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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38246

Chapter 38246 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sonin, M.D. ., 1968:
Filariata of animals and man and diseases caused by them Part 2, Diplotriaenoidea

Stiles, C.W., 1892:
Filaridae in body cavity of Horse and Cattle

Travassos, L., 1929:
Filarides des batraciens du Bresil

Skriabin, K.I., 1915:
Filarien der Vogel Turkestans

Furtado Vieira, J.B.tista.; Evelim Coelho, G., 1998:
Filariosis epidemiology and control aspects Filariose aspectos epidemiologicos e de controle

Thaler, Ellen., 2003:
Filefishes of the family Monacanthidae Feilenfische der Familie Monacanthidae

Lavery, RJ.; Keenleyside, MHA., 1990:
Filial cannibalism in the biparental fish Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum Pisces Cichlidae in response to early brood reductions

Kumezov, N.J., 1907:
Filipp Vasiljevic Ovsiannikov

Nicoli Aldini, R., 2004:
Filippo Bonnanni and his microscope observations on book lice Insecta Psocoptera during the second half of the XVIIth Century Filippo Bonnanni et ses observations microscopiques sur les psoques Insecta Psocoptera dans la deuxieme moitie du XVIIe siecle

Diaz Marrero, Concepcion. de la Torre Fuste, Caridad., 2001:
Filippo Silvestri, a scientific explorer Filippo Silvestri, explorador de la ciencia

Horeau, V.; Cerdan, P.; Champeau, A., 1998:
Filling of Petit-Saut hydroelectric reservoir French Guiana impact on aquatic invertebrates and fish nutriment La mise en eau du barrage hydroelectrique de Petit-Saut Guyane ses consequences sur les peuplements dinvertebres aquatiques et sur la nourriture des poissons

Strathemann, Udo., 2002:
Film heating - an easy and cheap possibility of heat generation in field enclosures Die Folienheizung - eine einfache und preiswerte Moeglichkeit zur Waermeergaenzung in Freianlagen

Courbot, M.-Claude.; Georges,, 2001:
Filovirus and poxvirus infections transmission from non human primates to humans Infections a filovirus et poxvirus des zoonoses transmissibles a lhomme par les primates non humains

Verlinden, Eric., 1998:
Filtering systems in an aquarium Filtering van een aquarium

Brito, D.; Milani, N.; Pereira, G., 2006:
Filtration and ingestion rates of Simocephalus vetulus Mueller, 1776 Crustacea Cladocera fed with Selenastrum capricornutum Printz, 1914 and Chlorella vulgaris Beijerinck, 1890 Tasa de filtracion e ingestion de Simocephalus vetulus Mueller, 1776 Crustacea Cladocera alimentado con Selenastrum capricornutum Printz, 1914 y Chlorella vulgaris Beijerinck, 1890

Riisgard, HU., 1990:
Filtration rate and growth in the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis Linnaeus, 1758 dependence on algal concentration

Nichols, J.T.; Roemhild, J., 1946:
Fin count variation in Caranx hippos Linnaeus

Kape, Burkhard., 1997:
Final gall volume, an important key parameter of the miniature ecosystem, results from the cecidogenous interactions of gall inducer and host plant Beeinflussung des Gallenvolumens, eines Schlusselparameters des Mikrookosystems, durch die cecidogenen Interaktionen zwischen Gallenerreger und Wirtspflanze

Anonymous., 1990:
Final listing rules approved for 14 species

Anonymous., 1990:
Final listing rules approved for gentian pinkroot and winter run of chinook salmon

Anonymous., 1990:
Final listing rules approved for six species

Anonymous., 1990:
Final listing rules approved for the desert tortoise and seven other species

Ramos, Maria Alice., 1996:
Final maturation and ovulation in Sparus aurata L Base fisiologica da inducao da maturacao final e da ovulacao em Sparus aurata L

Micali, P.; Villari, A., 1999:
Final note on the ecology of Cirsotrema cochlea Sowerby GB 2, 1844 Ulteriori note sullecologia di Cirsotrema cochlea Sowerby GB 2, 1844

Morales Moctezuma, Elia J., 1994:
Final report The nesting of marine turtles on Holbox Island, Quintana Roo, during 1994 Reporte final La anidacion de tortugas marinas en Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo, temporada 1994

Heyne, Karl-Heinz., 1999:
Final results of the migratory bird count at Mohn 1997 and 1998

Aloisi, M., 1990:
Finalismo in biologia e medicina

Mai, Wolfgang., 2002:
Finally achieved rearing of Pseudochromis fridmani, P aldabrensis and P porphyreus Endlich ist es geschafft Nachzucht von Pseudochromis fridmani, P aldabrensis und P porphyreus

