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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38265

Chapter 38265 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chorik, F.P., 1968:
Free-living Infusoria in the reservoirs of Moldavia

Pauli, V.L., 1954:
Free-living Isopodes of Black Sea

Walochnik, J.; Picher, O.; Aspock, C.; Ullmann, M.; Sommer, R.; Aspock, H., 1998:
Free-living amoebae and facultatively pathogenic bacteria in hospitals syntopical occurrence and interactions of hospital-hygienic relevance Syntopes Vorkommen und humanmedizinisch relevante Interaktionen von Limax-Amoeben und Bakterien in Feuchthabitaten im Krankenhaus

Gordeeva, LM., 1973:
Free-living amoebae as causative agent of illness in man and animals

Hassl, A.; Benyr, G.; Appelt, S., 2000:
Free-living amoebas as opportunistic intestinal parasites of reptiles Freilebende Amoeben als opportunistische Darmparasiten von Reptilien

Zinner, D.; Burmann, C.G.l.; Pelaez, F., 1997:
Free-living baboons in the cork oak forests of south Spain Freilebende Paviane in den Korkeichenwaeldern Suedspaniens

Monchenko, Vladislav Ivanovich., 2003:
Free-living copepods Cyclopoida from the Ponto-Caspian Sea basin

Gagarin, VG., 1992:
Free-living freshwater nematodes of the USSR

Pastor de Ward, Catalina T., 1993:
Free-living marine nematodes of the Deseado River estuary, Santa Cruz, Argentina 13 Tripyloidina, Tripyloididae Nematodes marinos de vida libre de la Ria Deseado, Santa Cruz, Argentina 13 Tripyloidina, Tripyloididae

Belogurov, OI.; Belogurova, LS., 1992:
Free-living marine nematodes of the suborder Oncholaimina of the seas of Russian and adjacent waters a guide to determination

Mahmoudi, E.; Beyrem, H.; Aissa, P., 2003:
Free-living nematodes communities, indicators of anthropogenic degree in the Bou Ghrara lagoon Tunisia Les peuplements de Nematodes libres, indicateurs du degre danthropisation de la lagune de Bou Ghrara Tunisie

Gagarin, VG., 1993:
Free-living nematodes from the fresh waters of Russia and adjacent countries orders Monhysterida, Araeolaimida, Chromadorida, Enoplida, Mononchida

Eliava, IYa.; Eliashvili, TS., 1990:
Free-living nematodes of the family Nordiidae Dorylaimida Svobodnozhivushchie nematody semeistva Nordiidae Dorylaimida

Beyrem, H.; Aissa, P., 2000:
Free-living nematodes, bio-indicators of the evolution of hydrocarbon concentrations in the bay of Bizerta Tunisia Les nematodes libres, organismes-sentinelles de levolution des concentrations dhydrocarbures dans la baie de Bizerte Tunisie

Mercurio, M.; Corriero, G.; Scalera Liaci, L., 1997:
Free-living specimens of Geodia cydonium Jameson from a shallow environment Sulla forma non sessile di Geodia cydonium Jameson in un ambiente superficiale

Krasinski, Z.A.; Krasinska, M.; Bunevich, A.N., 1999:
Free-ranging populations of lowland European bison in the Bialowieza Forest Wolne populacje zubrow nizinnych w Puszczy Bialowieskiej

Seilacher, Adolf., 2004:
Free-riders in the Muschelkalk Trittbrettfahrer im Muschelkalkmeer

Gloe, Peter., 2002:
Free-willed diving of bathing avocets Badender Saebelschnaebler taucht freiwillig

Torres N., D.; Jorquera F., D.; Garcia R., M.; Vallejos M., V., 1996:
Freeing of seals, Arctocephalus gazella, entangled at Cape Shirreff and San Telmo islets, Livingston island, Antarctica Liberacion de lobos finos, Arctocephalus gazella, enmallados en cabo Shirreff e islotes San Telmo, isla Livingston, Antarctica

Gal'tsova, VV., 1976:
Freeliving marine nematodes as components of the meiobenthos of the Bay of Chupa in the White Sea

