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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38270

Chapter 38270 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Brantner, Karl., 1999:
Further observations on Gymnophrys cometa Weitere Beobachtungen an Gymnophrys cometa

Horvath, Zoltan., 2006:
Further observations on common buzzard Buteo buteo chick found in a white-tailed eagle Haliaeetus albicilla nest Ujabb adat egereszolyvfioka retisasfeszekben torteno megfigyeleserol

Thiesmeier, B.; Hornberg, C.; Mutz, T.; Henf, M., 1997:
Further observations on courtship, egg laying, and larval development in Euproctus montanus Weitere Beobachtungen zur Paarung, Eiablage und Larvalentwicklung bei Euproctus montanus

Martin, LV., 1990:
Further observations on gastrotrichs in Surrey and a provisional British list

Kristan-Tollmann, Edith., 1995:
Further observations on the Rhaetian nannofossils of the Tethys Weitere Beobachtungen an Rhatischen Nannofossilien der Tethys

Harbich, Heimo., 2004:
Further observations on the biology of Macroglossum stellatarum Lepidoptera Sphingidae Weitere Anmerkungen zur Biologie von Macroglossum stellatarum Lepidoptera Sphingidae

Mayer, Horst., 1999:
Further observations on the button-quail Weiter Beobachtungen beim Rotnacken-Laufhuehnchen

d'Hondt, J.-Loup.; Goyffon, M., 2002:
Further observations on the enzymatic polymorphism of Electra pilosa and E verticillata Cheilostomatous Bryozoa Observations complementaires sur le polymorphisme enzymatique dElectra pilosa et dE verticillata Bryozoaires Cheilostomes

Tiburskaya, N.A., 1945:
Further observations on the gamostatic effect of of plasmocide in combined treatment of malaria

Fleck, Jurgen., 1999:
Further observations on the genera Echinotriton/Tylototriton Weitere Beobachtungen an den Gattungen Echinotriton/Tylototriton

Fiorentini, L.; Cosimi, G.; Sala, A.; Leonori, I.; Palumbo, V., 1998:
Further observations on the performance of the fishing gears used for demersal stock assessment in Italy Ulteriori osservazioni sulle prestazioni delle attrezzature a strascico impiegate per la valutazione delle risorse demersali in Italia

Cattaneo, Guido., 2002:
Further observations on the short-toed eagle, Circaetus gallicus, in the western Alps Italy Ulteriori notizie sul biancone, Circaetus gallicus, sulle Alpi occidentali

Hensle, Juergen., 2002:
Further observations on the southern migration and overwintering of Vanessa atalanta Linnaeus, 1758 at Kaiserstuhl south west Germany Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae Weitere Beobachtungen zu Suedwanderung and Ueberwinterung von Vanessa atalanta Linnaeus, 1758 am Kaiserstuhl Suedwestdeutschland Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae

Karavajev, V., 1906:
Further observations on the species of the genus Antennophorus

Grimm, M.; Grimm, A., 2000:
Further observations on the tiger chamaeleon Calumma tigris, Kuhl 1820 Weitere Beobachtungen zum Tigerchamaeleon Calumma tigris, Kuhl 1820

Temme, Manfred., 2003:
Further oiled gulls in the Algarve, Portugal, after the tanker disaster off the north west coast of Spain Wieder oelverschmierte Moewen an der Algarve, Portugal, nach Tankerunglueck vor der Nordwestkueste Spaniens

Canzoneri, S.; Rallo, G., 1996:
Further preliminary studies on Ephydridae Diptera of the islands of Majorca and Minorca and description of a new species Nuove ricerche preliminari condotte nelle Isole di Maiorca e Minorca e descrizione di una nuova specie Diptera, Ephydridae

Flechtner, Gunter., 2000:
Further primary forest species rediscovered in the Frankfurt municipal forest Coleoptera Weitere Urwaldrelikte im Frankfurter Stadtwald wiederentdeckt Coleoptera

