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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38252

Chapter 38252 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Longo, Luga., 2000:
First summer observation in Italy of rough-legged buzzard, Buteo lagopus Prima segnalazione estiva di poiana calzata, Buteo lagopus, in Italia

Gebert, Jorg., 1999:
First supplement and correction to Revision of the Cicindela s str hybrida group sensu Mandl 1935/36 Coleoptera Carabidae, Cicindelidae Erster Nachtrag und Berichtigung zur Revision der Cicindela s str hybrida-Gruppe sensu Mandl 1935/36 Coleoptera Carabidae, Cicindelidae

Doczkal, D.; C.sen, C.; Ssymank, A., 2002:
First supplement and corrections to the check list of the hoverflies of Germany Diptera, Syrphidae Erster Nachtrag und Korrekturen zur Checkliste der Schwebfliegen Deutschlands Diptera, Syrphidae

Calzada, S.; Urquiola, M.; Mar., 1997:
First supplement of the Catalogue of Holotypes of the MGSB Primer suuplemento al Catalogo de Holotipos del MGSB

Kierdorf-Traut, Georg., 2006:
First supplement of the land snails Mollusca Gastropoda from south Tyrol Erster Nachtrag zur Fauna der Land-Gehaeuseschnecken Suedtirols Mollusca Gastropoda

Forel, J.; Orousset, J., 1995:
First supplement to the Bibliography of Carabidae of France Premier supplement a la Bibliographie Carabologique Francaise

Gomy, Y., 1997:
First supplement to the Catalogue of Histeridae of Ile-de-France Coleoptera Premier supplement au Catalogue des Histeridae de lIle-de-France Coleoptera

Schumann, Hubert., 2003:
First supplement to the Checkliste der Dipteren Deutschlands Erster Nachtrag zur Checkliste der Dipteren Deutschlands

Merz, B.; Bachli, G.; Haenni, J.-Paul., 2001:
First supplement to the checklist of Diptera of Switzerland Erster Nachtrag zur Checkliste der Diptera der Schweiz

Gerend, R., 2006:
First supplement to the checklist of aquatic beetles of Luxembourg Insecta, Coleoptera Hydraenidae, Hydrophilidae, Scirtidae Erster Nachtrag zum Verzeichnis der Wasserkaefer Luxemburgs Insecta, Coleoptera Hydraenidae, Hydrophilidae, Scirtidae

Kohler, F., 2000:
First supplement to the checklist of the beetles of Germany Erster Nachtrag zum Verzeichnis der Kafer Deutschlands

Chabrol, L.; Gransagne, C.; Mourioux E., E.; Plas, L., 2003:
First supplement to the inventory of the Cerambycidae of Limousin Premier complement a linventaire des Cerambycidae du Limousin

Arenberger, E.; Wimmer, J., 1996:
First supplement to the microlepidopteran fauna of Cyprus Erster Nachtrag zur Mikrolepidopterenfauna Zyperns

Zettel, H., 2000:
First supplement to the revision of the Helotrephini of Thailand Heteroptera Helotrephidae Erster Nachtrag zur Bearbeitung der Helotrephini Thailands Heteroptera Helotrephidae

L.N.uyen Ngat.; Nguyen Van Sang., 1999:
First survey of amphibians and reptiles in the west forest part of Quang Nam province Ket qua khao sat buoc dau sauhe ech nhai-bo sat o vung rung Tay Quang Nam

Granier, N.; Martinez, L., 2004:
First survey of chimpanzees Pan troglodytes verus in the Transboundary Protected Area, between Guinea and Mali West Africa Premiere reconnaissance des chimpanzes Pan troglodytes verus dans la zone transfontaliere entre la Guinee et le Mali Afrique de lOuest

Claret, C.; Marmonier, P.; Lescher-Moutoue, F., 1998:
First survey of karstic and interstitial spring fauna in Vanoise Massif Premier inventaire de la faune de sources karstiques et limnocrenes du Massif de la Vanoise

Abstracts., 2003:
First symposium on the Argentinian Jurassic Dedicated to the memory of Vivian Garcia La Plata, 22nd May 2003 Primer simposio Argentino del Jurasico Dedicado a la memoria de Vivian Garcia La Plata, 22 de mayo de 2003

Denys, C.; Liber, M.; Cuisin, J., 2007:
First taphonomic analysis of Ile dOleron West France Marsh Harrier Circus aeruginosus pellets Premiere analyse taphonomique de pelotes de rejection de Busard des roseaux Circus aeruginosus de lile dOleron Charente Maritime, Ouest France

Merle, Didier., 2000:
First taphonomic evidence of predation on large benthic molluscs from the Eocene of Gan Pyrenees-Atlantiques, France Premiere etude taphonomique de la predation affectant de grands mollusques benthiques dans lEocene de Gan Pyrenees-Atlantiques, France

Barco, JL.; Ruiz-Omenaca, JI., 2001:
First teeth of a theropod Dinosauria, Saurischia from the Villar Formation of Arzobispo Tithonian-Berriasian localities of Cuesta Lonsal and Las Cerradicas 2 Galve, Teruel Primeros dientes de teropodo Dinosauria, Saurischia en la Formacion Villar del Arzobispo Tithonico-Berriasiense yacimientos Cuesta Lonsal y Las Cerradicas 2 Galve, Teruel

Ilyes, R., 1990:
First thelodont scale from the Kapp Kjeldsen Division, Wood Bay Formation, Lower Devonian, Spitsbergen

