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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38277

Chapter 38277 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Alf, R.; Kneitz, G., 1997:
Genetic population structure of the yellow-necked mouse, Apodemus flavicollis, in an intensively used agricultural landscape in eastern Westphalia Genetische Populationsstruktur von Gelbhalsmausen, Apodemus flavicollis in einer intensiv genutzten Agrarlandschaft im ostlichen Westfalen

Altukhov, YuP., 1989:
Genetic processes in populations 2nd edition Revised and enlarged

Kaidanov, LZ., 1990:
Genetic processes through selection for adaptation of imported characteristics

Ruiz-Garcia, M.; Ruiz, S.; Alvarez, D., 1996:
Genetic profiles of domestic cat populations Felis catus from the province of Girona Catalonia, NE Spain and genetic relationships with other western-European populations Perfiles geneticos de poblaciones de gatos domesticos Felis catus de la provincia de Girona Cataluna, NE Espana y relaciones geneticas con otras poblaciones europeo-occidentales

Kawai, K.; Katayama, T.; Imabayashi, H., 2006:
Genetic relationships between chars distributed around the watershed borders n the eastern Chugoku Mountains, Japan, on the basis of RAPD analysis

Zuim, N.R.gina Borim; Zanotti-Magalhaes, E.M.ria; Magalhaes, L.A.gusto; Linhares, A.X.vier, 2005:
Genetic selection of Biomphalaria glabrata and Biomphalaria tenagophila seeking the alteration of the susceptibility and resistance to the Schistosoma mansoni Selecao genetica de Biomphalaria glabrata e Biomphalaria tenagophila visando a alteracao da suscetibilidade e resistencia ao Schistosoma mansoni

Muntzing, A., 1975:
Genetic signals in the evolution of organisms

Tomiuk, J., 1990:
Genetic stability in aphid clones and its implication for host-plant interactions

Mace, G., 1990:
Genetic status of Arabian oryx re-introduced into Oman

Roychoudhury, AK.; Acharjyo, LN., 1990:
Genetic status of white tigers at Nandankanan Biological Park, Orissa

Arculeo, M.; Sirna Terranova, M.; Maggio, T.; L.B.utto, S., 2006:
Genetic structure analysis of Sicilian populations of Merluccius merluccius Teleostei Merluccidae using microsatellites Analisi della struttura genetica di popolazioni Siciliane di Merluccius merluccius Teleostei Merluccidae attraverso luso di microsatelliti

Mariani, S.; Ketmaier, V.; Cobolli, M. de Matthaeis, E., 2001:
Genetic structure and dispersal in Mediterranean populations of Cerastoderma glaucum Bivalvia Cardiidae Strutturazione genetica e dispersione in popolazioni mediterranee di Cerastoderma glaucum Bivalvia Cardiidae

De la Cruz-Cardiel, PJ.; Elena-Rossello, JA., 1997:
Genetic structure and enzymatic variability in natural populations of spotless starling Sturnus unicolor Estructura genetica y distribucion de la variabilidad enzymatica en poblaciones naturales de estornino negro Sturnus unicolor

Fresu, L.; Castelli, A.; Casu, M.; Lardicci, C.; Maltagliati, F., 2000:
Genetic structure and gene flow in Ophelia bicornis Polychaeta, Opheliidae Analisi della struttura genetica e del flusso genico in Ophelia bicornis Polychaeta, Opheliidae

D.M.tthaeis, E.; Ketmaier, V.; Davolos, D.; Cobolli, M., 1999:
Genetic structure and pattern of genic flow in four species of amphipod talitrids of the superlittoral of the Aegean area Strutturazione genetica e pattern di flusso genico in quattro specie di anfipodi talitridi sopralitoral dellarea egea

Davolos, D.; Ketmaier, V.; Cobolli, M. de Matthaeis, E., 2002:
Genetic structure and the level of differentiation within populations and species of Orchestia Amphipoda, Talitridae of the Mediterranean Struttura genetica e livelli di differenziamento tra popolazioni e specie di Orchestia Amphipoda, Talitridae del Mediterraneo

Posso G., C.E.isa; Gonzalez O., R.; Cardenas H., H.; Tascon, R., 2006:
Genetic structure of Anopheles darlingi Root, An nuneztovari Gabaldon and An marajoara Galvao Damasceno from Colombia using RAPD-PCR Estructa genetica de Anopheles darlingi Root, An nuneztovari Gabaldon y An marajoara Galvao Damasceno de Colombia mediante RAPD-PCR

