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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38305

Chapter 38305 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Orsi, A.M.; Salete, M.J.; Vicentini, C.A.; Orsi, A.C., 1997:
Histological organization of the connective tissue stroma of the epididymis in the black isogenic mouse Mus musculus Estructura histologica del estroma conjuntivo del epididimo en el raton negro isogenico Mus musculus

Punin, MYu., 1991:
Histological organization of the digestive epithelium in priapulids, brachiopods, bivalve molluscs and polychaetes

Martinez, VH.; Leone, OL.; Padilla, AM.; Fernandez Iriarte, VM., 1999:
Histological organization of the skin of Trichomycterus spegazzinii Pisces, Trichomycteridae Berg 1870 and Heptapterus mustelinus Valenciennes 1840 Pisces, Pimelodidae Organizacion histologica de la piel de Trichomycterus spegazzinii Berg 1870 Pisces, Trichomycteridae y Heptapterus mustelinus Valenciennes 1840 Pisces, Pimelodidae

Gutierrez, M., 1967:
Histological staining of fish, crustacean and molluscan ovaries

Katznelson, Z.S.; Orlova, I.I., 1956:
Histological structure and development of the praeputial glands in beaver On the nature of castoreum

Cinar, K.; Diler, A.; Boyaci, O.; Bilgin, F., 1997:
Histological structure and histochemical characteristics of the stomach of the Salmo trutta macrostigma and Oncorhynchus mykiss Salmo trutta macrostigma ve Oncorhynchus mykiss midelerinin histolojik yapisi ve histokimyasal ozellikleri

Verigina, IA., 1972:
Histological structure o the epibranchial organ in the silver carp Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Val

Bogoyavlenski, Y.K., 1962:
Histological structure of cuticula and hypoderma in the nematode Setaria equina Abildgaard, 1789

Verdi, A.; Delgado, E., 1998:
Histological structure of the reproductive tracts in males of Macrobrachium borellii Nobili, 1896 Crustacea, Caridea, Palaemonidae Microestructura del aparato reproductor masculino de Macrobrachium borellii Nobili, 1896 Crustacea, Caridea, Palaemonidae

Akhmedov, N.M., 1956:
Histological structure of the skin in some breeds of sheep

Coloma S.LA., 1974:
Histological studies on the gonad of Tegula Chlorostoma atra Lesson, 1830, Mollusca, Gastropoda, Trochidae

Rubio, MR.; Tineo, P.; Pujante, A., 1991:
Histological studies on the midgut gland of Melanopsis dufouri Estudio histologico del hepatopancreas de Melanopsis dufouri

Torgersen, O., 1940:
Histological studies on the normal and the irradiated suprarenal gland in Rabbits

Caloianu-Iordachel, M., 1967:
Histological study of Acipenser ruthenus L male gonad development and its relation to season

Dacar, M.; Monge, S.; Brengio, S.; Roig, V., 1998:
Histological study of gonads of Ctenomys mendocinus from Cacheuta Mendoza, Argentina Estudio histologico en gonadas de Ctenomys mendocinus en la localidad de Cacheuta Mendoza, Argentina

Ivanova, S.A., 1956:
Histological study of gonads of gorbuscha and summer keta salmon

Olivares Paz, A.; Zamora Covarrubias, M.; Portilla Reyes, P.; Zuniga Romero, O., 2001:
Histological study of oogenesis and ovaric maturation in Octopus mimus Cephalopoda Octopodidae from the coast of the II Region, Chile Estudio histologico de la ovogenesis y maduracion ovarica en Octopus mimus Cephalopoda Octopodidae de la II Region de Chile

Velasquez, J.C.rlos Carrascal.; Fonseca, C.C.sar.; Menin, E. da Paula, T.A.; Rego., 2003:
Histological study of small intestine of mature capybaras Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris Estudio histologico do intestino delgado de capivaras adultas Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris

