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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38301

Chapter 38301 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Uschakov, P.V., 1957:
Hermann Augustus Kluge

Anonymous., 1990:
Hermann Rahn 1912-1990

Jungbluth, J.H., 2004:
Hermann Seibert 1840-1919, a poorly known malacologist in the 19th century from Eberbach/Neckar With remarks on the malacology in Baden Der badische Malakologe Hermann Seibert 1840-1919 aus Eberbach am Neckar Mit Anmerkungen zur Weichtierkunde in Baden

Jungbluth, Juergen H., 2003:
Hermann Seibert from Eberbach am Neckar 03031840 - 10021919; teacher? Hermann Seibert aus Eberbach am Neckar 03031840 - 10021919; Lehrer?

Keller, T.; Storch, G., 2001:
Hermann von Meyer - Frankfurt citizen and founder of vertebrate palaeontology in Germany Hermann von Meyer - Frankfurter Buerger und Begruender der Wirbeltierpalaeontologie in Deutschland

Wellnhofer, Peter., 2001:
Hermann von Meyer and the Solnhofen bird Archaeopteryx lithographica Hermann von Meyer und der Solnhofener Urvogel Archaeopteryx lithographica

Schweigert, Guenter., 2001:
Hermann von Meyer as a crab researcher Hermann von Meyer als Erforscher von Krebsen

Wild, Rupert., 2001:
Hermann von Meyer as researcher of fossil reptiles Hermann von Meyer als Erforscher der fossilen Reptilien

Martini, Elend., 2001:
Hermann von Meyer, EC Hassencamp and the fossil site at Sieblos a d Wasserkuppe/Rhoen Lower Oligocene Hermann von Meyer, EC Hassencamp und die Fossillagerstaette Sieblos a d Wasserkuppe/Rhoen Unter-Oligozaen

Schoch, Rainer., 2001:
Hermann von Meyer, a pioneer of labyrinthodont research Hermann von Meyer, Pionier in der Erforschung der Labyrinthodonten

Bertolero, A.; Martinez Vilalta, A., 1998:
Hermann s tortoise conservation project at the Ebro Delta Natural Park El proyecto de conservacion de la tortuga mediterranea en el Parque Natural del Delta del Ebro

Philippen, Hans-Dieter., 2007:
Hermanns tortoise Eurotestudo hermanni - a faithful but still very much unknown species Die Westliche Landschildkroete Eurotestudo hermanni - eine vertraute, doch immer noch unbekannte Art

Bertolero, A., 2006:
Hermanns tortoise Testudo hermanni on the islands of Mallorca and Menorca La Tortue dHermann Testudo hermanni sur les iles de Majorque et de Minorque

Sorensen, K., 2006:
Hermanns tortoise eats foxglove - without being poisoned Graeske landskildpadder aeder fingerbol - uden at blive forgiftet

Bruekers, J., 2006:
Hermanns tortoise on the island of Corfu Griechische Landschildkroeten auf Korfu

Devaux, Bernard., 1998:
Hermanns turtle Testudo hermanni hermanni in Var and Alpes-Maritimes La tortue dHermann Testudo hermanni hermanni dans le Var et les Alpes-Maritimes

Wolf, H., 1997:
Hermaphrodite of Ectemnius cavifrons Thomson Hymenoptera, Sphecidae Ein Zwitter von Ectemnius cavifrons Thomson Hymenoptera, Sphecidae

Wolf, H., 1998:
Hermaphrodite of cf Megachile leachella Curtis Hymenoptera, Apidae Ein Zwitter von cf Megachile leachella Curtis Hymenoptera, Apidae

Wolf, H., 2001:
Hermaphrodites of Auplopus albifrons Dalman 1823 and Agenioideus usurarius Tournier 1889 Hymenoptera, Pompilidae Zwitter von Auplopus albifrons Dalman 1823 und Agenioideus usurarius Tournier 1889 Hymenoptera, Pompilidae

Wolf, H., 1997:
Hermaphrodites of Lasioglossum morio Fabricius and Sphecodes pellucidus Smith Hymenoptera, Apidae Zwitter von Lasioglossum morio Fabricius und Sphecodes pellucidus Smith Hymenoptera, Apidae

Wolf, H., 1999:
Hermaphrodites of Odynerus spinipes Linnaeus and Coelioxys inermis Kirby Hymenoptera, Eumenidae, Apidae Zwitter von Odynerus spinipes Linnaeus und Coelioxys inermis Kirby Hymenoptera, Eumenidae, Apidae

Rasotto, Maria Berica., 1991:
Hermaphroditism in Teleostei morphological and adaptive aspects Lermafroditismo nei pesci Teleostei aspetti morfologici e adattativi

Bauer, Raymond T., 2001:
Hermaphroditism in shrimps The sexual system and its relationship with socioecological attributes Hermafroditismo en camarones El sistema sexual y su relacion con atributos socioecologicos

Koiranskij, M., 1909:
Hermaphroditismus bei einer Ziege

Seidalin., 1909:
Hermaphroditismus einer Ziege

Zompro, Oliver., 1997:
Hermarchus leytensis a new species of Phasmida from the Philippines Hermarchus leytensis n sp, eine neue Phasmide von den Philippinen

Stoltz, M., 2004:
Hermes and crocodile leather towards a dialogue between industrialists and scientists Hermes et les cuirs de crocodiles vers un dialogue entre industriels et scientifiques

Ipinza-Regla, J.; Fernandez, A.; Morales, MA., 2005:
Hermetism between Solenopsis gayi Spinola, 1851 and Brachymyrmex giardii Emery, 1894 Hymenoptera, Formicidae Hermetismo entre Solenopsis gayi Spinola, 1851 y Brachymyrmex giardii Emery, 1894 Hymenoptera, Formicidae

Ipinza-Regla, J.; Nunez, C.; Morales, M.A., 1999:
Hermetism of Camponotus morosus Smith, 1858 Hymenoptera Formicidae in the field Hermetismo de Camponotus morosus Smith, 1858 Hymenoptera Formicidae en terreno

de Matos Andrade Batista-Leite, L.; Alves Coelho, P. dos Santos Calado, T.C.istina., 2003:
Hermit crabs Crustacea, Decapoda, Paguroidea from the Paripueira County Marine Park, Alagoas State, Brasil Caranguejos-ermitoes Crustacea, Decapoda, Paguroidea do Parque Municipal Marinho de Paripueira, Alagoas, Brasil

