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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38311

Chapter 38311 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Giangiuliani, G.; Colazza, S.; Luca, G.; Farinelli, D., 1994:
Host-location efficiency in the system Nezara viridula L - Trichopoda pennipes F Efficacia del parassitoide Trichopoda pennipes F nella localizzazione dellospite Nezara viridula L

Hoare, C.A., 1960:
Host-parasite relations in amoebiasis

Abdel-Ghaffar, F.; Bashtar, A-R.; Fouda, M.; Mohamed, A., 1990:
Host-parasite relationship and pathogenicity of Eimeria adenoeides infecting turkeys in Egypt

Acosta, R., 2005:
Host-parasite relationship between fleas Insecta Siphonaptera and rodents Mammalia Rodentia from the State of Queretaro, Mexico Relacion huesped-parasito en pulgas Insecta Siphonaptera y roedores Mammalia Rodentia del Estado de Queretaro, Mexico

Anikieva, LV.; Anikanova, VS.; Ostashkova, VV., 1990:
Host-parasite relationship during toxascaridiosis of Arctic foxes

Rementsova, M,M.; Krushcheva, NF.; Kim, AA., 1975:
Host-parasite relationships between blood-sucking ticks and Brucella and Salmonella bacteria

Muzzall, PM., 1980:
Host-parasite relationships of Spathebothrium simplex Linton, 1922 Cestoda Spathebothriidae infecting the seasnail, Liparis atlanticus Jordan and Everman, 1898 Osteichthyes Liparidae

Fedyushin, A.V., 1957:
Host-parasite relationships of avian helminths

Soboleva, TN., 1990:
Host-parasite systems on the example of the trematode Hasstilesia ovis

Mewis, I.; Ulrichs, C., 2006:
Host-plant resistance of Arabidopsis ecotypes with different glucosinolate profile for different phytophagous insect Die Wirtspflanzeneignung von Arabidopsis-Oekotypen mit verschiedenen Glucosinolatprofilen fuer unterschiedlich spezialisierte phytophage Insekten

Han,; Ndiaye, A.B.; Hemptinne, JL., 2007:
Host-plants and predators of Rastrococcus invadens Williams, 1986, newly introduced in Dakar area, Senegal Hemiptera, Pseudococcidae Plantes-hotes et predateurs de la Cochenille farineuse du Manguier Rastrococcus invadens Williams, 1986, nouvellement introduite a Dakar, Senegal Hemiptera, Pseudococcidae

Zaffaroni, E.; Manfredi, M.T.; Lanfranchi, P., 2003:
Host-specificity of abomasal helminth in alpine wild ruminants Specie-specificita dei nematodi abomasali in ruminanti selvatici alpini

Marras, P.M.; Sanna, F., 2004:
Host/parasite ratio improvement in a model of mass-culture of Leptomastix dactylopii How Ottimizzazione del rapporto ospite/parassitoide in un modello di allevamento massale di Leptomastix dactylopii How

D.Iorio, Osvaldo R., 1997:
Hostplants and biogeography of Cerambycidae Coleoptera from northwest and central Argentina Plantas hospedadoras y biogeografia de Cerambycidae Coleoptera del noroeste y centro de la Argentina

Vatansever, G.; Ulusoy, M.; Rifat., 2005:
Hosts and number of generations of the parasitoid Cales noacki Howard Hymenoptera Aphelinidae Parazitoit Cales noacki Howard Hymenoptera Aphelinidaenin konukculari ve dogadaki yillik dol sayisi

Estrada-Pena, A.; Osacar, JJ.; Pichon, B.; Gray, JS., 2005:
Hosts and pathogen detection for immature stages of Ixodes ricinus Acari Ixodidae in North-Central Spain Hosts and pathogen detection for immature stages of Ixodes ricinus Acari Ixodidae in North-Central Spain

Moskat, Csaba., 2000:
Hosts of the common cuckoo in Hungary egg mimicry, egg recognition and antiparasite defence Magyarorszagi kakukkgazdak tojasmimikri, tojasfelismeres es vedelmi strategiak

Olioso, Georges., 2000:
Hot spot Durance lower valley Points chaud la vallee de la Durance, de Pertuis a Merindol Bouches-du-Rhone Vaucluse

Crouzier, P.; Dubois, P.J., 1999:
Hot spots Brignogan Finistere, an important sea-watching site Points chauds Brignogan Finistere, un site de seawatching remarquable

