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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38263

Chapter 38263 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Villarroel A., C.; Clavijo, J., 2005:
Fossil mammals and the ages of the continental Neogene sediments of the Caribbean coast of Colombia Los mamiferos fosiles y la edades de las sedimentitas continentales del Neogeno de la costa Caribe Colombiana

Welcomme, J-L.; Marivaux, L.; Antoine, P-O.; Benammi, M., 1999:
Fossil mammals from the Bugti Hills Baluchistan, Pakistan New data Mammiferes fossiles des Collines Bugti Balouchistan, Pakistan Nouvelles donnees

Perego, R., 2003:
Fossil mammals macro remains from Grotta dei Pipistrelli, Monte Baldo Avio, Trento Preliminary data Macromammiferi fossili rinvenuti nella Grotta dei Pipistrelli, Monte Baldo comune di Avio, Trento Dati preliminari

Remy, J.A.; Fournier, F., 2003:
Fossil mammals of Gres de Celas Upper Eocene of Gard recent discoveries Mammiferes fossiles des Gres de Celas Eocene superieur du Gard decouvertes recentes

Kozhamkulova, B.S., 1957:
Fossil mammals of anthropogen of Kazakhstan in the collections of the Republics museums

Tonni, E.P.; Pasquali, R.C., 1998:
Fossil mammals when giants roamed the pampas Mamiferos fosiles cuando en las pampas vivian los gigantes

Plusquellec, Y.; Racheboeuf, P.R., 1999:
Fossil marine mammals from the Miocene of Brittany Mammiferes marins fossiles du Miocene de Bretagne

Moths, Herbert., 2003 :
Fossil marine turtles and a pelvic and tibia bone of a pinniped of the Tertiary of north Germany Fossile Meeresschildkroetenreste und Hueft - und Schienbein einer Robbe aus dem Tertiaer Norddeutschlands

Staniczek, Arnold., 2002:
Fossil mayflies Insights into the world of primitive winged insects Fossile Eintagsfliegen Einblicke in die Welt urtuemlicher Fluginsekten

Binder, Herbert., 2002:
Fossil mines in plant remains from the Karpatian of the Korneuburg Basin Lower Austria, Lower Miocene Fossile Bohrgange an Pflanzenresten aus dem Karpatium des Korneuburger Beckens Niederosterreich; Untermiozan

Natskavo, A.D., 1916:
Fossil mollusca from Mangyschlak

Frassinetti C., D., 2004:
Fossil mollusks of the marine Miocene of Ipun Island, southern Chile Moluscos fosiles del mioceno marino de Isla Ipun, sur de Chile

Karl, H., 2006:
Fossil osteoblasts in sauropod bones - the use of microscopy in vertebrate palaeontology Ueber fossile Osteoblasten in Sauropodenknochen - Der Einsatz der Mikroskopie in der Wirbeltierpalaeontologie

Pobedina, V.M., 1958:
Fossil otoliths of fishes from Miocene deposits of Azerbaijan and their stratigraphical significance

Menzel, Herbert., 2000:
Fossil otoliths of the order Siluriformes Cuvier 1817 from the Tertiary of north and west Germany Fossile Otolithen der Ordnung Siluriformes Cuvier 1817 aus dem Tertiaer von Nord- und Westdeutschland

Burchak-Abramovich, N.I., 1957:
Fossil oxen of the Old World

Binder, Herbert., 2002:
Fossil pearls from the Karpatian of the Korneuburg Basin Austria, Lower Miocene Fossile Perlen aus dem Karpatium des Korneuburger Beckens Osterreich, Untermiozan

Hospitaleche, C.A.osta; Chavez, M.; Fritis, O., 2006:
Fossil penguins Pygoscelis calderensis sp nov in the Bahia Inglesa Formation Middle Miocene-Pliocene, Chile Pinguinos fosiles Pygoscelis calderensis sp nov en la Formacion Bahia Inglesa Mioceno Medio-Plioceno, Chile

Acosta Hospitaleche, C.; Tambussi, C.P.; Canto, J., 2005:
Fossil penguins Sphenisciformes housed in the National Museum of Natural History, Santiago, Chile Pinguinos Aves, Sphenisciformes fosiles de la coleccion del Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de Santiago, Chile

Novozhilov, N.I., 1955:
Fossil phyllopods from the Devonian of the lower course of the river Southern Torgalik

Trofimov, B.A., 1954:
Fossil pigs of the genus Microstonyx

Rueckert-Uelkuemen, N.; Boehme, M.; Reichenbacher, B.; Heissig, K.; Witt, W.; Bassler, B., 2002:
Fossil profile of the continental Neogene Upper Miocene to Lower Pliocene of Develikoy Manisa, Turkey Die Fossilfuehrung des kontinentalen Neogens Ober-Miozaen/Unter-Pliozaen von Develikoey Manisa, Tuerkei

Gromov, I.M., 1957:
Fossil quaternary rodents of northern part of Don and adjacent parts of Volga-Don watershed

Boada, L.V., 1965:
Fossil raninids of Spain contribution to the paleontological study of the family Raninidae Crustacea, Decapoda

Sturm, Helmut., 1997:
Fossil record and taxonomy of the jumping bristletails and the silverfish-like insects Archaeognatha + Zygentoma, Apterygota, Insecta Fossilgeschichte und Taxonomie der Felsenspringer und der fischchenartigen Insekten Archaeognatha, Zygentoma, Apterygota, Insecta

Neraudeau, D.; Villier, L., 1997:
Fossil record of palaeoenvironmental changes by irregular echinoids in the Campanian chalk of Charente-Maritime SW France Enregistrement des fluctuations environmentales par les echinides irreguliers de la craie Campanienne de Charente-Maritime SO France

Dzik, Jerzy., 1996:
Fossil record of the early metazoan phylogeny Wczesna filogeneza zwierzat tkankowych w zapisie kopalnym

