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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38283

Chapter 38283 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Porini, Gustavo., 2001:
Giant armadillos Priodontes maximus in Argentina Tatu carreta Priodontes maximus en Argentina

Knop, Daniel., 2001:
Giant clams Information on the most well known species Riesenmuscheln Wissenswertes ueber die bekanntesten Arten

Carbone, L.; Orga, S., 1999:
Giant clams Le Tridacne

Kakebeeke, B., 1990:
Giant eagle owls at Somerset West

Badenoch, CO., 1990:
Giant fish from the Foulden Burn fossil beds

Moers, Thomas., 2001:
Giant frogs and ill crocodiles - H v Meyer and the Rott fossil site Von Riesenfroeschen und kranken Krokodilen - H v Meyer und die Fossillagerstaette Rott

Schlueter, Uwe., 2001:
Giant geckos from Madagascar Homopholis boivini Dumeril, 1856 in the terrarium Riesengeckos von Madagaskar Homopholis boivini Dumeril, 1856 im Terrarium

Crous, R., 1990:
Giant kingfisher - diet

Buttino, I.; Carotenuto, Y. de Rosa, G.; Mazzella, M.; Ianora, A.; Miralto, M., 2006 :
Giant liposomes as carriers of phytotoxins in copepods and their application in ecophysiological studies Veicolazione di fitotossine nei copepodi mediante liposomi giganti e loro impiego in studi ecofisiologici

Hernandez, E.; Bischoff, W.; Bannert, B.; Siverio, M., 1997:
Giant lizards on Tenerife Rieseneidechsen auf Teneriffa

Recourt, Pierre., 1998:
Giant sea urchins at Bakkum Reuze-zeeegels bij Bakkum

Bosse, Luci., 1996:
Giant squids of the Newfoundland coasts Les calmars geants sur les cotes de Terre-Neuve

Bour, R., 2003:
Giant terrestrial tortoises of islands Galapagos, Seychelles, Mascarene islands differences and similarities Les tortues terrestres geantes des iles Galapagos, Seychelles, Mascareignes differences et ressemblances

Fedoseev, GA., 1976:
Giants of the polar seas

Hay, DC., 1990:
Giardia Kuustler, 1882 infections in wild and domesticated mammals with particular reference to prevalence and taxonomy

Walochnik, J.; Aspoeck, H., 2002:
Giardia lambia - the most frequent parasite causing diarrhoeas Giardia lamblia der haeufigste parasitaere parasitaere Erreger von Durchfallerkrankungen

Muniz Solis, Rafael., 1997:
Gibberula pilarae, a new species from the family Marginellidae, Fleming, 1828 Gastropoda, Prosobranchia from the Pliocene of Estepona Malaga, Spain Gibberula pilarae nueva especie de la familia Marginellidae, Fleming, 1828 Gastropoda, Prosobranchia del Plioceno de Estepona Malaga, Espana

Salazar E., J.A.; Lopez Vaamonde, C., 1996:
Gibbonota, a new butterfly genus of tropical America Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Gibbonota, nuevo genero de mariposas listadas tropicales de America Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Wolff, Wim J., 2000:
Gibbula cineraria new in the East Scheldt a permanent record? Gibbula cineraria nieuw in de Oosterschelde een blijvertje?

Chirli, C.; Micali, P., 2001:
Gibbula saeniensis n sp Gastropoda Trochidae from the Tuscan Pliocene Gibbula saeniensis n sp Gastropoda Trochidae del Pliocene Toscano

Santamaria, S.; Girbal, J., 1996:
Gibellula pulchra Saccardo Gavara , a spider patogenic fungus, in Catalonia Gibellula pulchra Saccardo Cavara, un fong patogen daranyes, a Catalunya

Weickmann, D., 1990:
Giftspinnen - Spinnengifte Teil 2

Weickmann, D., 1990:
Giftspinnen - Spinnengifte Teil 3

Schurmann, A., 1990:

Lucas, Robert., 1911:
Gigantestraca u Pycnogonida fur 1909, Jahresberichte

Gubanov, N.M., 1951:
Gigantic nematode from the placenta of cetacean -Placentonema gigantissima nov gen, nov sp

Litvinovich, NV.; Vorontsova, TN., 1991:
Gigantoid brachiopods from the USSR, their distribution and stratigraphic significance

