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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38324

Chapter 38324 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sawadogo, A.; Diop, M.T.; Thio, B.; Konate, Y.A.; Mateille, T., 2000:
Impact of agronomic factors on Meloidogyne spp populations and their most common parasites in Sahelian vegetable cropping systems Incidence de quelques facteurs agronomiques sur les populations de Meloidogyne spp et leurs principaux organismes parasites en culture maraichere sahelienne

Stock, M.; Hofeditz, F.; Mock, K.; Pohl, B., 1995:
Impact of aircraft and tourism on behaviour and saltmarsh use of brent geese Branta bernicla bernicla in the Wadden Sea Einfluss von Flugbetrieb und Freizeitaktivitaten auf Verhalten und Raumnutzung von Ringelgansen Branta bernicla bernicla im Wattenmeer

Soukupova, L.; Lederer, F.; Vana, J.; Jenik, J.; Husakova, J.; Holmanova, I.; Sykorova, I., 1998:
Impact of allochthonous limestone on species diversity in an extracted peatbog Hurecka Mire, Bohemian Forest Vliv alochtonniho vapence na druhovou diversitu vytezeneho raseliniste Hurecka slat, Sumava

Lorvelec, O.; Delloue, X.; Pascal, M.; Mege, S., 2004:
Impact of allochthonous mammals on some autochthonous species of Fajou Island Grand Cul-de-sac Marin Natural Reserve, Guadeloupe, French West Indies established after an eradication attempt Impacts des mammiferes allochtones sur quelques especes autochtones de lilet Fajou Reserve naturelle du Grand Cul-de-sac Marin, Guadeloupe, etablis a lissue dunetentative deradication

Buchli, C.; Abderhalden, W., 1999:
Impact of alpine ibex Capra i ibex on alpine meadows Einwirkungen des Alpensteinbocks Capra i ibex auf alpine Rasen

Yacoubi-Khebiza, M.; Boutin, C., 1997:
Impact of an hydroelectric reservoir on the interstitial biotopes and the distribution of the interstitial faunal of a river Impact dun barrage hydroelectrique sur les biotopes et sur la repartition de la faune interstitielle dun cours deau

Bentzien, Dietrich., 2001:
Impact of an outbreak of cold weather on the local population of the house martin Delichon urbica Auswirkungen eines Kaltlufteinbruches auf eine lokale Mehlschwalben-Population Delichon urbica

Thouzeau, G.; Chauvaud, L.; Durand, G.; Patris, T.; Glemarec, M., 2003:
Impact of anthropogenic pollutants on marine benthic organisms using biological indicators and monitoring networks to trace perturbations Impact des polluants dorigine anthropique sur les organismes benthiques marins notions dindicateurs biologiques de perturbation et de reseaux de surveillance

Pereira, S.; Natarajan, P.; Nair, TV., 1990:
Impact of artificial feeds on the growth of the catfish Mystus deviae

Reboreda, J.C.; Mermoz, M.E.; Massoni, V.; Astie, A.A.; Rabuffetti, F.L., 2003:
Impact of brood parasitism by shiny cowbirds Molothrus bonariensis on the reproductive success of their hosts Impacto del parasitismo de cria del Tordo Renegrido Molothrus bonariensis sobre el exito reproductivo de sus hospedadores

Araujo, M.S.lva.; Della Lucia, T.M.ria Castro.; Picanco, M.C.utinho., 2004:
Impact of burned sugarcane foliage on foraging dial rhythm of Atta bisphaerica Forel Hymenoptera, Formicidae Impacto da queima da palhada da cana-de-acucar no ritmo diario de forrageamento de Atta bisphaerica Forel Hymenoptera, Formicidae

da Silva Araujo, M.; Della Lucia, T.M.; Castro, 2004:
Impact of burning sugarcane foliage on the ant community Efeito da queima da palhada de cana-de-acuar sobre comunidade de formicideos

Tomaskovic, A.; Cergolj, M.; Makek, Z.; Dobranic, T.; Prvanovic, N., 2002:
Impact of caesarean section on the fertility of chinchillas Einfluss des Kaiserschnitts auf die Fruchtbarkeit der suedamerikanischen Chinchillas