Arroyo-Cabrales, J., 2002:
Fossil record of the jaguar Registro fosil del jaguar

Schubert, Siegfried., 2007:
Fossil records from the Lower Pliensbachian Carixian on the new motorway link road at Herford Fossilienfunde im Unter-Pliensbachium Carixium am neuen Autobahnzubringer bei Herford

Pardo, A.; Bolea, L., 1996:
Fossil records of Crustacea notes on their origins and evolution El registro fosil de los Crustacea apuntes sobre su origen y evolucion

Melic, A.; Grustan, D., 1996:
Fossil records of a heterogenous group Myriapoda El registro fosil de un grupo heterogeneo Myriapoda

Bailon, S., 2001:
Fossil records of amphibians and squamates from Corsica the state of the art Donnees fossiles de amphibiens et squamates de Corse etat actuel de la question

Melic, Antonio., 1996:
Fossil records of scorpions between the water and the land El registro fosil de los escorpiones entre el agua y la tierra

Nose, M.; Werner, W.; Schweigert, G., 1997:
Fossil reefs worthy of a visit Besuchenswerte fossile Riffe

Gayet, Mireille., 1995:
Fossil relatives of Ostariophysi Pisces, teleosteans A propos des ostariophysaires poissons, teleosteens

Villas, E.; Hammann, W.; Herrera, Z., 2001:
Fossil relatives of a surviving family Lingulidae of the Ordovician of the Iberian Chains Parientes fosiles de una familia de supervivientes Lingulidos en el Ordovicico de las Cadenas Ibericas

Persico, D., 2003:
Fossil remains of Ursus arctos Linnaeus, 1758 in alluvial deposits of the river Po in the province of Cremona Resti fossili di Ursus arctos Linnaeus, 1758 nei depositi alluvionali del fiume Po in provincia di Cremona

Buffetaut, E.; Tomasson, R.; Tong, H., 2004:
Fossil remains of large reptiles of the Jurassic and Cretaceous of Aube France Restes fossiles de grands reptiles Jurassiques et Cretaces dans lAube France

Mihevc, A.; Bosak, P.; Pruner, P.; Vokal, B., 2002:
Fossil remains of the cave animal Marifugia cavatica in the unroofed cave in the Crnotice quarry, W Slovenia Fosilni ostanki jamske zivali Marifugia cavatica v brezstropi jami v kamnolomu Crnotice v zahodni Sloveniji

Pereda Suberbiola, X.; Murelaga, X.; Astibia, H.; Badiola, A., 2001:
Fossil remains of the crocodilian Diplocynodon Alligatoroidea from the Early Miocene of the Bardenas Reales of Navarre Restos fosiles del cocodrilo Diplocynodon Alligatoroidea en el Mioceno Inferior de las Bardenas Reales de Navarra

Alekperova, N.A., 1961:
Fossil saiga from Binagadinsk

Pardon, Daniel., 1998:
Fossil shark teeth in the southern seas Dents de requins fossiles dans les mers du Sud

Oschmann, Wolfgang., 2002:
Fossil sites and raw materials - the Posidonia shale in south Germany Fossilfundstelle und Rohstoff - der Posidonienschiefer in Sueddeutschland

Da-Rosa, A.Augusto Stock, 2004:
Fossil sites of Santa Maria, RS, Brazil Sitios fossiliferos de Santa Maria, RS, Brasil

Seilacher, Adolf., 1993:
Fossil snapshots in Muschelkalk Fossillagerstatten im Muschelkalk

Gregor, H J.; Hoffmann, J.; Schwarz, R., 2003:
Fossil specimens from the reef museum of Gerstetten auf der Alb White Jurassic zeta Photographic catalogue and identification guide to collections of regional collectors Fossil-Handstuecke aus dem Riff-Museum von Gerstetten auf der Alb Weisser Jura zeta Photokatalog und Bestimmungshilfe aus den Aufsammlungen der regionalen Sammler

Arribas Herrera, A.; Aura Tortosa, J.; Emilio; Carrion, J.S.; Jorda Pardo, J.F.; Perez Ripoll, M., 2004:
Fossil spotted hyaena presence at the basal deposits Upper Pleistocene of the archaeological site of Nerja Malaga, Spain Presencia de hiena manchada en los depositos basales Pleistoceno superior final del yacimiento arqueologico de la Cueva de Nerja Malaga, Espana

Gravesen, Palle., 1993:
Fossil survey in south Scandinavia Geology and palaeontology of Denmark, south Sweden and north Germany Fossiliensammeln in Sudskandinavien Geologie und Palaontologie von Danemark, Sudschweden und Norddeutschland

Schultze, H.-Peter.; Hampe, O., 2001:
Fossil teleosteans in philately Fossile Knochenfische in der Philatelie

Fontes, L.R.berto; Aparecida Vulcano, M., 1998:
Fossil termites from the New World Cupins fosseis do Novo Mundo

Syric, I.M.; Dubrovo, I.A., 1970:
Fossil toothed whale from the Miocene deposits in the South of Sakhalin Island

Mayoral, Eduardo., 2001:
Fossil tracks of arthropods Pistas fosiles de artropodos

Gil Bazan, E.; Calvo Hernandez, J.M.guel., 2006:
Fossil tracks of the Jurassic of Buena Teruel Las grandes pistas fosiles del Jurasico de Buena Teruel

Jahn, Gerhard., 1996:
Fossil tree remains, fruits and freshwater molluscs from the Lower Tertiary of Hohenzell Fossile Holzreste, Fruchte und Susswasserschnecken aus dem jungeren Tertiar von Hohenzell

Schleich, HH., 1994:
Fossil turtle and crocodile remains from the Thrakian Tertiary W Turkey Fossile Schildkroten- und Krokodilreste aus dem Tertiar Thrakiens W-Turkei

