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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38254

Chapter 38254 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kwet, Axel., 2005:
Fishing viperine snakes Fischende Vipernattern

Cowx, IG., 1990:
Fishing with electricity - what does the future hold?

Cowx, IG.; Lamarque, P., 1990:
Fishing with electricity Applications in freshwater fisheries management

Santos, M. do Carmo Ferrao.; Ivo, C.T.ssito Correia., 2000:
Fishing, biology and population dynamics of the seabob shrimp, Xiphopenaeus kroyeri Heller, 1862 Crustacea Decapoda Penaeidae, caught off Caravelas municipality Bahia - Brazil Pesca, biologia e dinamica populacional do camarao sete-barbas, Xiphopenaeus kroyeri Heller, 1862 Crustacea Decapoda Penaeidae, capturado em frente ao municipio de Caravelas Bahia - Brasil

Potoschi, A., 1998:
Fishing, resources and some biological aspects of Coryphaena hippurus in the southern Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas La pesca, la consistenza della risorsa ed alcuni aspetti della biologia di Coryphaena hippurus nei Mari del Tirreno meridionale e dello Ionio

Balguerias, Eduardo., 2002:
Fishing La pesca

Szulkowska-Wojaczek, Elzbieta., 2005:
Fishing Rybactwo

Ferri, Mauro., 1999:
Fishways in Italy still a controverse theme I passaggi per i pesci in Italia, un tema ancora difficile

Rathgeber, Thomas., 1997:
Fissure deposits with fossils in the Muschelkalk karst areas of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany Fossilfuhrende Spaltenfullungen im Muschelkalk-Karst von Baden-Wurttemberg, Deutschland

Hinguant, S.; Moulle, P.-Elie.; Arellano, A., 2006:
Fist signs of a Middle Pleistocene fauna in the Erve Valley Mayenne, France Premiers indices de la presence dune faune du Pleistocene Moyen dans la Vallee de lerve Mayenne, France

McKenzie, JA.; Batterham, P.; Baker, L., 1990:
Fitness and asymmetry modification as an evolutionary process A study in the Australian sheep blowfly, Lucilia cuprina and Drosophila melanogaster

Konno, R.H.; Omoto, C., 2006:
Fitness cost associated with carbosulfan resistance in Aphis gossypii Glover Hemiptera Aphididae Custo adaptativo associado a resistencia de Aphis gossypii Glover Hemiptera Aphididae ao inseticida carbosulfam

Serrano Fernandez, Pablo., 1998:
Fitness in Osmia rufa males Exito reproductor en machos de Osmia rufa

Luque, M.E.isa.; Martinez de Fabricius, A.L., 2005:
Fitoplankton temporal distribution in Piedra Blanca River Cordoba, Argentina Algas fitoplanctonicas del rio Piedra Blanca Cordoba, Argentina y su relacion con los factores ambientales

Cobb, N.A., 1924:
Five Nematode Notes

Ensaf, A.; Garrouste, R.E.; Betsch, J.; Nel, A., 2003:
Five Termites new for French Guyana Isoptera, Rhinotermitidae and Termitidae Cinq termites nouveaux pour la Guyane francaise Isoptera, Rhinotermitidae et Termitidae

Vorst, O.; Cuppen, J.G., 1996:
Five beetles new to the Dutch fauna from the Naardermeer Coleoptera Ptiliidae, Staphylinidae, Nitidulidae Vijf kevers nieuw voor de Nederlandse fauna uit het Naardermeer Coleoptera Ptiliidae, Staphylinidae, Nitidulidae

Wunderlich, Jorg., 1994:
Five gynandromorphic spiders from Europe Arachnida Araneae Linyphiidae Funf gynandromorphe Baldachin-Spinnen aus Europa Arachnida Araneae Linyphiidae

Verbelen, D.;, G., 2003:
Five lanceolated warblers in Belgium in 1988-2000 and occurrence in Europe Vijf Kleine Sprinkhaanzangers in Belgie in 1988-2000 en voorkomen in Europa

Herbulot, C., 1997:
Five new African Larentiinae Lepidoptera Geometridae Cinq nouveaux Larentiinae africains Lepidoptera Geometridae

Vienna, P.; Kanaar, P., 1996:
Five new African Saprinini Insecta, Coleoptera, Histeridae Cinque nuovi Saprinini Africani Insecta, Coleoptera, Histeridae