Fiordelmondo, C.; Pusceddu, A.; Manini, E.; Gambi, C.; Danovaro, R., 2003:
Impact of clam fishing on microbial loop and meiofauna in the Sacca di Goro FE Impatto della pesca di molluschi bivalvi su circuito microbico e meiofauna nella Sacca di Goro FE

Valverde, R.; Martin, F.; Ramirez, J.; Gutierrez, M.; Rodriguez, I. de Juana, E., 2001:
Impact of conifer reforestation on the avifauna of shrub steppe environments in the arid zones of southeast Madrid Impacto de la repoblaciones de coniferas sobre la avifauna de los medios esteparios arbustivos de las zonas aridas del sudeste de Madrid

Araujo, R.A.; Araujo, M.S.; Gonring, A.H.; Guedes, R.N., 2005:
Impact of controlled sugarcane straw burning on local insect community Impacto da Queima Controlada da Palhada da Cana-de-acucar Sobre a Comunidade de Insetos Locais

Lekuona, Jesus M., 1998:
Impact of cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis, black-headed gull Larus ridibundus and grey heron Ardea cinerea in a fish farm in Navarra northern Spain during the winter season Impacto del cormoran grande Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis, la gaviota reidora Larus ridibundus y la garza real Ardea cinerea en una piscifactoria de Navarra durante la epoca invernal

Keller, T.; Vordermeier, T. von Lukowicz, M.; Klein, M., 1996:
Impact of cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis on the fish stocks of several Bavarian water bodies with special emphasis on the ecological and economical aspects of fisheries Der Einfluss des Kormorans Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis auf die Fischbestande ausgewahlter bayerischer Gewasser unter besonderer Berucksichtigung fischokologischer und fischereiokonomischer Aspekte

Veit, H.; Wunner, U.; Wissmath, P., 1995:
Impact of cormorants on the River Traun The diet and parasitization of cormorants shot locally; the status of fish populations before and after the shootings in winter 1994/1995 Kormoranschaden an der Traun Zur Nahrungsaufnahme und zur Verparasitierung vor Ort geschossener Kormorane; Fischbestandssituationen vor und nach den Vergramungsabschussen im Winter 1994/1995

Kotlinski, S., 2002:
Impact of cover crops on pests on cabbage plantation Wplyw roslin okrywowych na niektore szkodniki w uprawie kapusty

Legendre, S.; Girard, C., 1999:
Impact of crises on sea and continent evolution of diversity in conodonts Devonian, Montagne Noire and mammals Paleogene, Quercy Impact des crises dans les domaines marins et terrestres evolution de la diversite des conodontes Devonien, Montagne Noire et des mammiferes Paleogene, Quercy

Bout, A.; Diwo-Alain, S.; Arnaud, I., 2006:
Impact of culture practices on the biodiversity of main crops Application to Carabidae, Coleoptera in Touraine Impact des pratiques culturales sur la biodiversite des grandes cultures Application aux Coleopteres Carabidae en Touraine

Lusk, S., 1999:
Impact of dams and valley reservoirs on the diversity of ichthyofauna in the Czech Republic Vliv prehrad a udolnich nadrzi na diverzitu ichtyofauny Ceske republiky

Banning, Mechthild., 1998:
Impact of dams of large rivers on macrozoobenthos - by example of the River Danube Auswirkungen des Aufstaus grosserer Flusse aus das Makrozoobenthos - dargestellt am Beispiel der Donau

Dzieciolowski, R., 1980:
Impact of deer browsing upon forest regeneration and undergrowth

Lantschner, M.V.; Ruschi, V., 2007:
Impact of different anthropogenic disturbances on bird communities of Nothofagus antartica forests and shrublands in NW Patagonia Impacto de diferentes disturbios antropicos sobre las comunidades de aves de bosques y matorrales de Nothofagus antarctica en el NO Patagonico

