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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38239

Chapter 38239 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mustafaeva, ZA.; Gadzhiev, AT., 1975:
Features of formation of an ectoparasite fauna of Hirundo rustica L in various ecological conditions

Mikailov, TK.; Mirzoeva, SS.; Mekhraliev, AA., 1975:
Features of helminth fauna in the relict form of Leuciscus cephalus and acclimatised carp Cyprinus carpio in the Noursk reservoir

Mikailov, TK.; Mirzoeva, SS.; Mekhrakev, AA., 1975:
Features of helminth fauna in the relict form of Leucisus cephalus and acclimatised carp Cyprinus ca io in the Noursk Reservoir

Alekseev, SN.; Repin, J.S., 1990:
Features of morphogenesis of some Triassic boreal ammonoids

Korsakov, G.K., 1966:
Features of reservoirs, forest steppes and steppes of the USSR and the density of their musk-rat populations

Dubrovsky, Y.A.; Belova, E.M.; Koneva, G.D., 1969:
Features of seasonal occurrence of epizootics of cutaneous leishmaniasis among Rhombomys opimus under different landscape conditions

Bulatova, ZI., 1974:
Features of the Albian-Coniacian foraminiferan complexes of the Petukhovsk district of the western Siberian plain

Kas'yanov, VP., 1975:
Features of the biology of Acerina cernua in the Gulf of Ob

Bromley, GF.; Kostenko, VA.; Serdyuk, VA., 1976:
Features of the biotope distribution of Citellus Urocitellus parryi Richardson 1827 on the Chukotsk Peninsula

Kostenko, VA., 1976:
Features of the biotope distribution of Ochotona hyperborei Pallas 1811 in the Far East of the USSR

Kuznetsova, IG., 1975:
Features of the cestode fauna Tetraphyllidea of sharks near the Patagonian shelf and the north-west Atlantic

Mustafaeva, ZA.; Gadzhiev, AT., 1973:
Features of the development of ectoparasites of Hirundo rustica L 1758 in various ecological conditions

Zen'kov, AV., 1972:
Features of the development of the carrier of larval echinococcosis in sheep and pigs

Petrov, V.S.; Kasatkin, B.M.; Burdelov, A.S.; Bondar', E.P.; Khrustselevskii, V.P.; Il'inskaya, V.L., 1964:
Features of the distribution and change in population size of some rodents of the deserts of the USSR

Ivankov, VN., 1972:
Features of the ecology and population structure of autumn chum salmon from various areas of Sakhalin

Dolitskaya, IV., 1972:
Features of the facial distribution of Foraminifera in the Upper Cretaceous layers of mountainous Crimea

Chernogorenko, MI., 1975:
Features of the formation of trematode fauna in molluscs of the Kremenchug Reservoir

Solukha, BV., 1977:
Features of the functioning of the hearing apparatus in some amphibians and reptiles 196

Babaev, Ya., 1975:
Features of the helminth fauna of Lagomorpha and Rodentia of Turkmenistan

Mikailov, T.K.; Mirzoeva, S.S.; Mekhraliev, A.A., 1975:
Features of the helminth fauna of a relict form of Leuciscus cephalus and an acclimatised carp in the Noursk Reservoir

Somme, Lauritz., 2004:
Features of the history of entomology in Norway Trekk fra entomologiens historie i Norge

Pranovi, F.; Giovanardi, O., 2000:
Features of the macrobenthic community of the southern basin of the Venice Lagoon Caratterizzazione della comunita macrobentonica in unarea del bacino sud della Laguna di Venezia

Kovaleva, A.A., 1975:
Features of the parasite fauna of Trachurus from the Atlantic coastline of Africa

Mikailov, TK.; Alikhanov, S.-G.; Agaeva, NB., 1975:
Features of the parasite fauna of fish of the Negramsk Reservoir in connection with its periodic droughts

Mikailov, T.K.; Alikhanov, S.G.; Agaeva, N.B., 1975:
Features of the parasite fauna of fish of the Negramsk Reservoir in connection with its periodic dry spells

