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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38306

Chapter 38306 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Viloria, AL.; Adams, MJ.; Pyrcz, TW.; Romero, F., 2001:
Historic notes on Venezuelan satyrines collected by Karl Moritz 1797-1866 and discussion of the taxonomic identity and distribution of Pedaliodes pisonia Hewitson, 1862 Lepidoptera Nymphalidae, Satyrinae Noticia historica sobre satiridos venezolanos coleccionados por Karl Moritz 1797-1866 y discusion de la identidad taxonomica y la distribucion de Pedaliodes pisonia Hewitson, 1862 Lepidoptera Nymphalidae, Satyrinae

Roy, Lise., 2003:
Historic review of Darnini Hemiptera Membracidae on a generic level Revue historique des Darnini Hemiptera Membracidae au niveau generique

Elgmork, Kare., 1996:
Historic review of brown bears and wolves in central-south Norway 1733-1845 Bjorn og ulv i sentrale deler av Ostlandet 1733-1845

Valdez, R.; Martinez-Mendoza, A.; Rosas-Rosas, O.C., 2002:
Historical current composition of jaguar habitat in the north east of Sonora, Mexico Componentes historicos y actuales del habitat del jaguar en el norest de Sonora, Mexico

Luquet, Gerard Chr., 2001:
Historical French lepidopteran chronology III Rhopalocera observed around La Varenne-Saint-Maur and in the wooded mountain areas of the east of Paris Bondy forest, Villiers forest and Notre-Dame forest Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne by Emile Louis Ragonot in 1869 Insecta Lepidoptera Chroniques lepidopteriques franciliennes de jadis III Rhopaloceres observes dans la boucle de La Varenne-Saint-Maur et dans les massifs boises de lEst parisien foret de Bondy, bois de Villiers et boi

Giacchini, P.; Pandolfi, M.; Zanazzo, G., 1999:
Historical analysis and first data about the present status of the population of rock-partridge, Alectoris graeca, in the Province of Pesaro and Urbino central Italy Analisi storica e primi dati sullo status attuale delle popolazioni de coturnice, Alectoris graeca, nella Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino

Kohlmann, B.; Moron, M.A.gel., 2003:
Historical analysis of the classification of the Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea and Lamellicornia Analisis historico de la clasificacion de los Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea o Lamellicornia

Artuso, Ivano., 1997:
Historical analysis on the status of grouses Tetraonidae, rock partridge Alectoris graeca and mountain hare Lepus timidus in the province of Bolzano 1945-1994 Analisi storica dello status dei tetraonidi Tetraonidae, della coturnice Alectoris graeca e della lepre bianca Lepus timidus in provincia di Bolzano 1945-1994

Vansteenwegen, Christian., 1997:
Historical and biogeographical aspects of the distribution of some water birds in France and in Belgium Aspects historiques et biogeographiques de la repartition des oiseaux deau en France et en Belgique

Grimm, Herbert., 2000:
Historical and current status of the crested lark Galerida cristata in Thuringen Zur historischen und aktuellen Situation der Haubenlerche Galerida cristata in Thuringen

Margalef, Ramon., 1997:
Historical and dynamical relations between diversity and biodiversity Rapports historiques et dynamiques entre diversite et biodiversite

Nikolaev, II., 1977:
Historical and ecological conditions in the formation of zooplankton in Onega Lake 32-39, illust

Moura, Romero Marinho De., 2000:
Historical and evolutive bases of nematology relevant for agriculture A vision in the year 2000 Fundamentos historicos e evolutivos da nematologia de interesse agricola Uma visao no ano 2000

Forstenpointner, G.; Hofer, M., 1997:
Historical and landscape evidence from faunal remains of Lousoi, Arcadia Kulturhistorische und landschaftsmorphologische ergebnisse aus der Untersuchung der Tierknochenfunde von Lousoi in Arkadien

Kafanov, AI., 2005 :
Historical and methodological aspects of the general and marine biogeography

Jahrl, Jutta., 1995:
Historical and present situation of the otter Lutra lutra and its habitat in the Hohe Tauern National Park region Historische und aktuelle Situation des Fischotters Lutra lutra und seines Lebensraumes in der Nationalparkregion Hohe Tauern Situationsanalyse und Massnahmenvorschlage

Richert, Arnold., 2005:
Historical and recent data on the Lepidoptera fauna of the nature reserve NSG Plagefenn and of adjacent fens in the biosphere reservat Schorfheide-Chorin North-eastern Brandenburg, Germany Lepidoptera Historische und aktuelle Untersuchungsergebnisse zur Schmetterlingsfauna des NSG Plagefenn und benachbarter Moore im Biosphaerenreservat Schorfheide-Chorin Nordost-Brandenburg Lepidoptera

Semenzato, M.; Zanetti, M.; Richard, J.; Borgoni, N., 1999:
Historical and recent distribution of Emys orbicularis and observations on the new diffusion of Trachemys scripta in the Veneto region Distribuzione storica ed attuale di Emys orbicularis e osservazioni sulla recente diffusione di Trachemys scripta nel Veneto

Fureder, L.; Machino, Y., 1998:
Historical and recent distribution of freshwater crayfish in the Tyrol, South Tyrol, and Vorarlberg Historische und rezente Verbreitung von Flusskrebsen in Tirol, Sudtirol und Vorarlberg

Bohac, J.; Matejicek, J., 2002:
Historical and recent distribution of some staphylinid beetles Coleoptera, Staphylinidae in the Bohemian Forest Historicke a aktualni rozsireni nekterych drabcikovitych brouku Coleoptera, Staphylinidae na Sumave

Berchtold, J.-Pierre.; Geissert, F.; Rieb, J.-Pierre., 1996:
Historical and recent observations on phyllopodes Crustacea Branchiopoda in Alsace Observations anciennes et recentes de phyllopodes crustaces branchipodes en Alsace

Herroelen, Paul., 2004:
Historical and recent records 1944-2003 on red-backed shrike Lanius collurio in Vlaams-Brabant Historische en recente gegevens over de Grauwe Klauwier Lanius collurio in Vlaams-Brabant

Manek, J.; Prochazka, F.; Kratochvilova, I.; Kolai, R., 2000:
Historical and recent status of biological research of the Bohemian Forest Historicky a soucasny stav prirodovedneho vyzkumu Sumavy

Sanz, Jose Luis., 2005:
Historical approach at genus Iguanodon Aproximacion historica al genero Iguanodon

Suarez-Morales, E.; Gomez-Aguirre, S., 1996:
Historical aspects and perspectives of the marine zooplankton study in Mexico Historia y perspectivas del estudio del zooplancton marino en Mexico

Zurita G., J.C.sar.; Cesar-Dachary, A.; Suarez, E., 1992:
Historical aspects of fishing of marine turtles on the Caribbean coasts of Mexico Aspectos historicos de la pesqueria de las tortugas marinas en las costas del Mar Caribe mexicano