Gomy, Y.; Vienna, P., 1997:
Five new Afrotropical Dahlgrenius Penati Vienna Insecta, Coleoptera, Histeridae Cinque nuovi Dahlgrenius Penati Vienna Afrotropicali Insecta, Coleoptera, Histeridae

Herbulot, Claude., 1999:
Five new Cleora Lepidoptera Geometridae Cinq nouveaux Cleora Lepidoptera Geometridae

Mateu, J.; Moret, P., 2001:
Five new Paratrechus species from Ecuador Coleoptera, Carabidae, Trechini Cinq nouveaux Paratrechus de lEquateur Coleoptera, Carabidae, Trechini

Segers, R., 1987:
Five new Staphylinidae Coleoptera of the Belgian fauna

Magrini, P.; Sciaky, R., 2006:
Five new Trechus species from Etiopia - Coleoptera, Carabidae Cinque nuove specie di Trechus dellEtiopia Coleoptera, Carabidae

Magrini, Paolo., 2003:
Five new Typhloreicheia species from Sardinia Coleoptera Carabidae Cinque nuove specie di Typhloreicheia della Sardegna Coleoptera Carabidae

Rezwani, A., 1990:
Five new aphids Homoptera Aphididae for Iranian fauna

Fain, A.; Lukoschus, FS., 1979:
Five new fur-mites Acari from Allactaga sibirica Forster, 1778 Results of the Mongolian-German Biological Expeditions since 1962, no 81

Gaudant, Jean., 1997:
Five new occurrences of pelobatids Amphibia, Anura in the Oligocene of central Europe Cinq nouveaux gisements de Pelobatidae Amphibiens, Anoures dans lOligocene dEurope centrale

Gil-Martin, J.; Subias, LS., 1997:
Five new oribatid mite species Acari, Oribatida from burned pine forests in the Sierra de Gredos Avila, Spain Cinco nuevas especies de acaros oribatidos Acari, Oribatida de pinares incendiados de la Sierra de Gredos Avila, Espana

Sumodan, PK.; Narendran, TC., 1990:
Five new species of Apanteles Forster Hymenoptera Braconidae from Kerala, India

Bordat, Patrice., 1998:
Five new species of Aphodius from the African tropical region Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea Cinq nouvelles especes dAphodius de la region afrotropicale Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea

Keith, Denis., 1999:
Five new species of Brachyllus Brenske, with remarks on B ulcerous Brenske and B cechovskyi Sabatinelli Pontuale Coleoptera Melolonthidae Cinq nouvelles especes du genre Brachyllus Brenske et remarques sur B ulcerosus Brenske et B cechovskyi Sabatinelli et Pontuale Coleoptera Melolonthidae

Bravo, Freddy., 2003:
Five new species of Caenobrunettia Diptera Psychodidae, Psychodinae from Brazil Cinco especies novas de Caenobrunettia Diptera Psychodidae, Psychodinae do Brasil

Bai, X.-li.; Gu, Y.-ming., 1993:
Five new species of Haemolaelaps and Cosmolaelaps from China Acari Laelapidae Five new species of Haemolaelaps and Cosmolaelaps from China Acari Laelapidae

Johnston, H.G., 1935:
Five new species of Miridae Hemiptera

Brailovsky, H.; Marino, R.; Barrera, E., 2007:
Five new species of Pselliopus Hemiptera Heteroptera Reduviidae Harpactorinae from Mexico Cinco especies nuevas de Pselliopus Hemiptera Heteroptera Reduviidae Harpactorinae Harpactorini para Mexico

Brailovsky, H.; Barrera, E., 1996:
Five new species of Stenoscelidea Hemiptera Heteroptera Coreidae Acanthocephalini Cinco especies nuevas del genero Stenoscelidea Hemiptera Heteroptera Coreidae Acanthocephalini

Grygier, MJ., 1990:
Five new species of bathyal Atlantic Ascothoracida Crustacea Maxillopoda from the equator to 50N latitude

Eroshenko, A.S., 1971:
Five new species of nematodes from thegenus Aphelenchoides Fischer, 1894 Nematoda Aphelenchoididae

