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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38325

Chapter 38325 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Raab, R., 2003: Impact of the construction of the hydroelectric power plant Freudenau Vienna on the wintering stocks of waterbirds on the Danube in Vienna Auswirkungen der Errichtung des Donaukraftwerkes Freudenau Wien auf die ueberwinternden Wasservogelbestaende im Wiener Donauraum

Garmendia, L.; Marquiegui, M.; Aguirrezabalaga, F.; Cruz, I.; Canton, L., 2003: Impact of the disappearance of urban waste water on a reduced community of Macoma around the islands of the Bidasoa estuary Bay of Biscay Efecto de la desaparicion de los vertidos de aguas residuales urbanas sobre la comunidad reducida de Macoma en las islas del estuario del rio Bidasoa golfo de Vizcaya

Defeo, O..; Brazeiro, A..; Riestra, G.., 1997: Impact of the discharge from an artificial canal on the gastropod diversity of a sandy beach on the Uruguayan coast Impacto de la descarga de un canal artificial en la biodiversidad de gasteropodos en una playa de arena de la costa atlantica uruguaya

Rodriguez-Moreno, A.; Arnaud, G.; Tershy, B., 2007: Impact of the eradication of cat Felis catus on two endemic rodents of Coronados island, Gulf of California, Mexico Impacto de la erradicacion del gato Felis catus, en dos roedores endemicos de la isla Coronados, Golfo de California, Mexico

Casellato, S.; Masciadri, S.; Masiero, L.; Campi, G., 2002: Impact of the hydraulic dredge on the benthic community of the northwestern Adriatic coasts Impatto della pesca con draghe idrauliche sulla comunita bentonica della fascia costiera Alto-Adriatica

Bayed, A.; Chaouti, A., 2005: Impact of the hydraulic, touristic and urban interventions on the balance and the functioning of Smir lagoon and marshes Impact des amenagements hydrauliquesm touristiques et urbains sur lequilibre et le fonctionnement de la lagune et des marais de Smir

Zizah, S..; Hilmi, K..; Larissi, J..; Makaoui, A..; Zizah, S..; Hilmi, K..; Larissi, J..; Makaoui, A.., 2001: Impact of the marine environment conditions on the variations of the sardine abundance in the central zone of Morocco Safi - Cape Boujdor Impacts des conditions du milieu marin sur les variations de labondance de la sardine dans la zone centrale Safi - Cap Boujdor du Maroc

de Azeredo, E.H.nrique; Lima, E.; Cassino, P.C.sar Rodrigues, 2004: Impact of the nutrients N and K and soluble sugars on Diabrotica speciosa Germar Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae and Agrotis ipsilon Huefnagel Lepidoptera, Noctuidae populations in potato crops, Solanum tuberosum L Solanaceae Impacto dos nutrientes N e K e de acucares soluveis sobre populacoes de Diabrotica speciosa Germar Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae e Agrotis ipsilon Huefnagel Lepidoptera, Noctuidae na cultura da batata, Solanum tuberosum L Solanaceae

Edou, Mesmin., 2002: Impact of the oil exploitation on the environnement case of the emerald field in Congo Brazzaville Impact de lexploitation petroliere sur le milieu cas du champ emeraude du Congo Brazzaville

Haji, T.; Hassine, O.K.; Ben.; Farrugio, H., 1998: Impact of the parasite copepod Peroderma cylindricum Heller, 1868 on growth and fertility of fished stocks of Sardina pilchardus Walbaum, 1792 Impact du copepode parasite Peroderma cylndrcum Heller, 1868 sur la croissance et la fecondite des stocksexploites de la sardine Sardina pilchardus Walbaum, 1792

Cochet, Gilbert., 2000: Impact of the planning of rivers and the agricultural and forestry activities on the French population of Margaritifera margaritifera Proposal for a reconquest of the rivers by the species Impact des amenagements des cours deau et des activites agrosylvicoles sur les populations francaises de Margaritifera margaritifera Proposition pour une reconquete des cours deau par lespece