Brunkhorst, Manfred., 1999:
Finally breeding success with the orange-bellied leafbird Endlich Nachzucht beim Orangebauch-Blattvogel

Malaisse, F.; Demesmaecker, A.; Matera, J.; Wathelet, B.; Lognay, G., 2003:
Finally, Tubambe reveals its identity Hadraphe ethiopica Bethune-Baker Limacodidae, an edible caterpillar of Zambezian open forests Enfin Tubambe devoile son identite Hadraphe ethiopica Bethune-Baker Limacodidae, une chenille comestible des forets claires zambeziennes

Egidius, Hans., 1998:
Finches in cages and aviaries Finken in Kafig und Voliere

Morpurgo, M.; Thaler, B., 2002:
Find of Dreissena polymorpha Pallas Mollusca, Bivalvia in the Lake of Monticolo South Tyrol, Italy Ritrovamento di Dreissena polymorpha Pallas Mollusca, Bivalvia nel Lago Grande di Monticolo Alto Adige, Italia

Okunev, AM., 1990:
Find of Fannia larvae in Hypoderma bovis prepupa

Hanak, F.; Hudecek, J.J., 2002:
Find of Italian scorpion Euscorpius italicus Herbst 1800 in Prerov region Scorpionidea Chactidae Nalez stira utaksjegi Euscorpius italicus Herbst, 1800 na Prerovsku Scorpionidea Chactidae

Troitskaya, E.A., 1965:
Find of Nautilus shell in Lower Jurassic deposits of Central Caucasus

Muona, Jyrki., 2001:
Find of Scintillatrix rutilans Fabricius Buprestidae Fynd av Scintillatrix rutilans Fabricius Buprestidae

Sirek, J.; Pohanka, J., 2004:
Find of a Russian common gull Larus canus heinei in the Czech Republic Nalez racka bourniho zapadosibirskeho Larus canus heinei v Ceske republice

Gaudant, J.; Fourtanier, E.; Lauriat-Rage, A.; Tsagaris, S.; Venec-Peyre, M-T.; Zorn, I., 1998:
Find of a marine fish-fauna in the preevaporitic Messinian of the Messara central Crete, Greece palaeoecological interpretation Decouverte dune ichthyofaune marine dans le Messinien preevaporitique de la Messara Crete centrale, Grece interpretation paleoecologique

Lang, V.; Pek, I., 1992:
Find of a pearl in the Carboniferous bivalvian Posidonia becheri Bronn, 1828 Nalez perly u karbonskeho mlze Posidonia becheri Bronn, 1828

Pankratius, Udo., 2001:
Find of a semineotenic common newt Triturus vulgaris Linnaeus, 1758 in Central Franconia Fund eines semineotenen Teichmolches Triturus vulgaris Linnaeus, 1758 in Mittelfranken

Burchak-Abramovich, N.I., 1952:
Find of fossil ox Bubalus sp in the Caucasus

Dvorak, J.; Pek, I., 1996:
Find of ichnofossil Zoophycos ichnosp in the Ponikev Formation Upper Frasnian, southern Moravia Nalez ichnofosilie Zoophycos ichnosp v ponikevskem souvrstvi svrchni frasn, jizni Morava

Obrutchev, V.A., 1954:
Find of mammoth bones in Southern Siberia

Keijl, G.O.; Prins, T.G., 1997:
Find of pale great skua at Grevelingenmeer Vondst van bleke grote jager in Grevelingenmeer

Vonka, V.; Prokop, R.J., 2001:
Find of the Cretaceous echinoid Galerites vulgaris in the vicinity of Vidnava Town, Silesia Czech Republic Nalez kridove jezovky Galerites vulgaris u Vidnavy ve Slezsku

Rubinic, Borut., 1997:
Find of the nominate subspecies of the yellow-legged gull Larus cachinnans cachinnans in Slovenia Najdba soimenske podvrste rumenonogega galeba Larus cachinnans cachinnans v Sloveniji

Gaudant, Jean., 1996:
Find of the oldest known gobioids teleostean fishes in the marine Lower Lutetian of Catalonia Spain Mise en evidence des plus anciens Gobioidei poissons teleosteens connus dans le Lutetien inferieur marin de Catalogne Espagne

Natvik, L.-Jorgen.; Helgesen, M.; Natvik, K.H.gen., 2005:
Find of the peacock butterfly Nymphalis io in Hordaland and a brief report on its distribution in Norway and north-west Europe Funn av dagpafugloye Nymphalis io i Hordaland og kort om utbredelsen i Norge og nordvest-Europa

