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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38307

Chapter 38307 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Usera, J.; Blazquez, A.; Guillem, J.; Alberola, C., 2006:
Holocene evolution of the Peniscola marsh Castellon, Spain inferred from the study of its fossil foraminifera Evolucion Holocena de la marjal de Peniscola Castellon, Espana deducida del estudio de sus foraminiferos fosiles

Janz, H.; Jellinek, T.; Hamedani, A., 2001:
Holocene freshwater ostracods from Iran Holozane Suesswasser-Ostracoden aus dem Iran

Fornos, JJ.; Baron, A.; Pons, GX., 1996:
Holocene haermatypic coral banks Cladocora caespitosa in Es Gran zone Menorca, western Mediterranean Arrecifes de coral hermatipicos Cladocora caespitosa en el relleno holoceno de la zona de Es Grau Menorca, Mediterraneo occidental

Fornos, J.J.; Fumanal, M.P.; Pons, G.X.; Baron, A.; Fornes, A.; Pardo, J.E.; Rodriguez-Perea, A.; Rossello, V.M.; Segura, F.; Servera, J., 1998:
Holocene infilling in the incised valley of the Algendar Gully Cala Galdana, southern Menorca, western Mediterranean Rebliment holocenic a la vall incisa del barranc d Algendar Cala Galdana, sud de Menorca, Mediterrania Occidental

Domokos, T., 1997:
Holocene malacofauna of the archeologically exposed Holocene age sediments of Laposi-kertek Mezobereny A mezoberenyi Laposi-kertek regeszetileg feltart holocen uledekeinek malakofaunaja

Tonni, Eduardo P., 1990:
Holocene mammals in Buenos Aires Province Mamiferos del holoceno en la provincia de Buenos Aires

Janz, V.H.rst.; Matzke-Karasz, R., 2001:
Holocene ostracods from carbonate deposits of the excavation site of a Neolithic marshland settlement at Unfriedshausen Bavaria as ecologic indicators Holozaene Ostrakoden aus Karbonatablagerungen im Bereich der neolithischen Feuchtbodensiedlung Unfriedshausen Bayern als oekologische Indikatoren

Pascual, A.; Rodriguez-Lazaro, J.; Weber, O.; Jouanneau, JM., 2001:
Holocene paleogeographic changes of the Forua marshes, Urdaibai Natural Reserve of the Biosphere Cambios paleogeograficos durante el Holoceno en las marismas de Forua, Reserva de la Biosfera de Urdaibai

Graham, MA.; Graham, RW., 1990:
Holocene records of Martes pennanti and Martes americana in Whiteside County, northwestern Illinois

Postawa, T., 2003:
Holocene remains of bats from flysch Dolna Cave in Nasiczne in Bieszczady Holocenskie szczatki nietoperzy z fliszowej Jaskini Dolnej w Nasicznem w Bieszczadach

Severi-Aguiar, Grasiela Dias de Campos. de Azeredo-Oliveira, Maria Tercilia Vilela., 2002:
Holocentric chromosomes Cromossomos holocentricos

Teta, P.; Medina, M.; Pastor, S.; Rivero, D.; Paradela, H., 2005:
Holochilus brasiliensis Rodentia, Cricetidae in archeofaunistic groups of the late Holocene period in the province of Cordoba Argentina Holochilus brasiliensis Rodentia, Cricetidae en conjuntos arqueofaunisticos del Holoceno Tardio de la provincia de Cordoba Argentina

Voglino, D.; Pardinas, U.F.; Teta, P., 2004:
Holochilus chacarius chacarius Rodentia, Cricetidae in Buenos Aires province, Argentina Holochilus chacarius chacarius Rodentia, Cricetidae en la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Kovacs, G.; Szinetar, C.; Eichardt, J., 2006:
Holocnemus pluchei Scopoli, 1763 Araneae Pholcidae in Hungary A marvanyos alkaszaspok Holocnemus pluchei Scopoli, 1763 Araneae Pholcidae Magyarorszagon

Hagdorn, Hans., 1993:
Holocrinus dubius Goldfuss, 1831 from the Lower Muschelkalk of Rudersdorf Brandenburg Holocrinus dubius Goldfuss, 1831 aus dem Unteren Muschelkalk von Rudersdorf Brandenburg

