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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38260

Chapter 38260 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

da Silva-Pereira, V.; Alves-dos-Santos, I.; Malagodi-Braga, K.S.mpaio.; Contrera, F.A.dres Leon., 2003:
Foraging behavior of Melissoptila thoracica Smith Hymenoptera, Eucerini, Apoidea on flowers of Sida Malvaceae Forrageamento de Melissoptila thoracica Smith Hymenoptera, Eucerini, Apoidea em flores de Sida Malvaceae

de Melo, C.; Marini, M.A.gelo., 1999:
Foraging behavior of Monasa nigrifrons Aves, Bucconidae in forests of western Minas Gerais, Brazil Comportamento alimentar de Monasa nigrifrons Aves, Bucconidae em matas do oeste de Minas Gerais, Brasil

Costa, C.B.N.; Costa, J.A.; Rodarte, A.T.reza; Jacobi, C.M., 2002:
Foraging behavior of Xylocopa Neoxylocopa cearensis Ducke, 1910 Apidae in Waltheria cinerascens A St Hil Sterculiaceae at coastal dunes APA of Abaete, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil Comportamento de forrageio de Xylocopa Neoxylocopa cearensis Ducke, 1910 Apidae em Waltheria cinerascens A St Hil Sterculiaceae em dunas costeiras APA do Abaete, Salvador, Bahia, Brasil

Riveros, M.; Ferreira, C., 2001:
Foraging behavior of a troop of Pithecia pithecia white face saki monkey in an Island of Guri Dam, Bolivar State Comportamiento alimentario de una tropa de Pithecia pithecia mono viudo cara blanca, en una Isla del Embalse de Guri, Estado Bolivar

Lopes de Carvalho, C.A.fredo.; Marques, O.M.ira.; Vidal, C.A.gusto.; Silva Neves, A.M.rcos., 2001:
Foraging behavior of bees Hymenoptera, Apoidea in flowers of Solanum palinacanthum Dunal Solanaceae Comportamento forrageiro de abelhas Hymenoptera, Apoidea em flores de Solanum palinacanthum Dunal Solanaceae

de Melo Valente, Renata., 2001:
Foraging behavior of birds at Alchornea glandulosa Euphorbiaceae in Rio Claro, Sao Paulo Comportamento alimentar de aves em Alchornea glandulosa Euphorbiaceae em Rio Claro, Sao Paulo

Villard, P.; Bichelberger, S.; Seguin, J-F.; Thibault, J.C., 2003:
Foraging behavior of the Corsican nuthatch Sitta whiteheadi in the Corsican pine Pinus nigra laricio La quete alimentaire de la Sittelle corse Sitta whiteheadi dans les Pins laricio Pinus nigra laricio

Soto, R.E.; Castilla, J.C.; Bozinovic, F., 2004:
Foraging behavior of the gastropod Acanthina monodon Pallas, 1774 Gastropoda Muricidae in the intertidal rocky shores of central Chile Conducta de forrajeo del gastropodo Acanthina monodon Pallas, 1774 Gastropoda Muricidae en el intermareal rocoso de Chile central

Otavio, C.; Gussoni, A.; Guaraldo, A.C., 2006:
Foraging behavior of the white-backed stilt, Himantopus melanurus Vieillot, 1817 Aves Recurvirostridae in Santa Gertrudes, SP, Brazil Comportamento de forrageamento do pernilongo-de-costas-brancas, Himantopus melanurus Vieillot, 1817 Aves Recurvirostridae em Santa Gertrudes, SP, Brasil

Outreman, Y.; L.R.lec, A.; Pierre, J.-Sebastien., 1999:
Foraging behaviour in a parasitoid of aphids Aphidius rhopalosiphi Hymenoptera Braconidae Le comportement dexploitation des patchs dhotes chez le parasitoide Aphidius rhopalosiphi Hymenoptera Braconidae