Sakun, O.F., 1954:
Histological study of testes of Vimba vimba after spawning

Fehri-Bedoui, R.; Dinis, MT.; Maamouri, F., 2000:
Histological study of the development of the digestive system and of the swim bladder in the sole, Solea senegalensis Soleidae Etude histologique du developpement de lappareil digestif et de la vessie gazeuse de la sole, Solea senegalensis Soleidae

Teran, HR.; Ulloa, Z., 1999:
Histological study of the digestive tube of the Pleurodema borellii Anura, Leptodactylidae during the postmetamorphosis Estudio histologico del tubo digestivo en Pleurodema borellii Anura, Leptodactylidae durante la postmetamorfosis

Ivanova, S.A., 1953:
Histological study of the gonad, thyroid gland and hypophysis of Acipenser ruthenus kept in natural fluvial surroundings

Ivanov, M.F.; Dodzina, F.I., 1957:
Histological study of the gonads in Volga herring daring spawning migration Uchen

de Araujo, A.S.ares; Chellappa, S., 2002:
Histological study of the gonads of flying fish, Hirundichthys affinis Gunther, 1866 Osteichthyes Exocoetidae in Rio Grande do norte state, Brazil Estudio histologico das gonadas do peixe-voador, Hirundichthys affinis Gunther, 1866 Osteichthyes Exocoetidae no Rio grande do norte, Brasil

Bahiani, M.; Hammouche, S.; Gernigon-Spychalowicz, T., 1996:
Histological study of the gonads of the genital tract and of the sexual segment of the kidney in the lizard Uromastix acanthinurus Bell, 1925 Etude histologique des gonades, du tractus genital et du segment sexuel du rein chez le lezard Uromastix acanthinurus Bell, 1925

Teran, H.; Michel, A.A., 1996:
Histological study of the transition from the manicotto to the adult stomach in Gastrotheca gracilis Laurent Anura, Hylidae Estudio histologico de la transicion del manicotto al estomago adulto en Gastrotheca gracilis Laurent Anura, Hylidae

Rubio, MR.; Tineo, P.; Diaz-Mayans, J.; Tapia, G., 1991:
Histological study on the midgut gland of Thais haemastoma Gastropoda, Prosobranchia Estudio histologico del hepatopancreas de Thais haemastoma Gastropoda, Prosobranchia

de Gonzo, G.; Vera, R.; Martinez, V.; Romero, M., 1995:
Histological testicular organization and fecundity of Leporinus obtusidens Val 1847, Pisces, Cypriniformes, Anostomatidae of Juramento River, Salta Province Organizacion histologica del testiculo y fecundidad de Leporinus obtusidens Val 1847, Pisces, Cypriniformes, Anostomatidae del Rio Juramento, Provincia de Salta

Diaz-Uribe, J.G.; Hernandez-Herrera, A.; Morales-Bojorquez, E.; Martinez-Aguilar, S.; Suarez-Higuera, MC.; Hernandez-Lopez, A., 2006:
Histological validation of the gonadal maturation stages of female jumbo squid Dosidicus gigas in the Gulf of California, Mexico Validacion histologica de los estadios de madurez gonddica de las hembras de calamar gigante Dosidicus gigas en el Golfo de California

Bjalynicki-Birula, T.A., 1909:
Histologische und mikrochemische Beobachtungen an den Geweben des Mammuts von der Beresovka

Berg, Helmi., 1909:
Histologischer Bau der gefingerten Druse bei Helix pomatia

Ramesh Babu, S.; Rajendranath, T.; Benarji, G.; Dayakar, P., 1990:
Histology and histochemistry of liver of Macrognathus aculeatus Bloch

Braccini, M. del Carmen.; Querol, E.; Brunoni, E., 2001:
Histology and morfology description of the esophagus Hoplias malabaricus Bloch, 1794 Teleostei, Characiformes, Erythrinidae Descricao morfologica e histologica do esofago de Hoplias malabaricus Bloch, 1794 Teleostei, Characiformes, Erythrinidae

