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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38319

Chapter 38319 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hernandez Alvarez, H.M.; Mendiola Martinez, J.; Fernandez-Calienes, A.; Valdez, M., 2000:
Identification of a neutral protease activity in Boophilus microplus intestine by electrophoresis in polyacrilamide gel copolymerized with gelatin Identificacion de una proteasa neutra en intestino de Boophilus microplus por electroforesis en geles de poliacrilamida copolimerizados con gelatina

Huber, Jean H., 2005:
Identification of a small collection of Aphyosemion from Zaire in the Munich Museum ZSM, with further comments on the validity of known components of the elegans superspecies Part 2 Identifikation einer kleinen Sammlung von Aphyosemion aus Zaire im Muenchener Museum ZSM, mit weiteren Kommentaren ueber die Validitaet der bekannten Komponenten der elegans-Superspezies 2 Teil

Jiguet, F.; Defos du Rau, P.; Bocher, P., 1998:
Identification of albatrosses in the western Palaearctic Identification des albatros visibles dans le palearctique occidental

van Diepenbeek, Annemarie., 2002:
Identification of animal traces in wildlife passages Herkenning van diersporen in faunapassages

Moreno, J.; Rubio-Palis, Y.; Acevedo, P., 2000:
Identification of anopheline breeding sites in an endemic area of Bolivar state, Venezuela Identificacion de criaderos de anofelinos en un area endemica del estado Bolivar, Venezuela

Vilca, K.; Reyes, E., 1999:
Identification of aphids Homoptera Aphididae and their parasitoids in the Callejon de Huaylas, Ancash, Peru Identificacion de afidos Homoptera Aphididae y sus parasitoides en el Callejon de Huaylas, Ancash, Peru

Viet,; Nha, P.V.n., 2002:
Identification of bears Ursidae and wild dogs Canidae frequently seen in Viet Nam based on the structure and the morphology of the hairs Dinh loai cac loai thu hoang dai thuoc ho gau Ursidae va ho cho Canidae O Viet Nam Dua vao hinh thai va cau truc cua long

Hellquist, Alexander., 2006:
Identification of black-tailed godwits Limosa limosa of the subspecies islandica Die Bestimmung von Uferschnepfen Limosa limosa der Unterart islandica

Esteves Andrade, R.; Seixas Lorosa, E., 1998:
Identification of blood-meal sources for mosquitoes of Nova Iguacu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by use of the precipitation test Identificacao de fontes alimentares de mosquitos no municipio de nova iguacu, RJ, Brasil, pela tecnica da reacao de precipitina

Hadarics, Tibor., 1996:
Identification of citrine wagtail A citrombillegeto Motacilla citreola hatarozasa

Machado-Allison, A.; Chernoff, B.; Provenzano, F.; Willink, P.; Marcano, A.; Petry, P.; Sidlauskas, B., 2005:
Identification of conservation priority areas in the Caura River basin, Bolivar State, Venezuela Identificacion de areas prioritarias de conservacion en la cuenca del Rio Caur, Estado Bolivar, Venezuela

Sjogren, Hans., 2000:
Identification of cuckoo egg morphs Identifikation av gokaggsmorfer

Randler, Christoph., 2000:
Identification of diving duck Aythya hybrids Die Bestimmung von Tauchentenhybriden der Gattung Aythya

Castro, E.F.anca.; Fonseca, C.C.sar.; Menin, E., 2002:
Identification of endocrine cells in the gastrointestinal tract of Prochilodus marggravii Walbaum, 1792 Pisces, Teleostei, Characiformes, Prochilodontidae Identificacao de celulas endocrinas no aparelho digestorio de Prochilodus marggravii Walbaum, 1792 Pisces, Teleostei, Characiformes, Prochilodontidae

Seixas Lorosa, E.; Esteves de Andrade, R.; Pereira, C.A.berto.; Menezes dos Santos, S.; Jurberg, J., 1999:
Identification of feeding resources of Triatoma sordida Stal, 1859, Hemiptera - Reduviidae in the northern region of Goias, Brazil, by precipitin test Identificacao das fontes alimentares de Triatoma sordida Stal, 1859, Hemiptera - Reduviidae na regiao norte de Goias, Brasil, atraves da tecnica de precipitina

Lewington, I., 1990:
Identification of female pine bunting

Wohler, Otto C., 1997:
Identification of first growth rings in juvenile castaneta otoliths Cheilodactylus bergi Identificacion de las primeras marcas de crecimiento en los otolitos de juveniles de castaneta Cheilodactylus bergi Pisces Cheilodactylidae