Coletto-Silva, A.; Freire, D. da CB., 2006:
Hololepta Leionota reichii Marseul Coleoptera, Histeridae a new natural enemy for the meliponiculture in the Central Amazon, Brazil Hololepta Leionota reichii Marseul Coleoptera, Histeridae, un nuevo enemigo natural para la mellponicultura en la Amazonia Central, Brasil

Mark, E.Y., 1954:
Holonoma from the Middle Devonian of the Estonian SSR

Ruecker, W., 2003:
Holoparamecus gabrielae sp nov, a new Merophysiinae from Mexico Coleoptera Endomychidae Holoparamecus gabrielae sp nov, eine neue Merophysiinae aus Mexico Coleoptera Endomychidae

Sudarikov, VE.; Sudarikov, VE., 1974:
Holostephanus hurl nov sp fam Cyathocotylidae - a new trematode of Laridae

Sudarikov, VE.; Sudarikov, VE., 1971:
Holostephanus lari nov sp Fam Cyathocotyladae - a new trematode of Laridae

Sudarikov, V.E., 1971:
Holostephanus lari sp nov fam Cyatho-cotylidae-a new trematode from Lariidae

Hagdorn, Hans., 1993:
Holothuria from the Upper Muschelkalk Holothurien aus dem Oberen Muschelkalk

Reich, Mike., 1997:
Holothurian remains Echinodermata from the Eemian of the Dagebuell well DA-1 Pleistocene, northwestern Germany Holothurienreste Echinodermata aus dem Eemium der Kernbohrung DA-1 bei Dagebull Pleistozan, NW-Deutschland

Ockert, Willy., 1993:
Holothurian remains from the Zwergfaunaschichten of Upper Muschelkalk Holothurien-Reste aus den Zwergfaunaschichten des Oberen Muschelkalks

Reich, Mike., 2002:
Holothurian sclerites Echinodermata from the Oligocene Rupelian of northern Germany Holothuriensklerite Echinodermata aus dem Oligozaen Rupelium Norddeutschlands

Jamnik, A., 1990:
Holothurian sclerites

Massin, Claude., 1996:
Holothurians Echinodermata collected on the Mediterranean continental slope during the DEPRO96 cruise Holothuries Echinodermata recoltees sur le talus continental Mediterraneen NW lors de la campagne DEPRO96

Reich, M., 2004:
Holothurians Echinodermata from Middle Jurassic Callovian Kelloway geschiebes glacial erratic boulders Holothurien Echinodermata aus Kelloway-Geschieben Dogger Callovium

Reich, M., 2002:
Holothurians Echinodermata from the Upper Cretaceous of the Baltic Sea area Part 1 Myriotrochidae Theel, 1877 Holothurien Echinodermata aus der Oberkreide des Ostseeraumes Teil 1 Myriotrochidae Theel, 1877

Reich, M., 2003:
Holothurians Echinodermata from the Upper Cretaceous of the Baltic Sea area part 2 Ypsilothuriidae Heding, 1942 Holothurien Echinodermata aus der Oberkreide des Ostseeraumes Teil 2 Ypsilothuriidae Heding, 1942

Reich, M., 2003:
Holothurians Echinodermata from the Upper Cretaceous of the Baltic Sea area part 3 Chiridotidae Oestergren, 1898 Holothurians Echinodermata aus der Oberkreide des Ostseeraumes Teil 3 Chirodotinae Oestergren, 1898

Reich, M., 2003:
Holothurians Echinodermata from the Upper Cretaceous of the Baltic Sea area part 4 Synaptidae Burmeister, 1837 Holothurien Echinodermata aus der Oberkreide des Ostseeraumes Teil 4 Synaptidae Burmeister, 1837

Reich, M., 2003:
Holothurians Echinodermata from the Upper Cretaceous of the Baltic Sea area part 5 Molpadiidae J Mueller, 1850 Holothurien Echinodermata aus der Oberkreide des Ostseeraumes Teil 5 Molpadiidae J Mueller, 1850

Borrero-Perez, G.H.lena.; Benavides-Serrato, M.; Solano, O.D.; Navas, G.R., 2003:
Holothuroidea Echinodermata Holothuroidea collected in the upper shelf slope of the Colombian Caribbean Holothuroideos Echinodermata Holothuroidea recolectados en el talud continental superior del Caribe Colombiano