Doan Canh.; Nguyen V.T.anh., 2000:
Freeliving nematodes at the brackish water estuary of the Thivai River Dongnai Province Tuyen trung song tu do o vung nuoc lo cua cai mep - song Thi Vai

Velte, F., 2003:
Freewater observations off Crete on commensalism between the sting ray Dasyatis pastinaca Dasyatidae, Batoidei and some teleosts Freiwasserbeobachtungen bei Kreta zur Fressgemeinschaft zwischen dem Stechrochen Dasyatis pastinaca Dasyatidae, Batoidei und einigen Teleosteern

Velte, Frank., 2006:
Freewater observations on the coast of Crete on commensalisms between the striped mullet Mullus surmuletus and other fishes Freiwasserbeobachtungen bei Kreta zur Fressgemeinschaft zwischen der Streifenbarbe Mullus surmuletus und anderen Fischen

Boyde, A.; Barber, V.C., 1969:
Freeze-drying methods for the scanning electron-microscopical study of the protozoon Spirostomum ambiguum and the statocyst of the cephalopod mollusc Loligo vulgaris

Lupu, F., 1986:
Freeze-fracture techniques Principles, methodology, application and interpretation

Kalabukhov, N.I., 1958 :
Freezing and overcooling the organism of vertebrates

Florian, M-L., 1990:
Freezing for museum insect, pest eradication

Dupre, E.; Espinoza, C., 2004:
Freezing of spermatozoa of the scallop Argopecten purpuratus using a mechanical freezing system Congelamiento de espermatozoides del ostion del norte Argopecten purpuratus mediante congelador mecanico

Balda, RP.; Conrads, K., 1990:
Freilandbeobachtungen an Sibirischen Tannenhahern Nucifraga caryocatactes macrorhynchos 1977/78 in Bielefeld

Greve, K.A., 1915:
Freilebende Vogel im Zoologischen Garten zu Riga

Guyot, G., 2001:
French Hermanns tortoises - ecological study and perspectives La tortue dhermann francaise, etude ecologique et perspectives

Abstracts., 1996:
French Microscopy Society 1st colloquium, 24-28 June, Rennes University 1 Beaulieu campus Rennes 1996 Life sciences Communications summaries Societe Francaise des Microscopies 1er colloque, 24-28 juin, Universite de Rennes 1 Campus de Beaulieu Rennes 1996 Sciences de la vie Resumes de communications

d'Hondt, Jean-Loup., 1996:
French Polynesian bryozoans Bryozoaires marins de Polynesie francaise

Anonymous., 1994:
French Zoology Society Annual meeting 1993 Bordeaux, 5-7 July 1993 Societe Zoologique de France Journees annuelles 1993 Bordeaux, 5-7 juillet 1993

Orousset, Jean., 1996:
French coleopterological reviews Le Frelon Les revues coleopterologiques francaises 3 Le Frelon

Schricke, V.; Triplet, P.; Yesou, P., 2001:
French contribution to the knowledge of western Palaearctic water birds overwintering in the Senegal River delta Contributions Francaises a la connaissance des oiseaux deau Palearctiques hivernant dans le delta du Senegal

Cocquempot, C.; Grousset, C.; Pellegrin, D., 2007:
French distribution of Lucasianus levaillantii Lucas, 1846 and the subspecies of Icosium tomentosum Lucas, 1854 Distribution francaise de Lucasianus levaillantii Lucas, 1846 et des sous-especes dIcosium tomentosum Lucas, 1854

Bertrand, Jacques., 1996:
French fishing exploitation and marine research by IFREMER in the 37-1-2 subzone Gulf of Lions from 1990-1993 L exploitation des peches francaises et la recherche halieutique de l IFREMER dans la sous-zone 37-1-2 golfe du Lion de 1990 a 1993

Brulin, M.; Masselot, G., 2002:
French inventory of mayflies check-list in 2002 Ephemeroptera Inventaire des ephemeres de France liste des especes 1 Situation en 2002 Ephemeroptera

Brulin, Michel., 2004:
French inventory of mayflies additions in 2004 to the first check-list of 2002 Ephemeroptera Inventaire des Ephemeres de France liste des especes 2 Complements et situation en 2004 Ephemeroptera