Tembrock, G., 2004:
Historical biogeography and phylogeny of a carabid beetle Carabus ullrichi Germ Versuch der Darstellung der Verbreitungs- und Stammesgeschichte eines Carabus C ullrichi Germ

Fontenla, J.L., 2006:
Historical biogeography and the Greater Antilles Comments five years in to the third millenium Biogeografia historica y las Antillas Mayores Comentarios a un lustro del tercer milenio

Posadas, P.; Morrone, J.J., 2003:
Historical biogeography of family Curculionidae Coleoptera on Subantarctic and Central Chilean subregions Biogeografia historica de la familia Curculionidae Coleoptera en las subregiones Subantartica y Chilena Central

Hugot, J., 2002:
Historical biogeography Study of biological diversity in space and time Biogeographie historique etude de la diversite biologique dans lespace et dans le temps

Fontenla, Jorge L., 2002:
Historical biogeography summary reflection on epistemological conflicts Biogeografia historica reflexion sumaria acerca de conflictos epistemologicos

Nicolai, B.; Gunther, E., 1996:
Historical breeding place of peregrine Falco peregrinus in the Selketal Harz mountains/Sachsen-Anhalt Historischer Brutplatz des Wanderfalken Falco peregrinus im Selketal Harz/Sachsen-Anhalt

Bianchini, Carlo ., 2007:
Historical catalogue of the publications of the Friulian Natural History Museum Catalogo storico delle edizione del Museo Friulano di Storia Naturale

Kirikov, SV., 1972:
Historical changes in the population and habitat of mammals in oak forest steppe

Grison, Pierre., 1992:
Historical chronicle of French agricultural zoology First book Chronique historique de la zoologie agricole francaise Livre premier

Luquet, Gerard Chr., 1998:
Historical chronicles of Francilian lepidopterology 1 Lepidoptera observed in the forest of Montmorency Val-dOise by Paul Thierry-Mieg at the end of the 19th century Insecta Lepidoptera Chroniques lepidopterologiques franciliennes de jadis 1 Lepidopteres observes en foret de Montmorency Val-dOise par Paul Thierry-Mieg a la fin du XIXe siecle Insecta Lepidoptera

Deliry, Cyrille., 1996:
Historical data on the salamander of Lanza Salamandra lanzai Nascetti et al, 1988 in Hautes-Alpes Donnee ancienne de grande salamandre noire Salamandra lanzai Nascetti et al, 1988 dans les Hautes-Alpes

Ponomarenko, A.G., 1969:
Historical development of Coleoptera-Archostemata

Myannil', R.M., 1967:
Historical development of the Baltic Bask in the Ordovician

Otto, W.; Scharon, J., 1998:
Historical development of the breeding population, migration and contributions to the feeding ecology of the white stork Ciconia ciconia in the city of Berlin Historische Entwicklung des Brutbestandes, Dismigration und Beitrage zur Nahrungsokologie des Weissstorches Ciconia ciconia in der Grossstadt Berlin

Taktakishvili, I.G., 1967:
Historical development of the family Valencienniidae

Kinzelbach, Ragnar., 1990:
Historical distribution caused by inhomogenous longitudinal fauna on the example of the River Rhine Besiedlungsgeschichtlich bedingte longitudinale Faunen-Inhomogenitaten am Beispiel des Rheins

Baccetti, Nicola., 2002:
Historical distribution of Audouins gull, Larus audouinii, colonies in Italy and its role in a site-based conservation strategy La distribuzione riproduttiva storica del gabbiano corso, Larus audouinii, in Italia, quale fonte di informazioni utili per la conservazione della specie

Gragera Diaz, Francisco., 1995:
Historical distribution of Iberian lynx in Badajoz Distribucion historica del lince iberico en la Baja Extremadura

Rizzi, V.; Scaravelli, D.; Cripezzi, V., 1997:
Historical distribution of the Burhinus oedicnemus in the Daunia region and analysis of museum collections Distribuzione storica dellocchione Burhinus oedicnemus Linnaeus nella Daunia e analisi dei reperti museali

Nores, C.; Naves, J., 1993:
Historical distribution of the brown bear on the Iberian Peninsula Distribucion historica del oso pardo en la peninsula Iberica

Mostini, Leonardo., 1998:
Historical distribution of wolf Canis lupus and bear Ursus arctos in provinces of Novara, Verbania and in Valsesia province of Vercelli Piedmont NW Italy Distribuzione storica del lupo Canis lupus e dellorso Ursus arctos nell province di Novara, Verbania in Valsesia VC

Bartl, G.; Troschel, H.J.lius., 1997:
Historical distribution, population development and actual situation of Alosa alosa and A fallax in the River Rhine area Historische Verbreitung, Bestandsentwicklung und aktuelle Situation von Alosa alosa und A fallax im Rheingebiet

Zwick, Peter., 1999:
Historical documents on the fauna of the river Elbe at Dresden, a hundred years ago Historische Dokumente zur Fauna der Elbe bei Dresden vor hundert Jahren

Popov, YuA., 1971:
Historical dvelopment of Hemiptera of the infraorder Nepomorpha Heteroptera

Manlius, Nicolas., 2001:
Historical ecology and biogeography of the Nubian ibex in Egypt Biogeographie et ecologie historique du bouquetin de Nubie en Egypte

Manlius, Nicolas., 2000:
Historical ecology and biogeography of the hippopotamus in Egypt Biogeographie et ecologie historique de lhippopotame en Egypte

Dinesman, L.G. ., 1992:
Historical ecology of wild and domestic ungulates history of pasturable ecosystems

During, R.; Schreurs, W., 1995:
Historical ecology Perspectives and assistance for specific research Historische ecologie Perspectieven en handreikingen voor eigen onderzoek

Ratkiewicz, M., 2006:
Historical events, genetic and environmental barriers - their impact on gene flow and population structure in animals Wplyw barier genetycznych i srodowiskowych oraz czynnikow historycznych na przeplyw genow i strukture populacji u zwierzat

Scott, Anthony., 2005:
Historical evidence of native fish in the Murray-Darling Basin at the time of the European settlement - from the diaries of the first explorers CRCFE Technical Report

Giannella, C.; Gemmato, R., 2001:
Historical evolution and current state of the population of the bittern Botaurus stellaris in Modena Evoluzione storica ed attuale consistenza della popolazione di tarabuso Botaurus stellaris nel Modenese

Herrero, J.; Gortazar, C.; Marco, J.; Villafuerte, R., 2005:
Historical evolution of the large mammal community in Aragon Evolucion historica de la comunidad de grandes mamiferos en Aragon

Anonymous., 2001:
Historical evolution of the population of white stork Evolucion historica de la poblacion de ciguena blanca

Loreille, O.; Mounolou, J.-Claude.; Monnerot, M., 1997:
Historical expansion of rabbits and ancient DNA Histoire des lapins et ADN ancien

Viana, Fernando Antonio Bretas., 1999:
Historical features of canary breeding Aspectos historicos da canaricultura