Weber, Hans Martin., 1997:
Holothuroidea and Ophiocistioidea remains Echinodermata from the Lower Carboniferous of Velbert Rhenish Schiefergebirge Holothurien- und Ophiocistioiden-Reste Echinodermata aus dem Unterkarbon des Velberter Sattels Rheinisches Schiefergebirge

Kott, Peter., 2001:
Holotrichus tenebrosus Burmeister, 1835 Hemiptera observations on larval disguise Holotrichus tenebrosus Burmeister, 1835 Hemiptera Beobachtungen zur Maskierung der Larven

Laguarda-Figueras, A.; Solis-Marin, F.A.onso.; Duran-Gonzalez, A.; Hernandez Pliego, P. del Valle Garcia, R., 2001:
Holoturoideos Echinodermata Holothuroidea of the Mexican Caribbean Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, Mexico Holoturoideos Echinodermata Holothuroidea del Caribe Mexicano Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Morel, P.; Birchler, T., 1990:
Holozane Tierknochenfunde von einem Greifvogelhorst im Wermutseingang der Schrattenhohle, Melchsee-Frutt Kerns, OW

Kortum, Gerhard., 1996:
Holstein contribution to the British Challenger Expedition 1872-1876 The life and work of the zoologist Rudolph von Willemoes-Suhm 1847-1875 Contribution to marine research history Der holsteinische Beitrag zur britischen Challenger-Expedition 1872-1876 Zum Leben und Werk des Zoologen Rudolph von Willemoes-Suhm 1847-1875 Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Meeresforschung

Klug, G., 2001:
Holstein formation and loosely selected calcium shells of the Vierlandian Lower Miocene from a gravel pit in Luebeck-Kuecknitz/Dummersdorf Bank Holsteiner Gestein und lose aufgelesene Kalkschalen vom Alter des Vierlandium Untermiozaen aus einer Kiesgrube in Luebeck-Kuecknitz/Dummersdorfer Ufer

Even, Eddy., 1996:
Holy crocodiles Crocodylus niloticus in Gambia Heilige krokodillen in Gambia

Gunthart, H., 1990:
Hom Auchenorrhyncha, collected in Istria - Yugoslavia in spring 1974

Pfister, Hans Peter., 2007:
Homage to Alfred Schifferli Hommage fuer Alfred Schifferli

Chaudonneret, Jean., 2004:
Homage to Bruno Conde Hommage a Bruno Conde 5 mars 1920 - 1 fevrier 2004

Abstracts., 1998:
Homage to Doctor Arturo J Amos Abstracts of scientific communications Homenaje al Doctor Arturo J Amos Resumenes de Comunicacciones Cientificas

Tranier, M.; Denys, C., 2001:
Homage to Francis Petter Hommage a Francis Petter

Vincent, R.; Marengo, V., 2006:
Homage to Jean-Pierre and Jean-Louis Nicolas Hommage a Jean-Pierre et Jean-Louis Nicolas

Sequeiros San Roman, L.; Bastero Monserrat, J.J.sus de la Campa Martinez, H., 2007:
Homage to Linnaeus from 1907 in Zaragoza a century later El Homenage a Linneo de 1907 en Zaragoza un siglo mas tarde

Anonymous., 2000:
Homage to Loic Matile, 1938-2000 Hommage a Loic Matile, 1938-2000

Berna, G., 1995:
Homage to Mr Andre Veillet Hommage a la memoire de monsieur Andre Veillet

Drouet, Eric., 2003:
Homage to Mr Georges Broquet 1922-2002 Hommage a monsieur Georges Broquet 1922-2002

Bahamonde N., Nibaldo., 2000:
Homage to Patricio Sanchez Reyes 1928-1999 Homenaje a Patricio Sanchez Reyes 1928-1999

Delsol, M.; Noirot, C.; Genermont, J. d'Hondt, J.L., 2003:
Homage to Pierre-Paul Grasse Hommage a Pierre-Paul Grasse

Deblock, S.; Chabaud, A.; Camus, D.; Dei-Cas, E., 2002:
Homage to Professor Jean Biguet 1920-2001 Hommage au Professeur Jean Biguet 1920-2001

Petter, Francis., 2004:
Homage to Professor Matthey Hommage au Profsseur Matthey

Aberlenc, Henri-Pierre., 2004:
Homage to Renaud Paulian 1913-2003 Hommage a Renaud Paulian 1913-2003

Tranfaglia, A., 2002:
Homage to Salvatore Marotta, coccidologist Omaggio a Salvatore Marotta, Coccidologo