Wagner, A., 2005:
French inventory of mayflies some new records from the Jura Mountains Ephemeroptera Inventaire des Ephemeres de France quelques citations despeces rares ou nouvelles pour le Massif du Jura Ephemeroptera

Savourey, Michel., 2002:
French lepidopterological contribution to the Mapping of European Invertebrates and preliminary work on establishing national atlases of the Natural Heritage Department The genus Erebia in France Compilation by administrative regions fourth part Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Satyrinae Contribution lepidopterologique francaise a la Cartographie des Invertebres Europeens et travail preliminaire a letablissement des atlas nationaux du Service du Patrimoine Naturel Le genre Erebia en France M

Savourey, Michel., 1997:
French lepidopterological contributions to the Mapping of European Invertebrates and preliminary work on establishing national atlases of the Natural Heritage Service The genus Erebia in France A compilation by administrative regions third part Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Satyrinae Contribution lepidopterologique francaise a la Cartographie des Invertebres Europeens et travail preliminaire a letablissement des atlas nationaux du Service du Patrimoine Naturel Le genre Erebia en France Mis

Savourey, Michel., 1996:
French lepidopterological contributions to the Mapping of European Invertebrates and preliminary work on establishing national atlases of the Natural Heritage Service The genus Erebia in France The compilation of an inventory by administrative regions second part Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Satyrinae Contribution lepidopterique francaise a la Cartographie des Invertebres Europeens et travail preliminaire a letablissment des atlas nationaux du Service du Patrimoine Naturel Le genre Erebia

Savourey, Michel., 2002:
French lepidopterous contribution to the mapping of European invertebrates and preliminary work for the establishment of a national atlas of the French Natural Heritage Service The genus Erebia in France Update by administrative regions fifth part Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Satyrinae Contribution lepidopterique francaise a la Cartographie des Invertebres Europeens et travail preliminaire a letablissement des atlas nationaux du Service du Patrimoine Naturel Le genre Erebia en France Mise

Aulagnier, Stephane., 2000:
French mammal bibliography 1998-1999 Bibliographie mammalogique francaise 1998-1999

Aulagnier, Stephane., 2002:
French mammalian bibliography 2000 - 2001 continuation Bibliographie mammalogique francaise 2000 - 2001 suite

Aulagnier, Stephane., 1996:
French mammalogical bibliography 1994-1995 continued Bibliographie mammalogique francaise 1994-1995 suite

Aulagnier, Stephane., 1996:
French mammalogical bibliography 1994-1995 Bibliographie mammalogique francaise 1994-1995

Aulagnier, Stephane., 1997:
French mammalogical bibliography 1995-1996 continued Bibliographie mammalogique francaise 1995-1996 suite

Aulagnier, Stephane., 2003:
French mammalogical bibliography 2001-2002 continued Bibliographie mammalogique francaise 2001-2002 suite

Aulagnier, Stephane., 2004:
French mammalogical bibliography 2002-2003 continued Bibliographie mammalogique Francaise 2002-2003 Suite

Aulagnier, Stephane., 2004:
French mammalogical bibliography 2002-2003 Bibliographie mammalogique francaise 2002-2003

Aulagnier, Stephane., 1997:
French mammalogy bibliography 1995 - 1996 Bibliographie mammalogique francaise 1995 - 1996

Aulagnier, Stephane., 1998:
French mammalogy bibliography 1996-1997 Bibliographie mammalogique francaise 1996-1997

Aulagnier, Stephane., 1999:
French mammalogy bibliography 1997-1998 continuation Bibliographie mammalogique francaise 1997-1998 suite

Aulagnier, Stephane., 1999:
French mammalogy bibliography 1997-1998 Bibliographie mammalogique francaise 1997-1998

Aulagnier, Stephane., 2001:
French mammalogy bibliography 1999-2000 Bibliographies mammalogique francaise 1999-2000

Aulagnier, Stephane., 2002:
French mammalogy bibliography 2000-2001 Bibliographie mammalogique francaise 2000-2001