Lucas, Robert., 1911:
Gigantostraca u Pycnogonida fur 1909, Jahresberichte

Wilson, JG., 1990:
Gill and palp morphology of Tellina tenuis and T fabula in relation to feeding

da Fonseca Neto, J.C.aro.; Spach, H.L.uis., 1999:
Gill arch surface morphology and ultrastructure of juvenile Mugil platanus Gunther Pisces, Mugilidae Morfologia e ultraestrutura de arcos branquiais de juvenis de Mugil platanus Gunther Pisces, Mugilidae

Ivanova, AP.; Kolgaev, AM., 1974:
Gill diseases in young autumn chum salmon in fish farms and measures used to combat them

Tripepi, S.; Perrotta, E.; Brunelli, E., 2000:
Gill morphology and ultrastructure in the amphibians Aspetti morfologici ed ultrastrutturali dellapparato respiratorio branchiale degli anfibi

Rojo Vazquez, J.A.turo.; Ramirez Rodriguez, M., 1997:
Gillnet catch composition in Bahia de Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico Composicion especifica de la captura con redes de enmalle en Bahia de Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico

Neves dos Santos, M.; Costa Monteiro, C., 1995:
Gillnet selectivity off Algarve coast south Portugal Estudo da selectividade da rede de emalhar de um pano fundeada na costa sul Algarvia

Reich, M.; Mostler, H., 2002:
Gillocystis Echinodermata from the Lower Carboniferous of Afghanistan Gillocystis Echinodermata aus dem Unter-Karbon Afghanistans

Matey, VE., 1996:
Gills of freshwater teleost fishes morphofunctional organization, adaptation, evolution

Barbato, F.; Castorina, M., 2006:
Gilthead seabream Sparus aurata semen quality evaluations and feeding of the donors Valutazioni qualitative del seme di orata Sparus aurata e alimentazione dei donatori

Martinez-Silvestre, A.; Oros, J.; Silva, JL., 2001:
Gingival hyperplasia proliferation in the El Hierro giant lizard Gallotia simonyi Proliferacion hiperplasica gingival en un lagarto gigante de El Hierro Gallotia simonyi

Borucinska, J.D.; Harshbarger, JC.; Reimschuessel, R.; Bogicevic, T., 2004:
Gingival neoplasms in a captive sand tiger shark, Carcharias taurus Rafinesque, and a wild-caught blue shark, Prionace glauca L Gingival neoplasms in a captive sand tiger shark, Carcharias taurus Rafinesque, and a wild-caught blue shark, Prionace glauca L

Ratti, E., 2003:
Gino Cadamuro Morgante 1921-2002 insects and poetry Gino Cadamuro Morgante 1921-2002 insetti e poesia

Ubrizsy Savoia, A.; Minelli, A., 1997:
Giorgio Jan 1791-1866 Giorgio Jan 1791-1866

Londolozi Rangers., 2003:
Giraffe carcass provides for lion, crocodile, hyena and leopard Giraffe carcass provides for lion, crocodile, hyena and leopard

Blaszkiewitz, Bernhard., 1995:
Giraffe care chronology for Berlin-Friedrichsfelde Zoo Friedrichsfelder Giraffen-Chronik

Korotkevich, O.L., 1957:
Giraffes in Berislav hipperion fauna

Hippius, K., 1909:
Girardinus januarius var reticulata Peters und Poecilia reticulata Peters

Niemeyer, Hans., 2000:
Girth limit feeling and bark beetle attack Zielstarkennutzung und Borkenkaferbefall

Pacuid, J.-Michel.; Loubry, P., 2005:
Gisortia ss gisortiana Passy, 1859, a giant amongst Cypraeidae Gisortia ss gisortiana Passy, 1859, un geant chez les Cypraeidae

Mikuz, V., 2003:
Gisortia gigantea Muenster, 1828 from the Eocene beds on Psunj in Slavonia, Croatia Gisortia gigantea Muenster, 1828 iz eocenskikh plasti Psunja v Slavoniji na Hrvaskem

Buccheri, G., 2003:
Giuliano Ruggieri 1919-2002 in memoriam In ricordo di Giuliano Ruggieri 1919-2002

