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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38292

Chapter 38292 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gonzalez, O.; L.T.rre-Cuadros, M. de los Angeles, 2001:
Habitat analysis of the slender-billed finch Xenospingus concolor on the coast of southern Peru Analisis de habitat del fringilo apizarrado Xenospingus concolor en la Costa sur del Peru

Zink, R., 2006:
Habitat analysis using GIS, the case of the bearded vulture Gypaetus barbatus Habitatanalyse unter Verwendung von GIS am Beispiel des Bartgeiers Gypaetus barbatus

Martinez, M.M.nuel.; Bo, M.S.sana.; Isacch, J.P.blo., 1997:
Habitat and abundance of speckled crake Coturnicops notata and dot-winged crake Porzana spiloptera in Mar Chiquita, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina Habitat y abundancia de Coturnicops notata y Porzana spiloptera en Mar Chiquita, Prov de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bernarde, P.S.; Kokubum, M.N.; Marques, O.A., 2000:
Habitat and activity of Thamnodynastes strigatus Guenther, 1858 in southern Brazil Serpentes, Colubridae Utilizacao de habitat e atividade em Thamnodynastes strigatus Guenther, 1858 no sul do Brasil Serpentes, Colubridae

Lippuner, M.; Heusser, H., 2006:
Habitat and area changes of amphibians in the alpine Rhine valley Lebensraum - und Arealveraenderungen der Amphibien im Alpenrheintal

Baumann, Kathrin., 2001:
Habitat and association of Somatochlora alpestris and S arctica in the national park Harz Odonata Corduliidae Habitat und Vergesellschaftung von Somatochlora alpestris und S arctica im Nationalpark Harz Odonata Corduliidae

Lantermann, Werner., 2000:
Habitat and behavioural enrichment for parrots in captivity Lebensraumbereicherung und Beschaeftigungsfoerderung fuer Papageien in Menschenobhut

Guerrieri, G.; Santucci, B., 1996:
Habitat and breeding of the spectacled warbler Sylvia conspicillata in central Italy Habitat et reproduction de la fauvette a lunettes, Sylvia conspicillata, en Italie centrale

Valencia,; Armenteras, D., 2004:
Habitat and distribution model of the horned lark Eremophila alpestris peregrina in the Altiplano of Cundinamarca and Boyaca, Colombia Modelo de habitat y distribucion de la alondra Eremophila alpestris peregrina en el Altiplano Cundiboyacense, Colombia

Bard, F.X.vier.; Bach, P.; Josse, E., 1998:
Habitat and ecophysiology of tuna what are the new developments of the last 15 years? Habitat, ecophysiologie des thons quoi de neuf depuis 15 ans?

Ferri, V.; Pellegrini, M., 2001:
Habitat and endangerment factors for Salamandrina terdigitata in Abruzzo Habitat e fattori di minaccia di Salamandrina terdigitata in Abruzzo

Martinez Reyes, M.; Fernandez Garcia, I., 1994:
Habitat and food of Leiocephalus cubensis cubensis Iguania Tropiduridae in Havana City Habitat y alimentacion de Leiocephalus cubensis cubensis Iguania Tropiduridae en una localidad de Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba

Gottwald, J.; Richter, C.; Woerner, M., 2002:
Habitat and food preference and development of B serricauda Fabricius, 1798 and B constrictus Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1878 Phaneropterinae Habitatwahl, Nahrungswahl und Entwicklung von B serricauda Fabricius, 1798 und B constrictus Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1878 Phaneropterinae

Lohmus, Asko., 2001:
Habitat and habitat selection from theory to species conservation Elupaik ja elupaigavalik teooriast liigikaitseliste rakendusteni

Glueck, E.; Deuschle, J., 2003:
Habitat and humidity preferences in ground beetles Coleoptera, Carabidae in orchard grasslands Habitat- und Feuchtepraeferenz von Laufkaefern Coleoptera, Carabidae in Streuobstwiesen

Salazar E., Julian A., 1999:
Habitat and illustration of the syntype of Anaeomorpha splendida columbiana Niepelt, 1928 Lep Nymphalidae Charaxinae for Colombia Habitat e ilustracion del sintipo de Anaeomorpha splendida columbiana Niepelt, 1928 Lep Nymphalidae Charaxinae para Colombia

