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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38298

Chapter 38298 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bouchet, Francoise., 1997:
Helminth eggs trace elements of Neolithic and Paleolithic parasitosis on French sites Les oeufs dhelminthes elements traces des parasitoses neolithique et paleolithique en sites francais

Kulis, K.; Bajer, A.; Sinski, E., 2004:
Helminth fauna and steroid hormones concentration of wild rodents Helmintofauna wolno zyjacych gryzoni a hormony sterydowe

Perez-Ponce de Leon, G.; Garcia Prieto, L.; Rosas Villa, C., 2000:
Helminth fauna of Opisthonema libertate and Harengula thrissina Osteichthyes Clupeidae of Chamela Bay, Jalisco, Mexico Helmintofauna de Opisthonema libertate y Harengula thrissina Osteichthyes Clupeidae de la bahia de Chamela, Jalisco, Mexico

Skarbilovich, T.S., 1952:
Helminth fauna of bats in Russia

Chertkova, A.N.; Kosupko, J.A., 1967:
Helminth fauna of bison of Khopersk state game reserve, analysis of some data from the literature and the specificity of the species of Haemonchus of cattle and sheep

Mukhamadiev, S.A., 1971:
Helminth fauna of cattle in Tadzhikistan

Pigolkin, A.U., 1963:
Helminth fauna of domestic and wild pigsfrom Primorye region

Paenko, L.F., 1970:
Helminth fauna of domestic birds in Kiev region

Koyava, LI., 1977:
Helminth fauna of fish from the River Kura

Solonchenko, AI., 1976:
Helminth fauna of fish in the Azov Sea in the Primorsko-Akhtarska region

Kazakov, BE., 1973:
Helminth fauna of freshwater fishes from Kolsk peninsula

Popova, TI.; Popova, TI.; Mozgovol, AA.; Korotkova, EM., 1974:
Helminth fauna of mammals from the White Sea

Kharchenko, VI.; Sova, YuF., 1972:
Helminth fauna of reptiles in the steppes overlooking the Azov Sea

Korotaeva, VD.; Leont'eva, VG., 1972:
Helminth fauna of the New Zealand fish Macruronus novaezelandiae

Oshmarin, P., 1968:
Helminth fauna of the dipper in connection with the formation of animal helminth fauna

Kovaleva, A.A., 1970:
Helminth fauna of the mackerel, genusTrachurus Carangidae, Perciformes in the Atlantic ocean basin

Zakariev, AYa., 1972:
Helminth fauna of the musk rat Ondata zibethica L a nationalised inhabitant of Daghestan ASSR

Zablotskii, VI.; Zablotskii, VI., 1971:
Helminth fauna of wild boars from the Volga delta and changes induced by draining

Thiess, A.; Schuster, R.; Noeckler, K.; Mix, H., 2001:
Helminth findings in indigenous racoon dogs Nyctereutes procyonoides Gray, 1834 Helminthenfunde beim einheimischen Marderhund Nyctereutes procyonoides Gray, 1834

Kulkina, LV., 1990:
Helminth larvae from lake amphipods in the waters of Markakol Hollow

Mamaev, YuL., 1974:
Helminth larvae in freshwater Crustacea from Primorye region

Perez-Ponce de Leon, G.; Garcia-Prieto, L.; Osorio-Sarabia, D.; Leon-Regagnon, V., 1996:
Helminth parasites in fishes from Mexican continental waters Helmintos parasitos de peces de aguas continentales de Mexico

Gonzalez, C.E.izabeth; Hamann,, 2006:
Helminth parasites of Leptodactylus bufonius Boulenger, 1894 Anura Leptodactylidae from Corrientes, Argentina Helmintos parasitos de Leptodactylus bufonius Boulenger, 1894 Anura Leptodactylidae de Corrientes, Argentina

Belogurov, O.I., 1966:
Helminth specificity with respect to definitive hosts Interrelationship of the helminthofauna of the animals belonging to different orders by the data collected along the coast of the Okhotsk Sea

Panin, V.J., 1967:
Helminths larvae of the land snails in the southern Altai

Galeano, M.; Navarro, P.; Lluch, J., 1996:
Helminth-fauna from some amphibians and reptiles of Spanish Sistema Iberico Helmintofauna de algunos herpetos del Sistema Iberico Espanol