Astibia, H.; Murelaga, X.; Payros, A.; Pereda, X.; Tosquella, J., 1999:
Fossil turtles and sirenians from the marine Eocene of Navarre and Jaca Basin Tortugas y sirenios fosiles en el Eoceno marino de Navarra y Cuenca de Jaca

Gemel, R.; Rauscher, K., 2000:
Fossil turtles from Austria Reptilia, Testudines Fossile Schildkroten aus Osterreich Reptilia, Testudines

Chkhikvadze, VM., 1975:
Fossil turtles from the Upper Sarmatian deposits of the Iora Valley Transcaucasia

Langer, A., 2002:
Fossil turtles out of the Messel pit Schildkroetenfossilien aus der Grube Messel

Gabuniya, L.K., 1973:
Fossil vertebrate fauna of Belomechet

MacRae, CS., 1990:
Fossil vertebrate tracks near Murraysburg, Cape Province

Burchak-Abramovtich, N.U., 1969 :
Fossil vertebrates from Caucasian caves

Jimenez, E.; Cuesta, MA.; Tudanca, S.; Gil., 1994:
Fossil vertebrates from the Eocene of Fuentesauco Zamora Vertebrados fosiles del Eoceno de Fuentesauco Zamora

Gonzalez Riga, Bernardo J., 1999:
Fossil vertebrates from the Loncoche Formation, Upper Cretaceous of Mendoza Province, Argentina Hallazgo de vertebrados fosiles en la Formacion Loncoche, Cretacico Superior de la Provincia de Mendoza, Argentina

Jimenez Fuentes, E. .; Llovera, J.C.vis ., 2003:
Fossil vertebrates in the history of life excavation, study and heritage Los vertebrados fosiles en la historia de la vida excavacion, estudio y patrimonio Los vertebrados fosiles en la historia de la vida excavacion, estudio y patrimonio Los vertebrados fosiles en la historia de la vida excavacion, estudio y patrimonio Los vertebrados fosiles en la historia de la vida excavacion, estudio y patrimonio Los vertebrados fosiles en la historia de la vida excavacion, estudio y patrimo

Latorre, C.; Marshall, LG.; Salinas, P., 1991:
Fossil vertebrates of the Late Pleistocene of Magallanes, extreme south of Chile a summary Vertebrados fosiles del Pleistoceno Tardio de Magallanes, extremo austral de Chile una sintesis

McMinn, M.; Sanchez, A.; Alcover, J.A.toni., 1997:
Fossil waders of the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands Limicolas fosiles de la peninsula Iberica e Islas Baleares

Gautier, Achilles., 1998:
Fossil walruses Odobenus rosmarus from the Belgium coast Fossiele walrussen Odobenus rosmarus aan de Belgische kust

Tusvik, Rim., 2006:
Fossil water beetles from Rancho la Brea, asphalt lakes in California Fossile vannkalver fra Rancho la Brea, asfaltdammene i California

Morello, Nicoletta., 1999:
Fossil wealth, the study of fossil zoology by Tommaso Antonio Catullo La fiaccola dei petrefatti, il saggio di zoologia fossile di Tommaso Antonio Catullo

Lebrun, Patrice., 1997:
Fossil white sharks, Carcharodon carcharias and the carcharodontids Requins blancs fossiles, Carcharodon carcharias et les carcharodontides

Karlov, N.N., 1957:
Fossil wild horse and cave bear from the loess of Dnipro-petrovsk

Selmeier, Alfred., 1996:
Fossil wood with Teredo infestation Fossile Holzer mit Teredo-Befall

Werneburg, R., 2004:
Fossil-Lagerstaetten in the Lower Keuper Erfurt-Formation, Middle Triassic of Thuringia Part 1 inter-city train line in the south of the highway no 71-exit Arnstadt-North Fossillagerstaetten im Unteren Keuper Thueringens Erfurt-Formation, Mittel- Trias Teil 1 ICE-Trasse suedlich der BAB 71-Ausfahrt Arnstadt-Nord

Ivanov, Y.P., 1972:
Fossil-building material of rodents

Marquez-Aliaga, A.; Marquez, L., 2000:
Fossildiagenesis of Middle Triassic bivalves of the Prebetic range Murcia, Spain an approach Fosildiagenesis de bivalvos del Triasico Medio del Prebetico Murcia, Espana una aproximacion

Luther, G., 1990:
Fossile Balaniden im Raume sylts

Karl, H-V., 1990:
Fossile Krokodilneste Reptilia, Crocodylia aus dem marinen Mitteloligozan des Weisselsterbeckens

van Hacht, U., 1990:
Fossile Spongien von Sylt

Brauer, F.; Redtenbacher, J.; Ganglbauer, L., 1889:
Fossile insekten aus der juraformation Ost-Siberiens

Andrusov, N., 1898:
Fossile und lebende Dreissensidae Eurasiens

Elbert, J., 1901:
Fossile westfasche Seeigel Holasteropsis credneriana Elbert

von Hacht, U., 1990:
Fossilen vom Morsum-Kliff auf Sylt

Mehl, J., 1990:
Fossilerhaltung von Kiemen bei Plesiteuthis prisca Ruppel 1829 Vampyromorpha, Cephalopoda aus untertithonen Plattenkalken der Altmuhlalb

Toucas., 1902:
Fossiles du cenomanien des Alpes-Maritimes

Gioli, G., 1890:
Fossili della Oolite inferiore di San Vigilio e di Monte Grappo

Neben, W.; Krueger, H.H., 1971:
Fossilien ordovicischer Geschiebe Staringia

von Hacht, U. ., 1990:
Fossilien von Sylt 3

Chintauan, Ioan., 2004:
Fossiliferous clay concretions in the Sarmatian of Izvoarele south west Dobrogea Les concretions greseuses fossiliferes en Sarmatien de Izvoarele Dobrogea de sud-ouest