Zhang, X.; Yang, C-k., 1990:
Five new species of sciarids Diptera Sciaridae from Nei Mongol and a genus new to China

Trucco Aleman, M.; Fernanda., 1999:
Five new species of the bee genus Brachyglossula Hedicke Hymenoptera, Colletidae Cinco nuevas especies del genero de abejas Brachyglossula Hedicke Hymenoptera, Colletidae

Dolin, V.G.; Cate, P.C., 1998:
Five new species of the genus Hypnoidus Dillwyn, 1829 Coleoptera, Elateridae from Central Asia Funf neue Arten der Gattung Hypnoidus Dillwyn, 1829 Coleoptera, Elateridae aus Zentralasien

Fazekas, I., 2003:
Five new species, distribution records of plume moths from Mongolia, Russia, Turkey, Balkans and the Africa Microlepidoptera Pterophoridae Federmotten aus der Mongolei, Russland, der Tuerkei, der Balkanhalbinsel und Afrika, mit Beschreibung neuer Arten Microlepidoptera Pterophoridae

Lamas, Gerardo., 1998:
Five new swallowtails from Peru Lepidoptera Papilionidae Cinco papilionidos nuevos del Peru Lepidoptera Papilionidae

Levesque, A.; Duzont, F.; Ramsahai, A., 2005:
Five newly discovered breeding species in Guadeloupe French West Indies Cinq especes doiseaux nicheurs recemment decouvertes en Guadeloupe Antilles Francaises

Saavedra, D.; Sargatal, J., 1996:
Five otters have been released in the Catalan marshes at Aiguamolls Cinco nutrias han sido liberadas en las marismas catalanas de los Aiguamolls

Gontarenko, AV., 2003:
Five species of Aphodius Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Aphodiinae new for Moldova Fuenf neu fuer Moldova Aphodius-Arten Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Aphodiinae

Hecq, J., 1997:
Five species of Bebearia with Euphaedra-like females Lepidoptera Nymphalidae africains A propos de cinq especes de Bebearia a femelles euphaedriformes Lepidoptera Nymphalidae africains

Yurpalova, N.M.; Spasskii, A.A., 1971:
Five species of Echinocotyle Cestoda Hymenolepididae from Charadriiformes of Chukotka

Mihailova, P., 1965:
Five species of Lumbricidae Oligochaeta new to the fauna of Bulgaria

Brusseaux, G.; Nel, J., 2002 :
Five species of Microlepidoptera new for Corsica Lep, Gracillariidae, Depressariidae, Coleophoridae, Gelechiidae Cinq especes de microlepidopteres nouvelles pour la Corse Lep, Gracillariidae, Depressariidae, Coleophoridae, Gelechiidae

Ericson, Bertil., 2003:
Five species of beetles Coleoptera new to Sweden from Malmo and its immediate surroundings Fem for Sverige nya skalbaggar fran Malmos narnatur Coleoptera

Ulrich, Rainer., 2001:
Five species of butterfly in Saarland, endangered in Europe Fuenf europaweit gefaehrdete Tagfalter des Saarlandes

Bartsch, H.; Hellqvist, S.; Lundberg, S., 2005:
Five species of hoverflies new for Sweden Diptera Syrphidae, of which two have been identified from Norrland Fem for Sverige nya blomflugor Diptera Syrphidae, varav tva forst identifierade fran Norrland

Penttinen, J.; Siitonen, J., 2005:
Five species of log midges Diptera, Cecidomyiidae Porricondylinae new to Finland Viisi Suomelle uutta liekosaaskilajia Diptera, Cecidomyiidae Porricondylinae

Kameda, M., 1990:
Five species of moths newly found from Hokkaido

Anonymous., 1990:
Five species proposed during August 1990 for listing protection

Schwer, Peter., 1999:
Five spotted cichlids Hemichromis fasciatus Peters, 1857 and Hemichromis elongatus Guichenot, 1857 Funffleckbuntbarsche Hemichromis fasciatus Peters, 1857 und Hemichromis elongatus Guichenot, 1859

Verhulst, J., 2006:
Five trips to the north west of North America 1/5 Cinq voyages dans le Nord-Ouest de lAmerique du Nord 1/5

Verhulst, J., 2006:
Five trips to the north west of North America 2/5 Cinq voyages dans le Nord-Ouest de lAmerique du Nord 2/5