Tauil, Pedro Luiz., 2006:
Homage to Vanize de Oliveira Macedo Homenagem a Vanize de Oliveira Macedo

Baudet, J.; Gruet, Y.; Lequet, A., 1996:
Homage to Yves Maillard 1944-1995 Hommage a Yves Maillard 1944-1995

Meyer, Pierre., 1999:
Homage to the subgenus Carabus Linne Lepopee homerique du sous-genre Carabus Linne

Bacallado Aranega, JJ., 2003:
Homage Profesor Dr Dr HC Wolfredo Wildpret de la Torre Homenaje Profesor Dr Dr HC Wolfredo Wildpret de la Torre

Buchholz, Alfred., 2004:
Homagnostus Howell, 1935 and similar genera of the Agnostinae Trilobita in Upper Cambrian Geschiebes glacial erratic boulders from Mecklenburg and western Pomerania northern Germany Homagnostus Howell, 1935 und aehnliche Gattungen der Agnostinae Trilobita in oberkambrischen Geschieben aus Mecklenburg und Vorpommern Norddeutschland

Reuter, O.M., 1911:
Homalomyia-larver i manniskans tarmkanal

Dieu, Yvan., 1998:
Homalopsis buccata the masked water snake Homalopsis buccata de mopsneusslang

Pace, Roberto., 2003:
Homalotini from Borneo Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Homalotini del Borneo Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Trjapitzin, V.A.; Ruiz Cancino, E., 1997:
Homalotylus terminalis Say Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea Encyrtidae, a parasitoid of coccinellids Coleoptera Coccinellidae in Morelos State, Mexico Homalotylus terminalis Say Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea Encyrtidae, un parasitoide de coccinelidos Coleoptera Coccinellidae en el Estado de Morelos, Mexico

Hofstra, Jelle., 1996:
Home delivery of a Lacerta vivipara Thuisbevalling van een Levendbarende Hagedis Lacerta vivipara

Buchhauser, Peter., 2000:
Home grown cichlid food Cichlidenfutter selbst gezogen

Lobert, B., 1990:
Home range and activity period of a southern brown bandicoot Isoodon obesulus in a Victorian heathland

Ziesemer, F., 1997:
Home range and behaviour of honey buzzard Pernis apivorus during brood-rearing and at the begin of autumn migration - a radio telemetry study Raumnutzung und Verhalten von Wespenbussarden Pernis apivorus wahrend der Jungenaufzucht und zu Beginn des Wegzuges - eine telemetrische Untersuchung

Bonacoscia, M.; Pandolfi, M.; Savelli, F., 1997:
Home range and density of the red fox Vulpes vulpes in the Natural Reserve of Abbadia di Fiastra Italy Home range e densita della volpe Vulpes vulpes nella Riserva naturale Abbadia di Fiastra

Herrmann, Dirk., 1996:
Home range and habitat association in yellow-bellied toad populations of southern Lower Saxony Aktionsraum und Biotopverbund in sudniedersachsischen Gelbbauchunken-Populationen

Saenz, J.C.; Vaughan, C., 1998:
Home range and habitat use by two groups of Odocoileus virginianus Artiodactyla Cervidae relocated in a tropical environment Ambito de hogar y utilizacion de habitat de dos grupos de venados cola blanca Odocoileus virginianus Artiodactyla Cervidae reubicados en un ambiente tropical

Nachtigall, W.; Stubbe, M.; Herrmann, S., 2003:
Home range and habitat use of red kite Milvus milvus in winter A telemetry study in the northern Harz foreland Germany Aktionsraum und Habitatnutzung des Rotmilans Milvus milvus im Winter Eine telemetrische Studie im Nordharzvorland

Semenzato, R.; Peresin, P.; Perco, F., 1997:
Home range and reproductive success in a released female roe deer Capreolus capreolus studied by radiotracking Home range e successo riproduttivo di un capriolo Capriolus capreolus ex captivo

Lazzeri, M.; Turini, R.; Benvenuti, S., 2001:
Home range and spatial use by a pair of Aquila chrysaetos Accipitriformes of the Tuscan faunal protection area of Orrido di Botri Lucca Home range e uso dello spazio di una coppia di Aquila chrysaetos nellOasi di Protezione faunistica toscana dellOrrido di Botri Lucca