Violand, Gerhard., 2006:
Historical fish ecology of Lake Constance The fish book of Gregor Mangolt, 1557 Historische Fischoekologie des Bodensees Das Fischbuch des Gregor Mangolt, 1557

Abstracts., 2001:
Historical geology and paleontology 12 - 13 March 2001 VII Abstracts Historisk geologi och paleontologi 12 - 13 mars 2001 VII Abstracts

Klausnitzer, Bernhard., 1998:
Historical grasshopper records Ensifera, Caelifera from the Plauenschen Grund in Dresden Historische Heuschreckenfunde Ensifera, Caelifera aus dem Plauenschen Grund in Dresden

Bohlen, Jorg., 1996:
Historical ichthyological material from the Weser-Ems area in the Museum of Natural History and Prehistory, Oldenburg Historisches ichthyologisches Material aus dem Weser-Ems-Gebiet im Staatlichen Museum fur Naturkunde und Vorgeschichte, Oldenburg

Senglaub, Konrad., 2003:
Historical information on aurochs, European bisons and elk and the transfer of bison and elk to Brandenburg Historisches ueber die Ure, Wisente und Elche Ostpreussens und die Ueberfuehrung von Wisenten und Elchen nach Brandenburg

Goerner, Martin., 2003:
Historical information on the occurrence of the lesser horseshoe bat Rhinolophus hipposideros in the central Saale Valley at Jena Historische Hinweise auf das Vorkommen der Kleinen Hufeisennase Rhinolophus hipposideros im Mittleren Saaletal bei Jena

Vavrik, M.; Hudecek, J.J., 2003:
Historical literature and evidence material to it - resource of knowledge as well as mistakes in ornithology Historicka literatura a dokladovy material k ni-zdroj poznani i omylu v ornitologii

Viviente Mateu, Jose L., 1999:
Historical note on the Zaragoza Academy of exact, physical, chemical and natural sciences Notice historique de lAcademie de Sciences Exactes, Physiques, Chimiques et Naturelles de Zaragoza

Delgado, Juan Carlos., 1995:
Historical notes about the wolf in Badajoz Notas historicas sobre la presencia del lobo en la provincia de Badajoz

Sanchiz, B.; Martin, C., 1998:
Historical notes and general index 1943-1994 of the Spanish zoological journal Graellsia Notas historicas e indices generales 1943-1994 de la revista zoologica espanola Graellsia

Unruh, Michael., 2003:
Historical notes on the distribution and current population status of the common hamster Cricetus cricetus L, 1758 in southern Saxony-Anhalt Historische Notizen zur Verbreitung und aktuellen Bestandssituation des Feldhamsters Cricetus cricetus L, 1758 im suedlichen Sachsen-Anhalt

Meyer, L.; Brunken, H., 1997:
Historical occurrence and current distribution of migrating fishes and lampreys Osteichthyes et Cyclostomata in the drainage system of the river Aller Lower Saxony with an evaluation of future development of their stocks Historisches Vorkommen, aktuelle Verbreitung und Einschatzung der zukunftigen Bestandsentwicklung wandernder Fischarten und Rundmauler Osteichthyes et Cyclostomata im Allersystem Niedersachsen

Hudecek, J.J.; Hanak, F.; Benes, B., 2003:
Historical occurrence of European mink Mustela lutreola in Moravia and Silesia Mammalia Carnivora Mustelidae Historicky vyskyt norka evropskeho Mustela lutreola na Morave ve Slezsku Mammalia Carnivora Mustelidae

Mey, E.; Lieder, K., 1998:
Historical occurrence of rosy starling Sturnus roseus in Germany Historische Vorkommen des Rosenstars Sturnus roseus in Deutschland

Baccetti, N.; Spagnesi, M.; Zenatello, M., 1997:
Historical overview on introduced birds in Italy Storia recente delle species ornitiche introdotte in Italia

Rabano, I.; Delvene, G., 2003:
Historical palaeontological collections of Aragon of the Spanish Geology Mapping Commision in the Geomining Museum Madrid Colecciones paleontologicas historicas de Aragon, procedentes de la Comision del Mapa Geologico de Espana, en el Museo Geominero Madrid

Lopez Redondo, Javier., 1992:
Historical perspective of studies on the environmental impact of roads on vertebrates Perspectiva historica de los estudios de impacto ambiental de las carreteras sobre los vertebrados

Kauppinen, J., 2006:
Historical perspectives regarding the abundance of forest wildlife Kansanpuheesta seuranta-aineistoihin - kasityksia metsariistan paljoudesta ja vahyydesta

Potti, J.; Moreno, J., 1996:
Historical profile of avian reproductive biology studies in Spain Perfil historico de los estudios de biologia de la reproduccion de aves en Espana

Crouzel, Fernand., 2000:
Historical record of the locality of Sansan Historique du gisement Les fouilles et les hommes

Ordano, M.; Bosisio, A., 1997:
Historical records of Eudromia elegans Is Geoffroy 1832 Aves Tinamidae and Coturnicops notata Gould, 1841 Aves Rallidae in Santa Fe province, Argentina Registros historicos de Eudromia elegans Is Geoffroy 1832 Aves Tinamidae y Coturnicops notata Gould, 1841 Aves Rallidae en la provincia de Santa Fe, Argentina

Torres Esquivias, Jose A., 1996:
Historical records of Oxyura leucocephala in Marruecos Presencia remota de Oxyura leucocephala en Marruecos

de Beaulieu, Francois., 1995:
Historical records of Rissos dolphin in Brittany Presence historique du dauphin de Risso en Bretagne

Schweigert, Gunter., 1996:
Historical records of ammonites from Porta Westfalica and their significance for the stratigraphy of the north west German Upper Jurassic Historische Ammonitenfunde an der Porta Westfalica und deren Bedeutung fur die Stratigraphie des nordwestdeutschen Oberjura

Sommer, Robert., 1997:
Historical records of the beaver Castor fiber L in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Ur- und Fruhgeschichtliche Nachweise des Bibers Castor fiber L in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Suhaj, J., 2001:
Historical reports of breeding of Eurasian griffon Gyps fulvus in 1821 in southern Poland Historicky zaznam o hnizdeni supa behohlaveho Gyps fulvus v roce 1821 v jiznim Polsku

Fornes, L.; Hernandez, J.V., 2001:
Historical review and public health incidence of Hylesia metabus Cramer Lepidoptera Saturniidae in Venezuela Resena historica e incidencia en la salud publica de Hylesia metabus Cramer Lepidoptera Saturniidae en Venezuela

Daget, Jacques., 1994:
Historical review of African ichthyology Apercu historique sur lichtyologie africaine

Lamas, Gerardo., 1992:
Historical review of lepidopterology in Latin America Sintesis historica de la Lepidopterologia en Latinoamerica

