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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38257

Chapter 38257 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dabkowska, E.; Chlubek, D.; Machoy-Mokrzynska, A.; Machoy, Z.; Ogonski, T.; Raczynski, J.; Gebczynska, Z., 1995:
Fluorine accumulation in the elk Alces alces mandibles vs individuals age Kumulacja fluoru w zuchwach losia europejskiego w zaleznosci od wieku osobniczego

Dabkowska, E.; Chlubek, D.; Machalinski, B.; Machoy, Z.; Mokrzynski, S., 1995:
Fluorine content in the elk Alces alces L teeth Zawartosc fluorkow w zebach losia europejskiego Alces alces L

d'Hondt, Jean-Loup., 2001:
Flustrina versus Neocheilostomina Bryozoa Biosystematical remarks on supraspecific levels Flustrina versus Neocheilostomina Bryozoaires Remarques sur la biosystematique aux niveaux supraspecifiques

de Lyra Neto, AMC.; Lira, M. de A. de Franca, JGE.; Maciel, GA. de Freitas, EV., 1990:
Flutuacao populacional de Diatraea spp Lepidoptera Pyralidae em sorgo de armadilha luminosa

Lorini, I.; Dezordi, J., 1990:
Flutuacao populacional de Thrips tabaci Lindeman, 1888 Thysanoptera, Thripidae na cultura da cebola

Lorini, I.; Junior, VM., 1990:
Flutuacao populacional de Thrips tabaci Lindeman, 1888 Thysanoptera, Thripidae na cultura do alho

Isla, F.I.nacio.; Dondas, A., 2001:
Fluvial facies from the Pleistocene of Mar del Plata, Argentina Facies fluviales del Pleistoceno de Mar del Plata, Argentina

Munoz, P.; Salamanca, M., 2001 :
Flux of particulate lead to marine sediments and its accumulation in Paraprionospio pinnata Polychaeta Spioniidae in Concepcion Bay 36 Lat S, Chile Flujo de plomo particulado a los sedimentos marinos y su incorporacion en Paraprionospio pinnata Polychaeta Spionidae en Bahia Concepcion 36 lat S, Chile

Borne, F.; Petiteau, L.; Geoffroy, B. de la Rocque, S.; Cuisance, D., 1999:
Fly picture measurement, a new software tool to study tsetse flies Fly picture measurement, un nouvel outil informatique pour letude des glossines

Groppali, R.; Viganotti, C., 2004:
Fly-away direction as anti-predatory defense in Oedipoda caerulescens and Oedipoda germanica Orthoptera, Acrididae Direzione di involo come difesa antipredatoria in Oedipoda caerulescens e Oedipoda germanica Orthoptera, Acrididae

Ulfstrand, Staffan., 2004:
Flycatchers - social tourists? Flugsnappare - sociala turister?

Richter, Andreas E., 2000:
Flying Sauria in Eichstaett Flugsaurier in Eichstaett

Rubenser, Herbert., 2005:
Flying again in our region, the eagle owl Bubo bubo, bird of the year 2005 Er fliegt wieder in unserem Land, der Uhu Bubo bubo, Vogel des Jahres 2005

Soderholm, Svante., 2001:
Flying bitterns Botaurus stellaris with unusual behaviour Flygande rordrommar Botaurus stellaris uppvisande ovanliga beteenden

Puschmann, Peter., 2006:
Flying dogs - general information on the care and breeding of the Egyptian fruit bat Rousettus aegyptiacus Fliegende Hunde - Allgemeine Hinweise zu Haltung und Nachzucht von Nilflughunden Rousettus aegyptiacus

Haft, Jan., 2005:
Flying dogs Fliegende Hunde

Martin, L., 1990 :
Flying foxes on the Brisbane River

Hadarics, Tibor., 2004:
Flying mallard Anas platyrhynchos captured by white-tailed eagle Haliaeetus albicilla Repulo tokes recet Anas platyrhynchos zsakmanyolo retisas Haliaeetus albicilla

Smogorzhevsky, L.A., 1970:
Flying of Hydroprogne tochegravaLepechim through the territory of Ukraine