Macchia, M.; Zuffi, M.A., 2000:
Home range and the main distribution areas of Vipera aspis studied by radio-tracking Spazio vitale e area principale di Vipera aspis studiate mediante radio-tracking

Benhamou, Simon., 1998:
Home range in terrestrial mammals Le domaine vital des mammiferes terrestres

Corbalan, V.E.; Ojeda, R.A., 2005:
Home range of a rodent population in the Monte desert Mendoza, Argentina Areas de accion en un ensamble de roedores del desierto del Monte Mendoza, Argentina

Naulleau, G.; Bonnet, X.; Duret, S., 1997:
Home range of reproductive female asp vipers, Vipera aspis Reptilia, Viperidae in western central France Deplacements et domaines vitaux des femelles reproductrices de viperes aspic Vipera aspis Reptilia, Viperidae dans le centre ouest de la France

Clancy, TF.; Croft, DB., 1990:
Home range of the common wallaroo, Macropus robustus erubescens, in far western New South Wales

Fimpel, Sandra., 2005:
Home range size, habitat use and seasonal habitat preferences in fallow deer Cervus dama L in Brandenburg, Baruther Urstromtal Streifgebietsgroessen, Habitatnutzung und saisonale Habitatpraeferenzen von Damwild Cervus dama L im Baruther Urstromtal, Brandenburg

Saint Girons, Hubert., 1998:
Home range use by Vipera aspis Reptilia, Viperidae in a copse region, western France Utilisation de lespace vital par Vipera aspis Reptilia, Viperidae dans une region de Bocage de louest de la France

Hernandez Betancourt, S.F.; Lopez-Wilchis, R.; Cime Pool, JA.; Medina Peralta, S., 2003:
Home range, movement, and social organization of Heteromys gaumeri Allen and Chapman, 1897 Rodentia Heteromyidae in a semideciduous tropical forest of Yucatan, Mexico Area de actividad, movimiento y organizacion social de Heteromys gaumeri Allen y Chapman, 1897 Rodentia Heteromyidae en una selva mediana subcaducifolia de Yucatan, Mexico

Dierschke, V.; Garthe, S.; Markones, N., 2004:
Home ranges of kittiwakes Rissa tridactyla and guillemots Uria aalge during chick rearing at Helgoland Aktionsradien Helgolaender Dreizehenmoewen Rissa tridactyla und Trottellummen Uria aalge waehrend der Aufzuchtphase

Kurzejeski, EW.; Lewis, JB., 1990:
Home ranges, movements, and habitat use of wild turkey hens in northern Missouri

Muschketat, L.; Muschketat, R.; Havelka, P.; Ruge, K., 1996:
Home-range sizes of the black woodpecker during the winter season Aktionsgebietsgrossen des Schwarzspechts im Winterhalbjahr

Stier, Norman., 1996:
Home-ranges, resting places and habitat selection of the pine marten Martes martes L, 1758 in Mecklenburg Aktionsraumgrosse, Tagesversteck- und Habitatnutzung des Baummarders Martes martes L, 1758 in Mecklenburg

Holland, PWH., 1990:
Homeobox genes and segmentation co-option co-evolution, and convergence

Persano Oddo, L.; Marinelli, E., 2004:
Homeopathic products against Varroa destructor Anderson Trueman Impiego di prodotti omeopatici nella lotta contro Varroa destructor Anderson Trueman

Barahate, RP., 1990:
Homeopathy for animals

Novosel'tsev, V.N. ., 1991:
Homeostasis at different organizational levels of the biosystem

Beeman, RW.; Brown, SJ.; Stuart, JJ.; Denell, RE., 1990:
Homeotic genes of the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum

Barkow, Andreas., 2004:
Homes for birds Garden hedges Heimstaetten fuer Voegel Gartenhecken

Hegelbach, Johann., 1997:
Homesick for the south Heimweh nach dem Suden

Furrer, Robert K., 1995:
Homesickness for the forest Kaum Heimweh nach dem Wald

Becker, Philipp., 2004:
Homeward migration and stopover habitat selection, in relation to weather and food availability, of the lapwing Vanellus vanellus and the golden plover Pluvialis apricaria on Korbach highground Hesse Heimzug und Wahl der Rasthabitate in Abhaengigkeit von Witterung und Nahrungsangebot bei Kiebitz Vanellus vanellus und Goldregenpfeifer Pluvialis apricaria auf der Korbacher Hochflaeche Hessen