Aistleitner, U.; Pollini, M., 2004:
Further records of Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898, from south Switzerland and Upper Italy Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Weitere Meldungen von Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898, aus der Suedschweiz und Oberitalien Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Berthold, E.; Kaiser, I., 2004:
Further records of Crangonyx pseudogracilis and Chelicorophium robustum Amphipoda in the river Main Weitere Funde von Crangonyx pseudogracilis and Chelicorophium robustum Amphipoda im Main

Rezbanyai-Reser, L., 1997:
Further records of Eilema pseudocomplana Daniel, 1939 from Valais, Switzerland Lepidoptera Arctiidae Weitere Walliser Fundorte von Eilema pseudocomplana Daniel, 1939 Lepidoptera Arctiidae

Niehuis, Manfred., 1995:
Further records of Eresus niger, Mantis religiosa and Tibicina haematodes in Rhineland-Palatinate Weitere Nachweise von Rohrenspinne Eresus niger, Gottesanbeterin Mantis religiosa und Blutaderzikade Tibicina haematodes in Rheinland-Pfalz

Heckford, RJ., 1990:
Further records of Eulamprotes phaeella Heckford Langmaid Lepidoptera Gelechiidae

Malkmus, Rudolf., 2002:
Further records of Macromia splendens Pictet in Portugal Anisoptera Corduliidae Weitere Funde von Macromia splendens Pictet in Portugal Anisoptera Corduliidae

Kappes, Heike., 1999 :
Further records of Microplana terrestris Tricladida Terricola from the Eifel Weitere Funde von Microplana terrestris Tricladida Terricola aus der Eifel

Jager, Peter., 1998:
Further records of Nesticus eremita Araneae Nesticidae in southern Germany with comments on its taxonomy in comparison with N cellulanus Weitere Funde von Nesticus eremita Araneae Nesticidae in Suddeutschland mit Angaben zur Taxonomie im Vergleich zu N cellulanus

Nakano, K., 1990:
Further records of Nyssiodes lufuarius Eischoff Geometridae from Teradomari, Niigata Prefecture

Hillert, Oliver., 1998:
Further records of Onthophagus semicornis Panzer, 1798 from east Germany Col, Scarabaeidae Weitere Nachweise von Onthophagus semicornis Panzer, 1798 aus dem Osten Deutschlands Col, Scarabaeidae

Burckhardt, D.; Kofler, A., 2004:
Further records of Psylloidea from eastern Tyrol, Carinthia and Burgenland Weitere Funde von Blattfloehen aus Osttirol, Kaernten und dem Burgenland Oesterreich Insecta Hemiptera, Psylloidea

Cervello, A.; Dantart, J.; Xaus, A., 2002:
Further records of Streblote panda Huebner, 1820 Lepidoptera Lasiocampidae in Catalonia, and update of its distribution throughout the Iberian Peninsula Noves localitzacions de Streblote panda Huebner, 1820 Lepidoptera Lasiocampidae a Catalunya i actualitzacion de la seva distribucio a la Peninsula Iberica

Helm, C.; Solcher, J., 1999:
Further records of Upper Jurassic corals Thamnasteria concinna and Isastrea sp from Quaternary sediments of Lower Saxony Weitere Funde oberjurassischer Korallen Thamnasteria concinna und Isastrea sp aus quartaren Ablagerungen von Niedersachsen

Moravec, J.; Dvorak, L., 2000:
Further records of a carabid beetle Amara nigricornis Coleoptera Carabidae from Bohemian Forest Dalsi nalezy strevlika Amara nigricornis Coleoptera Carabidae na Sumave

Rettig, Klaus., 2003:
Further records of hummingbird hawk moths and convolvulus hawk moths from the 2003 influx of the century in East Frisia Weitere Nachweise von Taubenschwaenzchen und Windenschwaermern aus dem Jahrhundert-Einflug 2003 in Ostfriesland

Sartori, M.; Gillies, MT., 1990:
Further records of mayflies Insecta Ephemeroptera from the Arabian Peninsula Leptophlebiidae and Baetidae

Marini, M.A.gelo.; Pereira, M. de Fatima. de Oliveira, G.M.ria. de Melo, C., 1997:
Further records of nests and eggs of three bird species from central Brazil Novos registros de ninhos e ovos de tres especies de aves do Brasil central