Perez-Lorente, F.; Guillen-Mondejar, F. del Ramo, A., 2006:
First tracks of dinosaur in Murcia Albian of Yecla Primeras icnitas de dinosaurio en Murcia Albiense de Yecla

Lange, J.-Michael.; Suhr, P., 1996:
First trails of living in the Young Tertiary Elbe gravels of Ottendorf-Okrilla Erste Funde von Lebensspuren in den jungtertiaren Elbeschottern von Ottendorf-Okrilla

Jover, M.; Riera, F.; Grau, A.; Pastor, E.; Espinos, FJ.; Perez, L., 1999:
First trials of growth of juvenile dentex Dentex dentex fed with four extruded diets varying protein and lipid levels Preliminary results Resultados preliminares de crecimiento del denton Dentex dentex en jaulas flotantes alimentado con piensos extrusionados de diferente relacion proteina/lipidos

Verstraete, H.; Driessens, G., 2005:
First two occurrences of Isabelline wheatear Oenanthe isabellina in Belgium Eerste twee gevallen van Izabeltapuit Oenanthe isabellina voor Belgie

Mascagni, A.; Monte, C., 2005:
First updating of the knowledge on the Afro-Tropical Heteroceridae Coleoptera Primo aggiornamento alla checklist degli Heteroceridae della Regione Afrotropicale Coleoptera

Rozsa, Lajos., 2003:
First urbanised breeding of mistle thrush Turdus viscivorus in Budapest A leprigo Turdus viscivorus elso urbanizalt koltese Budapesten

Gilioli, G.; Cossu, Q.; Antonio, 2004:
First validation of an individual-based model for the population dynamics of Bactrocera oleae Gmelin Prime validazioni di un Individual-based Model per la simulazione della dinamica di popolazioni di Bactrocera oleae Gmelin

Hommes, M.; Westhoff, J.; Melber, A., 2003:
First verification of the Andromedea lacebug, Stephanitis takeyai Drake et Maa Heteroptera Tingidae for Germany Andromeda-Netzwanze, Stephanitis takeyai Drake et Maa Heteroptera Tingidae erstmals fuer Deutschland nachgewiesen

Haene, E.; Montanez, A.; Carrizo, A.; Bodrati, G.; Bono, J.; Krauss, G.; Merida, E.; Nardini, C.; Rodriguez, R.; Jones, J.; Perez, A., 2001:
First vertebrate inventory of San Guillermo National Park San Juan province, Argentina Republic Primer inventario de los animales vertebrados del Parque Nacional San Guillermo provincia de San Juan, Republica Argentina

Muller, Franz., 1995 :
First wild record of a mink Mustela vison Schreber 1777 in east Hesse Erster Freiland-Nachweis des Minks Mustela vison Schreber 1777 in Osthessen

Bino, T.; Tourencq, C., 1999:
First winter sighting of an osprey in Albania Premiere observation hivernale dun balbuzard pecheur Pandion haliaetus en Albanie

de Vita, S.; Biondi, M.; Guerrieri, G.; Pietrelli, L.; Menegoni, P., 1995:
First wintering of Richards pipit Anthus novaeseelandiae in Italy Primo svernamento di calandro maggiore Anthus novaeseelandiae in Italia

Vieuxtemps, D.; Gallez, J., 1996:
First wintering of a white-tailed eagle Haliaeetus albicilla in the Province of Luxembourg Belgium Premier hivernage dun pygargue a queue blanche Haliaeetus albicilla en province du Luxembourg

Trotignon, Paul., 2002:
First wintering of little tern in France Premier hivernage complet de la sterne naine Sterna albifrons en France

Roma, S.; Rossetti, M., 2002:
First wintering of night heron Nycticorax nycticorax in Frosinone district Central Italy Svernamento di nitticora Nycticorax nycticorax in Provincia di Frosinone

Roma, S.; Rossetti, M., 1999:
First wintering of osprey Pandion haliaetus in Frosinone district Latium, central Italy Primo caso di svernamento di falco pescatore Pandion haliaetus in provincia di Frosinone

Jueg, U.; Grosser, C., 2002:
First workshop on European Hirudinea in Karnin Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany 30 Aug to 02 Sept 2001 Erste Fachtagung Europaeische Hirudinea in Karnin Landkreis Parchim, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern vom 3008 bis 02092001

Chemello, R. .; Russo, G.F.lvio ., 1998:
First workshop on marine mollusc communities of the Mediterranean, Gibilmanna, 7-9 October 1994 Primo workshop sulle comunita dei molluschi marini del Mediterraneo, Gibilmanna, 7-9 Ottobre 1994

Palacios, F. .; Martinez, C. .; Thomas, B. ., 1993:
First world congress sessions and contributions on the function and management of natural history collections Based on the International Symposium and First World Congress on the Preservation and Conservation of Natural History Collections, held in Madrid, 10-15 May 1992 Volume 1 Sesiones del primer congreso mundial y comunicaciones sobre funcion y gestion de las colecciones de historia natural Basado en el Simposio Internacional y Primer Congreso Mundial sobre Preservacion y Conservacion de

Gerardin, F.; Forget, Y., 2003:
First year of the monitoring of a population of the short-toed eagle Circaetus gallicus in Gironde - summary of observations made in 2002 Premiere anne de suivi dune population de Circaete Jean-le-Blanc Circaetus gallicus en Gironde - synthese dobservsations effectuees en 2002