Nogueserola, M.L.z; Navarro, P.; Lluch, J., 2002:
Helminth-parasites of Ardeidae in Valencia Spain Helmintos parasitos de Ardeidae en Valencia Espana

Demiaszkiwicz, A.W., 2005:
Helminthes and helminthoses of wild animals Helminty i wywolywane przej nie helmintozy dzikich przezuwaczy

Ablasov, N.A.; Chibichenko, N.T., 1962:
Helminthes of birds belonging to Otidi in Kirgizia

Torres, J.; Feliu, C.; Miquel, J.; Casanova, J.C.rlos.; Garcia-Perea, R.; Gisbert, J., 1996:
Helminthfauna of Mustela putorius Linnaeus, 1758 Carnivora Mustelidae in the Iberian Peninsula Helmitofauna de Mustela putorius Linnaeus, 1758 Carnivora Mustelidae en la peninsula Iberica

Hilderbrandi, J.; Popiolek, M.; Okulewiczi, A.; Zalesny, G., 2004:
Helminthfauna of mice of Apodemus genus from Wroclaw area Helmintofauna myszy z rodzajnu Apodemus z okolic Wroclawia

Torres, J.; Segovia, JM.; Miquel, J.; Feliu, C.; Llaneza, L.; Petrucci-Fonsega, F., 2000:
Helminthfauna of the Iberian wolf Canis lupus siganatus Cabrera, 1907 Useful aspects in theriology Hilmintofauna del lobo Iberico Canis lupus signatus Cabrera, 1907 Aspectos potencialmente utiles en mastozoologia

Shevtzov, A.A., 1954:
Helminthiases of domestic ducks and the cause of them

Skriabin, K.I., 1911:
Helminthiasis eines Huhnereies

Shulman, E.S., 1954:
Helminthiasis of the population in various parts of Ukraine

Souto Maior, M.P. de Carvalho, G.M.; Jr.; Leite Barbosa, C., 2000:
Helminthic fauna of the dorsal colon of equids from the Pernambuco State, Brazil Herlmintofauna do colon dorsal de equideos provenientes do estado de Pernambuco, Brasil

Gherman, C.; Cozma, V.; Mircean, V.; Brudasca, F.; Rus, N.; Detesan, A., 2002:
Helminthic zoonoses in wild carnivorous species from Romanian fauna Zoonoze helmintice la specii de carnivore salbatice din fauna Romaniei

Steiner, G., 1932:
Helmintho logical notes

Jones, M.F., 1931:
Helmintho-logical notes 1-On the loss of an experimentally produced infestation of tapeworms in a chicken 2-On the life histories of species of Raillietina

Soprunov, F.F., 1954:
Helmintho-phagia in predatory soil hyphomycete fungi in Turkmenia

Castillo-Sanchez, E.; Garcia-Prieto, L.; Perez-Ponce de Leon, G., 1997:
Helminthofauna of Euthynnus lineatus Perciformes Scombridae in Jalisco, Mexico Helmintofauna de Euthynnus lineatus Perciformes Scombridae en Jalisco, Mexico

Machkevsky, VK.; Mordvinova, TN.; Parukhin, AM., 1990:
Helminthofauna of bullheads in the Egorlytsian Bay and Lake Donuzlav, places for arrangement of mussel farms

Machevsky, VK., 1990:
Helminthofauna of labrids in the places of cultivation of Black Sea mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis

Manfredi, M.T.; Giacometti, A.; Fraquelli, C.; Piccolo, G., 2003:
Helminthofauna of the fox Vulpes vulpes in Trentino, Alto-Adige Studio della popolazione elmintica in volpi Vulpes vulpes del trentino Alto-Adige

Schulz, R.E.S., 1927:
Helminthological Laboratories in Russia

Gubanov, N.M.; Kontrimavichus, V.L.M.zgovoi, M.V.P.pov, M.V.; Rizhikov, K.M.; Fedoroz, K.P., 1957:
Helminthological investigations of hares in Yakutia

Cram, E.B., 1930:
Helminthological notes 1 New host records for Stron-gyloides avium 2 Aberrant larvae of Physocephalus sexalatus 3 Gapeworm disease of birds in Alaska 4 Poultry ascarid as a common name for Ascaridia lineata

Skryabin, K.I.; Shikhobalova, N.P., 1961:
Helminthological science and practice in Rumania at the new stage

