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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38291

Chapter 38291 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mayol, Joan., 2005:
Guano and the conservation of birds by the Incas El guano y la conservacion de las aves por los incas

Scalercio, S., 2004:
Guardrails as sampling method for the Lepidoptera Psychidae faunistical and ecological results in two areas of Catena Costiera Paolana Calabria, Italy I guardrails stradali come mezzo di campionamento dei Lepidotteri Psichidi risultati faunistico-ecologici in due aree campione della Catena Costiera Paolana Calabria, Italia

Brown, Michelle H., 1993:
Guatemala the Marimonte Reserve Guatemala la Reserva Marimonte

Ende, Hans-Jurgen., 2000:
Gudgeons from Sri Lanka Grundeln von Sri Lanka

Knauf, T., 2006:
Guenons and mangabeys in Nigeria CERCOPAN is more than just primate protection Meerkatzen und Mangaben in Nigeria CERCOPAN ist meht als nur Primatenschutz

Trusch, Robert., 2003:
Guenter Ebert - Fabricius award winner 2003 Guenter Ebert - Fabricius-Preistraeger 2003

Weyer, D., 2002:
Guerichiphyllum Rozkowska, 1969 Anthozoa, Rugosa from the Upper Famennian Wocklumeria genozone of Saalfeld in Thuringia Guerichiphyllum Rozkowska 1969 Anthozoa, Rugosa aus dem Ober-Famennian Wocklumeria-Stufe von Saalfeld in Thueringen

Peruquetti, R.C.rlos; Dias Bezerra, J.M.uricio, 2003:
Guests of stingless bees Hymenoptera Apidae biological aspects of Scotocryptus melitophilus Reitter, 1881 Coleoptera Leiodidae Inquilinos de abelhas-sem-ferrao Hymenoptera Apidae aspectos da biologia de Scotocryptus melitophilus Reitter, 1881 Coleoptera Leiodidae

Fernandez-Rubio, F., 1990:
Guia de mariposas diurnas de la Peninsula Iberica Zygenas

Thevenot, F.; Delfosse, E., 2001:
Guianan faunal study Prospection guyanaise

Kruger, Jens., 2000:
Guidance on egg care for day geckos of the genus Phelsuma Hinweise zur Eizeitigung bei den Taggeckos der Gattung Phelsuma

Bulian, Joachim., 2001:
Guidance on the life mode and care of the Asian lance-head snake Trimeresurus kanburiensis Hinweise zur Lebensweise und Haltung der Bambusotter Trimeresurus Hinweise zur Lebensweise und Haltung der Bambusotter Trimeresurus Hinweise zur Lebensweise und Haltung der Bambusotter Trimeresurus Hinweise zur Lebensweise und Haltung der Bambusotter Trimeresurus Hinweise zur Lebensweise und Haltung der Bambusotter Trimeresurus Hinweise zur Lebensweise und Haltung der Bambusotter Trimeresurus Hinwe

Timoshkin, O.A. ., 1995:
Guide and key to Pelagic animals of Baikal with ecological notes

Slugina, ZV.; Starobogatov, Y.I., 1999:
Guide and key to the Bivalvia of Lake Baikal

Munoz, D.; Ospina, R., 1999:
Guide for genetic identification of Ephemeroptera of the Bogota Plateau, Colombia Nymphs and some adult genera Guia para la identificacion generica de los Ephemeroptera de la Sabana de Bogota, Colombia Ninfas y algunos generos de adultos

Vooren, C.M.ria; Naves, L.C.elho; Romay, A.F.rnando Lamonaca, 2003:
Guide for identification of sharks, rays and skates in landings of the fishery in Rio Grande do Sul Guia para a identificacao de tubaroes e raias em desembarques da pesca no Rio Grande do Sul

Giannella, Carlo., 2000:
Guide for identifying Italian limicolous species dichotomic key Guida al riconoscimento dei limicoli italiani chiave dicotomica

Cerny, V., 1958:
Guide for the detection of larvae and nymphs of ticks parasitic on small mammals

Valderrama,; Giraldo, C.; Montoya-Lerma, J.; Armbrecht, I.; Calle, Z., 2006:
Guide for the establishment and management of artificial colonies of the leaf cutting ant Atta cephalotes Hymenoptera Myrmicinae Guia para el establecimiento y manejo de Colonias artificiales de hormiga arriera Atta cephalotes Hymenoptera Myrmicinae

Faillie, Louis., 1994:
Guide for the identification of French species of the genus of Zygaena Guide pour lidentification des especes francaises du genre Zygaena Fabricius

Fernandez, H R. .; Dominguez, E. ., 2001:
Guide for the identification of South American benthic arthropods Guia para la determinacion de los artropodos bentonicos sudamericanos

Assis, Carlos A., 2004:
Guide for the identification of some bony fish families from Portugal through the morphology of their otoliths sagitta Guia para identificacao de algumas familias de peixes osseos de Portugal continental, atraves da morfologia dos seus otolitos sagitta

Dubois, P.J.; L.M.rechal, P., 1995:
Guide from the CAF and CHN Justification for new categories in the bird list of France 2nd part additions to the official list En direct de la CAF et du CHN Justification des nouvelles categories de la liste des oiseaux de France 2eme partie annexes a la liste officielle

