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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 38314

Chapter 38314 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Marnot, Tilt., 2002:
Hundred years from the birth of Jaan Mihkelson Sada aastat Vijandi lepidopteroloogi Jaan Mihkelsoni sunnist

Jenni, L.; Gremeaud, J., 1999:
Hundred years of bird ringing in science and nature protection, a survey Cent ans de baguage doiseau au service de la science et de la protection de la nature

Jenni, Lukas., 1999:
Hundred years of bird ringing in science and nature protection, a survey Hundert Jahre Beringung von Vogeln im Dienste von Wissenschaft und Naturschutz eine Ubersicht aus schweizerischer Sicht

Hadas, Tadeusz, B., 1997:
Hundred years of lepidopterological investigations in the Segiet Forest 1896-1996 Stulecie badan lepidopterologicznych w Lesie Segieckim 1896-1996

Nagy, B., 1990:
Hundred years of the Moroccan locust, Dociostaurus maroccanus Thunberg, in the Carpathian Basin

Bezzel, E., 2002:
Hundred years recording breeding birds in Bavaria interpretation of annual ornithological reports from 1897 to 1908 Hundert Jahre Brutvogelfauna Bayerns Rueckblick auf ornithologische Jahresberichte 1897 bis 1908

Kroniger, M.H.; Werneburg, R., 1995:
Hundreds of peacock butterflies as winter guests at castle Bertholdsburg in Schleusingen Hunderte Tagpfauenaugen als Wintergaste in der Bertholdsburg Schleusingen

Cadee, G.C.; Dijksen, S., 1999:
Hundreds of sea anemones Sagartiogeton undatum washed up on Texel Honderden weduwerozen Sagartiogeton undatum spoelden op Texel aan

Csanyi, Sandor ., 1996:
Hungarian game management database 1960-1995 Vadgazdalkodasi adattar 1960-1995

Pushkash, D., 1956:
Hungarian game reserves

Nadai, L.; Merkl, O., 2004:
Hungarian localities of hide beetles Coleoptera Trogidae Magyarorszag irhabogarfeleinek lelohelyadatai Coleoptera Trogidae

Nadai, L., 2006:
Hungarian localities of the species of Bolboceratinae Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea Geotrupidae A Bolboceratinae alcsalad magyarorszagi fajainak lelohelyadatai Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea Geotrupidae

Magyar, G.; Hadarics, T.; Schmidt, A.; Sos, E.; Olah, J. ifj; Nagy, T.; Vegvari, Z.; Bankovics, A., 2004:
Hungarian names of the bird species of the world belonging to Anseriformes, Falconiformes and Charadriiformes A fold ludalaku, nappali ragadozo- es lilealaku madarainak magyar nevei

Szlivka, L., 1959:
Hungarian short notes

Bakonyi, G.; Kiss, I.; Seres, A., 2003:
Hungarian zoologists directory A magyar zoologusok nevjegyzeke

Hirt, Fritz., 1991:
Hungary an about turn with consequences More private nature conservation Ungarn Umschwung mit Folgen Mehr privater Naturschutz

Borkenhagen, Peter., 1997:
Hunt statistical data of stoats Mustela erminea and weasels M nivalis collected in Schleswig-Holstein Jagdstatistische Angaben und Masse von in Schleswig-Holstein gesammelten Hermelinen Mustela erminea und Mauswieseln M nivalis

Baena, Martha Lucia., 1993:
Hunter ants of the genus Pachycondyla Hymenoptera Ponerinae of Gorgona island and the Colombian Pacific plain Hormigas cazadoras del genero Pachycondyla Hymenoptera Ponerinae de la Isla Gorgona y la Planicie Pacifica Colombiana

Soto, Manuel Morales., 1995:
Hunterellus hookeri, a parasitoid of Rhipicephalus sanguineus, a tick of public health interest in Mexico Datos ecologicos de Hunterellus hookeri en Morelos, Mexico, parasitoide de Rhipicephalus sanguineus, una garrapata de interes en salud publica

Krumenacker, Thomas., 1998:
Hunters in France against migrating birds and the European law Frankreichs Jager gegen Zugvogel und europaisches Recht