Ruhm, Walter., 1998:
Habitat and its structure as presupposition for an autochthonous development of areas with damage through blackflies Diptera Simuliidae Das Habitat und seine Strukturen als Voraussetzung fur die autochthone Entwicklung von Schadgebieten der Kriebelmucken Diptera Simuliidae

Etzel, Vollrad., 1996:
Habitat and killifish studies in the province of Cocle Panama A contribution to the species and specialist behaviour of the Central American Rivulus Biotop- und Killifischstudien in der Provinz Cocle Panama Ein Beitrag zur art- und sachgerechten Haltung zentralamerikanischer Rivulus

Glaubrecht, Matthias., 1994:
Habitat and life form Explosive evolution in the East African lakes Lebensraume - Lebensformen Explosive Evolution in ostafrikanischen Seen

Scholz, J.; Krumbein, W.E., 1994:
Habitat and life forms The development of tropical coral reefs Lebensraume - Lebensformen Entwicklung tropischer Korallenriffe

Zuber, Markus., 1994:
Habitat and life forms The ecology of bark beetles Lebensraume - Lebensforme Okologie der Borkenkafer

Doroshenko, AV., 1976:
Habitat and numbers of bats in Moldavia

Nitsche, G.; Rudolph, B.-Ulrich., 1995:
Habitat and population density of the stonechat Saxicola torquata in a moor complex in Upper Bavaria Habitat und Siedlungsdichte des Schwarzkehlchens Saxicola torquata in einem oberbayerischen Hochmoorkomplex

Cereda, A.; Posse, B., 2002:
Habitat and reproduction of the red-spotted bluethroat Luscinia svecica svecica in the Ticino Swiss Alps Discussions concerning the status of this sub-species in Central Europe Habitats et reproduction de la gorgebleue a miroir roux Luscina svecica svecica au Tessin Alpes suisses Reflexions sur le statut de la sous-espece en Europe moyenne

Corsetti, Luigi., 2000:
Habitat and reproductive activity of the spectacled salamander, Salamandrina terdigitata Lacepede, 1788, in southern Latium central Italy Habitat e attivita riproduttiva in Salamandrina terdigitata Lacepede, 1788 nel Lazio meridionale Italia centrale

Fiebig, R.; Kimmel, H.-Jurgen., 1999:
Habitat and search for larvae of Rhyacia lucipeta D S in the Harz mountain Vorkommen und Suche nach Raupen von Rhyacia lucipeta D S im Harz Lep Noctuidae

Kimmel, H.-Jurgen.; Fiebig, R., 1999:
Habitat and search for the larvae of Cucullia asteris D S 1775 in north east Thuringia Lep, Noctuidae Vorkommen und Suche nach Raupen von Cucullia asteris D S 1775 in Nordostthuringen Lep, Noctuidae

Bliss, P.; Schroeder, H.; Katzerke, A.; Moritz, R.F., 2001:
Habitat and structure of a colony aggregation of the narrow-headed ant Formica exsecta in the Mueritz National Park Standort und Struktur eines Kolonieverbandes der grossen Kerbameise Formica exsecta im Mueritz-Nationalpark Hymenoptera, Formicidae

Etzel, Vollrad., 1996:
Habitat and study of Cyprinodontidae in Bocas del Toro, west Panama Biotop- und Cyprinodontidenstudien in Bocas del Toro, West Panama

Ruhm, W., 1995:
Habitat and variable influences of environmental factors on the population dynamics of mammalophilic blackflies Habitat und variable Einflusse von Okofaktoren auf die Populationsdynamik mammalophiler Kriebelmuckenarten Simuliidae, Diptera

Bonani, S.; Bruni, A.; Cappelli, F.; Dondini, G.; Olivari, S.; Perilli, E.; Vergari, S., 2002:
Habitat and vertebrates beech woods of the northern Appenines Habitat e vertebrati faggete dellAppennino settentrionale

Schwarzwalder, Stefan., 1999 :
Habitat association of rare ground beetles in differently managed forest clearings Coleoptera Carabidae Habitatbindung von seltenen Laufkafern in unterschiedlich geflegten Waldschneisen Coleoptera Carabidae