Benyahia, TM.; Benabid, M.; Ibnmajdoub, HL., 2001: Impact of the quality of food on the growth of the young noble crayfish Astacus astacus Linnaeus, 1758 during rearing in Morocco Impact de la qualite de laliment sur la croissance de lecrevisse a pieds rouges Astacus astacus Linnaeus, 1758 en elevage au Maroc

de Azevedo, F.R.; Ramalho, F.S., 1999: Impact of the temperature and of the prey defense on the utilization of Tenebrio molitor L by nymphs of the predator Supputius cincticeps Heteroptera Pentatomidae Impacto da temperatura e da defesa da presa na utilizacao de Tenebrio molitor L por ninfas do predador Supputius cincticeps Heteroptera Pentatomidae

Scharf, Burkhard W., 1997: Impact of the water level decrease in 1992/93 in the pond Schapenbruchteich Nature Reserve Riddagshausen near Braunschweig, Germany on Ostracoda Crustacea Auswirkung der Wasserstandsabsenkung 1992/93 im Schapenbruchteich Naturschutzgebiet Riddagshausen bei Braunschweig auf Muschelkrebse Crustacea, Ostracoda

Gharadjedaghi, B..; Ehrlinger, M.., 2001: Impact of the wind park near Nitzschka Altenburg on the bird fauna Auswirkungen des Windparks bei Nitzschka Lkr Altenburger Land auf die Vogelfauna

Vidal, E..; Medail, F..; Tatoni, T..; Bonnet, V.., 1997: Impact of the yellow-legged gull Larus cachinnans michahellis on natural habitats in Provence Impact du goeland leucophee Larus cachinnans michahellis sur les milieux naturels Provencaux

Ginot, V.; Souchon, Y.; Roger, P., 1997: Impact of thermal loading induced by the Bugey nuclear power plant upper Rhone River, France on fish catches and on fish population structure Impact de lelevation artificielle de temperature induite par le fonctionnement du Centre Nucleaire de Production Electrique du Bugey fleuve Rhone sur les communautes de poissons

Iannacone Oliver, J.A.berto; Zamora, I.M.ntoro, 2002: Impact of two bioinsecticide botanical products azadirachtin and rotenone on the arthropofauna captured by pitfall traps on tomatoes in Ica, Peru Impacto de dos productos botanicos bioinsecticidas azadiractina y rotenona sobre la artropofauna capturada con trampas de suelo en el tomate en Ica, Peru

Fontaneto, D.; Porzio, V.; Miola, P.V.ttorio; Bianchi, A., 2003: Impact of various types of herbicides against the black cherry Prunus serotina on ground arthropod movements Impatto di vari tipi di decespugliamento contro it prugnolo tardivo, Prunus serotina, sugli spostamenti di artropodi del suolo

Kusenbach, J., 2005: Impact of wind energy plants on bats Auswirkungen von Windenergieanlagen auf Fledermaeuse

Dubourg-Savage, M., 2004: Impact of wind turbines on bats, from hypothesis to reality Impacts des eoliennes fur les Chiropteres, de lhypothese a la realite

Pihl, Stefan., 2000: Impact of winter climate on wintering coastal waterbirds in Denmark, 1987-1996 Vinterklimaets indflydelse pa bestandsudviklingen for overvintrende kystnaere vandfugle i Danmark 1987-1996

Beck, N.; Mesleard, F.; Mondain-Monval, JY. , 1999: Impact of winter management of the Camargue rice fields on the aquatic macroinvertebrates and the common snipe Gallinago gallinago Impact de la gestion hivernale des rizieres de Camargue sur les macro-invertebres aquatiques et sur la becassine des marais Gallinago gallinago

Richman, S.; Branstrator, DK.; Huber-Villegas, M., 1990: Impact of zooplankton grazing on phytoplankton along a trophic gradient

