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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38267

Chapter 38267 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Michels, Heinz., 2004:
Fruit picking-ravens Corvus corone Obst pflueckende Rabenkraehe Corvus corone

Richard, E.; Rada, F.F.nturbel, 2006:
Fruit preference analysis in the diet of the brown brocket deer Mazama gouazoubira Fischer Mammalia, Cervidae, in a secondary yungas environment Tucuman - Argentina Analisis de las relaciones de preferencia entre frutos componentes de la dieta de la corzuela parda Mazama gouazoubira Fischer Mammalia, Cervidae, en un ambiente secundario de yungas Tucuman - Argentina

Rey, P.J.; Gutierrez, J.E., 1997:
Fruit selection and foraging behaviour of frugivourous birds in wild olive shrublands and cultivated olive groves an optimal strategy based on the benefit/handling time ratio Eleccion de fruto y conducta de alimentacion de aves frugivoras en olivares y acebuchares una estrategia optima basada en la razon beneficio/tiempo de manipulacion

Montaldo, N.H., 2005:
Fruit-eating birds of a subtropical riparian forest relic in Argentina fruit-handling methods and seed fate Aves frugivoras de un relicto de selva subtropical riberena en Argentina manipulacion de frutos y destino de la semillas

Ivannikov, AI., 1977:
Fruitflies Diptera, Tephritidae -phytophages of weed infested larkspurs in the pastures of Kazakhstan

Koch, R.; Colln, K., 1997:
Fruitflies Diptera Tephritidae from Gonnersdorf and other areas of the Daun district Contribution to the insect fauna of the Eifel villages 17 Bohr- oder Fruchtfliegen Diptera Tephritidae von Gonnersdorf und weiteren Gebieten des Landkreises Daun Beitrage zur Insektenfauna der Eifeldorfer 17

Klasa, A.; Palaczyk, A., 2004:
Fruitfly Terellia longicauda Diptera; Tephritidae and other insects living in the flowerheads of Cirsium decussatum Ocena zagrozenia ostrozenia siedmiogrodzkiego Cirsium decussatum Janka Asteraceae przez nasionnice Terellia longicauda Diptera; Tephritidae i inne owady

da Silva, J.A.tonio Moreira; Pereira Filho, M. de Oliveira-Pereira,, 2003:
Fruits and seeds consumed by tambaqui Colossoma macropomum, Cuvier, 1818 incorporated in the diets Gastrointestinal tract digestibility and transit velocity Frutos e sementes Ccnsumidos pelo tambaqui, Colossoma macrompum Cuvier, 1818 incorporados em racoes Digestibilidade e velocidade de transito pelo trato gastrointestinal

Bommer, Klaus., 2005:
Fruits of Viburnum opulus as food basis for the song thrush Turdus philomelos in mid winter 2002 in Upper Swabia Fruechte des Gemeinen Schneeballs Viburnum opulus als Nahrungsgrundlage fuer eine Singdrossel Turdus philomelos im Hochwinter 2002 in Oberschwaben

Nothdurft, Wilhelm., 2000:
Fruits of the mountain ash Sorbus aucuparia as bird food - some comments Fruechte der Eberesche Sorbus aucuparia als Vogelnahrung - einige Anmerkungen

Dommergues, J.; Meister, C.; Neige, P., 2004:
Fuciniceras capilliolusitanicum nov sp, a new ammonite species from the Lusitanian Domerian Pliensbachian, Portugal Fuciniceras capilliolusitanicum nom sp, une nouvelle espece dammonite du Domerien lusitanien Pliensbachien, Portugal

Dommergues, J.-Louis.; Meister, C.; Mouterde, R., 2002:
Fuciniceras paradoxus nov sp Harpoceratinae, Ammonitina from the Domerian of Portugal Remark about the taxonomic meaning of a paradoxical set of features Fuciniceras paradoxus nov sp Harpoceratinae, Ammonitina du Domerien portugais Reflexion sur le sens taxonomique dun assemblage paradoxal de caracteres

Cuesta, MA.; Jimenez, E.; Gil Tudanca, S., 1993:
Fuentesauco a new vertebrate deposit on the borders of the Middle Eocene-Upper Eocene, in Zamora Province Fuentesauco nuevo yacimiento de vertebrados en el limite Eoceno medio-Eoceno superior, de la provincia de Zamora