Tombal, Jean-Charles., 1998:
Historical review of publications about the blue-headed/yellow wagtail nesting in the region Nord - Pas-de-Calais Historique des publications concernant la nidification de la bergeronnette printaniere Motacilla f flava et flavissima dans la region Nord - Pas-de-Calais

Ardila-Robaya, M.Cristina, 2003:
Historical review of the herpetological development in Colombia with emphasis on amphibians Desarrollo de la herpetologia en Colombia Aportes al conocimiento historico de los estudios sobre anfibios

Khalilov, D.M., 1961:
Historical review of the study of the Cainozoic microfauna in the deposits of Azerbaidjan

Delvene, G., 2002:
Historical revision about Jurassic bivalves in the Iberian Range, Spain Revision historica de la especies de bivalvos citadas en el Jurasico de la Cordillera Iberica, Espana

Kretzschmar, S., 2006:
Historical revision and redescripcion of Leptotyphlops albipunctus Serpentes Leptotyphlopidae Revision historica y redescripcion de Leptotyphlops albipunctus Serpentes Leptotyphlopidae

Tormen, G.; Sommavilla, G., 1999:
Historical situation, toponyms and new records concerning brown bear Ursus arctos in Bellunos province Situazione storica, toponimi e nuove segnalazioni di orso bruno Ursus arctos in provincia di belluno

Pacheco, Jose Fernando., 2001:
Historical snippets IV A tribute to the admirable Carl E Hellmayr 1878-1943 Pilulas historicas IV Um tributo ao admiravel Carl E Hellmayr 1878-1943

Skowron, Bartosz., 2002:
Historical stations of Spermophilus citellus in the northern part of the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland Historyczne stanowisko susla moregowanego Spermophilus citellus w polnocnej czesci Wyzyny Krakowsko-Czestochowskiej

Rauzer-Chernousova, D.M., 1963:
Historical study of development of Fusulinidae at the boundary of stratigraphical subdivisions

Risco-Briceno, Saul H., 1997:
Historical successes of tachinid flies and braconid wasps in biological control of Diatraea borers of sugarcane in America Exitos historicos de taquinidos y braconidos en el control biologico de Diatraea en cana de azucar cultivada en America

Littardi, V.; Rosso, M.; Wuertz, M., 2004:
Historical suveys 1900-1966 on strandings of Ziphius cavirostris G Cuvier, in the Ligurian Sea Enquetes historiques 1900-1966 sur les ecouages de Ziphius cavirostris G Cuvier, en mer Ligure

Llorente Bousquets, J.; Papavero, N.; Bueno Hernandez, A., 2000:
Historical synthesis of biogeography Sintesis historica de la biogeografia

Lonc, E.; Geus, A., 2004:
Historical traditions of parasitology at Wroclaw University between the years 1811-2002 Historische Traditionen der Breslauer Parasitologie in den Jahren 1811-2002

Lehotsky, T., 2006:
Historical view of the Goniatite fauna research in the Drahany Upland in Nizky Jesenik Mts Culm facies Lower Carboniferous, Moravo-Silesian unit of the Bohemian Massif Historicky prehled vyzkumu goniatitove fauny drahanskeho a jesenickeho kulmu spodni karbon, moravskoslezska jednotka Ceskeho masivu

Gobert, Bertrand., 1996:
Historical view of the abundance and exploitation of large species of Serranidae of Martinique Approche historique de labondance et de lexploitation des grandes especes de Serranidae en Martinque

Schwoppe, M.; Kreuels, M.; Weber, F., 1998:
Historical vs ecological limitation of the distribution of a forest-dwelling, wingless beetle experimental translocation of Carabus auronitens in the Munsterland under controlled conditions Zur Frage der historisch oder okologisch bedingten Begrenzung des Vorkommens einer waldbewohnenden, ungeflugelten Carabidenart Translokationsexperimente unter kontrollierten Bedingungen mit Carabus auronitens im Munsterland

Quesada, Carlos Nores. von Lettow-Vorbeck, Corina Liesau., 1992:
Historical zoology as a complement to archaeozoology The case of the zebro La zoologia historica como complemento de la arquezoologia El caso del zebro

Binazzi, A.; Covassi, M.V.ttorio., 1999:
Historical, faunistic and bioecological outline of the oviparous aphid fauna of Italy Gli afidoidei ovipari in Italia profilo storico, faunistica e bio-ecologia

Martens, Thomas., 2000:
Historically and scientifically significant geological collections in the Museum of Natural History in Gotha Historisch und wissenschaftlich bedeutende geologische Sammlungen im Museum der Natur Gotha

Bernis, Francisco., 1998:
Historiographical status of zoological sciences in Spain during the 19th-20th century turning-over vertebrate examples De las ciencias naturales y la zoologia, antes, durante y poco despues de fundarse la Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural con especial referencia a vertebrados

Jacobson, G., 1907:
Historische Notiz uber den Photeklektor

Kot, M.; Krzan, Z.; Siarzewski, W.; Skawinski, P., 2002:
History and a present-day of scientific research in the Tatra national park Poland in 1980-2001 Rys historyczny i obecny stan badan naukowych w Tatrzanskim Parku Narodowym w latach 1981-2001

Duniec, Renata., 1997:
History and activity of Insko and Szczecin Landscape Park Historia instytucji i dzialalnosc Parkow Krajobrazowych Inskiego i Szczecinskiego

Zarske, A., 2003:
History and critical catalogue of type specimens of the ichthyological collection of the Staatliche Naturhistorische Sammlungen, Museum fuer Tierkunde Dresden Geschichtliche Entwicklung und vorlaeufige, kritisch kommentierte Typusliste der ichthyologischen Sammlung der Staatlichen Naturhistorischen Sammlungen Dresden, Museum fuer Tierkunde

Popovkina, Anastasia., 2002:
History and current status of ruddy shelducks in Moscow Geschichte und gegenwaertiger Status der Rostgaense in Moskau

Kusuda, R., 1990:
History and current topics of diseases in cultured yellowtail, Seriola quniqueradiata

Beaumont, Jean-Claude., 2001:
History and mini histories of the Association XXXVII The 50s Histoire et petites histoires de la Ligue XXXVII Les annees 50

Poitout, F., 2005:
History and mythology of scientific names of Phasmatodea - first part Antiquite et mythologie dans les noms scientifiques des Phasmatodea - Premiere partie

Harvancik, S.; Snirer, L., 1996:
History and present status of the imperial eagle Aquila heliaca in Protected Landscape Area Ponitrie Historia a sucasnost orla kralovskeho Aquila heliaca v chranenej krajinnej oblasti Ponitrie

Ranoszek, Ewald., 1999:
History and problems of nature conservation of Milicz Fish-ponds Historia i problemy ochrony przyrody na Stawach Milickich

Siblik, M., 1967:
History and problems of the study of the Liassic brachiopods

Pretzmann, G., 1998:
History and relationship of crayfish and rivercrabs Geschichte der Flusskrebse in ihrer Beziehung zu Suesswasserkrabben