Ralalaharisoa-Ramamonjisoa, Z.; Ralimanana, H.; Lobreau-Callen, D., 1996:
Foraging behaviour of Apis mellifera var unicolor Hymenoptera, Apidae in various biotopes Comportement de butinage dApis mellifera var unicolor Hymenoptera, Apidae dans divers biotopes

Dittberner, Winfried., 2001:
Foraging behaviour of the great white egret Verhalten des Silberreihers beim Nahrungserwerb

Sponza, S.; Floreani, A.; Cosolo, M.; Ferrero, E., 2003:
Foraging behaviour of the shag Phalacrocorax aristotelis of Trieste Gulf anticipatory or reactive breather? Comportamento di foraggiamento del Marangone dal ciuffo Phalacrocorax aristotelis nel Golfo di Trieste anticipatory o reactive breather?

Koltowski, Zbigniew., 1996:
Foraging by pollinating insects of several field bean cultivars Vicia faba L ssp minor Harz Oblot kilku odmian bobiku Vicia faba L ssp minor Harz przez owady zapylajace

Enderlein, Ralf., 1999:
Foraging by the green sandpiper Tringa ochropus Zum Nahrungserwerb des Waldwasserlaufers Tringa ochropus

Plucinski, Alfons., 1996:
Foraging by the rook Corvus frugilegus Zum Nahrungserwerb der Saatkrahe Corvus frugilegus

Sanchez Galarza, J.A.; Urcuqui Bustamante, A.M.uricio, 2006:
Foraging distances of Atta cephalotes L Hymenoptera Formicidae in the dry tropical forest of Cali Botanical Garden Distancias de forrajeo de Atta cephalotes L Hymenoptera Formicidae en el Bosque Seco Tropical del Jardin Botanico de Cali

Gomez, C.; Espadaler, X., 1996:
Foraging distances, foraging areas and nest distribution in Aphaenogaster senilis Mayr Hym Formicidae Distancias de forrajeo, areas de forrajeo y distribucion espacial de nidos de Aphaenogaster senilis Mayr Hym Formicidae

Lopes, B.Cortes, 2007:
Foraging ecology of Cyphomyrmex morschi Emery Hymenoptera, Formicidae in sand dune vegetation at southern Brazil Ecologia do forrageio por Cyphomyrmex morschi Emery Hymenoptera, Formicidae em vegetacao de restinga no Sul do Brasil

McDonald, JT.; Rautenbach, IL.; Nel, JAJ., 1990:
Foraging ecology of bats observed at De Hoop Provincial Nature Reserve, southern Cape Province

Lekuona, J.M., 2002:
Foraging ecology of cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis during breeding in a recently colonized area Ebro Valley, northern Spain Ecologia trofica del cormoran grande Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis durante la epoca reproductora en una zona de reciente colonizacion Valle del Ebro

Lekuona, Jesus M., 1998:
Foraging ecology of cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis in rivers of Navarra northern Spain during winter Ecologia trofica del cormoran grande Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis en rios de Navarra durante la epoca invernal

Lekuona, J.M.; Artazcoz, A., 2000:
Foraging ecology, distribution of birds and roosts of cattle egret Bubulcus ibis in Navarra northern Spain during the wintering season Ecologia trofica y distribucion de Aves y dormideros de garcilla bueyera Bubulcus ibis en Navarra durante el periodo invernal

Harbusch, C.; Meyer, M.; Summkeller, R., 2002:
Foraging habitat selection of Leislers bat Nyctalus leisleri Kuhl, 1817 in the Saarland, Germany Untersuchungen zur Jagdhabitatwahl des Kleinabendseglers Nyctalus leisleri Kuhl, 1817 im Saarland

Roesli, M.; Bontadina, F.; Maddalena, T.; Maerki, K.; Hotz, T.; Genini, A.; Torriani, D.; Guettinger, R.; Moretti, M., 2005:
Foraging habitats and diet of the greater and lesser mouse-eared bat Myotis myotis and Myotis blythi Chiroptera Vespertilionidae in Canton Ticino Ambienti di caccia e regime alimentare del Vespertilio maggiore Myotis myotis e del Vespertilio minore Myotis blythi Chiroptera Vespertilionidae nel Cantone Ticino