Aguirre, Emiliano., 2001:
Fossiliferous karst deposits of Atapuerca First 20 years of research Depots fossiliferes du karst de Atapuerca, premiers 20 ans

Krueger, H-H., 1990:
Fossilinhalt der nordischen Gerollgemeinschaft aus der Lausitz Miozan und der en Vergleich mit Sylt

Zastrow, Erich., 1998:
Fossilization by bacterial mineralization Fossilisation durch bakterielle Mineralisation

Aguirre, J.; Ferriz, FJ., 1993:
Fossilization in sandy concretions taphonomic and palaeoecological implications Fosilizacion en concreciones de areniscas implicaciones tafonomicas y paleoecologicas

Poluzzi, A.; Taviani, M., 1990:
Fossilization of benthic fauna in a delta area Po River, northern Italy Fossilizzazione di faune bentoniche in unarea di delta Fiume Po, Italia del Nord

Aitken, AS., 1990:
Fossilization potential of Arctic fjord and continental shelf benthic macrofaunas

Lehmann, Jens., 2006:
Fossils and faked fossils from the Jokhang market in the city of Lhasa Fossilien und Luegensteine vom Jokhang-Markt in Lhasa

Weiss, Christian., 2003:
Fossils and fossil preservation in the dolomites of the central Franconian Alb Die Fossilien und die Fossilienerhaltung in den Dolomiten der Mittleren Frankenalb

Camprecios, Juan., 2001:
Fossils and living fossils Fosiles y Fosiles viventes

Linan Guijarro, Eladio., 2005:
Fossils and magic in the year of publication of Quijote the lapidary of the Aragonese Gaspar de Morales The virtues and marvellous properties of precious stones 1605 Fosiles y magia en el ano de publicacion del Quijote el lapidario del aragones Gaspar de Morales De las virtudes y propiedades maravillosas de las piedras preciosa 1605

Garces Manau, C., 2006:
Fossils and natural wonders in the collections of Vincencio Juan de Lastanosa 1607-1681 Fosiles y prodigios de la naturaleza en las colecciones de Vincencio Juan de Lastanosa 1607-1681

Forey, Peter., 2001:
Fossils and systematics Les fossiles et la systematique

Abdala, Fernando., 2001:
Fossils and transition Synapsida, a long way to mammal appearance Fosseis e transicao sinapsidos, um longo caminho ate o surgimento dos mamiferos

Dalla Vecchia, Fabio M., 2000:
Fossils as indicators of ancient habitats I fossili come testimonianza di antichi ambienti

Krawczynski, W.; Filipiak, P.; Gwozdziewicz, M., 1997:
Fossils assemblage from the Carboniferous sideritic nodules Westfalian A of the NE margin of the Upper Silesia coal basin, southern Poland Zespol skamienialosci z karbonskich sferosyderytow westfal A NE czesci Gornoslaskiego Zaglebia Weglowego

Loser, H.; Loser, C., 1996:
Fossils catalogued with the personal computer Fossilien mit dem Personalcomputer katalogisieren

Ramovs, Anton., 2000:
Fossils described from the territory of Slovenia, named after Slovenes and Slovenian localities Novi opisani fosili na slovenskem ozemlju, imenovani po Slovencih in slovenskih krajih

Krueger, Fritz J. ., 2005:
Fossils from Lengede geology, mining and palaeontology Fossilien aus Lengede Geologie - Bergbau - Palaeontologie

Franke, C.; Graf, W., 1996:
Fossils from Luxemburg and Westeifel Part 1 Quarzit de Berle Fossilien aus Luxemburg und Westeifel Teil 1 Quarzit de Berle

Franke, C.; Graf, W., 1996:
Fossils from Luxemburg and Westeifel Part 2 the Wiltz layers Fossilien aus Luxemburg und Westeifel Teil 2 Die Wiltzer Schichten

Franke, C.; Graf, W., 1997:
Fossils from Luxemburg and Westeifel Part 3 Wetteldorf sandstone and Heistdorf deposits Fossilien aus Luxemburg und Westeifel Teil 3 Wetteldorfer Sandstein und Heisdorf-Schichten

Maranhao, M. da Saudade AS.; Petri, S., 1996:
Fossils from the Corumbatai and Estrada Nova formations of the state of Sao Paulo contributions to paleontology and biostratigraphy Novas ocorrencias de fosseis nas formacoes Corumbatai e Estrada Nova do Estado de Sao Paulo e consideracoes preliminares sobre seus significados paleontologico e bioestratigrafico

Schroeder, Udo., 1997:
Fossils from the Cretaceous of Lagerdorf near Itzehoe Schleswig-Holstein Fossilien aus der Schreibkreide von Lagerdorf bei Itzehoe Schleswig-Holstein

Hartmann, M.; Spierling, A., 2006:
Fossils from the Gravel Pit Toerpin, Landkreis Demmin, Western Pomerania Fossilien aus der Kiesgrube Toerpin, Landkreis Demmin, Vorpommern

Winkler, Arnolf., 1995:
Fossils from the Jurassic, identification and determination 5 Ammonites Part 2 Jura-Fossilien erkennen und bestimmen 5 Ammoniten Teil 2

Winkler, Arnolf., 1996:
Fossils from the Jurassic, identification and determination 6 Ammonites Part 3 Jura-Fossilien erkennen und bestimmen 6 Ammonites Teil 3

Winkler, Arnolf., 1996:
Fossils from the Jurassic, identification and determination 7 Ammonites Part 4 Jura-Fossilien erkennen und bestimmen 7 Ammoniten Teil 4

Moosleitner, Gero., 1996:
Fossils from the Middle Eocene in Istria Fossilien aus dem Mittel-Eozan von Istrien

Huhle, H., 2006:
Fossils from the Muschelkalk at the margin of the Querfurt plain Muschelkalkfossilien vom Rande der Ouerfurter Platte