Baccetti, Baccio., 2001:
History and role of the Italian Biogeography Society Storia e ruolo della Societa Italiana di Biogeografia

Gille, Helmut., 1999:
History and status of nature conservation in the Lower Oder Valley Geschichte und Stand des Naturschutzes im Unteren Odertal

Groger, J.; Schnack, D., 1999 :
History and status quo of the International Herring Larvae Survey IHLS in the North Sea Historie und aktueller Stand des Internationalen Heringslarvensurveys in der Nordsee

Shea, Glenn M., 2000:
History and systematics Geschichte und Systematik

Damborenea, S.E., 2005:
History of Ameghiniana Historia de Ameghiniana

Emmrich, Rainer., 2003:
History of Auchenorrhyncha research in central Europe Geschichte der Zikadenkunde in Metteleuropa

Ducker, SC., 1990:
History of Australian marine phycology

Pawlowski, Jerzy., 1995:
History of Cracow Museum of Natural History 12 Historia Kracowskiego Muzeum Przyrodniczego 12

Pawlowski, Jerzy., 1995:
History of Cracow Museum of Natural Science 10 Historia Kracowskiego Muzeum Przyrodniczego 10

Pawlowski, Jerzy., 1995:
History of Cracow Museum of Natural Science 11 Historia Kracowskiego Muzeum Przyrodniczego 11

Pawlowski, Jerzy., 1995:
History of Cracow Museum of Natural Science 6 Historia Krakowskiego Muzeum Przyrodniczego 6

Pawlowski, Jerzy., 1995:
History of Cracow Museum of Natural Science 7 Historia Krakowskiego Muzeum Przyrodniczego 7

Pawlowski, Jerzy., 1995:
History of Cracow Museum of Natural Science 8 Historia Kracowskiego Muzeum Przyrodniczego 8

Pawlowski, Jerzy., 1995:
History of Cracow Museum of Natural Science 9 Historia Kracowskiego Muzeum Przyrodniczego 9

Monod, Theodore., 1996:
History of Crustacean classification Histoire de la classification des crustaces

Abstracts., 2007:
History of Geology of Argentina abstracts from the first Argentinean Meeting on Geology History, Tucuman, 20th-22nd September 2007 Historia de la Geologia Argentina Resumenes del Primer Congreso Argentino de Historia de la Geologia, Tucuman, 20-22 de Septiembre de 2007

Bibikova, V.I., 1963:
History of Holocene vertebrates of Eastern Europe

David, Louis., 1997:
History of Lyon Natural History Museum Histoire du Museum dHistoire Naturelle de Lyon

Michan, L.; Morrone, J.J., 2002:
History of Mexican taxonomy of Coleoptera during the XX century Historia de la taxonomia de Coleoptera en Mexico durante el siglo XX Una primera aproximacion

Pinzari, M.; Vigna Taglianti, A., 1997:
History of Rome Entomology Society Storia dellAssociazione Romana di Entomologia

Onore, G., 2003:
History of Scarabaeidology in Ecuador Historia de la escarabaeidologia en el Ecuador

Barriquand, J.; Barriquand, L.; Argant, A., 2004:
History of a filling the prehistoric cave of Aze Saone-et-Loire, France Histoire dun remplissage Grotte prehistorique dAze Saone-et-Loire, France

Leone, M., 2006:
History of a seashell Storia di una conchiglia

Allentoft, M.E., 2006:
History of an adder bite and something about the adders venom Historien om et hugormebid og lidt om viperidernes gift

Okali, I.; Orszagh, I., 1996:
History of biology in Slovakia in 1918-1945 Dejiny biologie na Slovensku v obdobi rokov 1918-1945

Yakimoff, W.L., 1937:
History of bovine piroplasmosis in Northern Caucasus

Mihalovova, Zuzana., 2005:
History of breeding of Chapmans zebra Equus quagga chapmanni in Bojnice Zoo Historia chovu zebry Champmanovej Equus quagga chapmanni v Zoo Bojnice

Cunchillos, C.; Lecointre, G., 2000:
History of catabolism of aliphatic amino acids inferred from the cladistic analysis of two new character types the enzyme and the enzyme reaction Lhistoire du catabolisme des acides amines aliphatiques inferee par lanalyse cladistique de deux nouveaux types de caracteres lenzyme et la reaction enzymatique

Burdorf, K.; Heckenroth, H., 1997:
History of changes to the work of Lower Saxony Monitoring Group Die Aufgaben der Staatlichen Vogelschutzwarte Niedersachsen im Wandel der Zeit

Tupinier, Yves., 2001:
History of description of European bat species Historique de la description des especes europeennes de chiropteres

Leu, Urs B., 1997:
History of dinosaur-research Geschichte der Dinosaurierforschung

Van Caneghem, Pierre., 2000 :
History of extinction the prairie chicken Tympanuchus cupido cupido L Histoire dune extinction le tetras cupidon Tympanuchus cupido cupido L

Kolsov, A.M., 1938:
History of faunistic research in Altai

Vostradovsky, J.; Tichy, J., 1999:
History of fish stock development, fishery management and research on the Lipno reservoir Historie vyvoje rybi obsadky, rybarskeho hospodareni a vyzkumu na un Lipno

Svatos, J., 2005:
History of foundation of arachnological section of Slovak Entomological Society and its importance for development of Slovak and Czech arachnology Historia vzniku arachnologickej sekcie Slovenskej Entomologickej Spolocnosti pri sav a jej vyznam pre rozvoj Slovenskej a Ceskej arachnologie

Il'ina, L.B., 1966:
History of gastropods of the Black Sea

Trammer, J.; Gorny-Zajac, L., 1995:
History of generic variability of the corals Historia rodzajowego zroznicowania koralowcow

Culik, Ludek., 2002:
History of giraffes breeding in Czech and Slovak Republic Historie chovu ziraf v Ceske a Slovenske republice

Obst, Fritz Jurgen., 1996:
History of herpetology in German speaking areas Zur Geschichte der Herpetologie im deutschsprachigen Raum

Okolow, Czeslaw., 1998:
History of investigations on invertebrates in the western part of Bialowieza Primeval Forest Historia badan nad bezkregowcami zachodniej czesci Puszczy Bialowieskiej

Franzen, Jens Lorenz., 1997:
History of investigations, geology and taphonomy of the fossil lagerstatte Dorn-Duckheim Erforschungsgeschichte, Geologie und Entstehung der Fossillagerstatte Dorn-Durkheim

Pithart, Karel., 2001:
History of keeping and breeding the cinereous vulture Aegypius monachus in Prague Zoo Historie chovu supa hnedeho Aegypius monachus v Zoo Praha

Nilsson, A.; Sjoberg, G., 2003:
History of literature on insects, part 20 Bruce Chatwin among wasps, nomads, antiquities and people from New South Wales Insekternas litteraturhistoria, del 20 Bruce Chatwin bland getingar, nomader, antikviteter och walesare