Dubois, P.J.; L.M.rechal, P., 1995:
Guide from the CAF and CHN Justification for new categories in the bird list of France 1st part the official list En direct de la CAF et du CHN Justification des nouvelles categories de la liste des oiseaux de France 1ere partie liste officielle

Genovesi, P.; Bertolino, S., 2001:
Guide lines for the control of the American grey squirrel Sciurus carolinensis in Italy Linee guida per il controllo dello scoiattolo grigio Sciurus carolinensis in Italia

Cocchi, R.; Riga, F., 2001:
Guide lines for the control of the coypu Myocastor coypus Linee guida per il controllo della nutria Myocastor coypus

Toso, S.; Pedrotti, L., 2001:
Guide lines for the management of the wild boar Sus scrofa in protected areas Linee guida per la gestione del cinghiale Sus scrofa nelle aree protette

Merivee, E.; Remm, H., 1973:
Guide to Coleoptera

Turbang, Pierre., 1993:
Guide to Mygalomorpha reared in terrarium anatomy - description of existing species, the terrarium, feeding, handling from fertilization till death, rearing of their prey Guide des mygales elevees en terrarium lanatomie - description des especes courantes, le terrarium, lalimentation - les manipulations de la fecondation a la mort, lelevage des proies destinees aux mygales

Bannikov, AG.; Darevskii, IS.; Ishchenko, VG.; Rustamov, AK.S.cherbak, NN., 1977:
Guide to amphibians and reptiles of the USSR fauna

Bannikov, AG.; Darevskii, IS.; Ishchenko, VG.; Rustamov, AK.; Shcherbak, NN., 1977:
Guide to amphibiaus and reptiles of the USSR fauna

Narosky, T.; Babarskas, M., 2000:
Guide to birds of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego identification guide Guia de aves de Patagonia y Tierra del Fuego guia para su reconocimiento

Scrocchi, G.; Kretzschmar, S., 1996:
Guide to capture preparation methods for amphibians and reptiles for scientific study and herpetological collection management Gui de metodos de captura y preparacion de anfibios y reptiles para estudios cientificos y manejo de colecciones herpetologicas

Markwell, K., 1990:
Guide to common urban wildlife species Amphibians

Lindsay, T., 1990:
Guide to common urban wildlife species Birds

Haddon, F., 1990:
Guide to common urban wildlife species Freshwater fish

Clyne, D., 1990:
Guide to common urban wildlife species Insects

Pastorelli, J., 1990:
Guide to common urban wildlife species Mammals

Griffiths, K., 1990:
Guide to common urban wildlife species Reptiles

Clyne, D., 1990:
Guide to common urban wildlife species Spiders

Sylvestre, Jean-Pierre., 1990:
Guide to dolphins and porpoises Guide des dauphins et marsouins

Veselov, E.A., 1977:
Guide to freshwater fish of the USSR fauna

Chereshnev, IA.; Skopets, MB.; Shestakov, AV., 2001:
Guide to freshwater fishes in the Russian north-east

Giannella, Carlo., 2001:
Guide to identification of Italian larids dichotomic key Guida al riconoscimento dei Laridi italiani chiave dicotomica

Mamaev, B,M.; Medvedev, LN.; Pravdin, FN., 1976:
Guide to insects of the European part of the USSR

Lemos, P.H.nrique de Barros.; Correa, Maia.; Pinheiro, P.C.rlos., 1995:
Guide to otoliths of Clupeidae Clupeiformes-Osteichthyes of coast of Parana State, Brazil Catalogo de otolitos de Clupeidae Clupeiformes-Osteichthyes do litoral do Estado do Parana, Brasil

Wasowski, Rafal., 2000:
Guide to shells Przewodnik muszle

Polo Urrea, C.Sofia, 2006:
Guide to taxonomy and common Spanish and English names of tetrapod families in Colombia Guia de taxonomia y nombres comunes en espanol e ingles de las familias de tetrapodos en Colombia

Zahradnik, Jiri., 1990:
Guide to the Coleoptera of Spain and Europe Guia de los Coleopteros de Espana y de Europa

Roncaglia, Carla., 2001:
Guide to the Marine Room Guida alla Sala del Mare

Gerasimov, P.A., 1955:
Guide to the Mesozoic fossils of the central region of the European part of the USSR Part II Echinodermata, Crustacea, Vermes, Bryozoa and Anthozoa in the deposits of the region

Gerasimov, P.A., 1955:
Guide to the Mesozoie fossils of the central region of the European part of the USSR Part I Lamellibranch, Gastropod, Scaphapod Mollusca and Brachiopoda in the deposits of the region

Anon., 1959 :
Guide to the Zoological Museum of the University of Kiev

Dubrac, B.; Nicolle, S.; Michel, H., 2001:
Guide to the birds of Normandy Guide des oiseaux de Normandie

Christy, P.; Clarke, W.V., 1998:
Guide to the birds of Sao Tome and Principe Guide des oiseaux de Sao Tome et Principe

de Juana Aranzana, E.; Varela Simo, J.M., 2000:
Guide to the birds of Spain peninsula, Balearic Islands Canary Islands Guia de las aves de Espana peninsula, Baleares y Canarias