Holec, P.; Krempaska, Z., 2005:
Find of the shark tooth Carcharoides catticus Philippi, 1846 Chondrichthyes, Vertebrata in Slovakia in the locality Hlinisko near the town Spisska nova Ves Paleogene Nalez zuba zraloka Carcharoides catticus Philippi, 1846 Chondrichthyes, Vertebrat na Slovensku z lokality Hlinisko v Spisskej Novej Vsi paleogen

Falk, Heinz., 2002:
Find related error the giant from the desert Fundtraechtiger Irrtum der Gigant aus der Wueste

Schoene, Gerhard., 2004:
Find report different appearances of the ichnofossil Ophiomorpha- two geschiebes glacial erratic boulders from the Schulauer Ufer Fundbericht Unterschiedliche Ausbildungen des Spurenfossils Ophiomorpha - Zwei Geschiebe vom Schulauer Ufer

Grimmberger, G., 2007:
Find report shark tooth from the Echinodermenkonglomerat Geschiebe, Late Paleocene Fundbericht Haifischzahn aus dem Echinodermenkonglomerat Geschiebe, Oberes Palaeozaen

Hansen, LO., 1978:
Finding Thymelicus lineola Ochs and other butterflies in east Buskerud Bo

Cabrera Jimenez, J.A.berto.; Rivera Velazquez, G.; Lopez de Lara de la Fuente, S., 2001:
Finding and availability of the white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei during critical stage, at a tropical locality of the Tehuantepec Gulf, Mexico Hallazgo y disponibilidad de postlarvas del camaron blanco Litopenaeus vannamei en el periodo critico, en una localidad tropical del Golfo de Tehuantepec, Mexico

Kaitila, J.; Pakkanen, P., 2003:
Finding and identifying the carpet moths Epirrhoe tartuensis and Epirrhoe rivata Vinkkeja isoraanumittarin Epirrhoe tartuensis ja silkkiraanumittarin Epirrhoe rivata etsimiseen ja tunnistamiseen

Lepisto, V., 2003:
Finding and preparation of larvae Toukkien etsinta ja preparointi

Warter, SL., 1990:
Finding birds at sea over the southern California borderland

Stenlokk, Jan., 2002:
Finding its own group Norwegian cuckoo bees Hymenoptera Apidae, Nomada Om a finne sin egen gruppe Norske vepsebier Hymenoptera Apidae, Nomada

Forattini, O.P.ulo.; Monteiro Marques, G.R.ta Alvarenga., 2000:
Finding of Aedes aegypti breeding in bromeliad Nota sobre o encontro de Aedes aegypti em bromelias

Danebekov, AE.; Artykov, TA., 1977:
Finding of Enthomophthora fungi in larvae of bloodsucking mosquitoes in south east Kazakhstan

Mello, J.; Salaj, J., 1982:
Finding of Gosau Cretaceous limestones in the Miglinc Valley Slovak Karst Nalez vapencov gosauskej kriedy v udoli Miglinc Slovensky kras

Marchiori, C.H.; Pereira, L.A.M.S.; Filho, O., 2002:
Finding of Hemencyrtus herbertii Hymenoptera Encyrtidae parasite breeding in Musca domestica Diptera Muscidae in Brazil Encontro do parasita Hemencyrtus herbertii Hymenoptera Encyrtidae em Musca domestica Diptera Muscidae no Brasil

Vera S., R.; Pequeno R., G., 2002:
Finding of Hirundichthys rondeletii Valenciennes, 1847 in Ancud, Chiloe, with data on flying fishes in collections of Chile Osteichthyes Exocoetidae Hallazgo de Hirundichthys rondeletii Valenciennes, 1847 en Ancud, Chiloe, con datos sobre peces voladores en colecciones de Chile Osteichthyes Exocoetidae

Serena, F., 2001:
Finding of Pisodonophis semicinctus off Tuscany Ritrovamento di Pisodonophis semicinctus Anguilliformes Ophichthidae al largo della Toscana

Massidda, P.; Loddo, G.; Alberto Davini, M.; Manconi, A.; Frau, C.; Cau, A., 2001:
Finding of Scardinius erythrophthalmus Linnaeus, 1758 in northn eastern Sardinia fresh water Rinvenimento di Scardinius erythrophthalmus Linnaeus, 1758 nelle acque interne della Sardegna nord orientale