Aulagnier, Stephane., 2000:
French mammalogy bibliography, 1998-1999 continuation Bibliographie mammalogique francaise 1998-1999 suite

Aulagnier, Stephane., 2003:
French mammalogy bibliography, 2001-2002 Bibliographie mamalogique Francaise 2001-2002

Aulagnier, Stephane., 2001:
French mammalology bibliography 1999-2000 continued Bibliographie mammalogique francaise 1999-2000 suite

Bretas Viana, Fernando Antonio., 1998:
French moult a serious problem Muda francesa un problema emergente

Laissus, Yves ., 1995:
French naturalists in South America during the 16th-19th centuries Les naturalistes francais en Amerique du Sud 16e-19e siecles

Duquet, Marc., 2004:
French news in pictures September-November 2004 Les nouvelles ornithos francaises en images Septembre-Novembre 2004

Crouzier, P.; Comite d'Homologation National., 1995:
French observations on the eastern jackdaw Corvus monedula soemmerringii an analysis by the French Rarities Committee Observations francaises du choucas des tours oriental Corvus monedula soemmerringii une enquete du Comite dHomologation National

Duquet, Marc., 2000:
French ornitholigical news December 1999 - February 2000 Nouvelles ornithologiques francaises dec 1999 - fev 2000

Bremond-Hoslet, E.; Cuisin, M.; Nicolau-Guillaumet, P., 1997:
French ornithological bibliography for 1994 Bibliographie dornithologie francaise annee 1994

Duquet, Marc., 2002:
French ornithological news in picture format January-April 2002 Les nouvelles ornithos francaises en images Janvier-avril 2002

Duquet, Marc., 2002:
French ornithological news in pictures April-June 2002 Les nouvelles ornithos francaises en images Avril-juin 2002

Duquet, M., 2004:
French ornithological news in pictures December 2003 - February 2004 Les nouvelles ornithos francaises en images Decembre 2003-Fevrier 2004

Duquet, Marc., 2000:
French ornithological news August-October 2000 Nouvelles ornithologiques francaises aout-octobre 2000

Duquet, Marc., 2000:
French ornithological news February - June 2000 Nouvelles ornithologiques francaises fevrier-Juin 2000

Duquet, Marc., 2000:
French ornithological news June-August 2000 Nouvelles ornithologiques francaises juin-aout 2000

Monillard, B., 1951:
French ornithological notes

Nicolau-Guillaumet, P.; Bremond-Hoslet, E., 2003:
French ornithology bibliography for 2000 Bibliographie dornithologie Francaise metropolitaine annee 2000

Nicolau-Guillaumet, P.; Bremond-Hoslet, E., 2004:
French ornithology bibliography for 2001 Bibliographie dornithologie francaise metropolitaine annee 2001

Nicolau-Guillaumet, P.; Bremond-Hoslet, E., 2005:
French ornithology bibliography for 2002 Bibliographie dornithologie francaise metropolitaine annee 2002

Duquet, Marc., 2003:
French ornithology news in image format October-December 2002 Les nouvelles ornithos francaise en images Octobre-decembre 2002

Dommanget, J.-Louis.; Mashaal, M., 2000:
French overseas departments and territories - an introduction Les departements et territoires dOutre-mer francais Generalites

Perret, M., 2004:
French regulations on wild pet animal shops Lencadrement reglementaire des etablissements de vente danimaux despeces non domestiques, au titre se la protection de la nature

Duquet, Marc., 2003:
French reports February-March 2003 Les nouvelles ornithos francaises en images Fevrier-Mars 2003

Duquet, Marc., 2002:
French reports September 2001 - January 2002 Les nouvelles ornithos francaises en images Septembre 2001 - janvier 2002

Duquet, Marc., 2002:
French reports September-October 2002 Les nouvelles ornithos francaises en images September-octobre 2002

Nouira, S.; Lescure, J., 1998:
French scientific names of amphibians and reptiles from Tunisia Les noms scientifiques francais des amphibiens et reptiles de Tunisie