Jenny, David., 1999:
First young for the bearded vultures in Engadin Erster Nachwuchs bei den Engadiner Bartgeiern

Mueller, P.; Junhold, J., 2002:
First zoo experiences with a new ape complex in Leipzig Zoo Erste tiergaertnerische Erfahrungen mit der neuen Menschenaffenanlage im Zoologischen Garten Leipzig

Pedersen, A.O.vik; Sandaas, K., 2003:
First-aid for a pond Experiences from restoration of amphibian ponds in Oslo, the capital of Norway Forstehjelp til dammen - erfaringer fra Oslo kommune

Frederiksen, Morten., 1999:
First-year and adult survival of Danish black guillemots Forstears- og voksenoverlevelse hos danske Tejster Cepphus grylle

Barreto-Vargas, G.; Reinoso-Florez, G.; Villa-Navarro, F.A.tonio, 2005:
Firts record of Gripopterygidae Insecta Plecoptera for Colombia Primer registro de Gripopterygidae Insecta Plecoptera para Colombia

Grillenzoni, G.; Mazzotti, S., 1999:
Firts report of Cyrtopodion kotschyi Steindacher, 1870 in the town of Ferrara northern Italy Sauria, Gekkonidae Segnalazione di geco di Kotschyi Cyrtopodion kotschyi Steindacher, 1870 nella cita di Ferrara Sauria, Gekkonidae

Hustler, K., 1990:
Fiscal flycatcher - a bird to look for in southern Zimbabwe

Posdnjakowa, M.N., 1957:
Fisch-parasiten des Pestowo und des Weljesees Nowgorodsker Gebiet

Riggenbach, E., 1990:
Fische als Deltasegler

Gunther, A., 1877:
Fische der Sudsee vi

Obrhelova, N., 1990:
Fische des Nordbohmischen Braunkohlenbeckens

Igler, K., 1990:
Fischereigeschichtliches aus der Steiermark

Hoffmann, A.; Dressel, J., 1990:
Fischfauna des Beckendorfer Muhlenbaches Bielefeld Analyse, fischereibiologische Bewertung und Entwicklungsziele

Sellin, H., 1990:
Fischlaich als Nahrung von Vogeln

Petruschewsky, G.K.; Posdnjakowa, M.N.S.hulmann, S.S., 1957:
Fischparasiten der Braslawseen Belorussland

Hofer, R.; Bucher, F., 1990:
Fischpathologische Aspekte der Papiel- und Zellstoffproduktion in Osterreich

Honsig-Erlenburg, W., 1990:
Fischsterben im Jahre 1989 in Karnten

Marcal-Simabuku, M.A.riana.; Peret, A.C.rvalho., 2002:
Fish Osteichthyes, Characiformes feeding in two Brazilian floodplain lakes from the Parana river basin Alimentacao de peixes Osteichthyes, Characiformes em duas lagoas de uma planicie de inundacao brasileira da bacia do rio Parana

Paravicini, Roland., 2006:
Fish Pisces in the carbonate fen complex Benniger Ried, Bavaria, Germany Fische Pisces im Kalkquellmoor Benninger Ried bei Memmingen, Bayern

Danilkiewicz, Zbigniew., 1994:
Fish Pisces of the Lysa Gora Mountain streams Ryby Pisces lysogorskich strumieni

Py-Daniel, V.; Jegu, M., 1996:
Fish Serrasalmidae predators of immature forms of Thyrsopelma guianense Wise, 1911 Diptera, Culicomorpha, Simuliidae, vector of filaria Onchocerca volvulus Leuckart, 1893 Peixes Serrasalmidae predadores dos imaturos de Thyrsopelma guianense Wise, 1911 Diptera, Culicomorpha, Simuliidae, vetor da filaria Onchocera volvulus Leuckart, 1893

Barandun, Jonas., 1991:
Fish - threatened varieties under water Cloudy outlook in clear waters Fische - bedrohte Vielfalt unter Wasser Trube Aussichten in klaren Gewassern

Dos Santos Pompeu, P.; Pereira Godinho, H.; Candido Pinto, M.T.reza., 2000:
Fish abundance and diversity in an oxbow lake in upper Sao Francisco River Abundancia e diversidade da ictiofauna de uma lagoa marginal do alto Sao Francisco

Hofling,; Ferreira, L.I.hikawa.; Ribeiro Neto, F.B.rba. de Oliveira, M.P.nto.; Paiva Filho, A.M.rtins.; Prado, A., 2000:
Fish alimentation of the Clupeidae family of the estuarine lagoon complex in Cananeia, Sao Paulo, Brazil Alimentacao de peixes da familia Clupeidae do complexo estuarino lagunar de Cananeia, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Hofling,; Ferreira, L.I.hikawa.; Neto, F.B.rba Ribeiro.; Filho, A.M.rtins Paiva.; Lima, P.A.ine Boer.; Gibin,, 1998:
Fish alimentation of the Gerreidae family of the estuarine lagoon complex in Cananeia, Sao Paulo, Brazil Alimentacao de peixes da familia Gerreidae do complexo estuarino-lagunar de Cananeia, SP, Brasil

Hofling,; Ferreira, L.I.hikawa.; Ribeiro Neto, F.B.rba.; Paiva Filho, A.M.rtins.; Martinho, L.R.drigues.; Donzeli, V.P.lon., 1997:
Fish alimentation of the Sciaenidae family of the estuarine lagoon complex in Cananeia, Sao Paulo, Brazil Alimentacao de peixes da familia Sciaenidae do complexo estuarino-lagunar de Cananeia, SP, Brasil