Wagener, P.; Sigbert., 2001:
Hunting Parnassius butterflies in the Chinese provinces of Kansu and Hsinghai 60 to 70 years ago - a historical sketch Auf der Jagd nach Parnassiern in den chinesischen Provinzen Kansu und Hsinghai vor 60 bis 70 Jahren - eine historische Skizze

Nores, C.; Palomero, G., 2000:
Hunting activities and conservation of the brown bear in the Catabrian Cordillera Actividades cinegeticas y conservacion del oso pardo en la cordillera cantabrica

Zahn, A.; Maier, S., 1997:
Hunting activity of bats at streams and ponds Jagdaktivitat von Fledermausen an Bachen und Teichen

Petersson, Bo., 2001:
Hunting and capture of the goshawk in Skane Jakt och fangst av duvhok i Skane

Rico, M.; Torrente, JP., 2000:
Hunting and decline of wolves in Spain Historical research and biological conclusions Caza y rarificacion del lobo en Espana investigacion historica y conclusiones biologicas

Wings, O.; Joyce, W.G., 2006:
Hunting and food uptake by the free living leopard iguana Gambelia wislizenii Jagd und Nahrungsaufnahme eines frei lebenden Leopardleguans Gambelia wislizenii

Graulich, Michel., 1997:
Hunting and human sacrifice among the Aztecs Chasse et sacrifice humain chez les Azteques

Tamisier, Alain., 2002:
Hunting and migratory birds - reflection on the organization of hunting in France Chasse et oiseaux migrateurs Reflexion sur lorganisation de la chasse en France

Gnatzy, W.; Ferber, M., 1999:
Hunting and paralysing strategies of solitary wasps Jagd- und Paralysierungsstrategien solitarer Wespen

Lethier, Herve., 1997:
Hunting and protected areas in Europe conclusion elements La chasse et les zones protegees en Europe elements de conclusion

Valoch, Karel., 1999:
Hunting and raw materials economy in the Middle Palaeolithic in Moravia Jagd- und Rohstoffoekonomie im Mittelpalaeolithikum Maehrens

Boyd, H., 1990:
Hunting and the reported kill of ducks and geese in the USA and Canada

Dahl, E., 1969:
Hunting and wild populations

Costa-Neto, E.Medeiros, 2004:
Hunting animals in the urban jungle a case study in the city of Feira de Santana, Bahia, Brazil Cacando bichos na selva urbana um estudo de caso na cidade de Feira de Santana, Bahia, Brasil

Dieberger, J., 2003:
Hunting beavers Castor fiber L - from stone age to present times Die Bejagung des Bibers Castor fiber L von der Steinzeit bis zur Gegenwart

Tamisier, A.; Bechet, A.; Jarry, G.; Lefeuvre, J.C.; L.M.ho, Y., 2003:
Hunting disturbance effects on waterbirds Literature review Effets du derangement par la chasse sur les oiseaux deau Revue de litterature

Roubet, Colette., 1999:
Hunting equipment for Caprinae with Upper Palaeolithic truncated backed pieces from Klithi, Epirus, Greece a composite harpoon proposal Equipement pour la chasse aux caprines avec des pieces a dos tronquees du Paleolithique superieur de Klithi, Epire Grece proposition dun harpon composite

Svendsen, Tore ., 1999:
Hunting for eider ducks - should this be extended to more districts? Aerfugljakt - bor den utvides til flere fylker?

Landry, P., 1990:
Hunting harvest of waterfowl in the western Palearctic and Africa

Myating, L., 1963:
Hunting in Estonia Okhota i Okhotniche Khoz 1 4-5

Geiersberger, I.; Zach, P., 1997:
Hunting in nature reserves the effects of waterfowl hunting on autumn-staging dabbling ducks Jagd in Naturschutzgebieten Auswirkung der Wasservogeljagd auf Rastbestaende von Gruendelenten

Wijkhuisen, H., 1990:
Hunting in the Kennem Dunes - past and present

Meltofte, H.; Schaffer, A.; Nielsen, J., 1999:
Hunting intensity in wetlands rich in species of birds in Denmark during 1985-1994 Appendix Jagtintensitet i fuglerige vadomrader i Danmark 1985-1994 Appendix