Zimin, YuM., 1976:
Helminthological situation of the cattle in the Fergana valley

Mordvinova, TN., 1975:
Helminthological studies on higher crustaceans of the Black Sea in the region of Sebastopol

Romanovic, M.I., 1914:
Helminthologische Notizen I Strongyloides longus beim Fuchse II Probstmayria viripara als Ursache der Blinddarm-entzundung beim Pferde

Kurashvili, B.E.ifanovich.; Demidov, N.V.silievich.; Astafev, B.A.eksandrovich., 1991:
Helminthologists of the USSR a book of reference

Skrjabin, K.I., 1955:
Helminthology in Poland

Fomicheva, N.I., 1956:
Helminthology of the river beaver in the Byelorussian SSR

Acenolaza, GF.; Gutierrez-Marco, JC., 1998:
Helminthopsis abeli Ksiazkiewicz, an ichnofossil from the Upper Ordovician of the Central Iberian Zone Spain Helminthopsis abeli Ksiazkiewicz, un icnofosil del Ordovicio superior de la Zona Centroiberca espanola

Roitman, VA., 1977:
Helminthoses of salmonids some cestode infections

Gomes, Adriano F., 2001:
Helminths affecting grey duiker Sylvicapra grimmia in Angola Helmintas parasitas do bambi comum Sylvicapra grimmia em Angola

Mundim, M M.; Mundim, AV.; Santos, ALQ.; Cabral, DD.; Faria, ESM.; Moraes, FM., 2004:
Helminths and Protozoa in wild boars Sus scrofa scrofa feces raised in captivity Helmintos e protozoarios em fezes de javalis Sus scrofa scrofa criados em cativeiro

Mamaev, Y.L. ., 1987:
Helminths and diseases caused by them

Gaubov, A.D., 1954:
Helminths and helminthiasis of sheep in Azer-baidjan

Kurochkin, Y.V., 1957:
Helminths as indicators of the distribution and migration of birds 9th Conf parsit Probl

Zuchowska, Ewa., 1997:
Helminths fauna of Anseriformes Aves in Zoological Garden in Lodz Helmintofauna Anseriformes Aves z Ogrodu Zoologicznego w Lodzi

Zablotzkii, VI.; Zablotzkii, VI., 1974:
Helminths fauna of wild boars from the Volga Delta and changes induced by draining

Golovin, O.V.; Savinov, V.A.; Levin, N.A., 1962:
Helminths found in the animals acclimatized in Kalinin Province

de Fabio, Sueli P., 2000:
Helminths from Priacanthus arenatus Cuvier, 1829 Pisces, Priacanthidae in Caba Frio, RJ, Brazil Helmintos parasitos de Priacanthus arenatus Cuvier, 1829 Pisces, Priacanthidae em Cabo Frio, RJ, Brasil

Iksanov, K.I., 1955 :
Helminths from fish in Lake Issik-Kul

Caballero y C.E.Grocott, R.G., 1952:
Helminths from the Republic of Panama II A new trematode from the intestine of Philander laniger pullidus Thomas and key to the species of the genus Phaneropsolus Looss, 1899 Trematoda Lecithodendriidae

Mamaev, Y.L.; Okhotina, M.V., 1968:
Helminths from the Ussurii mole-Mogera robusta Nehring ,1891

Montoya Mendoza, J.; Osorio Sarabia, D.; Chavez Lopez, R.; Franco-Lopez, J., 2004:
Helminths from the fish Dormitator maculatus Osteichthyes Eleotridae from Alvarado, Veracruz, Mexico Helmintos del pez Dorntitator maculatus Osteichthyes Eleotridae de Alvarado, Veracruz, Mexico

Gagarin, V.G.A.lesov, N.A.; Chibichenko, N.T., 1957:
Helminths from wild birds in southern Kirgizia

Bonnotte, Sylvie., 2001:
Helminths in Mauritian crab-eating macaques Macaca fascicularis a survey Les helminthiases du macaque de lIle Maurice Macaca fascicularis une enquete

Carrillo Adan, Jose Antonio., 1994:
Helminths in wild birds in La Rioja Incidencia de helmintosis en aves silvestres de La Rioja

Kozlov, D.P.; Ovsyukova, N.I.; Radkevich, Z.P., 1963:
Helminths occurring in Canidae in Chukotsk peninsula

