Growth and biological aspects of Hygophum benoiti Cocco, 1838, Pisces, Myctophidae Studio sulla crescita e su alcuni aspetti biologici di Hygophum benoiti Cocco, 1838, Pisces, Myctophidae

Potoschi, A.; Battaglia, P.; Rossi, G.; Triscari, M.

Biologia Marina Mediterranea 10(2 Part 1): 127-137


ISSN/ISBN: 1123-4245
Accession: 038287369

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1605 specimens of Hygophum benoiti (Cocco, 1838), Pisces Myctophidae, were sampled along the shores of the Sicilian coast of the Strait of Messina. Sex ratio resulted 2:1 in favour of males. Observation of otoliths microstructure characterized a maximum of 9 incremental growth sequences (IGS) equivalent to 9 months of life. Sexual maturity size was estimated 37 mm LS, corresponding to an age between third and fourth month. The presence of samples with mature gonads during the whole sampling, sets the species among those with a continuous reproductive cycle.