Carter, SP., 1990:
Habitat change and bird populations

Jaggi, Christoph., 1998:
Habitat changes, genetic variability and possible conservation measures for the asp viper, Vipera aspis, in north west Switzerland Habitatsveranderungen, genetische Variabilitat und mogliche Schutzmassnahmen fur die Juraviper, Vipera aspis, in der Nordwestschweiz

Guerrieri, G.; Miglio, M.; Santucci, B., 2006:
Habitat characteristics and breeding biology of the ortolan bunting, Emberiza hortulana, in marginal agricultural environments central Italy Habitat e riproduzione dellortoloano, Emberiza hortulana, in ambienti agricoli marginali dellItalia centrale

Brenner, FJ.; Brown, C., 1990:
Habitat characteristics and possible impact of fall hunting on the establishment of turkey populations in western Mercer and Crawford counties, Pennsylvania

Marquez-Olivas, M.; Tarango-Arambula, L.A.; Mendoza-Martinez, G.D., 2002:
Habitat characteristics of Mexican spotted owl Strix occidentalis lucida X Nelson, 1903 Sierra Fria, Aguascalientes Caracterizacion de habitat del tecolote moteado Mexicano Strix occidentalis lucida X Nelson, 1903 en Sierra Fria, aguascalientes

Tocchetto, G.; D.F.anceschi, P.F., 1997:
Habitat characteristics of hazel grouse Bonasa bonasia L in the Cansiglio Forest Venetian Prealps Caratteristiche vegetazionale delle cenosi frequentate dal francolino di monte Bonasa bonasia L nella Foresta del Cansiglio Prealpi venete

Peer, K., 2006:
Habitat characteristics of rock ptarmigan Lagopus mutus territories in Tyrol Austria Habitatmerkmale von Brutrevieren des Alpenschneehuhns Lagopus mutus im Kuehtai, Tirol

Corsetti, Luigi., 2000:
Habitat characteristics of the newt Triturus italicus Peracca, 1898 in Latium central Italy Caratteristiche ambientali dei siti riproduttivi di Triturus italicus Peracca, 1898 nel Lazio Italia centrale

Marti, J., 2007:
Habitat characteristics of the wood warbler Phylloscopus sibilatrix territories in the canton of Glarus, Switzerland Zur Habitatwahl des Waldlaubsaengers Phylloscopus sibilatrix im Kanton Glarus

Calvo Tomas, A., 2006:
Habitat characterization and actual and potential distribution of the European mink Mustela lutreola in the hydrographic basin of Ebro Characterizacion methodology Year 2006 Caracterizacion del habitat de la distibucion real y potencial del vison europeo Mustela lutreola en la cuenca hidrografica del Ebro Metodologia de caracterizacion Ano 2006

Diaz de Pascual, Amelia., 1993:
Habitat characterization of some small mammal species from the Monte Zerpa cloud forest, Merida Caracterizacion del habitat de algunas especies de pequenos mamiferos de la selva nublada de Monte Zerpa, Merida

Schneider, Jorg., 1998:
Habitat choice in juvenile Atlantic salmon Salmo salar Linne, 1758 at selected releasing spots in the Rhineland-Palatinate Habitatwahl juveniler Atlantischer Lachse Salmo salar Linne, 1758 in ausgewahlten Besatzgewassern in Rheinland-Pfalz

Schmitz, L., 2004:
Habitat choice in the common crossbill Loxia curvirostra following the 2002 invasion an example in the bois du Hatrai at Sart-lez-Spa Le choix de lhabitat par les becs-croises des sapins Loxia curvirostra issus de linvasion de 2002 un exemple au bois du Hatrai a Sart-lez-Spa

George, Klaus., 2002:
Habitat choice of grey heron Ardea cinerea and sorts of birds of prey Accipitridae in autumn Zur Habitatwahl des Graureihers Ardea cinerea und verschiedener Greifvogelarten Accipitridae im Herbst

Wubbenhorst, D.; Koenies, H.; Leuschner, C., 2000:
Habitat choice of six European frog taxa Anura in environments with high population densities in NE Hungary Habitatwahl von sechs Froschlurchtaxa Anura in Lebensraumen mit hohen Populationsdichten in Nordost-Ungarn

