IV Pieridae from EW Schmidt-Mumms Collection and description of three new subspecies Lepidoptera Pieridae IV Pieridae de la coleccion EW Schmidt-Mumm y descripcion de tres nuevas subespecies Lepidoptera Pieridae

Salazar, JA.

SHILAP Revista de Lepidopterologia 30 de diciembre; 30120: 325-340


Accession: 038316092

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A list of the genera and species of Pieridae are given for specimens deposited in the E. W. Schmidt-Mumm's collection, Bogota, Colombia, with records of data and location. The genera Aphrissa Butler, 1873, Phoebis Huebner, (1819) and Catasticta Butler, 1870 are omitted. Furthemore three new subspecies are described: Zerene cesonia deserticola Salazar, ssp. n., Colias lesbia roberti Salazar, ssp. n. and Leodonta dysoni nevadensis Salazar, ssp. n.