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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38290

Chapter 38290 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ustinova, LA., 1990:
Growth of sprat in the East Baltic

N'Da, K.; Deniel, C.; Yao, K., 2006:
Growth of striped red mullet Mullus surmuletus in the northern area of the Bay of Biscay Croissance du rouget de roche Mullus surmuletus dans le nord du golfe de Gascogne

da Silva Borba, R.; Loeck, A.E.imar de Magalhaes Bandeira, J.; Leivas Moraes, C.; Centenaro, E.D.niel, 2006:
Growth of symbiont fungi of cutter ants of the genus Acromyrmex in means of culture with different extracts Crescimento do fungo simbionte de formigas cortadeiras do genero Acromyrmex em meios de cultura com diferentes extratos

Ituassu, D.R.bello; Santos dos Santos, G.R.bson; Roubach, R.; Pereira-Filho, M., 2004:
Growth of tambaqui submitted to different feed deprivation periods Desenvolvimento de tambaqui submetido a periodos de privacao alimentar

Krakatitza, T.F., 1968:
Growth of the Black sea oyster, Ostrea taurica Krynicki in the experimental ponds of oyster farming

Bartels, Thomas., 2007:
Growth of the beak Insights into the embryo development of the bird beak Wie der Schnabel gewachsen ist Einblicke in die Embroyonalentwicklung des Vogelschnabels

Chalabi, A.; Akkacha, S.; Achour, M.; Ferrache, S., 2001:
Growth of the bluefin tuna Thunnus thynnus fished in the west southern Mediterranean Croissance du thon rouge Thunnus thynnus Peche en Mediterranee sud occidentale

Degtyareva, S.M.; Zasukhin, D.N., 1959:
Growth of the causative agent of the desert type skin leishmaninsis in tissue cultures

Lorenzo Nespereira, JMa.; Gonzalez Pajuelo, JM., 1997:
Growth of the chub mackerel Scomber japonicus Houttuyn, 1782 off the Canary Islands determined by length-frequency analysis Determinacion del crecimiento de la caballa Scomber japonicus Houttuyn, 1782 de las islas Canarias a traves del analisis de las frecuencias de tallas

Garcia U., R. del Pilar.; Alvarado Ch., E.M.; Acosta M., A., 1996:
Growth of the coral Acropora palmata Lamarck, 1886 in the Corales del Rosario National Natural Park, Colombian Caribbean Crecimiento del coral Acropora palmata Lamarck, 1886 en el Parque Nacional Natural Corales del Rosario, Caribe colombiano

Pinheiro, M.A.A.; Taddei, F.G., 2005:
Growth of the freshwater crab, Dilocarcinus pagei Stimpson Crustacea, Brachyura, Trichodactylidae Crescimento do caranguelo de Agua doce, Dilocarcinus pagei Stimpson Crustacea, Brachyura, Trichodactylidae

Gille, U.; Salomon, F-V., 1995:
Growth of the limb bones in the duck Zum Wachstum des Extremitatenskeletts bei Enten

Zemski, V.A., 1957:
Growth of the newly born fin whales in the period of their milk feeding

Lubrano Lavadera, S.; Fabbrocini, A.; Rispoli, S.; Martello, A.; Nascimento, I.; Sansone, G., 2001:
Growth of the oyster Crassostrea gigas near to marine off-shore cage aquaculture Prove di crescita di Crassostrea gigas presso un allevamento ittico in mare

Zubenko, EB., 1975:
Growth of the perch in various parts of the Kremenchugsk Reservoir

Ramirez-Rodriguez, M.; Naegel, L.C., 2003:
Growth of the purple snail Plicopurpura pansa in Baja California Sur, Mexico Crecimiento del caracol de tinte Plicopurpura pansa en Baja California Sur, Mexico

Goebel, Adolf., 1998:
Growth of the red-eared slider Trachemys scripta troosti 3 Rust zelvy Trachemys scripta troosti 3

Kuliev, G.K., 1961:
Growth of the skeleton and of the internal organs in Azerbaidjan mountain sheep in its early stages

de Jesus Navarrete, Alberto., 2001:
Growth of the snail Strombus gigas Gastropoda Strombidae in four environments of Quintana Roo, Mexico Crecimiento del caracol Strombus gigas Gastropoda Strombidae en cuatro ambientes de Quintana Roo, Mexico