Kittel, Klaus., 1996:
Further records of the Asian clam Corbicula fluminea OF Muller 1774 in the Lower Main of Bavaria Bivalvia Corbiculidae Weitere Funde der Korbchenmuschel Corbicula fluminea OF Muller 1774 im bayerischen Untermain Bivalvia Corbiculidae

Blohm, T.; Heise, G., 1996:
Further records of the Scilly shrew Crocidura suavolens in the northern Uckermark Weitere Funde der Gartenspitzmaus Crocidura suaveolens in der nordlichen Uckermark

Niehuis, M.; Lang, W.; Schneider, H.-Juergen., 2000:
Further records of the bee eater Merops apiaster and isolated records of notable birds species in the Palatinate Weitere Nachweise des Bienenfressers Merops apiaster und Streufunde bemerkenswerter Vogelarten in der Pfalz

Stevens, M., 2003:
Further records of the harvestman Ischyropsalis hellwigi Panzer, 1794 Opiliones Ischyropsalididae in the region Niederbergisches Land Weitere Vorkommen des Schneckenkankers Ischyropsalis hellwigi Panzer, 1794 Opiliones Ischyropsalididae im Niederbergischen Land

Schlumprecht, Helmut., 1994:
Further records of the large saw-tailed bush cricket Polysarcus denticauda in south Thuringia Weitere Nachweise der Wantschrecke Polysarcus denticauda in Sudthuringen

Schmidt, Guenter., 2004:
Further records of the occurrence of the species of the genus Phlogius in West Papua Araneae Theraphosidae Selenocosmiinae Weitere Beweise fuer das Vorkommen von Arten der Gattung Phlogius in Westpapua Araneae Theraphosidae Selenocosmiinae

Katzer, Bernd., 1996:
Further records of the red-breasted flycatcher Ficedula ficedula in the Dresden area Weitere Brutnachweise des Zwergschnappers Ficedula parva in der Umgebung von Dresden

Fiebig, J.; Schultz, W., 1996:
Further records of the white toothed shrew Crocidura russula for Brandenburg Weitere Hausspitzmaus-Nachweise Crocidura russula fur Brandenburg

Thiede, Walther., 2006:
Further records of unusual nest material of the mistle thrush Turdus viscivorus Weitere Nachweise ungewohnten Nistmaterials bei der Misteldrossel Turdus viscivorus

Mineo, G.; Sinacori, A.; Mineo, N., 2003:
Further records on Hymenoptera parasitoids of leafminers infesting cultivations, spontaneous or ornamental plants Reperti su Imenotteri parassitoidi di fillominatori infestanti specie botaniche spontanee ed ornamentali II Nota

Rieger, Christian., 1997:
Further records on faunistic and systematic of some bugs in Baden-Wurttemberg, SW-Germany Insecta, Heteroptera 2 Erganzungen zur Faunistik und Systematik einiger Wanzen in Baden-Wurttemberg Insecta, Heteroptera 2

Rettig, Klaus., 1998:
Further recoveries of ringed birds in Emden Weitere bei Emden aufgefundene Ringvogel

Gallup, G.G.; Jr.; Povinelli, D.J.; Suarez, S.D.; Anderson, J.R.; Lethmate, J.; Menzel, E.W.; Jr., 1995:
Further reflections on self-recognition in primates

Geissen, Hans-Peter., 2001:
Further remarks on fruits and songbirds Weitere Bemerkungen zu Fruechten und Singvoegeln

Oliva, O., 1960:
Further remarks on the European sculpins Cottus Linnaeus, Cottidae, Osteichthyes

Zettler, Michael L., 2000:
Further remarks on the morphology of Unio crassus Philipsson 1788 of the Scandinavian glacial area Bivalvia Unionidae Weitere Bemerkungen zur Morphologie von Unio crassus Philipsson 1788 aus dem nordeuropaeischen Vereisungsgebiet Bivalvia Unionidae