Leclercq, Jacques-Andre., 2000:
Hot spots the Clipon jetty and Dunkirk region Department of Nord Points chauds la jetee du Clipon et les environs de Dunkerque departement du Nord

Flohart, Guy., 1995:
Hot spots the cape Gris-Nez Pas-de-Calais Points chauds le cap Gris-Nez Pas-de-Calais

Tabeni, M.; Solana; Bender, J.; Benjamin; Ojeda, R.A., 2004:
Hotspots for mammals conservation in Tucuman, Argentina Puntos calientes para la conservacion de mamiferos en la provincia de Tucuman, Argentina

Gubin, BM., 2004:
Houbara bustard

Mariotto, I.; Minelli, A., 2000:
Hourly distribution of Arthropods on the vegetation in the conservation area Lago di Loppio Trento Distribuzione oraria di Artropodi sulla vegetazione nel biotopo Lago di Loppio Trento

Reinke, Hans-Dieter., 1997:
House and barn spiders Araneae of a rural dwelling area close to Kiel Schleswig-Holstein Haus- und Stallspinnen Araneae eines landlichen Wohnbereichs bei Kiel

Egidius, Hans., 2004:
House and tree sparrows - captive birds with a distinct social behaviour Haus- und Feldsperlinge - Volierenvoegel mit ausgepraegtem Sozialverhalten

Alberico, M.; Saavedra-R., C.A.turo; Garcia-Paredes, H., 2005:
House bats of Cali, Colombia Murcielagos caseros de Cali Valle del Cauca - Colombia

Gschwandtner, W., 2006:
House breeding of the crag martin Ptyonoprogne rupestris in north Tirol in 2006 List of the occupied buidlings and new data Hausbruten von Felsenschwalben Ptyonoprogne rupestris in Nordtirol 2006 Liste der besetzen Gebaeude und neue Erkenntnisse

Hudecek, J.; Suhaj, J., 1996:
House cricket Acheta domestica is a member of the fauna of Czech Silesia Insecta Ensifera Gryllidae Cvrcek domaci Acheta domesticus je clenem fauny ceskeho Slezska Insecta Ensifera Gryllidae

Ebels, Enno B., 1998:
House crow breeding at Hoek van Holland in 1997 and 1998 Huiskraai broedend in Hoek van Holland in 1997 en 1998

Ebels, E.B.; Westerlaken, H., 1996:
House crows at Hoek from April 1994 and at Renesse from November 1994 Huiskraaien bij Hoek van Holland sinds april 1994 en bij Renesse sinds november 1994

Watt-Pringle, S., 1990:
House crows on Cape flats

Akdemir, C.; Gurdal, H., 2005:
House dust mite in Kutahya, Turkey Kutahyada Ev Tozu Akarlari

Zammattio, A.; Perissinotto, E., 1995:
House dust mites research in Venice Gli allergo-acari nella polvere domestica unindagine nel territorio veneziano

Marques, A.P.ula Coelho.; Ale-Rocha, R.; Rafael, J.A.bertino., 2002:
House infesting ants Hymenoptera Formicidae in the city of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil Levantamento de formigas Hymenoptera Formicidae em residencias de Manaus, Estado do Amazonas, Brasil

Slapansky, Oldrich., 1998:
House martin Delichon urbica and sand martin Riparia riparia - some facts from the area of Ivancice, Oslavany and Mohelno towns in 1950s-1990s Jiricka obecna Delichon urbica a brehule ricni Riparia riparia - poznatky z 50-90 let z okoli Ivancic, Oslavan a Mohelna

Roessler, Stefan., 1998:
House martin Delichon urbica breeds behind roof panels without typical nest structure Mehlschwalbe Delichon urbica bruetet ohne selbstgefertigte Nestform hinter Giebelverkleidung

Plucinski, Alfons., 1996:
House martin Delichon urbica visits breeding colony of sand martin Riparia riparia Mehlschwalbe Delichon urbica besucht Brutkolonie der Uferschwalbe Riparia riparia

Laurenti, S.; Lenzini, G., 2000:
House martin Delichon urbica breeding in a swallows colony in Umbria, Central Italy Nidificazione di balestruccio Delichon urbica in una colonia di rondine Hirundo rustica