Schimmelpfennig, R., 1996:
Habitat choice of the buzzard Buteo buteo L Zur Habitatwahl des Mausebussards Buteo buteo L

Neubauer, Wolfgang., 1998:
Habitat choice of the common tern Sterna hirundo in eastern Germany Habitatwahl der Flussseeschwalbe Sterna hirundo in Ostdeutschland

Meinig, H., 2000:
Habitat choice of the sibling species Sorex araneus and S coronatus Insectivora, Soricidae in northwestern Germany Zur Habitatwahl der Zwillingsarten Sorex araneus und S coronatus Insectivora, Soricidae in Nordwest-Deutschland

Ottvall, R.; Pettersson, J., 1998:
Habitat choice, home range size and site fidelity of the corncrake Crex crex on Oland, Sweden a radiotelemetry study Kornknarrens Crex crex biotopval, revirstorlek och ortstrohet pa Oland en radiosandarstudie

Mannelli, A.; Tolari, F.; Pedri, P.; Stefanelli, S., 1996:
Habitat composition and its influence on the distribution of ixodid ticks in the Orecchiella Natural Park Italy Fattori che influenzano la distribuzione di zecche Ixodidae nel Parco dellOrecchiella

Ehlert, Thomas., 2000:
Habitat connectivity of adult Trichoptera during the reproductive phase Trichoptera, Rhyacophilidae, Leptoceridae Habitatbindung adulter Koecherfliegen waehrend der Reproduktionsphase Trichoptera, Rhyacophilidae, Leptoceridae

Bennett, AF., 1990:
Habitat corridors Their role in wildlife management and conservation

Deane, Amy., 2002:
Habitat creation for the endangered long-tailed chinchilla in Chile Report on the project year 2001 Habitatschaffung fuer das bedrohte Langschwanz-Chinchilla in Chile Bericht ueber das Projektjahr 2001

Greff, Nicolas., 1996:
Habitat directives and Odonata Directive habitats et odonates

Corgosinho, P.H.C.; Fernandes, PL.; Galiardi, LM.; Balsamao, VLP., 2004:
Habitat diversity and benthos abundance and diversity patterns along a tributary of Tres Marias Reservoir, MG, Brazil Diversidade de habitats e padroes de diversidade e abundancia do bentos ao longo de um afluente do Reservatorio de Tres Marias, MG

Zaouali, J., 1993:
Habitat ecology of Cerastoderma glaucum in the south of Tunisia, Recent Quaternary periods Ecologie des milieux a Cerathoderma glaucum Ecologie des milieux a Cerathoderma glaucum Ecologie des milieux a Cerathoderma glaucum Ecologie des milieux a Cerathoderma glaucum Ecologie des milieux a Cerathoderma glaucum Ecologie des milieux a Cerathoderma glaucum Ecologie des milieux a Cerathoderma glaucum Ecologie des milieux a Cerathoderma glaucum Ecologie des milieux a Cerathoderma glaucum

Leyendecker, M.; Magiera, U., 2001:
Habitat enrichment for adult orangutans, Pongo pygmaeus, in zoos Lebensraumbereicherung bei adulten Orang-Utans, Pongo pygmaeus, im Zoo

Genot, J-C., 1990:
Habitat et sites de nidification de la chouette cheveche, Athene noctua Scop, en bordure des Vosges du Nord

Gathmann, A.; Tscharntke, T., 2000:
Habitat evaluation using an abundant wild bee species - body size and sex ratio in Osmia rufa L Hymenoptera Megachilidae Habitatbewertung mit einer haufigen Wildbienenart - Korpergrosse und Geschlechterverhaltnis bei Osmia rufa L Hymenoptera Megachilidae

Attademo, A.; Bertona, M.; Kozykariski, M.; Chiaraviglio, M., 2004:
Habitat exploitation by Boa constrictor occidentalis Serpentes Boidae during the dry season in Cordoba, Argentina Uso del habitat por Boa constrictor occidentalis Serpentes Boidae durante la estacion seca en Cordoba, Argentina

Gremillet, D.; Debout, G., 1998:
Habitat exploitation by two sympatric cormorants species Exploitation du milieu par deux especes sympatriques de cormorans

Cinq-Mars, Jean., 2003:
Habitat faunique Canada Serving the wild species of Canada for nearly 20 years Habitat faunique Canada Au service des especes sauvages depuis pres de 20 ans