Simone, L.Ricardo L., 2003:
History of malacology in Brazil Historico da malacologia no Brasil

Naranjo Garcia, Edna., 2003:
History of malacology in Mexico with emphasis on continental malacology Historia de la malacologia en Mexico con enfasis en la malacologia continental

Aulagnier, Stephane., 2004:
History of mammalogy of Maghreb Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia Histoire de la Mammalogie au Maghreb Maroc, Algerie, Tunisie

Guzman, A.J., 1966:
History of mammology in Nuevo Leon

Kurt, Fred., 2006:
History of management in captive elephants Die Geschichte der Haltung von elefanten in Menschenobhut

de Andrade, M.A.tonio.; Greco de Andrade, M.V.egas., 1999:
History of naturalists and ornithologists who have spent time in the Ouro Preto region Historico de naturalistas e ornithologos que passaram pela regiao de Ouro Pre Historico de naturalistas e ornithologos que passaram pela regiao de Ouro Pre Historico de naturalistas e ornithologos que passaram pela regiao de Ouro Pre Historico de naturalistas e ornithologos que passaram pela regiao de Ouro Pre Historico de naturalistas e ornithologos que passaram pela regiao de Ouro Pre Historico de nat

Marinho de Moura, R., 2005:
History of nematode taxonomy Historico da taxonomia dos nematoides

Paulduro, Ernst., 1998:
History of origin of the okapi group of Senckenberg Museum and the new okapi calf exhibit Zur Entstehungsgeschichte der Okapigruppe des Senckenbergmuseums und das neue Okapikalb in der Schausammlung

Schlenker, Rolf., 1999:
History of ornithology The history of ornithology of Lake Constance Geschichte der Ornithologie Zur Geschichte der Ornithologie am Bodensee

Ivanov, M., 2003:
History of palaeontological investigations in Permo-Carboniferous deposits of the Boskovice Graben Moravia Prehled historie paleontologickeho badani v permokarbonu boskovicke brazdy na Morave

Lemoine, Guillaume., 1998:
History of rumours the grass snake a species probably introduced into the Sensee Valley Nord Histoire dune rumeur la couleuvre a collier, une espece vraisemblablement introduite en Val de Sensee Nord

Cohen, C., 2004:
History of sciences Gould and DArcy Thompson Histoire de sciences Gould et DArcy Thompson

Waitzbauer, W.; Petutschnig, B., 2004:
History of scientific research in Jordan Die naturwissenschaftliche Forschungsgeschichte Jordaniens im Ueberblick

Barnett, JL., 1990:
History of shell work in the Philippines

Stipanicic, Pedro Nicolas., 2005:
History of the Argentinean Palaeontology Association Historial de la Asociacion Paleontologica Argentina

Heyder, Richard., 1997:
History of the Association of Saxon Ornithologists Aus der Geschichte des Vereins sachsischer Ornithologen

Nevesskaya, L.A.; Il'ina, L.B., 1966:
History of the Black Sea and its inhabitants in the Late Quaternary with reference to the study of molluscs

Matthey, Willy., 2003:
History of the Bulletin A travers le Bulletin

Magniez, Guy J., 1996:
History of the Iberian-Aquitanian Stenasellidae Crustacea, Isopoda, Asellota, Aselloidea Histoire des Stenasellidae Ibero-Aquitains Crustacea, Isopoda, Asellota, Aselloidea

Guryanov, V.P., 1953:
History of the Moscow Society of Naturalists

de Carvalho, M.S.rdenberg Salgado; Marchesini Santos, M.E.genia C., 2005:
History of the Paleontological Research in the Araripe Basin, northeast Brazil Historico das Pesquisas Paleontologicas na Bacia do Araripe, nordeste do Brasil

Jantschke, F., 1990:
History of the Persian fallow deer Dama dama mesopotamica at Opel Zoo Kronberg

Christian, Axel., 2002:
History of the acarological collections of the State Museum of Natural History Goerlitz, Germany Zur Geschichte der acarologischen Sammlungen am Staatlichen Museum fuer Naturkunde Goerlitz

Dubke, KH., 1990:
History of the annual symposium and TOS Fall Meeting

Skatkin, P.N., 1959:
History of the biological studies in reproduction of fishes, and the methods of their artificial breeding in XVIII and XIX centuries

Hoyos, J.Mario, 2004:
History of the classification of anurans with special reference to the family Ranidae Historia de la clasificacion de los anuros con especial enfasis en la familia Ranidae

Ulrich, Hans., 2004:
History of the development of the nature reserve Auf dem Sand near Muenster-Altheim in the district of Darmstadt-Dieburg Die Entwicklungsgeschichte des Naturschutzgebietes Auf dem Sand bei Muenster-Altheim im Landkreis Darmstadt-Dieburg

Zasuchin, D.N.; Svanidze, D.P., 1953:
History of the discovery and description of the first parasitic amoebae

Queney, G.; Monnerot, M., 2004:
History of the domestication of the rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus Contribution of molecular genetics Histoire de la domestication du lapin Oryctolagus cuniculus Apports de la genetique moleculaire

Leclercq, Jean., 1996:
History of the entomology and the entomologists of Liege province Histoire de lentomologie et des entomologistes du pays de Liege

Vig, Karoly., 1998:
History of the faunistic exploration of the region of Koszeg and Szombathely from the beginning until 1950 Szombathely es Koszeg kornyeke faunisztikai feltarasanak tortenete a kezdetektol 1950-ig

Veresliehagin, N.K., 1958:
History of the formation of the terrestrial fauna of the Caucasian region

Bour, Roger., 1998:
History of the genus Manouria Gray, 1854 and included species Histoire du genre Manouria Gray, 1854 et des especes actuelles incluses

Sattmann, H.; Konecny, R.; Stagl, V., 1999:
History of the helminth collection of the Natural History Museum in Vienna Die Geschichte der Helminthensammlung am Naturhistorischen Museum in Wien Teil 1 1797-1897

Sattmann, H.; Stagl, V.; Esberger, R.; Konecny, R., 2000:
History of the helminth collection of the natural history museum in Vienna - part 2 1898-1998 Die Geschichte der Helminthsammlung am Naturhistorischen Museum in Wien - Teil 2 1898-1998

Gode, Laurent., 1997:
History of the knowledge of the Lorraine herpetofauna Histoire des connaissances de lherpetofauna Lorraine

Sequeiros, L.; Berjillos, P.; Fernandez Lopez, S.; Goy Goy, A.; Linares, A.; Melendez, G.; Montero, A.; Oloriz, F.; Sandoval, J., 1996:
History of the knowledge on the Jurassic ammonites from Spain 1 The age of Jose Torrubia 1754 Historia del conocimiento de los ammonites del Jurasico de Espana 1 Los tiempos de Jose Torrubia 1754

