, Teil VII

Hayoz, A.; Haller, P., 1999:
Faunal data on some Coleoptera from the Fribourg canton note 2 Donnees faunistiques sur quelques coleopteres du canton de Fribourg note 2

Hayoz, Andre., 2002:
Faunal data on some Coleoptera of Fribourg canton Third and last note Donnees faunistiques sur quelques coleopteres du Canton de Fribourg Troisieme et derniere note

Krzyminska, J.; Jeglinski, W.; Przezdziecki, P., 2006:
Faunal database of the southern Baltic Quaternary deposits Baza danych fauny z osadow neogenu poludniowego Baltyku

Frenzel, Peter., 1996:
Faunal distribution in the surface sediments of the Greifswalder Bodden southern Baltic Sea with special regard to ostracods Crustacea Rezente Faunenverteilung in den Oberflachensedimenten des Greifenwalder Boddens sudliche Ostsee unter besonderer Berucksichtigung der Ostrakoden Crustacea

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