Poiani, Silvana B. da Cruz-Landim, Carminda., 2006:
Histology and ultrastructure of the dorsal vessel of Scaptotrigona postica Hymenoptera, Apidae in workers and queens of various ages Histologia e ultra-estrutura do vaso dorsal de Scaptotrigona postica Hymenoptera, Apidae em operairias e rainhas de diferentes idades

Balashov, Y.S., 1957:
Histology in particular to the digestive organs in ixodid and argasid ticks

Gronkowsky, K., 1904:
Histology of Cercariae

Leite Oliveira Leonardo, J.M.ria.; Vargas, L.; Pereira Ribeiro, R.; Marques Moreira, H.L.iz.; Marcal Natali, M.R.quel.; Volski, T.; Cavichiolo, F., 2001:
Histology of branchiae of larvae of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus L from Thailand, with different levels of vitamin C Histologia das branquias de larvas da tilapia do Nilo, Oreochromis niloticus L, de origem tailandesa, submetidas a diferentes niveis de vitamina C

Galvao, M.S.ntos Nunes.; Fenerich-Verani, N.; Yamanaka, N.; Oliveira, I. da Rocha., 1997:
Histology of digestive system in the larval and juvenile stages of the mullet Mugil platanus Gunther, 1880 Osteichthyes, Mugilidae Histologia do sistema digestivo da tainha Mugil platanus Gunther, 1880 Osteichthyes, Mugilidae durante as fases larval e juvenil

Rodrigues de Souza, M.L.iza.; Nakaghi Ganeco, L.; Satiko Okada Nakaghi, L.; Sant'Ana Faria, R.H.lena.; Wagner, P.M.ria.; Aparecido Povh, J.; Ferreira, I.C., 2003:
Histology of skin of Piaractus mesopotamicus and leather resistance Histologia da pele do pacu Piaractus mesopotamicus e testes de resistencia do couro

de Fatima Wiilland, E.; Gerhrke-Friedrich, S.M.lvina.; Hauser, J., 1998:
Histology of the epithelium of Girardia schubarti Marcus, 1946 Platyhelminthes, Tricladida 1 Corporal anatomic division Histologia do epitelio de Girardia schubarti Marcus, 1946 Platyhelminthes, Tricladida 1 Divisao anatomica corporal

Santana, M.A.; Menin, E., 1997:
Histology of the esophagus of Leptodactylus labyrinthicus Spix, 1824 Amphibia, Anura, Leptodactylidae Histologia do esofago de Leptodactylus labyrinthicus Spix, 1824 Amphibia, Anura, Leptodactylidae

Baiocco, Luciana Maria. da Cunha, Marina Staurengo., 1992:
Histology of the exocrine glands in Monomorium pharaonis queens Hymenoptera, Formicidae Histologia das glandulas exocrinas em rainhas de Monomorium pharaonis Linnaeus, 1758 Hymenoptera, Formicidae

Verdi, Ana Cristina., 1995:
Histology of the gonad of Macrobrachium borellii Nobili, 1896 Crustacea, Caridea, Palaemonidae La estructura ovarica de Macrobrachium borellii Nobili, 1896 Crustacea, Caridea, Palaemonidae

Cuartas, E.I.ene.; Petriella, A.M.ria., 2001:
Histology of the hepatopancreas of Chasmagnathus granulata Decapoda Brachyura Histologia del hepatopancreas de Chasmagnathus granulata Decapoda Brachyura

Hernandez, C.A.gusto Mora.; Soares, C.O.iveira.; Massard, C.L.iz. da Fonseca, A.H.nrique., 1998:
Histology of the intestine of Boophilus microplus Canestrini, 1887 Acari Ixodidae Histologia do intestino de Boophilus microplus Canestrini, 1887 Acari Ixodidae

Mangione, S.; Lavilla, EO., 2004:
Histology of the lumbar skin in the frogs of the genus Pleurodema Anura Leptodactylidae without lumbar glands Histologia de la piel de la region lumbar de las especies sin glandula lumba del genero Pleurodema Anura Leptodactylidae

Prats Leon, F.L.cas.; Ochotoreno,; Perez, M.M.rtinez., 2004:
Histology of the male gonads of Atractosteus tristoechus Pisces Lepisosteidae Histologia de las gonadas masculinas de Atractosteus tristoechus Pisces Lepisosteidae