Kappes, H.; Coelln, K., 2002:
Further reports on the gastropod fauna of the floodplain of the River Kyll at Goennersdorf county of Daun/Eifel, Germany Nachtraege zur Gastropodenfauna der Kyll-Aue Goennersdorfs Kr Daun/Eifel

Ruckert-Ulkumen, Neriman., 1996:
Further reports on the otolith material from Avcilar, western Kucukcekmece Lake Thrace, Turkey Weitere Beitrage zur Otolithenfauna von Avcilar W Kucukcekmece See Thrakien, Turkei

Sani, L.; Rongoni, A.; Alessio, G., 1999:
Further researches on the fish fauna and its possible implications in the eutrophication of the Massaciuccoli lake Tuscany Ulteriori indagini sullittiofauna, con eventuali implicazioni eutrofiche, nel lago di Massaciuccoli Toscana

Nogradi, S.; Uherkovich, A., 1998:
Further results of the studies on the caddisflies Trichoptera of Drava river and environments in the Duna-Drava National Park, southwest Hungary Ujabb eredmenyek a Duna-Drava Nemzeti Park Drava menti teruletei tegzes Trichoptera faunajanak kutatasaban

Paukstadt, U.; Paukstadt, L.H., 2007:
Further results on our studies of the wild silkmoths of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Sumatra Island, Indonesia Lepidoptera Saturniidae Weitere Erkenntnisse zu den Saturniiden von Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Insel Sumatra, Indonesien Lepidoptera Saturniidae

Riemann, Helmut., 1999:
Further results on sand-pit-Aculeata-fauna of Lower Saxony Weitere Nachweise und Betrachtungen zur Aculeatenfauna niedersaechsischer Sandgruben Hymenoptera Aculeata

Dreesmann, Carolin., 1996:
Further results on the skylark Alauda arvensis abundance in the cultivated areas of southern Lower Saxony Sudniedersachsen, Germany Neue Ergebnisse zur Siedlungsdichte der Feldlerche Alauda arvensis im Agrarland von Sudniedersachsen

Rettig, Klaus., 1995:
Further ringing recoveries in Emden Weitere bei Emden aufgefundene Ringvogel

Gonzalez, JE.; Barrios, LA.; Vallejo, GA.; Marinkelle, CJ.; Guhl, F., 1996:
Further sources of lectins for differentiation between Trypanosoma cruzi and T rangeli Nuevas fuentes de lectinas para la diferenciacion entre Trypanosoma cruzi y T rangeli

Wendt, Hella., 1997:
Further studies of diversity and taxonomy of the seed beetle genus Spermophagus Schoenherr in the Afrotropical Region Chrysomeloidea; Bruchidae, Amblycerinae Weitere Untersuchungen zu Diversitat und Taxonomie der Samenkafer-Gattung Spermophagus Schoenherr in der Afrotropischen Region Chrysomeloidea; Bruchidae, Amblycerinae

Sawada, I.; Koyasu, K., 1990:
Further studies on cestodes from Japanese shrews

Krishna, S.S., 1958:
Further studies on digestion of food in the gut of Trogoderma larva I Digestive enzymes-carbohydrases

Eitschberger, Ulf., 2004:
Further studies on the genus Psilogramma Rothschild Jordan, 1903 Lepidoptera, Sphingidae Weitere Studien an der Gattung Psilogramma Rothschild Jordan, 1903 Lepidoptera, Sphingidae

Mukai, H., 1990:
Further studies on the growth and sex differentiation in four species of freshwater sponges

Zaher, MM.; Abo-Taira, AM.; Abdeen, AM., 1990:
Further studies on the ophidian cranial osteology the skull of the boid snake Eryx thebaicus 1 The cranium A - The median dorsal bones, bones of the upper jaw, circumorbital series and occipital ring

Zaher, MM.; Abdeen, AM.; Abo-Taira, AM., 1990:
Further studies on the ophidian cranial osteology the skull of the boid snake Eryx thebaicus 1 The cranium B The optic capsule, palate and temporal bones

Zaher, MM.; Abo-Taira, AM.; Abdeen, AM., 1990:
Further studies on the ophidian cranial osteology the skull of the boid snake Eryx thebaicus 2 The lower jaw and hyoid apparatus