Halterlein, B.; Fleet, D.M.; Henneberg, H.R.dolf.; Menneback, T.; Rasmussen, L.M.ltha.; Sudbeck, P.; Thorup, O.; Vogel, R., 1995:
Guide to the breeding status recording of coastal birds in the region of Wattenmeer Anleitungen zur Brutbestandserfassung von Kustenvogeln im Wattenmeerbereich

Gosalvez Lopez, M.; Fernandez Rubio, F.; Martinez, J.M.rtin., 1992:
Guide to the fauna of the sea floor of the Mediterranean littoral, continental Spain Guia de la fauna submarina del litoral mediterraneo continental espanol

Velasco, J.C.rlos.; Avia, M.L.zana.; Sancho,, 2005:
Guide to the fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals of Castille and Leon Revised and enlarged edition Guia de los peces, anfibios, reptiles y mamiferos de Castilla y Leon Nueva edicion revisada y ampliada

Quero, J.-Claude.; Porche, P.; Vayne, J.-Jacques., 2003:
Guide to the fishes of the European Atlantic Guide des poissons de lAtlantique europeen

Porter, Charles C., 1998:
Guide to the genera of Ichneumonidae of the Neantarctic region of southern South America Guia de los generos de Ichneumonidae en la region neantartica del sur de Sudamerica

Ospina Torres, R.; Riss, W.; Ruiz, J.L.liana., 1999:
Guide to the generic identificacion of larvae of Chironomidae Diptera Chironomidae of Sabana de Bogota 1 Subfamily Orthocladiinae Guia para la identification generica de larvas de quironomidos Diptera Chironomidae de la Sabana de Bogota 1 Subfamilia Orthocladiinae

Muscio, Giuseppe., 1995:
Guide to the geological sciences exhibition Guida alle sale di scienze della terra

Polak, Slavko., 1999:
Guide to the internationally important bird areas IBAs in Slovenia Vodnik po Mednarodno pomembnih obmocjih za ptice IBA v Sloveniji

Pototzkaya, V.A., 1967:
Guide to the larvae of rove beetles Staphylinidae of the European part of the USSR Institut Evolyutziormoi Morphologii i Ekologii Zhivotoik im

Wartmann, Beat., 2001:
Guide to the maze of identification books - part 5 Mainland Asia Wegweiser durch den Dschungel der Bestimmungsbuecher - Teil 5 Festlandasien

Fernandez, M.; Alvear, E., 2005:
Guide to the nature in Sureste Regional Park Guia de la naturaleza en el Parque Regional del Sureste

Lemos, P.H.nrique de Barros.; Correa, Maia.; Pinheiro, P.C.rlos., 1995:
Guide to the otoliths of the Engraulidae Clupeiformes-Osteichthyes of the coast of Parana State, Brazil Catalogo de otolitos de Engraulidae Clupeiformes-Osteichthyes do litoral do Estado no Parana, Brasil

Bressan, Francesca., 1994:
Guide to the paletnology exhibition Guida alla sala di paletnologia

Canevari, P.; Castro, G.; Salaberry, M.; Naranjo, LG., 2001:
Guide to the plovers and shorebirds of the Neotropical region Guia de los chorlos y playeros de la region neotropical

Brendel, U.; Eberhardt, R.; Wiesmann-Eberhardt, K. d'Oleire-Oltmanns, W., 2001:
Guide to the protection of the golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos L in the Alps Der Leitfaden zum Schutz des Steinadlers Aquila chrysaetos L in den Alpen

Shidlovskii, M.V., 1976:
Guide to the rodents of Transcaucasia 2nd edition

D.Beneditto, Ana Paula M., 2004:
Guide to the study of cetaceans Volume 1 interactions with fishing activities Guia para estudo de cetaceos Volume 1 interacoes com atividades de pesca

D.B.neditto, A.P.ula M.; Siciliano, S., 2004:
Guide to the study of cetaceans Volume 2 methods for collecting carcass specimens Guia para estudo de cetaceos Volume 2 metodos para coleta de amostras em Carcacas

Ramos, R.M.ria Arruda.; D.B.neditto, A.P.ula Madeira., 2005:
Guide to the study of cetaceans Volume 3 methods for age determination of odontocete cetaceans Guia para estudo de cetaceos Volume 3 metodos para determinacao de idade em cetaceos odontocetos

Seiler, Christoph., 1999:
Guide to the successful breeding and keeping of Eurycnema goliath Phasmatodea Phasmatinae Eine Anleitung zur erfolgreichen Haltung und Zucht von Eurycnema goliath Phasmatodea Phasmatinae

Castells, A.; Mayo, M., 1993:
Guide to the wild mammals of Spain and Portugal Guia de los mamiferos en libertad de Espana y Portugal

Bunalski, M. .; Buchholz, L. .; Nowacki, J. ., 1997:
Guide-book of the Polish Entomological Society with the List of Members Informator Polskiego Towarzystwa Entomologicznego z wykazem Czlonkow

Bugrova, E M. ., 2005:
Guidebook of microfauna Volume 8 Cenozoic Foraminifera

Glutz von Blotzheim, U.N.; Bauer, K.M., 1997:
Guidebook to the birds of Central Europe Volume 14/1 Passeriformes part 5 Handbuch der Vogel Mitteleuropas Band 14/1 Passeriformes 5 Teil

