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Foraminiferida Miliolina from the Magellan Strait, Chile distribution in the subantarctic and antarctic area Foraminiferida Miliolina del Estrecho de Magallanes, Chile distribucion en el area subantarctica y antarctica

Hromic, T.

Anales del Instituto de la Patagonia Serie Ciencias Naturales 26: 107-118


Accession: 038260222

Miliolina groups of Foraminiferida found in marine sediments collected in the Magellan Strait, during the 1994 expedition "Joint Magellan" of the ship Victor Hensen were studied. Eleven species are illustrated, which were taken from 14 to 445 meters of depth in the sourroundings of the eastern side of the Strait. Most abundant genus were Pyrgo, Quinqueloculina and Miliolinella and among the species: Pyrgo depressa (d'Orbigny), Pyrgo vespertilio (Schlumberger) and Quinqueloculina patagonica were the most abundant. Miliolinella suborbicularis (d'Orbigny) and Pyrgo rotalaria Loeblich & Tappan are recorded for the first time in Chile. The miliolacean presence would indicate an inner shelf environment with oxygenation deficit, but with some influence of deep waters, probably comingfrom the Atlantic. A list of the species mentioned for the waters of the southeastern Pacific and the Antarctic Peninsula is given. Out of them, only 6 species were also found in the Magellan Strait: Pyrgo ringens, Pyrgo depressa, Pyrgo elongata, Cornuspira involvens, Miliolinella subrotunda and Quinqueloculina seminulum.

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