Velling, K.; Knop, D., 2005:
Hermit crabs and their aquarium suitability Einsiedlerkrebse und ihre Aquarieneignung

Velling, Kai., 2005:
Hermit crabs and their relations Systematics of hermit crabs Einsiedlerkrebse und ihre Verwandtschaft Systematik der Einsiedlerkrebse

Gessert, Leo., 1996:
Hermit crabs Crab companions for the reef aquarium Einsiedlerkrebse Krabbelige Gesellen fur das Riffaquarium

Werner, U., 2001:
Heroina isonycterina Kullander, 1996, a new cichlid related to Cichlasoma Heroina isonycterina Kullander, 1996, un nouveau Cichlide affilie aus Cichlasoma

Puzovic, S.; Gergelj, J.; Lukac, S., 1999:
Heron and cormorant colonies in Serbia 1998 Kolonije caplji i kormorana u Srbiji 1998

Lukac, S.; Ternovac, T., 1997:
Heron colony on the Carska bara Kolonije caplji na Carskoj bari

Ferraresi, M.; Gelati, A.; Giannella, C.; Nannetti, G., 1999:
Herons and aquaculture Gli aironi e lacquacoltura

Randall, R., 1990:
Herons and egrets roosting at the Xaxaba reed-bed

Mezzavilla, F.; Scarton, F., 2002:
Herons in Veneto results of censuses in the period 1998-2000 Le garzaie in Veneto risultati dei censimenti svolti negli anni 1998-2000

Germann, C., 2006:
Herophila tristis tristis L also in Paeonia mascula L Mill Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Herophila tristis tristis L auch in Paeonia mascula L Mill Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

Leibel, WS., 1990:
Heros appendiculatus Castelnau 1855

Ludwig, Florian-Timo., 1997:
Heros appendiculatus - a fantastically beautiful South American Heros appendiculatus - ein traumhaft schoner Sudeamerikaner

Krahnefeld, L.; Junkel, R.; Muecke, J.; Nordhausen, H.; Oehler, U.; Schmitt, H., 2001:
Heros cichlids Part 2 Report of the Heros working group of the German Cichlid Society large cichlids working group Augenfleckbuntbarsche 2 Teil Bericht der Arbeitsgruppe Heros DCG-Arbeitskreis Grosscichliden

Schmitt, H.; Junkel, R.; Muecke, J.; Nordhausen, H.; Oehler, U.; Krahnefeld, L., 2001:
Heros cichlids Report of the working group Heros of the German Cichlid Society large cichlids working group Part 1 Augenfleckbuntbarsche Bericht der Arbeitsgruppe Heros DCG-Arbeitskreis Grosscichliden 1 Teil

Werner, Uwe., 2006:
Heros efasciatus forms from Ecuador, French Guiana, Brazil and Peru Part 1 Heros efasciatus Formen aus Ekuador, Franzoesisch Guyana, Brasilien und Peru 1 Teil

Werner, Uwe., 2006:
Heros efasciatus forms from Ecuador, French Guiana, Brazil and Peru Part 2 Heros efasciatus Formen aus Ekuador, Franzoesisch Guyana, Brasilien und Peru 2 Teil

Dittrich, Peter., 2002:
Heros sp Red-shoulder-cichlid Heros sp Rotkeil

Blahak, Silvia., 2004:
Herpes virus at the chelonian stock - what can be done? Prophylaxis against transmission and disinfection methods Herpesvirus im Schildkroetenbestand - was ist zu tun? Uebertragungsprophylaxe und Desinfektion

Krapp, F., 1993:
Herpestes auropunctatus Hodgson, 1836 - the small or lesser Indian mongoose Herpestes auropunctatus Hodgson, 1836 - Goldstaubmanguste, Indische Zwergmanguste, Mungo

Krapp, F., 1993:
Herpestes edwardsi Geoffroy, 1818 - the Indian grey mongoose Herpestes edwardsi Geoffroy, 1818 - Indischer Mungo

Delibes, M.; Palomares, F., 1993:
Herpestes ichneumon Linnaeus, 1758 - the Egyptian mongoose or the ichneumon Herpestes ichneumon Linnaeus, 1758 - Manguste

Nevill, H.; Bligh, H., 1886:
Herpestidae in Ceylon

Bennati, R.; Bonetti, M.; Lavazza, A.; Gelmetti, D., 1996:
Herpesvirus disease in Rana dalmatina populations near the town of Brescia N Italy Epidemia da herpesvirus in popolazioni di Rana dalmatina nel Comune di Brescia

Kuitems, Wim., 2001:
Herpeto-camping in France Herpetokamperen in Frankrijk

Hagstrom, T., 1975:
Herpetofauna conservation

De la Riva, Ignacio., 1997:
Herpetofauna crocodiles, turtles and saurious of the Coiba National Park Comments on their diversity Herpetofauna cocodrilos, tortugas y saurios del Parque Nacional de Coiba Panama Comentarios sobre su diversidad

Hagstrom, T., 1975:
Herpetofauna and conservation

Galan, Carlos., 2000:
Herpetofauna collected during expeditions to caves in Tepuyes, Venezuelan Guyana Herpetofauna colectada en expediciones a cavidades en Tepuyes de la Guayana Venezolana

Urbina-C., J.N.colas; Londono-M., MC., 2003:
Herpetofauna community distribution associated to four areas with different perturbation degree in Gorgona Island, Colombian Pacific Sea Distribucion de la comunidad de herpetofauna asociada a cuatro areas con diferente grado de perturbacion en la Isla Gorgona, Pacifico colombiano

Guerreiro, A.; Baldoni, JC.; Brigada, A.M., 2005:
Herpetofauna from Sierra de las Quijadas San Luis, Argentina Herpetofauna de Sierra de las Quijadas San Luis, Argentina

Rivas F., G.A.; Oliveros G., O., 1998:
Herpetofauna from Sucre State, Venezuela preliminary list of reptiles Herpetofauna del Estado Sucre, Venezuela lista preliminar de reptiles

Moreno, R.; Moreno, J.; Ortiz, J.C.rlos.; Victoriano, P.; Torres-Perez, F., 2002:
Herpetofauna from the Llanos de Challe National Park III Region, Chile Herpetofauna del Parque Nacional Llanos de Challe III Region, Chile

Pauwels, O.S.; Toham, A.K.mdem.; Chimsunchart, C., 2002:
Herpetofauna from the Massif du Chaillu, Gabon Recherches sur lherpetofaune du Massif du Chaillu, Gabon