Joshi, BD.; Chopra, AK.; Bhatt, D., 1990:
Fish and Their Environment National symposium Selected papers

Pintar, M.; Spolwind, R., 1998:
Fish and amphibian coenoses in backwaters of riparian forests of the river Danube nearby Vienna Mogliche Koexistenz von Fisch- und Amphibienzonosen in Gewassern der Donauauen westlich Wiens

Juyal, CP.; Gusain, OP., 1990:
Fish and fisheries of River Khoh Garhwal Himalaya

Edwards, AJ., 1990:
Fish and fisheries of Saint Helena Island

Sampaio, F.A.; Costa; Juca-Chagas, R.; Teixeira, P.M.rcelo M.; Boccardo, L., 2006:
Fish and fishing Concepts from students from Porto Alegre village, Bahia, Brazil Os peixes e a pesca Concepcoes de estudantes do povoado de Porto Alegre, Bahia, Brasil

Lalaguna, C.; Duran; Infante, A.; Puig; Lopez-Oliva, L.; Pinilla, 2002:
Fish and sediments two matrices for the monitoring of contamination of the River Ebro Basin with dangerous substances Peces y sedimentos dos matrices para la vigilancia de la contaminacion por sustancias peligrosas en la cuenca del rio Ebro

Traynor, JJ.; Ehrenberg, JE., 1990:
Fish and standard-sphere target-strength measurements obtained with a dual-beam and split-beam echo-sounding system

Souchon, Y.; Leveque, C.; Gaudin, P., 1995:
Fish and their habitat introduction of the symposium Le poisson et son habitat introduction du symposium

Schiemer, Fritz., 2003:
Fish as bioindicators and conservation targets of large rivers Fische als Bioindikatoren und Naturschutzziel von grossen Fliessgewaessern

Ibarra, Alonso Aguilar., 2005:
Fish as indicators of ecological quality of waters Los peces como indicadores de la calidad ecologia del agua

Guidetti, P.; Bussotti, S., 1997:
Fish assemblage associated with a shallow Cymodocea nodosa Ucria Ascherson and Zostera noltii Hornem Potamogetonaceae mixed meadow in the Gulf of Olbia Sardinia-Italy La fauna ittica associata ad un prato misto superficiale di Cymodocea nodosa Ucria Ascherson e Zostera noltii Hornem Potamogetonaceae nel Golfo di Olbia Sardegna-Italia

Berrebi dit Thomas, R.; Belliard, J.; Boet, P., 1998:
Fish assemblage attributes sensitive to stream alterations in the Seine river basin France Caracteristiques des peuplements piscicoles sensibles aux alterations du milieu dans les cours deau du bassin de la Seine

Biagi, F.; Gambaccini, S.; Zazzetta, M., 1997:
Fish assemblage in a protected area at Elba Island Popolamento ittico di unarea protetta allIsola dElba

Andreata, J.V.nderli; Manzano, F.V.ana; Baptista, M.G.een Short; Twixeira, D.E.dras; D.O.iveira, L.O.avio Varela; Longo, M.M.rques; Freret, N.V.llar; Valois, A.S.breira, 2002:
Fish assemblage in the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon, Rio de Janeiro Assembleia de peixes la Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Rio de Janeiro

Svanyga, J.; Valova, Z.; Janac, M.; Bialek, M.; Machala, M.; Jurajda, P., 2006:
Fish assemblage of the polluted middle part of Elbe River Rybi spolecenstvo znecistenlho Useku Labe na pardubicku

Tunesi, L.; Salvati, E.; Molinari, A., 2003:
Fish assemblage of the sea bottoms damaged by M/V Eurobulkers IV coal spill Il popolamento ittico dei fondali interessati dallo sversamento di carbone della M/V Eurobulker IV

Jimenez, S.; Bayle, JT.; Ramos Espla, AA.; Sanchez Lizaso, JL., 1997:
Fish assemblage of two Posidonia oceanica L Delile, 1813, meadows with different degrees of conservation Ictiofauna de dos praderos de Posidonia oceanica L Delile, 1813 con distinto grado de conservacion

Molinari, A., 2003:
Fish assemblages associated to three different coastal habitats in Bergeggi Western Ligurian Sea La fauna ittica associata a tre differenti tipologie di fondale presso bergeggi Mar Ligure occidentale Pisces

Gonzalez-Sanson, G.; Aguilar Betancourt, C., 1996:
Fish assemblages in experimental artificial shelters Asociaciones de peces en refugios artificiales experimentales

Antoniassi Luiz, E.; Petry, A.C.istina.; Pavanelli, C.S.mone.; Ferreira Julio, H.J.; Dirco Latini, J.; Marques Domingues, V., 2005:
Fish assemblages in hydroelectric reservoirs of Parana state and neigbouring basins As Assemblaeias de Peixes de Reservatorios Hidreletricos do Estado do Parana e Bacias Limitrofes

Hohausova, E.; Jurajda, P., 1996:
Fish assemblages of the River Morava upper part of the Mohelnicka brazda area, its tributaries and oxbow lakes Spolecenstva ryb horniho toku reky Moravy v oblasti Mohelnicke brazdy a nekterych vybranych pritoku a ramen