Merchan, M.; Coll, M.; Fournier, R., 2002:
Growth of the spurred tortoise Geochelone sulcata Miller, 1779 Testudines Testudinidae during its first year Crecimiento de la tortuga de espolonges Geochelone sulcata Miller, 1779 Testudines Testudinidae durante el primer ano de vidia

Mexicano-Cintora, G., 1999:
Growth of the yellowtail snapper Ocyurus chrysurus, Bloch, 1791 of the north coast of Yucatan, Mexico Crecimiento del pargo canane Ocyurus chrysurus, Bloch, 1791 de la costa norte de Yucatan, Mexico

Bradal, MN.; Ghorbel, M.; Jarboui, O.; Bouain, A., 1998:
Growth of three Sparidae species Diplodus puntazzo, Diplodus vulgaris and Spondylosoma cantharus from the Gulf of Gabes Tunisia Croissance de trois especes de sparides Dplodus puntazzo, Diplodus vulgaris et Spondylosoma cantharus du golfe de Gabes Tunisie

Voliani, A.; Abella, A.; Mancusi, C., 2003:
Growth of three species of Pagellus in the south-eastern Ligurian Sea Accrescimento di tre species di Pagellus nel Mar Ligure sud-orientale

Naim, O.; Prigent, W.; Boucher, N., 2001:
Growth of transplants of the hermatypic scleractinian Acropora muricata Linnaeus, 1758 used as a bioindicator Reunion Island, Indian Ocean Utilisation da la croissance de transplants du scleractiniare hermatypique Acropora muricata Linnaeus, 1758 comme bioindicateur ile de la Reunion, ocean Indien

Novinskaja, V.F., 1959:
Growth of trypanosomes on chick embryos

I.H.lal, M.; Orbi, A.; Moukrim, A., 2005:
Growth of two mussels Perna perna and Mytilus galloprovincialis in open sea suspended culture in the Agadir Bay Morocco Croissance des deux moules Perna perna et Mytilus galloprovincialis en elevage sur filieres sub-flottantes en mer ouverte dans la baie dAgadir Maroc

Scheffel, H.-Joachim.; Kraft, D., 2004:
Growth of young ten-spined sticklebacks Pungitius pungitius L in the drainage of the River Weser at Lower Saxony and Bremen Germany Zum Wachstum junger Neunstachliger Stichlinge Pungitius pungitius L im Einzugsgebiet der Weser von Niedersachsen und Bremen

Scheffel, H., 2005:
Growth of young three-spined sticklebacks Gasterosteus aculeatus L in the drainage of the lower River Weser Zum Wachstum junger Dreistachliger Stichlinge Gasterosterus aculeatus L im Einzugsgebiet der unteren Weser

Gocer, M.; Ekingen, G., 2003:
Growth parameters of Liza ramada Risso, 1826 population in Mersin Bay Mersin Korfezindeki Liza ramada Risso, 1826 populasyonunun buyume parametreleri

Regner, S.; Dulcic, J., 1990:
Growth parameters of anchovy postlarvae in the Adriatic estimated from otolith growth rings

de Mattos, S.M.cedo Gomes; Pereira, J.A.lindo, 2002:
Growth parameters of the Caribbean sharpnose shark, Rhizoprionodon porosus Poey, 1861, off Pernambuco State, Brazil Parametros de crescimento do tubarao rabo-seco, Rhizoprionodon porosus Poey, 1861, no litoral de Estado de Pernambuco, Brasil

Alves Coelho, P.; Ferrao Santos, M. do Carmo. de Souza Freitas, A.E.izabete Teixeira., 2004:
Growth parameters of the cliff crab, Plagusia depressa Fabricius, 1775 Crustacea, Decapoda, Plagusiidae, off Tamandare, Pernambuco State, Brazil Crescimento do aratu-da-pedra, Plagusia depressa Fabricius, 1775 Crustacea, Decapoda, Plagusiidae, em Tamandare - Pernambuco

Iatrou, GD.; Stamou, GP., 1990:
Growth patterns of Glomeris balcanica Diplopoda, Glomeridae

Amneris Siaca, R.; Fritts, T.H.; Marquez, C., 1996:
Growth patterns of giant tortoises of Pinzon Island, Galapagos Patrones de crecimiento de las tortugas gigantes de la Isla de Pinzon, Galapagos

Siaca, R.; Amneris.; Fritts, T.H., 1995:
Growth patterns of giant turtles Geochelone ephippium from Pinzon island, Galapagos Patrones de crecimiento de las tortugas gigantes Geochelone ephippium de la isla de Pinzon, Galapagos