Perez, Cristian HF., 1997:
Flying steamer-duck, Tachyeres patachonicus, King, 1830 in the basin of the Negro River Pato vapor volador, Tachyeres patachonicus King, 1830 en la cuenca del Rio Negro

Groger, M.; Ortner, H.; Haas, C., 1997:
Flysch trace fossil associations in the Upper Muttekopfgosau Upper Cretaceous north west of Imst Flysch-Spurenfossilassoziationen in der Hoheren Muttekopfgosau Oberkreide nordwestlich von Imst

Herrmann, Hans-Joachim., 2000:
Foam producers amongst frogs Schaumschlaeger unter den Froeschen

Schwarz, Friedrich., 2000:
Focal points of activities of the Naturkundliche Station/Department of Nature and Environmental Conservation of the Municipality of Linz/Austria in the year 1999 Taetigkeitsschwerpunkte der Naturkundlichen Station des Amtes fuer Natur- und Umweltschutz der Landeshauptstadt Linz 1999

Ivanova, P.S., 1959:
Foci of cattle anaplasmosis in Belorassia

Gadzhiev, AT.; Dubovchenko, TA., 1975:
Foci of mites on the Caspian islands

Khodakovskii, A.I., 1948:
Foci of the tick Ixodes persulcatus P Sch in the Taiga Zone of the European part of the USSR

Khodukin, N.I., 1943:
Foci of visceral leishmaniasis in Tashkent during the last 20 years, and the problem regarding the reservoir of this disease

Drozdz, J.; Bogdaszewska, Z., 1997:
Focus of Dermacentor reticulatus kept by red and fallow deer in cervids farm Kosewo, Poland Ognisko Dermacentor reticulatus podtrzymywane przez jelenie i daniele w hodowli fermowej Kosewo, Polska

de Juana, Eduardo., 1999:
Focus on Ruppells griffon Atencion al buitre moteado

George, Klaus., 2001:
Focus on magpies and crows Elster und Aaskraehe im Visier

Heldbjerg, Henning., 2002:
Focus on southern golden plover populations Fokus pa de sydlige hjejlebestande

Wille, Frank., 1993:
Focus on the Greenland white-tailed sea eagle Fokus pa den gronlandske havorn

Ceza, B.; Kessler, R.; Marti, K.; Rochat, N.; Tester, U., 2001:
Focus on the killers of lynx Illegal elimination of the lynx in Switzerland facts and indicators Zoom sur les liquidateurs de lynx Eliminations illegales de lynx en Suisse faits et indices

Gast, Florian., 2000:
Fodder and terrarium embellishment the Indian stick insect Futtertier und Terrarienschmuck zugleich die Indische Stabheuschrecke Carausius morosus

Reichholf, Josef H., 2004:
Fodder for the alpine river Nahrung fuer den Alpenfluss

Kivirikko, K.E.; Hilleri., 1907:
Foetovius putorius in Finland

Excoffon, Adriana C., 1996:
Foettingeria actiniarum Ciliophora Apostomatida in Actiniidae Cnidaria in Mar del Plata, Argentina Foettingeria actiniarum Ciliophora Apostomatida en actiniidos Cnidaria en Mar del Plata, Argentina

Stead, D.G., 1906:
Foetus of Pristiophorus cirratus

Ostbye, Thor., 1996:
Fokstumyra Nature Reserve - a presentation for ornithologists Fokstumyra - var mest klassiske fuglelokalitet

Solervicens, J.; Estrada, P., 1996:
Foliage Coleoptera from the Rio Clarillo National Reserve central Chile Coleopteros de follaje de la Reserva Nacional Rio Clarillo Chile central

Grutzmacher, A.D.; Nakano, O. da S.; Martins, J.F.; Loeck, A.E.; Grutzmacher, D.D., 1999:
Foliage consumption by Spodoptera frugiperda JE Smith Lepidoptera Noctuidae on irrigated rice cultivars Consumo foliar de cultivares de arroz irrigado por Spodoptera frugiperda JE Smith Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Pereyra, Patricia C., 1998:
Foliage consumption of soybean by the soybean looper Rachiplusia nu Lepidoptera Noctuidae Consumo foliar de soja por la oruga medidora Rachiplusia nu Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Bendicho-Lopez, A.; Morais, H.C.; Hay, J.D.; Diniz, I.R., 2006:
Folivore caterpillars on Roupala montana Aubl Proteaceae in Cerrado sensu stricto Lepidopteros folivoros ern Roupala montana Aubl Proteaceae no Cerrado sensu stricto