Grossenbacher, K. .; Thiesmeier, B. ., 1999:
Guidebook to the reptiles and amphibians of Europe Volume 4/1 Caudata Urodela 1 Hynobiidae, Proteidae, Plethodontidae, Salamandridae 1 Pleurodeles, Salamandrina, Euproctus, Chioglossa, Mertensiella Handbuch der Reptilien und Amphibien Europas Band 4/1 Schwanzlurche Urodela 1 Hynobiidae, Proteidae, Plethodontidae, Salamandridae 1 Pleurodeles, Salamandrina, Euproctus, Chioglossa, Mertensiella

Bischoff, Wolfgang ., 1998:
Guidebook to the reptiles and amphibians of Europe Volume 6 the reptiles of the Canary Islands, Selvagens Islands and Madeiran Archipelago Handbuch der Reptilien und Amphibien Europas Band 6 die Reptilien der Kanarischen Inseln, der Selvagens-Inseln und des Madeira-Archipels

Anonymous., 1996:
Guideline for prevention of sanitary risk from output of the wild fauna of the national territory Document by the directive of the Italian Society of Faunal Ecopathology, approved at the general assembly of the Society on 17 December 1994 and edited by Luca Rossi Linee guida per la prevenzione del rischio sanitario legato alle immissioni di fauna selvatica sul territorio nazionale Documento a cura del direttivo della Societa Italiana di Ecopatologia della Fauna, approvato dallassemblea gen

Mexzon, Ramon., 1997:
Guidelines for a weed management that increase the populations of beneficial insects in oil palm, Elaeis guineensis Jacquin Pautas de manejo de las malezas para incrementar las poblaciones de insectos beneficos en el cultivo de palma aceitera Elaeis guineensis Jacquin

Brambilla, S.; Calvario, E.; Fornasari, L.; Pettiti, L., 2001:
Guidelines for monitoring of Italian avifauna species Linee guida per il moitoraggio delle specie dellavifauna italiana

D.C.rbo, AR.; Ferri, V., 2002:
Guidelines for the improvement of aquatic habitats of Bombina variegata and Bombina pachypus Indicazioni per il potenziamento di habitat acquatici di Bombina variegata e Bombina pachypus

Anonymous., 1997:
Guidelines for the introduction, reintroduction and restocking of birds and mammals Linee guida per la introduzioni, reintroduzioni e ripopolamenti di uccelli e mammiferi

Agnelli, P.; Martinoli, A.; Patriarca, E.; Russo, D.; Scaravelli, D.; Genovesi, P., 2004:
Guidelines for the monitoring of Chiroptera methodological indications for the study and conservation of bats in Italy Linee guida per il monitoraggio dei Chirotteri indicazioni metodologiche per lo studio e la conservazione dei pipistrelli in Italia

Efe, M.A.orim.; Martins-Ferreira, C.; Olmos, F.; Mohr, L.V.anna.; Silveira,, 2006:
Guidelines from the Sociedade Brasileira de Ornitologia for birds taken from poaching and captivity Diretrizes da Sociedade Brasileira de Ornitologia para a destinacao de aves silvestres provenientes do trafico e cativeiro

Mutschmann, F.; Seybold, J.; Seybold, C., 2002:
Guidelines on hygienic treatment of amphibians within the scope of herpetological field work Richtlinien zum hygienischen Umgang mit Amphibien im Rahmen von feldherpetologischen Arbeiten

Lasso B., Sergio., 1997:
Guidelines on the research, collection and export of wild flora and fauna in Ecuador Normativa para investigar, colectar y exportar flora y fauna silvestre en el Ecuador

Soto F., Ruben., 1996:
Guild structure of a intertidal predators assemblage of the rocky intertidal zone in central Chile Estructura gremial de un ensamble de depredadores de la zona intermareal rocosa en Chile central

Macedo, J.F.; Martins, R.P., 1999:
Guild structure of flower-visiting bees and wasps on Waltheria americana L Sterculiaceae A estrutura da guilda de abelhas e vespas visitantes florais de Waltheria americana L Sterculiaceae

Simon, Hans-Reiner., 2002:
Guilds in small habitats phytophagous, detritivorous and zoophagous arthropods in the crown area of apple trees Gilden in kleinraeumigen Habitaten phytophage, detritivore und zoophage Arthropoden im Kronenraum von Apfelbaeumen

Silvestre, Rogerio. da Silva, Rogerio Rosa., 2001:
Guilds of ants at Jatai Ecological Station, Luiz Antonio - Sao Paulo - suggestions for the application of guild modelling as environmental indicators Guildas de formigas da Estacao Ecologica Jatai, Luiz Antonio - SP - sugestoes para aplicacao do modelo de guildas como bio-indicadores ambientais

Loecker, H., 2003:
Guilds of arboricolous Auchenorrhyncha in Slovenia Hemiptera Arborikole Zikaden-Gilden in Slowenien Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha

Larsen, B.H.rald.; Ree, V., 2001:
Guillemots are occupying the large inland lakes in Ostland Lomviene inntar de store innsjoene pa Ostlandet

Usera, J.; Mateu, G., 2006:
Guillermo Colom, Enrico Perconig and the Revista Espanola de Micropaleontologia Guillermo Colom, Enrico Perconig y la Revista Espanola de Micropaleontologia