Laurenti, Stefano., 2002:
House martin Delichon urbica nesting on stained-glass windows Nidi di balestruccio Delichon urbica su vetrate

Lang, Bruno., 1999:
House martin breeding population in Caen Nidification de lhirondelle de fenetre Delichon urbica a Caen

Bohlken, Gerd., 1996:
House martin nest with two flight holes Mehlschwalbennest mit zwei Fluglochern

Premzl, Matjaz., 2002:
House martin Mestna lastovka Delichon urbica

Harrison, R., 1990:
House martins feeding young in sand martins nest holes

Clermont, D.; Tombal, C.; Tombal, J., 2004:
House martins counts for 2004 Hirondelle de fenetre comptages 2004

Borisenko, V.A., 1964:
House mouse in Kustanei province in connection with cultivation of the virgin soils

Hudecek, J.; Hanak, F.; Benes, B., 2001:
House rat Rattus rattus and its historical occurrence in Moravia and in Silesia Krysa obecna Rattus rattus a jeji historicky vyskyt na Morave a ve Slezsku

Randler, Christoph., 1998:
House sparrow Passer domesticus in Bietigheim-Bissingen with remarks on the phylogenetic species of house sparrows in the Palaearctic Ein Haussperling Passer domesticus in Bietigheim-Bissingen

Haraszthy, Laszlo., 1997:
House sparrow catching a wall lizard Fali gyikot zsakmanyolo hazi vereb Passer domesticus

Kljun, Ivan., 2003:
House sparrow Domaci vrabec Passer domesticus

Torok, Zoltan., 2000:
House sparrows Passer domesticus feeding goldfinch Carduelis carduelis chicks Tengelicet Carduelis carduelis eteto hazi verebek Passer domesticus

van Gerwen, Jan., 2002:
House sparrows - investigation of gardens and kitchens Huis mus - tuin- en keukenonderzoek

Pigniczki, Csaba., 1997:
House sparrows eating plaster Hazi verebek Passer domesticus vakolatfogyasztasa

Rodrigues, M., 2005:
House-wren Troglodytes musculus Troglodytidae preys upon nest of the pale-breasted thrush Turdus leucomelas Turdidae Corruira, Troglodytes musculus Troglodytidae preda ninho de sabia-barranco, Turdus leucomelas Turdidae

Oldbort, Sven., 2003:
Housing and care of Alligator sinensis Fauvel, 1879 Eingewoehnung und Haltung von Alligator sinensis Fauvel, 1879

Dabat, Lionel., 1998:
Housing large numbers of mygalomorphs some tips for saving time Loger ses mygales en grand nombre quelques astuces pour gagner du temps

Rogner, Manfred., 2000:
Housing, care and breeding of Anolis cybotes Haltung, Pflege und Vermehrung von Anolis cybotes

Noorhuis, Ruurd. van Schie, John., 2007:
Houtribdijk sea defences, state of the ecology and water quality in 2006 Inventory of water plants, water birds, zebra mussels, physical and chemical parameters Vooroevers Houtribdijk; toestand ecologie en waterkwaliteit 2006 Inventarisatie van waterplanten, watervogels, driehoeksmosselen, fysische en chemische parameters

Soszynski, Boguslaw., 2005:
Hover flies Diptera Syrphidae of the Biebrza National Park - actual state of studies Syrphidae Diptera Biebrzanskiego Parku Narodowego - aktualny stan badan

Gregor, Tomas., 1999:
Hover flies Diptera Syrphidae of the Podyji National Park Pestrenky Diptera Syrphidae narodniho parku Podyji

Lauterbach, Karl-Ernst., 1993:
Hover flies in Bielefeld and surrounding area 1 Diptera - Syrphidae Schwebfliegen in Bielefeld und Umgegend 1 Diptera - Syrphidae

Lauterbach, Karl-Ernst., 2002:
Hover flies in Bielefeld and surroundings IX tree sap hover flies of the genus Brachyopa Meigen, 1822 - part 2 Diptera - Syrphidae Schwebfliegen in Bielefeld und Umgegend IX Baumsaftschwebfliegen der Gattung Brachyopa Meigen, 1822 - Teil 2 Diptera - Syrphidae

Ssymank, A., 2002:
Hoverflies Diptera, Syrphidae and conopid flies Diptera Conopidae from the Baltic Sea island of Vilm Schwebfliegen Diptera, Syrphidae and Dickkopffliegen Diptera Conopidae der Ostseeinsel Vilm