Hoefer, C.G.orgio; Tichy, G., 2005:
Fossils from the Silberck-Marble of the Silbereck-Mountain, Hafner Group Hohe Tauern, Salzburg Fossilfunde aus dem Silbereckmarmor des Silberecks, Hafnergruppe Hohen Tauern, Salzburg

Brandt, Silvio., 1999:
Fossils from the Upper Permian of Mansfeld hollow Part 2 Fossil spectrum Fossilien aus dem Zechsteinkalk der Mansfelder Mulde Teil 2 Fossilspektrum

Moehring, Roland., 2004:
Fossils from the excavation site for the Underpass for the B1 Highway on the Magdeburg University Campus Fossilien aus der Baugrube Unterfuehrung der Bundesstrasse B1 am Universitaetsplatz in Magdeburg

Hartmann, M.; Spierling, A., 2006:
Fossils from the gravel pit of Broock, district of Demmin, western Pomerania Fossilien aus dem Kiestagebau Broock, Landkreis Demmin, Vorpommern

Huhle, Hartmut., 2003:
Fossils from the mine Fossilien aus dem Bergwerk

Deville, Joan., 2006:
Fossils in Haute-Loire 2nd part Des fossiles en Haute-Loire 2eme partie

Jimeez, P.; Rafael., 1910:
Fossils in collection of Soc Esp Hist Nat

Malakhova, N.P., 1967:
Fossils in metamorphic rocks of the Ural

Rudolph, F.; Bilz, W., 2000:
Fossils in rocks Part 2 Mesozoic Geschiebefossilien Teil 2 Mesozoikum

Szrek, P., 2006:
Fossils of Antiarcha Vertebrata, Placodermi in the Devonian of the Holy Cross Mountains central Poland Skamienialosci Antiarcha Vertebrata, Placodermi w dewonie Gor Swietokrzyskich

Philippe, M.; Besson, D.; Berthet, D., 2004:
Fossils of Cerin they lived 150 million years ago Fossiles de Cerin ils vivaient il y a 150 millions dannees

Avendano Gil, Manuel Javier., 1995:
Fossils of Chiapas Fosiles de Chiapas

Barke, F., 1909:
Fossils of Lilleshall Hill

Gaba, Z.; Pek, I., 1998:
Fossils of limestone erratics from Vidnava in Silesia Czech Republic Zkameneliny z vapencovych souvku od Vidnavy ve Slezsku

Suedkamp, Wouter., 2005:
Fossils of the Hunsrueck slate mines 4 The slate mine Karschheck II plants, fishes and invertebrates Haldenaufsammlungen im Hunsrueckschiefer 4 Die Grube Karschheck II Pflanzen, Fische und Wirbellose

Huhle, Hartmut., 2000:
Fossils of the Ice Age from Kiessandtagebau Katharinenrieth Part II Eiszeitliche Fossilien aus dem Kiessandtagebau Katharinenrieth Teil II

Tomico de L.Cruz, Emilio., 2002:
Fossils of the Lower Miocene of Alcaria Spain Les fossiles du Miocene inferieur de lAlcaria Espagne

Alvaro Blasco, J.; Javier.; Vizcaino Cabrera, D.A., 2001:
Fossils of the Middle Cambrian an insight into south west Europe Los fosiles del Cambrico Medio una oportunidad de entendimiento en el suroeste de Europa

Calzada, Sebastian., 2003:
Fossils with the holotype of Morella Fosiles con holotipo morellano

Linan Guijarro, E.; Linan Aponte, M., 2006:
Fossils, magic and natural medicine in lapidaries Fosiles, magia y medicina natural en los lapidarios

Zorzin, R.; Vaccari, A., 2004:
Fossils I fossili

Gio-Argaez, Raul ., 2004:
Fossils Los fosiles

Bert, Didier., 2007:
Fossils evolution of Tethysian Pseudotissotinae Cenomanian/Turonian Fossiles Evolution des Pseudotissotinae tethysiens Cenomanien/Turonien

Fernandes, A.Carlos Sequeira, 2005:
Fossils myths and folklore Fosseis mitos e folclore

Lauterbach, Karl-Ernst., 1996:
Fossorial wasps Hymenoptera - Sphecidae in Bielefeld and its surrounds 1 sand wasps Ammophilomorpha, with remarks on the phylogenetic system and the problems of phylogenetic systematics Grabwespen Hymenoptera - Sphecidae in Bielefeld und Umgegend 1 Sandwespen Ammophilomorpha mit Anmerkungen zum Phylogenetischen System und Problemen der Phylogenetischen Systematik

Dorfler, Helmut., 1997:
Fossorial wasps and their ecology described from common species Hymenoptera Sphecoidea Sphecidae Grabwespen und ihre Okologie beschrieben anhand einiger haufiger Arten Hymenoptera Sphecoidea Sphecidae

Lauterbach, Karl-Ernst., 1997:
Fossorial wasps in Bielefeld and its surrounds 2 Alyssonini and Nyssonini Hymenoptera - Sphecidae - Nyssoninae Grabwespen in Bielefeld und Umgegend 2 Alyssonini und Nyssonini Hymenoptera - Sphecidae - Nyssoninae

Lauterbach, Karl-Ernst., 1997:
Fossorial wasps in Bielefeld and its surrounds 3 Gorytini Hymenoptera - Sphecidae - Nyssoninae Grabwespen in Bielefeld und Umgegend 3 Gorytini Hymenoptera - Sphecidae - Nyssoninae

Low, Rosemary., 1998:
Fostering - an alternative to hand rearing Ammenzucht - eine Alterantive zur Handaufzucht