Gonzalez-Sanson, G.; Bosch Mendez, A.; Guevara Carrio, E.; Aguilar Betancourt, C., 1996:
Fish assemblages of the shrimp fishing grounds in Cienfuegos Bay, Cuba Asociaciones de peces de los sitios de pesca de camaron en la Bahia de Cienfuegos, Cuba

Diaz de Astarloa, J.M.; Aubone, A.; Cousseau, M.B.rta., 2000:
Fish assemblages on the coastal continental shelf of Uruguay and northern Argentina in relation to environmental parameters Asociaciones icticas de la plataforma costera de Uruguay y norte de Argentina, y su relacion con los parametros ambientales

da Silva Batista, V.; Nunes Rego, F., 1996:
Fish associations in creeks of a river in the Island of Sao Luis, northestern Brazil Analise de associacoes de peixes, em igarapes do estuario do Rio Tibiri, Maranhao

Johannesson, T.; Lundin, K., 2005:
Fish auctions - a source of unusual discoveries of fauna from the Baltic Sea Fiskauktionen - en kalla for udda fynd av vasterhavets fauna

Dussling, U.; Bischoff, A.; Haberbosch, R.; Hoffmann, A.; Klinger, H.; Wolter, C.; Wysujack, K.; Berg, R., 2005:
Fish based evaluation of rivers according to the EU Water Framework Directive Die fischbasierte Bewertung von Fliessgewaessern zur Umsetzung der EG-WRRL

Olsen, K., 1990:
Fish behaviour and acoustic sampling

Ozbilgin, H.; Kinacigil, H.; Tuncay.; Ilkyaz, A.T., 2002:
Fish behaviour in relation to bottom trawling Dip trol aglarinda balik davranislari

Sels, Tannia., 2002:
Fish behaviour Vissengedrag

Arnold, GP.; Greer Walker, M.; Holford, BH., 1990:
Fish behaviour achievements and potential of high-resolution sector-scanning sonar

Sara, G.; Martino, G.; Oliveri, A.; L.M.rtire, M.; Zenone, A., 2006:
Fish behavioural response in captivity as an indicator of welfare Analisi della risposta comportamentale in organismi ittici allevati come indicatore di stato di benessere

Serov, Dmitry., 2006:
Fish belonging to the emperor Fische, die dem Kaiser Gehoeren

Lobry, J.; Gascuel, D.; Domain, F., 2003:
Fish biodiversity of the Guinean demersal resources Use of classical indices for a diagnosis on the evolution of the ecosystem La biodiversite specifique des ressources demersales du plateau continental guineen Utilisation dindices classiques pour un diagnostic sur levolution de lecosysteme

Penyaz, V.S.S.evtzova, T.M.; Nekbaeva, T.I., 1973:
Fish biology in the reservoirs of the Byelorussian Polesye

Busnita, T., 1967:
Fish classification in dam lakes

Hureau, Jean-Claude., 1997:
Fish collection databases Les bases de donnees de collections de poissons

Bogota-Gregory, J.D.; Maldonado-Ocampo, J.A., 2005:
Fish collection of the Alexander von Humboldt Institute IAvH New records and representiveness part II Amazonia La coleccion de peces del Instituto Alexander von Humboldt IAvH Nuevos registros y representatividad parte II Amazonia

D.C.rtis, O.; Rossi, R., 2003:
Fish communities in Abruzzo National Park state of the art Comunita ittiche del Parco Nazionale dAbruzzo stato delle conoscenze

Maes, Joachim., 1997:
Fish communities in Zeeschelde current situation and the potential for their rehabilitation Levensgemeenschappen van vissen in de Zeeschelde actuele situatie en mogelijkheden tot herstel

Lim, P.; Dauba, F.; Segura, G.; Auscher, F., 1997:
Fish communities in eight rivers in Martinique Peuplement de poissons de huit rivieres perennes de la Martinique

Lill, D.R.; Winkler, H.M., 2002:
Fish communities in the Stepenitz-Karthane river basin and their functional relationship to river habitat quality Die Fischgemeinschaften des Stepenitz-Karthane-systems und ihre funktionelle Beziehung zum Gewaesserzustand

Chabanet, P.; Tessier, E.; Durville, P.; Mulochau, T.; Rene, F., 2002:
Fish communities of Geyser and Zelee coral banks Western Indian Ocean Peuplement ichtyologique des bancs de Geyser et Zelee Ocean Indien Occidental

Bouchon-Navaro, Y.; Bouchon, C.; Louis, M., 2004:
Fish communities of sea-grass beds in the Lesser Antilles interest of their protection Lichtyofaune des herbiers de phanerogames marines des Antilles francaises interet de leur protection

Schaper, Stefan., 1996:
Fish communities of the Puerto Viejo reef Limon, Costa Rica La comunidad de peces en el arrecife de Puerto Viejo Limon, Costa Rica

Vanzo, S.; Specchi, M.; Pizzui, E., 1998:
Fish communities of the Upper Tagliamento Basin north-eastern Italy Studio sulle comunita ittiche del bacino dellAlto Tagliamento nord-est Italia

Lusk, S.; Luskova, V.; Halacka, K., 2000:
Fish communities of the Velicka stream, a tributary of the River Morava Moravia, Czech Republic Rybi osidleni ricky velicky Povodi Moravy