Bertozzi, F.; Virgilio, M.; Abbiati, M., 2002:
Genetic structure of Ficopomatus enigmaticus Fauvel in three brackish habitats of the Italian coasts Struttura genetica di Ficopomatus enigmaticus Fauvel in tre bacini salmastri delle coste Italiane

Makni, H.; Sellami, M.; Marrakchi, M.; Pasteur, N., 2000:
Genetic structure of Hessian flies in Tunisia Structure genetique des cecidomyies des cereales en Tunisie

Mattoccia, M.; Lorenzetti, M.; Sbordoni, V., 1998:
Genetic structure of natural populations and hatchery stocks of Penaeus japonicus and its relevance for management and production Struttura genetica in popolazioni allevate e naturali del gambero Penaeus japonicus in relazione a programmi per la gestione e la produzione

Mattoccia, M.; D.S.ntis, B.; Sbordoni, V., 1998:
Genetic structure of natural populations and hatchery stocks of clam Tapes decussatus and its relevance as to management, production and conservation Struttura genetica in popolazioni naturali ed allevate di vongole Tapes decussatus in relazione a programmi per la tutela, il ripolamento, la gestione e la produzione

Mayer, F.; Petit, E. von Helversen, O., 2002:
Genetic structure of noctule bat populations Nyctalus noctula in Europe Genetische Strukturierung von Populationen des Abendseglers Nyctalus noctula in Europa

Abbiati, M.; Novelli, S.; Santangelo, G., 1995:
Genetic structure of red coral populations from the Gulf of Lion western Mediterranean Caratterizzazione della struttura genetica delle popolazioni di corallo rosso del Golfo del Leone Mediterraneo occidentale

Liukkonen, T.; Helle, P.; Ratti, O.; Kvist, L.; Orell, M., 2004:
Genetic structure of the capercaillie Tetrao urogallus population in Finland Metsopopulaation geneettisesta rakenteesta Suomessa

Paulauskas, A.; Sruoga, A., 1993:
Genetic structure of the mallard population Anas platyrhynchos L on Lake Zhuvintas Geneticheskaya struktura populyatsii kryakvy Anas platyrhynchos L oz Zhuvintas

Fidan, A.Z.; Yalin, E.; Togan, I., 1995:
Genetic structure of trout Salmo trutta abanticus population living in Lake Abant Abant golunde yasayan kahverengi albalik Salmo trutta L toplumunun genetik yapisinin arastirilmasi

Zera, AJ., 1981:
Genetic structure of two species of waterstriders gerridae hemiptera with differing degrees of winglessness

Debout, G.; McKey, D., 2004:
Genetic structure, mating and reproductive strategies on population level in Cataulacus mckeyi Myrmicinae, a plant ant Structure genetique, apparentement et strategies reproductrices a lechelle dune population chez Cataulacus mckeyi Myrmicinae, une fourmi a plante

Herzog, S., 2000:
Genetic structures of red deer Cervus elaphus in West Germany and their significance within the framework of innovative management concepts Genetische Strukturen des Rotwildes Cervus elaphus in Westdeutschland und deren Bedeutung im Rahmen innovativer managementkonzepte

Triggs, SJ.; Daugherty, CH., 1990:
Genetic studies of New Zealand birds

Strohlein, H.; Jager, F.; Hecht, W.; Herzog, A.; Herzog, S., 1994:
Genetic studies of red deer Cervus elaphus L from Hessia, Lower Saxony, and Saxony-Anhalt Part 2 discussion of results of the isoenzymegenetics with consideration of the mitochondrial DNA haplotype distribution Genetische Studien an Rotwild Cervus elaphus, L aus Hessen, Niedersachsen und Sachsen-Anhalt Teil 2 Diskussion der ermittelten Parameter der Isoenzymgenetik unter Beachtung mitochondrialer DNS-Haplotypverteilung

Ramirez-Silva, J.Pablo, 2006:
Genetic studies on Mexican lagomorphs Estudios de genetica en los logomorfos mexicanos

Pagulayan, IF.; Darvin, DA., 1990:
Genetic studies on Radix quadrasi Pulmonata Lymnaeidae mantle pigmentation