Eriksson, MOG., 1990:
Foraging habitats of Egyptian goose during a period of low water level at Lake Kariba

Lohmus, A.; Sellis, U., 2001:
Foraging habitats of the black stork in Estonia Must-toonekure toitumispaigad Eestis

Beuneux, Gregory., 2002:
Foraging habitats of the brown bat in Corsica Castifau, Haute-Corse Les habitats de chasse du grand murin en Corse Castifau, Haute-Corse

Rivault, C.; Cloarec, A., 1997:
Foraging in Blattella germanica L in urban areas Exploitation des ressources alimentaires par Blatella germanica L en milieu urbain

Chagne, P.; Beugnon, G.; Dejean, A., 2000:
Foraging in Gigantiops destructor Fabricius Formicidae Formicinae Fourragement chez Gigantiops destructor Fabricius Formicidae Formicinae

Haack, KD.; Vinson, SB., 1990 :
Foraging of pharaoh ants Monomorium pharaonis L Hymenoptera Formicidae in the laboratory

Costa-Leonardo, Ana Maria., 1997:
Foraging of subterranean termites O forrageamento dos cupins subterraneos

Brix, Manfred., 1999:
Foraging of the great spotted woodpecker Buntspechte auf Nahrungssuche

Duran, F.J., 2003:
Foraging of the white-throated magpie jay Calocitta formosa Aves Corvidae, on the white-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus Mammalia Cervidae Forrajeo de urraca copetona, Calocitta formosa Aves Corvidae, sobre venado cola blanca Odocoileus virginianus Mammalia Cervidae

Boehme, Wolfgang., 2002:
Foraging of white storks in the marine tidal flats of Schleswig-Holstein Marine Nahrungssuche von Weissstoerchen Ciconia ciconia im schleswig-holsteinischen Wattenmeer

Lenoir, L., 2004:
Foraging on the Swedish forest floor by red wood ants Formica polyctena Voedsel zoeken op de Zweedse bosbodem door kale bosmieren Formica polyctena

Goldstein, I.; Salas, L., 1993:
Foraging pattern on Puya sp Bromeliacea by Tremarctos ornatus Ursidae at Paramo el Tambor, Venezuela Patron de explotacion de Puya sp Bromeliaceae por Tremarctos ornatus Ursidae en el Paramo El Tambor, Venezuela

Caceres, C.W.; Ojeda, F.; Patricio., 2000:
Foraging patterns of two species of intertidal herbivorous fishes effect of food abundance and chemical composition Patrones de forrajeo en dos especies de peces intermareales herbivoros de las costas de Chile efecto de la abundancia y composicion quimica del alimento

Gomides, C.H.; Della Lucia, T.M.; Araujo, F.S.; Moreira, D.D., 1997:
Foraging speed and transported leaf area in the ant Acromyrmex subterraneus Hymenoptera Formicidae Velocidad de forrajeo y area foliar transportada por la hormiga Acromyrmex subterraneus Hymenoptera Formicidae

Reed, J.; Cherrett, JM., 1990:
Foraging strategies and vegetation exploitation in the leaf-cutting ant Atta cephalotes L - a preliminary simulation model

Gonzalez-Solis, J.; Croxall, J.P., 2000:
Foraging strategies by giant petrels on the subantarctic island of Bird Island Estrategias de busqueda de alimento en los petereles gigantes de la isla subantartican de Bird Island

Greczek-Stachura, Magdalena., 2000:
Foraging strategies in protozoans Sposoby zdobywania pokarmu przez orzeski

Rimoli, J.; Ades, C., 1997:
Foraging strategies of a group of muriquis Brachyteles arachnoides, Primates, Cebidae at the Caratinga Biological Station, Minas Gerais Estrategias de forrageamento de um grupo de muriquis Brachyteles arachnoides, Primates, Cebidae da Estacao Biologica Caratinga, Minas Gerais