Sequeiros, L.; Berjillos, P.; Dieguez, C.; Fernandez Lopez, S.; Goy Goy, A.; Linares, A.; Melendez, G.; Montero, A.; Oloriz, F.; Sandoval, J.; Tavera, JM., 1996:
History of the knowledge on the Jurassic ammonites from Spain 2 The Jurassic ammonite fauna in Spain 1800-1900 Historia del conocimiento de los ammonites del Jurasico de Espana 2 Los ammonites del Jurasico de Espana desde 1800 hasta 1900

Olsson, C., 2002:
History of the little gull province by province Dvargmasens historik landskap for landskap

Vink, J. van Apeldoorn, RC., 1995:
History of the local badger Meles meles population near Keent, Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands De das Meles meles in Keent, Noord-Brabant de geschiedenis van een locale dassenpopulatie

Flerov, K.K.; Trofimov, B.A.; Yanovskaya, N.M., 1962:
History of the mammal fauna in the Quaternary Period

Penicaud, Pierre., 2003:
History of the natural sciences collections in Auvergne Histoire des collections de sciences naturalles en Auvergne

Goldsmith, O., 1990 :
History of the natural world The animal kingdom described and illustrated with 200 colour engravings

Kuznetsov, AP.; Maslennikov, VV., 2000:
History of the ocean hydrothermal fauna

Sanchez Marco, A.; Sastre Paez, I., 2001:
History of the paleornithology in Spain through its scientific documents Historia de la paleornitologia en Espana a traves de los documentos cientificos

Breitenmoser-Wueten, C.; Robin, K.; Landry, J.; Gloor, S.; Olsson, P.; Breitenmoser, U., 2001:
History of the red fox, lynx, bearded vulture, wolf and brown bear in Switzerland - a brief overview Die Geschichte von Fuchs, Luchs, Bartgeier, Wolf und Braunbaer in der Schweiz - ein kurzer Ueberblick

Bogoyavlenskaya, O.V.I.anovskii, A.B.; Chubinova, I.I., 1976:
History of the study of Palaeozoic corals and stromatoporoids 970-1975

Svanidze, D.P., 1955:
History of the study of amoebiasis and its control in USSR

Marvalhas, Ernestino., 2003:
History of the study of butterflies of Portugal Historia do estudo das borboletas de Portugal

Aslanova, S.M., 1964:
History of the study of fossil cetaceans from territory of the Soviet Union

Zaidova, S.L., 1964:
History of the study of fossil specimens of Erinaceidae from Azerbaijan and USSR

Sunquist, M., 2002:
History of the study of the jaguar in the American continent Historia de la investigacion sobre el jaguar en el continente Americano

Baba, K.; Galle, L., 1998:
History of the zoological research of the Tisza Valley A Tisza-volgy zoologiai kutatasanak tortenete

Matveev, B.S., 1955:
History of the zoological sciences at the University of Moscow from 1755 to 1955

de Puytorac, Pierre., 1999:
History of zoology in Auvergne Une histoire de la zoologie en Auvergne

LeSage, L.; Paquin, P., 2000:
History, physiography and biogeography of the Gaspe Conservation Park, Quebec Historique, geographie physique et biogeographie du parc de conservation de la Gaspesie, Quebec

Holecova, M.; Rychlik, I., 2004:
History, present stage and future perspectives of coleopterology in Slovakia Minulost, pritomnost a buduce perspektivy koleopterologie na Slovensku

Wasscher, Marcel., 1995:
History An outline of the dragonfly fauna in The Netherlands Historie Een schets van de libellenfaunistiek in Nederland

Weber, Peter., 1997:
Histria and its bird fauna Histria si avifauna sa

Kiontke, Karin., 1997:
Hitch-hikers and blind passengers - phoresy in nematodes and mites Anhalter und blinde Passagiere - Phoresie bei Nematoden und Milben

Rettig, Klaus., 1993:
Hitherto time period 1966-1993 total recorded bird species in Petkum/Ems on land to the seaward side of the dyke, with details on maximal stopover and migratory numbers Bisher Zeitraum 1966-1993 im Deichvorland bei Petkum/Ems insgesamt festgestellte Vogelarten mit Angabe der maximalen Rast- und Durchzugszahlen

Samwald, O.; Samwald, F., 1997:
Hitherto last breeding attempts of the lesser grey shrike Lanius minor in Styria Die bisher letzten Bruten des Schwarzstirnwurgers Lanius minor in der Steiermark

Mitrus, S.; Zemanek, M., 2002:
Hitherto results of active protection of the European pond turtle in the Zwolenka river valley Dotychczasowe wyniki czynnej ochrony zolwia blotnego w dolinie rzeki zwolenki

Wolender, M.; Zych, A., 2006:
Hitherto state of knowledge of ground beetles Coleoptera Carabidae from Wolin Island and Uznam Island Dotychczasowy stan poznania biegaczowatych Coleoptera Carabidae z terenu wysp Wolin i Uznam

Kohler, Frank., 1997:
Hitherto unknown records of rare beetle species from the Rhineland collection of Fuhlrott Museum Part 2 Lycidae to Lucanidae Ins Col Bisher unbekannte Belege seltener Kaferarten aus der Rheinland-Sammlung des Fuhlrott-Museums Teil 2 Lycidae bis Lucanidae Ins Col

Lopau, Wolfgang., 2000:
Hitherto unpublished dragonfly records from Greece II Odonata Bisher unveroeffentlichte Libellenbeobachtungen aus Griechenland II Odonata

Lopau, W., 2005:
Hitherto unpublished dragonfly records from Greece III Odonata Bisher unveroeffenlichte Libellenbeobachtungen aus Griechenland III Odonata

Lopau, Wolfgang., 1999:
Hitherto unpublished dragonfly records from Greece Bisher unveroffentlichte Libellenbeobachtungen aus Griechenland

Hansen, K., 1977:
Hjelm field station 1976

Krueger, Heinz., 2003:
Hobbies in Thuringia - rare and inconstant Baumfalken in Thueringen, selten und unstet

Heddergott, M.; Claussen, A.; Roth, E., 1998:
Hobby Falco subbuteo and kestrel Falco tinnunculus as predator of bats Chiroptera Baumfalke Falco subbuteo und Turmfalke Falco tinnunculus als Fledermausjager

Wunsch, Michael., 1996:
Hobby broods on pylons in Hagen Baumfalkenbruten auf Hochspannungsleitungsmasten in Hagen

Pigniczki, Csaba., 1997:
Hobby catching a bat Kabasolyom Falco subbuteo deneverzsakmanyolasa

Kohari, Istvan., 1996:
Hobby nesting in a pylon Kabasolyom Falco subbuteo feszkelese tavvezetekoszlopon

Persson, Bo-Goran., 2004:
Hobby takes advantage of hunting by Montagus harrier Larkfalk drar nytta av angshoksjakt

Nardo, Angelo., 2002:
Hobby, Falco subbuteo, breeding in a Eucalyptus wood of SE Sicily Nidificazione di lodolaio Falco subbuteo, in un bosco di Eucalyptus della Sicilia sud orientale

Korosec, Luka., 2000:
Hobby Skrjancar Falco subbuteo

Perusek, M., 2004:
Hobby Skrjancar Falco subbuteo

Periquet, G.; Hamelin, M-H.; Kalmes, R.; Eeken, J., 1990:
Hobo elements and their deletion-derivative sequences in Drosophila melanogaster and its sibling species D simulans, D mauritiana and D sechellia

Anonymous., 1970:
Hockerschwane Cygnus olor wandem aus Nahrungs-mangel ab

Mayer, Horst., 2002:
Hoffmanns conure - or Chiriqui parrot? Hoffmanns Rottschwanzsittich - oder Chiriquisittich?