Gilles, Sylvain., 1995:
Growth performance comparisons in lagoon habitat of three genetically differentiated populations of Sarotherodon melanotheron, originating from Senegal, Ivory Coast and Congo Comparaisons des performances de croissance en milieu lagunaire de trois populations genetiquement differenciees de Sarotherodon melanotheron, originaires du Senegal, de la Cote dIvoire et du Congo

Tolkacheva, LM., 1997:
Growth processes in Cestoda strobila and their evaluation as taxonomy criteria

Gul, A.; Yilmaz, M., 2002:
Growth properties of Capoeta tinca Heckel, 1843 living in the Delice branch of Kizilirmak River Turkey Kizilirmak Nehri Delice Irmaginda Yasayan Capoeta tinca Heckel, 1843nin Buyume Ozellikleri

Ergene, Serap., 1999:
Growth properties of bass Dicentrarchus labrax L, 1758, Perciformes Serranidae live in Akgol-Paradeniz Lagoon in Goksu Delta Goksu Deltasindaki Akgol-Paradeniz Lagunlerinde yasayan levrek Dicentrarchus labrax L, 1758, Perciformes Serranidaein buyume ozellikleri

Ekmekci, F.; Guler., 1996:
Growth properties of carp Cyprinus carpio L, 1758 population in Sariyar Dam Lake Ankara Sariyar Baraj Golunde Ankara yasayan sazan Cyprinus carpio L, 1758 populasyonunun buyume ozellikleri

Unver, B.; Tanyolac, J., 1999 :
Growth properties of chub Leuciscus cephalus L, 1758 in Lake Todurge Zara/Sivas Todurge Golundeki Zara/Sivas tatlisu kefali Leuciscus cephalus L, 1758 nin buyume ozellikleri

Ergene, S.; Kuru, M., 1999:
Growth properties of grey mullet Mugil cephalus L, 1758 live in Silifke, Akgol-Paradeniz Lagoons Akgol-Paradeniz Lagunlerinde Silifke yasayan topan kefalin Mugil cephalus L, 1758 buyume ozellikleri

Shirose, LJ.; Brooks, RJ., 1995:
Growth rate and age at maturity in syntopic populations of Rana clamitans and Rana septentrionalis in central Ontario

Slavica, A.; Janicki, Z.; Konjevic, D.; Severin, K., 2004:
Growth rate and molt cycle of Adriatic spiny lobster P elephas maintained in controlled conditions Dinamika rasta nedoraslih jastoga Palinurus elephas u kontroliranim uvjetima

Prokes, M.; Barus, V.; Penaz, M.; Baranek, V., 2003:
Growth rate and rearing problems of Siberian sturgeon under conditions of the Czech Republic Rustove vlastnosti a probematika chovu jesetera sibirskeho Acipenser baerii v podminkach Ceske republiky

Audelo-Naranjo, J.M.; Zamudio-Armenta, O.O.; Madero-Perez, J.L., 1999:
Growth rate comparison of Penaeus vannemei Decapoda Penaeidae under winter and summer semi-intensive cultivation Comparacion de la tasa de crecimiento de Penaeus vannamei Decapoda Penaeidae en cultivos semi-intensivos de invierno y de verano

Druffel, ERM.; King, LL.; Belastock, RA.; Buesseler, KO., 1990:
Growth rate of a deep-sea coral using 210Pb and other isotopes

Raczynski, M.; Przesmycki, M.; Keszka, S., 2006:
Growth rate of brown trout Salmo trutta m fario catched by anglers in rivers in lower Silesia and west Pomerania Poland Tempo wzrostu pstraga potokowego Salmo trutta in fario L pochodzacego z polowow wedkarskich z rzek Dolnego Slaska i Pomorza Zachodniego

Lok, Aynur., 2001:
Growth rate of different size groups of mussels, Mytilus galloprovincialis Lamarck, 1819 in Iskele-Urla Bay of Izmir Iskele-Urlada Izmir Korfezi Kulture Alinan Farkli Boy Gruplarindaki Midyelerin Mytilus galloprovincialis Lamarck, 1819 Buyume Oranlari

Trindade, C.R.ssano T.; Albertoni, E.F.ria; Palma-Silva, C., 2004:
Growth rates and feeding in Pomacea canaliculata Gastropoda Ampullariidae at laboratory Crescimento e preferencia alimentar de Pomacea canaliculata Gastropoda Ampullariidae em laboratorio