Samnelsson, G., 1976:
Finding of Scythris knochella F in Sweden Lep Scythridae

Valim, M.P.iva; Amorim, M.; Serra-Freire, N.M.ues, 2004:
Finding of Spheniscus magellanicus Forster, 1781 Aves Sphenisciformes parasited for Austrogoniodes bifasciatus Piaget, 1885 Ischnocera Philopteridae in the Regiao dos Lagos, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil Encontro de Spheniscus magellanicus Forster, 1781 Aves Sphenisciformes parasitado por Austrogoniodes bifasciatus Piaget, 1885 Ischnocera Philopteridae na Regiao dos Lagos, Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Dietrich, Wolfgang., 2006:
Finding of Tetratoma fungorum Fabricius, 1790 Coleoptera, Tetratomidae in Graugelben rauchporling Fund von Tetratoma fungorum Fabricius, 1790 Coleoptera, Tetratomidae im Graugelben Rauchporling

Daccordi, M.; Pistarino, A., 2001:
Finding of Timarcha cornuta Bechyne Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Chrysomelinae in a particular biotope of Corse Rinvenimento di Timarcha cornuta Bechyne Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Chrysomelinae in un peculiare biotopo della Corsica

Espinoza Gomez, F.; Maldonado Rodriguez, A., 2001:
Finding of Triatoma dimidiata Hemiptera, Reduviidae in Colima, Mexico Hallazgo de Triatoma dimidiata Hemiptera, Reduviidae en Colima, Mexico

Rosendahl, Wilfried., 2000:
Finding of Ursus spelaeus Rosenmueller 1794 in the historical caves and karst fissures of the Neander Valley Funde von Ursus spelaeus Rosenmueller 1794 aus den historischen Hoehlen und Karstspalten des Neandertales

Sirek, J.; Pohanka, J., 2004:
Finding of a died Heines mew gull Larus canus heinei Nalez uhynuleho racka bourniho zapadosibirskeho Larus canus heinei

Bartuska, V., 1998:
Finding of a healed fracture in a white-tailed sea eagle Haliaeetus albicilla in the Trebon Biosphere Reserve Nalez zhojene zlomeniny u orla morskeho Haliaeetus albicilla na Trebonsku

Woizilinski, Dietmar., 2002:
Finding of a speciemen of Clytie illunaris Huebner, 1813 in the City of Hilden Fund eines Falters von Clytie illunaris Huebner, 1813 im Stadtgebiet von Hilden Lep, Noctuidae

Contreras, V.H.go.; Acosta, J.C.rlos., 1999:
Finding of an anuran Ceratophryidae from the Miocene of San Juan province, Argentina its paleoecological, paleoclimatological and paleozoogeographical significance Presencia de un anuro Ceratophryidae en el Mioceno tardio de la provincia de San Juan, Argentina significado paleoecologico, paleoclimatico y paleozoogeografico

Carreira-Alves, Joao R., 2001:
Finding of anophelines, subgenus Nyssorhynchus, in artificial containers, Brazil Encontro de anofelinos do subgenero Nyssorhynchus em recipientes artificiais, Marica, RJ, Brasil

Macaberidze, G.V., 1964:
Finding of avian acanthocephala in Talpa caucasica

Romanov, LF., 1977:
Finding of bivalve molluscs in the beshuskaya stratum Jurassic of the Crimea

Kelbel, Peter., 1997:
Finding of cynipid Callirhytis gandium in acorns of oak species Quercus libani Nalez hrciarky Callirhytis glandium v zaludoch duba Quercus libani

Perez-Chi, A.; Sanchez-Manzano, R.M.ria.; Ramirez-San Juan, E.; Sanchez-Salazar, M.E.ena., 2001:
Finding of cystacanths Acanthocephala Polymorphidae in the land crab Gecarcinus planatus Stimpson of the Socorro Island, Revillagigedo Archipelago, Mexico Hallazgo de cistacantos Acanthocephala Polymorphidae en el cangrejo terrestre Gecarcinus planatus Stimpson de Isla Socorro, Archipielago Revillagigedo, Mexico

Rejl, Jiri., 2000:
Finding of dragonflies in birds nets Odchyt vazek do ornitologickych siti

Mocek, B.; Cip, D., 2003:
Finding of dragonfly Orthetrum coerulescens Fabricius, 1798 in East Bohemia Nalez vazky Orthetrum coerulescens Fabricius, 1798 ve vychodnich Cechach

Polanco, V.; Patino, M.; Torrellas, A.; Marrero, R.; Feliciangeli, M.; Dora, 2005:
Finding of eggs of Rhodnius prolixus parasitized by microhymenoptera in a silvatic habitat in Venezuela Hallazgo de huevos de Rhodnius prolixus parasitados por microhimenopteros en un habitat silvestre, en Venezuela