Vogel, Kurt., 1996:
Fuhlrotts doctoral thesis of 1835 Fuhlrotts Doctor-Arbeit von 1835

Knipowitsch, N.M., 1910:
Fuhrer durch das Zoologische Museum der Kais Akademie der Wissenschaften Erklarung der Sammlungen

Bumber, K.J.V.gin, L.S.; Klepinin, N.N.S.kolov, V.V., 1914:
Fuhrer durch die Krim

Anonymous,, 2004:
Fulfillment of unfilled tasks - protection of the hutia in the Caribbean Ungeloeste Aufgaben erfuellen - Schutz der Hutias in der Karibik

Nagai, S.; Porion, T., 2002:
Fulgoridae 2 Supplement 1 New Fulgoridae from South-East Asia Fulgoridae 2 Supplement 1 Nouveaux Fulgoridae dAsie du Sud-Est

Nagai, S.; Porion, T., 2004:
Fulgoridae 2 Supplement 2 New Fulgoridae from South-East Asia Fulgoridae 2 Supplement 2 Nouveaux Fulgoridae dAsie du sud-est

Rodriguez-Leon, R.; Hidalgo-Gato, M.M.; Novoa, N., 1994:
Fulgoroidea on sugar cane and border plant communities Fulgoroideos en la cana de azucar y la vegetacion sinantropica

Ernst, S.; Kunzel, M., 1994:
Fulica atra coot with thanatosis like behaviour Schreckstarre beim Blesshuhn Fulica atra

Buturlin, S.A., 1915:
Fuligula baeri Radde

P.G.I., 1906:
Fuligula glacialis im Gouv Moskau

Puzanov, I.I., 1958:
Full autobiography of Darwin

Totschek, K.; Steiner, S. von der Ohe, P., 1999:
Full day observations of the northern gannet Sula bassana Helgoland on 17th June 1998, from 330 - 000 Ganztagsbeobachtungen des Basstolpels Sula bassana Helgoland am 17 Juni 1998, von 330 - 000

Anonymous., 1990:
Full details of recoveries and controls

Anonymous., 2005:
Full members Socios de numero

Aarvak, T.; Oien, I.J.; Anker-Nilssen, T., 2005:
Full speed in pitch blackness Do storm petrels have sonar or simply good eyesight? Full fart i stummende morke Har sjosvalene sonar eller bare godt syn?

Stuebing, S.; Bauschmann, G.; Krone, O., 2006:
Fulvio is back home - flight of the griffon vulture in 2006 to Central Europe Fulvio ist wieder zu Hause - Einflug von Gaensegeiern 2006 nach Mitteleuropa

Van den Nieuwenhuizen, A., 1969:
Fun with Cichlidae 7 Cichlasoma biocellatum

Otten, Peter., 1994:
Fun with sparrows Spass an Sperlingen

Galkovskaya, K.F., 1951:
Func-tional restoration in a denervated limb in Axolod after beingx-rayed

Mosch, Eva Christine., 2004:
Function control of a new brush-fish-pass at the weir of the River Oker near Braunschweig-Rueningen Lower Saxony, Germany in the background of the EC Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC Funktionsueberpruefung eines neuartigen Buerstenfischpasses am Okerwehr Rueningen Stadt Braunschweig, Niedersachsen vor dem Hintergrund der EU-Wasserrahmenrichtlinie

Voogt, P.A. van Rheenen, J.W.A.; Capel, F.J.ling, PHuiskamp, R.; Kruithof, D.J. van der Gaag, M., 1976:
Function of asterosaponins in reproduction

Aleev, Y.G., 1957:
Function of fins and their characteristics

Sakun, O.F., 1954:
Function of genital glands in males and females of Vimba vimba in connection with the nature of spawning

Checa, A.; Jimenez, A., 2001:
Function of oblique ornamentation during the evolution of bivalves Funciones de la ornamentacion oblicua durante la evolucion de bivalvos

Dapporto, L.; Pansolli, C.; Buolay, R.; Turillazzi, S., 2004:
Function of overwintering groups in associative nest foundation of the paper wasp Polistes dominulus La funzione degli aggregati preibernanti e ibernanti nella fondazione dei nidi associativi in Polistes dominulus