Sovinc, Andrej., 1997:
Impact of drainage cleansing on birds breeding in reed ditches Vpliv ciscenja trstiscnih jarkov na gnezdenje ptic

Bau, F.; Parent, JP.; Vellas, F., 1995:
Impact of draining of a reservoir on certain physiological characteristics of some teleosts Influence de la vidange dune retenue sur certaines caracteristiques physiologiques chez divers teleosteens

Ruemmler, F.; Schreckenbach, K.; Goethling, U.; Schiewe, S., 2004:
Impact of electric fishing on fish and invertebrates Auswirkungen des Elektrofischfangs auf Fische und Wirbellose

Marchesi, L.; Pedrini, P.; Sergio, F.; Garavaglia, R., 2001:
Impact of electric power lines on the productivity of a population of the eagle owl Bubo bubo Impatto delle linee elettriche sulla produttivita di una popolazione di gufo reale Bubo bubo

Schutz, S.; Hummel, H.E., 1997:
Impact of elevated atmospheric ozone on the interaction of potato plants Solanum tuberosum Lin, cv Granola and aphids Myzus persicae Sulzer Einfluss erhohter atmospharischer Ozonkonzentrationen auf die Interaktion von Kartoffelpflanzen Solanum tuberosum Lin, Sorte Granola und Blattlausen Myzus persicae Sulzer

Jimenez R., M.T.resa.; Bustillo P., A.E.; Luque Z., J.E.ilio., 1997:
Impact of endosulfan and clorpiriphos on Apis mellifera in Colombian coffee ecosystems Impacto del uso del endosulfan y clorpirifos sobre abejas, Apis mellifera, en ecosistemas cafeteros colombianos

Toumi, N.; Ayadi, H.; Carrias, J.; Medhioub, K.; Boukhriss, M.; Bouain, A.; Sime-Ngando, T., 2004:
Impact of environmental factors on zooplancton structure of a Mediterranean salt marsh Sfax salt marsh Tunisia Impact des facteurs environnementaux sur la structuration du zooplancton dune saline Mediterraneenne la saline de Sfax Tunisie

Bist, KL., 1990:
Impact of environmental parameters on biota of the River Pinder of Garhwal Himalaya

Baskaran, P.; Vasanthi, R.; Moni, D.; Muniandy, S.; Palanichamy, S., 1990:
Impact of environmental pollutants on growth and protein conversion efficiency in the freshwater fish Oreochromis mossambicus

Hamadi, M.; Jamila, B.S.uissi, 2004:
Impact of environnemental restoration on the ichthyofauna of the southern Lake of Tunis Impact de la restauration environnementale sur lichtyofaune du lac sud de Tunis

Baran, Eric., 1998:
Impact of estuary environment modifications on the halieutic estuary and coastal resources the case of tropical environments Impact des modifications du milieu estuarien sur les ressources halieutiques estuariennes et cotieres le cas des milieux tropicaux

Berthon, JL.; Devaux, J.; Aleya, L.; Giraudet, H.; Restituito, F., 1997:
Impact of eutrophication in Grangent reservoir Loire, France study of the nutrient loads, the dynamics of phytoplankton populations and phyto-zooplankton relations in 1990-1991 Determinisme de leutrophisation de la retenue de Grangent Loire etude des apports en nutriments, de la dynamique des populations phytoplanctoniques et des relations phyto-zooplancton en 1990-1991

Glutz von Blotzheim, Urs N., 2000:
Impact of eutrophication on distribution and demography of water pipit Anthus spinoletta and tree pipit Anthus trivialis in the prealps of central Switzerland Betraechtlicher Arealverlust des Bergpiepers Anthus spinoletta infolge Eutrophierung seines Lebensraums und vollstaendige Verdraengung des Baumpiepers Anthus trivialis durch die Maehwirtschaft

Mignon, J.; Colignon, P.; Haubruge, E.; Francis, F., 2003:
Impact of field borders on lacewing populations Neuroptera Chrysopidae in vegetable open fields Effet des bordures de champs sur les populations de chrysopes Neuroptera Chrysopidae en cultures maraicheres