Tabanelli, Cesare., 2002:
Giuliano Ruggieri 21VII1919 - 27IV2002 Ricordo di Giuliano Ruggieri 21VII1919 - 27IV2002

Gerber, Jochen., 2000:
Giusti, F, Manganelli, G Schembri, PJ 1996 The non-marine molluscs of the Maltese Islands - Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali Torino, monography 15 607 pp, 635 Turin Giusti, F, Manganelli, G Schembri, PJ 1996 The non-marine molluscs of the Maltese Islands - Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali Torino, Monografie 15 607 pp, 635 Abb Torino

Bringsoe, H., 2003:
Give terrapins a mixture of animal and plant matter Giv terrapiner bade kod ag gront

Vansteenkiste, Erik., 2002:
Giving the wrong food to tortoises and terrapins is cruelty to animals 1 Schildpadden verkeerd voederen is dierenmishandeling 1

Schmitt, Thomas., 2000:
Glacial refuges and postglacial distribution expansion of Polyommatus coridon Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae Glaziale Refugien und postglaziale Arealausweitung von Polyommatus coridon Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae

Grigelis, A.; Arbaciauskas, K., 1996:
Glacial relict crustaceans in lakes of Baltic uplands Ledynmecio reliktiniai veziagyviai baltijos aukstumu ezeruose

Stoch, Fabio., 2003:
Glaciation and cavernicolous fauna Glaciazioni e fauna cavernicola

Forti, G.; Cimmaruta, R.; Nascetti, G.; Lanza, B.; Bullini, L., 1998:
Glaciation during the Quaternary and microevolution of the continental population of the genus Hydromantes Amphibia, Plethodontidae Glaciazioni del Quaternario e microevoluzione delle popolazioni continentali del genere Hydromantes Amphibia, Plethodontidae

Venturini, Corrado ., 2003:
Glaciers The age of ice in Friuli Environment, climate and life of the last 100 000 years A journey in time causes and effects Glacies Leta dei ghiacci in Friuli Ambienti climi e vita negli ultimi 100000 anni Un viaggio nel tempo tra cause ed effetti

Muscio, Giuseppe ., 2003:
Glaciers The age of ice in Friuli Environment, climate and life of the last 100 000 years Catalogue to the exhibition Glacies Leta dei ghiacci in Friuli Ambienti climi e vita negli ultimi 100000 anni Catalogo della mostra

Fajcik, J.; Slamika, F., 1996:
Glacies Psodos coracina Lepidoptera, Geometridae - a first record from the territory of Slovakia Hunatec Clacies syn Psodos coracina Lepidoptera, Geometridae, prvy nalez pre uzemie Slovenska

Heidtke, U.H.; Kraetschmer, K., 2001:
Gladbachus adentatus nov gen et sp, a primitive shark from the Upper Givetian Upper Middle Devonian of Bergisch Gladbach - Paffrath Basin Rhenish Slate Mountains Gladbachus adentatus nov gen et sp, ein primitiver Hai aus dem Oberen Givetium Oberes Mitteldevon der Bergisch Gladbach - Paffrath Mulde Rheinisches Schiefergebirge

Fancelli, M.; Vendramim, J.D.; Frighetto, R.T.; Lourencao, A.L., 2005:
Glandular exudate of tomato genotypes and development of Bemisia tabaci Genn Sternorryncha Aleyrodidae biotype B Exsudato Glandular de Genotipos de Tomateiro e Desenvolvirnento de Bemisia tabaci Genn Sternorryncha Aleyrodidae Biotipo B

Jacobi, Bernhard., 2004:
Glandular hairs and defensive secretory fluid on the orange tip caterpillars Anthocaris cardamines Linnaeus, 1758 - almost a discovery Druesenhaare und Wehrsekret bei Raupen des Aurorafalters Anthocaris cardamines Linnaeus, 1758 - fast eine Entdeckung Lep, Pieridae

Gonzalez Pena, Cesar Fco., 1996:
Glaphyra marmottani Brisout, 1863, a first record of the species for the Autonomous Community of Aragon and the second for the Iberian Peninsula Glaphyra marmottani Brisout, 1863, primera cita de la especie para la Comunidad Autonoma de Aragon y secunda para la Peninsula Iberica