Anonymous., 1990:
Folklore and cryptozoology subject of joint conference

Reichert, Michael., 2003:
Follicle reformation in the green iguana Follikel-Rueckbildung beim Gruenen Leguan

Bulfon, M., 2004:
Follicular atresia in the ovary of the Magellanic penguin, Spheniscus magellanicus Forster, 1781 Aves Spheniscidae Atresia folicular en el ovario del Pinguino de Magallanes Spheniscus magellanicus Forster, 1781 Aves Spheniscidae

Sareen, ML.; Kaur, K., 1990:
Follicular epithelial cells of the bug, Halys parvus F Pentatomidae Hemiptera

Hammouche, S.; Gernigon-Spychalowicz, T., 1997:
Folliculogenesis in the lizard Uromastix acanthinurus Sauria, Agamidae La folliculogenese chez le lezard Uromastix acanthirunus Sauria, Agamidae

Lindell, Lars., 2004:
Follow the lesser white-fronted goose Folj fjallgassen

van Swaay, C.; Plate, C., 2005:
Follow the silver-studded blue Volg het heideblauwtje

Ben Khemis, I.; Divanach, P., 1997:
Follow through of grouper Epinephelus aeneus spawns in captivity and characteristics of the eggs and the newly hatched larvae Suivi de pontes de merou Epinephelus aeneus obtenues en captivite et caracteristiques des oeufs et des prelarves

Lekuona, Jesus M., 2000:
Follow up of the griffon vulture Gyps fulvus in Navarre Seguimiento del buitre leonado Gyps fulvus en Navarra

Grange, J.L.uis.; Hetier, A., 1996:
Follow up of the wintering population of red kite Milvus milvus in the neighbourhood of the Pyrenees Summary 1995/1996 Suivi de la population hivernante de milan royal Milvus milvus dans le piemont pyreneen Synthese 1995/1996

Bock, Hans Jurgen., 1995:
Follow up on Chiroxiphia caudata and Tangara chilensis Nachzucht von Blaubrustpipra und Siebenfarbentangaren

Anonymous., 2000:
Follow up to the disappointment Suite de la grande deception

Jortay, Alain., 2001:
Follow-up and signification of the breeding by a pair of black-winged stilts Himantopus himantopus in Hesbaye region near Liege Suivi et signification de la nidification dun couple dEchasses blanches Himantopus himantopus en Hesbaye liegeoise

Moes, Philippe., 2001:
Follow-up of a pied flycatchers Fidecula hypoleuca population and anti-predators installations in the domanial forest of Saint Michel Saint Hubert First results Suivi dune population de gobemouches noir Ficedula hypoleuca et amenagements anti-predateurs en foret domaniale de Saint-Michel Saint-Hubert premiers resultats

Frate, R.; Bovo, F.; Bertolini, L.; Franceschin, C.; Stradella, S., 1999:
Follow-up of potentially toxic dinoflagellate and of shellfish poisonings in areas lagoon of Venice and costal sea-waters Monitoraggio delle dinoflagellate potenzialmente tossiche e delle biotossine algali nelle aree lagunari e in alcune zone costiere della regione Veneto 1995

Bergquist, K., 1990:
Following in the tracks of the lynx

Lorenzo Fernandez, JM.; Prendes Ayala, C.; Lorenzo Bethencourt, CD., 2001:
Following of populational dynamic of Dysmicoccus grassii Leonardi in Musa acuminata Colla, subgroup cavendish cv petit naine Seguimiento de la dinamica poblacional de Dysmicoccus grassii Leonardi Homoptera Pseudococcidae en Musa acuminata Colla, subgrupo cavendish cv Pequena enana