Hollerbach, Willi., 1999:
Homeward migration of the golden plover Pluvialis apricaria and the lapwing Vanellus vanellus 1993-1999 in Hohenlohe-Franken Heimzug von Goldregenpfeifer Pluvialis apricaria und Kiebitz Vanellus vanellus 1993-1999 in Hohenlohe-Franken

Becker, Philipp., 1999:
Homeward migration of the golden plover Pluvialis apricaria and the lapwing Vanellus vanellus at the Korbach plateau in 1998 Heimzug von Goldregenpfeiffer Pluvialis apricaria und Kiebitz Vanellus vanellus auf der Korbacher Hochflache im Jahr 1998

Dittberner, Hartmut., 2001:
Homeward migration of the jay over the Baltic Sea Heimzug des Eichelhaehers ueber die Ostsee

Ioale, P.; Benvenuti, S.; Bonadonna, F. dall'Antonia, L. dall'Antonia, P.; Massa, B., 1995:
Homing behaviour of Corys shearwaters investigated by a route-recorder Studio del comportamento di homing della berta maggiore Calonectris diomedea per mezzo di un registratore di direzione

Sambrook, H., 1990:
Homing of sea trout evidence derived from the River Fowey stock

Benvenuti, S.; Dall' Antonia, L.; Ribolini, A., 1998:
Homing routes and foraging activity of birds studied by means of a data logger results and future perspectives Rotte di homing e attivita di foraggiamento degli uccelli studiate mediante l uso di un data-logger risultati conseguiti e prospettive per il futuro

Kullmer, O.; Huck, M.; Schrenk, F., 2002:
Hominid teeth on the Internet HOTPAD Hominidenzaehne im Internet HOTPAD

Rolland, Nicolas., 2004:
Hominids and Carnivores their relationships on the settlement systems and home ranges during the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic Hominides et carnivores leurs rapports avec les modalites detablissement sur le sol et les types fonctionnels dhabitats au cours du Paleolithique inferieur et moyen

Ziegler, Reinhard., 1999:
Hominids Discoveries in Baden-Wurttemberg Urmenschen Funde in Baden-Wurttemberg

de Puytorac, Pierre., 2004:
Hominization and technologies Hominisation et technologie

Varela, TA.; Farina, J.; Lodeiro, R., 1998:
Homo antecessor phylogenetic implications El Homo antecessor implicaciones filogeneticas

Heintz, Ole AS., 1996:
Homo erectus - specimen of a young man from Nariokotome 2 Homo erectus - gutten fra Nariokotome ved Turkanasjoen 2

Bajd, Barbara., 2004:
Homo erectus from Ethiopia Homo erectus iz Etiopije

Heintz, Ole AS., 1996:
Homo erectus the specimen of a young man from Nariokotome near Lake Turkana 1 Homo erectus - gutten fra Nariokotome ved Turkanasjoen 1

Hinz, Erhard., 1998:
Homo sapiens migrans the contribution of human migration to the spread of parasitoses Homo sapiens migrans sein Beitrag zur Ausbreitung von Parasitosen

Rosendahl, W.; Darga, R., 2004:
Homo sapiens neanderthalensis and Panthera leo spelaea - News from the site Siegsdorf Chiemgau, Bavaria/Germany Homo sapiens neanderthalensis et Panthera leo spelaea - du nouveau a propos du site de Siegsdorf Chiemgau, Baviere/Allemagne

Alberti, Gerhard K.B., 1999:
Homoctenus antecessor n sp planktonic tentaculitids, Homoctenida from the lower Taravale Formation Lower Zlichovian of Victoria Australia, Devonian Homoctenus antecessor n sp planktonische Tentaculiten, Homoctenida aus der unteren Taravale-Formation Unter-Zlichovium von Victoria Australien, Devon

Blandford, W.F.H., 1897:

Gratsianova, RT.; Shishkina, GR.; Talent, D.A., 1990:
Homoeomorphic genera of Devonian reticulariids brachiopods

King, Gareth., 1997:
Homolobus truncator Say Braconidae Homolobinae parasitoid of Rhodometra sacraria Linne Geometridae Sterrhinae in the Algarve, Portugal Homolobus truncator Say Braconidae Homolobinae parasitoide de Rhodometra sacraria Linne Geometridae Sterrhinae en Algarve, Portugal