Bonadia, SF., 1990:
Fotografia de conchas

Camenzind, R., 1990:
Fotografische Nachbearbeitung von Planktonaufnahmen

Rismondo, A.; Curiel, D.; Checchin, E.; Dri, C.; Miotti, C.; Zaja, R., 2005:
Fouling and environmental conditions in the Lagoon of Venice Impiego delle comunita fouling per una caratterizzazione delle condizioni ambientali della Laguna di Venezia

Zalmon, I.R.zental; Gomes, MAA., 2003:
Fouling community in Macae, Rio de Janeiro a morpho-functional group approach Comunidade incrustante em Macae, Rio de Janeiro uma abordagem morfo-funcional

Curiel, D.; Rismondo, A.; Scattolin, M.; Marzocchi, M., 1999:
Fouling community in the urban channels of the city of Venice Dati preliminari sulla comunita fouling dei canali del centro storico Veneziano

Zalmon, I.Rosental, 2003:
Fouling community on differrent substrates of an artificial reef on the northern coast of Rio de Janeiro state Comunidade incrustante em diferentes matariais de um recife artificial no litoral norte do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Botnen, H.B.; Heggoy, E.; Vassenden, G.; Johansen, P.-Otto.; Johannessen, P., 2004:
Fouling plates - a possible collection method for introduced marine species Begroingsplater - mulig innsamlingsmetode for introduserte marine arter

Raveendran, TV. de Souza, AP.; Wagh, AB., 1990:
Fouling polyzoans of Bombay offshore waters

Kazus, Joost., 2004:
Found lost 4 New species of fish in fishing nets Gevonden verloren 4 Nieuwe vissoorten bij de vleet

Kazus, Joost., 2004:
Found and lost 1 Two whales, a thylacine and a solenodon Gevonden en verloren 1 Twee walvissen, een buidelwolf en een solenodon

Kazus, Joost., 2005:
Found and lost 11 The soap opera concerning a woodpecker better no species than a wrong species Gevonden Verloren 11 de soap rondom een specht beter geen soort dan een verkeerde soort

Kazus, Joost., 2005:
Found and lost 8 The sea as an endless source of new species Gevonden verloren 8 De zee als eindeloze bron van nieuwe soorten

Kazus, Joost., 2005:
Found and lost 9 the privileged birdwatcher Gevonden en verloren 9 de bevoorrechte vogelaar

de Vries, Henk., 2002:
Found for the first time caterpillars of the large heath butterfly Voor het eerst rupsen van het veehooibeestje gevonden Zoektocht in het veen

Baguena, G.; Sanchez-Castilla, E., 2006:
Foundation for the Conservation of Lammergeiers has developed a Life Project centred on the species Objective - recolonization of Picos de Europa La Fundacion para la Conservacion del Quebrantahuesos ha desarrollado un proyecto Life centrado en la especie Objetivo, recolonizar los Picos de Europa

Tittel, Roland., 2004:
Foundation of the German Ornithological Society DO-G 150 years ago Vor 150 Jahren tagte die Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft DO-G in Gotha

Ledge, K.-Dieter.; Strasser, P., 2003:
Foundation, objectives and activities of the association Freunde der Meissner Wuerfelnatter e V Gruendung, Zielstellung und Aktivitaeten des Foerdervereins Freunde der Meissner Wuerfelnatter e V

Orlov, Y.A., 1963:
Foundations and results of investigations in vertebrate palaeontology in the USSR

Gekker, R.J., 1964:
Foundations of palaeontology 10 Echinodermata, Hemichordata, Pogonophora, Chaetognatha

Sattmann, H., 2002:
Foundations of systematic helminthology in Austria Anfaenge der systematischen Helminthologie in Osterreich

Beklemishev, V.N., 1964:
Foundations of the comparative anatomy of invertebrates Promorphology

Baisch, G.; Beshkov, S.V.; Gelbrecht, J.; Hacker, H.; Huber, K.; Kallies, A.; Kautt, P.; Lobel, H.; Lehmann, L.; Petersen, M., 1998:
Foundations of the noctuid fauna of Turkey, with an overview of all the known Noctuoidea of Turkey Lepidoptera Bausteine zur Fauna der Noctuoidea der Turkei, mit einer Ubersicht aller in der Turkei bisher beobachteten Noctuoidea Lepidoptera

Strzelec, M.; Serafinski, W., 1997:
Founder effect and its role in nature Efekt zalozyciela i jego rola w przyrodzie

DeSalle, R.; Templeton, AR., 1988:
Founder effects and the rate of mitochondrial dna evolution in hawaiian drosophila

Anonymous., 1997:
Founder members of the Brazilian Association of Biological Taxonomy Socios fundadores da Associacao Brasileira de Taxonomia Biologica

Jungbluth, Juergen H., 2001:
Founding of the Malacological Study Group Conservational Mapping of Molluscs in Northrhine-Westphalia Gruendung des Malakologischen Arbeitskreises Kartierung zum Schutz der Mollusken in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Lintzmeyer, Klaus., 2000:
Founding of the Society for the Protection of the Mountains 100 years ago - one of the important markers of the 200 year history of German conservation Gruendung des Vereins zum Schutz der Bergwelt eV vor 100 Jahren - eine der wichtigen Wegmarken der 200-jaerhigen deutschen Naturschutzgeschichte

Mintzer, A., 1990:
Foundress female weight and cooperative foundation in Atta leaf-cutting ants

Lill, Karsten., 2002:
Four anthropochorous slug species in the industrially dominated northern city of Magdeburg Two first records for Sachsen-Anhalt Gastropoda Stylommatophora Agriolimacidae, Milacidae Vier synanthrope Nacktschneckenarten im industriell gepraegten noerdlichen Stadtgebiet von Magdeburg Zwei Erstnachweise fuer Sachsen-Anhalt Gastropoda Stylommatophora Agriolimacidae et Milacidae