Gullo, B.Sandra, 2004:
Histology of the male reproductive system of Helobdella hyalina Hirudinea, Glossiphoniidae in Argentina Histologia del sistema reproductor masculino de Helobdella hyalina Hirudinea, Glossiphoniidae en Argentina

Cruz-Vazquez, C.R.; Garcia-Vazquez, Z.; Quintero-Martinez, M.T.resa.; Miranda-Miranda, E., 1997:
Histology of the midgut of Boophilus microplus tick in semiengorged phase Histologia del intestino de la garrapata Boophilus microplus en estado de semiingurgitamiento

Nunes Pinto, L.M.ssochin.; Fiuza, L.M.riana., 2000:
Histology of the midgut of larvae of Anticarsia gemmatalis Hueb 1818 Lepidoptera, Noctuidae Histologia do intestino medio de lagartas de Anticarsia gemmatalis Hueb 1818 Lepidoptera, Noctuidae

Lucano-Ramirez, G.; Villagran-Santa Cruz, M.; Ruiz-Ramirez, S.; Lopez-Murillo, T., 2001:
Histology of the oocytes of Lutjanus peru Nichols and Murphy, 1922 Pisces Lutjanidae Histologia de los ovocitos de Lutjanus peru Nichols y Murphy, 1922 Pisces Lutjanidae

da Cunha, M.S.aurengo.; Iide, A.A.emi., 1992:
Histology of the ovarian development of Nannotrigona testaceicornis Lepeletier, 1836 workers Hymenoptera, Apidae Histologia do desenvolvimento ovariano em operarias de Nannotrigona testaceicornis Lepeletier, 1836 Hymenoptera, Apidae

Estecondo, S.; Casanave, E.B.atriz.; Codon, S.M.ris., 1997:
Histology of the pelvian glands of Chaetophractus vellerosus Mammalia, Dasypodidae Histologia de las glandulas pelvianas de Chaetophractus vellerosus Mammalia, Dasypodidae

Salina, RM.; Ishmukhamedova, NM., 1976:
Histology of the rectal cushions in Acrida erythrocephala Pall Insecta, Orthoptera

Leal-Zanchet, Ana Maria., 2003:
Histology of the salivary glands of the Limacoidea and Milacidae Gastropoda, Pulmonata Histologia das glandulas salivares dos Limacoidea e Milacidae Gastropoda, Pulmonata

Rada de Martinez, D.; Bello de Lopez, R.; Arvelo, Z., 1998:
Histology of the skin of Hyla crepitans Amphibia Hylidae Histologia de la piel de Hyla crepitans Amphibia Hylidae

Wiilland, E. de Fatima; Hauser, J.; Gehrke-Friedrich, S.M.lvina, 2004:
Histology of the tegument of Girardia schubarti Turbellaria, Tricladida, Paludicola II Tegument Histologia do tegumento de Girardia schubarti Turbellaria, Tricladida, Paludicola II Tegumento

Pessacq, Tomas P., 1999:
Histology of the tracheolar insect retina system Histologia del sistema traqueolar en la retina de insectos

Flores-Lopes, F.; Malabarba, L.R.; Pezzi da Silva, J.F.; Pereira, E.H., 2002:
Histology of vertebral abnormalities in Astyanax alburnus Hensel, 1870 Ostariophysi Characidae from Lago Guaiba, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Histologia de deformidades vertebrais em Astyanax alburnus Hensel, 1870 Ostariophysi Characidae do Lago Guaiba, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

de Perez, G.R.mero.; Ruiz C., P.M., 1996:
Histology, histochemistry and fine structure of the mentonian gland in two species of Hyla bogotensis group, and of the forearm of Phrynopus adenobrachius Histologia, histoquimicay y estructura fina de la glandula mentoniana de dos especies de Hyla grupo bogotensis y del antebrazo de Phrynopus adenobrachius

de Lima Boijink, C.; Brandao, D.A.lante., 2001:
Histologycal and behavioral alterations induced by the inoculation of bacterial suspension Aeromonas hydrophila in jundia Rhamdia quelen Alteracoes histologicas e comportamentais provocadas pela inoculacao de suspensao bacteriana Aeromonas hydrophila em juvenis de jundia Rhamdia quelen