Anonymous., 1996:
Hunting is a major endangerment for the bear in the Cantabrian mountains El furtivismo es el mayor factor de riesgo para el oso en la cordillera Cantabrica

Schmidt, Otto., 1999:
Hunting killifish in Zambia Auf Killi-Jagd nach Sambia

Obretenov, Alexander., 2005:
Hunting management in Bulgaria Die Jagdeinrichtung in Bulgarien

Fadat, Charles., 1994:
Hunting management proposals for the European woodcock populations Propositions pour la gestion cynegetique des populations de becasses en Europe

Loske, Karl-Heinz., 1999:
Hunting of barn swallows Hirundo rustica in Nigeria stopped Massenfang von Rauchschwalben Hirundo rustica in Nigeria gestoppt- Erfolg der Spendenaktion

Zbinden, N.; Salvioni, M., 1997:
Hunting of black grouse Tetrao tetrix in the Canton of Ticino southern Switzerland 1963-1995 Die Bejagung des Birkhahns im Tessin 1963-1995

Langgemach, T.; Ditscherlein, E., 2004:
Hunting of carrion crows, hooded crows, magpies and jays in Germany - the current situation Zum aktuellen Stand der Bejagung von Aaskraehe Corvus corone, Elster Pica pica und Eichelhaeher Garrulus glandarius in Deutschland

Wiesner, Jochen., 1994:
Hunting of crow like birds - urgent need after several years protection status or ecologically unreasonable measure? Bejagung von Rabenvogeln - dringende Notwendigkeit nach mehrjahriger Unterschutzstellung oder okologisch unsinnige Massnahme?

Rumpf, Marion., 2002:
Hunting of frogs by kingfishers in winter Eisvoegel jagen Froesche im Winter

Persson, Hakon., 1999:
Hunting of greylag geese in France; unsustainable use of natural resource La chasse a loie cendree Anser anser en France ou de lexploitation excessive dune ressource naturelle

Ohlsson, Arne., 2002:
Hunting of honey buzzards in Malta Bivraksjakten pa Malta

Weissgerber, Rolf., 2006:
Hunting of quail Coturnix coturnix by buzzards Buteo buteo Maeusebussarde Buteo buteo jagen Wachteln Coturnix coturnix

Schwarz, S.; Sutor, A.; Litzbarski, H., 2005:
Hunting of red fox Vulpes vulpes in the SPA Havellaendisches Luch in favour of great bustard Otis tarda Bejagung des Rotfuchses Vulpes vulpes im NSG Havellaendisches Luch Brandenburg zugunsten der Grosstrappe Otis tarda

Voylochnikov, A.T., 1966:
Hunting of the Siberian weasel in the Far East

Hubner, G.; Papadopoulos, D., 1998:
Hunting platforms as summer quarters for crevice inhabiting bats Jagdkanzeln als Sommerquartiere fur spaltenbewohnende Fledermause

Silva, J.L.; Strahl, S.D., 1997:
Hunting pressure on cracid populations in national parks, in the north of Venezuela Presion de caza sobre poblaciones de cracidos en los parques nacionales al norte de Venezuela

Sanchez-Ruiz, A.; Lopez-Colon, J.I.nacio., 1998:
Hunting records Coleoptera Pyrochroidae Nota de caza Coleoptera Pyrochroidae

Cuellar, R.L.ny.; Noss, A.J.; Arambiza, A., 2004:
Hunting records as a basis for wildlife management and monitoring in the Isoso El registro de la caceria como base para el monitoreo y manejo de fauna en Isoso

Qujaakitsoq, U., 1990:
Hunting regulations in Thule A few salient features from the Municipality of Qaanaaq

Kenne, M.; Schatz, B.; Dejean, A., 2000:
Hunting strategy of a generalist ant species proposed as a biological control agent Strategie de chasse dune espece de fourmi generaliste proposee comme auxiliaire de lutte biologique

Spreinat, Andreas., 1998:
Hunting strategy of tarpons Jagdstrategie von Tarpunen

Godzinska, Ewa Joanna., 1996:
Hunting techniques and tactics in the ants Techniki i taktyki lowieckie mrowek