Marzolin, Gilbert., 1996:
Habitat features and variations of the dipper Cinclus cinclus distribution in the Lorraine hills Caracteristiques de lhabitat et variations de la distribution du cincle plongeur Cinclus cinclus en plaine Lorraine

Speierl, T., 2002:
Habitat for fishes - successes of river renaturalizations in Upper Franconian rivers with special consideration of the dace Leuciscus leuciscus Lebensraum fuer Fische - Erfolge von Flussrenaturierungen an oberfraenkischen Fliessgewaessern unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung der Hasel Leuciscus leuciscus

Celada, Claudio., 1995:
Habitat fragmentation and conservation empirical approaches and models Frammentazione degli ambienti e conservazione; approcci empirici e modelli

Steffan-Dewenter, I.; Tscharntke, T., 1997:
Habitat fragmentation and pollinator-plant interactions Die Folgen der Habitat-Fragmentierung fur Bestauber-Pflanze-Interaktionen

Buhrnheim, Cristina Motta., 2002:
Habitat heterogeneity Riflles x pools on fish assemblages of Central Amazonian rainforest streams Heterogeneidade de habitats Rasos x fundos em assembleias de peixes de igarapes de terra firme na Amazonia Central, Brasil

Deane, Amy L., 2001:
Habitat improvement for the Chilean chinchillas renaturalization attempts and studies on corridors as conservation measures for an endangered population Habitatverbesserung fuer chilenische Chinchillas Renaturierungsversuche und Untersuchung von Korridoren als Schutzmassnahmen fuer eine bedrohte Population

Bottazzo, M.; Cereda, M.; Favaron, M., 2001:
Habitat improvement of the capercaillie Tetrao urogallus in Orobie Valtellinesi park SO Interventi di migliorametno dellhabitat del gallo cedrone Tetrao urogallus nel Parco delle Orobie Valtellinesi SO

Tocchetto, Giorgio., 2001:
Habitat improvements for wildlife and for hunting in the province of Padua NE Italy Miglioramenti ambientali a scopo faunistico-venatorio in provincia di Padova

Vogeli, Matthias., 2006:
Habitat loss and ignorance threaten the future of Duponts lark The queen of the steppes Habitatverlust und Unkenntnis bedrohen die Zukunft der Dupontlerche Koenigin der Steppen

Ontiveros, Diego., 1997:
Habitat loss of Bonellis eagle in the province of Granada Perdida de habitat del aguila perdicera en la provincia de Granada

Blomster, Olavi., 1996:
Habitat management for Maculinea arion in Asikkalassa in 1995 Muurahaissinisiiven Maculinea arion elinympariston hoitotalkoot Asikkalassa 1995

Willigenburg, W., 1990:
Habitat management for Natrix natrix helvetica

Lhonore, PrJ., 1997:
Habitat management for lasting maintenance of populations of the genus Maculinea M alcon, M teleius, M nausithous Lepidopt, Lycaenidae Lamenagement dhabitats pour une gestion durable des populations des papillons du genre Maculinea M alcon, M teleius, M nausithous Lepidopt, Lycaenidae

Raeuschl, G., 2002:
Habitat management in the Wachau district Lower Austria Poecilonota variolosa - a rarity as unpaid carer for the landscape Coleoptera Buprestidae Biotop-Management in der Wachau Niederoesterreich Poecilonota variolosa - eine Raritaet als Gratispfleger der Landschaft Coleoptera Buprestidae

Klaus, S.; Selsam, P.; Sun, Y.-Hua.; Fang, Y., 2001:
Habitat mapping from SPOT images as tool for the conservation of endangered species - Chinese grouse Bonasa sewerzowi as an example Analyse von Satellitenbildern zum Schutz bedrohter Arten Fallbeispiel Chinahaselhuhn Bonasa sewerzowi

Stumpel, A.H.P.; Blezer, F., 2003:
Habitat mitigation for an isolated population of the midwife toad Alytes obstetricans in the Netherlands Die Konstruktion von Ersatz-Landlebensraeumen fuer eine isolierte Population der Geburtshelferkroete Alytes obstetricans in den Niederlanden