Lohr, Paul-Walter., 1995:
Hoverflies Diptera, Syrphidae at a natural garden habitat in the region of the Vorderer Vogelsberg Hessen according to Malaise-trap catches Die Schwebfliegen Diptera, Syrphidae eines Naturgartens im Vorderen Vogelsberg Hessen nach Malaisefallefangen

Loehr, P., 2002:
Hoverflies Diptera, Syrphidae from a nature garden from the Vorderer Vogelsberg Hessen, collected with water traps and Malaise traps Syrphiden Diptera, Syrphidae aus einem Naturgarten im Vorderen Vogelsberg Hessen nach Farbschalen- und Malaisefallenfaengen

Hauser, M.; Geller-Grimm, F., 1996:
Hoverflies Diptera, Syrphidae from the Messel forest South-Germany with special remarks to Mallota cimbiciformis Fallen, 1817 Schwebfliegen Diptera, Syrphidae des Messeler Forstes Sudhessen mit besonderen Bemerkungen zu Mallota cimbiciformis Fallen 1817

Trzcinski, P.; Wilkaniec, B.; Piekarska-Boniecka, H.; Borowiak-Sobkowiak, B., 2006:
Hoverflies Diptera, Syrphidae in apple orchards with integrated fruit production and their surroundings Bzygowate Diptera, Syrphidae w sadach z integrowana produkcja owocow i w ich otoczeniu

Ssymank, A.; Krause, T., 2007:
Hoverflies Diptera, Syrphidae in the Urdenbacher Kaempe near Duesseldorf Northrhine-Westfalia Schwebfliegen Diptera, Syrphidae in der Urdenbacher Kaempe bei Duesseldorf

Hellenthal, M.; Ssymank, A., 2007:
Hoverflies Diptera, Syrphidae in the valley of the Wahnbach Northrhine-Westfalia , Germany Schwebfliegen Diptera, Syrphidae des Wahnbachtals im Bergischen Land Nordrheinwestfalen, Deutschland

Cadou, Didier., 1993 :
Hoverflies Diptera, Syrphidae known from Brittany first species list and biogeographic notes Les dipteres syrphides de Bretagne premiere liste et remarques biogeographiques

Mueller, M., 2006:
Hoverflies Diptera, Syrphidae of the Hundsdrell-Valley and the spring region of the Eder south region of the Rothaar-Mountains Schwebfliegen Diptera, Syrphidae des Hundsdrelltals und des Ederquellgebietes suedliches Rothaargebirge

Kralikova, A.; David, S., 1996:
Hoverflies Diptera Syrphidae and dragonflies Odonata on the part of the bank growth of the Cilizsky stream, near Gabcikovo Pestrice Diptera Syrphidae a vazky Insecta Odonata casti brehoveho porastu Cilizskeho potoka pri Gabcikove

Loehr, Paul-Walter., 2004:
Hoverflies Diptera Syrphidae from Erlenbach and Breitenbach in the Vogelsberg Captures from emergence investigations Schwebfliegen Diptera Syrphidae von Erlenbach und Breitenbach im Vogelsberg Beifaenge aus Emergenz-Untersuchungen

Tolsgaard, S.; Bygebjerg, R., 2006:
Hoverflies Diptera Syrphidae from Ulvshale Svirrefluer Diptera Syrphidae fra Ulvshale Oversigt med to nye arter for Danmark

Freundt, R., 2005:
Hoverflies Diptera Syrphidae from the Lower Rhenish lowland, in collections of Cologne University Zoological Institute Schwebfliegen Diptera Syrphidae aus dem Niederrheinischen Tiefland in den Sammlungen des Zoologischen Instituts der Universitaet zu Koeln

Loehr, P.-Walter.; Jenrich, J. von der Dunk, K., 2001:
Hoverflies Diptera Syrphidae of the High Rhoen Mountains Germany, State of Hesse Schwebfliegen Diptera Syrphidae aus der Hochrhoen

Ringleb, C., 2002:
Hoverflies Insecta Hymenoptera, Diptera Syrphidae of the Vorderhunsrueck especially the county of Boppard/Oppenhausen Zur Hymenopteren- und Syrphidenfauna Insecta Hymenoptera, Diptera Syrphidae des Vordhunsruecks am Beispiel der Gemeinde Boppard/Oppenhausen

van Noordwijk, T., 2003:
Hoverflies and amounts of water Zweefvliegen en waterkwantiteit

