Gall midge fauna Cecidomyiidae, Diptera of South Tyrol 4 Gall midges of Ahrn and Taufer Valleys Zillertal Alps Die Gallmueckenfauna Diptera, Cecidomyiidae Suedtirols 4 Gallmuekken des Tauferer-Ahrntales Zillertaler Alpen

Skuhrava, M.; Skuhravy, V.

Gredleriana 5: 263-284


Accession: 038270383

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During investigations in South Tyrol in July 2003, 93 gall midge species were found at 18 localities in the Ahrntal Valley and Tauferer Valley in the Zillertal Alps at altitudes from 836 m up to 2200m a.s.l. A total of 10 species are new records for Italy (Anisostephus betulinus, Contarinia heraclei, C. inquilina, C. marchali, C. nikolayi, C. valerianae, Dasineura cardaminis, D. jaapi, Macrolabis buhri, Trotteria umbelliferartan). Additionally 7 species are new records for South Tyrol (Alto Adige) (Dasineura acrophila, D. glechomae, D. medicaginis, Kiefferia pericarpiicola, Macrolabis podagrariae, Massalongia rubra, Rhopaloinyia foliorum). The present gall midge fauna of South Tyrol includes 208 species. An annotated list of the species found in South Tyrol in 2003 is given with details of collection sites as well as biological data. The gall midges are associated with 71 host plant species. The average species number per individual locality (16 species, from 4 to 36) is relatively high. The species number decreases with increasing altitude. Cystiphora taraxaci, causing galls on leaves of Taraxacum officinale, is most abundant. It has been found at 15 localities. The majority of species were found at only one to three localities. A total of 55 species have european and 37 euro-siberian distribution, only one is holarctic. About one fifth (17 species) may be restricted to alpine and subalpine belts. Species of zoogeographical interest are: Dasineura cardaminis on Cardainine amara, Dasineura jaapi on Veronica fruticans and Contarinia valerianae on Valeriana versifolia.