Silva dos Santos, G.; Martins, L.; Sales Gonzalez, P.; Rebello de Aguiar Junior, T.; Adorno, E.V.toria.; Macedo de Carvalho, A., 2006:
Identification of gastropod shells occupied by Paguroidea Decapoda, Anomura at Praia da Penha, Salvador - Bahia Identificacao das conchas de gastropodos ocupadas por paguros Decapodas, Anomura, Paguroidea Praia da Penha, Salvador - Bahia

de Casamajor, M.-Noelle.; Prouzet, P.; Lazure, P., 2000:
Identification of glass eels groups Anguilla anguilla from variability of allometry relations according to hydrodynamics conditions in the Adour estuary Identification des flux de civelles Anguilla anguilla a partir des relations dallometrie en fonction des conditions hydrodynamiques de lestuaire de lAdour

Deloffre, L.; Sautiere, P.-Eric.; Sautiere, P.; Cocquerelle, C.; Andries, J.-Claude., 2000:
Identification of granuline-related peptide in a marine invertebrate, Hediste diversicolor Mise en evidence dune molecule apparentee aux granulines chez invertebre marin, Hediste diversicolor

Schollaert, Valery., 2002:
Identification of gulls in Wallonia I The most obvious plumage Identification des mouettes et goelands en Wallonie I Les plumages les moins delicats

Vangeluwe, Didier., 2003:
Identification of gulls in Wallonia III The change of plumage with age Identification des mouettes et goelands en Wallonie III Levolution du plumage avec lage

Ignacio Dies, J., 2000 :
Identification of herons in Spain In search of Ardeidae Identificacion de garzas en Espana Tras la pista de las ardeidas

Brambilla, S. de Carli, E.; Fornasari, L., 2003:
Identification of high quality agricoltural areas based on bird data in the Serio Regional Park Lombardy Identificazione su base ornitologica di aree agricole ad elevata naturalita nel Parco del Serio Lombardia

Andreotti, A.; Leonardi, G.; Mannino, V.; Tomasini, S.; Toso, S., 2007:
Identification of immatures of the lanner by closer examination of individuals Identificazione degli immaturi di lanario attraverso lesame ravvicinato degli individui

Seijas, Maria Susana., 1997:
Identification of individuals of the black necked swan Cygnus melancoryphus by use of the ocular line Identificacion individual en el cisne de cuello negro Cygnus melancoryphus a traves de la linea ocular

Harada Ono, R.; Mendonca de Oliveira, M.; Lisboa, P.L., 1998:
Identification of insect attackers of cedar religious sculptures in order to conserve the sculptures Identificacao biologica em estatuaria sacra de madeira para fins de conservacao

Orsini, P.; Faugier, C.; Butet, A., 2001:
Identification of insectivores and rodents of France mice sibling species, Mus musculus domesticus and Mus spretus Identification des insectivores et rongeurs de France les especes jumelles de souris, Mus musculus domesticus et Mus spretus

Charissou, Isabelle., 2001:
Identification of insectivores and rodents of France the water shrews Neomys fodiens and Neomys anomalus Identification des insectivores et rongeurs de France les crossopes, Neomys fodiens and Neomys anomalus

Macambira, M.L.cia Jardim.; Jardim, M.A.gusto G., 1999:
Identification of insects visiting inflorescences of the palm tree inaja Maximiliana maripa L Identificacao dos insectos visitantes de inflorescencias da palmeira inaja Maximiliana maripa L

Tanrikul, T.; Tansel; Cagirgan, H.; Toksen, E., 2005:
Identification of isolated Vibrio sp from sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax L, 1758 using API 20E system Levreklerden Dicentrarchus labrax L, 1758 izole edilen Vibrio turlerinin API 20E yontemiyle identifikasyonu

Leclerq, Jacques-Andre., 1996:
Identification of juvenile long-tailed skua in active flight Cles didentification des jeunes labbes a longue queue Stercorarius longicaudus en migration active

Landeck, Ingmar., 1998:
Identification of juvenile stages of Oedipoda caerulescens L and Sphingonotus caerulans L Orthoptera; Acrididae Zur Unterscheidung der Jugendstadien von Oedipoda caerulescens L und Sphingonotus caerulans L Orthoptera; Acrididae

Larizza, Alessandra., 1996:
Identification of juvenile stages of two Hemicycliophora species occurring in Italy Nematoda Hemicycliophoridae Identificazione degli stadi giovanili di due specie di Hemicycliophora presenti in Italia Nematoda Hemicycliophoridae

Banerjee, Arun., 2002:
Identification of kinds and origin of ivory by non-destructive methods Art- und Herkunftsbestimmung von Elfenbein mit Hilfe von zerstoerungsfrei arbeitenden Methoden