Kormann, Kurt., 2002:
Hoverflies and conopid flies of central Europe Schwebfliegen und Blasenkopffliegen Mitteleuropas

Bartsch, H.; Bergstrom, C., 2001:
Hoverflies and parasite flies from Lycksele lappmark, in particular Ajaure Diptera Syrphidae, Tachinidae Blom- och parasitflugor fran Lycksele lappmark, sarskilt Ajaure Diptera Syrphidae, Tachinidae

Doczkal, Dieter., 1996:
Hoverflies from Germany first records and little known species Diptera, Syrphidae Schwebfliegen aus Deutschland Erstnachweise und wenig bekannte Arten Diptera, Syrphidae

Roeder, Gerd., 2001:
Hoverflies from Maria-Woerth Diptera, Syrphidae Austria Schwebfliegen von Maria-Woerth Diptera, Syrphidae Austria

Dziock, Frank., 1998:
Hoverflies from Munster Westf, with a preliminary list of the faunistic hoverfly literature from Nordrhein-Westfalen Diptera, Syrphidae Schwebfliegenfunde aus Munster Westf mit einer vorlaufigen Liste der faunistischen Schwebfliegenliteratur Nordrhein-Westfalens Diptera, Syrphidae

Mansfeld, Peter., 1999:
Hoverflies from Upper Saarland Contribution to the knowledge on Syrphidae Diptera in North Rhine-Westphalia Schwebfliegen aus dem Hochsauerlandkreis als Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Syrphidae Diptera in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Merkel-Wallner, G., 2005:
Hoverflies from the Bavarian Forest national park Diptera Syrphidae Schwebfliegen aus dem Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald Diptera Syrphidae

Lauterbach, Karl-Ernst., 2001:
Hoverflies in Bielefeld and its neighbourhood VIII the flower fly genus Brachyopa Meigen, 1822 Diptera - Syrphidae Schwebfliegen in Bielefeld und Umgegend VIII Baumsaftschwebfliegen der Gattung Brachyopa Meigen, 1822 Diptera - Syrphidae

Lauterbach, Karl-Ernst., 1995:
Hoverflies in Bielefeld and its surrounds 4 Diptera - Syrphidae Schwebfliegen in Bielefeld und Umgegend 4 Diptera - Syrphidae

Lauterbach, Karl-Ernst., 1998:
Hoverflies in Bielefeld and its surrounds VI Cerioidini - syrphid flies Diptera Syrphidae Schwebfliegen in Bielefeld und Umgegend VI Cerioidini - Langhorn-Schwebfliegen Diptera Syrphide

Lauterbach, Karl-Ernst., 1994:
Hoverflies in Bielefeld and surrounding area 2 Diptera - Syrphidae Schwebfliegen in Bielefeld und Umgegend 2 Diptera - Syrphidae

Lauterbach, Karl-Ernst., 1994:
Hoverflies in Bielefeld and surrounding area 3 Diptera - Syrphidae Schwebfliegen in Bielefeld und Umgegend 3 Diptera - Syrphidae

Lauterbach, Karl-Ernst., 1996:
Hoverflies in Bielefeld and surrounding area 5 Diptera - Syrphidae Schwebfliegen in Bielefeld und Umgegend 5 Diptera - Syrphidae

Freundt, R.; Ssymank, A.; Standfuss, K., 2005:
Hoverflies in North Rhine-Westphalia Diptera Syrphidae Checklist of species scientifically proven since 1980 Schwebfliegen in Nordrhein-Westfalen Diptera Syrphidae Checkliste der seit 1980 nachgewiesenen Arten

Ivarsson, Tobias., 2001:
Hoverflies in Tyndero - a report from the Nordic Entomological Societys census days in 1999 Blomflugor i Tyndero - rapport fran NEFs inventeringslager 1999

Kehlmaier, Christian., 2000:
Hoverflies in and around Lueneburg Diptera Syrphidae Schwebfliegenfunde in und um Lueneburg Diptera Syrphidae