Lippok, Ewald., 1998:
Five year observations on the open fields near Gappenach/Maifeld Funfjahrige Beobachtungsreihe in der Feldflur bei Gappenach/Maifeld

Bertoni, Roberto., 2004:
Five year programme 1998-2002 Programme 2002 and five year report 1998-2002 Programma quinquennale 1998-2002 Campagna 2002 e rapporto quinquennale 1998-2002

Bertoni, R. .; Commissione Internazionale per la protezione delle acque itali-svizzere., 2001:
Five year programme 1998-2002 Programma quinquenale 1998-2002

Commissione Internazionale per la protezione delle acque italo-svizzere., 2001:
Five year programme 1998-2002 Programma quinquennale 1998-2002

Pfennig, Heinz Gerhard., 2001:
Five years observations of a black stork breeding colony in west Sauerland Fuenfjaehrige Beobachtungen in einem westsauerlaendischen Schwarzstorch-Brutrevier

Gierach, Klaus-Dieter., 2003:
Five years of Montagus harrier in north west Lower Lusatia Fuenf Jahre Wiesenweihen-Schutz in der nordwestlichen Niederlausitz

Reinschmidt, M.; Becker, C., 1996:
Five years of a conservation breeding programme for Amazona tucumana Funf Jahre Erhaltungszuchtprogramm fur die Tucuman-Amazone

Venne, C., 2004:
Five years of an aculeate nest wall in the garden of Senne Biological Station in Hoevelhof-Riege Biological Station North Rhine-Westphalia Fuenf Jahre Stechimmen-Nistwand im Garten der Biologischen Station Senne in Hoevelhof-Riege Nordrhein-Westfalen

Waeterschoot, H., 1990:
Five years of bat management in the Oelegem Fort

Reinschmidt, M.; Becker, C., 1996:
Five years of conservation breeding programme for Amazona tucumana Funf Jahre Erhaltungszuchtprogramm fur die Tucuman-Amazone

Hauser, E.; Essl, F.; Lichtenberger, F., 2000:
Five years of investigations on the meadow fauna in the Staninger Leiten Upper Austria, Lower Enns valley project overview and botanical and lepidopterological results Funf Jahre Begleituntersuchungen zur Wiesenpflege im Naturschutzgebiet Staninger Leiten Oberosterreich, Unteres Ennstal Projektsubersicht und Ergebnisse aus Botanik und Lepidopterologie

van Swaay, C.; Plate, C.; Maes, D., 1996:
Five years of monitoring butterflies in The Netherlands and Flanders Vijf jaar dagvlindermonitoring in Nederland en Vlaanderen

Donath, H., 2002:
Five years of point counts in the nature park Fuenf Jahre Punkt-Stopp-Zaehlungen im Naturpark

Berezkina, L.F., 1955:
Five years old vegetative hybrid of Axolotl and its progeny

Rodriguez, N.; Sales, S.; Jovani, R.; Llimona, F., 2000:
Five years results with Constant Effort Site CES ringing methodology in Can Balasc Barcelona Aplicacio de la metodologia CES Constant Effort Site a Can Balasc Parc de Collserola Resultats dels 5 primers anys 1994-98

Nauman, Heide., 2005:
Fivefold breeding outcome of the palm cockatoo Fuenffache Nachzucht bei den Palmkakadus

Anon., 1933:
Fixation and staining of various Protozoa in Japanese

Cebotarev, R.S., 1970:
Fixation of cestodes in vertebrate intestine

Mamul, M.V.; Orlova, L.V., 1955:
Fixation of frozen tissues in vacuum

Benavides, A.M.ria.; Resende, D.C.aves.; Mendel, S.M.scow., 2002:
Fixation orientation of sponges Spongilla sp Spongillidae, Porifera related to flow direction of river Solimoes, Marchantaria island, central Amazonia Orientacao de fixacao das esponjas Spongilla sp Spongillidae, Porifera relacionada a direcao do fluxodo Rio Solimoes na Ilha da Marchantaria, Amazonia Central

Cabrera C., A.; Suris C., M.ima; Guerra B., W.; Nico P.,, 2005:
Fixed precision level sequential sampling for Thrips palmi Thysanoptera Thripidae on potato Muestro secuencial con niveles fijos de precision para Thrips palmi Thysanoptera Thripidae en papa