Mikailov, TK.; Alikhanov, S.G.; Agaeva, NB., 1977:
Features of the parasite fauna of fish of the Negramsk Reservoir-in connection with its periodic droughts

Krapivnyi, A.P., 1964:
Features of the reacclimatization of the beaver Castor fiber in the river basins of Belo-russia

Wirdheim, Anders., 2001:
Features of the woodcock A long, drawn-out history Morkulledraget En mycket utdragen historia

Bityukova, YuC., 1973:
Features of vision in Engraulis encrasicholus ponticus and Trachurus in conditions of adaptation to dark and light

Maumary, L., 2003:
February, March and April 2003 Fevrier, mars et avril 2003

Mota Silva, A.I.abel; Silva dos Ferndes Vieira, R.H.le de Menezes, F.G.eire Rodrigues; Nepomuceno Gondim Costa Lima, L.; Melo do Nascimento, S.M.rgella; Teles de Carvalho, F.C.istiane, 2004:
Fecal bacteria from oysters, Crassostrea rhizophorae Bacterias fecais em ostras, Crassostrea rhizophorae

Viau, P.; Gutierrez Felippe, E.C.istiane, 2005:
Fecal steroid and quantification in captive jaguars Panthera onca validation of a method Quantificacao de esteroides fecais de femeas e onca-pintada Panthera onca mantidas em cativeiro validacao da tecnica

Czekala, NM.; Durrant, BS.; Callison, L.; Williams, M.; Millard, S., 1994:
Fecal steroid hormone analysis as an indicator of reproductive function in the cheetah

Ingrisch, Sigfrid., 1996:
Fecundity and development of alpine grasshoppers Orthoptera Acrididae Fekunditat und Entwicklung alpiner Feldheuschrecken Orthoptera Acrididae

Yilmaz, A.; Elmali, M., 2002:
Fecundity and development of the bean weevil Acanthoscelides obtectus Say Col Bruchidae on different bean seeds Phaseolus vulgaris L Degisik fasulye cesitlerinde fasulye tohumbocegi Acanthoscelides obtectus Say Col Bruchidaenin gelisme ve cogalmasi

Garcia-Cagide, A.; Hernandez-Zanuy, A.; Cardenas, A., 2005:
Fecundity and early larval development of the ascidian Ecteinascidia turbinata Ascidiacea Perophoridae in Cuba Fecundidad y primeras fases del desarrollo larval de la ascidia Ecteinascidia turbinata Ascidiacea Perophoridae en Cuba

Tripathi, AK.; Sinha, DP.; Singh, SB., 1990:
Fecundity and egg hatching in relation to body weight of female Antheraea mylitta Saturniidae Lepidoptera

Barbieri, G.; Hartz, S.M.ria., 1995:
Fecundity and first sexual maturation size of Cyphocharax modesta Hensel, 1869 in the Lobo reservoir, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil Characiformes, Curimatidae Estudo da fecundidade e tamanho de primeira maturacao gonadal de Cyphocharax modesta Hensel, 1869 da represa do Lobo, estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil Characiformes, Curimatidae

Salom, F.; Oca, A., 2001:
Fecundity and habitat preference of horse flies Diptera Tabanidae Fecundidad y preferencia de habitat de las hembras de los tabanos Diptera, Tabanidae

de M.; Soglia, M.C.; Paes Bueno, V.H.; Sampaio, M.V., 2003:
Fecundity and longevity of Aphis gossypii Glover, 1877 Hemiptera, Aphididae at different temperatures and commerical chrysanthemum cultivars Dendranthema grandiflora Tzvelev Fecundidade e longevidade de Aphis gossypii Glover, 1877 Hemiptera, Aphididae em diferentes temperaturas e cultivares comerciais de crisantemo Dendranthema grandiflora Tzvelev

D.W.siecki, M.L.; Cigliano, M.M.; Lange, C.E., 1997:
Fecundity and longevity of Dichroplus elongatus Orthoptera Acrididae adults under laboratory conditions Fecundidad y longevidad de adultos de Dichroplus elongatus Orthoptera Acrididae bajo condiciones controladas