Campadelli, Guido., 1997:
Finding of large breeding-grounds of a termite referable to the group Reticulitermes lucifugus Rossi Scoperta a Bologna di estesi focolai di termiti riferibili al gruppo Reticulitermes lucifugus Rossi

Aristarchi, Claudio., 2004:
Finding of leaf-toed gecko Euleptes europaea Gene, 1839 in a second site around Genoa Reptilia, Squamata, Gekkonidae Ritrovamento del tarantolino Euleptes europaea Gene, 1839 in un secondo sito del Genovesato Reptilia, Squamata, Gekkonidae

Diras, L.A.; Kolosovskaya, V.A., 1964:
Finding of lower Palaeocene deposits in the northeastern slope of the Ukraine shield

Cernansky, A., 2006:
Finding of mastodon Anancus arvernensis Croizet et Jobert at the locality Biskupova in the Topolcany district Nalez mastodonta Anancus arvernensis Croizet et Jobert na lokalite Biskupova v okrese Topolcany

Farnocchia, I.; Nannini, N.; D.R.nieri, S., 2001:
Finding of mature females of Phycis blennoides Bruennich, 1768 in the Tyrrhenian Sea Ritrovamento di femmine mature di Phycis blennoides Bruennich, 1768 nel Mar Tirreno settentrionale

Dinetti, Marco., 1996:
Finding of raptors aided and released from Lipus Raptor Recovery Centre CRR Ricatture di rapaci curati e liberati dal Centro Recupero Rapaci Lipu di Sala Baganza Parma

Gualdron, L.E.uardo.; Brochero, H.L.isa.; Arevalo, C.; Perez, L. del Pilar.; Suarez, M.C.cilia.; Olano, V.A.berto., 2001:
Finding of some vectors of Chagas disease in the department of Amazonas, Colombia, and its public health implications Hallazgo de algunos vectores de la enfermedad de Chagas en el departamento del Amazonas y sus implicaciones en salud publica

Vargas, L.; Pequeno, G., 2001:
Finding of the bilagai Cheilodactylus variegatus Valenciennes, 1833, in Metri Bay, Chile Osteichthyes Cheilodactylidae Hallazgo del bilagai Cheilodactylus variegatus Valenciennes, 1833, en la bahia Metri, Chile Osteichthyes Cheilodactylidae

Belic, M.; Safarek, G., 2002:
Finding of the dotterel Charadrius morinellus on the Velebit Mountain Nalaz sarenog kulika Charadrius morinellus na Velebitu

Ramoni-Perazzi, P.; Bianchi, G.; Molina, M., 1994:
Finding of the short-tailed opossum, Monodelphis adusta Thomas, 1897 in the Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela Hallazgo de la comadreja colicorta Monodelphis adusta Thomas, 1897 en la Cuenca del Lago de Maracaibo, Venezuela

Ogulchanski, A.Y., 1957:
Finding of the skeleton of southern elephant on the coast of Azov Sea

Holec, Peter., 2002:
Finding of the skull fragment of the woolly rhinoceros Coelodonta antiquitatis Blumenbach, 1799 in the Vah River deposits near Zemne Village Nalez fragmentu lebky srstnateho nosorozca Coelodonta antiquitatis Blumenbach, 1799 v naplavoch Vahu od Zemneho

Reinartz, R.; Hilbrich, T.; Born, O., 2000:
Finding of the tubenose goby Proterorhinus marmoratus Pallas, 1811, in the Main-River in lower Franconia near Eltmann Rhine catchment area Nachweis der Marmorierten Grundel Proterorhinus marmoratus Pallas, 1811 im unterfrankischen Main bei Eltmann Rheineinzugsgebiet

Andjus, L., 1990:
Finding of yucca thrips Bagnalliella yuccae Hinds in Yugoslavia

Grimmberger, G., 2006:
Finding report fossil gastropod eggs from an Aptian/Albian geschiebe Fundbericht Fossiler Schneckenlaich aus einem Apt/Alb-Geschiebe

Kjellen, Nils., 2003:
Finding status for new species in Sweden Fyndstatus i Sverige for nya arter

Vozenilek, Petr., 2000:
Finding the egg-eating snake in the north of Zimbabwe, something which I found confusing Nalez vejcozrouta na severu Zimbabwe, ktery mi zamotal hlavu

Svadzyhan, G.O., 1966:
Finding the genus Atopodonta Cossmann Mollusca Bivalvia in the Upper Eocene deposits of Armenia

Albano, P.G., 2006:
Findings near the shore of Palo Laziale Rome Ritrovamenti presso la spiaggia di Palo Laziale Roma