Nagnan-le-Meillour, Patricia., 1998:
Function of the odorant-binding protein OBP in the olfactory tansduction Le role des proteines liant les odeurs OBP dans la transduction olfactive

Kazanski, B.N., 1951:
Function of the ovary epithelium in the adult individuals of two species of sturgeons

Poulicek, M.; Bussers, J.-Claude.; Vandewalle, P., 2002:
Functional analysis of bacterial populations associated with Scleractinians Analyse fonctionnelle des peuplements bacteriens associes aux Scleractiniaires

Radilovskaya, R.G., 1953:
Functional analysis of fingers in some mammals

Kasyanenko, V.G., 1950:
Functional analysis of joints in the posterior extremities in some mammals

Manzii, S.F., 1951:
Functional analysis of metacarpus in pig

Kasyanenko, V.G., 1950:
Functional analysis of pelvic articulations of limbs in some mammals

Kasyanenko, V.G., 1952:
Functional analysis of the foot in Ungulata

de Seixas Filho, J.T.ixeira.; Bras, J. de Moura.; Gomide, A.T.ssis de Mendonca.; Oliveira, M.G.reti de Almeida.; Donzele, J.L.pes.; Menin, E., 2001:
Functional anatomy and morphometry of the intestine of fresh water teleoste Pisces surubim Pseudoplatystoma coruscans - Agassiz, 1829 Anatomia funcional e morfometria do intestino no Teleostei Pisces de agua doce surubim Pseudoplatystoma coruscans - Agassiz, 1829

de Seixas Filho, J.T.ixeira.; Bras, J. de Moura.; Gomide, A.T.ssis de Mendonca.; Oliveira, M.G.reti de Almeida.; Donzele, J.L.pes.; Menin, E., 2000:
Functional anatomy and morphometry of the intestines and of piloric cecum of fresh water Teleoste Pisces Brycon orbignyanus Valenciennes, 1849 Anatomia funcional e morfometria dos intestinos e dos cecos piloricos do Teleostei Pisces de agua doce Brycon orbignyanus Valenciennes, 1849

de Seixas Filho, J.T.ixeira.; Bras, J. de Moura.; Gomide, A.T.ssis de Mendonca.; Oliveira, M.G.reti de Almeida.; Donzele, J.L.pes.; Menin, E., 2000:
Functional anatomy and morphometry of the intestines and of pyloric cecum of fresh water Teleoste Pisces piau Leporinus friderici, Bloch, 1794 Anatomia funcional e morfometria dos intestinos e dos cecos piloricos do Teleostei Pisces de agua Ddce piau Leporinus friderici, Bloch, 1794

Kesel, Antonia B., 1997:
Functional anatomy and physiology of the musculature of the trout Oncorhynchus mykiss Funktionelle Anatomie und Physiologie der Muskulatur der Forelle Oncorhynchus mykiss

Narchi, W.; Galvao-Bueno, M.S.rgio., 1997:
Functional anatomy of Perna perna Linne Bivalvia, Mytilidae Anatomia funcional de Perna perna Linne Bivalvia, Mytilidae

Gueron, C. de Oliveira Castro.; Narchi, W., 2000:
Functional anatomy of Protothaca Leukoma pectorina Lamarck Bivalvia, Veneridae Anatomia funcional de Protothaca Leukoma pectorina Lamarck Bivalvia, Veneridae

Desmecht, D., 1996:
Functional anatomy of respiratory muscles in mammals Les muscles respiratoires des mammiferes anatomie fonctionnelle

Garcia, I.P.schoal.; Chiavegato, L.G.nzaga., 1997:
Functional and reproductive responses of Phytoseiulus macropilis Banks, 1905 Acari Phytoseiidae to several densities of eggs of Tetranychus urticae Koch, 1836 Acari Tetranychidae Respostas funcional e reprodutiva de Phytoseiulus macropilis Banks, 1905 Acari Phytoseiidae a diferentes densidades de ovos de Tetranychus urticae Koch, 1836 Acari Tetranychidae

Spaenhoff, B.; Alecke, C.; Kaschek, N.; Lange, J.; Meyer, E.I., 2004:
Functional aspects of the ovipositor of Psychomyiidae Insecta Trichoptera Funktionelle Aspekte der Legeroehren von Psychomyiidae Insecta, Trichoptera