Erdmann, Guenter., 2003:
Four breeding bird population censuses over a period of 43 years in the Elster Pleisse lowland forest in Leipzig Vier Brutvogelbestandsaufnahmen ueber einem Zeitraum von 43 Jahren im Elster-Pleisse-Auwald in Leipzig

Novotny, Karel., 1994:
Four breeding of kingfisher Alcedo atthis in one breeding season Ctyri hnizdeni lednacka ricniho Alcedo atthis v jedine sezone

Pourignaux, F., 2007:
Four cases of death by accidental hanging of the Great Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo in the Meuse region 2005-2006 Quatre cas de mortalite par pendaison accidentelle du Grand Cormoran Phalacrocorax carbo dans un dortoir de Meuse en 2005-06

Serafinski, W.; Michalik-Kucharz, A.; Strzelec, M., 2000:
Four centuries of investigations on recent malacofauna of Silesia Cztery wieki badan wspolczesnej malakofauny Slaska

Heller, Friedrich R., 1996:
Four cicada new to Germany Megadelphax haglundi J Sahlbg, Arboridia erecta Rib 1931, Fruticidia sanguinosa Rey 1891 and Recilia horvathi Then 1896 Homoptera Auchenorrhyncha Vier fur Deutschland neue Zikaden Megadelphax haglundi J Sahlbg, Arboridia erecta Rib 1931, Fruticidia sanguinosa Rey 1891 und Recilia horvathi Then 1896 Homoptera Auchenorrhyncha

Houillon, Charles., 2001:
Four decades of embryological experimentation with salamanders Amphibia, Urodela Quatre decennies dexperimentation embryologique chez les Amphibiens Urodeles

Stubbe, M.; Stubbe, A.; Samjaa, R.; Wesche, K., 2005:
Four decades of successful scientific cooperation between the Halle and Ulan-Bator universities Vier Jahrzehnte erfolgreicher Wissenschaftskooperation der Universitaeten Halle und Ulan-Bator

Weidner, Thomas., 2001:
Four finds of trilobites of the family Pterocephaliidae from the Upper Cambrian of Sweden in deposits from Denmark Vier Funde von Trilobiten der Familie Pterocephaliidae aus dem Oberkambrium Schwedens in Geschieben aus Daenemark

Landry, Bernard., 1999:
Four first records of Lepidoptera for the province of Quebec Opostegidae, Gelechiidae and Tortricidae Quatre premieres mentions de lepidopteres pour la province de Quebec Opostegidae, Gelechiidae et Tortricidae

Chantal, Claude., 1998:
Four first records of weevils Coleoptera Curculionidae for Quebec Quatre premieres mentions de charancons Coleoptera Curculionidae pour le Quebec

Schorr, Karl., 2000:
Four further records of the northern bat Eptesicus nilssonii Keyserling Blasius, 1839 in the Rhinehesse-Palatinate area Rhineland-Palatinate Vier weitere Detektornachweise der Nordfledermaus Eptesicus nilssonii Keyserling Blasius, 1839 im Raum Rheinhessen-Pfalz Rheinland-Pfalz

Lentenois, Philippe., 1998:
Four gynandromorph Lepidoptera from south-eastern France Quatre lepidopteres gynandromorphes du sud-est de la France

Aguin Pombo, D., 2001:
Four leafhoppers of the subfamily Typhlocybinae Homoptera, Cicadellidae new to the Spanish fauna Cuatro cigarrillas de la subfamilia Typhlocybinae Homoptera, Cicadellidae nuevas para la fauna Espanola

Horsthemke, Hans., 2004:
Four little known brackish water fish Vier wenig bekannte Brackwasserfische

Horsthemke, Hans., 2004:
Four little known brackish water fishes Vier wenig bekannte Brackwasserfische

Calvo Sanchez, F., 2003:
Four longhorn beetles new for Castilla y Leon Coleoptera Cerambycidae Cuatro cerambicidos nuevos para Castilla y Leon Coleoptera Cerambycidae

Nogge, Gunther., 1996:
Four million years of man Vier Millionen Jahre Mensch

Morrone, J.J.; Bousquets, J.L.orente., 2002:
Four myths concerning cladistics Cuatro mitos acerca de la cladistica

Lisetzkaya, LF., 1974:
Four nematode species on herbs first found in the Soviet Union

Kleinfeld, Frank., 2000:
Four new Carabus Apotomopterus species from the southern parts of the province of Yunnan, China Coleoptera Carabidae, Carabini Vier neue Carabus Apotomopterus Arten aus dem Sueden der Provinz Yunnan, China Coleoptera Carabidae, Carabini

Deuve, T.; Mouzine, S., 2003:
Four new Carabus of western China Coleoptera, Carabidae Quatre nouveaux Carabus de Chine occidentale Coleoptera, Carabidae

Lehrer, Andy Z., 1998:
Four new Mediterranean species from Sarcophaginae and some critical adjacent comments Diptera, Sarcophagidae Quatre especes mediterraneennes nouvelles de Sarcophaginae et quelques commentaires critiques adjacentes Diptera, Sarcophagidae

Rezbanyai-Reser, L., 1997:
Four new Oligia species, pseudodubia NW Caucasus, turcia Turkey, suleiman and vandarban North Iran Lepidoptera Noctuidae Vier neue Oligia-Arten, pseudodubia NW-Kaukasus und turcia Turkei, sowie suleiman und vandarban Nord-Iran Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Moulet, Pierre., 2001:
Four new Oncocephalus Klug, 1830 and description of the macropterous form of O pennatulus Heteroptera, Reduviidae, Stenopodainae Quatre Oncocephalus Klug, 1830 nouveaux et description de la forme macroptere de O pennatulus Heteroptera, Reduviidae, Stenopodainae

Lackerbeck, Konrad., 2000:
Four new Prioninae Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Vier neue Prioninae Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

Herbulot, Claude., 1998:
Four new Zamarada Lepidoptera Geometridae Quatre nouveaux Zamarada Lepidoptera Geometridae