Teixeira da Mota, A., 1954:
Guine Portuguesa

Mauries, J., 2005:
Guizhousoma latellai gen n, sp n from continental China, type of a new family of the superfamily Neoatractosomatoidea Diplopoda Chordeumatida Guizhousoma latellai gen n, sp n, de Chine continentale, type dune nouvelle famille de la superfamille des Neoatractosomatoidea Diplopoda Chordeumatida

Flasar, I.; Kroupova, V., 1976:
Gulella io Verdcourt Pulmonata, Stylommatophora a new species of mollusc in our hot houses

Schmitz, Arne., 1999:
Gull and tern colonies in succession Masfagelkolonier i succession

Maumary, L.; Baudraz, M.; Guillaume, T., 1997:
Gull and wader spring migration at the mouth of the Venoge river northern shore of Lake Geneva Synthesis of thirteen years censuses with recommendations for improving the site La migration prenuptiale des laro-limicoles Charadriiformes a lembouchure de la Venoge rive nord du lac Leman Synthese de treize annees de recensements et proposition damenagement du site

Villeneuve, Jasmin., 1993:
Gull identification Lidentification des goelands

Gloe, Peter., 1996:
Gull occurrence in December/January 1993/1994 around the Maltese islands Mowenvorkommen im Dezember/Januar 1993/1994 um die Maltesischen Inseln

Johansson, C., 2002:
Gull watching on refuse tips Trutskadning pa soptippar

Pfeifer, Gerhard., 1998:
Gull-billed tern breeding on the island of Sylt 1998 Brut der Lachseeschwalbe Geochelidon nilotica Gmelin 1789 auf Sylt 1998 und Anmerkungen zue aktuellen Bestandssituation

Parnell, JF., 1990:
Gull-billed tern, Sterna nilotica aranea Wilson

Bozic, Luka., 2001:
Gull-billed tern Crnonoga cigra Gelochelidon nilotica

Selmeczi Kovacs, Adam., 1999:
Gull-billed terns Gelochelidon nilotica around the Danube Bend Kacagocserek Gelochelidon nilotica megfigyelese a Dunakanyarban

Vondracek, Jiri., 2002:
Gulls Laridae in northern Bohemia Rackoviti Laridae v severnich Cechach

Bengtsson, Kenneth., 1996:
Gulls - living and dead Udda ornitologi - bland levande och doda masfaglar

Mockell, R.; Michaelis, H., 1999:
Gulls and terns of the Lausitz mining ground water lakes are in danger Mowen und Seeschwalben der Lausitzer Bergbaugewasser in Gefahr

Garthe, S., 1993:
Gulls and terns on the lower River Elbe between Hamburg and Pagensand 1987-1991 Mowen und Seeschwalben auf der Unterelbe zwischen Hamburg und Pagensand 1987 bis 1991

Khaschabi, Daryusch., 2000:
Gulls as a reservoir and transmitter of salmonella Mowen als Reservoir und Verbreiter von Salmonellen

Schonberger, Christoph., 1998:
Gulls in Hagen Mowen in Hagen

Haftorn, Svein., 1997:
Gulls which swallow live rats Om maker som sluker levende rotter

Boutrouille, Christian., 1998:
Gulls with colour marks near Douai, Nord, France Larides porteurs de marques colorees

Egemen, O.; Onen, M.; Buyukisik, B.; Hossucu, B.; Sunlu, U.; Gokpinar, S.; Cirik, S., 1999:
Gulluk Lagoon Aegean Sea, Turkey ecosystems Gulluk Lagunu Ege Denizi, Turkiye ekosistemi

Doeppes, Doris., 2001:
Gulo gulo Mustelidae, Mammalia in the Upper Pleistocene in Central Europe Gulo gulo Mustelidae, Mammalia im Jungpleistozaen Mitteleuropas

Doeppes, D., 2005:
Gulo gulo Mustelidae, Mammalia in the Upper Pleistocene of Germany Gulo gulo Mustelidae, Mammalia im Ober-Pleistozaen Deutschlands

Honigs, Sandra., 2002:
Gundis - the unknown guardians Interesting gundis from North Africa Gundis - die unbekannten Waechter Interessante Kammfinger aus Nordafrika

Kohring, R.; Schlueter, T., 2003:
Gundolf Ernst *29th July 1930 - 25th April 2002 Gundolf Ernst *29 Juli 1930 - 25 April 2002

Ree, Viggo., 2000:
Gunnar Frydenlund 1905-2000 in memoriam Gunnar Frydenlund 1905-2000 til minne

Ree, Viggo., 2006:
Gunnar Hansen 1938-2005 in memoriam Gunnar Hansen 1938-2005 til minne

Paepke, H.-Joachim.; Heym, W.-Dieter., 2002:
Guppys in the Lower Lausitz Guppys in der Niederlausitz

Suttner, Rudolf., 2000:
Guramis from Borneo Parosphromenus anjunganensis Prachtzwergguramis von Borneo Der Weinrote Prachtzwerggurami Parosphromenus anjunganensis

Grams, F.; Dickmann, P., 2000:
Guramis from Borneo Two varieties of honeymoon gurami Prachtzwergguramis von Borneo Der Honeymoon-Prachtzwerggurami in zwei Varianten

Jordi, Adrian., 2001:
Gurneys pitta are fighting for their lives Their last chance Die Goldkehlpittas kaempfen ums Ueberleben Letzte Chance