Defaut, B., 2005:
French species and subspecies of the subgenus Pararcyptera Tarbinsky Acrididae, Gomphocerinae Les especes et sous-especes francaises du sous-genre Pararcyptera Tarbinsky Acrididae, Gomphocerinae

Denis, Bernard., 1996:
French zootechnicians and animal ethics Les zootechniciens francais et lethique animale

Zanol, Keti Maria Rocha., 2003:
Frequenamia Cicadellidae, Deltocephalinae geographical distribution, synonymical notes and descriptions of seventeen new species Frequenamia Cicadellidae, Deltocephalinae distribuicao geografica, notas sinonimicas e descricoes de dezessete novas especies

Alva, V.; Jangoux, M., 1990:
Frequence et causes presumees de la regeneration brachiale chez Amphipholis squamata Echinodermata Ophiuroidea

Huber, F.; Barros,, 2002:
Frequence of flies Diptera, Cyclorrapha with veterinary importance at the zoological garden of the federal university of Mato Grosso UFMT Brazil, 2 Frequencia de, moscas Diptera, Cyclorrapha de importancia medico veterinaria no zoologico da universidade federal de Mato Grosso UFMT, Brasil, 2

Antunes Barros, L.; Huber, F., 1999:
Frequence of flies with veterinary importance at the zoological garden of the Federal University of Mato Grosso UFMT/Brazil Frequencia de moscas Diptera, Cyclorrhapha de importancia medico veterinaria no zoologico da Universidade Federal do Mato Grosso, Brasil, 1

Temme, Manfred., 1997:
Frequencies and percentages of offshore birds, especially gannet Sula bassana and great skua Stercorarius skua off the Algarve coast, Portugal Zur Haufigkeit von Kusten- und Hochseevogeln, insbesondere von Basstolpel Sula bassana und skua Stercorarius skua, vor der Algarvekuste, Portugal

Basedow, Thies., 1998:
Frequency and biomass of earthworms Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae in soils of winter cereals of agricultural areas managed at different intensities near Kiel Schleswig-Holstein, 1990-94 Abundanz und Biomasse von Regenwurmern Oligochaeta im Boden von Wintergetreidefeldern unterschiedlich intensiv bewirtschafteter Ackerbaubetriebe im Kreis Plon, Schleswig-Holstein, 1990-94

Caldas Menezes, R.; Garcia de Mattos, D.J.; Tortelly, R., 2001:
Frequency and pathology of infeccions caused by nematodes and cestodes in free ranged reared guinea fowls Numida meleagris Linnaeus, 1758 in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Frequencia e patologia das infeccoes causadas por nematoides e cestoides em galinhas-dangola Numida meleagris Linnaeus, 1758 criadas extensivamente no estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Lehrer, AZ., 1985:
Frequency and specific occurrence of the family Tabanidae Diptera in RS Romania

de Souza Chagas, A.Caroli, 2002:
Frequency compare of the Pacycondyla obscuricornis Emery, 1890 foraging activity Hymenoptera, Formicidae in summer and winter, in field conditions Comparacao da frequencia da atividade forrageira da formiga Pachycondyla obscuricornis Emery, 1890 Hymenoptera, Formicidae no verao e no inverno, em condicoes de campo

Malison, M.; Baldacci, R.; Posenato, G.; Girolami, V., 1996:
Frequency distribution of Kampimodromus aberras Oud Acari Phytoseiidae in vineyards and optimization of the sampling methods Distribuzione di frequenza di Kampimodromus aberrans Oud Acari Phytoseiidae nei vigneti ed ottimizzazione dei metodi di campionamento

Weissgerber, R.; Gehlhaar, H., 1999:
Frequency distribution of Sylvia communis, S curruca, S borin and S atricapilla during the migration period in the Zeitz former mining landscape Haufigkeitsverteilung von Sylvia communis, S curruca, S borin und S atricapilla wahrend der Zugzeiten in der Zeitzer Tagebaufolgelandschaft

Rodriguez Gil, Luis A., 1999:
Frequency distribution, morphometric relationships and body component indices in an adult population of the harbour conch, Strombus costatus Gmelin, of the Yucatan coast, Mexico Distribucion de frequencia, relaciones morfometricas y indices de componentes del Cuerpo en una poblacion adulta del el caracol blanco, Strombus costatus Gmelin, en la Costa de Yucatan, Mexico

