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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38284

Chapter 38284 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Simon, H-R., 1996:
Global species counts the example of phytophagous insects Globale Artenzahlen Beispiel phytophage Insekten

Simon, Hans-Reiner., 1998:
Global species richness predatory arthropods Provisional report Globale Artenzahlen pradatorische Arthropoden Vorlaufige Mitteilung

Schoenfeld, Manfred., 2005:
Global warming and arrival of the nightingale Luscinia megarhynchos in the Elbe Valley at Wittenberg Klimaerwaermung und Ankunft der Nachtigall Luscinia megarhynchos im Elbtal um Wittenberg

Mouchet, J.; Manguin, S., 1999:
Global warming and malaria expansion Le rechauffement de la planete et lexpansion du paludisme

Olive, PW.; Clark, S.; Lawrence, A., 1990:
Global warming and seasonal reproduction perception and transduction of environmental information

Gutmann, Wolfgang Friedrich., 1997:
Globalist reaction in the field of classic biology and palaeontology Globalisierungs-Ruckwirkung auf den Bereich der klassischen Biologie und Palaontologie

Kipping, J., 2006:
Globalization and Odonata introduction of exotic dragonfly species to Germany Odonata Coenagrionidae, Libellulidae Globalisierung und Libellen Verschleppung von exotischen Libellenarten nach Deutschland Odonata Coenagrionidae, Libellulidae

Martin, AR., 1994:
Globicephala macrorhynchus Gray, 1846 - short-finned pilot whale Globicephala macrorhynchus Gray, 1846 - Kurzflossen-Grindwal, Indischer Grindwal

Martin, AR., 1994:
Globicephala melas Traill, 1809 - long-finned pilot whale Globicephala melas Traill, 1809 - gewohnlicher Grindwal, Langflossen-Grindwal

Gonzalez Lara, Julio Cesar., 1994:
Globigerina nepenthes Todd in the basal Middle Miocene of southeast Mexico biochronostratigraphical implications Globigerina nepenthes Todd en la base del Mioceno medio del sureste de Mexico implicaciones biocronostratigraficas

Wernli, Roland., 1995:
Globigerina-like foraminifera Oberhauserellidae from the Lower Toarcian of Teysachaux Prealpes medianes, Fribourg, Switzerland Les foraminiferes globigeriniformes Oberhauserellidae du Toarcien inferieur de Teysachaux Prealpes medianes, Fribourg, Suisse

Martirosyan, Y.A., 1958:
Globotruncana in the Upper Cretaceous deposits of the SW part of Armenia SSR

Stroganova, N.S., 1965:
Globular accumulations of cells in the sperm ducts of Rana temporaria

Baskay, I.; Dobo, Z.; Penzes, B., 1996:
Glochidiosis caused by the mussel, Anodonta woodiana woodiana Lea, 1834 Az amuri kagylo okozta glochidiozis vizsgalata

Kirisits, T., 2005:
Gloeocystidium ipidophilum an unusual basidiomycete associated with the eightspined European spruce bark beetle Gloeocystidium ipidophilum Ein ungewoehnlicher Basidiomycet, der mit dem Buchdrucker assoziiert ist

Berthold, Peter., 2001:
Glorious ornithological anniversary 100 years of the Rossitten/Radolfzell bird observatory Glanzvolles Jubilaeum der Vogelkunde Vogelwarte Rossitten/Radolfzell 100 Jahre alt

Walochnik, J.; Aescht, E., 2002 :
Glossary of medical and biological terms Glossar medizinischer und biologischer Fachbegriffe

Carter, JG., 1990:
Glossary of skeletal biomineralization

Saggiomo, S.O.iveira.; Bemvenuti, M. de Azevedo., 2006:
Glossary on aquatic ecosystems - zoology Glossario sobre ecossistema aquatico - zoologia