Yanovakaya, N.M., 1955:
Findings of Brontotherii in USSR

van Wijngaarden-Bakker, LH., 1999:
Findings of Emys orbicularis in The Netherlands Vondsten van de Europese moerasschildpad, Emys orbicularis L, in Nederland

Pokorny, V., 1959:
Findings of Foraminifera in the Hlubocepy-Beds Eifelian, Czechoslovakia

Fukui, M.; Kato, T., 1990:
Findings of Mortonagrion hirosei Asahina from Shizuoka Prefecture

Ungaro, N., 2000:
Findings of Paromola cuvieri Risso, 1816 Dromiacea, Homolidae in the southern Adriatic Basin Ritrovamenti di Paromola cuvieri Risso, 1816 Dromiacea, Homolidae nel bacino Adriatico meridionale

Kejval, Zbynek., 2002:
Findings of Stenus kiesenwetteri in the territory of the Czech Republic Nalezy Stenus kiesenwetteri Rosenhaur, 1856 Coleoptera Staphylinidae na uzemi Ceske republiky

Gallego, Oscar F., 1997:
Findings of Triassic insects in Argentina Hallazgos de insectos triasicos en la Argentina

Rocha, DS.; Galvao, C.; Jurberg, J.; Carcavallo, R., 2001:
Findings of Triatoma infestans in Mexico Hallazgos de Triatoma infestans en Mexico

Kocarek, P., 2005:
Findings of beetles Coleoptera in Moravian-Silesian district Czech Republic interesting from the faunistic point of view Faunisticky zajimave nalezy brouku Coleoptera v Moravskoslezskem kraji Ceska republika

Popov, Y.N., 1956:
Findings of frozen fossils

Vyushkov, B.P., 1953:
Findings of land vertebrates in Krasnoyarsk deposits of the Kuznetzk Basin

Vacchi, M.; Serena, F., 1997:
Findings of large sharks in the Central Mediterranean Sea Squali di notevoli dimensioni nel Mediterraneo Centrale

Sciban, M.; Ruzic, M., 2002:
Findings of little ringed plover in breeding period in valley of Zapadna Morava Nalazi zalara slepica Charadrius dubius na gnezdenju u dolini Zapadne Morave kod Cacka

Vonicka, P.; Preisler, J., 1999:
Findings of rarer small mammals Mammalia Insectivora, Rodentia in the Protected Landscape Area Jizerske hory Mts Nalezy vzacnejsich drobnych savcu Mammalia Insectivora, Rodentia v Chranene krajinne oblasti Jizerske hory

Bayshashov, BU., 1990:
Findings of remnants of giant rhinoceros at Kyzyljar

Pastorelli, A.M.ria.; Rositani, L.; Vlora, A.; Zizzo, N., 2000:
Findings of sea turtles along Apulian coasts in the period 1978-1998 morphometric features Segnalazioni di tartarughe lungo le coste Pugliesi nel periodo 1978-1998 caratterische morfometriche

Beran, L., 2003:
Findings of species Argyroneta aquatica Araneida, Astacus astacus, Austropotamobius torrentium, Orconectes limosus Decapoda and Aphelocheirus aestivalis Heteroptera recorded during research of aquatic molluscs in the Czech Republic Nalezy druhu Argyroneta aquatica Araneida, Astacus astacus, Austropotamobius torrentium, Orconectes limosus Decapoda a Aphelocheirus aestivalis Heteroptera ziskane pri pruzkumu vodnich mekkysu v Ceske Republice

Lozzia, GC.; Pesarini, C.; Serini, G.; Bolchi., 2002:
Findings of spiders in vineyards of Northern Italy Reperti di ragni in comprensori viticoli dellItalia settentrionale Arachnida, Araneae

Alekperova, N.A., 1956:
Findings of the fossil Gazella subgutturosa in Apsheron peninsula

Weitzel, Matthias., 2005:
Findings of the smooth snake Coronella austriaca Laurenti 1768 in the nature reserve Mattheiser Wald and in the Priestbach valley in Trier city Funde der Schlingnatter Coronella austriaca Laurenti 1768 im NSG Mattheiser Wald und im Priestbachtal auf Trierer Stadtgebiet

Kocarek, P., 2005:
Findings of the tree-hopper Stictocephala bisonia Hemiptera Membracidae in Moravian-Silesian region Czech Republic Nalezy ostnohrbetky Stictocephala bisonia Hemiptera Membracidae v Moravskoslezskem kraji Ceska republika

Basedow, Thies., 2001:
Findings on the significance and the sustainability of ecological agriculture, regarding zoological and agricultural aspects Befunde zur Bedeutung und Nachhaltigkeit des Oekologischen Landbaues aus zoologischer und ackerbaulicher Sicht