Strohlein, H.; Herzog, S.; Herzog, A., 1994:
Genetic studies on red deer Cervus elaphus L from Hessia, Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt Part 1 population genetic parameters of isoenzyme genes Genetische Studien an Rotwild Cervus elaphus L aus Hessen, Niedersachsen und Sachsen-Anhalt Teil 1 populationsgenetische Parameter der Isoenzymgenetik

Inoki, S.; Ono, T.; Kubo, R., 1961:
Genetic studies on the AK form of Trypanosoma 17 Genetical analysis of the drug-resistance transformation

Inoki, S.; Sakamoto, H.; Taniuchi, Y., 1960:
Genetic studies on the akinetoplastic form AK form of Trypanosoma 14 Effect of Ethidium bromide on the appearance of akinetoplastic form AK form

Kang, Y.S.; Kim, C.H., 1965:
Genetic studies on the lady-beetle, Harmonia axyridis Pallace, population in Korea

Reimann, T., 1996:
Genetic studies on the population structure and dynamics of the beetles Carabus granulatus L Coleoptera Carabidae Genetische Untersuchungen zur Struktur und Dynamik von Populationen des Laufkafers Carabus granulatus L Coleoptera Carabidae

Aurelle, D.; Guillemaud, T.; Afonso, P.; Morato, T.; Wirtz, P.; Santos, R.S.rrao.; Cancela, M.; Leonor., 2003:
Genetic study of Coris julis Osteichtyes, Perciformes, Labridae evolutionary history and dispersal abilities Etude genetique des capacites de dispersion et de lhistoire evolutive de Coris julis Linnaeus, 1758 Osteichtyes, Perciformes, Labridae

Echegaray, J.; Illana, A.; Hernando, A.; Martinez de Lecea, F.; Bayona, J.; Paniagua, D.; Angel de la Torre, J.; Vila, C., 2006 :
Genetic study of the status of the wolf in the Basque Country Estudio genetico sobre la situacion del lobo en el Pais Vasco

Roche, B.; Berrebi, P.; Martini, M., 1998:
Genetic study on river trout populations of Corsica Report on acquired data Etude genetique des populations de truites des rivieres de Corse Bilan des connaissances et perspectives

Kovacs, Z.; Stauffer, C.; Lakatos, F., 2000:
Genetic study on the spreading of Cameraria ohridella Deschka et Dimic 1986, Lep Lithocolletidae in Europe A vadgesztenyelevel-aknazomoly Cameraria ohridella Deschka et Dimic 1986, Lep Lithocolletidae Europai elterjedesenek genetikai vizsgalata

Sinacori, A.; Marinaro, G., 2004:
Genetic traits of Apis mellifera sicula Montagano in western Sicily and surrounding islands Patrimonio genetico di Apis mellifera sicula Montagano in Sicilia occidentale ed isole minori

Rivera-Garcia, M.; Grijalva-Chon, JM., 2006:
Genetic variability and differentiation in cultured white shrimp Penaeus Litopenaeus vannamei with low and high growth Variabilidad y diferenciacion genetica en camaron blanco Penaeus Litopenaeus vannamei de bajo y alto crecimiento

Sbordoni, V.; Allegrucci, G.; Caccone, A.; Cesaroni, D.; Cobolli Sbordoni, M. de Matthaeis, E., 1981:
Genetic variability and divergence in cave populations of troglophilus cavicola and t andreinii orthoptera, rhaphidophoridae

Garcia-Paris, Mario., 1995:
Genetic variability and geographic distribution of Alytes obstetricans almogavarii in Spain Variabilidad genetica y distribucion geografica de Alytes obstetricans almogavarii en Espana

Biasiolo, A., 1994:
Genetic variability and structure of populations Variabilita genetica e struttura delle popolazioni

Aparecido Povh, J.; Marque Moreira, H.L.iz; Pereira Ribeiro, R.; Prioli,; Vargas, L.; Veloso Blanck, D.; Gasparino, E.; Streit, D.P.dro Jr, 2005:
Genetic variability estimation of Nile tilapia strains Oreochromis niloticus using the RAPD technique Estimativa da variabilidade genetica em linhagens de tilapia do Nilo Oreochromis niloticus com a tecnica de RAPD