Lekuona, JM.; Campos, F., 1997:
Foraging strategies of the cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis in the Ebro River N Spain Estrategias de alimentacion del cormoran grande Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis en el rio Ebro N Espana

Volpato, G.H.rnandes; Mendonca-Lima, A., 2002:
Foraging strategies proposal of terms for the Portuguese language Estrategias de forrageamento proposta de termos para a lingua Portuguesa

Torres-Contreras, H.; Bozinovic, F., 1997:
Foraging strategy in an herbivorous small mammal in central Chile time minimizer or energy maximizer? Estrategia de forrajeo en un micromamifero herbivoro de Chile central minimizador de tiempo o maximizador de energia?

Oehme, Hans., 1999:
Foraging success and hunting tactics in Sympetrum striolatum Charpentier Anisoptera Libellulidae Jagderfolg und Jagdtaktik bei Sympetrum striolatum Charpentier Anisoptera Libellulidae

S.; Alves,; Duarte, M.F., 1996 :
Foraging tactics of Conopophaga melanops Passeriformes Formicariidae at the Atlantic rain forest of Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro Taticas de forrageamento de Conopophaga melanops Passeriformes Formicariidae na area de Mata Atlantica da Ilha Grande, Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Ferreira de Vasconcelos, M.; Cunha Figueredo, C.; Silva Oliveira, R., 1999:
Foraging tactics of the band-winged nightjar Caprimulgus longirostris Aves, Caprimulgidae in the Serra do Curral, Minas Gerais, Brazil Taticas de forrageamento do bacurau-da-telha Caprimulgus longirostris Aves, Caprimulgidae na Serra do Curral, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Mougin, J.-Louis.; Jouanin, C., 1997:
Foraging zone of the Corys shearwater Calonectris diomedea borealis of Selvagem Grande 3009N, 1552W during incubation, using satellite telemetry Prospection alimentaire du puffin cendre Calonectris diomedea borealis de Selvagem Grande 3009N, 1552W pendant lincubation, par telemetrie satellitaire

Albrecht, K.; Hammer, M.; Holzhaider, J., 2002:
Foraging-habitat requirements of Bechsteins bat Myotis bechsteinii - insights from radio telemetry studies in coniferous forests in eastern Bavaria, Germany Telemetrische Untersuchungen zum Nahrungshabitatanspruch der Bechsteinfledermaus Myotis bechsteinii in Nadelwaeldern bei Amberg in der Oberpfalz

Lazaro, J.; Rodriguez.; Pascual, A., 1997:
Foraminifer and Ostracod assemblages in the Cenomanian of Leioa Basque Basin Asociaciones de foraminiferos y ostracodos en el Cenomaniense de Leioa Cuenca Vasca

Magniez-Jannin, F.; Dommergues, J.-Louis., 1994:
Foraminifer vs ammonite faunas in the Vocontian trough at the Valanginian-Hauterivian boundary Foraminiferes vs ammonites en fosse vocontienne vers la limite Valanginien-Hauterivien

Loeblich, A.R.; Tappan, H., 1951:
Foraminifera Supplement in Lozo, F E Stratigraphic notes on the Maness Comanche Cretaceous shale

Cusminsky, G.C.; Martinez, D.; Bernasconi, E., 2006:
Foraminifera and Ostracoda of recent sediments from the Bahia Blanca estuary, Argentina Foraminiferos y ostracodos de sedimentos recientes del estuario de Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Pika-Bolzi, M.; Felber, M., 2002:
Foraminifera and biostratigraphy of Scaglia della Breggia southern Ticino, Switzerland Foraminiferi e biostratigrafia della Scaglia della Breggia Ticino Meridionale, Svizzera

Samson, Yann., 2001:
Foraminifera and estimation of bathymetric variations example in the Kimmeridgian of Le Havre area Seine-Maritime, Normandy, France Foraminiferes et reconstitution des variations bathymetriques exemple du Kimmeridgien de la region du Havre Seine-Maritime, Normandie, France

