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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38275

Chapter 38275 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Voynova, NV., 2004:
Genetic certification of sturgeons the practical and theoretical aspects

Jansson, H.; Ost, T., 1998:
Genetic characteristics of Atlantic salmon from the Swedish river Morrumsan Genetisk sarpragel hos lax fran Morrumsan

Reyes, A.; Callejas, C.; Roda, P.; Ochando, MD., 1996:
Genetic characterization in Ceratitis capitata associated with its fruit plant host 2 Analysis with RAPD-PCR Caracterizacion genetica en Ceratitis capitata asociada a fruto hospedador II Analisis mediante RAPD-PCR

Roda, P.; Callejas, C.; Reyes, A.; Ochando, MD., 1996:
Genetic characterization of Ceratitis captitata Wied associated with host fruits 1 Isoenzyme analysis Caracterizacion genetica en Ceratitis capitata Wied asociada a fruto hospedador 1 Analisis isoenzimatico

Sola, L.; D.I.nocentiis, S.; Gornung, E.; Papalia, S.; Rossi, AR.; Marino, G.; D.M.rco, P.; Cataudella, S., 2001:
Genetic characterization of Epinephelus marginatus Pisces, Serranidae trough cytogenetic, allozymes and microsatellites analyses Caratterizzazione genetica di Epinephelus marginatus Pisces, Serranidae analisi citogenetica, polimorfismo degli allozimi e dei microsatelliti

Nazzareno Lucarda, A.; Bargelloni, L.; Patarnello, T., 1999:
Genetic characterization of Salmo trutta marmoratus Cuvier, 1817 populations by means of nuclear markers preliminary results Genetic characterization of Salmo trutta marmoratus Cuvier, 1817 mediante luso di marcatori genetici nucleari risultati preliminari

Sola, L.; Boglione, C.; Crosetti, D.; D.I.nocentiis, S.; D.M.rco, P.; Gornung, E.; Marino, G.; Papalia, S.; Rossi, AR.; Scardi, M., 1998:
Genetic characterization of fish species interesting for aquaculture a new species, the dusky grouper, Epinephelus marginatus, and analysis of genetic variability and fingerling quality in a species commercially reproduced under controlled conditions, the European sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax Caratterizzazione genetica di specie ittiche oggetto di acquacoltura una nuova specie, la cernia bruna, Epinephelus marginatus, e analisi della variabilita genetica e qualita del novellame in una speci

Slechtova, V.; Slechta, V.; Pokorny, J., 2001:
Genetic characterization of the brown trout Salmo trutta m fario in the Sumava region Geneticka charakterizace pstruha obecneho Salmo trutta m fario v oblasti Sumavy

Relini, M.; Torchia, G.; Relini, G., 1998:
Genetic characterization, tagging and attraction trials for the future restocking of the spiny lobster Palinurus elephas Fabricius Caratterizzazione genetica e prove di marcatura e di attrazione dellaragosta comune Palinurus elephas Fabricius in vista di un ripopolamento attivo

Csanyi, S.; Ernhaft, J., 1996:
Genetic conservation of the Hungarian game population a concept A magyarorszagi vadallomany genmegorzesi koncepcioja

Fraticelli, Fulvio., 2001:
Genetic contamination of a rock dove, Columba livia, population Inquinamento genetico in una popolazione di piccione selvatico, Columba livia

Konyukhov, BV., 1990:
Genetic control of pigmentation in pelage

Failloux, A-B.; Vazeille-Falcoz, M.; Mousson, L.; Rodhain, F., 1999:
Genetic control of vectorial competence in Aedes mosquitoes Controle genetique de la competence vectorielle des moustiques du genre Aedes

Preleuthner, M.; Pinsker, W., 1999:
Genetic depletion of the alpine marmot Marmota m marmota in Austria isoenzyme analysis results Genetische Verarmung des Alpenmurmeltieres Marmota m marmota in Osterreich Befunde aus Isoenzymanalysen

Descimon, H.; Elmquist, H.; Pierrat, V., 2002:
Genetic determination of the wing pattern in Parnassius apollo L Lepidoptera Papilionidae the case of the aberration wiskotti Oberthuer Le determinisme genetique du graphisme alaire chez Parnassius apollo L Lepidoptera Papilionidae le cas de laberration wiskotti Oberthur

Guttman, SI.; Wood, TK.; Karlin, AA., 1981:
Genetic differentiation along host plant lines in the sympatric enchenopa binotata say complex homoptera membracidae

Heed, WB.; Sanchez, A.; Armengol, R.; Fontdevila, A., 1990:
Genetic differentiation among island populations and species of cactophilic Drosophila in the West Indies

Cervelli, M.; Bortolomei, E.; Libertini, A., 2006:
Genetic differentiation among populations of Orchestia montagui from Sardinian coasts Differenziazione genetica tra popolazioni di Orchestia montagui from Sardinian coasts

Chappaz, R.; Gilles, A.; Miquelis, A.; Cavalli, L.; Martin, J.-Francois., 1998:
Genetic differentiation and hybridization in cyprinid Leuciscus leuciscus Differenciation genetique et hybridation chez le cyprin Leuciscus leuciscus