Alves Honorio, N.; Lourenco-de-Oliveira, R., 2001:
Frequency of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus larvae and pupae in traps, Brazil Frequencia de larvas e pupas de Aedes aegypti e Aedes albopictus em armadilhas, Brasil

Mundim, M.S.; Souza, SZ.; Hortencio, SM.; Cury, MC., 2003:
Frequency of Giardia spp for two diagnosis methods in feces of dogs Frequencia de Giardia spp por duas tecnicas de diagnostico em fezes de caes

Reichholf, Josef H., 2004:
Frequency of buzzards Buteo buteo in the first half of the year between Munich and Lindau Haeufigkeitsverteilung von Maeusebussarden Buteo buteo im Winterhalbjahr zwischen Muenchen und Lindau

Mueller, GCK.; Greiner, J.A.; Silva Filho, HH., 2005:
Frequency of intestinal parasites in felines kept in zoos Frequencia de parasitas intestinais em felinos mantidos em zoologicos

Fraticelli, Fulvio., 1999:
Frequency of morph rufipectus in Italian sparrow Passer italiae in Latium central Italy Frequenza nel Lazio del fenotipo rufipectus in passera dItalia Passer italiae

Calzada, J.; Palomares, F., 1996:
Frequency of occurrence of different rabbit remains in lynx and fox faeces Frecuencia de aparicion de diferentes restos de conejo en excrementos de lince y zorro

Lups, P.; Dauwalder, B.; Fuchs, R.; Zuber, M., 2003:
Frequency of occurrence of knots on the horns in Capra i ibex Die Zahl der Schmuckknoten beim Alpensteinbock Capra i ibex Hilfe zur Bestimmung oder Anlass zur Verwirrung?

Stefan, Krystyna., 1999:
Frequency of occurrence of potato tuber nematode in potatoes in 1974-1998 Czestosc wystepowania niszczyka ziemniaczaka w sadzeniakach ziemniaka w latach 1974-1998

Sikora, Arkadiusz., 1996:
Frequency of the lesser black-backed gull Larus fuscus wintering in Poland O czestosci zimowania mewy zoltonogiej Larus fuscus w Polsce

Higuchi, H.; Kanai, Y.; Kawakubo, N.; Koura, T.; Santanda, F.; Mizoguchi, F.; Hamaya, S., 1990:
Frequency of use of nest boxes and breeding ecology of the Ryukyu robin Erithacus komadori on Nakano-shima in the Tokara Islands

Tello, Patricia Garcia., 2002:
Frequency of vocalizations by red howler monkeys Alouatta seniculus in a terra firme forest, reserve km 41, central Amazonia, AM, Brasil Frecuencia de vocalizaciones de guariba Alouatta seniculus en una Selva de tierra-firme, Reserva Km 41, Amazonia Central, AM, Brasil

Salokannel, J.; Mattila, K.; Saarela, E.; Bagge, P.; Salmela, J.; Jarventausta, K., 2004:
Frequency scoring points and the findings of rare caddisfly species in Finland Trichoptera Suomen vesiperhosten frekvenssipisteet ja harvinaisten lajien havainnot Trichoptera

Vieira, Ivanzir., 2000:
Frequency, constancy, richness and similarity of the ichthyofauna of Curua-Una basin, Amazonia Frequencia, constancia, riqueza e similaridade da ictiofauna da bacia do rio Curua-Una, Amazonia

Rueschoff, B.; Christian, B.; Gruebner, D., 2006:
Frequent illnesses of garter snakes Haeufige Erkrankungen bei Strumpfbandnattern

Beninato, S.; Campo, G.; Carapezza, A.; Rapisarda, C., 2004:
Frequent infestations by mirids in pear orchards of eastern Sicily Ricorrenti infestazioni di Eterotteri in pereti della Sicilia orientale

Jakober, H.; Stauber, W., 1997:
Frequent losses of rectrices in red-backed shrikes Lanius collurio is it a matter of a summer moult? Hohe Steuerfederverluste beim Neuentoter Lanius collurio handelt es sich um eine sommerliche Mauser?

