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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38278

Chapter 38278 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gehle, T.; Herzog, S., 1994:
Genetic variation and differentiation of 3 geographically isolated populations of red deer Cervus elaphus L in Lower Saxony Genetische Variation und Differenzierung von drei geographisch isolierten Rotwildpopulationen Cervus elaphus L in Niedersachsen

De la Cruz-Cardiel, PJ.; Peris, SJ.; Deceuninck, B.; Elena-Rossello, JA., 1997:
Genetic variation and gene flow in populations of common starlings Sturnus vulgaris Analisis de la variabilidad y flujo genetico en poblaciones de estornino pinto Sturnus vulgaris

Hamza, F.; Jarne, P.; Delay, B.; Kechemir, N., 2005:
Genetic variation and reproductive modes in Bulinus truncatus Audouin, 1827 from Algeria Variabilite genetique et systemes de reproduction chez Bulinus truncatus Audouin, 1827 dAlgerie

Liukkonen, T., 2005:
Genetic variation in Finnish grey partridge populations Suomen peltopyykannan geneettinen rakenne

Craddock, EM.; Johnson, WE., 1979:
Genetic variation in hawaiian drosophila 5 chromosomal and allozymic diversity in drosophila silvestris and its homosequential species

A.nguren, Y.; Bonilla, A., 2005:
Genetic variation in the Astyanax bimaculatus species complex Pisces, Characiformes, Characidae from north-eastern Venezuela Variacion genetica en el complejo de especies Astyanax bimaculatus Pisces, Characiformes, Characidae de la region nor-oriental de Venezuela

Cataudo, A.; Scillitani, G.; Picariello, O., 2000:
Genetic variation of the Italian newt Triturus italicus Peracca, 1898 of Calabria Caudata Salamandridae Variazione genica nel tritone italico, Triturus italicus Peracca, 1898 della Calabria Caudata Salamandridae

Arduino, P.; Bullini, L.; Prota, R.; Verdinelli, M., 1994:
Genetic variation of the gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar complex Differenziamento genetico del complesso Lymantria dispar Lepidoptera Lymantriidae

Descimon, H.; Zimmermann, M.; Cosson, E.; Barascud, B.; Neve, G., 2001:
Genetic variation, geographic variation and gene flow in some French butterfly species Diversite genetique, variation geographique et flux geniques chez quelques lepidopteres rhopaloceres francais

Espinosa L., G.; Diaz F., R.; Paez C., J.; Prats H., R.M.; Labacena, ME., 1996:
Genetic-biochemical study of pink shrimp Penaeus notialis from La Ensenada de la Broa, Cuba Estudio genetico-bioquimico de la poblacion de Penaeus notialis de la Ensenada de la Broa

Marins, L.F.rnando.; Delevedove, G.C.sar.; Levy, J.A.berto., 1996:
Genetic-biochemical study of the yellow clam Mesodesma mactroides - Desh, 1854 on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul 1 - determination of isoenzymatic patterns and ontogenetic analysis Estudo genetico bioquimico do marisco branco Mesodesma mactroides - Desh, 1854 na costa do Rio Grande do Sul 1 - Determinacao dos padroes isoenzimaticos e analise ontogenetica

Michaux, JR.; Libois, R.; Fons, R., 1996:
Genetical and morphological differentiation of the wood mouse in the western Mediterranean area Differenciation genetique et morphologique du mulot, Apodemus sylvaticus, dans le bassin Mediterraneen occidental

Lukavishchnikov, BL., 1972:
Genetical methods used in the control of harmful arthropods

Dang Tat The.; Cah., 2000:
Genetical relationship among Vietnamese douc langurs based on mitochondrial DNA sequences Quan he di truyen cua vooc va Viet Nam qua trinh tu ADN cua ty the

Lecointre, Guillaume., 1997:
Geneticists/systematicians discussion Quantitative versus qualitative culture Dialogue geneticiens/systematiciens une culture du quantitatif contre celle du qualitatif?

Dubinin, N.P., 1931:
Genetico-automatic processes and their signifi-cance for the mechanism of organic evolution

Dubinin, NP., 1988:
Genetics - the pages of history

Vazquez-Dominguez, E.; Hafner, D.J., 2006:
Genetics and Mexican mammals present and future Genetica y Mamiferos Mexicanos Presente y Futuro

Longwell, A.C.Stiles, S.S., 1970:
Genetics and breeding per-spectives in oysters

Frias, Daniel A., 2001:
Genetics and morphological differences of immature stages of two races of Rhagoletis conversa Brethes Diptera Tephritidae associated to Solanum plants geographic distribution and possible sympatric origin of a new species Diferencias geneticas y morfologicas de los estados inmaduros de dos razas de Rhagoletis conversa Brethes Diptera Tephritidae asociadas a plantas Solanum distribucion geografica y posible origen en simpatria de una nueva especie

Protasevich, RT.; Palilova, AN., 1989:
Genetics and the environment

Phang, VPE.; Fernando, AA., 1990:
Genetics of colour variation in the guppy, Poecilia reticulata

Berthold, P., 1990:
Genetics of migration