Vinogradov, L.G., 1955:
Hunting the crab

Ohlsson, Arne., 1997:
Hunting within the EU Jakten inom EU

Andriguetto-Filho, J.M.lton.; Kruger, A.C.rl.; Lange, M.B.rnadette Ribas., 1998:
Hunting, biodiversity and habitat management in Guaraquecaba Environmental Protection Area, Parana, Brazil Caca, biodiversidade e gestao ambiental na Area de Protecao Ambiental de Guaraquecaba, Parana, Brasil

Voekl, W.; Clausnitzer, H.-Joachim.; Geiger, A.; Joger, U.; Podloucky, R.; Teufert, S., 2004:
Hunting, forestry and the protection of the adder Kreutzotterschutz, Jagd und Forstwirtschaft

Jenny, Hannes., 2000:
Hunting setting a model in Graubuenden Jagd Modellfall Graubuenden

Adam, Tim., 2006:
Huntsman spiders in the terrarium Captive care and breeding of Holconia insignis Thorell, 1870 and information on some other giant crab spiders Arachnida Araneae Sparassidae Jagdspinnen im Terrarium Haltung und Zucht von Holconia insignis Thorell, 1870 und Informationen zu einigen weiteren Riesenkrabbenspinnen Arachnida Araneae Sparassidae

Gaudant, J.; Courme, M.-Denise.; Marin Ferrer, J.M.nuel., 2001:
Hurchillo Alicante Province, Spain A new fossiliferous locality yielding an up-to-now-unknown type of marine fish-fauna Hurchillo province dAlicante, Espagne Un gisement de poissons messiniens dun type encore inconnu

Salazar-Vallejo, Sergio, I., 2002:
Hurricanes and tropical coastal biodiversity Huracanes y biodiversidad costera tropical

Schluter, Uwe., 1999:
Husbandry and breeding of Andean narrow-tailed lizards Stenocerus from the Peruvian highlands 1 Stenocercus empetrus and Stenocercus melanopygus Haltung und Zucht einiger Anden-Kielschwanzleguane Stenocercus aus dem peruanischen Hochland 1 Stenocercus empetrus und Stenocercus melanopygus

Matschei, Christian., 2006:
Husbandry and breeding of Barbary sheeps Ammotragus lervia Pallas, 1777 at Zoo Berlin after 1945 Haltung und zucht von Maehnenschafen Ammotragus lervia Pallas, 1777 im Zoologischen Garten Berlin nach 1945

Briegoos, M., 1998:
Husbandry and breeding of Crotaphytus collaris Verzorging en kweek van de Halsbandleguaan Crotaphytus collaris

Schulz, K.-Dieter.; Grossmann, W., 2000:
Husbandry and breeding of Elaphe prasina Blyth, 1854 Pflege und Zucht von Elaphe prasina Blyth, 1854

Nijs, Jef., 1999:
Husbandry and breeding of Graptemys nigrinoda nigrinoda in captivity Verzorging en kweek van de zwartknobbelzaagrugschildpad, Graptemys nigrinoda nigrinoda, in gevangenschap

Blom, Marco., 2003:
Husbandry and breeding of Lampropeltis and Elaphe species Algemene verzorging van Lampropeltis en Elaphe soorten

Matschei, Christian., 2005:
Husbandry and breeding of New Guinea Singing dogs Canis lupus f hallstromi at Tierpark Berlin Haltung und Zucht von Hallstromhunden oder Urwalddingos Canis lupus f hallstromi im Tierpark Berlin

Polleck, Rainer., 2004:
Husbandry and breeding of Varanus prasinus prasinus Schlegel, 1839 Haltung und Nachzucht von Varanus prasinus prasinus Schlegel, 1839

Castle, E., 1990:
Husbandry and breeding of chameleons Chamaeleo spp at Oklahoma City Zoo

Klawonn, Ole., 2007:
Husbandry and breeding of long-snouted armoured catfish Pflege und Vermehrung von Spitzkopfanzerwelsen

Gad, Jurgen., 2000:
Husbandry and breeding of the Egyptian tortoise Testudo kleinmanni Die Haltung und Zucht der Agyptischen Landschildkrote Testudo kleinmanni

Sievert, Jens., 2002:
Husbandry and breeding of the Hopi rattlesnake, Crotalus viridis nuntius Klauber, 1935 Haltung und Zucht der Hopi-Klapperschlange Crotalus viridis nuntius Klauber, 1935