Karnkowski, W., 2004:
Frequent occurrence of Aphelenchoides blastophthorus Franklin, 1952 Nematoda - Phelenchoididae in imported Convallaria rhizomes Lizczne wystapienie Aphelenchoides blastophthorus Franklin, 1952 Nematoda Aphelenchoididae w importowanych klaczach knowalii

Lauterbach, Karl-Ernst., 1999:
Frequent occurrence of the black bee hoverfly Eristalis pratorum Meigen, 1822 in east Westphalia and northeast Hesse Diptera, Syrphidae Haufiges Auftreten der schwarzen Bienenschwebfliege Eristalis pratorum Meigen, 1822 in Ostwestfalen und Nordost-Hessen Diptera, Syrphidae

Steinbrink, Heinrich., 1996:
Frequent pests of food in companies, stores and houses Haufige Lebensmittelschadlinge in Betrieben, Lagern und Wohnungen

Vanhaelen, M-Th.; Jonckheere, I.; Severijns, N., 1996:
Frequent stranding occurrences of the common spider crab Maja squinado Herbst, 1788 on the Belgian west coast Talrijk aanspoelen van de grote spinkrab Maja squinado Herbst, 1788 aan de Belgische Westkust

Vieuxtemps, D.; Daulne, J.-Marie., 1996:
Frequentation of feeders by middle spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos medius Frequentation des mangeoires par le pic mar Dendrocopos medius

L.D.ean-Quenec'hdu, S.; Chepeau, Y.; Maheo, R., 1999:
Frequentation of the Guerande site by waterbirds salt pans/marsh complementarity The interest posed by the Paroisse sector Frequentation de la presquile Guerandaise par les oiseaux deau complementarite traicts/marais Interet du secteur de la Paroisse

Hirtz, M.; Combrisson, D., 2002:
Frequentation of the two most important lakes in Lorraine Madine and Lindre by the main species of waterbird Frequentation des deux plans deau Lorrains majeurs Madine et Lindre par les principales especes doiseaux deau

Balog, A.; Marko, V.; Adam, L., 2005:
Frequently occurring staphylinid species Coleoptera Staphylinidae in Hungarian apple and pear orchards Magyarorszagi alma- es korteultetvenyek gyakori holyva- Coleoptera Staphylinidae fajai

Bogatov, VV.; Zatravkin, MN., 1990:
Fresh and brackish water gastropods of the Soviet Far East

Dubrovo, I.A., 1967:
Fresh data on the Upper Pliocene fauna of the Urals

Cadee, G.C.; Daan, R. de Wolf, P., 2006:
Fresh otter shells washed up on Texel, herring gulls got there before us Verse Otterschelpen aangespoeld op Texel, zilvermeeuwen waren ons voor

Vanhaelen, Marie-Therese., 2001:
Fresh sightings of less common species of crabs on Belgian beaches in 2001 Opnieuw waarnemingen van minder algemene krabbensoorten op Belgische stranden in 2001

Vanhaelen, Marie-Therese., 2007:
Fresh specimens of Solen marginatus Pulteney, 1799 found on the West Coast in February and May 2006 Additional information Verse Solen marginatus Pulteney, 1799 in februari en mei 2006 aan de Westkust Een aanvulling

Vanhaelen, Marie-Therese., 2005:
Fresh strandings of some species of bivalves on the Belgian west coast on the increase during the winter 2004 - 2005 Verse strandingen van enkele bivalvensoorten in opmars tijdens winter 2004 - 2005 aan de Belgische Westkust

Bellstedt, Ronald., 2000:
Fresh water fauna of the brooks Nesselbach and Duerrer Floh near Schnellbach in the Thuringian Forest district Landkreis Schmalkalden-Meiningen, Germany Zur Limnofauna von Nesselbach und Duerrer Floh bei Schnellbach im Thuringer Wald Landkreis Schmalkalden-Meiningen

Dumanska-Slowik, M.; Heflik, W.; Natkaniec-Nowak, L., 2007:
Fresh water pearls from the Jangcy basin China Perly slodkowodne z dorzecza Jangcy Chiny