Krell, F-T., 2004:
Identification of larvae and adults of the central European Melolontha species Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea Bestimmung von Larven and Imagines der mitteleuropaeischen Melolontha-Arten Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea

Amate, J.; Barranco, P.; Cabello, T., 1998:
Identification of larvae of the principal pest noctuid species in Spain Lepidoptera Noctuidae Identificacion de larvas de las principales especies de noctuidos plaga de Espana Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Riasanova, L., 1944:
Identification of malaria in unstained blood Finding of gametocytes of malignant tertian malaria in the counting chamber

Marques, Rosane Vera. de Miranda Ramos, Fernando., 2001:
Identification of mammals occurring in Sao Francisco de Paula/IBAMA National Forest, Rio Grande do Sul with use of camera equipment equipped with infrared sensors Identificacao de mamiferos ocorrentes na Floresta Nacional de Sao Francisco de Paula/IBAMA, RS com a utilizacao de equipamento fotografico acionado por sensores infravermehlhos

Watson, G.W.; Chandler, L.R., 2000:
Identification of mealybugs important in the Caribbean Region with notes on preparation of whitefly pupae for identification Identificacion de las cochinillas o piojitos harinosos de importancia en el Caribe con notas en la preparacion de pupas de moscas blancas para su identificacion

Arango, L., 2004:
Identification of mimetic species of butterflies in Karagabi nature reserve and Pueblo Rico botanical garden Pueblo Rico, Risaralda, Colombia part I Identificacion de las especies mimeticas de mariposas en la Reserva Natural Karagabi y el Jardin Botanico de Pueblo Rico Pueblo Rico, Risaralda, Colombia parte I

Zavadil, V.; Pialek, J., 2000:
Identification of newt females of the genus Triturus subgenus Paleotriton, vulgaris species group in the Czech Republic Identifikacni znaky samic colku rodu Triturus podrodu Paleotriton, druhove skupiny vulgaris na uzemi Ceske republiky

de Wavrin, Hellin., 1999:
Identification of newts and the salamander Identification des tritons et de la salamandre

Mosimann-Kampe, Paul., 2004:
Identification of non striped warblers What to do when they dont sing Ungestreifte Rohrsaenger bestimmen Was tun, wenn sie nicht singen?

Bergmanis, U., 1996:
Identification of optimal ringing age of juvenile common buzzards Buteo buteo L and goshawks Accipiter gentilis L using the egg incubation water test Eine Methode zur Festlegung der optimalen Beringungszeit junger Mausebussarde Buteo buteo L und Habichte Accipiter gentilis L durch die Bestimmung des Bebrutungsstadiums der Eier

Ghielmi, S.; Heulin, B.; Surget-Groba, Y.; Guillaume, C.-Pierre., 2001:
Identification of oviparous populations of Lacerta Zootoca vivipara in Italy Identification de populations ovipares de Lacerta Zootoca vivipara en Italie

Hennig, Andreas S., 2002:
Identification of painted turtles, Chrysemys picta Schneider, 1783 Zur Unterartbestimmung von Zierschildkroeten Chrysemys picta Schneider, 1783

Chantler, P., 1990:
Identification of pallid swift

Gamez Vivaldo, S.; Osorio Sarabia, D.; Penaflores Salazar, C.; Garcia Hernandez, A.; Ramirez Lezama, J., 2006:
Identification of parasites and epibionts in the Olive Ridley turtle Lepidochelys olivacea that arrived to the beaches of Michoacan and Oaxaca, Mexico Identificacion de parasitos y epibiontes de la tortuga Golfina Lepidochelys olivacea que arribo a playas de Michoacan y Oaxaca, Mexico

Canal Daza, N.A.; Zucchi, R.A. da Silva, N.M.; Leonel, F.L.; Jr., 1994:
Identification of parasitoid species Hym Braconidae of fruit flies Dip Tephritidae in two municipalities of Amazonas state, Brazil Reconocimiento de las especies de Parasitoides Hym Braconidae de moscas de las frutas Dip Tephritidae en dos municipios del Estado de Amazonas, Brasil

Olivares-Donoso, R.; Fuentes-Contreras, E.; Niemeyer, H.M., 2000:
Identification of parasitoids of Chelymorpha varians Blanchard Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Cassidinae in a central Chilean location Identificacion de parasitoides de Chelymorpha varians blanchard Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Cassidinae en una localidad de Chile central

Vallejo, L.F.rnando.; Uribe Soto, S.; Velez Bernal,, 1996:
Identification of pathogenic fungi for Lutzomyia sp Diptera Psychodidae vectors of leishmaniasis Identificacion de hongos patogenos para Lutzomyia sp Diptera Psychodidae vectores de leishmaniosis

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