Delahaye, L.; Derouaux, A.; Delvingt, W., 2004:
Habitat modeling a tool for forest ecology management A case study of lesser spotted woodpecker Dendrocopos minor in Belgian Ardenne La modelisation des habitats un outil pour la gestion ecologique de nos forets Application au Pic epeichette Dendrocopos minor en Ardenne

Kleyer, M.; Kratz, R.; Lutze, G.; Schroeder, B., 2000:
Habitat models for animal species development, methods and application perspectives Habitatmodelle fuer Tierarten Entwicklung, Methoden und Perspektiven fuer die Anwendung

Fritzsche, Ingo., 2001:
Habitat niches in Thailand species of Phaenopharos Kirby, 1904 Phasmatoptera Necrosciinae Unterschiedliche Habitatnischen innerhalb des Genus Phaenopharos Kirby, 1904 bei Arten aus Thailand Phasmatoptera Necrosciinae

Ellwanger, Gotz., 1996:
Habitat of Somatochlora alpestris Selys Anisoptera Corduliidae at the Mount Brocken in the Harz Mountains Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany Zur Okologie von Somatochlora alpestris Selys Anisoptera Corduliidae am Brocken im Hochharz Sachsen-Anhalt

Stubbe, M.; Ebersbach, H., 1997:
Habitat of pine marten in Europe Vorkommen und Raumnutzung von Baummardern in Europa

Flade, Martin., 1997:
Habitat of the corncrake Crex crex in primaeval landscapes Wo lebte der Wachtelkonig Crex crex in der Urlandschaft?

Martin, R.; Martin, J.; Martin, E., 1990:
Habitat of the lesser honeyguide

Zejda, J., 1965:
Habitat of the long-tailed field mouse Apodemus sylvaticus L in the lowland region

Malkus, Jorg., 1997:
Habitat preference and mobility of the marsh grasshopper Stethophyma grossum L 1758 under special consideration of mowing Habitatpraferenzen und Mobilitat der Sumpfschrecke Stethophyma grossum L 1758 unter besonderer Berucksichtigung der Mahd

Behrens, M.; Fartmann, T., 2004:
Habitat preference and phenology of the grasshoppers Stenobothrus lineatus, Stenobothrus nigromaculatus and Stenobothrus stigmaticus in the Medebach Bay area Southern Westphalia/North Hesse Habitatpraeferenzen und Phaenologie der Heidegrashuepfer Stenobothrus lineatus, Stenobothrus nigromaculatus und Stenobothrus stigmaticus in der Medebacher Bucht Suedwestfalen/Nordhessen

Mazzotti, S.; Bortolotti, C.; Lizzio, L.; Lunardi, S.; Vannini, G., 2001:
Habitat preference and phenology of the small mammal community of the Po plain Habitat preferenziali e fenologia di cominita microteriologiche della Pianura Padana

Skliba, J.; Fuchs, R., 2002:
Habitat preference and spatial activity of the corncrake Crex crex in the Sumava Mts southern Bohemia Preferovane prostredi a prostorova aktivita chrastalu polnich Crex crex na Sumave

Hoser, Norbert., 1997:
Habitat preference as classificatory criterion for species of the genus Proctodrilus Zicsi, 1985 Standortliche Bindung als Kriterium der Artentrennung bei der Regenwurm-Gattung Proctodrilus Zicsi, 1985

Laverde-R., O.; Munera-R., C.; Renjifo, L.M.guel, 2005:
Habitat preference of Capito hypoleucus, an endemic and endangered Colombian bird Preferencia de habitat por Capito hypoleucus, ave Colombiana endemica y amenzada

Wolf, P.; Bartonicka, T., 2004:
Habitat preference of bats in the flood plain of the middle Morava River, near Olomouc Biotopova preference netopyru v zaplavovem uzemi stredniho toku reky Moravy u Olomouc

Fujita, T., 1990:
Habitat preference of birds for different vegetation structures in the Bikin River Basin in the Primorskii Krai, Far East USSR

Wohlgemuth-von Reiche, D.; Grube, R., 1999:
Habitat preference of carabid beetles and spiders in river floodplains of the Oder Valley Zur Lebensraumbindung der Laufkafer und Webspinnen Coleoptera, Carabidae; Araneae im Uberflutungsbereich der Odertal-Auen