Basedow, T.; Kollat, I., 1997:
Growth rates of populations of Carabidae and Staphylinidae in arable fields in Hesse Germany Vermehrungskoeffizienten von Populationen der Carabidae und Staphylinidae auf Ackerflachen in Hessen

Zhou Yimei.; Liu Hiu.; Dong Baoxian., 1990:
Growth response of Isochrysis galbana 3011 to seven kinds of heavy metals

Fernandez, A.; Blanco, G.; Vazquez, E.; McCarthy, I.; Sanchez Prado, JA., 2002:
Growth strategies under different environmental conditions of an Atlantic salmon Salmo salar L, 1758 population Estrategias de crecimiento de una poblacion de salmon atlantico Salmo salar L, 1758 en condiciones ambientales diferentes

Andreu-Soler, A.; Oliva-Paterna, FJ.; Torralva, M., 2003:
Growth strategy of Atherina boyeri Risso, 1810 Pisces Atherinidae in the Mar Menor coastal lagoon SE Iberian Peninsula Estrategia de crecimiento de Atherina boyeri Risso, 1810 Pisces Atherinidae en la laguna costera del Mar Menor SE Peninsula Iberica

Sherman, IM.; Pilipenko, YuV., 1990:
Growth structure and growth criteria in fish from technical waters in relation to their commercial value

Lagarrigue, T.; Baran, P.; Lascaux, JM.; Belaud, A., 2001:
Growth variability analysis of a brown trout Salmo trutta L population in a Pyrenean mountain stream Analyse de la variabilite de la croissance dune population de truite commune Salmo trutta L dans un torrent Pyreneen

Bayed, A., 1998:
Growth variability of Donax trunculus in the coasts of Morocco Variabilite de la croissance de Donax frunculus sur le littoral marocain

Aguilar P., JF.; Navarrete S., N., 1997:
Growth, condition and mortality of Chirostoma humboldtianum Atheriniformes Atherinidae in Mexico Crecimiento, condicion y mortalidad del charal Chirostoma humboldtianum Atheriniformes Atherinidae en Mexico

Pina, P.; Nieves, M.; Voltolina, D.; Chavira Ortega, C.O., 2004:
Growth, development and survival of Litopenaeus vannamei mysis larvae fed Artemia nauplii or the rotifer Brachionus plicatilis Crecimiento, desarrollo y supervivencia de mysis de Litopenaeus vannamei alimentadas con nauplios de Artemia y con el rotifero Brachionus plicatilis

Angeles, B.; Mendo, J., 2005:
Growth, fecundity and sexual differentiation of the fine flounder Paralichthys adspersus Steindachner of the central coast of Peru Crecimiento, fecundidad y diferenciacion sexual del lenguado Paralichthys adspersus Steindachner de la costa central del Peru

Gutierrez Montero, W.; Cabrera Pena, J., 1996:
Growth, food conversion and mortality of Eretmochelys imbricata Reptilia Chelonidae in artificial ponds Costa Rica Crecimiento, conversion de alimento y mortalidad de Eretmochelys imbricata Reptilia Chelonidae en estanques artificiales en Costa Rica

Hammer, Oyvind., 1998:
Growth, form and history of evolution Vekst, form og livets historie

Gancitano, V.; Rizzo, P.; Gancitano, S.; Giusto, GB.; Cusumano, S.; Fiorentino, F., 2006:
Growth, longevity and natural mortality of sand sole Solea lascaris Risso, 1810; Pisces Soleidae in the Strait of Sicily preliminary information Crescita, longevita e mortalita naturale della sogliola dal porro Solea lascaris Risso, 1810; Pisces Soleidae nello Stretto di Sicilia informazioni preliminari

Capezzuto, F.; Maiorano, P.; Giove, A.; D'Onghia, G., 2004:
Growth, longevity and senescence effects in Aristeus antennatus from the Ionian Sea Accrescimento, longevita ed effetti della senescenza in Aristeus antennatus nel Mar Ionio

Bennoui, A.; Chalabi, A., 2001:
Growth, mortalities and analysis of the status of stock estimated by VPA of Xiphias gladius L, 1758 fished by artisanal fisheries of Beni Saf Croissance, mortalites et analyse de letat du stock exploite par VPA de lespadon, Xiphias gladius L, 1758 peche par les petits metiers a Beni Saf