Lorenzo Fernandez, JM.; Prendes Ayala, C.; Lorenzo Bethencourt, CD., 2002:
Following of populational dynamic of Tetranychus urticae Koch in Musa acuminata Colla Subgroup Cavendish Cv Petit naine Seguimiento de la dinamica poblacional de Tetranychus urticae Koch Acari Tetranychidae en Musa acuminata Colla Subgrupo Cavendish cv Pequena enana, al aire fibre

Peitz, C.; Scholz, F., 2006:
Following the tracks of Triassic reptiles - vertebrate trackways in the Muschelkalk of the Netherlands Trias-Sauriern auf der Spur Wirbeltierfaehrten im Muschelkalk der Niederlande

Schwabe, Enrico., 1996:
Following the tracks of Wolfgang Fischer Auf den Spuren Wolfgang Fischers

Bruekers, J., 2004:
Following the tracks of the American desert tortoise Gopherus agassizii Cooper 1863 In der sporen van de Amerikaanse woestijnschildpad Gopherus agassizii Cooper 1863

Affronte, M.; L.M.gro, L.; Meotti, C., 2001:
Fondazione Cetacea the educational programmes Fondazione Cetacea le attivita didattiche

Puthz, Volker., 1998:
Fondly remembered Speech in commemoration of Ernst Junger on occasion of the 41st German Coleopterists Meeting in Beutelsbach on 31st October 1998 Liebend erkennen Gedenkrede auf Ernst Junger anlasslich des 41 Deutschen Koleopterologentreffen in Beutelsbach am 31 Oktober 1998

Bruneau de Mire, Philippe., 1999:
Fontainebleau, refuge or fire forest? Reflections of an entomologist Fontainebleau, foret d asile ou d artifice? Reflexions d un entomologiste

Naberezhnyj, AI.; Toderash, IK.; Yalovitskaya, NI., 1976:
Food dietary requirements of the larvae of Chironomus plumosus L of Moldavia waters

Wolf, P.; Kamphues, J., 1994:
Food water intake of agapornids pure - basic data and influencing factors Die Futter- und Wasseraufnahme bei Agaporniden Unzertrennliche - Grunddaten und Einflussfaktoren

Candido Junior, Jose Flavio., 1996:
Food acceptance by Crax blumenbachii, C fasciolata and Penelope superciliaris Cracidae, in captivity Aceitacao de alimento por Crax blumenbachii, C fasciolata e Penelope superciliaris Cracidae em cativeiro

Skorupska, A., 2006:
Food acceptance of the two-spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae Koch on the selected mint species Akceptacja pokarmowa przedziorka chmielowca Tetranychus urticae Koch na wybrancych gatunkach miet

Moller, Steffen., 1997:
Food analysis in Lacerta agilis and Lacerta vivipara Nahrungsanalysen an Lacerta agilis und Lacerta vivipara

Hering, Daniel., 1995:
Food and competition for food of ground beetles and ants in a north-alpine floodplain Nahrung und Nahrungskonkurrenz von Laufkafern und Ameisen in einer nordalpinen Wildflussaue

Fadeev, V.A., 1966:
Food and daily activities ofLepus europaeus in Eastern Kazakhstan

von Aesch, L.; Cherix, D., 2001:
Food and exploratory recruitment by the ghost ant Tapinoma melanocephalum a constant strategy? Recrutement alimentaire et recrutement exploratoire chez la fourmi fantome Tapinoma melanocaphalum une seule et meme strategie?

Roberts, P., 1990:
Food and feeding behaviour of choughs on Bardsey Island, north Wales

Ghys, M.I.; Favero, M., 2004:
Food and feeding biology of the brown-hooded gull in agroecosystems of the southeastern Buenos Aires Province, Argentina Espectro trofico de la gaviota capucho cafe Larus maculipennis en agroecosistemas del sudeste de la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dutta, SPS.; Malhotra, YR., 1990:
Food and feeding ecology of four Puntius spp from Gadigarh Stream, Jammu

Jabde, PV., 1990:
Food and feeding habits in adult fish Chanda ranga Ham

Reinhardt, Klaus., 1997:
Food and feeding of Antarctic skua chicks Catharacta antarctica lonnbergi and C maccormicki Nahrung und Futterung der Kuken antarktischer Raubmowen Catharacta antarctica lonnbergi und C maccormicki