Pena, T.A.len.; Jimenez Prieto, M., 2001:
Fish communities of three meadows of Thalassia testudinum of the Cariaco Gulf, Sucre state, Venezuela Comunidad de peces en tres praderas de Thalassia testudinum del Golfo de Cariaco, Estado Sucre, Venezuela

Cunningham, P.T. de C.; Saul, A., 1994:
Fish community of the surf-zone of the Bom Abrigo Island, Cananeia, Sao Paulo, Brazil Comunidad de peces de la zona de oleada de la Isla del Bom Abrigo, Cananeia, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Changeux, T., 1995:
Fish community structure at the scale of a large European basin longitudinal organisation, slope influence and regional tendencies Structure du peuplement piscicole a lechelle dun grand bassin europeen organisation longitudinale, influence de la pente et tendances regionales

Ayala-Perez, L.A.ado.; Aviles-Alatriste, O.A.ustin.; Rojas-Galaviz,, 1998:
Fish community structure in the Candelaria-Panlau system, Campeche, Mexico Estructura de la comunidad de peces en el sistema Candelaria-Panlau, Campeche, Mexico

Grosman, Fabian., 1999:
Fish community structure of Lago del Fuerte reservoir, Tandil, Argentina Estrutura da comunidade de peixes da represa Lago del Fuerte, Tandil, Argentina

Pizzul, E.; Specchi, M.; Vanzo, S., 1997:
Fish community structure of Natisone river Friuli-Venezia Giulia, north-eastern Italy Struttura della comunita ittica del fiume Natisone Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italia nord-est

Claro, R.; Garcia-Arteaga, J.P.; Bouchon, Y.; Louis, M.; Bouchon, C., 1998:
Fish community structure on coral reefs in the Lesser Antilles and Cuba Caracteristicas de la estructura de las comunidades de peces en los arrecifes de las Antillas Menores y Cuba

Claro, R.; Garcia-Arteaga, J.P., 1993:
Fish community structure on mangroves from the insular group Sabana-Camaguey, Cuba Estructura de las comunidades de peces asociados a los manglares del grupo insular Sabana-Camaguey, Cuba

Claro, R.; Garcia-Arteaga, J.P., 1994:
Fish community structure on reefs from the insular group Sabana-Camaguey, Cuba Estructura de las comunidades de peces en los arrecifes del grupo insular Sabana-Camaguey, Cuba

Cardona, M.; Roman-Valencia, C.; Jimenez,; Hurtado T., H., 1998:
Fish composition and diversity in the San Pablo stream, Alto Cauca, Colombia Composicion y diversidad de los peces de la quebrada San Pablo en Alto Cauca, Colombia

Verdiell, D.; Oliva-Paterna, F.J.; Torralva, M., 2007:
Fish condition of Barbus haasi Mertens, 1925 in the Chico River Castellon, northern east Iberian Peninsula Estado de Condicion de Barbus haasi Mertens, 1925 en el rio Chico Castellon, NE Peninsula Iberica

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Fish cultivation in the Black Sea under closed conditions

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Fish damage due to their passing turbines of small hydropower plants Poskozeni ryb pruchodem pres turbiny male vodni elektrarny

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Fish disease and drainage sluices an investigation of disease in flounder Platichthys flesus in front of and behind the Lake Ijssel drainage sluices Final report covering research period 1988-2001 Zieke vis en spuisluizen onderzoek naar ziekte bij bot Platichthys flesus voor en achter de Afsluitdijk Eindrapport over de onderzoeksjaren 1988-2001

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Fish diseases Part 7 fish tuberculosis Fischkrankheiten Folge 7 Fischtuberkulose

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Fish disorders Fischkrankheiten

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Fish distil their own alcohol against the cold Vissen stoken hun eigen alcohol tegen de kou

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Fish distribution as influenced by aquatic habitat alteration and species introductions

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Fish distribution in the Province of Reggio Calabria Italy La distribuzione della fauna ittica nella Provincia di Reggio Calabria

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Fish distribution in the Ribeirao Grande Basin, eastern Serra da Mantiqueira, Sao Paulo, Brazil Distribuicao de peixes na microbacia do Ribeirao Grande, Serra da Mantiqueira Oriental, Sao Paulo, Brasil

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Fish diversity associated with gas platforms Evaluation of two underwater visual census techniques Diversidad ictica asociada con plataformas gaseras Evaluacion de dos tecnicas de censos visuales

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Fish diversity in a strecht of the Middle Parana River Jaaukanigas Ramsar Site, Santa Fe, Argentina Diversidad de peces en un tramo del Rio Parana medio Jaaukanigas, sitio Ramsar, Sant Fe, Argentina

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Fish diversity in lagoons and estuaries of West Africa Diversite des poissons des lagunes et des estuaires ouest-africains

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Fish diversity in the UHE Escola Engenharia Mackenzie Capivara reservoir, Paranapanema River, upper Rio Parana basin, Brazil, and the importance of large tributaries in its maitenance Diversidade de peixes do reservatario da UHE Escola Engenharia Mackenzie Capivara, Rio Paranapanema, bacia do alto rio Parana, Brasil, e a importancia dos grandes tributarios na sua manutencao

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Fish ecological investigations at the Danube River System Neue Donau in Vienna Fishoekologische Untersuchungen an der Neuen Donau in Wien

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Fish ecology as evidence of the effects of the reconnection of the old oxbow Schonbuheler Altarm Danube River, Lower Austria, Wachau Fischokologische Beweissicherung der Altarmdotation Schonbuheler Altarm Donau, Niederosterreich, Wachau