Grummt, Wolfgang., 1997:
Further successful breeding of African marabou storks, Leptoptilos crumeniferus Lesson, 1831 in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde zoo Weitere erfolgreiche Nachzuchten des Afrikanischen Marabus, Leptoptilos crumeniferus Lesson, 1831, im Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde

Grummt, Wolfgang., 1996:
Further successful breeding of the goliath heron Ardea goliath in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde Zoo Weitere erfolgreiche Bruten des Riesenreihers Ardea goliath im Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde

Schacht, W., 2004:
Further supplements and corrections to Zweiflugler aus Bayern Diptera Mycetobiidae, Anisopodidae, Keroplatidae, Hilarimorphidae, Pseudopomyzidae, Clusiidae, Sciomyzidae, Drosophilidae, Scatophagidae, Tachinidae Weitere Nachtraege und Korrekturen zu Zweiflugler aus Bayern Diptera Mycetobiidae, Anisopodidae, Keroplatidae, Hilarimorphidae, Pseudopomyzidae, Clusiidae, Sciomyzidae, Drosophilidae, Scatophagidae, Tachinidae

Gerstberger, Manfred., 2002:
Further supplements to the Microlepidoptera fauna of Berlin and Brandenburg Lepidoptera II Weitere Ergaenzungen zur Kleinschmetterlingsfauna der Laender Berlin und Brandenburg Lepidoptera II

Tschorsnig, H.-Peter.; Niehuis, M., 2001:
Further tachinids Diptera Tachinidae from the Rossstein near Doerscheid Rhineland-Palatinate Weitere Raupenfliegen Diptera Tachinidae vom Rossstein bei Doerscheid Rheinland-Pfalz

Lemberk, V.; Hanak, F., 2003:
Further taxidermist documents of passenger pigeon Ectopistes migratorius in the Czech Republic Dalsi taxidermicke doklady holuba stehovaveho Ectopistes migratorius v Ceske republice

Brix, Manfred., 1999:
Further thoughts on bird song imitation Weitere Gedanken zu Vogelruf-Imitationen

Gemel, Richard., 2002:
Further turtle fragments from the Karpatian of the Korneuburg Basin Lower Miocene, Lower Austria Weitere Schildkrotenreste aus dem Karpatium des Korneuburger Beckens Untermiozan; Niederosterreich

Sommerlad, Rolf., 1998:
Further wait for breeding of the false gavial Tomistoma schlegelii Nachzuchten beim Sunda-Gavial Tomistoma schlegelii lassen weiter auf sich warten

Becker, Peter., 1998:
Further winter observations from Albufera and surroundings Mallorca Weitere Winterbeobachtungen aus der Albufera und ihrer Umgebung Mallorca

Mascia, Francesco., 1999:
Further winter presence of house martin in Sardinia Ulteriore presenza invernale di balestruccio Delichon urbica in Sardegna

Bender, Carolin., 2001:
Furtherance of the photo documentation project Weiterfuehrung des Projekts Fotodokumentation

Ballarin, L.; Minelli, A., 2001:
Furtunato Luigi Naccaris letters to Luigi Ramello on the subject of natural history collections 1820; 1830-31 Le lettere di Fortunato Luigi Naccari a Luigi Ramello in tema di raccolte naturalistiche 1820; 1830-31

Bogdanowicz, W.; Ruprecht, AL., 1990:
Fused lower molars in Brandts bat, Myotis brandti Eversmann, 1845

Villa, E.; Escuder, J. van Ginkel, A.C., 1996:
Fusulinaceans and age of the Carboniferous outcrops of Puig Moreno Iberian Chains, Teruel, Spain Fusulinaceos y edad de los afloramientos carboniferos de Puig Moreno Cordillera Iberica, Teruel, Espana

Ramovs, Anton., 1996:
Fusulinid foraminiferans in Slovenia, the first large foraminiferans in Earths history Fuzulinidne luknjicarke v Sloveniji, prve velike foraminifere v zemeljski zgodovini

Bozovskaya, S.E., 1958:
Fusulinidae and a bio-stratigraphical analysis of the Upper Carboniferous deposits of the Samarskoi region