Poeckl, M., 1998:
Food and feeding of crayfish Nahrung und Ernaehrung der Flusskrebse

Wijeyaratne, MJS.; Costa, HH., 1990:
Food and feeding of two species of grey mullets Valamugil buchanani Bleeker and Liza vaigiensis Quoy and Gaimard inhabiting brackish water environments in Sri Lanka

Duka, LA., 1973:
Food and feeding relations of the larvae and young of fish in several ecological groups in the biocenosis of the Black Sea Part l Food and feeding relations of the larvae and young of fish in the families Atherinidae and Mugilidae, representatives of the plankton bottom dwelling complexes

Libois, Roland., 1996:
Food and feeding tactics of the European otter in France a synthesis Regime et tactique alimentaires de la loutre Lutra lutra en France synthese

Nel, JAJ.; Mackie, AJ., 1990:
Food and foraging behaviour of bat-eared foxes in the south-eastern Orange Free State

Pechacek, P.; Kristin, A., 1996:
Food and foraging ecology of the three-toed woodpecker Picoides tridactylus during the nestling period Zur Ernahrung und Nahrungsokologie des Dreizehenspechts Picoides tridactylus wahrend der Nestlingsperiode

Peglow, H-G., 2000:
Food and foraging Ornithological observations in Schleswig-Holstein No 49 The American sword mussel Ensis directus as prey of the herring gull Larus argentatus Nahrung und Nahrungsbeschaffung Vogelkundliche Beobachtungen in Schleswig-Holstein Nr 49 Die Amerikanische Schwertmuschel Ensis directus als Beute der Silbermowe Larus argentatus

Peglow, H-G., 2000:
Food and foraging Ornithological observations in Schleswig-Holstein No 50 Food search by overwintering sanderlings of the Baltic Sea Nahrung und Nahrungsbeschaffung Vogelkundliche Beobachtungen in Schleswig-Holstein Nr 50 Nahrungssuche uberwinternder Sanderlinge an der Ostsee

Peglow, H-G., 2000:
Food and foraging Ornithological observations in Schleswig-Holstein No 51 Flock formation of greenfinches Carduelis chloris in April Nahrung und Nahrungsbeschaffung Vogelkundliche Beobachtungen in Schleswig-Holstein Nr 51 Scharbildung von Grunlingen Carduelis chloris im April

Peglow, H-G., 2000:
Food and foraging Ornithological observations in Schleswig-Holstein No 52 Nectarivory of the bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula Nahrung und Nahrungsbeschaffung Vogelkundliche Beobachtungen in Schleswig-Holstein Nr 52 Ein Dompfaff Pyrrhula pyrrhula trinkt Nektar

Peglow, HG., 2002:
Food and foraging Ornithological observations in Schleswig-Holstein No 57 - the garden 2001 Nahrung und Nahrungsbeschaffung Vogelkundliche Beobachtungen in Schleswig-Holstein Nr 57 - Garten 2001

Peglow, HG., 2002:
Food and foraging Ornithological observations in Schleswig-Holstein No 58 - Canada geese Branta canadensis eating reeds Phragmites australis Nahrung und Nahrungsbeschaffung Vogelkundliche Beobachtungen in Schleswig-Holstein Nr 58 - Kanadagaense Branta canadensis fressen Schilfrhizome Phragmites australis

Peglow, HG., 2002:
Food and foraging Ornithological observations in Schleswig-Holstein No 59 Foraging of Bewicks swan Nahrung und Nahrungsbeschaffung Vogelkundliche Beobachtungen in Schleswig-Holstein Nr - 59 Zur Nahrungssuche des Zwergschwanes

Peglow, Hans-Georg., 1996:
Food and foraging Ornithological observations in Schleswig-Holstein Nahrung und Nahrungsbeschaffung Vogelkundliche Beobachtungen in Schleswig-Holstein

Peglow, Hans-Georg., 2007:
Food and foraging Schleswig-Holstein no 80 a year in the garden, 2005 Nahrung und Nahrungsbeschaffung Vogelkundliche Beobachtungen in Schleswig-Holstein Nr 80 ein Jahr im Garten, 2005