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Fish ecology characterization of lake run offs of some Austrian and Bavarian lakes Fischoekologische Charakterisierung von Seeausrinnen einiger oesterreichischer und bayerischer Seen

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Fish ecology status of standing waters in nature reserves - case studies in Hesse Fischoekologischer Zustand stehender Gewaesser in Naturschutzgebieten - Fallbeispiele aus Hessen

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Fish ecology study at Stooberbach Fischoekologische Studie Stooberbach

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Fish ecology, physiology and ichthyopathology

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Fish farming and otters in Finland

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Fish farming and the Scottish freshwater environment

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Fish farming characteristics of the lakes Shotozer and Vagatozer

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Fish farming in Sov-Khozes

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Fish farms in the low areas around Modena as trophic niche of the grey hero Ardea cinerea e della nitticora Nycticorax nycticorax Gli allevamenti ittici della bassa modenese come nicchia tropica di airone cenerino Ardea cinerea e della nitticora Nycticorax nycticorax

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Fish farms Splendid bird locations in Eastern Europe Fiskodlingar Fina fagellokaler i ostra Europa

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Fish fauna associated to an off-shore aquaculture system in the Gulf of Castellammare NW Sicily Fauna ittica associata ad un impianto di acquacoltura off-shore nel Golfo di Castellammare Sicilia NO

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Fish fauna associated to aquatic macrophytes Eichhornia azurea SW Kunth and Eichhornia crassipes Mart Solms at Camaleao Lake, central Amazonia, Brazil Ictiofauna associada as macrofitas aquaticas Eichhornia azurea SW Kunth e Eichhornia crassipes Mart Solms no lago Camaleao, Amazonia Central, Brasil

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Fish fauna census in the ponds of Cape Peloro NE of Sicily Censimento della fauna ittica nei Pantani di Capo Peloro Sicilia nord-orrientale

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Fish fauna in the river Sari-Su basin

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Fish fauna in the upper courses of Selenga and Amur rivers in Mongolia

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Fish fauna of Dzhezkazgansk water-reservoir and its rehabilitation

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Fish fauna of a Posidonia oceanica seagrass bed in the marine reserve of Tavolara-Capo Coda Cavallo NE Sardinia Ittiofauna di una prateria a Posidonia oceanica nella riserva marina di Tavolara-Capo Coda Cavallo Sardegna nord-orientale

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Fish fauna of chemoautotrophic marine communities Ichtyofaunes des communautes chimiosynthetiques marines

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Fish fauna of streams discharging to Antalya Bay Antalya Korfezine dokulen akarsularin balik faunasi

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Fish fauna of the Dragonja River Ribe reke Dragonje

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Fish fauna of the Kamish-Samar and Kushum lakes

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Fish fauna of the Matra mountains A Matra es kornyeke halfaunaja

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Fish fauna of the Menilitic Formation Middle Oligocene from the new locality Rysova Hora Roznov pod Radhostem Rybi fauna menilitoveho souvrstvi Stredni Oligocen na nove lokalite Rysova hora Roznov pod Radhostem

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Fish fauna of the Morichal Largo River, Orinoco Basin, eastern llanos of Venezuela Los peces del rio Morichal Largo, estados Monagas y Anzoategui, Cuenca del rio Orinoco, Venezuela

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Fish fauna of the floodplain forest Kanci obora Southern Moravia Ichtyofauna luzniho lesa Kanci obora

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Fish fauna of the lower course of the Jequitinhonha River BA/MG Brazil Ictiofauna do curso inferior do rio Jequitinhonha BA/MG Brasil

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Fish fauna of the river Neman basin Izv

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Fish fauna of the rivers Ters Assi and Talas

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Fish fauna of western Dvina basin in Belorussia

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Fish faunal composition of the mangrove area of the Guaratuba Bay, Parana, Brazil Composicao ictiofaunistica da area de manguezal da Baia de Guaratuba, Parana, Brasil

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Fish faunistic zonation of the River Spree Fischzoenotische Gliederung der Spree

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Fish feeding Part 7 mouth form, body form and teeth Fisch-Ernaehrung Folge 7 Maulausbildung, Koerperform und Zaehne

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Fish food Wax moths and their larvae Futter fur die Fische Wachsmotten und deren Larven

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Fish founded in the macroalgae prairies of Bustamante Bay, Chubut, Argentina Peces hallados en las praderas de macroalgas de la Bahia Bustamante, Chubut, Argentina

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Fish from Corsica 2 The fascinating ichthyofauna of Tavignanu Fische aus Korsika 2 Die faszinierende Ichthyofauna des Tavignanu

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Fish from central Devonian areas

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Fish from inland waters of Madagascar Poissons des eaux interieures de Madagascar

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Fish from lakes in the flood zone of Toktogul reservoir

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Fish from sensitive ecosystems as bioindicators of global climate changes comparison of the Arctic and high mountain areas Fische aus sensiblen Okosystemen als Bioindikatoren von globalen Klimaveranderungen Vergleich Arktis und Hochgebirge

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Fish from the Pliocene deposits of Georgia SSR

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Fish from the streams of the Atlantic forest Peixes de Riachos da Mata Atlantica

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Fish growth in the Czech Republic Rust ryb v Ceske Republice

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Fish habitat at the confluence of Orinoco and Caroni rivers Fischbiotope am Zusammenfluss von Rio Orinoco und Rio Caroni