Brunhes, J.; Bodo, J.-Marie.; Grebault, P.; Penchenier, L.; Simarro, P., 1999:
Glossina caliginea Austen 1911 a new Glossina for the Equatorial Guinea fauna Une nouvelle glossine pour la faune de la Guinee Equatoriale Dipt, Glossinidae

Dagnogo, M.; Traore, G.; Kone, M., 1996:
Glossina palpalis palpalis attractiveness testing towards humans and pigs in the area of Daloa in Cote dIvoire Evaluation de lattractivite de Glossina palpalis palpalis vis-a-vis de lhomme et du porc dans la region de Daloa en Cote dIvoire

Jueg, U.; Roediger, S., 2004:
Glossiphonia paludosa Carena, 1824 in Germany with description of a new record Hirudinea Glossiphoniidae Glossiphonia paludosa Carena, 1824 in Deutschland mit Beschreibung eines neuen Fundortes Hirudinea Glossiphoniidae

Trontelj, P., 2000:
Glossiphonia slovaca Kosel 1973 Hirudinea Glossiphoniidae from the Sava River at Catez a leech new to Slovenia, and the question of its taxonomic identity Glossiphonia slovaca Kosel 1973 Hirudinea Glossiphoniidae iz Save pri Catezu nova vrsta pijavke za Slovenijo in vprasanje njene taksonomske pripadnosti

Gullo, Bettina Sandra., 1998:
Glossiphoniid Hirudinea associated to Lemnaceas en Los Talas Pdo de Berisso Hirudineos Glossiphoniidae asociados a Lemnaceas, en Los Talassss Pdo de Berisso, Buenos Aires

Plotnikov, V., 1907:
Glossosiphoniidae, Hirudinidae et Herpobdellidae du Musee Zoologique de lAcademie Imperiale des Sciences

Fischer, F.; Bohle, HW., 1996:
Glossosomatid adaptations to an astatic habitat Egg laying behaviour and development Glossosomatidae, Agapetinae, Agapetini Anpassungen von Glossosomatiden an einen astatischen Lebensraum Eiablageverhalten und Entwicklung Glossosomatidae, Agapetinae, Agapetini

Doupal, Lubomir., 2002:
Glossy ibis Plegadis falcinellus and its occurrence in Moravia Ibis hnedy Plegadis falcinellus a jeho vyskyt na Morave

Rodrigues, D.; Tenreiro, P.Q., 1998:
Glossy ibis Plegadis falcinellus in Mondego lowlands during 1994 O macarico-preto Plegadis falcinellus no vale do Baixo Mondego durante 1994

Kayser, Y.; Didier, E.; Dietrich, L.; Hafner, H., 1996:
Glossy ibis breeding in The Camargue in 1996 Nouveau cas de reproduction de libis falcinelle Plegadis falcinellus en Camargue en 1996

Fremont, Jean-Yves., 1994:
Glossy ibis pitfalls Les pieges en identification libis falcinelle Plegadis falcinellus

Parnell, JF., 1990:
Glossy ibis, Plegadis falcinellus Linnaeus

Grussu, M.; Ruzzante, G.; Secci, A., 2000:
Glossy ibis, Plegadis falcinellus, still breeding in Sardinia Il mignattaio, Plegadis falcinellus, nidifica ancora in Sardegna

Schutsky, RM., 1976:
Glossy ibis, cattle egret and snowy egret three new Pennsylvania breeding birds

Bozic, Luka., 1998:
Glossy ibis Plevica Plegadis falcinellus

Smole, Jakob., 2002 :
Glossy ibis Plevica Plegadis falcinellus

Bozic, L., 2003:
Glossy ibis Plevica Plegadis falcinellus

Wells, R., 1990:
Gloucestershire bat report

Koekkoek, N., 1990:
Glow-worms attacking snails

Meyer-Rochow, Victor Benno., 2004:
Glowing in the dark when animals emit light Im Dunkeln ist gut Funkeln wenn Tiere das Licht anmachen