Korn, C., 1990:
Hoffmaster, man of parks

Barta, Zdenek., 1998:
Hog deer in Litvinov Czech Republic Jelinek bojovny v Litvinove

Roer, H., 1990:
Hohe Jungensterblichkeit 1990 in einem rheinischen Wochenstuben quartier des Mausohrs Myotis myotis

Nowotny, Gunther ., 1999:
Hohe Tauern National Park Scientific reports for 1999 Nationalpark Hohe Tauern Wissenschaftliche Mitteilungen 1999

Nordin, Torgny., 1998:
Hokkaido - icy cold winters and springs with breathtaking birds Hokkaido - iskall varvinter med spannande faglar

Kjellen, N.; Olsson, U., 1995:
Holarctic birds The Swedish Ornithological Societys official list of names with its scientific and English name Includes all species of birds in Europe, North Africa, Central Asia, Asia to the south of and including the Himalayas together with North America Holarktis faglar SOFs officiella Svenska namnlista med vetenskapliga och Engelska namn Inkluder alla fagelarter i Europa, Nordafrika, Mellanostern, Asien soderut tom Himalaya samt Nordamerika

Weider, L.J.; Hobaek, A.; Colbourne, J.K.; Crease, T.J.; Dufresne, F.; Hebert, P.D., 1999:
Holarctic phylogeography of an asexual species complex 1 mitochondrial dna variation in arctic daphnia

Musilek, J., 1934:
Holbolls Redpoll Carduelis flammea holboellii Br in our Republic

Starr, CK., 1990:
Holding the fort Colony defense in some primitively social wasps

Lieder, U., 2004:
Hole breeding results from the years 2003 Hoehlenbrueterergebnisse aus dem Jahre 2003

Schwerdtfeger, Ortwin., 1997:
Hole utilization and local dispersal dynamics of Tengmalm s owl Aegolius funereus Hohlennutzung und lokale Dispersionsdynamik beim Rauhfusskauz Aegolius funereus

Paclik, M.; Reif, J., 2005:
Hole-nesting behaviour in birds Hnizdeni ptaku ve stromovych dutinach

Wosegien, A.; Weber, B., 2000:
Holiday destination off the beaten track the varied bird life on Lesbos Urlaubsziel abseits vom Massentourismus Vielfaltige Vogelwelt auf Lesbos

Hoffman, Roland., 2002:
Holiday experience - the Natural History Museum - a different perspective Urlaubserlebnis Naturkundemuseum - einmal anders

Rettig, Klaus., 1996:
Holiday nature observations in and around the Bavarian Forest in Autumn September 1996 Naturkundliche Urlaubsbeobachtungen im und am Bayerischen Wald im Herbst September 1996

Rettig, Klaus., 1993:
Holiday observations in the area of St Michael in Lungau/Austria Urlaubsbeobachtungen in der Umgebung von St Michael im Lungau/Osterreich

Rettig, Klaus., 1997:
Holiday observations of birds in late summer 1997 at Gartow Lake of the Elbe river bank Drawehn national park ie in the Hannover Wendland Luchow-Dannenberg district and the adjacent area Vogelkundliche Urlaubsbeobachtungen im Spatsommer 1997 am Gartower See im Naturpark Elbufer-Drawehn bzw im Hannoverschen Wendland Kreis Luchow-Dannenberg und der anschliessenden Umgebung

Hamscher, Sigurd-Dieter., 1998 :
Holiday on Crete and collected shells Urlaub auf Kreta und die gefundenen Conchylien

Hudecek, J.; Hanak, F.; Foral, M., 2002:
Holingers collection of birds and mammals Holingerova sbirka ptaku a savcu

Hudecek, J.J.; Hanak, F., 2003:
Holingers list of birds and mammals of Ostrava-Zabreh and close surroundings Holingeruv soupis ptaku a savcu Ostravy-Zabrehu a blizkeho okoli

Sonnenschmidt, Rosina., 1995:
Holistic medicine for birds Ganzheitliche Vogelheilkunde

Sonnenschmidt, Rosina., 1995:
Holistic treatment of birds Part 1 Ganzheitliche Vogelheilkunde 1 Teil

Freitag, B.; Friedrich, C., 1996:
Hollow bridges of express motor highways in Styria Austria as roosts for bats Mammalia, Chiroptera Hohlkastenbrucken von Autobahnen und Schnellstrassen der Steiermark Austria als Fledermausquartiere Mammalia, Chiroptera

Shrimpton, J., 1990:
Holly blue butterflies in the Sandwell Valley

Henderickx, Hans., 1998:
Holo- and hemimelanistic forms of Carabus Chrysocarabus auronitens auronitens Coleoptera Carabidae Holo- en hemimelanistische vormen van Carabus Chrysocarabus auronitens auronitens in Belgie Coleoptera Carabidae

Garcia, Adriana., 1996:
Holocene Charophyta and associated Ostracoda from four Argentinian localities palaeoenvironmental evidences Charophyta y ostracoda asociados de cuatro localidades Holocenas de Argentina evidencias paleoambientales

Bertels-Psotka, A.; Laprida, C., 1998:
Holocene Ostracoda Arthropoda, Crustacea from the Canal 18 Member Las Escobas Formation, Buenos Aires province, Argentina Ostracoda Arthropoda, Crustacea holocenos del Miembro Canal 18 Formacion Las Escobas, provincia de Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina

Bertels, A.; Martinez, D.E., 1997:
Holocene Ostracoda from the outlet of the Naposta Grande creek, Buenos Aires province, Argentina Ostracodos holocenes de la desembocadura del arroyo Naposta Grande, sur de la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Borel, C.; Marcela; Guerstein, G.; Raquel; Prieto, A.R., 2003:
Holocene aquatic palynomorphs algae and acritarchs from Laguna Hinojales Buenos Aires, Argentina Paleoecological interpretation Palinomorfos acuaticos algas y acritarcos del Holoceno de la Laguna Hinojales Buenos Aires, Argentina Interpretacion paleoecologica

Pascual, A., 1999:
Holocene benthic foraminifera of the Guyana slope and Surinam Central west Atlantic relationships with water masses Foraminiferos bentonicos holocenos del talud de Guyana y Surinam Atlantico Central su relacion con las masas de agua

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