Rasamoelina, AD., 2001:
Impact of fishing on piscicolous resources and the population of Madagascan fish eagles, Haliaeetus vociferoides, in the Manambolomaty lake complex, Antsalova, Madagascar Impact de la peche sur la ressource piscicole et la population de Pygargues de Madagascar, Haliaeetus vociferoides, dans le complexe des lacs de Manambolomaty, Antsalova, Madagascar

Moore, J.-David.; Ouimet, R.; Camire, C.; Houle, D., 2002:
Impact of forest cutting on the ground fauna the case of a maple forest of the Basses Laurentides Impact des coupes forestieres sur la faune du sol Le cas dune erabliere des Basses-Laurentides

Delacre, Jean., 2004:
Impact of forestry management on rhopalocera and hesperida butterflies in Haie Gabaux/Trou des Gattes Bois des Fagnes - Doische Impact des amenagements forestiers sur les lepidopteres rhopaloceres hesperides de la Haie Gabaux/Trou des Gattes Bois des Fagnes - Doische

Ramos, L. de S.; Marinho, C.G.; Zanetti, R.; Delabie, J.H.; Schlindwein, M.N., 2003:
Impact of formicid granulated baits on non-target ants in eucalyptus plantations according to two forms of application Impacto de iscas formicidas granuladas sobre a mirmecofauna nao-alvo em eucaliptais segundo duas formas de aplicacacao

Meurgey, Francois., 2005:
Impact of frequentation of an urban park on a population of Coenagrion mercuriale Charpentier, 1840 Loire-Atlantique department Impact de la frequentation dans un parc urbain sur une population de Coeagrion mercuriale Charpentier, 1840 Departament de la Loire-Atlantique

Gorsky, G.; Warembourg, C.; Palazzoli, I., 2003:
Impact of gelatinous filter feeders on organic matter flux in the oceans Impact des filtreurs du macroplancton gelatineux sur les flux de matiere organique dans les oceans

Hofs, J.; Schoeman, A.; Melle, M.; Vaissayre, M., 2005:
Impact of genetically-modified cotton plants of the biodiversity on entomologic fauna The case of Bt cotton in South Africa Impact des cotonniers genetiquement modifies sur la biodiversite de la faune entomologique Les cas du coton Bt en Afrique du Sud

Eckert, J.; Gathmann, A.; Schuphan, I., 2004:
Impact of growing Bt-maize on non target organisms thrips and their antagonists Auswirkungen des Anbaus von Bt-Mais auf Nichtzielorganismen Thripse und ihre Gegenspieler

Triplet, P.; L.D.ean-Quenec'hdu, S.; Maheo, R., 2000:
Impact of harbour infrastructure and human activities on the abundance and distribution of waders along the French coast Incidence des infrastructures portuaires et des activites humaines sur labondance et la repartition des limicoles sur le littoral francais

Golinska, Z.; Bany, J., 2000:
Impact of heavy metals on the host-parasite system Wplyw metali ciezkich na uklad pasozyt-zywiciel

Soares, J.J.ndui.; Braz, B.A.arecido.; Busoli, A.C., 1995:
Impact of herbicides on beneficial arthropods associated with cotton Impacto de herbicidas sobre artropodos beneficos associados ao algodoeiro

Khedir-Ghenim, Z.; Hammami, M.; Saidane-Mosbahi, D., 2004:
Impact of hydrocarbon pollution on tissues of bivalves collected from Tunisian coasts Impact de la pollution par les hydrocarbures sur les tissues de la clovisse collectee des cotes Tunisiennes

Brodeur, P.; Mingelbier, M.; Morin, J., 2004:
Impact of hydrological variation on fish of fluvial managed marshes of the Saint-Lawrence Impacts des variations hydrologiques sur les poissons des marais amenages du Saint-Laurent fluvial

Jungwirth, M.; Moog, O.; Schmutz, S., 2006:
Impact of impounding in great rivers on the aquatic fauna fishes and macrozoobenthos Auswirkung der Stauregelung grosser Fluesse auf die aquatische Tierwelt Fische und Makrozoobenthos