Archer, R., 1990:
Hoverflies in the Caradon area

Reemer, Menno., 2001:
Hoverflies in the dunes Zweefvliegen in de duinen

Loehr, P., 2004:
Hoverfly bycatches Diptera Syrphidae from emergence traps of the Hermelin source system of Breitenbach at Vogelsberg Schwebfliegenbeifaenge Diptera Syrphidae aus Emergenzfallen des Hermelin-Quellsystems vom Breitenbach im Vogelsberg

Jentzsch, M., 2003:
Hoverfly records at Kulkwitz Lake, Leipzig Schwebfliegen-Nachweise am Kulkwitzer See bei Leipzig

Fluegel, H., 2004:
Hoverfly records at the Living Bee Museum Knuellwald Diptera Syrphidae Schwebfliegenfunde am Lebendigen Bienenmuseum Knuellwald Diptera Syrphidae

Jentzsch, Matthias., 1997:
Hoverfly records from the Horle valley in south east Harz Dipt, Syrphidae Schwebfliegennachweise aus dem Horletal im Suedostharz Dipt, Syrphidae

Iliff, D., 1990:
Hoverfly report 1989

van der Veen, Henk-Jan., 1996:
Hoverfly research in the De Gagels sports park, Steenwijk Zweefvliegenonderzoek in sportpark De Gagels, Steenwijk

Menten, Joris., 2002:
Hoverfly studies in the Dijleland region Zweefvliegenonderzoek in het Dijleland

Sagot, P.; Livory, A.; Lair, X.; Chevin, H., 2004:
Hoverfly survey balance in 2004 Enquete syrphes bilan 2004

Kovacs, Gabor., 2003:
Hovering by great white egret Egretta alba Nagy kocsag Egretta alba szitalasa

Bengtsson, Kenneth., 2004:
How 20 avocets became 22 Hur 20 skarflackor blev 22

Stefanescu, C.; Planas, J., 2003:
How Catalan populations of Charaxes jasius are influenced by winter harshness Com afecta el rigor de lhivern les poblacions catalanes de Charaxes jasius

Argant, A.; Ballesio, R.; Camaret, J.; Philippe, M., 2004:
How Collombine was born skeletal mounting at the Cave Museum of Entremont-Le-Vieux Savoie Comment est nee Collombine le Montage du Squelette du Musee de lOurs des Cavernes dEntremont-Le-Vieux Savoie

Walasz, K., 1990:
How Dutch ornithologists work - impressions from a visit to SOVON

Thieblemont, P., 2005:
How I managed my noble crayfish rearing Comment jai meme mon elevage de pieds rouges Astacus astacus

Bauer, Lucas., 2004:
How I unintentionally came into possession of Hyla punctata Hoe ik onbedoeld in het bezit kwam van Hyla punctata

Grosser, Norbert., 2006:
How Lepidoptera react to landscape management measures - examples from the Jonas Valley at Arnstadt Ilm district/Thuringia Wie Schmetterlinge auf Landschaftspfelgemassnahmen reagieren - Beispiele aus dem Jonastal bei Arnstadt Ilmkries/Thueringen

Tupinier, Yves., 2003:
How a species changes from Vespertilio murinus to Myotis myotis Chiroptera a century and a half of systematics Comment une espece passe de Vespertilio murinus a Myotis myotis Chiroptera un siecle et demi de systematique

Siebers, E., 1977:
How a tiger turns man-eater; a recent example from Sumatra

Lohmus, Asko., 2001:
How accurate are the density estimates of forest-dwelling raptors? Kui tapsed on metsakulliliste asustustiheduse hinnangud?

Lebreton, P.; Girard, I., 2005:
How and why bird species-diversity varies in mountain? Comment et pourquoi la richesse avifaunistique evolut-t-elle en montagne?

Rakotosamimanana, B.; Ralaiarison, R.R.; Ralisoamalala, R.C.; Rasolofoharivelo, T.M.; Randrianarison, R.M.rie; Raharimanantsoa, V.; Rakotondratsimba, J.G.lbert; Rasolofoson, D.R.; Rakotonirainy, E.O.; Randriamboavonjy, T.M., 2004:
How and why diurnal lemurs are gradually disappearing in the forests of Ambato and Maromizaha Moramanga Region in Madagascar? Comment et pourquoi les lemuriens diurnes disparaissent peu a peu dans les forets dAmbato et de Maromizaha region de Moramanga Madagascar?

Barba, E., 2006:
How and why to prepare a butterfly Como y por que descoyuntar a una mariposa

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