Manino, A.; Biasiolo, A., 2000:
Genetic variability in Apis mellifera Variabilita genetica in Apis mellifera

Mena I., C.P.a.; Gonzalez W., C.A.; Clasing O., E.; Gallardo N., M.H., 2001:
Genetic variability in Aulacomya atra Molina, 1782 in southern Chile Variabilidad genetica en Aulacomya atra Molina, 1782 en el sur de Chile

Tunez, J.; Ignacio.; Cassini, M.H.; Guichon, M.; Laura.; Centron, D., 2005:
Genetic variability in coypus, Myocastor coypus, and its relation with hunting pressure Variabilidad genetica en coipos, Myocastor coypus, y su relacion con la presion de caza

Oyarzun, C.; Galleguillos, R.; Monsalves, J., 1997:
Genetic variability in demersal fishes depth distribution versus phylogenetic constrains Variabilidad genetica en peces demersales distribucion en profundidad versus restricciones filogeneticas

Heethoff, M.; Maraun, M.; Scheu, S., 2000:
Genetic variability in ribosomal ITS 1-sequences of the parthenogenetic oribatid mite Platynothrus peltifer CL KOCH, 1839 Acari Oribatida Genetische Variabilitaet der ribosomalen ITS1-Sequenzen bei der parthenogenetischen Hornmilbe Platynothrus peltifer CL KOCH, 1839 Acari Oribatida

Giuseffi, S.; Kane, TC.; Duggleby, WF., 1978:
Genetic variability in the kentucky cave beetle neaphaenops tellkampfii coleoptera carabidae

Oyarzun, C.; Monsalves, J.; Galleguillos, R.; Sandoval, J., 2000:
Genetic variability in the rat tail fish Caelorinchus fasciatus Gunther, 1878 Pisces, Gadiformes, Macrouridae Variabilidad genetica en el pejerrata Caelorinchus fasciatus Gunther, 1878 Pisces, Gadiformes, Macrouridae

Cariou, Marie-Louise., 1996:
Genetic variability of Crustacea La variabilite genetique chez les crustaces

Camilli, L.; Castelli, A.; Lardicci, C.; Maltagliati, F., 2000:
Genetic variability of Mytilaster minimus Mollusca, Pelecypoda from the Orbetello Lagoon and two adjacent marine sites Studio della variabilita genetica di Mytilaster minimus Mollusca, Pelecypoda nella Laguna di Orbetello e in due habitat marini adiacenti

Viala, V.L.uis; Tarosso, L.F.gundes da Silva de Oliveira, F.P.ates, 2006:
Genetic variability of captive individuals of Ramphastos toco Piciformes Ramphastidae using RAPD molecular markers Caracterizacao da variabilidade genetica em individuos cativos de Ramphastos toco Piciformes Ramphastidae mediante o uso de RAPD como marcador molecular

Santoni, R.; Alma, A.; Bonizzoni, M.; Parisi, M.; Malacrida, A.R.; Gomulski, L.M.; Gasperi, G., 2004:
Genetic variability of natural popolations of Scaphoideus titanus Ball Homoptera Cicadellidae analyzed using RAPD makers Variabilita genetica di popolazioni di Scaphoideus titanus Ball Homoptera Cicadellidae analizzata con luso di marcatori RAPD

Morkunas, V.; Lekevicius, R., 1997:
Genetic variability of small rodents in diversely polluted sites of Lithuania Smulkiuju grauziku genetinio kintamumo tyrimai ivairiai tersiamose Lietuvos vietose

Trigui E.M.nif, N.; L.P.nnec, M.; E.A.ed, A., 2001:
Genetic variability of the European clam Ruditapes decussatus from the northwestern Tunisian coast Variabilite genetique de la palourde Ruditapes decussatus de la cote nord-est tunisienne

Gallo, H.; Diaz-Sarmiento, J., 2003:
Genetic variability of the striped catfish Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum Pisces Pimelodidae from the Magdalena river, Colombia Variabilidad genetica del bagre rayado Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum Pisces Pimelodidae en el rio Magdalena Colombia

Rossi, V.; Bucci, G.; Giordano, P.; Menozzi, P., 1995:
Genetic variability, reproductive modes and ecology in freshwater ostracods populations Variabilita genetica, modalita riproduttive ed ecologia in popolazioni di ostracodi dacqua dolce

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