Grimes, S.; Arkam, M., 1998:
Impact of industrial and domestic pollution on macrozoobenthos populations in the Skikda region Impact de la pollution industrielle et domestique sur les peuplements macrozoobenthiques de la region de Skikda

Castelo Branco, M.; Medeiros,, 2001:
Impact of insecticides on diamondback moth parasitoids on cabbage in the Federal District of Brazil Impacto de inseticidas sobre parasitoides da traca-das-cruciferas em repolho, no Distrito Federal

Carvalho, G.A.; Miranda, JC.; Vilela, FZ.; Moura, AP.; Moraes, JC., 2004:
Impact of insecticides on predator wasps and parasitoids and their efficiency in the control of Leucoptera coffeella Guerin-Meneville Perrottet, 1842 Lepidoptera Lyonetiidae Impacto de inseticidas sobre vespas predadoras e parasitoides e sua eficiencia no controle de Leucoptera coffeella Guerin-Meneville Perrottet, 1842 Lepidoptera Lyonetiidae

Leroy, T., 2003:
Impact of intensive grassland management techniques on whinchat Saxicola rubetra breeding success in the Hautes-Combrailles Puy-de-Dome-Auvergne Impact des pratiques herbageres intensives sur le succes de reproduction du tarier des pres Saxicola rubetra dans les hautes-combrailles Auvergne

Hafner, S., 2006:
Impact of land use on patch occupancy in the forester moths Jordanita globulariae and J notata Einfluss der Bewirtschaftung auf die Besiedlung von Habitaten durch die Flockenblumen-Gruenwidderchen Jordanita globulariae and J notata

Behra, O., 1990:
Impact of legal protection on crocodiles in Madagascar

Abt, KF.; Schultz, G., 1995:
Impact of light emission from a large illuminated greenhouse on nocturnal bird migration Auswirkungen der Lichtemissionen einer Grossgewachshausanlage auf den nachtlichen Vogelzug

Aksissou, M.; Errami, M.; Menioui, M., 1998:
Impact of management of a humid zone in the Mediterranean Smir Lake, Morocco on Orchestia gammarellus Crustacea, Amphipoda, Talitridae Impact des amengements dune zone humide Mediterraneenne Lac Smir, Maroc sur Orchestia gammarellus Crustacea, Amphipoda, Talitridae

Hueppop, O., 2003:
Impact of marine pollution on the fauna of the North Sea - is the cleaning of seabirds a sensible contribution to species protection? Auswirkungen der Meeresverschmutzung auf die Tierwelt in der Nordsee - Ist die Reinigung von Seevoegeln ein sinnvoller Beitrag zum Artenschutz?

Essedaoui, A.; Kerambrun, P.; Alliot, E.; Sif, J., 2003:
Impact of metallic pollution on hydrolase activity in the digestive gland of mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis of Jorf-Lasfar Morocco Impact de la pollution metallique sur lactivite des hydrolases au niveau de la glande digestive du mollusque Mytilus galloprovincialis de la region de Jorf-Lasfar Maroc

Fournier, F.; Boivin, G., 1999:
Impact of meteorological conditions on spatial dispersion of Trichogramma evanescens and T pretiosum Hym Trichogrammatidae in cabbage Impact des conditions meteorologiques sur la dispersion spatiale de Trichogramma evanescens et T pretiosum Hym Trichogrammatidae dans le chou vert

de S.J.sus,; Odebrecht, C., 2002:
Impact of microzooplankton granzing on the phytoplankton in the Patos Lagoon estuary Impacto da herbivoria do microzooplancton no fitoplanction no estuario da Lagoa dos Patos Verao

Grosselet, O.; Lode, T., 1997:
Impact of motorway upon amphibians the example of the gutters Impact des amenagements autoroutiers sur les amphibiens lexemple des caniveaux devacuation des eaux

Pollard, E.; Cooke, AS., 1994:
Impact of muntjac deer Muntiacus reevesi on egg-laying sites of the white admiral butterfly Ladoga camilla in a Cambridgeshire wood