Pauwels, O.S.; Kamdem Toham, A.; Chimsunchart, C., 2002:
Herpetofauna from the Monts de Cristal, Gabon Recherches sur lherpetofaune des Monts de Cristal, Gabon

Mastrorilli, M.; Sacchi, R.; Gentilli, A., 2001:
Herpetofauna importance in the diet of Italian strigiforms Importanza dellerpetofauna nella dieta degli Strigiformi italiani

Briguera, V.; Tamburini, D.; Kufner, M.; Gavier, G.; Giraudo, L.; Torres, R.; Bechara, V., 2006:
Herpetofauna in Chaco forest remnants, Mar Chiquita region, Cordoba Herpetofauna en relictos de Bosque Chaqueno de la region de Mar Chiquita, Cordoba

Scaravelli, Dino., 1996:
Herpetofauna of Bosco Fontana Mantova, Lombardia Region Lerpetofauna di Bosco Fontana Mantova, Lombardia

Borgoni, Nicola., 2001:
Herpetofauna of Cortellazzo pine woods Jesolo, Venezia Lerpetofauna della pineta litoranea di Cortellazzo Jesolo, Venezia

Estrada, Alberto R., 1994:
Herpetofauna of Cuenca Banao-Higuanojo, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba Herpetofauna de la Cuenca Banao-Higuanojo, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Quintana, A.Z.; Padial, J.M., 2003:
Herpetofauna of Itenez reserve Bolivia Herpetofauna de la Reserva de Itenez Bolivia

Perez B., M.E.ther.; Perez, J.M.guel.; Guerra, F.; Cortez, C., 2002:
Herpetofauna of Madidi national park, Bolivia Herpetofauna del Parque Nacional Madidi, Bolivia

Lasso, CA.; Rial, AI.; Castroviejo, J.; De la Riva, I., 2002:
Herpetofauna of Monte Alen National Park Rio Muni, Equatorial Guinea Herpetofauna del Parque Nacional de Monte Alen Rio Muni, Guinea Ecuatorial

Riojas-Lopez, M.E.; Mellink, E., 2006:
Herpetofauna of Rancho las Papas, Jalisco, Llanuras de Ojuelos-Aguascalientes, Mexico Herpetofauna del Rancho las Papas, Jalisco, Llanuras de Ojuelos-Aguascalientes, Mexico

Avila, LJ.; Acosta, JC.; Murua, AF., 1998:
Herpetofauna of San Juan province, Argentina annotated list and geographical distribution Herpetofauna de la provincia de San Juan, Argentina lista comentada y distribucion geografica

Rendon R., A.; Alvarez, T.; Flores-Villela, O., 1998:
Herpetofauna of Santiago Jalahui, Oaxaca, Mexico Herpetofauna de Santiago Jalahui, Oaxaca, Mexico

Smolinsky, Radovan., 2005:
Herpetofauna of selected localities in Volovec Mountains Volovske vrchy Herpetofauna vybranych lokalit volovskych vrchov

Klembara, J.; Bartik, I., 2000:
Herpetofauna of the Gidra river basin Herpetofauna povodiva Rieky Gidry

van der Winden, J.; Bogaerts, S.; Strijbosch, H., 1997:
Herpetofauna of the Goksu Delta and adjacent mountains, Turkey Herpetofauna des Goksu Deltas und des umliegenden Gebirges, Turkei

Senaris, J.; Celsa, 2004:
Herpetofauna of the Gulf of Paria and Orinoco Delta, Venezuela Herpetofauna del golfo de Paria y delta del Orinoco, Venezuela

Scaravelli, D.; Tedaldi, G., 1996:
Herpetofauna of the National Park of Casentino Forests, Monte Falterona, Campigna preliminary account Lerpetofauna del Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona, Campigna dati preliminari

Sequeira, F.; Goncalves, H.; Soares, C.; Teixeira, J.; Carretero, M.A., 2003:
Herpetofauna of the Natura 2000 Alvao-Marao area north Portugal Herpetofauna del area Natura 2000 Alvao-Marao norte de Portugal

Serroni, P.; Morrone, M.G.sella.; Brunelli, E.; Tripepi, S., 2000:
Herpetofauna of the Oasis of Protection, Foce del Neto Lerpetofauna dellOasi di protezione Foce del Neto

Ogielska, M.; Konieczny, K., 1999:
Herpetofauna of the Odra River Valley near Wroclaw two years after the great flood Herpetofauna pradoliny Odry w okolicach Wroclawia dwa lata po wielkiej powodzi

Piazzini, S.; Favilli, L.; Manganelli, G., 2005:
Herpetofauna of the SIR 120 Monte Penna, Bosco Della Fonte e Monte Civitella CastellAzara-Sorano, Grosseto southern Tuscany Lerpetofauna del SIR 120 Monte Penna, Bosco Della Fonte e Monte Civitella CastellAzara-Sorano, Grosseto Toscana meridionale

Blazuk, Jacek., 2004:
Herpetofauna of the San River valley near Otryt and of the adjacent areas Western Bieszczady Mts Part I Amphibians Herpetofauna doliny Sanu pod Otrytem i tereno przyleglch Bieszczady Zachodnie Czesc I Plazy

Emelyanov, A.A., 1951:
Herpetofauna of the Tuguro-Chumikan region, Nizhue-Amur Land

Duenez-Gomez, F.; Munoz-Guerrero, J.; Ramirez-Pinilla, M.P.tricia, 2004:
Herpetofauna of the corregimiento botillero El Banco, Magdalena in the depresion momposina of the Colombia Caribbean region Herpetofauna del corregimiento botillero El Banco, Magdalena en la depresion momposina de la region Caribe Colombiana

Broggi, Mario F., 2006:
Herpetofauna of the island of Tilos Dodecanese, Greece influence of isolation and changes in land use Isolation und Landnutzungswandel und ihre Einfluesse auf die Herpetofauna - dargestellt am Beispiel der Insel Tilos Dodekanes, Griechenland

Cattaneo, A., 2005:
Herpetofauna of the presidential estate of Castelporziano Rome Lerpetofauna della tenuta presidenziale di Castelporziano Roma

Izquierdo, J.; Nogales, F.; Patricio Yanez, A., 2000:
Herpetofaunistic analysis in a tropical rain forest from Ecuadorean Amazon region Analisis herpetofaunistico de un bosque humedo tropical en la Amazonia Ecuatoriana