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Fish habitat degradation necessitating conservation

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Fish illnesses Part 8 white blotches again lymphocystis Fishkrankheiten Folge 8 wieder weisse Knoetchen Lymphocystis

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Fish illnesses equilibrium problems of angelfishes Fischkrankheiten Gleichgewichtsstoerungen bei Skalaren

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Fish immune system Sistema inmune en peces

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Fish in a social aquarium Fische im Gesellschaftsaquarium

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Fish in alpine high mountain lakes ecotoxicological and ecophysiological aspects Fische in alpinen Hochgebirgsseen okotoxikologische und okophysiologische Aspekte

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Fish in shallow areas in Moreton Bay, Queensland and factors affecting their distribution

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Fish in the diet of dippers Cinclus cinclus Fische in der Nahrung von Wasseramseln Cinclus cinclus

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Fish in the work of Dr AT de Rochebrune 1833-1912 Les poissons dans loeuvre du Dr AT Rochebrune 1833-1912

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Fish in the wrong water The ecological consequences of fish introduction Fisk i fel vatten Ekologiska konsekvenser av utsattningar av fisk

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Fish inventory in the dammed reservoir of Pareloup Aveyron, France during draining in June 1993 Testing of a new system for acquisition and processing of echosound signals Inventaire piscicole de la retenue hydroelectrique de Pareloup Aveyron lors de la vidange de juin 1993 Essai dun nouveau systeme dacquisition et de traitement des signaux dun echosondeur

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Fish inventory of the Caura River Basin, Bolivar State, Venezuela Inventario de los peces de la Cuenca del Rio Caura, Estado Bolivar, Venezuela

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Fish isopods Fischasseln

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Fish kill matrinxa, Brycon cephalus, and pacu, Piaractus mesopotamicus associated to cyanobacteria in a sports fishing facility in Descalvado, State of Sao Paulo Mortandade de peixes matrinxa, Brycon cephalus, e pacu Piaractus mesopotamicus associada a uma floracao de cianobacterias em pesque-paque, municipio de Descalvado, Estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil

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Fish ladders in Thuringia - current situation and problems Fischaufstiegsanlagen in Thuringen - aktuelle Situation und Probleme

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Fish ladders Vistrappen

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Fish larvae collected during two El Nino events off the west coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico, 1958-1959 and 1983-1984 Larvas de peces recolectadas durante dos eventos El Nino en la costa occidental de Baja California Sur, Mexico, 1958-1959 y 1983-1984

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Fish losses due to their turbine passage in the Lipno reservoir Ztraty ryb prochazejicich turbinou udolni nadrze Lipno

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Fish map of the Umbria region upgrade and data management Carta ittica della regione Umbria aggiornamento e gestione dei dati

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Fish marking with the radioactive isotopes of phosphorus and calcium

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Fish mortality in the San Miguel stream Partido de Pila, Provincia de Buenos Aires Mortandad de peces en el arroyo San Miguel Partido de Pila, Provincia de Buenos Aires

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Fish movement in relation to freshwater flow and quality

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Fish mycobacteriosis Micobactiose em peixes

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Fish need more than clean water Vissen hebben meer nodig dan proper water

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Fish of Bulgaria

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Fish of Cachoeira Part 1 Unusual and interesting cypriniforms from river Xingu Sardinhas da Cachoeira Teil 1 Ungewoehnliche und interessante Salmler aus dem des Rio Xingu

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Fish of El Bagual Reserve Peces de la Reserva El Bagual

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Fish of French Guiana Ecological guide to the Approuague River and the Nouragues Sanctuary Poissons de Guyane Guide ecologique de l Approuague et de la reserve des Nouragues

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Fish of Lake Myvatn

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Fish of Northern Tadzhikistan and their economic importance

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Fish of genus Xiphophorus in biological research Part 1 A review Ryby rodu Xiphophorus v biologickem vyzkumu Cast 1 Prehled

Rajchard, J., 1996:
Fish of genus Xiphophorus in biological research Part 2 A review Ryby rodu Xiphophorus v biologickem vyzkumu Cast 2 Prehled

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Fish of small streams Peixes de riachos

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Fish of the Andes of Colombia Field guide Peces de los Andes de Colombia guia de campo

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Fish of the Balearic Islands Peixos de les Illes Balears

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Fish of the Caspian Sea as definitive and intermediate hosts of trematodes

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Fish of the Exclusive Economic Zone of south-east-southern Brazil Peixes da Zona Economica Exclusiva da Regiao Sudeste-Sul do Brasil

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Fish of the Lower Paleogene of Silveirinha Portugal Poissons du Paleogene inferieur de Silveirinha Portugal

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Fish of the Meta, Bita and Orinoco rivers confluence of Puerto Carreno, Vichada, Colombia Peces del area de confluencia de los rios Meta, Bita y Orinoco en Puerto Carreno, Vichada, Colombia

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Fish of the National Biological Inventory Los peces del Inventario Biologico Nacional

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Fish of the Patia river basin, Pacific slope of Colombia Peces de la cuenca del rio Patia, vertiente del Pacifico colombiano

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Fish of the Red Sea Fische des Roten Meeres

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Fish of the Upper Jurua River Amazonas, Brazil Peixes do Alto Rio Jurua Amazonas, Brasil

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Fish of the genus Rachovia

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Fish of the large lakes of Nicaragua Peces de los grandes lagos de Nicaragua

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