Cividanes, Francisco J., 2002:
Impact of natural enemies and meteorological factors on a population of Brevicoryne brassicae L Hemiptera Aphididae in kale Impacto de inimigos naturais e de fatores meteorologicos sobre uma populacao de Brevicoryne brassicae L Hemiptera Aphididae em couve

Benshain, N.; E.A.try, S.; Kadiri, Z.A.ay de Sousa, E., 2005:
Impact of natural ennemies of gypsy moth eggs in the Mamora forest Morocco Suivi de limpact des ennemis naturels sur les pontes de Lymantria dispar dans une placette de la foret de la Mamora Maroc

Camaret, S.; Guerin, B.; Leclerc, D., 1999:
Impact of nutcracker Nucifraga caryocatactes L on the spatial distribution of Swiss stone pine Pinus cembra L regeneration Mise en evidence de limpact du casse-noix mouchete Nucifraga caryocatactes L sur la distribution spatiale de la regeneration du pin cembro Pinus cembra L

Beyrem, H.; Aissa, P., 1998:
Impact of oil pollution on the meiobenthic densities of the littoral of Bizerta Tunisia Impact de la pollution petroliere sur les densites de la meiofaune du littoral de Bizerte Tunisie

Najbar, B.; Rejowski, J.; Szuszkiewicz, E., 2005:
Impact of open sewage canal on local fauna near Zielona Gora Oddzialywanie otwartego kanalu sciekowego na lokalna faune okolic Zielonej Gory

Jousse, Helene., 2004:
Impact of palaeoenvironmental variations and human activities on mammal community structure the Holocene faunas of the western Sahara Impact des variations environnementales sur la structure des communautes mammaliennes et lanthropisation des milieux exemple des faunes holocenes du Sahara occidental

Tatin, L.; Dutoit, T.; Feh, C., 2000:
Impact of pasture grazing by Przewalski horses Equus przewalskii on Orthoptera populations on the Causse Mejean Lozere, France Impact du paturage par les chevaux de Przewalski Equus przewalskii sur les populations dorthopteres du Causse Mejean Lozere, France

Nielsen, B.O.ergaard.; Nielsen, L.B.unberg.; Elmegaard, N., 1996:
Impact of pesticide applications on the soil dipteran fauna of cereal fields Pesticider og agerjordens fauna af tovingede insekter

Baskaran, P.; Palanichamy, S.; Moni, D., 1990:
Impact of pesticides on some biochemical parameters in the nymphs of Brachythemis contaminata Fabricius Anisoptera Libellulidae

Laplaza Garcia, E.; Albero Perez, J.C.rlos., 1998:
Impact of populations of bee-eaters Merops apiaster on the management of apiaries in Huesca province and study of their diet Impacto de las poblaciones de abejarucos Merops apiaster en la gestion de explotaciones apicolas en la provincia de Huesca y estudio de su alimentacion

Bonsel, Andre., 1999:
Impact of red deer Cervus elaphus and wild pig Sus scrofa on the presence of breeding habitats for Aeshna subarctica Walker Anisoptera Aeshnidae Der Einfluss von Rothirsch Cervus elaphus und Wildschwein Sus scrofa auf die Entwicklung der Habitate von Aeshna subarctica Walker in wiedervernassten Regenmooren Anisoptera Aeshnidae

Stehno, Vladislav., 2000:
Impact of regulations of the Staviste brook on zoobenthos PLA Zdarske vrchy, Bohemia, Czech Republic Vliv uprav potoka Staviste CHKO Zdarske vrchy na zoobentos

Martinez-Solano, I.; Barbadillo, L.J.vier; Lapena, M., 2004:
Impact of repopulation of fish on amphibian populations Impacto de las repoblaciones piscicolas sobre las poblaciones de anfibios

Clec'h, Didier., 2001:
Impact of road traffic on little owl Athene noctua, a study of breeding site distribution Impact de la circulation routiere sur la Cheveche dAthena, Athene noctua, par letude de la localisation de ses sites de reproduction