Svensson, Soren., 2001:
Fixed standard routes and free stop routes - the basis for bird surveys in Sweden Fasta standardrutter och fria punktrutter - basen i den svenska fagelovervakningen

Gilot, B.; Beaucournu, JC.; Chastel, C., 1997:
Fixing on man of Ixodes Trichotoixodes frontalis Panzer, 1795 collected with the flagging method Collecte au drapeau et fixation sur lhomme dIxodes Trichotoixodes frontalis Panzer, 1795

Serebryakov, EP.; Yurchenko, SN.; Podsekaeva, GV., 1990:
Fiziologicheskie mekhanizmy adaptatsii pustynnykh gryzunov k usloviyam zhizniv aridonoi pustyne

Ponomareva, TA., 1990:
Fiziologiya gemostaza u zimospyashchikh mlekopitayushchikh sravmitelmo-fiziologicheskii aspekt

Matecki, J., 1953:
Flabellamminopsis New genus of agglutinated foraminifera from the Dogger in the vicinity of Cjestochova

Fernandez, Hugo R., 1998:
Flabellifrontipoda parva Cook Oxidae, Parasitengona, Acari Description of a female Flabellifrontipoda parva Cook Oxidae, Parasitengona, Acari, descripcion de la hembra

Helm, C.; Droege, M., 2000:
Flabellum vaticani Ponzi - first record for Twistringen Flabellum vaticani Ponzi - Erstnachweis aus Twistringen

Maas, Frans., 2004:
Flag cichlids of the genus Mesonauta Vlagcichliden van het geslacht Mesonauta

Preibisoh, J., 1962:
Flagellatae in the form of Leptomonas in the blood of dogs

Men, B.G.; Zbel, Y., 2001:
Flagellated Mastigophora and Holotrichous cilliated Ciliophora Protozoa inhabiting the Rumen Iskembede yasayan kamcili Mastigophora ve holotris siliyat Ciliophora protozoonlar

Johansen, H.E., 1911:
Flamingo auf einem Irrfluge durch Sibirien

Griesohn-Pflieger, Thomas., 1995:
Flamingoes breed in Germany Flamingos buten in Deutschland

Aragoneses Garcia, J.; Echevarrias Escuder,, 1998:
Flamingos breed again in the wetlands of southern Alicante El flamenco vuelve a criar en los humedales del sur de Alicante

Alvarenga, HMF., 1990:
Flamingos fosseis da Bacia de Taubate, Estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil descricao de nova especie

Mironov., 1910:
Flamingos in Sibirien

Kopylov, P., 1908:
Flamingos in den Gouv Jenisseisk und Tomsk

Anonymous., 1977:
Flamingos Lake Nakuru no longer threatened by poison factory

Anonymous., 1997:
Flanders News on our raptor projects Vlaanderen Nieuws over onze roofvogelprojekten

Volf, Jiri., 1998:
Flat skin of the white tiger in the State Castle of Horsovsky Tyn Kozka bileho tygra ve Stanim zamku Horlovsky Tyn

Yurpalova, NM.; Spasskii, AA., 1971:
Flat worms in gulls and wild duck of the Anadyr Depression

Anderson, Jane., 1997:
Flatbugs and barkbugs Insecta, Heteroptera, Aradoidea as indicators of ancient forest in Denmark? Barktaeger Insecta, Heteroptera, Aradoidea som gammelskovsindikatorer i Danmark?

Palsson, J.; Kristinsson, K., 2005:
Flatfishes in Nephrops trawl surveys in Icelandic waters 1995- 2003 Flatfiskar i humarleioangri 1995-2003

Saavedra-Diaz, L.M.ria.; Acero P., A.; Navas S., G.R., 2000:
Flatfishes of the family Paralichthyidae Pisces Pleuronectiformes from de Colombian Caribbean Lenguados de la familia Paralichthyidae Pisces Pleuronectiformes conocidos del Caribe colombiano

Kostelecky, J.; Novak, J., 1998:
Flatworms Dugesia dorotocephala as indicators of water quality 2 Plostenky Dugesia dorotocephala jako indikatory kvality vody 2