Kontrimovichus, V.L.; Bakhmetyeva, T.L., 1960:
Helminths occurring in Gavia in the lowlands of the river Lena

Merkusheva, I.V.; Bachilo, V.A., 1962:
Helminths occurring in aquatic birds of the lake Vigonov, in Belorussia

Savvateeva, I.A., 1966:
Helminths occurring in the domestic Galliformes in Gruzia

Sulimov, A.D.; Obukhov, P.A., 1975:
Helminths of Alticola strelzovi in Tuva

Rizhikov, K.M., 1956:
Helminths of Anatidae in their winter sites

Rizhikov, K.M., 1956:
Helminths of Anatidae of the Ribinsk reservoir

Asadov, S.M., 1970:
Helminths of Capra cylindricornis in Azer-baidjan

Kurochkin, Y.V., 1958:
Helminths of Caspian seal during reproduction

Tokobaev, M.M., 1957:
Helminths of Citellus relictus Kaschkarow, in Talass Ala-Tau

Coy Otero, A.; Garcia, N.; Ventosa, L., 1997:
Helminths of Cuban fishes of the genus Lucifuga Poey 1858 Ophidiiformes; Bythitidae Helmintos de peces cubanos del genero Lucifuga Poey 1858 Ophidiiformes; Bythitidae

Rizhikov, K.M., 1959:
Helminths of Cygnus bewickit

Sadikhov, I.A., 1958:
Helminths of Lepus europaeus in Azerbaidjan

Matzaberidze, G.V., 1966:
Helminths of Muridae in the region of Kartla

Shakhmatova, V.I., 1966:
Helminths of Mustelidae in Karelia

Kontrimavichus, V.L., 1966:
Helminths of Mustelidae in USSR

Brasil-Sato, M. de C., 2003:
Helminths of Myleus micans Luetken, 1875 Characiformes Serrasalminae from the Sao Francisco river, Brazil Helmintos de Myleus micans Luetken, 1875 Characiformes Serrasalminae do Rio Sao Francisco, Brasil

Karasev, M.F., 1965:
Helminths of Nyetcreutes procyonoides in Berezina game-reserve

Petriashvili, L.I., 1964:
Helminths of Rana ridibunda of the Lake Bazalet

Shevchenko, N.N., 1963:
Helminths of Reptilia in the lowlands of the Northern Donetz

Bulginskaya, M.A.; Vladimirov, V.L.; Markov, G.S., 1959:
Helminths of Rhombomys and Meriones in Uzbekistan, with the description of a new genus of filariids, and on the seasonal and age changes in the composition of parasites of Rhombomys opimus

Iksanov, K.I., 1954:
Helminths of Salmo ischchan issykogegarkuni in Lake Issik-Kul, Kirgizia

Romanov, I.V., 1958:
Helminths of Vulpes vulpes in Krasnoyarsk territory

Merkusheva, IV.; Sagalovich, VM., 1976:
Helminths of amphibians in the territory of White Russia

Kazlauskas, J.; Pagirys, J.; Rauckis, M., 1961:
Helminths of animals and birds

Churina, N.V., 1963:
Helminths of aquatic birds in the central Ural

Ablesov, N.A., 1957:
Helminths of aquatic birds of Kirgizia

Kurashvili, B.E., 1956:
Helminths of birds in Lagodekhsk game reserve

Spasskaya, L.P., 1954:
Helminths of birds of Barabin Steppe

Kuliev, Y.M., 1975:
Helminths of birds of the mountainous Karabakh region and adjacent territories

Sinkoc, A L.; Brum, FA.; Muller, G.; Brum, JGW., 2004:
Helminths of capybaras Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris L 1766 in Aracatuba county, Sao Paulo State, Brazil Helmintos parasitos de capivara Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris L 1766 na regiao de Aracatuba, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Manfredi, MT.; Piccolo, G.; Fraquelli, C.; Perco, F., 2003:
Helminths of deer Cervus elaphus in the Stelvio National Park Elmintofauna del cervo nel Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio

Smogorzhevskaya, LA., 1976:
Helminths of diving and marsh fowl of the fauna of Ukraine

Sultanov, M.A., 1957:
Helminths of domestic and economic game fowl of Uzbekistan

Solovev, G.V., 1962:
Helminths of domestic aquatic birds in Kirgizia

Belokobilenko, V.T., 1960:
Helminths of domestic geese and duck in Alma-Ata Province