Grychta, Udo., 1996:
Husbandry and breeding of the Mexican mud-turtle Kinosternon integrum Le Conte, 1854 Haltung und Nachzucht der Mexiko-Klappschildkrote Kinosternon integrum Le Conte, 1854

Lenort, J., 2004:
Husbandry and breeding of the Philippine emerald gecko, Pseudogekko smaragdinus Taylor, 1922 Haltung und Nachzucht des philippinischen Smaragdgeckos Pseudogekko smaragdinus Taylor, 1922

Mutz, Thomas., 1998:
Husbandry and breeding of the Sardinian cave salamander Hydromantes imperialis Stefani, 1969 and some observations to the ecology of the European cave salamanders Haltung und Zucht des Sardischen Hohlensalamanders Hydromantes imperialis Stefani, 1969 und einige Beobachtungen zur Okologie der europaischen Hohlensalamander

Grossmann, Wolfgang., 2002:
Husbandry and breeding of the brown tree skink, Dasia grisea Gray, 1845, and further data on the breeding of the olive tree skink, Dasia olivacea Gray, 1839 Haltung und Zucht des Braunen Baumskinks Dasia grisea Gray, 1845 und weitere Angaben zur Nachzucht des Olivfarbenen Baumskinks Dasia olivacea Gray, 1839

Jungnickel, Jens., 2005:
Husbandry and breeding of the death adder, Acanthophis rugosus Loveridge, 1948 Die Haltung und Nachzucht der Rauhnackigen Todesotter Acanthophis rugosus Loveridge, 1948

Hebbinghaus, Rolf., 2000:
Husbandry and breeding of the mushroom coral in an aquarium Haltung und Vermehrung eine Pilzkoralle im Aquazoo

Goetz, M., 2007:
Husbandry and breeding of the spiny turtle Heosemys spinosa Gray, 1931 at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust Haltung und Nachzucht der Stachel-Erdschildkroete Heosemys spinosa Gray, 1931 beim Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Treu, Bruno., 2001:
Husbandry and breeding of the striped gecko, Gekko vittatus Houttuyn, 1782 Haltung und Zucht des Streifengeckos, Gekko vittatus Houttuyn, 1782

Matschel, Christian., 2003:
Husbandry and breeding results on the mountain goat Oreamnos americanus, in zoos Haltungs- und Zuchtergebnisse von Scheeziegen, Oreamnos americanus, in Tiergaerten

Kober, I., 2004:
Husbandry and continuous captive breeding of the marbled gecko, Gekko grossmanni Guenther, 1994 Haltung und kontinuierliche Nachzucht des Marmorgeckos, Gekko grossmanni Guenther, 1994

Schulze, Robert., 2005:
Husbandry and experiences with the hunting spiders of the genus Cupiennius Simon, 1891 Haltung und Erfahrungen mit Jagdspinnen der Gattung Cupiennius Simon, 1891

van den Berghe, Gerard., 1995:
Husbandry and management of Uranoscodon superciliosa Verzorging en kweek van de mopskopleguaan Uranoscodon superciliosa

Blanvillain, Rene., 2005:
Husbandry and propagation of the South American snake-necked turtle, Platemys platycephala Schneider, 1792 Haltung und Vermehrung der Rotkopf-Plattschildkroete Platemys platycephala Schneider, 1792

Bohmke, BW., 1990:
Husbandry and propagation of the black-napped fruit dove, Ptilinopus melanospila, at the St Louis Zoo, USA

Arets, M.H M., 2003:
Husbandry of and observations on the ocellated lizard, Timon lepidus lepidus Daudin, 1802 Part I Het verzorgen en observeren van de parelhagedis, Timon lepidus lepidus Daudin, 1802 Part I

Arets, M.H M., 2003:
Husbandry of and observations on the ocellated lizard, Timon lepidus lepidus Daudin, 1802 Part II Het verzorgen en observeren van de parelhagedis, Timon lepidus lepidus Daudin, 1802 Deel II

Hora, Petr., 1999:
Husbandry of owls in the Zoopark Chomutov Chov sov v Podkrusnohorskem zooparku Chomutov