Burghardt, F.; Fiedler, K.; Proksch, P., 1997:
Flavonoid uptake by the common blue butterfly, Polyommatus icarus the influence of food plant, size and sex Flavonoidaufnahme im Blauling Polyommatus icarus der Einfluss von Nahrungspflanze, Grosse und Geschlecht

Biondi, Maurizio., 1995:
Flea beetle fauna from Canary Islands Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Alticinae Gli Alticini delle Isole Canarie Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae

Hiesaar, K.; Metspalu, L.; Jogar, K.; Laaniste, P.; Danilova, T., 2004:
Flea beetles Chrysomelidae on summer rape mascot in Estonia Hupikpoilased Chrysomelidae suvirapsil mascot

Richner, Heinz., 1996:
Flea circus in bird nests host-parasite interactions at breeding Flohzirkus im Vogelnest Wirt-Parasiten-Interaktionen in der Brutzeit

Nazarova, IV.; Sadekova, LKa., 1975:
Flea fauna and dynamics of infection in the little souslik on the north and south borders of its territory

Shumilo, RP.; Lunkashu, MI., 1974:
Fleas Aphaniptera from terrestrial birds of Moldavia and the Chernovitsk Province

Soledad Gomez, M.; Blasco-Zumeta, J., 2001:
Fleas Insecta Siphonaptera collected in Los Monegros Zaragoza Pulgas Insecta Siphonaptera colectadas en Los Monegros Zaragoza

Alarcon, M.E., 2003:
Fleas Insecta Siphonaptera on three species on rodent at Concepcion, VIII region-Chile Sifonapterofauna de tres especies de roedores de Concepcion, VIII region-Chile

Hellon, B.; Rauhut, W., 1967:
Fleas Siphonaptera collected in the nests of Microtus arvalis Pallas in the area around Poznan and Pleszew Poznan administrative district

Cyprich, D.; Stiavnicka, L'ubomira, 2003:
Fleas Siphonaptera from the mammal Mammalia nests from the remnants of prof Milan Mrciak - the High Tatras and Belianske Tatras Blchy Siphonaptera z hniezd cicavcov Mammalia z pozostalosti prof Milana Mrciaka - Vysoke a Belianske Tatry

Nemec, Frantisek., 2001:
Fleas Siphonaptera from the nests of some species of birds in western Bohemia Blechy Siphonaptera z hnizd nekterych ptacich druhu ze zapadnich Cech

Krumpal, M.; Cyprich, D., 1995:
Fleas Siphonaptera in birds nests - Delichon urbica L 1758 and Hirundo rustica L 1758 in Slovaskia Blchy Siphonaptera v hniezdach vtakov - Delichon urbica L 1758 a Hirundo rustica L 1758 na Slovensku

Blaski, Marian., 1998:
Fleas Siphonaptera in the bird nests of the urbanized areas Pchly Siphonaptera gniazd ptakow z terenow zurbanizowanych

Violovich, N.A., 1977:
Fleas Siphonaptera of Siberia and the Far East

Cyprich, D.; Krumpal, M., 2006:
Fleas Siphonaptera of birds bound to water Blchy Siphonaptera vtakov viazanych va vodu

Stanko, Michal., 1997:
Fleas Siphonaptera of small mammals Insectivora, Rodentia in the south part of the Kosicka Kotlina basin Blchy Siphonaptera drobnych cicavcov Insectivora, Rodentia juznej casti Kosickej Kotliny

Bartkowska, Klara., 1997:
Fleas Siphonaptera of small mammals at Promno near Poznan Pchly Siphonaptera drobnych ssakow Promna pod Poznaniem

Preisler, Jiri., 1999:
Fleas Siphonaptera of small mammals in Jizerske hory Mts Blechy Siphonaptera drobnych savcu Jizerskych hor

Bartkowska, Klara., 1998:
Fleas Siphonaptera of small mammals of the Wielkopolska National Park Pchly Siphonaptera drobnych ssakow Wielkopolskiego Parku Narodowego

Preisler, Jiri., 2001:
Fleas Siphonaptera of wild carnivores in the regions of Liberec and Usti nad Labem Blechy Siphonaptera volne zijicich masozravcu Libereckeho a Usteckeho kraje

Nazarova, IV.; Sadekova, LKl., 1973:
Fleas and the dynamics of their infection in Spermophilus pygmaeus in the northern and southern borders of its territory

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