Morley, P., 1990:
Guscar Rocks - birds - 13 May 1990

Svensson, Soren., 2005:
Gustaf Rudebeck 30 October 1913 - 28 August 2005 Gustaf Rudebeck 30 oktober 1913 - 28 augusti 2005

Bengtsson, K., 2006:
Gustaf and the Vombs angar meadowland Gustaf och Vombs angar

Schifter, H., 2004:
Gustav Boleslawski von der Trenck 1828-1905 and references to him in ornithological literature Gustav Boleslawski von der Trenck 1828-1905 und seine Erwaehnung in der ornithologischen Literatur

Semenov-Tian-Shansky, A., 1910:
Gustav Kraatz Necrologie

Russkin, M.D., 1937:
Gustav Radde as pioneer investigator of Siberia

Kuhnt, Paul., 1910:
Gustav Vorbringer

Mola, L.; Bertacchi, I.; Vallisneri, M.; Spano, A.; Pederzoli, A., 2002:
Gut regolatory peptides during development of Dicentrarchus labrax L I peptidi regolativi del tratto digerente nello sviluppo di Dicentrachus labrax L

Hauri, R., 1990:
Gutes Felsenschwalbenjahr 1989 im Kanton Bern

Molina, Pierre., 2003:
Guy Fitzgerald pioneer of veterinary care of the wild avifauna Birds of prey in the environment Guy Fitzgerald pionnier des soins veterinaires de lavifaune sauvage Des oiseaux de proie a lenvironnement

Dejonghe, Frans., 2002:
Guy Himschoot has taken the heath to his heart Guy Himschoot draagt de heide in zijn hart

van den Audenaerde, Dirk Thys., 2004:
Guy Teugels Mechelen, 17th June 1954 - Keerbergen, 22nd July 2003 Guy Teugels Mechelen, 17 juni 1954 - Keerbergen, 22 juli 2003

Steinbacher, J. ., 1995:
Gygis alba - an oddity among sea birds Die Feenseeschwalbe - ein Sonderling unter den Seevogeln

Sert, O.; Cagatay, N., 1999 :
Gymnetron, Hypera, Sibinia and Tychius Coleoptera Curculionidae from Central Anatolia Ic Anadolu Bolgesi Gymnetron, Hypera, Sibinia ve Tychius Coleoptera Curculionidae turleri uzerinde taksonomik calismalar

Carosi, A.; Dorr, M.; Giovinazzo, G.; Lorenzoni, M.; Mearelli, M., 1998:
Gymnocephalus cernuus Linnaeus, 1758 Osteichthyes, Percidae in the Tiber River basin Gymnocephalus cernuus Linnaeus, 1758 Osteichthyes, Percidae nel bacino del Fiume Tevere

Delgado, JA.; Collantes, F.; Soler, AG., 1995:
Gymnochthebius fossatus Leconte, 1855, interesting record for Nicaragua Coleoptera Hydraenidae Gymnochthebius fossatus Leconte, 1855 cita interesante para Nicaragua Coleoptera Hydraenidae

Roelandts, Jacques., 2002:
Gymnocorymbus ternetzi The black tetra from Mato Grosso Gymnocorymbus ternetzi De zwarte tetra van Mato Grosso

Schwer, Peter., 1999:
Gymnogeophagus balzanii what use are cichlids in a garden pond? Gymnogeophagus balzanii Was nuetzen mit Buntbarsche im Gartenteich?

Casciotta, J.R.; Gomez, S.E.; Toresanni, N.I., 2000:
Gymnogeophagus che, a new species of the family Cichlidae from the Parana River basin Perciformes, Labroidei Gymnogeophagus che, una nueva especies de la familia Cichlidae de la cuenca del rio Parana Perciformes, Labroidei

Brandt Andersen, Tony., 1999:
Gymnogeophagus from the southern and eastern regions of Uruguay Gymnogeophagus aus sudlichen und ostlichen Regionen Uruguays

Leibel, WS., 1990:
Gymnogeophagus gymnogenys for once and for all

Staeck, Wolfgang., 2001:
Gymnogeophagus rhabdotus an earth eater from the subtropics Gymnogeophagus rhabdotus - ein Erdfresser aus den Subtropen

Andersen, Tonny Brandt., 1997:
Gymnogeophagus sp Rosario I Care and breeding of a new earth eating aquarium fish from Uruguay Gymnogeophagus sp Rosario I Haltung und Zucht eines aquaristisch neuen Erdfressers aus Uruguay

Kulachkova, V.G., 1966:
Gymnophallus charadrii spec nov a trema-tode parasite of Charadriidae in the White Sea

Rizhikov, K.M., 1963:
Gymnophallus skrjabini spec nov newtrematode occurring in Somateria, Chukotka

Hippe, Ernst., 1998:
Gymnophrys cometa - three ghosts? Gymnophrys cometa - drei Gespenster?