Toledo, J.; Mendoza, J.; Marcano, L., 2000:
Growth, mortality and exploitation rate of Priacanthus arenatus Perciformes Priacanthidae, in the trawl fisheries of northeast Venezuela Crecimiento, mortalidad y tasa de explotacion de Priacanthus arenatus Perciformes Priacanthidae, en la pesca de arrastre del nororiente de Venezuela

Mohanty, SN.; Swamy, DN.; Tripathi, SD., 1990:
Growth, nutritional indices and carcass composition of the Indian major carp fry, Catla catla, Labeo rohita and Cirrhinus mrigala fed four dietary protein levels

Perez Lizama, M. de los Angeles, 2003:
Growth, recruitment and mortality of pequi Moenkhausia intermedia Osteichthyes, Characidae in the floodplain of Upper Parana River, Brazil Crescimento, recrutamento e mortalidade do pequi Moenkhausia intermedia Osteichthyes, Characidae na planicie de inundacao do alto rio Parana, Brasil

de Jesus-Navarrette, A.; Oliva-Rivera, J.; Medina-Quei, A.; Dominguez-Viveros, M., 1999:
Growth, recruitment and population size of the queen conch Strombus gigas of Punta Gavilan, Quintana Roo, Mexico Crecimiento, reclutamiento y estructura poblacional del caracol rosado Strombus gigas en Punta Gavilan, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Ferrer, Jose., 1997:
Growth, reproduction and mortality of Pomacea paludosa under natural conditions Crecimiento, reproduccion y mortalidad de Pomacea paludosa en condiciones naturales

Ayala-Perez, L.A.ado.; Rojas-Galaviz,; Aviles-Alatriste, O.A.ustin., 1997:
Growth, reproduction and population dynamics of Anchoa mitchilli Pisces Engraulidae in a lake system, Palizada-Del Este, Campeche, Mexico Crecimiento, reproduccion y dinamica poblacional de Anchoa mitchilli Pisces Engraulidae en el sistema Palizada-Del Este, Campeche, Mexico

Signorell, N.; Jenny, H., 2003:
Growth, seasonal fluctuations in body weight and sex determination of Alpine marmots Marmota m marmota Wachstum, saisonale Gewichtsveranderungen und Geschlechtsbestimmung bei Alpenmurmeltieren Marmota m marmota

Shilov, V.I.; Khazov, Y.K.; Batychkov, G.A., 1977:
Growth, sexual maturation and spawning of summer-spawning sturgeon of the Volgo-Caspian Bastn

Senhorini, J.A.gusto.; Gaspar, L.A.berto.; Fransozo, A., 2002:
Growth, survival and food preference of matrinxa Brycon cephalus and piracanjuba Brycon orbignyanus larvae in earth ponds Crescimento, sobrevivencia e preferencia alimentar de larvas de matrinxa Brycon cephalus e de piracanjuba Brycon orbignyanus em viveiros

Frahnert, Sylke., 2000:
Growth-conditioned proportion changes in the skull of the European beaver, Castor fiber L, 1758 Rodentia, Castoridae taxonomical significance and discussion of the functional aspect Wachstumsbedingte Proportionsveraenderungen am Schaedel des Bibers, Castor fiber L, 1758 Rodentia, Castoridae taxonomische Bedeutung und Diskussion funktioneller Aspekte

Moschkowski, Michael., 2006:
Gruenarassaris - my experiences on breeding Gruenarassaris - meine Erfahrungen bei der Nachzucht

Spasskij, A.A.; Borgarenko, L.F.; Spasskaya, L.P., 1971:
Gruitaenia latissima gn, sp n-new species of a new genus of Dilepididae cestodes from Grus grus

Kulicickij, N.K., 1912:
Grundlagen der Histologie der Tiere und des Menschen

Poliakov, P.A., 1908:
Grundlagen der Histologie und Elemente der Embryologie der Menschen und der Wirbelthiere Erster Theil Allgemeine Histologie und allgemeine Embryologie

Poliakov, P.A., 1908:
Grundlagen der Histologie und Elemente der Embryologie des Menschen und der Wirbelthiere Erster Theil Allgemeine Histologie und allgemeine Embryolegie

Poliakov, P.A., 1909:
Grundlagen der Histologie und Elemente der Embryologie des Menschen und der Wirbeltiere 2-ter Teil Lief I Mikroskopische Anatomie und Embryologie der Organe und Systeme