Perez M., C.; Toledo A., J.; Liedo F., P., 2000:
Fecundity and ovarian development in females of Anastrepha obliqua Macquart fed on four food resources Fecundidad y desarrollo ovarico en hembras de Anastrepha obliqua Macquart con cuatro fuentes de alimento

Russo, A.; Viggiani, G., 2006:
Fecundity and oviposition curve in Leptomastix dactylopyii Howard Hymenoptera Encyrtidae Feconida e curva di ovideposizione in Leptomastix dactylopyii Howard Hymenoptera Encyrtidae

Ehrlich, M.D.; Macchi, G.J., 2003:
Fecundity and prerecruit indices of hake in the north patagonian coastal area Fecundidad e indice de prerreclutas de merluza en el sector costero norpatagonico

Lopez, L.; Jeri, T.; Gonzalez, C.; Rodriguez, S., 1997:
Fecundity and reproductive output of Petrolisthes granulosus Guerin, 1835 in Iquique, Chile Decapoda, Anomura, Porcellanidae Fecundidad y esfuerzo reproductivo de Petrolisthes granulosus Guerin, 1835 en Iquique, Chile Decapoda, Anomura, Porcellanidae

Carrasco, R.A.; Zamorano, J.H., 2000:
Fecundity and reproductive period in sympatric populations of Acanthocyclus gayi Milne Edwards Lucas, 1844 and A hassleri Rathbun, 1898 Decapoda Atelecyclidae at the rocky intertidal of Pichicullin Xa Region, Chile Fecundidad y periodo reproductivo en poblaciones simpatricas de Acanthocyclus gayi Milne Edwards Lucas, 1844 y A hassleri Rathbun, 1898 Decapoda Atelecyclidae en el intermareal rocoso de Pichicullin Xa Region, Chile

Rojas M., Jose Rodrigo., 1997:
Fecundity and reproductive seasons of Lutjanus guttatus Pisces Lutjanidae in Golfo de Nicoya, Costa Rica Fecundidad y epocas de reproduccion del pargo mancha Lutjanus guttatus Pisces Lutjanidae en el Golfo de Nicoya, Costa Rica

Pajaro, M.; Macchi, G.J.; Sanchez, R.P., 1997:
Fecundity and spawning frequency in the northern and southern argentine anchovy Engraulis anchoita populations Fecundidad y frecuencia reproductiva de las poblaciones bonaerense y patagonica de anchoita Argentina Engraulis anchoita

Gennari Filho, O.; Braga, F.M.noel de Souza., 1996:
Fecundity and spawning of Astyanax bimaculatus and A schubarti Characidae, Tetragonopterinae in the dam of Barra Bonita, Piracicaba River SP Fecundidade e desova de Astyanax bimaculatus e A schubarti Characidae, Tetragonopterinae na represa de Barra Bonita, Rio Piracicaba SP

Tucci, E.C.; Prado, AP.; Araujo, RP., 2005:
Fecundity and the fertility of Dermanyssus gallinae in the laboratory Fecundidade de Dermanyssus gallinae de Geer, 1778 Acari, Dermanyssidae em laboratorio

Sa-Oliveira, J.C.sar.; Chellappa, S., 2002:
Fecundity and type of spawning of tamuata, Hoplosternum littorale Hancock Osteichthyes, Siluriformes in Curiau River, Macapa, Amapa Fecundidade e tipo de desova do tamuata, Hoplosternum littorale Hancock Osteichthyes, Siluriformes no Rio Curiau, Macapa, Amapa

Macchi, GJ.; Iorio, MI.; Aubone, A., 1998:
Fecundity estimates of the Argentine red shrimp Pleoticus muelleri Bate, 1888 off Patagonia southern Argentina Estimacion de la fecundidad del langostino argentino Pleoticus muelleri Bate, 1888 de Patagonia sur de Argentina

Costa, T.M.rcia.; Negreiros-Fransozo, M.L.cia., 1996:
Fecundity of Callinectes danae Smith, 1869 Crustacea, Decapoda, Portunidae in Ubatuba Region SP, Brazil Fecundidade de Callinectes danae Smith, 1869 Crustacea, Decapoda, Portunidae na regiao de Ubatuba SP, Brasil