L.Xuan Hue., 2001:
Four new egg parasite species of the genus Sparasion Latreille 1802 Hymenoptera, Scelionidae from Vietnam Bon loai ong ky sinh moi thuoc giong Sparasion Latreille, 1802 Hymenoptera, Scelionidae o Viet Nam

Pereira, E.; Salotti, M.; Bonifay, M.-Francoise, 2001:
Four new endemic mammals Canidae, Cervidae, Mustelidae of the Middle Pleistocene of Corsica Quatre nouveaux mammiferes endemiques Canidae, Cervidae, Mustelidae du Pleistocene moyen de Corse

Niehuis, M., 2001:
Four new jewel beetles of the genus Sphenoptera from North Africa and the Near East with an identification key for small chilostethoid species Coleoptera Buprestidae Vier neue Prachtkaeferarten des Genus Sphenoptera aus Nordafrika und dem Nahen Osten mit einem Bestimmungsschluessel fuer kleine chilostethoide Arten Coleoptera Buprestidae

Kullberg, Jaako., 2002:
Four new microlepidopteran species as new to Finland from Dragsfjard Oro in summer 2000 Depressaria albipunctella, Caryocolum blandulellum, Stenoptilia zophodactyla and Nephotettix angustella Nelja Suomelle uutta pikkuperhoslajia Dragsfjardin Oron linnakkeelta kesalla 2000 Depressaria albipunctella, Caryocolum blandulellum, Stenoptilia zophodactyla ja Nephopterix angustella

Ounap, E.; Ruben, T.; Lindt, A., 2002:
Four new noctuids Lepidoptera, Noctuidae in the Estonian fauna Neli uut oolast Lepidoptera, Noctuidae Eesti faunas

Blanco Rambla, Juan Pablo., 2000:
Four new records of species of the genus Neocallichirus Crustacea Decapoda Callianassidae for Venezuelan waters Cuatro nuevos registros de especies del genero Neocallichirus Crustacea Decapoda Callianassidae para aguas venezolanas

Hidalgo-Gato, M.M.; Rodriguez-Leon, R., 2003:
Four new reports of homopterous Homoptera Auchenorrhyncha for Cuba Cuatro nuevos registros de homopteros Homoptera Auchenorrhyncha para Cuba

Gomboc, Stanislav., 1996:
Four new representatives of the lepidopteran fauna in Slovenia Vier weitere Neufunde fur die Grossschmetterlingsfauna Sloweniens

Costa, W.J.M.; Nielsen, D.T. de Luca, A.C., 2001:
Four new rivulids of the genus Simpsonichthys Cyprinodontiformes of Sao Francisco and Pardo river basins, Brazil Quatro novos rivulideos anuais do genero Simpsonichthys Cyprinodontiformes das bacias dos rios Sao Francisco e Pardo, Brasil

Kobayashi, H., 1990:
Four new scarabaeid beetles Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae from Taiwan

Pedersen, Knud., 1998:
Four new species - and one exclusion Fire nye arter - og en udgaet

Compagnucci, L.A.; Roig-Alsina, A., 2003:
Four new species and phylogenetic analysis of Doeringiella Holmberg sensu stricto Hymenoptera, Apidae, Epeolini Cuatro nuevas especies y analisis filogenetico de Doeringiella Holmberg sensu stricto Hymenoptera, Apidae, Epeolini

Kepenekci, I.; Okten, M.; Emel., 2000:
Four new species for Nematoda fauna of the Turkey belonging to Hoplolaimidae Tylenchida Nematoda family as Rotylenchus agnetis Szczgiel 1968; Helicotylenchus crenacauda Sher, 1966; H striatus Firoza Maqbool, 1994 and Orientylus orientalis Siddiqi Husain, 1964 Turkiye nematod faunasi icin Hoplolaimidae Tylenchida Nematoda familyasina bagli dort yeni tur Rotylenchus agnetis Szczgiel 1968; Helicotylenchus crenacauda Sher, 1966; H striatus Firoza Maqbool, 1994 ve Orientylus orienta

Li, Q.; Yang, C-k., 1990:
Four new species of Ammophila Hymenoptera Sphecidae from Nei Mongol

Dechambre, Roger-Paul., 2006:
Four new species of Archophileurus Kolbe, 1910 Coleoptera, Dynastidae Quatre nouvelles especes dArchophileurus Kolbe, 1910 Coleoptera, Dynastidae

Plante, Jacques., 1998:
Four new species of Caradrininae from Arabia Lepidoptera Noctuidae Caradrininae Quatre especes nouvelles de Caradrininae dArabie Lepidoptera Noctuidae Caradrininae

Garcia, Mauricio., 2000:
Four new species of Chasmogenus Sharp, 1882 Coleoptera Hydrophilidae Hydrophilinae from Venezuela Cuatro nuevas especies de Chasmogenus Sharp, 1882 Coleoptera Hydrophilidae Hydrophilinae de Venezuela

Baehr, M., 1990:
Four new species of Leleupidiini from the Oriental region Coleoptera, Carabidae, Zuphiinae

Lecoq, Jean-Claude., 1995:
Four new species of Osoriinae from Malagasy area, from the Philippines and the Cameroon Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Quatre nouvelles especes dOsoriinae de la region malgache, des Philippines et du Cameroun Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Casalini, R.; Magnano, L., 2005:
Four new species of Otiorhynchus s str of the central-southern Appennines Insecta, Coleoptera Curculionidae Quattro nuove specie di Otiorhynchus s str dellAppennino centro-meridionale Insecta, Coleoptera Curculionidae

Dechambre, Roger-Paul., 1998:
Four new species of Phileurus Latreille, 1807 Coleoptera, Dynastidae Quatre nouvelles especes de Phileurus Latreille, 1807 Coleoptera, Dynastidae

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