Broggi, Mario F., 2002:
Herpetological and avifaunistic notes on Astypalea island Dodecanese, Greece Herpetologische und avifaunistische Notizen zur Insel Astypalea Dodekanes, Griechenland

Edelman, M.; Frank, R., 2005:
Herpetological and other interesting observations in Turkey Herpetologische en andere interessante waarnemingen in Turkije

Corti, C.; Nistri, A.; Vanni, S.; Lanza, B., 2000:
Herpetological atlas for Sardinia Preliminary results Atlante erpetologico della Sardegna Risultati preliminari

Semenzato, M.; Richard, J.; Menegon, M., 1999:
Herpetological atlas of the Venice Lagoon Atlante erpetologico della Laguna di Venezia

Gavier, G.; Kufner, M.; Giraudo, L.; Sironi, M.; Altrichter, M.; Tamburini, D., 2003:
Herpetological communities of La Quebrada reserve, Rio Ceballos, Cordoba Argentina Comunidades herpetologicas de la Reserva La Quebrada, Rio Ceballos, Cordoba Argentina

Whitaker, R.; Whitaker, Z., 1990:
Herpetological conservation in India

Grathwohl, J., 2003:
Herpetological discoveries 1 Fordonia leucobalia and Gerarda prevostiana - crab-eating snakes from South East Asia Herpetologiske opdagelser 1 Fordonia leucobalia og Gerarda prevostiana - krabbeaedende slanger fra Sydostasien

Vanni, S.; Nistri, A., 1998:
Herpetological fauna of Giannutri Island Tuscan Archipelago National Park, Grosseto bibliographical data and present population status Fauna erpetologica dellisola di Giannutri Parco Nazionale dellArcipelago Toscano, Grosseto dati bibliografici e status attuale delle popolazioni

Vanni, S.; Nistri, A., 2004:
Herpetological fauna of Pianosa Island and its satellite islets Tuscan Archipelago National Park, Livorno bibliographical data and population status Fauna erpetologica dellIsola di Pianosa e dei suoi isolotti satelliti Parco Nazionale dellArcipelago Toscano, Livorno dati bibliografici e status attuale delle popolazioni

Cernov, S.A., 1939:
Herpetological fauna of the Armenian SSR and of the Nehichevansk ASSR Russian

Uthleb, Heiko., 1994:
Herpetological finds in northeast Thuringia Part 1 Herpetologische Funde aus dem nordostlichen Thuringen Teil 1

Kornacker, Paul M. zur Heyde, Christian Meyer., 1998:
Herpetological impressions from a Venezuelan trip Part 3 el Embalse de Guri - the Guri dam Herpetologische Eindrucke einer Venezuelareise Teil 3 el Embalse de Guri - der Guri-Stausee

Seufer, H.; Kowalski, T.; Zilger, H.-Jurgen., 1999:
Herpetological impressions from a trip in Oman Herpetologische Impressionen einer Reise in den Oman

Pawlowski, S.; Kraemer, C., 2006:
Herpetological impressions from the central Seychelles islands of Praslin, Curieuse, La Digue and Cousin Herpetologische Eindruecke von den zentralen Seychelleninseln Praslin, Curieuse, La Digue und Cousin

Hillmann, Boris., 2003:
Herpetological impressions of Iran Herpetologische Eindruecke aus dem Iran

Mutz, T.; Mutz, M.; Obst, F.J.rgen., 1999:
Herpetological impressions of Sardinia Herpetologische Impressionen von Sardinien

Sehnal, P.; Benyr, G.; Rathbauer, F.; Proy, C.; Benyr, C.; Guttmann, T., 1996:
Herpetological inventory of the Allentsteig military training area Lower Austria Herpetologische Bestandserhebung im militarischen Sperrgebiet Allentsteig Niederosterreich

Reiman, M.; Wedemeyer, F., 1977:
Herpetological journey sketches from Sardinia

Ziegler, Thomas., 2002:
Herpetological news from one of the last lowland rainforests of Vietnam Herpetologisch Neues aus einem der letzten Tieflandfeuchtwaelder Vietnams

Clark, Richard., 1998:
Herpetological news from southernmost Norway Sorlandet Herpetologiske nyheter fra Sorlandet

Jessat, Mike., 1998:
Herpetological notes from Romania 1992-1997 Herpetologische Notizen aus Rumanien 1992-1997

Schepp, Ulrich., 1996:
Herpetological notes from an excursion to Crete, with particular regard to lizards Herpetologische Notizen von einer Kretareise, unter besonderer Berucksichtigung der Eidechsen

Cattaneo, Augusto., 2003:
Herpetological notes on the Aegean islands of Lesvos, Chios and Samos Note erpetologiche sulle isole egee di Lesvos, Chios e Samos

Hejduk, Jiri., 2002:
Herpetological obseravation in the natural reservation Grunwalds heathland Herpetologicky pruzkum prirodni rezervace Grunwaldske vresoviste

Malkmus, Rudolf., 2000:
Herpetological observation on Sulawesi Herpetologische Beobachtungen auf Sulawesi

Koller, Rene., 2003:
Herpetological observations in Belize Part 1 Herpetologische waarnemingen in Belize Deel 1

Kroniger, Michael., 2006:
Herpetological observations in Brittany Herpetologische Beobachtungen in der Bretagne

Koller, RM., 1996:
Herpetological observations in Costa Rica Herpetologische waarnemingen in Costa Rica

Koller, RM., 1996:
Herpetological observations in Costa Rica Herpetologische waarnemingen in Costa Rica slot

Bringsoe, Henrik., 2002:
Herpetological observations in East Thailand 1 The spiny-breasted giant frog, Paa fasciculispina Inger, 1970 Herpetologische Beobachtungen im Khao Soi Dao, Ost-Thailand 1 Der Stachelbrust-Riesenfrosch, Paa fasciculispina Inger, 1970

Nieuwenhuizen, J., 2001:
Herpetological observations in Graubunden, Switzerland, with a description of remarkable drinking behaviour of the sandlizard Lacerta agilis Herpetologische waarnemingen in Graubunden, Zwitserland, met een beschrijving van opmerkelijk drinkgedrag bij de zandhagedis, Lacerta agilis

Kohler, Gunther., 1999:
Herpetological observations in Honduras 2 The Comayagua Basin Herpetologische Beobachtungen in Honduras 2 Das Comayagua-Becken