Roulin, Alexandre., 1999:
Fecundity of Carnus hemapterus Diptera, an ectoparasite of juvenile barn owls Tyto alba Fecondite de la mouche Carnus hemapterus, ectoparasite des jeunes chouettes effraies Tyto alba

Ruiz R., V.H.; Figueroa, R., 2005:
Fecundity of Cichlasoma facetum Jenyns, 1842 Pisces, Cichlidae in Laguna Grande de San Pedro, Concepcion - Chile Fecundidad de Cichlasoma facetum Jenyns 1842 Pisces, Cichlidae en la Laguna Grande de San Pedro, Concepcion - Chile

Arellano-Martinez, M.; Ceballos-Vazquez, BP.; Hernandez-Olalde, L.; Galvan-Magana, F., 2006:
Fecundity of Cortez angelfish Pomacanthus zonipectus Teleostei Pomacanthidae off Espiritu Santo Island, Gulf of California, Mexico Fecundidad del angel de Cortes Pomacanthus zonipectus Teleostei Pomacanthidae en la Isla Espiritu Santo, Golfo de California, Mexico

Ferriz, R.A.; Bentos, C.A.; Gomez, S.E., 1999:
Fecundity of Jenynsia lineata and Cnesterodon decemmaculatus Pisces, Cyprinodontiformes of Argentine Pampasia Fecundidad en Jenynsia lineata y Cnesterodon decemmaculatus Pisces, Cyprinodontiformes de la Pampasia Argentina

Castro-Gonzalez, JJ.; Lizarraga-Rodriguez, HM.; Chapa-Morales, O., 1997:
Fecundity of Opisthonema bulleri Pisces Clupeidae off Sinaloa and Nayarit, Mexico Fecundidad de la sardina crinuda Opisthonema bulleri Pisces Clupeidae entre las costas de Sinaloa y Nayarit, Mexico

Pinheiro, M.A.tonio Amaro.; Fransozo, A., 1995:
Fecundity of Pachycheles haigae Rodrigues da Costa, 1960 Crustacea, Anomura, Porcellanidae in Ubatuba SP, Brazil Fecundidade de Pachycheles haigae Rodrigues da Costa, 1960 Crustacea, Anomura, Porcellanidae em Ubatuba SP, Brasil

Sidorovski, M., 1960:
Fecundity of brown trout from the Mavrovo lake and the Radika river

Reigada, A.L.iz Diogo.; Negreiros-Fransozo, M.L.cia., 1995:
Fecundity of crab Hepatus pudibundus Herbst, 1785 Crustacea, Decapoda, Calappidae in Ubatuba SP, Brazil Fecundidade do caranguejo Hepatus pudibundus Herbst, 1785 Crustacea, Decapoda, Calappidae em Ubatuba SP, Brasil

Nelson, TA.; Johnson, MW., 1990:
Fecundity of male white-tailed deer on Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge

Sinsch, U.; Keltsch, M., 2002:
Fecundity of natterjack toads Bufo calamita and green toads B viridis in a gravel pit area of the Rhinelands Die Fekunditaet von Kreuzkroeten Bufo calamita und Wechselkroeten B viridis in einem rheinischen Auskiesungsgebiet

Ercan, H.; Yigin, C.; Ismen, A., 2006:
Fecundity of picarel Spicara smaris L, 1758 in the North Aegean Sea Kuzey Ege Denizinde Izmarit Baliginin Spicara smaris L, 1758 Yumurta Verimliligi

Leite, Fosca Pedini Pereira., 1996:
Fecundity of seven gammaridean species Crustacea, Amphipoda, Gammaridea associated to the algae Sargassum cymosum Fecundidade de sete especies de gamarideos Crustacea, Amphipoda, Gammaridea associados a alga Sargassum cymosum

Baez-Hidalgo, M.; Becquer, U., 1994:
Fecundity of skipjack Katsuwonus pelamis Linnaeus and albacare Thunnus atlanticus Lesson, in Cuba Fecundidad del bonito Katsuwonus pelamis Linnaeus y la albacora Thunnus atlanticus Lesson en Cuba