Schlueter, Uwe., 2001:
Glowing teids The dwarf teids of the genus Proctoporus With comments on the light organs of lizards Leuchtende Tejus? Die Zwergtejus der Gattung Proctoporus Mit Anmerkungen zu Leuchtorganen bei Echsen

Alcaide, M.F.lisa.; Lopez, M.E.ena Cruz., 2002:
Glucidic histochemistry of the oviduct in Bufo paracnemis Histoquimica de los contenidos glucidicos en oviducto de Bufo paracnemis Lutz Amphibia, Anura

Ikhouane, A.; Rouland, C., 1996:
Glucidic polymers biodegradation, in vivo and in vitro, by three termites symbiotic fungi Termitomyces Etude de la biodegradation, in vivo et in vitro, de polymeres glucidiques par trois champignons du genre Termitomyces

Izquierdo, A.; Martina-Gonzalez, A.; Gutierrez, JC., 1996:
Glucoproteins of the cyst wall in ciliated Colpodida Ciliophora, Vestibuliferia their importance in cyst formation Glucoproteinas de pared quistica en ciliados colpodidos Ciliophora, Vestibuliferia su importancia en el proceso de enquistamiento

Bityukov, I.P., 1970:
Glucose content in the blood of cows in the postnatal period

Kellner, K.; Heude-Berthelin, C.; Mathieu, M., 2003:
Glucose uptake into vesicular cells of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas Transport du glucose dans les cellules vesiculeuses dhuitre creuse Crassostrea gigas

Ates, R., 2005:
Gluttonous jellyfish of the species Aequorea vitrina Gosse, 1853 Gulzige almpekapjes Aequorea vitrina Gosse, 1853

Olivares, T.S.; Burckhardt, D.H.; Cerda, L.A., 2004:
Glycaspis brimblecombei Moore, psyllid of the red eucalyptuses Hemiptera Psyllidae Spondyliaspidinae taxonomical characters Glycaspis brimblecombei Moore, psilido de los eucaliptos rojos Hemiptera Psyllidae Spondyliaspidinae caracteres taxonomicos

Motelica, I., 1967:
Glycemia of Cyprinus carpio L in relation to season of the year, and developmental stage

Thakur, A.; Kumar, HD., 1998:
Glycerol production by Dunaliella salina in response to various combinations of organic carbon compounds

Labate, M.; Desantis, S.; Corriero, A.; D.M.trio, G.; Labate, GM.; Palmieri, G.; Acone, F., 1999:
Glycoconjugates in oocytes of swordfish Xiphias gladius L captured in May Glicoconiugati negli ovociti di pesce spada Xiphias gladius L catturato in Maggio

Danilenko, T.P.; Kiselev, I.V., 1974:
Glycogen content in mature cocytes depending on diet rations of the carp

Chausson, F.; Regnault, M., 1996:
Glycogen content of gills of Carcinus maenas Crustacea, Decapoda comparison between anterior and posterior gills Teneur en glycogene des branchies de Carcinus maenas crustace, decapode comparaison entre branchies anterieures et posterieures

de Oliveira, E.G.ncalves.; Urbinati, E.C.iscuolo.; Roviero, D.P.recim.; Souza,, 1997:
Glycogen levels in different tissues of pacu Piaractus mesopotamicus, Holmberg, 1887 Concentracoes de glicogenio em diferentes tecidos de pacu Piaractus mesopotamicus, Holmberg, 1887

Ruiz Munoz, Y.; Suarez Alonso, P.; Serrano, F.S.n Juan., 2004:
Glycogen synthase of mantle tissue of Mytilus galloprovincialis Lmk Kinetic characterization Glucogeno sintetasa del tejido del manto de Mytilus galloprovincialis Lmk Caracterizacion cinetica

Yakovleva, T.M., 1953:
Glycogene and phosphatase as characteristic cyto-chemical indicators of regenerated cell

