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Feeding habits of adult Triturus marmoratus Urodela, Salamandridae during the reproductive season in Sant Llorenc del Munt, Barcelona Alimentacion de los adultos de Triturus marmoratus Urodela, Salamandridae durante el periodo reproductor en Sant Llorenc del Munt, Barcelona

Villero, D.; Montori, A.; Llorente, G.A.

Revista Espanola de Herpetologia 20: 57-70


Accession: 038240194

We have studied the diet of Triturus marmoratus in Sant Llorenc del Munt (Barcelona) during their reproductive season. The analysis of stomach contents (n = 52) revealed a great diversity of prey, and contrary to reports of diet in other populations of Urodela, amphibian larvae and ova were the most important resources. There were no differences between males and females in diet composition, although females were more euriphagic than males. Furthermore. quantification of prey showed that in females, Cyprididae, Salamandra salamandra larvae and Rana perezi ova and, in males, Cyprididae and Chironomidae larvae were the most abundant. In terms of biomass, the main prey in both sexes was S. salamandra larvae. Diet composition changed throughout the reproductive period, following changes in the availability of different prey. However, larvae of S. salamandra were the main contributor to the biomass during the entire reproductive season.

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