Heliophilous butterflies Lepidoptera Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea of xerothermic habitats in south-eastern Slovakia Heliofilne motyle Lepidoptera Hesperioidea a Papilionoidea xerotermnych habitatov juhovychodneho Slovenska

Panigaj, L.

Entomofauna Carpathica 15(1-2): 20-24


Accession: 038296843

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The contribution reports knowledge about heliophilous butterfly fauna (Lepidoptera: Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea) in south-eastern Slovakia (Slanske vrchy Mountains and Vychodoslovenska pahorkatina hills). 92 species were recorded during years 2000-2002, mainly xerothermophilous, e. g. Pyrgus sertorius (Hoffmannsegg, 1804), Zerynthia polyxena (Denis et Schiffermuller, 1775), Colias alfacarensis Ribbe, 1905, Colias erate (Esper, 1805), Satyrittnt acaciae (Fabricius, 1787), Pseudophilotes vicrama (Moore, 1865), Polyommatus daphnis (Denis et Schiffermuller, 1775), Brenthis daphne (Denis et Schiffermueller, 1775), Brenthis hecate (Denis et Schiffermueller, 1775), Melitaea phoebe (Denis et Schiffermueller, 1775), Melitaea britomartis Assmann, 1847, Hipparchia statilinus (Hufnagel, 1766), Arethusana arethusa (Denis et Schiffermuller, 1775), Hyponephele lycaon (Rottemburg, 1775). Hygrophilous species - Lycaena dispar (Haworth, 1803), Brenthis ino (Rottemburg, 1775), Lycaena alciphron (Rottemburg, 1775) were registered, too. Occurrence of rare species is remarkable, e. g. - Zerynthia polyxena L., Brenthis daphne D. et Sch., Brenthis hecate D. et Sch., Plebeius argyrognomon (Bergstrasser, 1779). In study area are some stepp and forest-steppe habitats, which represent significant refugium for thermophilous fauna of butterflies and other insects.