Kadenatzii, A.N.; Biryulya, Y.A., 1963:
Helminths of domestic goat in Khabarovsk land

Rizhikov, K.M., 1960:
Helminths of eider-ducks

Lebedev, B.I., 1971:
Helminths of epipelagic fish from South China Sea

Ivashkin, V.M., 1955:
Helminths of farm animals of the Mongol Peoples Republic

Saidov, Y.S., 1957:
Helminths of fishes and fish-eating birds of Dagestan

Koiava, L.I., 1966:
Helminths of fishes in Tiflis water-reservoir

Spasski, A.A.; Rottman, V.A.; Shagaeva, V.G., 1961:
Helminths of fishes in the river Plotnikova in Kamchatka Province

Trofimeako, V.Y., 1962:
Helminths of freshwater and migratory fishes of Kamtchatka

Kakacheva-Avramova, D., 1983:
Helminths of freshwater fishes in Bulgaria Helminths of freshwater fishes in Bulgaria

Kasimov, G.B., 1954:
Helminths of galliform game-birds and their relationship with the biological and ecological peculiarities of the hosts

Kurashvili, B.E., 1956:
Helminths of game and economic fowl ofGeorgia and the hosts and parasites ecology

Khuan Shen-I., 1962:
Helminths of game fowl of the lower Amur

Kurashirli, B.E., 1953:
Helminths of game-birds in Gruzia

Sergienko, ML., 1975:
Helminths of gulls in the Burshtynsk Reservoir

Sergienko, MI., 1975:
Helminths of gulls of the Burshtynsk Reservoir

Kontrimovichus, V.L., 1959:
Helminths of hares in the USSR, and the zoogeographical analysis

Kazlauskas, Y.Y., 1957:
Helminths of horses in Lithuania 9th Conf parasit Probl

Karpenko, SV.; Odnokurtsev, VA., 1990:
Helminths of insectivorous mammals from Yakutia

Garkavi, B.L., 1950:
Helminths of mammals in Southern Kirghizia

Zhaltsanova, D-SD., 1992:
Helminths of mammals in the basin of Baikal

Kurashvili, B.E.; Kamalov, N.E.iava, I.Y., 1965:
Helminths of man, of animals and of plants in Georgia

Smorgozhevskaya, LA., 1972:
Helminths of marsh birds and waders of the Ukraine

Ginetzinskaya, T.A., 1953:
Helminths of migratory Charadriiformes in the Volga-delta

Priemer, J.; Tscherner, W., 1997:
Helminths of mustelids with respect to their way of keeping and ecology Die Helminthenfauna der Mustelidae unter Berucksichtigung ihrer Haltungsbedingungen und Lebensweise

Stankus, S., 1996:
Helminths of perch and bream of the Kursiu Marios lagoon Kursiu Mariu karsiu bei eseriu helmintai

Fedorov, K.P.Potapkina, A.F., 1975:
Helminths of pika Ochotonidae of south west Siberia

Ayupov, K.V.; Vallullin, SM.; Kugryavtzev, AA., 1976:
Helminths of predacious mammals of Bashkir

Ayupov, K.U.; Ualiullin, SM.; Kugryautzev, AA., 1976:
Helminths of predatious mammals of Bashkir

Gafurov, AK.; Odinashoev, A., 1974:
Helminths of rodents and lagomorphs of the Pamir

Machulski, S.N., 1958:
Helminths of rodents in Buryat SSR

Tokobaev, M.M., 1959:
Helminths of rodents in Kirgizia

Merkusheva, I.V., 1957:
Helminths of rodents in Southern part of Belorussia

Tokobaev, M.M., 1960:
Helminths of rodents of Kirgizia

Altaev, A.K., 1959:
Helminths of sheep and goats in the Dagestan Republic

Leo-Regagnon, Virginia., 1992:
Helminths of some aquatic vertebrates of cienega de Lerma, Mexico Fauna helmintologica de algunos vertebrados acuaticos de la Cienaga de Lerma, Mexico

Mamaev, Y.L., 1971:
Helminths of some commercial fish fromTongking Bay

Gubanov, N.M., 1954:
Helminths of some economic animals of Okhotsk Sea and the Pacific

Vol'skis, G., 1975:
Helminths of some forest dwelling birds in Lithuania

Volksis, G., 1975:
Helminths of some forest-dwelling birds of Lithuania

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