Hirt de Kunkel, L.; Flores, S., 1996:
Histologycal structures of Pseudoplatystoma corruscans ovaries Agassiz, 1829 Pimelodidae, Siluriformes Estructura histologica de los ovarios de Pseudoplatystoma corruscans Agassiz, 1829 Pimelodidae, Siluriformes

Assis-Neto, A.C.aves de; Melo, M.I.abel Vaz de; Carvalho, M.A.elina Martins de; Miglino, M.A.gelica; Oliveira, M.F.anco de, 2003:
Histometric analysis of testis development in agoutis Dasyprocta aguti raised in captivity Analise histometrica do desenvolvimento testicular de cutias Dasyprocta aguti criadas em cativeiros

Ferri, S.; Medeiros, L.F.; Medeiros, L.O., 1967:
Histometric study of the elastic and muscles fibers in mammals thoracic aorta

Fonseca, C.C.sar; Nogueira, J.C.rlos; Barbosa, A.J., 2004:
Histometry of pancreas of the South American opossum Histometria do pancreas do gamba sul-americano

Belak, M.; Jurasek, V., 1962:
Histomonade infection in a peacock

Munoz, A.; Caldas, M.L.onor; Hurtado Giraldo, H., 2006:
Histomorphological analysis of the digestive system and annexed glands in alevins of the cachama Piaractus brachypomus Characidae Piaractus Analisis histomorfologico del sistema digestivo y glandulas anexas en alevinos de cachama blanca, Piaractus brachypomus Characidae Piaractus

Figueroa Aragon, S.; Fernandez Roman, R.; Anzaldua Arce,; Perez-Martinez, M., 2001:
Histomorphological changes in the uterus of young and adult Eryomis laniger implanted with zearalenol Cambios en la estructura histologica del utero de chinchillas Eryomis laniger jovenes y adultas implantadas con zeranol

Balci, B.; Ahmet.; Ikiz, R.; Mutaf, B.F.lakali., 2006:
Histomorphological comparison of pituitary gland of dusky grouper Epinephelus guaza L,1758 and blacktip grouper Epinephelus alexandrinus V, 1828 Orfoz Epinephelus guaza L, 1758 ve Lahoz Epinephelus alexandrinus V, 1828 Baliklarinda Hipofiz Bezinin Histo-Morfolojik Karsilastirilmasi

Rodriguez de la Rua, A.; Gonzalez de Canales, M.L.; Sarasquete, C., 2002:
Histomorphological study of the digestive tract of the oyster Crassostrea angulata Lamarck, 1819, and distribution of carbohydrates Estudio histomorfologico del aparato digestivo y distribucion histoquimica de carbohidratos en el ostion Crassostrea angulata Lamarck, 1819

Saez, V.; Marigomez, JA.; Angulo, E.; Moya, J., 1990:
Histomorphology and histochemistry of the digestive gland of Littorina littorea L in relation to experimental tidal conditions, food availability, and digestion

Kapina, S.K., 1943:
Histopatho-logy of cutaneous leishmaniasis Russian with French summary, Problems of Cutan

Cordova M., S.; Auro de O., A. de Buen de A., N., 1996:
Histopathologic lesions due to experimental confinement of tilapia Oreochromis sp in aquariums Lesiones histopatologicas producidas en la tilapia Oreochromis sp por el confinamiento experimental en acuario

Krumm, S.; Ravelhofer-Rotheneder, K.; Johannknecht, S.; Grund, C., 2002:
Histopathological alterations caused by Megabacteria in geese Anser anser L, 1758 Histopathologische Veraenderungen durch so gennannte Megabakterien bei Hausgaensen Anser anser L, 1758