Cerny, Michal., 1996:
Herpetological observations in Iran 1 Herpetologicka pozorovani v Iranu 1

Cerny, Michal., 1996:
Herpetological observations in Iran 2 Herpetologicka pozorovani v Iranu 2

Geissler, Lutz., 1998 :
Herpetological observations in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates Amphibia; Reptilia Herpetologische Beobachtungen aus Jordanien und den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten Amphibia; Reptilia

van Beest, Piet., 2004:
Herpetological observations in Madagascar, April 2001 Herptetologische waarnemingen op Madagaskar April 2001 deel 4

von Rooijen, Johan., 2001:
Herpetological observations in Malaysia 1 Pulau Tioman Herpetologische waarnemingen in Maleisie 1 Pulau Tioman

van Rooijen, Johan., 2002:
Herpetological observations in Malaysia 3 snakes in Sarawak Herpetologische waarnemingen in Maleisie 3 slangen in Sarawak

Iversen, L., 2001:
Herpetological observations in Manaus, Amazonas 1 The great swamp Herpetologiske iagttagelser i Manaus, Amazonas 1 Den store sump

Iversen, L., 2001:
Herpetological observations in Manaus, Amazonas 2 Small streams in rain forests and a labyrinth of small islands Herpetologiske iagttagelser i Manaus, Amazonas 2 Sma vandlob i regnskoven og en labyrint af sma oer

Kohler, Gunther., 1998:
Herpetological observations in Nicaragua Herpetologische Beobachtungen in Nicaragua

Loehr, Victor., 1997:
Herpetological observations in South Africa and Namibia Herpetologische waarnemingen in Zuid-Afrika en Namibie

Tejado Lanseros, C.; Potes Gordo, M.E.ena., 2001:
Herpetological observations in Southern Africa Observaciones herpetologicas en Africa austral

Loehr, Victor., 1997:
Herpetological observations in Zimbabwe and South Africa Herpetologische waarnemingen in Zimbabwe en Zuid-Africa

Glandt, D.; Schlupmann, M.; Thiesmeier, B., 1998:
Herpetological observations in the Algarve, southern Portugal Herpetologische Beobachtungen in der Algarve, Sudportugal

Pollo, Roberto., 1999:
Herpetological observations in the Brusa-Vallette Marsh Cerea-Verona and in the neighbouring areas Osservazioni sullerpetofauna della palude Brusa-Vallette e delle aree limitrofe Cerea-Verona

Barts, Mirko., 2006:
Herpetological observations in the US state of Oklahoma Herpetologische Beobachtungen im US-Bundesstaat Oklahoma

Leptien, Rolf., 1998:
Herpetological observations in the United Arab Emirates and Oman Amphibia; Reptilia Herpetologische Beobachtungen in den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten und im Oman Amphibia; Reptilia

Farkas, B.; Buzas, B., 1997:
Herpetological observations in the northern Albanian Alps Herpetologische Beobachtungen in den Nordalbanischen Alpen

Kohler, Gunther., 1998:
Herpetological observations on Honduras 1 The Bahia islands Herpetologische Beobachtungen in Honduras 1 Die Islas de la Bahia

Evenhuis, Tale., 2006:
Herpetological observations on La Gomera in November 2005 Herpetologische waarnemingen La Gomera november 2005

Duerr, Peter., 2001:
Herpetological observations on Malta Herpetologische Beobachtungen auf Malta

Malkmus, Rudolf., 1996:
Herpetological observations on Mount Kinabalu, north Borneo 5 Herpetologische Beobachtungen am Mount Kinabalu, Nord-Borneo 5

Bader, T.; Riegler, C., 2004:
Herpetological observations on Rhodes Greece Herpetologische Beobachtungen auf Rhodos Griechenland

Toth, Tamas., 2001:
Herpetological observations on Siphnos island Cyclades, Greece Herpetologische Beobachtungen auf der Insel Syphnos Kykladen, Griechenland

Hermann, R.; Siegel, A.; Barts, M., 2003:
Herpetological observations on the Capeverdian island of Boavista Herpetologische Beobachtungen auf der Kapverden-Insel Boavista

Sehnal, P.; Schuster, A., 1999:
Herpetological observations on the Kvarner island of Cres, Croatia Results of five excursions Herpetologische Beobachtungen auf der Kvarnerinsel Cres, Kroatien Ergebnisse von funf Exkursionen

Meinig, H.; Kessler, H., 1998:
Herpetological observations within the framework of national park planning Barr al Hikman and Masirah Island, Sultanate of Oman Amphibia; Reptilia Herpetologische Beobachtungen im Rahmen einer Nationalparkplanung Barr al Hikman und Masirah Island, Sultanat von Oman Amphibia; Reptilia

Uthleb, Heiko., 1995:
Herpetological records in north east Thuringia Part 2 Kyffhauser District Herpetologische Funde aus dem nordostlichen Thuringen Teil 2 Kyffhauserkreis

Pucher, Erich., 2001:
Herpetological remains from archaeological sites Holocene Herpetologische Reste aus archaeologischen Grabungen Holozaen

Lehmn, J., 2001:
Herpetological travels to west Greece - with masses of Greek tortoises Herpetologiske rejser i det vestlige Graekenland - med masser af graeske landskildpadder

Bringsoe, H., 2002:
Herpetology in Costa Rica 1 Nocturnal boa constrictors, Boa constrictor, in the arid region of Guanacaste Herpetologi i Costa Rica 1 Nataktive kongeboaer, Boa constrictor, i det torre Guanacaste

Bringsoe, H., 2004:
Herpetology in Costa Rica 3 Lizards and snakes in the rain forests of the east coast Herpetologi i Costa Rica 3 Ogler og slanger i ostkystens regnskove

Bringsoe, H., 2003:
Herpetology in Costa Rica 2 Frogs and toads in the eastern coastal rain forests Herpetologi i Costa Rica 2 Froer og tudser i ostkystens regnskove

Bringsoe, Henrik., 2000:
Herpetology in French Guiana 3 Among dwarf caimans, Paleosuchus, in the Kaw marshland Herpetologi i Fransk Guyana 3 Blandt dvaergkaimaner, Paleosuchus, i Kaw-sumpene

Bringsoe, Henrik., 2002:
Herpetology in French Guiana 5 Green vine snake, Oxybelis fulgidus, feeding on water rail Herpetologi i Fransk Guyana 5 Gron spidssnog, Oxybelis fulgidus, aeder en rikse