Duarte, S.; Gerson Araujo, F., 2000 :
Fecundity of the Loricariichthys spixii Siluriformes, Loricariidae, in the Lajes Reservoir, Rio de Janeiro - RJ Fecundidade de Loricariichthys spixii Siluriformes, Loricariidae no reservatorio de Lajes, Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Postnikov, VM., 1976:
Fecundity of the Siberian powan Coregonus lavaretus pidschian Gmelin

Hernaez, P.; Palma, S., 2003:
Fecundity, egg volume and reproductive output of five species of intertidal porcellanids from northern Chile Decapoda, Porcellanidae Fecundidad, volumen del huevo y rendimiento reproductivo de cinco especies de porcelanidos intermareales del norte de Chile Decapoda, Porcellanidae

Barrett, BA.; Brunner, JF., 1990:
Fecundity, longevity, and developmental rates of Phyllonorycter elmaella Lepidoptera Gracillariidae and its major parasitoid, Pnigalio flavipes Hymenoptera Eulophidae

Marahrens, Maik., 2001:
Fed up with herring and still no chance feeding observations on Arctic tern chicks Sterna paradisaea at the German Baltic Sea coast Hering satt und doch keine Chance Fuetterungsbeobachtungen bei Kuestenseeschwalben Sterna paradisaea an der deutschen Ostseekueste

Anonymous., 1989:
Federal Association of Experts in Nature and Species Protection - breeding statistics survey summary Bundesverband fur fachgerechten Natur- und Artenschutz - Nachzucht-Statistik Zusammenstellung einer Umfrage

Castro Rivera, R.; Aguilar Benitez, G. de la Paz Hernandez Giron, J., 2005:
Feed conversion ratio on juvenile males and females of popoyote Dormitator latifrons Richardson in outdoor concrete tanks Conversion alimenticia en engordas puras y mixtas de Popoyote Dormitator latifrons Richardson en estanques de cemento

Suslik, Vojtech., 1996:
Feed marks of phyllophagous insects on the European beech Fagus sylvatica L Pozerky listozraveho hmyzu na buku

Matyushkin, DP., 1989:
Feed-backs in the synapse

Kozlowski, J.; Kozlowska, M., 2003:
Feeding activities of slugs of Arion lusitanicus Mab Gastropoda Arionidae originating from rearing and field collection on different plants Aktywnosc zerowania na roznych gatunkach roslin slimakow Arion lusitanicus Mab Gastropoda Arionidae pochodzacych z hodowli i z terenu

Giacchini, P.; Hedges, C.; Pandolfi, M., 1995:
Feeding activity and diet of Montagus harrier Circus pygargus in central Italy Attivita alimentare e dieta di albanella minore Circus pygargus in Italia centrale

Nunes, M.C.arice.; Correa-Ferreira, B.S.alding., 2002:
Feeding activity and survival of the Euschistus heros parasitized by Hexacladia smithii Desempenho alimentar e sobrevivencia de Euschistus heros parasitado por Hexacladia smithii em sementes de soja

Petry, A.C.istina.; Horst Schulz, U., 2000:
Feeding activity of juveniles of Loricariichthys anus Siluriformes, Loricariidae in the Quadros Lake, RS, Brasil Ritmo de alimentacao de juvenis de Loricariichthys anus Siluriformes, Loricariidae da Lagoa dos Quadros, RS, Brasil

Mehl, Friedrich., 1996:
Feeding activity of springtails Isotomina thermophila, Heteromurus nitidus, Folsomia candida on three different soilborn phytopathogenic Fusarium species F subglutinans, F graminearum, F oxysporum Frassaktivitat von Collembolen Isotomina thermophila, Heteromurus nitidus, Folsomia candida an drei verschiedenen, bodenburtigen, phytopathogenen Schadpilzen der Gattung Fusarium Fusarium subglutinans, Fusarium graminearum, Fusarium oxysporum

Sawara, Y.; Azuma, N.; Hino, K.; Fukui, K.; Demachi, G.; Sakuyama, M., 1990:
Feeding activity of the grey heron Ardea cinerea in tidal and non-tidal environments