Gomez, B.J.; Manga, Y.; Angulo, E.; Gonzalez, C., 1996:
Histopathological alterations in two species of Cernuella Mollusca infected by Dicrocoelium dendriticum Trematoda at three months post-infection Alteraciones histopatologicas producidas por Dicrocoelium dendriticum Trematoda en dos especies de Cernuella Mollusca sacrificadas a los tres meses post-infestacion

Sahai, YN.; Gupta, R., 1990:
Histopathological changes induced by BHC and malathion in the optic tectum of Oreochromis mossambicus Peters, Teleostei

Thilagamani, KB.; Karuppiah, D.; Ramaswamy, M., 1990:
Histopathological changes induced by a carbanate fungicide, cuman L in liver and brain of a teleost fish, Sarotherodon mossambicus Peters

Rajan, MT.; Banerjee, TK., 1990:
Histopathological changes induced by acute toxicity of mercuric chloride on the epidermis of freshwater catfish - Heteropneustes fossilis Bloch

Auro de Ocampo, A.; Ocampo Camberos, L., 1998:
Histopathological characterization of tilapia Oreochromis sp response to a mixed infection by myxosporean parasites A natural case Caracterizacion histopatologica de la respuesta de la tilapia Oreochromis sp a una infeccion mixta por myxosporidios Estudio en un caso natural

Abrous, M.; Rondelaud, D.; Dreyfuss, G.; Vignoles, P., 1996:
Histopathological consequences of three 2-benzamido-5-nitrothiazole derivatives on Gammarus pulex pulex Linne Crustacea when used at sublethal doses Consequences histopathologiques de trois derives du 2-benzamido-5-nitrothiazole sur Gammarus pulex pulex Linne crustaces lorsquils sont utilises a doses subletales

Urdaneta, H.; Philippi, A.; Conroy, D., 1997:
Histopathological effects produced by Vibrio sp in postlarvae of Penaeus vannamei Efectos histopatologicos producidos por Vibrio sp en postlarvas de Penaeus vannamei

Jaiswal, K.; Sarojini, R., 1990:
Histopathological lesions in the hepatopancreas of fresh water prawn, Macrobrachium kistnensis, induced by naphthalene poisoning

Lima, FC.; Abreu, MG.; Mesquita, EFM., 2001:
Histopathological monitoring assessment of mussels Perna perna at the Itaipu Lagoon, Brazil Monitoramento histopatologico de mexilhao Perna perna da Lagoa de Itaipu, Niteroi, RJ

Chinabut, S.; Jiravanichpaisal, M.; Jiravanichpaisal, P., 1990:
Histopathological observations on experimental Aeromonas hydrophila injection in Clarias batrachus Linn

Monasterio de Gonzo, G.A.; Martinez, V.H.; Leone, O., 1995:
Histopathological study of fishes gills from Juramento River, Salta, Argentina Estudio histopatologico de branquias de peces del Rio Juramento, Provincia de Salta Argentina

Cormier, SM.; Racine, RN., 1990:
Histopathology of Atlantic tomcod a possible monitor of xenobiotics in northeast tidal rivers and estuaries

Cousin, J.C.rlos Brahm.; Pereira-Junior, J.; Gonzales, J.F.rnandez., 2003:
Histopathology of Prionace glauca Chondrichthyes, Squaliformes, Carcharhinidae liver caused by Hepatoxylon trichiuri Eucestoda, Trypanorhyncha Histopatologia no figado de Prionace glauca Chondrichthyes, Squaliformes, Carcharhinidae causada por Hepatoxylon trichiuri Eucestoda, Trypanorhyncha

Levinson, L.B.Skadovskaja, N.S., 1946:
Histopathology of cutaneous leishmaniasis

Arandas Rego, A.; Schaeffer, G.V., 1999:
Histopathology of lesions in Brachyplatystoma spp Pisces Siluriformes, due to Nomimoscoles piraeeba Woodland, 1934 Cestoda Proteocephalidea Histopatologia das lesoes de Brachyplatystoma spp Pisces Siluriformes por Nomimoscolex piraeeba Woodland, 1934 Cestoda Proteocephalidea