Barannikova, I.A.B.yunova, N.N.; Krasnodembskaya, K.D.; Saenko, I.I.; Semenkova, T.B., 1976:
Functional bases for smoltification and importance of this stage in realization of the salmon life cycle

Nessimian, Jorge Luiz., 1997:
Functional categorization of macroinvertebrates in a sand dune marsh at Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil Categorizacao funcional de macroinvertebrados de um brejo de dunas no Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Marschall, I.; Bruns, D., 2002:
Functional change and idealization of hedges in the agricultural landscape Mythos Hecke Funktionswandel und Idealisierung von Hecken in der Agrarlandschaft

Kirshenblat, Y.D., 1955:
Functional changes in the ovaries under the influence of the nervous system

Rossi, G.; Goldoni, M.; Fano, EA.; Rossi, R., 2000 :
Functional characterisation of macrozoobenthic community in a lagoon Caratterizzazione funzionale del macrozoobenthos in una laguna

Tiscar, P.G.; Narcisi, V.; Mosca, F.; Marozzi, S.; Calzetta, A.; Paradisi, A. de Sanctis, F.; Finoia, MG.; Maccarrone, M., 2006:
Functional characterization and biological actions of the endocannabinoid system in Mytilus galloprovincialis Caratterizzazione funzionale a azioni biologiche del sistema endocannabinoide in Mytilus galloprovincialis

Danilova, E.I., 1952:
Functional comparison of metatarsus and metacar-pus in some mammals

Shnkurov, A.; Sh., 1970:
Functional connection of sigmoid convolutions in the cortex of the brain with the motor activity of the stomach in dogs in the course of digestion

Champely, S.; Guinand, B.; Thioulouse, J.; Clermidy, A., 1997:
Functional data analysis of curve asymmetry with application to the color pattern of Hydropsyche contubernalis head capsule

Kesel, A.B.; Seidl, T.; Dillinger, S., 2003:
Functional deposition of resilin in the cuticle of Ixodes ricinus Acari, Ixodidae Funktionale Resilineinlagerung in der Kutikula von Ixodes ricinus Acari, Ixodidae

Simitzyna, EE., 1972:
Functional difference in the taste sensillae of flies

Fano,; Castaldelli, G.; Mistri, M.; Rossi, R., 2001:
Functional diversity of the benthic community of the Bosco della Mesola canals Diversita funzionale del comparto bentonico di canali del Bosco della Mesola

Piraino, S.; Fanelli, G., 1997:
Functional diversity, redundancy, and keystones Biodiversita funzionale, ridondanza e specie cardine

Manoha, Bruno ., 1995 :
Functional ecology of a hydroelectric reservoir Ecologie fonctionnelle dune retenue hydroelectrique

Pedrosa, Paula Machado., 2002:
Functional groups of plantation arthropods - a difference between forest open space and plateau? Grupos funcionais de artropodes de serapilheira diferem na campinarana e no plato?

Rjazanova, G.I., 1971:
Functional importance of the wing form in Odonata

Popkova, G.A., 1964:
Functional interpretation of the centres in the spinal nerve of some animals

Hampe, Oliver., 1997:
Functional interpretation of the dorsal spine and the placoid scales in the Xenacanthida Chondrichthyes Elasmobranchii; Early Permian Zur funktionellen Deutung des Dorsalstachels und der Placoidschuppen der Xenacanthida Chondrichthyes Elasmobranchii; Unterperm

Vlastov, B.V., 1959:
Functional modifications in the shape of the body in Monogononta Proalinae, Rotifera, and the phylogenetic transformations of the shape of the body in this group

Poeckl, M., 1998:
Functional morphology and anatomy of crayfish Funktionelle morphologie und anatomie der flusskrebse

Rodriguez Pieto, Inaki., 1998:
Functional morphology and feeding habits of Quetzalcoatlus Pterosauria Morfologia funcional y habitos alimentarios de Quetzalcoatlus Pterosauria

Duncker, Hans-Rainer., 1998:
Functional morphology and genetics the control of molecular evolution by the regulation of complexly related functional systems Representation by example of the evolution of avian ontogeny Funktionsmorphologie und Genetik die Steuerung der molekularbiologischen Evolution durch die Gesetzmassigkeiten der komplex verknupften Funktionssysteme, dargestellt am Beispiel der Evolution der Vogelontogenesen

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