Yakhontov, VD., 1972:
Glareola maldivarum in the River Issuri

Langer, Alfred., 2003:
Glass fibre reinforced synthetic material GFK - a perfect material for the construction of ponds for the outdoor care of aquatic turtles Glasfaserverstaerkter Kunstsoff GFK - ein perfektes Material zum Bau von Teichen fuer die Freilandhaltung von Wasserschildkroeten

Hoebel, Gerlinde., 2003:
Glass frogs - delicate jewels in the rain forest Glasfroesche - zarte Juwelen im Regenwald

Guenkel, Norbert Gregor., 2002:
Glass in hose Glaeschen im Schlauch

Holenweg, Hans., 2003:
Glattweg - crinoid banks in the Lower Hauptrogenstein Glattweg - Seelilienbaenke im Unteren Hauptrogenstein

Mockel, R.; Illig, K., 1995:
Glaucidium passerinum in Rochauer Heide First record for Brandenburg Der Sperlingskauz Glaucidium passerinum in der Rochauer Heide Erstnachweis fur Brandenburg

Mennessier, G., 1956:
Glauconia cureti Repelin 1902

Mennessier, G., 1956:
Glauconia dumortieri Repelin 1902

Mennessier, G., 1956:
Glauconia gibbosa Repelin 1902

Mennessier, G., 1956:
Glauconia matheroni Repelin 1902

Vavrik, Martin., 1999:
Glaucous gull Larus hyperboreus - new records in the Czech Republic with notes on identification and occurrence in Europe Racek sedy Larus hyperboreus - nova pozorovani v Ceske republice s poznamkami k urcovani a vyskytu v Evrope

Schubert, Dieter., 1998:
Glaucous gull Larus hyperboreus new to Berlin and Brandenburg Erstbeobachtung einer Eismowe Larus hyperboreus in Berlin und Brandenburg

Gill, T., 1889:
Gleanings among the Pleuronectidae, with observations on the name Pleuronectidae

Wittler, Frank A., 1999:
Glenotremites paradoxus Goldfuss, 1829 - a rare comatulid from the Coniacian of Essen Crinoida, Upper Cretaceous, SW Muensterland Glenotremites paradoxus Goldfuss, 1829 - eine seltene Comatulide aus dem Coniac von Essen Crinoida, Oberkreide, SW-Muensterland

Gardini, G., 1990:
Gli Chthonius Ephippiochthonius eucavernicoli della Liguria Pseudoscorpionida, Chthoniidae

Duso, C.; Sbrissa, F., 1990:
Gli acari fitoseidi Acari Phytoseiidae del melo nellItalia settentrionale distribuzione, biologia, ecologia ed importanzia economica

Chelazzi, L.; Colombini, I.; Bertin, G.; Cianfanelli, A.; Fallaci, M.; Lucarelli, E.; Mascagni, A., 1990:
Gli artropodo del tombolo antistante la Laguna di Burano GR ambiente, microclima e primi dati sul popolamento animale

Strumia, F., 1990:
Gli imenotteri chrysididi dellIstituto di Entomologia dellUniversita di Pisa

Martiis, L.C.; DE., 1906:
Gli oligocheti della regione neotropicale Pt I

Roma, S.; Rossetti, M., 1990:
Gli uccelli della Provincia di Frosinone Elenco preliminare

Din, C., 1959:
Gliding adaptations in the anterior extremities of the flying squirrel Pteromys volans L

Kistyakovsky, A.B., 1967:
Gliding and flight of animals over a screen

Tischlinger, Helmut., 2004:
Gliding reptiles are not flying lizards Gleitreptilien sind keine Flugechsen

Mayland, Hans J., 1996:
Glimmering patterns, spotted camouflage and camouflage stripes of the genera Brochis and Corydoras Glitzernde Musterungen, punktierte Tarnung und tarnende Streifen in den Gattungen Brochis und Corydoras

Saoud, Y.; Ramdani, M.; Louah, A., 1999:
Glimpse of the continental aquatic malacological fauna in western Rif NW Morocco Apercu sur la faune malacologique des eaux continentales du Rif occidental N-W du Maroc

Uhlig, Undine., 2002:
Gliridae Mammalia from the Oligocene Molasse localities Groeben 2 in Bavaria and Bumbach 1 in Switzerland Gliridae Mammalia aus den oligozaenen Molasse-Fundstellen Groeben 2 in Bayern und Bumbach 1 in der Schweiz