Lopez-Jurado, Carles., 2002:
Homologation of bird rarities a Balears Report 2001 Homologacio de rareses ornitologiques a Balears Informe de 2001

Lopez-Jurado, Carles., 1999:
Homologation of bird rarities in Mallorca and Formentera Report 1999 Homologacio de rareses ornitologiques a Mallorca i Formentera Informe de 1999

Lopez-Jurado, C.; Comite de Rareses Ornitologiques del GOB., 2000:
Homologation of bird rarities in Mallorca and Formentera Report 2000 Homologacio de rareses ornitologiques a Mallorca i Formentera Informe de 2000

Kalinin, VI.; Stonik, VA.; Avilov, SA., 1990:
Homological variability and the trend of evolution of triterpene glycosides in Holothurioidea

Hedgecock, EM.; Hall, DH., 1990:
Homologies in the neurogenesis of nematodes, arthropods and chordates

Vucetich, M.G.; Verzi, D.H., 1994:
Homologies in the occlusal design of caviomorph rodents an alternative model Las homologias en los disenos oclusales de los roedores Caviomorpha un modelo alternativo

Belopolskaya, M.M., 1968:
Homologous rows of morphological forms of microphallid larvae Trematodes

Dupuis, Claude., 2000:
Homology and characters some biological aspects Homologie et caracteres quelques aspects biologiques

Negrobov, O.P., 1971:
Homology and nomenclature of hypopygium in the family Dolichopodidae Diptera

Bolzern, A.M.ria. de Bernardi, F.; Groppelli, S.; Pennati, R.; Sotgia, C., 2000:
Homology between cement gland of anurans and balancers of urodeles Omologia tra lorgano adesivo degli anfibi anuri e i bilancieri degli anfibi urodeli

Yamakawa, M.; Watahiki, M.; Kamioka, Y.; Yamamoto, M.; Tanaka, M.; Nishiguchi, Y.; Minoura, H.; Nakashima, K., 1990:
Homology in 5- and 3- noncoding regions of hard-tail growth hormone cDNA indicates close phylogenetic relationship in Teleostei

Tassy, P.; Barriel, V., 1995:
Homology, the genealogical tree and cladogram a fable Lhomologie, larbre genealogique et le cladogramme un apologue

Keith, D., 2004:
Homonymic note on Liogenys excisa Moser, 1919 Col, Melolonthidae Note homonymique sur Liogenys excisa Moser, 1919 Col, Melolonthidae

Vincent, B., 2006:
Homonymic note on the genus Amastus Walker, 1855 Lep Arctiidae Note homonymique sur le genre Amastus Walker, 1855 Lep Arctiidae

Lecoq, Jean-Claude., 2002:
Homonymic rectification for an Astenus Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Rectification homonymique dun Astenus Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Lecoq, Jean-Claude., 2004:
Homonymic rectification of a Staphylinidae Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Paederinae Rectification homonymique dun genre de staphylin Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Paederinae

Robiche, Gerard., 2005:
Homonymic rectification of the subgenus Strophia Col, Tenebrionidae Rectification homonymique du sous-genre Strophia Col, Tenebrionidae

Lehrer, Andy Z., 2006:
Homonymy in the group Helicophagella Auctoribus and description of two new species Diptera, Sarcophagidae Les trucs homonymiques du groupe Helicophagella Auctoribus et la description de deux especes nouvelles Diptera, Sarcophagidae

Matchabeli, A.I., 1948:
Homoplastic grafts of the auditory organ into the area of the posterior extremity in the embryos of Triton vittatus

Tardieu, Christine., 1996:
Homoplasy of the oblique femoral angle in man and large monkeys Morphogenetic demonstration Homoplasie de langle dobliquite femorale chez lhomme et les grands singes Demonstration morphogenetique

D'Urso, V.; Guglielmino, A., 1995:
Homoptera Auchenorrhyncha of Pantelleria and Pelagian Islands Homoptera Auchenorrhyncha

Rodriguez-Leon Merino, R.; Hidalgo-Gato Gonzalez, M.M., 2001:
Homoptera Auchenorryncha present in seven keys of Archipielago de Sabana-Camaguey, Cuba Homopteros auquenorrincos presentes en siete cayos del archipielago de Sabana-Camaguey, Cuba

Dutra, J.A.P., 1970:
Homoptera Cicadelidae of Brazil, 4 Description of a new species of the genus Agallia Curtis

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