Bringsoe, H., 2006:
Herpetology in French Guiana 6 The caecilian Rhinatrema bivittatum Herpetologi i Fransk Guyana 6 Ormepadden Rhinatrema bivittatum

Bringsoe, Henrik., 1999:
Herpetology in French Guyana 1 The accordion posture of snakes Herpetologi i Fransk Guyana 1 Harmonika-positur hos snoge

Claessen, Hugo., 2000:
Herpetology of French Guiana 4 The dendrobatid frog Colostethus degranvillei with young on his back Herpetologi i Fransk Guyana 4 Raketfroen Colostethus degranvillei med unge froer pa ryggen

Bringsoe, Henrik., 2000:
Herpetology of French Guyana 2 Correct identification of snake in accordion position Herpetologi i Fransk Guyana 2 Rettelse vedrorende harmonika-positur hos snoge

Andreone, F. .; Sindaco, R. ., 1998:
Herpetology of Piedmont and Aosta Valley Atlas of amphibians and reptiles Erpetologia del Piemonte e della Valle d Aosta Atlante degli anfibi e dei rettili

Poggesi, M.; Agnelli, P.; Borri, M.; Corti, C.; Finotello, P.L.igi.; Lanza, B.; Tosini, G., 1996:
Herpetology of islands around Sardinia Erpetologia delle isole circumsarde

Covaciu-Marcov, S.D.; Sas, I.; Cupsa, D.; Meleg, G.; Bud, B., 2003:
Herpetologycal studies in the region of Padurea Craiului and Plopis Mountains Bihor County, Romania Studii herpetologice in Regiunea Muntilor Padurea craiului si plopisului Jud Bihor, Romania

Bux, M.; Giglio, G.; Scillitani, G., 2000:
Herpetophagy in the common buzzard, Buteo buteo Erpetofagia nella poiana, Buteo buteo L, 1758

Strathemann, Udo., 2000:
Herpetophotography - the ABC of reptile and amphibian photography for beginners and advanced Herpetofotografie - ABC der Reptilien- und Amphibienfotografie fur Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene

Hansen, K., 1977:
Herring gull attacks and kills an adult common gull

Bansemer, Herwart., 2000:
Herring gull exploitation of black-necked grebe chicks Silbermowen erbeuten Schwarzhalstaucher-Kuken

Schwarten, Helmut., 2001:
Herring gull kills adult black-headed gulls Silbermoewe Larus argentatus toetet adulte Lachmoewen Larus ridibundus

Spretke, Timm., 1998:
Herring gull predation on common tern Sterna hirundo chicks on Kirr island, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Zur Pradation von Silbermowen Larus argentatus bei Flussseeschwalben Sterna hirundo auf der Insel Kirr

Gottschling, Martin., 2004:
Herring gull how to identify the age of a large gull? Silbermoewe Wie bestimmt man das Alter einer Grossmoewe?

Ludwigs, Jan-Dieter., 2001:
Herring gulls Larus argentatus preying on common tern Sterna hirundo and common gull Larus canus Silbermoewe Larus argentatus erbeutet adulte Flussseeschwalbe Sterna hirundo und Sturmmoewe Larus canus

Cadee, Gerhard C., 2001:
Herring gulls profit from mortality in Ensis directus populations Zilvermeeuwen profiteren van sterven van Ensis directus

Hario, Martti., 1997:
Herring gulls with yellow legs in the Gulf of Finland Keltajalkaisten harmaalokkien esiintymisesta Suomenlahdella

Stenkil, M., 1972:
Herring in the aquarium

Ivankova, Z.G.; Kozlov, B.M., 1968:
Herring in the eastern coast of Sakhalin Izv tikhookean nauchno issled

Haraldsvik, S.; Ljoen, R., 1968:
Herring investigations in the North Sea summer 1967

Danielssen, D.S.; Tveite, S., 1968:
Herring larvae in the surface waters off the Trondelag coast April 1968

Caceres-Martinez, J.; Macia-Montes de Oca, P.; Unzueta, M.L.nne.; Vasquez-Yeomans, R.; Suarez-Morales, E., 1998:
Herrmannella tivelae Crustacea Copepoda associated with the Pismo clam, Tivela stultorum Mollusca Bivalvia in Baja California, Mexico Herrmannella tivelae Crustacea Copepoda asociado a la almeja pismo, Tivela stultorum Mollusca Bivalvia en Baja California, Mexico

Moreira, J.; Parapar, J., 2003:
Hesionidae and Pilargidae Annelida, Polychaeta collected during Fauna Iberica project Fauna II, III and IV cruises, along the Iberian Peninsula coast Hesionidae y Pilargidae Annelida, Polychaeta del proyecto Fauna Iberica Campanas Fauna, II, III y IV, recogidos a lo largo de las costas de la Peninsula Iberica

Reyes, E.; Nunez Aguila, R., 2006:
Hesperiidae Lepidoptera Insecta from the collection of the Institute of Ecology and Systematics, Cuba Hesperiidae Lepidoptera Insecta de la coleccion del Instituto de Ecologia y Sistematica, Cuba

Vuattoux, Roger., 1999:
Hesperiidae, Lepidoptera of Lamto station Ivory Coast Les lepidopteres hesperiides de la Station de Lamto Cote dIvoire

Salinas-Gutierrez,; Warren, A.D.; Luis-Martinez, A., 2005:
Hesperioidea Lepidoptera Rhopalocera of western Mexico Hesperioidea Lepidoptera Rhopalocera del occidente de Mexico

Loi, G.; Canovai, R., 2004:
Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea Lepidoptera, Ropalocera of the entomological collection of the CDSL G Scaramuzzi Dept, University of Pisa Catalogo dei Ropaloceri Lepidoptera, Hesperioidea e Papilionoidea presenti nella collezione del Dipartimento di Coltivazione e Difesa delle Specie Legnose G Scaramuzzi dellUniversita di Pisa

Leplat, Gerard., 2005:
Hesperophanes Dejean, 1835 and Trichoferus Wollaston, 1854 from France Coleoptera Cerambycidae results of a survey Les Hesperophanes Dejean, 1835 et Trichoferus Wollaston, 1854 de France Coleoptera Cerambycidae resultats dune enquete

Calvo Sanchez, F.; Carte, S.P.gola., 1999:
Hesperophanes pallidus Olivier, 1790 in the Iberian Peninsula new records and a contribution to the knowledge of its biology Coleoptera Cerambycidae Hesperophanes pallidus Olivier, 1790 en la Peninsula Iberica nuevas citas y aportacion al conocimiento de su biologia Coleoptera Cerambycidae