Schmeil, O., 1910:
Grundlagen der Lehre von dem Leben und dem Bau der Tiere 2-te Aufl, verb u verm, nach d 24-ten deutsch Aufl unt d Redakt von K P Jagodovskij

Tichomirov, A., 1914:
Grundlagen der Seidenraupenzucht 3-te Ausgabe des Komitees fur Seidenraupenzucht der Moskauer Landwirtschaftlichen Gesellschaft

Kornilovic, N., 1907:
Grundlagen der normalen mikroskopischen Anatomic Lief 2 Einfuhrung in die Technik, das Hauslaboratorium

Schorr, M., 1990:
Grundlagen zu Einem Artenhilfsprogramm Libellen der Bundesrepublic Deutschland

Mildner, P., 1990:
Grundlagen zur Erarbeitung eines Augenkataloges der Saugetiere Europas

Schmeil, O., 1908:
Grundriss der Naturgeschichte Heft 1 Thier- und Menschenkunde 4-te Aufl Uebersetzt aus dem Deutschen von S Poreckij

Schenck, M.; Kolb, E., 1990:
Grundriss der physiologischen Chemie

Anonymous., 1990:
Grundung einer ornithologischen Gesellschaft in Rumanien

Baehr, M., 1990:
Grundzuge der Faunenzusammensetzung und Faurengeschichte Australiens, dargestellt am Beispiel der Laufkafer Coleoptera, Carabidae

Paunovic, M., 1990:
Grundzuge der Herkunft und das Alter der Herpetofauna Jugoslawiens

Kulicickij, N.K., 1908:
Grundzuge der Histologie der Thiere und des Menschen 3-te Aufl

Poliakov, P.A., 1914:
Grundzuge der Histologie und der Embryologie

Knipovic, N.M., 1906:
Grundzuge der Hydrologie des Europaischen Eismeeres

Bechterev, V., 1906:
Grundzuge der Lehre von den Functionen des Centralnervensystems

Fieber, F.X., 1866:
Grundzuge zur generischen Theilung der Delphacini

Heinroth, O., 1906:
Grune Farbung von Kanarienbastarden

Otto, H., 1907:
Grunspecht im Ameisenbau

Miltschew, Bojan., 2001:
Grunting of the white pelican in flight during threatening circumstances Bei bedrohlich wirkenden Ereignissen grunzen Rosapelikane beim Fliegen

Aymi, R.; Julien, A., 1996:
Grup Catala dAnellament bird ringing report for 1991-1993 Activitats del Grup Catala dAnellament durant el periode 1991-1993

Aymi, R.; Tomas, FJ., 2000:
Grup Catala dAnellament bird-ringing report for 1994-1996 Activitats del Grup Catala dAnellament durant el periode 1994-1996

Aymi, R.; Tomas, FJ., 2001:
Grup Catala danellament bird-ringing report for 1997-1999 Activitats del Grup Catala dAnellament durant el periode 1997-1999

Bameul, F.; Walryck, H., 1998:
Gryllomorpha dalmatina Ocskay Orthoptera, Gryllidae in the Arcachon area Gironde Gryllomorpha dalmatina Ocskay Orthoptera, Gryllidae dans les environs dArcachon Gironde

Morin, Didier., 1991:
Gryllomorpha dalmatina Ocskay, 1832 from Bordeaux Orthoptera, Ensifera, Gryllidae, Gryllomorphinae Gryllomorpha dalmatina Ocskay, 1832 a Bordeaux Orthoptera, Ensifera, Gryllidae, Gryllomorphinae

Nilsson, Sven G., 1997:
Grynocharis oblonga L Coleoptera Trogositidae - a specialized wood beetle with a relict distribution Morkbaggen Grynocharis oblonga - en specialiserad vedskalbagge med reliktutbredning

Masi Pallares, R., 1969:
Gua de endoparasitos en animates del Paraguay Peces, Batracios, Reptiles, Aves y Mamferos

Santolaya, JM., 1993:
Gualtieria a new echinid of the Tertiary of Alicante Gualtieria un nuevo equinido del Terciario alicantino

Breton, Gerard., 1999:
Guancha blanca Miklucho-Maclay, 1868 Porifera, Calcarea in the subtidal zone of Tatihou Cotentin, Normandy heterochrony in the development of the genus Guancha Guancha blanca Miklucho-Maclay, 1868 Porifera, Calcarea dans linfratidal de Tatihou Cotentin, Normandie heterochronies du developpement dans le genre Guancha

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