Duval, JJ.; Christie, WD., 1990:
Husbandry of the Cuban ground iguana Cyclura n nubila at the Indianapolis Zoo

Wheeler, S., 1990:
Husbandry of the spiny-tailed agamas Uromastyx acanthinurus and U aegyptius at Oklahoma City Zoo

Loehr, Victor., 1997:
Husbandry, behaviour and captive breeding of Malacochersus tornieri Verzorging, gedrag en voortplanting van de Pannenkoekschildpad Malacochersus tornieri in het terrarium

Mende, A.; Berndt, T., 2005:
Husbandry, care and breeding of the red turtle subspecies Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima incisa Bocourt, 1868 Haltung, Pflege und Nachzucht der Pracht-Erdschildkroete Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima incisa Bocourt, 1868

Berlijn, M.; CDNA., 2002:
Hutchinss Canada geese in the Netherlands Hutchins Canadese Ganzen in Nederland

Remaudiere, G.; Halbert, S.E., 2000:
Hyadaphis coriandri Das, a heteroecious species in the Middle East, recently introduced on the American continent Hemiptera Aphididae Hyadaphis coriandri Das, espece heteroecique au moyen-orient, recemment introduite sur le continent Americain Hemiptera Aphididae

Goncalves Ferreira, R.; Sousa-Silva, C.R.berto, 2004:
Hyadaphis foeniculi on anise crop in Pernambuco State Hyadaphis foeniculi na cultura de erva-doce no Estado de Pernambuco

Fosbrooke, H.A., 1967:
Hyaena incident

Thorlacius, Ornolfur., 2001:
Hyaenas Hyenur

Cavalieri, F., 1968:
Hyalella pampeana sp nov, a new species of freshwater amphipod

Pyontkovskaya, SP., 1949:
Hyalmmm marylnatum marginatum Koch, as a carrier of Rickettsia

Starkov, OA., 1972:
Hyalomma Hyalommina kumari Sharif, 1928 Ixodoidea, Ixodidae - new for the fauna of the USSR

Nikolsky, S.N., 1937:
Hyalomma marginale-the vector of equine nuttalliosis in Northern Caucasus

Petunin, F.A., 1948:
Hyalomma scupense P Sch-a vector of nuttalliasis of horses

Reshetniak, V.Z.; Pokhomova, N.G.; Liutov, N.F.; Skripkina, N.A., 1956:
Hyalomma scupense P Sch-the vector of the agent of bovine anaplasmosis

Wagner, Nicol., 1868:
Hyalosoma dux, a new form of Amphipod Crustacea Transactions of the first meeting of Russian naturalists at St Petersburg, 1868, pp 218-238, 4 pls

Lopez-Colon, Jose Ignacio., 1995:
Hybalus ameliae Lopez-Colon, 1986 and Hybalus baguenai Lopez-Colon, 1986, two species from the Iberian south Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Orphnidae Hybalus ameliae Lopez-Colon, 1986 e Hybalus baguenai Lopez-Colon, 1986, dos especies del sur iberico Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Orphnidae

Lopez-Colon, Jose Ignacio., 2004:
Hybalus ameliae, an endemic insect of the Cadiz coast El unicornio de Amelia, un insecto endemico de la costa gaditana

Millais, J.G., 1909:
Hybrid Grouse London Bull Brit Ornith Cl 23 190951-52; also Brit

Hohl, Fernand., 1999:
Hybrid amioti Lepidoptera Saturniidae Hybride amioti Lepidoptera Saturniidae

Todte, I.; Bechert, K.; Meisel, F., 2006:
Hybrid between barn swallow Hirundo rustica and sand martin Riparia riparia Zwei Hybriden zwischen Rauchschwalbe Hirundo rustica and Uferschwalbe Riparia riparia

Stickroth, Hermann., 1996:
Hybrid between house sparrow Passer domesticus and tree sparrow P montanus in Bavaria Ein Hybride aus Haus- Passer domesticus und Feldsperling P montanus in Bayern

Frauendorf, E.; Gunther, H.; Schrack, M.; Ernst, S., 1997:
Hybrid between redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus and black redstart Phoenicurus ochruros with the song of a black redstart Hybrid zwischen Gartenrotschwanz Phoenicurus phoenicurus und Hausrotschwanz Ph ochruros mit Gesang des Hausrotschwanzes