Angersbach, R., 2004:
Hesse fauna 11 First results on the distribution of Thyris fenestrella Scopoli, 1763 in Hesse Lepidoptera Thyrididae Hessenfauna 11 Erste Ergebnisse zur Verbreitung von Thyris fenestrella Scopoli, 1763 in Hessen Lepidoptera Thyrididae

Schultz, E., 2004:
Hesse fauna 12 A white marked male of Poecilocampa populi Linnaeus, 1758 from Odenwald Lepidoptera Lasiocampidae Hessenfauna 12 Ein weissgezeichnetes Maennchen von Poecilocampa populi Linnaeus, 1758 aus dem Odenwald Lepidoptera Lasiocampidae

Radtke, A., 2004:
Hesse fauna 13 Rediscovery of Peribatodes ilicaria Geyer, 1833 Lepidoptera, Geometridae in Hesse Hessenfauna13 Ein Wiederfund von Peribatodes ilicaria Geyer, 1833 Lepidoptera, Geometridae in Hessen

Oudemans, J.T., 1920:
Het geslacht Tiphia F Scoliidae

Alexander, K., 1990:
Het-bugs in Gloucestershire

Delbare, Daan., 1996:
Heteractis magnifica Amphiprion ocellaris Rearing larvae of anemone fish Heteractis magnifica Amphiprion ocellaris De opkweek van larven bij anemoonvissen

Samyn, Donald., 1996:
Heteractis magnifica and Amphiprion ocellaris, how did we manage to breed them? Heteractis magnifica Amphiprion ocellaris, hoe kwam het tot nakweek?

Santa Cruz, A.C.ncepcion Mirope.; Ortiz de Rott, M.I.abel.; Resoagli, E.H.ctor., 1998:
Heterakiosis in Numida meleagris Aves Numididae Heterakiosis en Numida meleagris Aves Numididae

Schmidt, Sander., 1997:
Heterixalus, tree frogs from Madagascar Heterixalus, boomkikkers van Madagascar

Edwards, A.; Milne.; Bouvier, E.L., 1900:
Heterocarpus grimaldii, espece recueillie par le Talisman, lHirondelle et la Princesse Alice

Viette, Pierre., 1996:
Heterocera Lepidoptera from Reunion =Bourbon Lepidopteres heteroceres de la Reunion =Bourbon

Perez De-Gregorio, J.J.; Orozco, A.; Orozco, R.; Rondos, M.; Munoz, J., 1996:
Heterocera collected at Queralbs Ripolles at the end of 1995 Heterocers recollits a Queralbs Ripolles a la tardor de 1995

Vanhercke, L., 1974:
Heterocera fauna of Oostduinkerke West-Vlaanderen

Guzman, Eduard., 2003:
Heterocera from Vall de Boi Alta Ribagorca Lepidoptera Recerques dheterocers a la Vall de Boi Alta Ribagorca Lepidoptera

Sauvagere, M., 1993:
Heterocera inventory in the Eure Department Inventaire des heteroceres du departement de lEure

Nyst, RH., 2001:
Heterocera of Brabant Second contribution to the Lepidoptera list of this province Lepidoptera Heteroceres du Brabant Deuxieme contribution a la liste des lepidopteres de cette province Lepidoptera

Malaquin, Daniel., 2004:
Heterocera, Lepidoptera of Avesnois in Avesnois Regional Park Updated faunistic study and summary of old and proximal references continued Les Lepidopteres Heteroceres de lAvesnois parc Naturel Regional de lAvesnois Etude faunistique actualisee et syntheses des references anciennes et limitrophes suite

Malaquin, Daniel., 2004:
Heterocera, Lepidoptera of Avesnois regional park, Avesnois Updated faunal study and summary of old and more recent references continuation Les lepidopteres heteroceres de lAvesnois Parc Naturel Regional de lAvesnois Etude faunistique actualisee et syntheses des references anciennes et limitrophes suite

Malaquin, Daniel., 2004:
Heterocera, Lepidoptera of Avesnois, Avesnois regional park Les lepidopteres heteroceres de lAvesnois, Parc Naturel Regional de lAvesnois

Malaquin, Daniel., 2004:
Heterocera, Lepidoptera of Avesnois Avesnois Regional Park Updated faunistic study and summary of old and more recent references continuation Les lepidopteres heteroceres de lavesnois Parc Naturel Regional de lAvesnois Etude faunistique actualisee et syntheses des references anciennes et limitrophes suite

Vanhercke, L., 1973:
Heterocerafauna of Oostduinkerke West-Vlaanderen

Dognin, P., 1913:
Heteroceres nouveaux de lAmerique de Sud

Mascagni, A.; Giardini, S., 2005:
Heteroceridae from the Balcan Peninsula Insecta Coleoptera Heteroceridae della Penisola Balcanica Insecta Coleoptera

Messner, Benjamin., 2001:
Heterocerus maritimus GUER Coleoptera, Heteroceridae, an unusual variegated mud-loving beetle A call for a forgotten sampling method Heterocerus maritimus Guer Coleoptera, Heteroceridae Eine Saegekaefer-Art, die aus der Reihe tanzt Ein Aufruf zu einer vergessenen Fangmethode

Nirchio, M.; Perez, JE.; Gomez, JA.; Villalaz, J.; Vega, G., 2004:
Heterochromatin constitution and localization of the nucleolus organizer regions in Batrachoides pacifici Guenther 1861 Teleostei Batrachoididae Heterocromatina constitutiva y localizacion de regiones organizadoras del nucleolo en Batrachoides pacifici Guenther 1861 Teleostei Batrachoididae

Bertholon, Luc., 1997:
Heterochronic developments in ostracods, indicator of adaptive strategies Les heterochronies du developpement chez les ostracodes, indicateurs de strategies adaptatives

Ramirez Rozzi, Fernando V., 2000:
Heterochronic process in hominid evolution The dental development in robust australopithecines Heterochronies dans levolution des hominides Le developpement dentaire des australopithecines robustes

Penin, X.; Berge, C., 2001:
Heterochronies and procrustes superimposition application to the skulls of primates Hominoidea Etude des heterochronies par superposition procruste application aux cranes de primates Hominoidea

Ramirez Rozzi, Fernando V., 2000:
Heterochronies state of the art Heterochronies etat des lieux