Quinteiro, J.; Rey-Mendez, M., 2004:
Genetic differentiation between Galician populations of the red fox Vulpes vulpes Linnaeus 1758, based on cytochrome b sequences of mitochondrial DNA Differenciacion xenetica entre poboacions galaicas do raposo, Vulpes vulpes Linnaeus 1758, baseada nas secuencias do xen citocromo b do adn mitocondrial

Cervelli, M.; Bortolomei, E.; Bisol, PM., 2006:
Genetic differentiation in Orchestia montagui populations Comparison among Tyrrhenic and Adriatic samples Differnziazione genetic tra popolazioni di Orchestia montagui Confronto fra campioni Tirrenico-Adriatici

Gourene, B.; Agnese, J.F.ancois., 1995:
Genetic differentiation of 20 populations of Oreochromis niloticus Linnaeus, 1758 Differenciation genetique de 20 populations dOreochromis niloticus Linnaeus, 1758

Volckaert, F.; Galbusera, P.; Guyomard, R., 1995:
Genetic differentiation of Clarias gariepinus Burchell, 1822 and Clarias anguillaris Linnaeus, 1758 populations Differenciation genetique des populations de Clarias gariepinus Burchell, 1822 et Clarias anguillaris Linnaeus, 1758

Hernandez, C.; Galleguillos, R.; Oyarzun, C., 2000:
Genetic differentiation of Merluccius gayi gayi and Merluccius gayi peruanus Pisces, Merlucciidae and paleogeographic antecedent of their distribution area Diferenciacion genetica de Merluccius gayi gayi y Merluccius gayi peruanus Pisces, Merlucciidae y antecedentes paleogeograficos de su area de distribucion

Pouyaud, L.; Agnese, J.F.ancois., 1995:
Genetic differentiation of Sarotherodon melanotheron Ruppell, 1853 populations Differenciation genetique des populations de Sarotherodon melanotheron Ruppell, 1853

Kruckenhauser, L.; Preleuthner, M.; Herrero, J.; Pinsker, W., 1999:
Genetic differentiation of alpine marmot Marmota marmota Rodentia, Sciuridae populations investigations by DNA-fingerprinting and microsatellite analysis Genetische Differenzierung der Populationen des Alpenmurmeltieres Marmota marmota Rodentia Sciuridae Untersuchungen mittels DNA-Fingerprinting und Mikrosatellitenanalyse

Gourene, B.; Agnese, J.F.ancois., 1995:
Genetic differentiation of populations of Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus Lacepede, 1803 Differenciation genetique des populations de Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus Lacepede, 1803

Rippa, D.; Fulgione, D.; Milone, M., 2003:
Genetic differentiation of populations of the Italian sparrow Passer italiae in relation to policies of human colonizations in Cilento Differenziazione genetica delle poplazioni di Passero Passer italiae in relazione alle direttrici di colonizzazione unamana nel Cilento

Mayer, W.; Beyerlein, P., 2001:
Genetic differentiation of the Lacerta viridis/bilineata complex and of Lacerta trilineata in Greece mitochondrial DNA sequences Genetische Differenzierung des Lacerta viridis/bilineata Komplexes und von Lacerta trilineata in Griechenland Mitochondriale DNA-sequenzen

Hanfling, B.; Klupp, R., 1997:
Genetic differentiation of the chub and the freshwater sculpin in the river mouth areas of the Rhine, the Elbe and the Danube Genetische Differenzierung des Dobels und der Muhlkoppe in den Einzugsgebieten von Rhein, Elbe und Donau

Koehn, RK.; Williams, GC., 1978:
Genetic differentiation without isolation in the american eel, anguilla rostrata 2 temporal stability of geographic patterns

Wake, DB.; Maxson, LR.; Wurst, GZ., 1978:
Genetic differentiation, albumin evolution, and their biogeographic implications in plethodontid salamanders of california and southern europe

Borba, R.D.S.; Garcia, M.S.; Kovaleski, A.; Oliveira, A.C.; Zimmer, P.D.; Castelo Branco, J.S.; Malone, G., 2005:
Genetic dissimilarity of lines of Trichogramma Westwood Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae through ISSR markers Dissimilaridade Genetica de Linhagens de Trichogramma Westwood Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae Atraves de Marcadores Moleculares ISSR

Tabachnick, WJ.; Munstermann, LE.; Powell, JR., 1979:
Genetic distinction of sympatric forms of aedes aegypti in east africa

Boato, A.; Battisti, A., 1994:
Genetic divergence and evolution within the genus Cephalcia Panzer Hymenoptera Pamphiliidae preliminary notes Note preliminari su differenziamento genetico ed evoluzione in specie del genere Cephalcia Panzer Hymenoptera Pamphiliidae

Johnson, MS.; Black, R., 1990:
Genetic divergence in venerid clams in Shark Bay, Western Australia

Astorga, M.; Galleguillos, R., 1998:
Genetic divergence of jack mackerel of genus Trachurus from northwestern and southeastern Pacific Divergencia genetica de jureles del genero Trachurus desde el Pacifico noroeste y sureste

Meagher, Shawn., 1999:
Genetic diversity and capillaria hepatica nematoda prevalence in michigan deer mouse populations

Lanteri, A.A.; Loiacono, M.S.; Margaria, C., 2002:
Genetic diversity and conservation of insects Aportes de la biologia molecular a la conservacion de los insectos

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