Vianey-Liaud, M., 2003:
Gliridae Mammalia of the European Oligocene origin of three Miocenen genera Gliridae Mammalia, Rodentia de lOligocene europeen origine de trois genres miocenes

Aguilar, J.; Lazzari, V., 2006:
Glirids from the karstic locality Blanquatere 1 middle Miocene, southern France new species Nouvelles especes de glirides du gisement karstique de Blanquatere 1 Miocene moyen, sud de la France

Trzeciak, A.; Trzeciak, Z., 2002:
Glis glis and Muscardinus avellanarius in nesting boxes for birds in the Ciezkowice-Roznow and Strzyzow foothills Popielica Glis glis i orzesznica Muscardinus avellanarius w budkach legowych dla ptakow na terenie Pogorzy Ciezkowicko-Roznowskiego i Strzyzowskiego

Skrjabin, K.I., 1931:
Glistnye invazii ovets i ikh znachenie v ekonomike ovtsevodnogo khozyaistva

Benzing, B., 2005:
Global Amphibian Assessment Das Global Amphibian Assessment

Nuss, M.; Segerer, A., 2005:
Global Information System on Pyraloidea GlobIZ Globales Informationssystem Zuenslerfalter GlobIZ

Adrados, C.; Girard, I.; Gendner, J.-Paul.; Janeau, G., 2002:
Global Positioning System GPS location accuracy improvement due to Selective Availability removal Amelioration de lexactitude des localisations GPS liee au retrait de la SA

Janeau, G.; Angibault, J.-Marc.; Cargnelutti, B.; Joachim, J.; Pepin, D.; Spitz, F., 1998:
Global Positioning System GPS used in differential mode on large mammals system, accuracy, limits, constraints and future prospects Le Global Positioning System GPS et son utilisation en mode differentiel chez les grands mammiferes principes, precision, limites, contraintes et perspectives

Schmidt, B.R., 2006:
Global amphibian declines what is the role of UV-B? Der globale Rueckgang der Amphibien Welche Rolle spield UV-B?

Ahne, W.; Essbauer, S., 2000:
Global amphibian mortality are viruses iridoviruses and fungal infections Chytridiomycetes causally related? Globales Amphibiensterben sind Virus- Iridovirosen und Pilzinfektionen Chytridiomykosen ursachlich beteiligt?

Acuna Junca, Flora., 2001:
Global amphibian populations declining Declinio mundial das populacoes de anfibios

Reitner, J. .; Neuweiler, F. .; Gunkel, F. ., 1996:
Global and regional controls on biogenic sedimentation 1 Reef evolution DFG-Schwerpunktprogramm Globale und regionale Steuerungsfaktoren biogener Sedimentation 1 Riff-Evolution

Reitner, J. .; Neuweiler, F. .; Gunkel, F. ., 1996:
Global and regional controls on biogenic sedimentation 2 Cretaceous sedimentation DFG-Schwerpunktprogramm Globale und regionale Steuerungsfaktoren biogener Sedimentation 2 Kreide-Sedimentation

Hornig, Uwe., 1998:
Global and regional species variability of Erotylidae Insecta, Coleoptera Globale und regionale Artenvielfalt der Erotylidae Insecta, Coleoptera

Chew, KK., 1990:
Global bivalve shellfish introductions

Adaros, G.; Heimbach, U., 1997:
Global climate change and its effects on the aphid-plant system Klimaveranderungen und deren Auswirkung auf das Blattlaus-Pflanzensystem

Doumenge, JP., 1990:
Global distribution of schistosomiasis

Briggs, JC., 1990:
Global extinctions, recoveries and evolutionary consequences

Valledor de Lozoya, Arturo., 2004:
Global fishes Masters of autodefense Peces globo maestros de la autodefensa

Wasson, JG.; Bonnard, R.; Maridet, L., 1995:
Global influence of physical habitat parameters on benthic invertebrates in trout streams towards an integration in fish/habitat models Reponses globalse des invertebres benthiques aux conditions dhabitat physique dans des cours deau salmonicoles perspectives dintegration dans des modeles habitat/poissons

Marco, A., 2002:
Global nitrogen pollution and amphibian decline Contaminacion global por nitrogeno y declive de anfibios

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