Stock, M.; Hofeditz, F., 2002:
Impact of salt marsh management on habitat utilisation and population development of Barnacle Geese Branta leucopsis in the Wadden Sea Einfluss des Salzwiesen-Managements auf Habitatnutzung und Bestandsentwicklung von Nonnengaensen Branta leucopsis im Wattenmeer

Lima, N.R.jane Wille; Bizerril, C.R.berto S.; Fontenelle; Suzuki, M.S.tika; Canicali, M.R.ssureicao; Ferreira, A.G.mes; Aparecida A.; Gomes, M.; Assumpcao, J.; Paes, M.; Faria, V., 2001:
Impact of sand bar opening on the ichthyofauna of lagoa de Iquipari, north of Rio de Janeiro State Impacto da abertura de barra sobre a ictiofauna da lagoa de Iquipari, norte do estado do Rio de Janeiro

Kuska, A., 1990:
Impact of sheep grazing on the cockchafers Stenus Latr Coleoptera, Staphylinidae of the Tatra glades

Perez Camacho, A.; Delgado, M.; Albentosa, M., 2002:
Impact of size and food concentration on clearance and ingestion rates in the clam Ruditapes decussatus Linnaeus, 1758 Influencia del tamano y la concentracion de alimento sobre las tasas de aclaramiento e ingestion de la almeja Ruditapes decussatus Linnaeus, 1758

Boivin, G.; Lagace, M., 1999:
Impact of size on fitness of Trichogramma evanescens Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae Effet de la taille sur la fitness de Trichogramma evanescens Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae

Helle, T.; Kojola, I.; Timonen, M., 2001:
Impact of snow cover on the reindeer population in Kasivarsi, NW Finland is North Atlantic weather oscillation NAO involved? Lumipeitteen vaikutus Kasivarren porolukuihin mika on Pohjois-Atlantin saavaihtelun NAO merkitys?

Hirsch, M.; Wolters, V., 2001:
Impact of spatial isolation on flower visitors of Centaurea jacea L 1758 Raeumliche Isolation und Bluetenbesuch an Centaurea jacea L 1758

Kuznetsova, D.V.; Salovarov, V.O.; Lieser, M., 2006:
Impact of spring fires on forest bird communities in the southern Baikal area Veraenderungen der Vogelgemeinschaften in Waeldern nach Fruehjahrsbraenden im suedlichen Baikalvorland

Araujo, M.S.; Della Lucia, T.M.; Ribeiro, G.A.; Kasuya, M.C., 2003:
Impact of sugar cane foliage burning on the nesting and establishment of Atta bisphaerica Forel colonies Hymenoptera Formicidae Impacto da queima controlada da cana-de-acucar na nidificacao e estabelecimento de colonias de Atta bisphaerica Forel Hymenoptera Formicidae

Berthiaume, R.; Hebert, C.; Bauce, E., 2003:
Impact of temperature and duration of cold exposure on adult survival of the Asian ladybird beetle, Harmonia axyridis Pallas Impact de la temperature et de la duree dexposition au froid sur la survie des adultes de la coccinelle asiatique, Harmonia axyridis Pallas

Trobat Gimenez, JA., 1996:
Impact of the 1950 modification of the Bulletin of the Royal Spanish Natural History Society in relation to biological and geological works Impacto de la modificacion de 1950 del Boletin de la Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural en relacion Biologia/Geologia de sus trabajos

Villar, C.A.; Mercado, L.M.; Stripeikis, J. d'Huique, L.; Tudino, M.; Troccoli, O.; Bonetto, C., 1998:
Impact of the Atucha Nuclear Plant on the invasive mollusk Limnoperna fortunei Impacto de la Central Nuclear Atucha sobre el molusco invasor Limnoperna fortunei

L.D.ean-Quenec'Hdu, S.; L'Hostis, M., 2005:
Impact of the Erika oil spill on sea birds review of post-Erika studies Impact de la maree noire de lErika sur les oiseaux marins bilan des differentes etudes post-Erika

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