Rauser-Cernousova, D., 1937:
Fusulinidae and the stratigraphy of the upper carboniferous and Artin layers of tho western slopes of the Urals

Volozhanina, P.P., 1962:
Fusulinidae from the upper Carboniferous of the Timan-Pechorsk province

Grosdilova, L.P., 1938:
Fusulinidae of oilbearing limestones of Ishimbaevo district Ural

Vachard, D.; Flores de Dios, A.; Pantoja, J.; Buitron, B.E.tela.; Arellano, J.; Grajales, M., 2000:
Fusulinids from Mexico, a biostratigraphical and paleogeographical review Les fusulines du Mexique, une revue biostratigraphique et paleogeographique

Rozovskaya, S.E., 1963:
Fusulinids from the Bufck Mountains, north Hungary

Bozzetti, L., 2004:
Fusus simonis sp n Gastropoda, Buccinidae from southern Madagascar Fusus simonis sp n Gastropoda, Buccinidae dal Madagascar Meridionale

Schwarz, M.; Gusenleitner, F.; Kopf, T., 2005:
Futher details on the bee fauna of Austria with description of a new Osmia species Prestudy to a complete revision of the bees of Austria VIII Hymenoptera, Apidae Weitere Angaben zur Bienenfauna Oesterreichs sowie Beschreibung einer neuen Osmia-Art Vorstudie zu einer Gesamtbearbeitung der Bienen Oesterreichs VIII Hymenoptera, Apidae

Kacirek, Antonin., 2003:
Futher finding of Penthophera morio L Lepidoptera, Lymantriidae in Eastern Bohemia Dalsi nalez smutnika jilkoveho - Penthophera morio L Lepidoptera, Lymantriidae ve vychodnich Cechach

Wiese, V.; Hartmann, J., 2001:
Futher introduced inland molluss on Helgoland Weitere eringeschleppte Binnenmollusken auf Helgoland

Brack, M.; Fooke, M.; Wirth, H.; Fuchs, E., 1990:
Futtermittelallergie bei Spitzornchen Tupaia belangeri

Jander, Vom Kuckuck., 1912:
Futtert die Jungen

Mitson, RB.; Holliday, DV., 1990:
Future developments in fisheries acoustics

Munson, LL., 1990:
Future directions for zoological pathology

Krasnegor, NA.; Bridges, RS., 1990:
Future directions in research on mammalian parenting

Kurstjens, Gijs., 2002:
Future for the beavers in Limburg Zukunft fuer den Biber in Limburg

Peterlin, Stane., 2002:
Future landscape park Radensko polje Bodoci krajinski park Radensko polje

Barre, V.; Bigan, M.; Giral, J., 2000 :
Future of introduced or reintroduced plant or animal populations do they burst or collapse? From scientific knowledge to management Report on the meeting of Niederbronn-les-Bains Bas-Rhin 6-8 May 1999 Devenir des populations animales et vegetales introduites ou reintroduites declin ou proliferation? De la connaissance scientifique a la gestion Compte-rendu du colloque de Niederbronn-les-Bains Bas-Rhin 6-8 mai 1999

Strandgaard, H., 1967:
Future of red deer in Denmark A postscript to the red deer investigations finished in 1965

Veselovsky, Zdenek., 2006:
Future of zoological gardens Budoucnost zoologickych zahrad

Aure, J.; Strand, O.; Skaar, A., 2001:
Future possibilities for exploitation of marine resources in the Lysefjord Framtigide muligheter for havbruk i Lysefjorden

Schroder, Boris., 1997:
Fuzzy logic and classical statistics - a combined habitat-suitability-model for Conocephalus dorsalis Latreille, 1804 Orthoptera Tettigoniidae Fuzzy Logik und klassische Statistik - ein kombiniertes Habitateignungsmodell fur Conocephalus dorsalis Latreille, 1804 Orthoptera Tettigoniidae

Reuter, O.M., 1909:
Fynd af Acridium aegyptium, L i Helsingfors

Brander, V., 1908:
Fynd af rosenstaren i Finland

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