Zghal, I.; Ben Hadjali, N.; Razgallah, S.; Bismuth, H., 1997:
Foraminifera and ostracods from the Aptian-Albian of Jebel Hameima Tadjerouine region, Tunisia biostratigraphy, palaeoecology Foraminiferes et ostracodes de lAptien-Albien du Jebel Hameima region de Tadjerouine, Tunisie biostratigraphie, paleoecologie

Jager, Rolf Josef., 1997:
Foraminifera and ostracods from the Fleckenmergel of the Liassic in the Calcareous Alps Biostratigraphy and palaeoecology Foraminiferen und Ostracoden aus den Fleckenmergeln des kalkalpinen Lias Biostratigraphie und Palaookologie

von Daniels, CH., 1990:
Foraminifera and oxygen-isotope stratigraphy in a core from the Lau Basin, southwest Pacific Ocean

Pronina, T.V., 1963:
Foraminifera and some associated microorganisms from the Silurian of the Ufa amphitheatre

Lipnik, O.S., 1961:
Foraminifera and stratigraphy of Upper Cretaceous deposits in the Dnepr-Donetz basin

Bogush, O.I.; Yuferev, O.V., 1962:
Foraminifera and stratigraphy of carboniferous deposits in Karatau and Talasskii Alatau

Bogush, O.I.; Tufrev, O.V., 1957:
Foraminifera and the stratigraphy of the coal deposits of Kara-Tau and the Western parts of the Talass Ala-Tau

Bogush, O.I.; Yuferev, O.V., 1957:
Foraminifera and the stratigraphy of the coal deposits of Kara-Tau and the western parts of the Talass Ala-Tan

Lefebvre, Dominique., 1987:
Foraminifera as palaeoclimatic indicators in littoral Quaternary sediments Interet paleoclimatique des foraminiferes de sediments littoraux Quaternaires

Mateu, G.; Mateu, G.J.; Busquets, V.; Busquets, A., 2001:
Foraminifera associated with Posidonia as environmental indicators at Port de Soller Foraminifers posidonicoles com indicadors ambientals del Port de Soller

Sharovskaya, NV., 1970:
Foraminifera complexes from the Upper Cretaceous deposits of the western part of the Enisei-Khatansk depression

Alcantara-Carrio, J.; Diz, P.; Alejo, I.; Frances, G.; Alonso, I.; Vilas, F., 2000:
Foraminifera contents in the eolian deposits of Jandia Isthmus Fuerteventura Contenido en foraminiferos de los depositos eolicos del istmo de Jandia Fuerteventura

Davidzon, R.H.; Oleynik, V.V., 1969:
Foraminifera distribution in the Tadzhik Marine Basin in Isfarian-Sumsarian time

Rogl, Fred., 1998:
Foraminifera fauna from the Karpathian Lower Miocene in the Korneuburg Basin Foraminiferenfauna aus dem Karpat Unter-Miozan des Korneuburger Beckens

Rogl, Fred., 1996:
Foraminifera fauna from the Pliocene of El-Alquian, Almeria, southern Spain Foraminiferenfauna aus dem Pliozan von El-Alquian, Almeria, Sud-Spanien

Bulatova, Z.I., 1969:
Foraminifera from Koshai and Vikulov layers of birch sections in the western Siberian plains

Todria, VA., 1975:
Foraminifera from Upper Jurassic epicontinental deposits in Racha and south Osetya

Malumian, N.; Carames, A., 2002:
Foraminifera from organic-rich sediments La Barca Formation, Upper Paleocene, Tierra del Fuego, Republica Argentina Foraminiferos de sedimentitas ricas en carbono organico Formacion La Barca, Paleoceno superior, Tierra del Fuego, Repiiblica Argentina

Voloshina, AM.; Andreeva, LP., 1971:
Foraminifera from the Albian deposits of Volyn