Atchley, WR., 1990:
Heterochrony and morphological change a quantitative genetic perspective

Raff, RA.; Parr, BA.; Parks, AL.; Wray, GA., 1990:
Heterochrony and other mechanisms of radical evolutionary change in early development

Leclerc, RF.; Regier, JC., 1990:
Heterochrony in insect development and evolution

Hall, BK., 1990:
Heterochrony in vertebrate development

Cubillas Hernandez, S.O.; Berovides Alvarez, V., 1999:
Heterocigocity lost and effective population size of white rino , Ceratotherium simun simun Mammalia Rhinoceonthidae in National Zoological Park of Cuba Perdida de heterocigocidad y tamano efectivo de la poblacion en el rinoceronte blanco Ceratotherium simun simun Mammalia Rhinoceronthidae del Parque Zoologico Nacional de Cuba

Berovides A., V.; Gutierrez Amador, A., 1999:
Heterocigoty and body weight in the hutia conga Capromys pilorides Rodentia, Capromyidae Grado de heterocigocidad y peso corporal en la jutia conga Capromys pilorides Rodentia, Capromyidae

Carapezza, A., 1990:
Heterocordylus heissi n sp and new records of Heteroptera from Crete

de Castro-Guterres, P.M.cedo; Guterres, L.F.rnando dos Reis, 2004:
Heterocrypta aloysioi, a junior synonym of Heterocrypta granulata Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura, Parthenopidae Heterocrypta aloysioi, um sinonimo junior de Heterocrypta granulata Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura, Parthenopidae

Marziano, F.; D'Errico, FP.; Nanni, B.; Noviello, C., 1995:
Heterodera daverti, new host of Hirsutella rhossiliensis Heterodera daverti, nuovo ospite di Hirsutella rhossiliensis

Kir'yanova, ES.; Balbaeva, ZA.; Kyanshalieva, EN.; Sagitov, AO.; Pet'ko, GI., 1976:
Heterodera in Kazakhstan

Blunck, H., 1951:
Heterodera marioni Goodey

Toxopens, H.J.; Huijsman, C.A., 1952:
Heterodera rostochiensis genotypical background of resistance of Solanum tuberosum var andigenum

Nesterov, PI.; Bukhar, BI., 1971:
Heterodera schachtii Schmidt on cabbage

Eglitis, V.K.Kaktinya, D.K., 1959:
Heteroderidae of the Latvian Republic

Cabaret, J., 1980:
Heterogeneite de linfestation des mollusques terrestres par les larves L1 des protostrongylides dans les conditions experimentales Heterogeneite de linfestation des mollusques terrestres par les larves L1 des protostrongylides dans les conditions experimentales

Luk'yanenko, VI.; Vasil'ev, AS.; Luk'yanenko, VV., 1991:
Heterogeneity and polymorphism of fish haemoglobin

Rio, M.; Bodergat, A.-Marie.; Carbonnel, G.; Keyser, D., 1997:
Heterogeneity in the distribution of elements in the shell of Ostracoda the example of Leptocythere psammophila Anisotropie chimique de la carapace des ostracodes Exemple de Leptocythere psammophila

Baisez, A.; Rigaud, C.; Feunteun, E., 2000:
Heterogeneity of the European eel distribution Anguilla anguilla observed by electric fishing in a reclaimed marsh of the French Atlantic coast Marais breton Heterogeneite de repartition de languille Europeenne Anguilla anguilla observee par peche electrique dans un marais endigue de la cote Atlantique Francaise Marais breton

Bilong Bilong, C.F.lix; Tombi, J., 2004:
Heterogeneity of the branchial system of Barbus martorelli Roman, 1971 Poisson Cyprinidae and growth model Heterogeneite du systeme branchial de Barbus martorelli Roman, 1971 Poisson Cyprindidae et modele de croissance

Marin, AA.; Barbosa, JM.; Brugiolo, SSS.; Ramos, SM., 1998:
Heterogeneous growth of curimbata fry Prochilodus lineatus Valenciennes, 1847 Pisces, Prochilodontidae influence of chemical factors liberated by interspecifics Crescimento heterogeneo em alevinos de curimbata Prochilodus lineatus Valenciennes, 1847 Pisces, Prochilodontidae acao de fatores quimicos liberados por interespecificos

Sanz, A.; Minguez, E.; A.don, J.D.; Herndez, V.J., 2005:
Heterogeneous use of space in three breeding territories of Bonellis eagle Hieraaetus fasciatus Uso heterogeneo del espacio en tres territorios de reproduccion del Aguila-Azor Perdicera Hieraaetus fasciatus

Avendano, A.; Calderon-Arguedas, O.; Valerio, I.; Chinchilla, M., 2006:
Heterogenity in the in vitro metacyclogenesis of clones derived from a Costa Rican strain of Trypanosoma cruzi Kinetoplastida Trypanosomatidae Heterogeneidad en la metaciclogenesis in vitro de clones derivados de una cepa costarricense de Trypanosoma cruzi Kinetoplastida Trypanosomatidae

Ohl, M., 2004:
Heterogynaidae - an enigmatic wasp family and the phylogeny of aculeate Hymenoptera Die Heterogynaidae - Eine seltsame Wespengruppe und die Phylogenie der aculeaten Hymenopteren

D.Freina, Josef J., 2003:
Heterogynis jellaba spec nov and Heterogynis rifensis spec nov, two new North African Heterogynis species from Morocco with supplementary observations on the distribution pattern and specie spectrum of the genus Heterogynis Rambur, 1837 Lepidoptera, Zygaenoidea, Heterogynidae Heterogynis jellaba spec nov and Heterogynis rifensis spec nov, zwei neue nordafrikanische Heterogynis-Arten aus Marokko mit ergaenzenden Bemerkungen zum Verbreitungsbild und Artenspektrum der Gattung Heterogyn

Stenestad, E., 2005:
Heterohelix dentata Biozones in the Rordal-1 borehole, Upper Lower Maastrichtian, North Jutland, Denmark Heterohelix dentata Biozonen i boringen Rordal-1, ovre nedre Maastrichtien, Nordjylland, Danmark

Apostolov, A.; Pandourski, I., 2001:
Heterolaophonte livingstoni sp n Crustacea, Copepoda, Harpacticoida from the littoral of the Livingston Island, Antarctic Heterolaophonte livingstoni sp n Crustacea, Copepoda, Harpacticoida de la zone littorale de lile de Livingston, Antarctique

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