Witteck, Karsten., 2003:
Findings report Leptoplastus cf stenotus Angelin 1854 from Upper Cambrian bituminous limestone Fundbericht Leptoplastus cf stenotus Angelin 1854 aus einem oberkambrischen Stinkkalk-Geschiebe

Krueger, Hans-Hartmut., 2003:
Findling of a complete back shield of Tolypelepis undulata Pander, 1856 Fund eines vollstaendigen Rueckenschildes von Tolypelepis undulata Pander, 1856

Vanhaelen, M-Th., 2001:
Finds at the end of 2000 on the West coast, including a fresh double shell of Laevicardium crassum Gmelin, 1791 Eindejaarsvondsten 2000 aan de Westkust waaronder een vers doublet van de Noorse harstchelp Laevicardium crassum Gmelin, 1791

Vanhaelen, M-Th., 1997:
Finds of Aglaophenia pluma on 16 November 1996 at Koksijde Vondsten van Aglaophenia pluma, zeepluim op 16 november 1996 te Koksijde

Mastro, M.Paz., 1997:
Finds of Arthropleura in the Stephanian of the Iberian Peninsula Hallazgos de Arthropleura en el Estefaniense de la Peninsula Iberica

Butov, YuP.; Dalmatov, BA., 1977:
Finds of Cambrian faunas in the southeast part of the East Sayan area

Kramer, E.M.; Rowold, W., 1994:
Finds of Carabus intricatus Linnaeus, 1761 at Furstenberg Holzminden district, Lower Saxony Uber Funde von Carabus intricatus Linnaeus, 1761 bei Furstenberg Lkrs Holzminden, Niedersachsen

Fabis, M.; Miklikova, Z., 2002:
Finds of European pond tortoise Emys orbicularis L among archaeofaunal remains of Nitra region Nalezy korytnacky mociarnej Emys orbicularus L v archeofaunalnych zvyskoch z nitry a okolia

Schmitzberger, M.; Pucher, E., 2003:
Finds of Holocene beaver Castor fiber L in Austria Holozaene Biberfunde Castor fiber L aus Oesterreich

Treiber, Reinhold., 2003:
Finds of Libelloides coccajus Denis Schiff in the Hardt region of the Alsation Rhine Plain France Der Schmetterlingshaft Libelloides coccajus in der suedelsaessischen Hardt Frankreich, Haut-Rhin

Buhl, O.; Falck, P.; Jorgensen, B.; Karsholt, O.; Larsen, K.; Vilhelmsen, F., 1993:
Finds of Microlepidoptera in Denmark in 1992 Lepidoptera

Vanhaelen, M-Th., 1999:
Finds of Monia patelliformis at East Dunkirk Vondsten van Monia patelliformis te Oostduinkerke

Gusenleitner, J., 1997:
Finds of Sapygidae from the eastern Mediterranean area Sapygidae, Hymenoptera Uber Funde von Sapygidae aus dem ostlichen Mittelmeergebiet Sapygidae, Hymenoptera

Brenner, Uli., 2000:
Finds of beetles from 1996 and 1997 from Hesse 9th report of the Society of Hesse Coleopterologists Kaeferfunde der Jahre 1996 und 1997 aus Hessen 9 Bericht der Arbeitsgemeinschaft hessischer Koleopterologen

Brenner, Uli., 2003:
Finds of beetles from Hesse in 2000 11 Report of the Society of Coleopterologists in Hesse Kaeferfunde des Jahres 2000 aus Hessen 11 Bericht der Arbeitsgemeinschaft hessicher Koleopterologen

Doehle, H.-Juergen.; Kunz, B., 2003:
Finds of birds of prey from the Middle Age city of Stendal and the problem of their interpretation Greifvogelfunde aus dem mittelalterlichen Stendal und das Problem ihrer Interpretation

Gmelig Meyling, AW.; Bor, PHF., 1994:
Finds of egg capsules of sharks and rays during the Katwijk-Noordwijk beach survey 1978 up to and including 1987 Vondsten van eikapsels van haaien en roggen tijdens de 1e strandwacht Katwijk-Noordwijk 1978 t/m 1987

Gmelig Meyling, AW.; Bor, PHF., 2002:
Finds of egg capsules of sharks and rays during the first ten years of the 2nd Katwijk-Noordwijk beach watch 1991 up to and including 2000 Vondsten van eikapsels van haaien en roggen tijdens de eerste tien jaar van de 2e Strandwacht Katwijk-Noordwijk 1991t/m 2000