Hernandez-Ruz, E.Jose, 2006:
Gymnophthalmus speciosus Hallowell 1861 Squamata, Gymnophthalmidae in Colombia Gymnophthalmus speciosus Hallowell 1861 Squamata, Gymnophthalmidae en Colombia

Vazquez-Lopez, C.; Armas-Serra, C.; Rodriguez-Caabeiro, F., 2001:
Gymnorhynchus gigas taxonomy, morphology, biology and sanitary aspects Gymnorhynchus gigas taxonomia, morfologia, biologia y aspectos sanitarios

Schliewen, U.; Lucanus, O., 2004:
Gymnotiformes Importation of exceptional knife fishes Gymnotiformes Aussergewoehnliche Messerfische importiert

Trapero Quintana, A.David, 2005:
Gynacantha ereagris Gundlach, 1888, a West Indian endemic Odonata Gynacantha ereagris Gundlach, 1888, un endemico antillano Odonata

Motta, Catarina da Silva., 2000:
Gynandromorph of Arsenura armida Cramer from Querari, Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira, Amazonas State, Brazil Lepidoptera, Saturniidae, Arsenurinae Ginandromorfo de Arsenura armida Cramer de Querari, Sao Gabriel de Cachoeira, Amazonas, Brasil Lepidoptera, Saturniidae, Arsenurinae

Klimesova, Kristina., 2003:
Gynandromorphism in stick insects of the genus Eurycantha Gynandromorfismus u strasilky rodu Eurycantha

Urban, Danuncia., 1999:
Gynandromorphy in Alloscirtetica brethesi Joergensen Hymenoptera, Anthophoridae Ginandromorfia em Alloscirtetica brethesi Joergensen Hymenoptera, Anthophoridae

Barranco Vega, P., 2005:
Gynopygia of Iberian crickets Orthoptera Gryllidae and Myrmecophilidae Ginopigios de grillos ibericos Orthoptera Gryllidae y Myrmecophilidae

Andronov, S.M., 1955:
Gypidula acutolobata Sandberger and its stratigraphic significance

de Azevedo-Filho, W.S.mpaio.; Carvalho, G.S.lva., 2001:
Gyponinae Hemiptera, Cicadellidae associated to Citrus sinensis L Osbeck cultivation in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil I - Sordana and Reticana Giponineos Hemiptera, Cicadellidae associados a cultura de Citrus sinensis L Osbeck no Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil I - Sordana e Reticana

de Azevedo-Filho, W.S.mpaio.; Carvalho, G.S.lva., 2001:
Gyponinae Hemiptera, Cicadellidae associated to Citrus sinensis cultivation in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil II - The genus Curtara Giponineos Hemiptera, Cicadellidae associados a cultura de Citrus sinensis no Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil II - O genero Curtara

de Azevedo-Filho, W.S.mpaio.; Silva Carvalho, G., 2002:
Gyponinae Hemiptera, Cicadellidae associated to Citrus sinensis cultivation in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil III - Gypona Giponineos Hemiptera, Cicadellidae associados a cultura de Citrus sinensis no Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil III Gypona

Krehan, Hannes., 1994:
Gypsy moth control Is it possible or necessary in Austria? Schwammspinner-Bekampfung Ist sie in Osterreich moglich, ist sie notwendig?

Villemant, C.; Fraval, A., 1999:
Gypsy moth gradations in Europe and North Africa Les gradations de Lymantria dispar en Europe et en Afrique du Nord

Weseloh, RM., 1990:
Gypsy moth predators an example of generalist and specialist natural enemies

Falkdalen, Ulla., 1998:
Gyr falcon censuses in Jamtland-Harjedalen in 1997 Jaktfalkinventeringen i Jamtland-Harjedalen 1997

Tjernberg, Martin., 1998:
Gyr falcon censuses in Norrbotten in 1997 Jaktfalkinventering i Norrbotten 1997

Brinkhuizen, Dusan M. de Weerd, Edwin. van Wetter, Peter., 2004:
Gyr falcon Giervalk bij Holwerd

Corte, B.; Hegge, W.; Ebels, E.B., 2001:
Gyr falcon Verdachte Giervalk in Groningen

Holmberg, T.; Falkdalen, U., 1996:
Gyr falcons and grouse shooting Proposals for preserving stocks Jaktfalken och ripjakten - forslag till en ekologiskt uthallig jakt

Mueller, E-Dieter., 2000:
Gyraulus acronicus in the Oberpfaelzer Wald Gastropoda Planorbidae Gyraulus acronicus im Oberpfaelzer Wald Gastropoda Planorbidae

Steen, Odd Frydenlund., 1999:
Gyrfalcon Falco rusticolus nest site selection at the eastern part of Hardangervidda, south-Norway Jaktfalkens Falco rusticolus valg av reir-plass pa ostre Hardangervidda, sor-Norge

Renon, J., 2004:
Gyrinidae sliding champions Les Gyrins champions de la glisse

Ott, Gerhard., 2003 :
Gyrinocheilus new sp wild Algae eater rare is G pennocki Gyrinocheilus sp New wild Algae eater rare ist G pennocki

Voskresenskij, A., 1909:
Gyrodactylose und ihre Heilung

Paulmier, G.; Berland, B.; Billard, C.; Nezan, E., 1995:
Gyrodinium corsicum nov sp Gymnodiniales, Dinophyceae, the organism responsible for the green water in April 1994 in the salt-water lake of Diana Corsica Gyrodinium corsicum nov sp Gymnodiniales, Dinophycees, organisme responsable dune eau verte dans letang marin de Diana Corse, en avril 1994