Pavanelli, G.C.; Eiras, J.C.; Guidelli, G.M., 1997:
Histopathology of the infection by Microrchis oligovitellum Lunaschi, 1987 Trematoda - Paramphistomidae in Parauchenipterus galeatus Linnaeus, 1766 Nota sobre a histopatologia da parasitose de Microrchis oligovitellum Lunaschi, 1987 Trematoda - Paramphistomidae em Parauchenipterus galeatus Linnaeus, 1766

Santos, A.A.uiar; Ranzani-Paiva, Tavares; Felizardo, N.N.nes; Rodrigues, E. de Lara, 2004:
Histopatological analysis of the liver of nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus, reared in cage in Guarapiranga Reservoir, Sao Paulo state, Brazil Analise histopatologica de figado de tilapia-do-nilo, Oreochromis niloticus, criada em tanque-rede na represa de Guarapiranga, Sao Paulo, SP, Brasil

Lambiase, S.; Morbini, P.; Grigolo, A., 2004:
Histopatology induced in Blattella germanica Blattaria, Blattellidae by polychlorinated biphenyls PCBs Istopatologia indotta da bifenili policloruati PCBs in Blattella germanica Blattaria, Blattellidae

Kuhlmann, Hans-Werner., 2000:
Histophagous ciliates of the genera Ophryoglena and Ichthyophthirius Part 1 morphology and life cycle Histophage Ciliaten der Gattungen Ophryoglena und Ichthyophthirius Teil 1 Morphologie und Lebenszyklus

Kuhlmann, Hans-Werner., 2001:
Histophagous ciliates of the genera Ophryoglena and Ichthyophthirius Part II Sensitivity and orientation Histophage Ciliaten der Gattungen Ophryoglena und Ichthyophthirius II Teil Reizbarkeit und Orientierung

Kuhlmann, Hans-Werner., 2000:
Histophagous ciliates of the genera Ophryoglena and Ichthyophthirius collection and keeping Histophage Ciliaten der Gattungen Ophryoglena und Ichthyophthirius Beschaffung und Haltung

Patronelli, D.; Luis.; Petcoff, G.M.; Gonzalez Olivera, E., 1998:
Histophysiological comparative study in the marginal sphincter of anemone Phymactis clematis Coelenterata Actiniaria from different environments Estudio histofisiologico comparativo del esfinter marginal de Phymactis clematis Coelenterata Actiniaria de diferentes ambientes

Chlopin, N.G.; Chistova, N.M., 1958:
Histophysiological observations of endothelium in tissue cultures

Polivanova, E.N., 1968:
Histophysiological study of the differentiation in haemolymph element formation during the embryogenesis of harmful bugs Eurygaster integriceps Put

Dzyuba, SM., 1971:
Histophysiology of gonads in the scallop during various seasons

Moiseeva, EB., 1975:
Histophysiology of the adenohypophysis in Teleostei

Samar, M.E.; Avila, R.E.; Porfirio, V.; Rabino, M., 1997:
Histophysiology of the salivary glands of the magpie duck Netta peposaca Aves Anatidae Histofisiologia de las glandulas salivales de Netta peposaca Aves Anatidae

Schuppel, K-F.; Elze, K.; Notzold, G., 1990:
Histoplasmose bei einer Damagazelle Gazella dama

Wohlsein, P.; Bauder, B.; Kuttin, ES.; Kaufman, L.; Seeliger, F. von Keyserlingk, M., 2001:
Histoplasmosis in two badgers Meles meles in northern Germany Histoplasmose bei zwei Dachsen Meles meles in Norddeutschland

Bianchini, Carlo ., 2004:
Historia Naturalis the roots of the Friulian Museum Exhibition catalogue Historia Naturalis alle radici del Museo Friulano Catalogo della mostra

Lewis, M.; Tapia, C., 1990:
Historia natural de Choque tanga 1 Exploraciones geograficas y arqueologicas en las serranias de Lulini y Choque camiri

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