Kinze, C.C.r.; Baagoe, H.J.; Tougaard, S., 2001:
Finds of exotic whale and dolphin species in Denmark frequencies and origin Fund af eksotiske hvaler og delfiner i Danmark hyppighed og herkomst

Kojamkulova, B.S., 1958:
Finds of fossil bones of the horse of Prjevalsky Equus przewalskii Pol

Yukhov, VL., 1974:
Finds of giant-squid

Borodina, K.G.; Koren', T.N., 1962:
Finds of graptolites in the coaly-quartzite slates at the Cheremshan Field

Coulianos, C., 2004:
Finds of heteropterans - new for Vasterbotten Fynd av skinnbaggar - nya for Vasterbotten

Nielsen, Ole Fogh., 2001:
Finds of larvae of the Camberwell beauty Nymphalis antiopa L The author found several larval colonies high up in a willow bush in Jutland Fund af larver af sorgekaben Nymphalis antiopa L Forfatteren fandt i 1996 adskillige larvekolonier hojt oppe i pilebuske i Jylland

Holec, P.; Kovac, M.; Sliva, L.; Vojtko, R.; Joniak, P., 2002:
Finds of mastodon Mammut borsoni Hays, 1834 near Ceroviny village, stratigraphy and lithological conditions Nalez mastodonta Mammut borsoni Hays, 1834 pri Cerovinach litologicke pomery a stratigrafia

Pallesen, G.; Palm, E., 1977:
Finds of microlepidoptera in Denmark 1976

Wolf, Frank., 1998:
Finds of new and rare water beetles s l Col, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern together with a call for cooperation Funde neuer und seltener Wasserkafer s l Col, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern nebst einem Aufruf zur Mitarbeit

Dekker, Rob., 1997:
Finds of nudibranchs in a previous period 12 De vondsten van zeenaaktslakken van de afgelopen periode 12

Dekker, R., 1995:
Finds of nudibranchs in the previous period 2 De vondsten van zeenaaktslakken van de afgelopen periode 2

Lerner, H., 2005:
Finds of some hybrid geese in 2004 Fynd av nagra hybridgass 2004

Jonsson, L.; Bergsten, J., 2005:
Finds of spiders from the district of Umea together with a concise list of Swedens spiders Spindelfynd fran Umetrakten med en komprimerad lista over Sveriges spindlar

Vanhaelen, Marie-Therese., 2006:
Finds of the bivalve Spisula elliptica Brown, 1827 on the beaches of the Belgian west coast Vondsten van levende ovale strandschelpen Spisula elliptica Brown, 1827 op de stranden van de Belgische Westkust

Bakalem, A., 2001:
Fine sand amphipods and pollution of the Algerian coast Amphipodes des sables fins et pollution sur la cote Algerienne

Diedrich, Cajus., 2001:
Fine stratigraphical investigations on vertebrate track beds of the Lower Muschelkalk at Westerberg in Osnabrueck NW-Germany Feinstratigraphische Untersuchungen der Wirbeltierfaehrtenhorizonte des Unteren Muschelkalkes am Westerberg in Osnabrueck NW-Deutschland

Alberti, G.; Michalik, P., 2004:
Fine structural aspects of reproductive systems in Arachnida Feinstrukturelle Aspekte der Fortpflanzungssysteme von Spinnentieren Arachnida

Trujillo-Cenoz, O.; Fernandez, A.; Radmilovich, M., 1990:
Fine structure and synaptic connections of the spinal dorsal root terminals in the turtle Chrysemys dorbigny

Bradbury, P.C. ., 1969:
Fine structure of differentiation of gametocytes of Haemoproteus columbae Kruse

Bogoyavlenski, Y.K., 1962:
Fine structure of hypoderma in various species of Spirurata

Steinbrecht, RA., 1990:
Fine structure of insect thermo/hygrosensitive sensilla after cryofixation Structural changes after moist- and dry-adaptation

Bogojavlensky, Y.K., 1963:
Fine structure of integument in the nematode Oxyspirura Oxyspirura sygmoidea Molin, 1800 Skrjabin, 1931

Hasan, SA., 1990:
Fine structure of pretarsus in pentatomid bugs

Alibardi, L.; Meyer-Rochow, V.B., 1990:
Fine structure of regenerating caudal spinal cord in adult tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus)

Reiher, W.; G.eman, B.S.; Alberti, G., 2006 :
Fine structure of spermatogenesis and spermatozoa in Antennophorus sp Antennophorina, Trigynaspida, Gamasida, Anactinotrichida Feinstruktur der Spermatogenese und Spermien von Antennophorus sp Antennophorina, Trigynaspida, Gamasida, Anactinotrichida

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