Gawor-Biedowa, Eugenia., 2003:
Foraminifera from the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary in the Kamienny Dol outcrop near Kazimierz Dolny Vistula River Valley, central Poland Otwornice z pogranicza kredy i trzeciorzedu w odslonieciu w Kamiennym Dole kolo Kazimierza Dolnego

Bykova, E.R., 1952:
Foraminifera from the Devonian of the Russian Platform and Urals regions

Stancheva, M., 1961:
Foraminifera from the Kozicino series

Bogdanovitch, A.K., 1954:
Foraminifera from the Kursk deposits of Ust-Urt

Barnard, T., 1950:
Foraminifera from the Lower Lias of the Dorset Coast

Dzhanelidze, O.I., 1956:
Foraminifera from the Lower Miocene of Abkhazii Trudy Inst Paleo-biologii Akad

Malumian, N., 1992:
Foraminifera from the Man Aike Formation Eocene, south east Cardiel Lake, Santa Cruz Province Foraminiferos de la Formacion Man Aike Eoceno, sureste Lago Cardiel Provincia de Santa Cruz

von Daniels, Curt H., 2001:
Foraminifera from the Miocene of the Nieder Ochtenhausen research borehole Foraminiferen im Miozaen der Forschungsbohrung Nieder Ochtenhausen Nordwestdeutschland

Bartenstein, H.; Malz, H., 2001:
Foraminifera from the Newmarracarra Limestone Lower Bajocian, W Australia Foraminiferen aus dem Newmarracarra Limestone Unter-Bajocium; W-Australien

Shutzkaya, E.K., 1961:
Foraminifera from the Upper Palaeooene of the south west Crimea Bakhchisarisky region

Scorziello, Raffaele., 1990:
Foraminifera from the beach of Tripoli Libya Foraminiferi della spiaggia di Tripoli Libia

Efimova, N.A., 1977:
Foraminifera from the deposits of the khodzinsk series of the north-western Caucasus Trudy vses nauchno-issled geol Neff

Trifonova, E., 1964:
Foraminifera from the pebbles included in the early Palaeozoic breccia conglomerates in NW Bulgaria

Lehmann, G.; Rottger, R., 1996:
Foraminifera in coastal sand meadows Marine protozoa in an almost terrestrial habitat Foraminiferen in Kustensalzwiesen Meeresprotozoen in einem fast terrestrischen Lebensraum

Levy, A.; Mathieu, R.; Poignant, A.; Fernandez-Gonzalez, M., 1996:
Foraminifera in continental deposits Sur la signification des foraminiferes dans les depots continentaux

Hayward, BW., 1990:
Foraminifera in nearshore sediments, Whale Island, Bay of Plenty

Androsova, V.P., 1962:
Foraminifera of bottom deposits in the western part of the Polar basin

Korsun, SA.; Pogodina, IA.; Tarasov, GA.; Matishov, GG., 1994:
Foraminifera of the Barents Sea hydrobiology and Quaternary paleoecology

Bogush, O.I.; Yufeev, O.V., 1966:
Foraminifera of the Carboniferous and Permian periods in Verkhoyan

Shutzkaya, E.K., 1963:
Foraminifera of the Datskogo layers and Paleocene marine fauna discovered in the Crimea, Pre-Caucasus and Trans-Caspian

Stchedrina, Z.G., 1958:
Foraminifera of the East Murman Sea

Waltschew, A., 1996:
Foraminifera of the Franconian Lotharingian Foraminiferen des frankischen Lotharingium

Kaptarenko-Chernousova, O.K., 1965:
Foraminifera of the Kiev layers in the Dnepr-Donetz depression and in the N-W outskirts of the Donetz Basin

Stchedrina, ZG., 1958:
Foraminifera of the Kuril-Kamchatka Depression

Morozova, V.G., 1948:
Foraminifera of the Lower Cretaceous deposits in the region of Sochi mountain South-West Caucasus

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