Geiregat, N.; D.S.et, G., 2005:
Hybrid coot Fulica atra x moorhen Gallinula chloropus in Oudenaarde Flanders/Belgium Hybride Meerkoet Fulica atra x Waterhoen Gallinula chloropus te Oudenaarde

Schurian, Klaus, G., 1997:
Hybrid cormion specimens =Polyommatus Meleageria coridon x P M daphnis collected in the wild Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Freilandexemplare des Hybriden cormion =Polyommatus Meleageria coridon x P M daphnis Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

McGuigan, CC., 1990:
Hybrid lesser crested x sandwich tern at Musselburgh

Poerschke, I., 2005:
Hybrid of goldeneye B clangula and hooded merganser L cucullatus in Hamburg Hybride aus Schellente und Kappensaeger B clangula x L cucullatus in Hamburg

Rumler, Z.; Hanak, F.; Vermouzek, Z., 2002:
Hybrid of house martin Delichon urbica and bank swallow Riparia riparia Krizenec jiricky obecne a brehule ricni Delichon urbica x Riparia riparia

Mild, Krister., 1996:
Hybrid or not? Risteymako?

Rellmar, Mats., 2002:
Hybrid records in Skalderviken Hybridarla i Skalderviken

Woehler, EJ.; Gilbert, CA., 1990:
Hybrid rockhopper - Macaroni penguins, interbreeding and mixed species pairs at Heard Marion Islands

D.R.we, F.; D.S.et, G., 1997:
Hybrid roseate x common tern breeding with common tern at Zeebrugge in 1995 Hybride Dougalls stern x visdief broedend met visdief te Zeebrugge in 1995

van Eerde, Kees, A., 1999:
Hybrid sedge x European reed warbler at Makkum in August 1997 Hybride rietzanger x kleine karekiet te Makkum in augustus 1997

Herremans, M., 2006:
Hybrid tree sparrow x house sparrow Passer montanus x P domesticus at Zichem in 2004 and 2005 Hybride Ringmus Passer montanus Huismus P domesticus, Zichem 2004 en 2005

de Vries, P.; Zekhuis, M., 1996:
Hybrid wigeon near Deventer in February-March 1994 Hybride smient bij Deventer in februari-maart 1994

Cristian, A., 1965:
Hybridations entre le garden, Fide et la carpe

Darevskij, IS., 1974:
Hybridisation and parthenogenesis as factors of species formation in lizards

Dunn, R., 1990:
Hybridisation between black tailed native hen and Eurasian coot

van Balen, J.H.; Perdeck, A.C. van Diek, H., 2001:
Hybridisation between common moorhen and eurasian coot Hybridisatie tussen waterhoen en meerkoet

Baumanis, Janis., 1998:
Hybridisation between great white egret Egretta alba and grey heron Ardea cinerea in Latvia Hybridisation zwischen Silberreiher Egretta alba und Graureiher Ardea cinerea in Lettland

Smiraov, A.I., 1959:
Hybridisation of Pacific salmon

Kabisch, Klaus., 2001:
Hybridisation of Testudo horsfieldii Gray, 1844 and Testudo graeca ibera Pallas, 1814 Bastardisierung von Testudo horsfieldii Gray, 1844 und Testudo graeca ibera Pallas, 1814

Lopirin, A.I.; Loginova, N.V., 1953:
Hybridisation of not closely related animals

Deschamps-Cottin, M.; Aubert, J.; Barascud, B.; Descimon, H., 2000:
Hybridization and barriers to introgression between full-fledged species The case of the butterflies Parnassius apollo and P phoebus in the Alps Hybridation et introgression entre bonnes especes Le cas de Parnassius apollo et P phoebus

Kossowski, C.; Venero, J., 1997:
Hybridization and growth of Pimelodus blochii x Phractocephalus hemiliopterus Pisces, Pimelodidae Hibridacion y crecimiento de Pimelodus blochii por Phractocephalus hemiliopterus Pisces, Pimelodidae

Decobert, Olivier., 2006:
Hybridization and speciation of carabids Coleoptera Carabidae Hybridation et speciation ches les carabes Coleoptera Carabidae

Burre, Goetz., 2004:
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