Mudde, Peter. van Dijk, Marjolijn. van Wijngaarden, Rene., 1996:
Habitat preference of strawberry frogs Dendrobates pumilio in Costa Rica Onderzoek naar biotoopvoorkeuren van de Aardbeikikker Dendrobates pumilio in Costa Rica

Hansen, T.S.ssi.; Wedfeldt, R.; Jensen, T.S.cher., 2003:
Habitat preference of the house mouse Mus musculus on Anholt Husmusens Mus musculus habitatvalg pa Anholt

Bettiol, K.; Bonato, L.; Mezzavilla, F., 2001:
Habitat preference of woodpeckers Picidae in Montello Venetian Prealps, NE Italy during the breeding season I picidi del Montello Prealpi Trevigiane preferenze ambientali nella stagione riproduttiva

Baumann, S., 1999:
Habitat preferences and home range patterns of European golden oriole Oriolus oriolus in Schleswig-Holstein - a radio-tracking study Telemetrische Untersuchungen zu Raumnutzung und Habitatpraeferenz des Pirols Oriolus oriolus in Schleswig-Holstein

Abbuhl, R.; Durrer, H., 1996:
Habitat preferences and migraton of the yellow-bellied toad Bombina variegata variegata in a semi-natural experimental enclosure Habitatpraferenz und Migrationsverhalten bei der Gelbbauchunke Bombina variegata variegata in einer seminaturlichen Versuchsanlage

Stankiewicz, Alicja., 2001:
Habitat preferences and phenology of some rare spider species Araneae in Wigry National Park Preferencje srodowiskowe i fenologia rzadkich gatunkow pajakow Araneae wystepujacych w Wigierskim Parku Narodowym

Andreone, F.; D.M.chelis, S.; Clima, V., 1996:
Habitat preferences in a population of Salamandra lanzai Preferenze ambientali in una popolazione di Salamandra lanzai

Rico Alcazar, L.; Martinez, J.A.tonio.; Moran, S.; Navarro, J.R.mon.; Rico, D., 2001:
Habitat preferences of Bonellis eagles Hieraaetus fasciatus in Alicante E of Spain at two spatial scales Preferencias de habitat del Aguila-azor Perdicera Hieraaetus fasciatus en Alicante E de Espana a dos escalas espaciales

Groppali, R.; Omati, M.; Piccardi, B., 2003:
Habitat preferences of Formica lugubris Zett Hymenoptera Formicidae in Italian Prealps a study in the natural biogenetic Reserve Giovetto di Palline provinces of Brescia and Bergamo - N Italy Preferenze ambientali di Formica lugubris Zett Hymenoptera Formicidae nelle Pealpi italiane Indagine nella Riserva Naturale Biogenetica Giovetto di Palline Brescia - Bergamo

Hochkirch, A.; Folger, M.; Lander, S.; Meyer, C.; Papen, M.; Zimmermann, M., 1999:
Habitat preferences of Tetrix subulata Linnaeus, 1758 and Tetrix tenuicornis Sahlberg, 1893 at a sand pit near Bremen Orthoptera Tetrigidae Habitatpraferenzen von Tetrix subulata Linnaeus, 1758 und Tetrix tenuicornis Sahlberg, 1893 in einer Sandkuhle bei Bremen Orthoptera Tetrigidae

Mayo Rustarazo, M.; Gallego Ballestero, B.; Garcia de Jalon Lastra, D.; Brotons Floria, PA., 1995:
Habitat preferences of brown trout for spawning in the River Dulce, Guadalajara Preferencias de habitat de la trucha comun en la epoca de freza, Rio Dulce, Guadalajara

Ssymank, Axel., 1997:
Habitat preferences of flower-visiting insects Diptera Syrphidae in the Drachenfelser Landchen W-Germany and approaches for an integrated assessment of landscapes Habitatnutzung blutenbesuchender Schwebfliegen Diptera Syrphidae im Landschaftsgefuge des Drachenfelser Landchens und Ansatze zu einer integrativen Landschaftsbewertung

Ritter, D.; Mocskonyi, Z.; Szemethy, L., 1999:
Habitat preferences of red deer in an area located in the Great Plain Gimszarvas elohelypreferencia vizsgalatok egy alfoldi elohelyen

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