Mildner, Paul., 1995:
Fresh water sponges Porifera, Spongillidae from Carinthia Susswasserschwamme Porifera, Spongillidae aus Karnten

Gee, N.G., 1950:
Fresh water sponges Their collection and preservation

Everitt, B., 1975:
Fresh-water Ectoprocta distribution and ecology of five species in southeastern Louisiana

Steel, J., 1887:
Fresh-water Mollusca in the Timber-basins

Potts, E., 1885:
Fresh-water Sponges from Mexico

Stastny, Jaroslav., 1997:
Fresh-water beetles Coleoptera in the locality Na Plachte, Hradec Kralove Aquicolni brouci Coleoptera lokality Na Plachte v Hradci Kralove

Iwakawa, T., 1895:
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Freshwater electric rays Wonderful but sensitive wards Susswasserrochen Wundervolle, aber empfindliche Pfleglinge

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Freshwater fish, trout, salmon and eels

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Freshwater fishes of New Caledonia biogeographical implications of recent discoveries Les poissons deau douce de Nouvelle-Caledonie implications biogeographiques de recentes decouvertes

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Freshwater gastropods of the Danish islands Romso and Sprogo Ferskvandssnegle Gastropoda pa Romso og Sprogo

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Freshwater gastropods on the Danish island Endelave Ferskvandssnegle Gastropoda pa Endelave

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Freshwater invertebrates systematics, biology, ecology Invertebres deau douce systematique, biologie, ecologie

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Freshwater is more than power, a drink and attractive nature Ferskvann er mer enn kraft, drikke og vakker natur

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Freshwater molluscan fauna of the dam at Bekesszentandras on river Harmas-Koros SE Hungary with special regard to the new occurence of Theodoxus fluviatilis Linne 1758 A Harmas-Koros bekesszentandrasi duzzasztojanak vizi Mollusca faunaja, kulonos tekintettel a Theodoxus Th fluviatilis Linne 1758 uj elofordulasara

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Freshwater molluscs Gastropoda Bivalvia from effluent waters and gravel pits of three flowing water courses in the area of Melle Susswassermollusken Gastropoda Bivalvia in Spulsaum und Baggeraushub an drei Fliessgewassern der Elseniederung bei Melle

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Freshwater molluscs Mollusca Gastropoda et Bivalvia from Gonnersdorf/Eifel and surrounding area Susswassermollusken Mollusca Gastropoda et Bivalvia aus dem Ortsbereich und der Umgebung von Gonnersdorf/Eifel

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Freshwater molluscs in eastern Carpathian and in Pre-Carpathian in the boundary of USSR and their economic assessment

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Freshwater molluscs in selected mountain lakes of the northern limestone and central Alps in Salzburg and Upper Austria Suesswassermollusken in ausgewaehlten Gebirgseen der Kalk- und Zentralalpen Salzburgs und Oberoesterreichs

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Freshwater molluscs in the northern slopes of central Caucasus and central pre-Caucasus

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Freshwater molluscs in the watersheds of the southern Kazakhstan and their role in the distribution of the trematode infection in water-fowl

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Freshwater molluscs of the Biosphaerenreservat Spreewald Suesswassermollusken des Biosphaerenreservates Spreewald

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Freshwater molluscs of the Divichinskoi estuary as intermediate hosts of trematodes of fish

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Freshwater molluscs of the lake of serra da mesa dam, Goias, Brazil I Qualitative study Malacofauna limnica da Airea de influencia do lago da usina hidreletrica de Serra da Mesa, Goias, Brasil I Estudo qualitativo

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Freshwater molluscs of the right shore of the River Ob in the boundary of the silvan zone and their role in its productivity

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Freshwater molluscs An identification key for Germany 11th revised edition Susswassermollusken ein Bestimmungsschlussel fur die Bundesrepublik Deutschland 11 erweiterte Auflage

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Freshwater moray eels Part 1 comments on identification and occurrence Susswassermuranen Teil 1 Anmerkungen zur Identitat und zum Vorkommen

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