Lunneryd, S.; Alexandersson, K., 2005:
Feeding analysis of the cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo in the Kattegatt-Skagerrak region Fodoanalyser av storskarv, Phalacrocorax carbo i Kattegatt-Skagerrak

Emson, R., 1990:
Feeding and adaptations for feeding in euryaline brittle-stars a review

Lara, G.; Parada, E.; Peredo, S., 2002:
Feeding and alimentary behavior of freshwater mussel Diplodon chilensis Bivalvia Hyriidae Alimentacion y conducta alimentaria de la Almeja de agua dulce Diplodon chilensis Bivalvia Hyriidae

Carnier, Thomas., 1997:
Feeding and behaviour of young siskin Carduelis spinus in the 1993 invasion year in north west Lower Saxony Ernahrung und Verhalten junger Erlenzeisige Carduelis spinus im Invasionsjahr 1993 in Nordwestniedersachsen

Kuznetsov, A P. ., 1990:
Feeding and bioenergetics of marine bottom invertebrates

Karamushko, OV.; Karamushko, LI., 1995:
Feeding and bioenergetics of the main commercial fish of the Barents Sea on the different stages of ontogenesis

Roman-Valencia, C.; Munoz, A.M.lena., 2001:
Feeding and breeding of Bryconamericus galvisi Pisces Characidae in Upper Putumayo, Colombian Amazonia Alimentacion y reproduccion de Bryconamericus galvisi Pisces Characidae en Alto Putumayo, Amazonia Colombiana

Schlichter, D., 1998:
Feeding and carbonate production by zooxanthellate stony corals Ernahrung und Karbonatproduktion zooxanthellater Steinkorallen

Rabelo, H.; Araujo-Lima, C.A.M., 2002:
Feeding and daily ration of Cichla monoculus in central Amazon A dieta e o consumo diario de alimento de Cichla monoculus na Amazonia central

Aldana, E.; Lizano, E.; Rodriguez, M.; Valderrama, A., 2001:
Feeding and defecation of Rhodnius Hemiptera Reduviidae fed on human blood Alimentacion y defecacion en triatominos del genero Rhodnius Hemiptera Reduviidae alimentados con sangre humana

Bar, M.E.; Milano, A.M.; Damborsky, M.P.; Oscherov, E.B.; Avalos, G., 2003:
Feeding and defecation patterns in Triatoma rubrovaria Heteroptera Reduviidae under laboratory conditions Patrones de alimentation y de defecation de Triatoma rubrovaria Heteroptera Reduviidae bajo condiciones de laboratorio

Galvao, C.; Rocha, D. da Silva.; Cunha, V.; Jurberg, J.; Carcavallo, R., 2001:
Feeding and defecation times of nymphs of Triatoma melanosoma Martinez, Olmedo Carcavallo Hemiptera, Reduviidae Tempo de alimentacao e defecacao das ninfas de Triatoma melanosoma Martinez, Olmedo Carcavallo Hemiptera, Reduviidae em diferentes condicoes de temperatura e umidade

Hahn, Norma Segatti. de Almeida, Vera Lucia Lescano. da Luz, Karla Danielle Gaspar., 1997:
Feeding and diel cycle of feeding of Hoplosternum littorale Hancock Siluriformes, Callichthyidae in the lagoons Guarana and Patos of the Upper Parana River, Brazil Alimentacao e ciclo alimentar diario de Hoplosternum littorale Hancock Siluriformes, Callichthyidae nas lagoas Guarana e Patos da planicie do alto Rio Parana, Brasil

Canan, B.; Gurgel, H. de Castro Bezerra., 2002:
Feeding and diet ryhthms of Metynnis roosevelti Eigenmann Characidae, Myleinae at Jiqui Lake, Parnamirim, Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil Ritmicidade da alimentacao e dieta de Metynnis roosevelti Eigenmann Characidae, Myleinae da Lagoa do Jiqui, Parnamirim, Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil

Lucas, A., 1990:
Feeding and digestion in bivalve larvae

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