Peglow, HG., 2004:
Food and foraging avifaunistic observations in Schleswig-Holstein Nahrung und Nahrungsbeschaffung; Vogelkundliche Beobachtungen in Schleswig-Holstein

Stienen, E.W.; Brenninkmeijer, A., 1997:
Food and growth of short-eared owl Asio flammeus chicks Voedsel en groei van kuikens van de velduil Asio flammeus op Griend

Kasumov, A.G., 1956:
Food and growth rate in ponds of Vimba vimba natio carinata and Chalcalburnus chalcoides schischkovi

Pavlova, M.V., 1959:
Food and growth rate of Chalcalbumus chalcoides aralensis Berg in Katta-Kurgansk water reservoir

Prusaite, Y.A., 1961:
Food and reproduction of wolves in Lithuania

Sosa, M.; D.A.cencao, A.; Soriano, P.J., 1996:
Food and reproductive patterns of Rhogeessa minutilla Chiroptera Vespertilionidae in an arid zone of the Venezuelan Andes Dieta y patron reproductivo de Rhogeessa minutilla Chiroptera Vespertilionidae en una zona arida de Los Andes de Venezuela

Kayed, AN.; El-Ghazaly, NA.; Moursi, AA.; El-Attar, AF., 1990:
Food assimilation and assimilation efficiency of the isopod Leptotrichus panzeri

Kanmiya, K.; Iwasa, M., 1990:
Food attractancy for Acalyptrata-flies Insecta Diptera

Chines, A.; Giovannini, G.; Rossi, I., 1997:
Food availability and browsing intensity in evergreen coppices in the Parco Regionale della Maremma Offerta alimentare e intensita di brucatura in cedui di macchia mediterranea del Parco regionale della Maremma

Nowald, G.; Fleckstein, T., 2001:
Food availability and diet of common crane families Grus grus in northeast Germany during the rearing period Nahrungsangebot und Nahrung von Kranichfamilien Grus grus in Brutrevieren Nordostdeutschlands

Oppermann, Rainer., 1999:
Food availability and habitat requirements of the whinchat Saxicola rubetra Nahrungsokologische Grundlagen und Habitatanspruche des Braunkehlchens Saxicola rubetra

Kanid'ev, AN.; Zhuikova, LI., 1971:
Food availability as an indication of the accessibility of young autumn chum salmon in the river

Gaertner, Sigmund., 2005:
Food availability as an influence on the current population dynamics of the wild boar Sus scrofa L Das Nahrungsangebot als Ursache der aktuellen Populations- dynamik beim Schwarzwild Sus scrofa L

Mees, Klaus., 1999:
Food availability during stormy weather Zum Nahrungsangebot bei sturmischen Wetter

Clere, E.; Bretagnolle, V., 2001:
Food availability for birds in farmland habitats biomass and diversity of arthropods by pitfall trapping technique Disponibilite alimentaire pour les oiseaux en milieu agricole biomasse et diversite des arthropodes captures par la methode des pots-pieges

Caruso, M.; Romano, C.; Sara, G., 2000:
Food availability for suspension feeder molluscs in two shallow areas Disponibilita della materia organica particellata per i molluschi sospensivori in due aree a differnete idrodinamismo

Siegner, Juergen., 2002:
Food begging ravens Corvus corax in the Ammergau mountains Futterbettelnde Kolkraben Corvus corax in den Ammergauer Bergen

Gama Gomes, S.A.gelica; Lopes Marques, L.K.rla; Py-Daniel, V.; Suarez Mera, P.A.gusto, 2002:
Food characterization last instar larvae of Thyrsopelma guianense Wise, 1911 Diptera, Culicomorpha, Simuliidae, in two waterfalls in Brazilian Amazonia Caracterizacao alimentar do ultimo estadio larval de Thyrsopelma guianense Wise, 1911 Diptera, Culicomorpha, Simuliidae, em duas Cachoeiras da Amazonia Brasileira

Jensen, P.V., 1967 :
Food choice in Danish red deer, as shown by investigation of stomach contents

Biesmeijer, K.; Slaa, J., 2003:
Food competition between stingless bees nepotism and chemical warfare Voedselcompetitie tussen angelloze bijen vriendjespolitiek en chemische oorlogvoering