Callot, H., 2005:
Gyrohypnus atratus Heer, 1839 is a part of the fauna of France Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Xantholininae First information on the myrmecophilous Staphylinidae of Alsace Gyrohypnus atratus Heer, 1839 fait bien partie de la faune de France Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Xantholininae Premier point sur les Staphylinidae myrmecophiles dAlsace

Kuhn, Winfried., 2000:
Gyroidina - Gyroidinoides - Hansenisca, validity problems in foraminifera groups Gyroidinia - Gyrodinioides - Hansenisca Validaetsprobleme der Foraminiferengruppe

Schmaelzle, D.; Weber, B., 2002:
Gyrolithes polonicus Fedonkin 1981 - a rare trace fossil from Lower Cambrian deposits Gyrolithes polonicus Fedonkin 1981 - ein selteneres Spurenfossil aus unterkambrischen Geschieben

Mendiola, C.; Martinez, J.; Blasco, J.; Lopez, A., 1998:
Gyrolithes valeroi new ichnospecies from the Lower Pliocene of Guardamar-Spain Low Segura Basin, eastern Betic Cordillera Gyrolithes valeroi nueva icnoespecie del Plioceno inferior de Guardamar-Espana Cuenca del Bajo Segura, Cordillera Betica Oriental

Assing, Volker., 1998:
Gyrophaena transversalis Strand in southern Lower Saxony Staphylinidae Gyrophaena transversalis Strand im sudlichen Niedersachsen Staphylinidae

Pace, Roberto., 2002:
Gyrophaenini and Bolitocharini from South-America Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Gyrophaenini e Bolitocharini del Sudamerica Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Bohmecke, E.; Bartholomaus, W.A., 1996:
Gyropleura cf ciplyana De Ryckholt, a Cretaceous mussel in a rock deposit Gyropleura cf ciplyana De Ryckholt, eine kretazische Muschel in einem Flintgeschiebe

Brum, JGW.; Valente, A.; Costa, PRP.; Giacomini, C.; Bohrer, JL., 1996:
Gyrostigma pavesii Diptera Gasterophilidae in rhinoceros Ceratotherioum simum from South Africa Gyrostigma pavesii Diptera Gasterophilidae em rinoceronte Ceratotherium simum proveniente da Africa do Sul

Buturlin, S.A., 1910:
H K Goebel, Obituary

Klapalek, Fr., 1913:
H Sauters Formosa-Ausbeu e Plecoptera ii

Hendel, Friedrich., 1913:
H Sauters Formosa-Ausbeute Acalyptrate Musciden ii

Schmidt, A., 1913:
H Sauters Formosa-Ausbeute Aphodiinae

Strand, Embrik., 1913:
H Sauters Formosa-Ausbeute Apidae I

Prell, Heinrich., 1913:
H Sauters Formosa-Ausbeute Dynastinae

Mollenkamp, W., 1913:
H Sauters Formosa-Ausbeute Lucanidae ii

Neumann, L.G., 1913:
H Sauters Formosa-Ausbeute Pediculidae, Siphonaptera, Ixodidae

Karny, H., 1913:
H Sauters Formosa-Ausbeute Thysanopteren

Chamberlan, C.; Maurois, C., 1999:
HELP Project - sanctuary of Conkouati a new hope for chimpanzees Projet HELP sanctuaire de Conkouati un nouvel espoir pour les chimpanzes

Buhl, Peter Neerup., 1995:
HJ Hansen, Dr phil - zoologist and polemicist HJ Hansen, Dr phil - zoolog og polemiker

Calaque, Romain., 2000:
HELP Congo a French conservation project for chimpanzees and their environment general and specific difficulties HELP Congo, un projet de conservation des chimpanzes et de leur environnement difficultes dordre specifique et dordre general

Anonymous., 2002:
HOMINID Group of human origins Recognized by the Spanish Geographical Society HOMINID Grupo de origenes humanos Premiado por la Sociedad Geografica Espanola

Delsate, Dominique., 1999:
Haasichthys michelsi, nov gen, nov sp, a new pachycormiform Osteichthyes, Actinopterygii from the Lower Toarcian Jurassic of Luxembourg Haasichthys michelsi, nov gen, nov sp, un nouveau Pachycormiforme Osteichthyes, Actinopterygii du Toarcien inferieur Jurassique luxembourgeois

Quaglia, A.; Minelli, D.; Giuliani, A.; Villani, L., 2002:
Habenulo-interpeduncular connections in Chiloscyllium arabicum Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii Connessioni abenule-nucleo interpeduncolare in Chiloscyllium arabicum Chondrichthyes, Elasmobranchii

Schelter, D.; Issleib, M., 1997:
Habitat forestry influences on forest ants Investigations in the protected area of Dresden Heath Standortliche und forstwirtschaftliche Einflussfaktoren auf Waldameisen Untersuchungen im LSG Dresdner Heide

Preatoni, D.G.; Pedrotti, L., 1997:
Habitat Evaluation Models HEM in wildlife planning I modelli di valutazione ambientale MVA come strumento per la pianificazione faunistica

Dobias, K.; Ahrens, M.; Goretzki, J.; Totewitz, F.; Stubbe, C.; Hofmann, G., 2005:
Habitat adapted wildlife research - the way of a modern wildlife management in Eberswalde Lebensraumbezogene Wildtierforschung - der Eberswalder Beitrag fuer eine moderne Wildbewirtschaftung

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