Kariya, Y.; Watabe, S.; Ochiai, Y.; Murata, K.; Hashimoto, K., 1990:
Glycosaminoglycan involved in the cation-induced change of body wall structure of sea cucumber Stichopus japonicus

Calabro, C.; Albanese, MP., 2003:
Glycosaminoglycans in oocytes of the abyssal teleost fish Coelorhinchus coelorhynchus Risso Istochimica dei glicosaminoglicani negli ovociti del teleosteo abissale Coelorhinchus coelorhynchus Risso

da Matta, L.M., 2005:
Glycosidases and sulfatases from the marine mollusc Aplysia cervina Glicosidases e sulfatases no molusco marinho Aplysia cervina

Kaushik, SJ., 1999:
Glycoside nutrition interest and limits on glycoside availability Nutrition glucidique interet et limites des apports de glucides

Rinaldi, Emidio., 2002:
Glycymeris Glycymeris insubrica Brocchi, 1814 in sea waters in front of Romagna coast Glycymeris Glycymeris insubrica Brocchi, 1814 nelle acque antistanti la costa Romagnola Mollusca Bivalvia Glycymerididae

D.Wolf, P., 2003:
Glycymeris glycymeris in pile of shells on Texel Glycymeris glycymeris in een schelpenhoop op Texel

Antoine, Ph., 2002 :
Glycyphana Glycyphaniola delponti, a new species of Cetoniidae Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea Glycyphana Glycyphaniola delponti, nouvelle espece de Cetoniidae Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea

Reisinger, PWM.; Schumacher, U.; Welsch, U., 1990:
Glykoproteinstrukturen in der Mesogloea der Meduse Aurelia aurita

Garassino, A., 2000:
Glyphea rigoi n sp Crustacea, Decapoda of the Dolomia di Forni Norian, Upper Triassic of Carnia Udine, NE Italy Glyphea rigoi n sp Crustacea, Decapoda della Dolomia di Forni Norico, Triassico superiore della Carnia Udine, NE Italia

Polz, Hermann., 2000:
Glyphea viohli sp nov Crustacea Decapoda Glypheidae from the Solnhofen Plattenkalk Glyphea viohli sp nov Crustacea Decapoda Glypheidae aus den Solnhofener Plattenkalken

Blick, T.; Szinetar, C., 1996:
Glyphesis conicus is a junior synonym of Glyphesis taoplesius Araneae Linyphiidae Glyphesis conicus ist ein jungeres Synonym von Glyphesis taoplesius Araneae Linyphiidae

Mineva, TA., 1973:
Glyptocephalus stelleri of the Peter the Great Bay

Soibelzon, E.; Zurita, A.E.uardo; Carlini, A.A., 2006:
Glyptodon munizi Ameghino Mammalia, Cingulata, Gyptodontidae redescription and anatomy Glyptodon munizi Ameghino Mammalia, Cingulata, Glyptodontidae redescripcion y anatomia

Duarte, Rossana Gabriela., 1997:
Glyptodonts of the Upper Pleistocene of Agua de las Palomas, Campo del Pucara, Catamarca, Argentina Morphological variations of the carapace of Glyptodon reticulatus Owen, 1845 Gliptodontes del pleistoceno tardio de Agua de las Palomas, Campo del Pucara, Catamarca, Argentina Variaciones morfologicas del caparazon de Glyptodon reticulatus Owen, 1845

Peralta, SH.; Baldis, BA., 1990:
Glyptograptus persculptus en la Formacion Don Braulio Ashgiliano tardio-Llanverniano temprano en la Formacion Oriental de San Juan, Argentina

Staeck, Wolfgang., 2000:
Glyptoperichthys punctatus Kner, 1854 - a seldom kept loricariid catfish Glyptoperichthys punctatus Kner, 1854 - ein selten gepflegter Schilderwels

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