Lekuona, J.M.ri.; Campos, F., 1998:
Food composition and foraging behaviour of grey heron Ardea cinerea and purple heron Ardea purpurea in the Aragon River during the breeding season Composicion de la dieta y comportamiento trofico de la garza real Ardea cinerea y de la garza imperial Ardea purpurea en el Rio Aragon durante la epoca reproductora

Martincova, Renata., 1999:
Food composition and frequency of feeding young in great cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis in Trebon region Skladba potravy a frekvence krmeni mladat kormorana velkeho Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis na Trebonsku

Bengtsen, Tom., 1997:
Food composition and nutrition Foderets indhold af naeringsstoffer

Sheltenkova, M.V., 1949:
Food composition and rate of growth in some representatives of the species Rutilus rutilus L

Skirnisson, K.; Jonsson, A.A.; Sigfusson, A.T.; Sigurtharson, S., 2000:
Food composition of the common eider in Skerjafjorthur Arstdithabreytingar i faethuvali aetharfugla a Skerjafirthi

Kartanas, Edmund., 1997:
Food composition of the nestlings of the starling Sturnus vulgaris L in agricultural area near Torun Sklad pokarmu pisklat szpaka Sturnus vulgaris L na obszarze zagospodarowanym rolniczo w poblizu Torunia

Ruprecht, Andrzej Lech., 2002:
Food composition of the tawny owl from Beskid Wyspowy Mts Dobra near Limanowa Sklad pokarmu puszczyka zwyczajnego Strix aluco L z Beskidu Wyspowego Dobra k Limanowej

dos Santos, T.M.; Silva, E.N. de Sousa Ramalho, F., 1996:
Food consumption and growth of Podisus nigrispinus Dallas on Alabama argillacea Huebner under laboratory conditions Consumo alimentar e desenvolvimento de Podisus nigrispinus Dallas sobre Alabama argillacea Huebner em condicoes de laboratorio

Silva, E.N.; Santos, T.M.; Ramalho, F.S., 1997:
Food consumption and growth of the predator Supputius cincticeps Stal Heteroptera Pentatomidae fed larvae of cotton leafworm Consumo alimentar e crescimento do predador Supputius cincticeps Stal Heteroptera Pentatomidae alimentando-se de lagartas de curuquere-do-algodoeiro

Velazquez, E.P.zo; Herrera, R.V.les; Morales, M.C.rdenas; Perez, E.M.ra, 2005:
Food consumption by Diaphania hyalinata L Lepidoptera Pyralidae on cucumber Cucumis sativus L Consumo de alimento por Diaphania hyalinata L Lepidoptera Pyralidae en pepino Cucumis sativus L

Goncalves-Gervasio, R. de Cassia Rodrigues.; Santa-Cecilia, L.V.ana Costa., 2001:
Food consumption of Chrysoperla externa in different developmental phases of Dysmicoccus brevipes under laboratory conditions Consumo alimentar de Chrysoperla externa sobre as diferentes fases de desenvolvimento de Dysmicoccus brevipes, em laboratorio

Amorim, M.A.cencao.; Adis, J., 1996:
Food consumption of a neotropical grasshopper, Stenacris fissicauda fissicauda Bruner, 1908 Orthoptera Acrididae from the Amazonian varzea Consumo de alimento por um gafanhoto neotropical, Stenacris fissicauda fissicauda Bruner, 1908 Orthoptera Acrididae da varzea Amazonica

Sosa, Claudio Alejandro. de Brewer, Mireya Manfrini., 1998:
Food defense by adults of Astylus rubricostatus Germar, 1824 Insecta Coleoptera Melyridae Defensa del recurso alimentacio por Astylus rubricostatus Germar, 1824 Insecta Coleoptera Melyridae

Palata-Kabudi, J.-Claude.; Kisasa, R.; Poso, O.; Pwema, V., 2005:
Food diet of the giant mole rat, Cryptomys mechowi, on the Bateke plateau, Democratic Republic of the Congo Regime alimentaire du rat-taupe geant, Cryptomys mechowi, sur le plateau de Bateke, Republique Democratique du Congo

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