Cans, Chantal., 2001: Impact on biodiversity by introductions of exogenous species Les atteintes a la diversite biologique par les introductions despeces exogenes

Bauer, S.; Keil, C., 2005: Impact regulation - compensation together with agriculture; options to reduce implementation conflicts by integrating agriculture Kompensation mit der Landwirtschaft im Rahmen der Eingriffsregelung Chancen fuer eine konfliktaermere Umsetzung der umweltrechtlichen Vorgaben durch Einbeziehung der Landwirtschaft

de Gregorio, R., 1990: Impact, dans les conditions experimentales, de diverses plantes-hotes sur la survie et le developpement des larves du criquet puant, Zonocerus variegatus Orthoptera, Pyrgomorphidae

Aden, X., 1990: Impacto ambiental de los vallados cinegeticos

Encalada Fleites, RR.; Millan Nunez, E., 1990: Impacto de las aguas residuales industriales y domesticas sobre las comunidades bentonicas de la Bahia de Todos Santos, Baja California, Mexico

Baier, B..; Zintz, K..; Rahmann, H.., 1998: Impacts of a reservoir release on the benthic macroinvertebrates downstream of the impoundment Auswirkungen des Ablassens eines Hochwasserruckhaltebeckens auf die benthischen Makroinvertebraten des nachfolgenden Fliessgewassers

Provost, C.; Coderre, D.; Lucas, E.; Chouinard, G.; Bostanian, N.J., 2003: Impacts of a sublethal dose of lambda-cyhalothrin on phytophagous mite intraguild predators in apple orchards Impact dune dose subletale de lambda-cyhalothrine sur les predateurs intraguildes dacariens phytophages en vergers de pommiers

de Menezes, L.C.rvalho Bezerra; Beyreuth, Z., 2003: Impacts of aquaculture in cages on benthic community of Guarapiranga Reservoir - Sao Paulo - SP Impactos da aquicultura em tanques-rede sobre a comunidade bentonica da represa de Guarapiranga - Sao Paulo - SP

Laufer, H., 2004: Impacts of grazing sheep and cattle on the adder Vipera berus - first results Auswirkungen der Schaf-und Rinderbeweidung auf die Kreuzotter Vipera berus - erste Ergebnisse

Suchanek, TH.; Richerson, PJ.; Holts, LJ.; Lamphere, BA.; Woodmansee, CE.; Slotton, DG.; Harner, EJ.; Woodward, LA., 1995: Impacts of mercury on benthic invertebrate populations and communities within the aquatic ecosystem of Clear Lake, California

Quaisser, C..; Roth, M.., 2001: Impacts of reduced N-fertilization on the structure of arthropod communities as food resource for insectivorous birds Auswirkungen abgestufter Stickstoffeintraege auf Strukturparameter der Arthropodenzoenose von Ackerflaechen als Nahrungsressource fuer entomophage Voegel

Junker, E.A.; Roth, M.., 2000: Impacts of silvicultural interventions in the canopies of mixed mountain forests on selected groups of ground dwelling predators Araneae Coleoptera; Carabidae Auswirkungen waldbaulicher Eingriffe in die Uberschirmung auf ausgewahlte Gruppen epigaischer Regulatoren im Bergmischwald Araneae Coleoptera; Carabidae

dos Santos, Geraldo Mendes., 1996: Impacts of the Samuel Hydroelectric Dam on the fish communities of the Jamari River, in Rondonia, Brazil Impactos da hidreletrica Samuel sobre as comunidades de peixes do Rio Jamari Rondonia, Brasil

Gonzalez Lorenzo, G.; Brito, A.; Barquin, J., 2005: Impacts of the escapees from mariculture cage in Canary Islands Impactos provocados por los escapes de peces de las jaulas de cultivos marinos en Canarias

Pires Lima, F.M.ria; Acuna Junca, F., 2002: Impalatability of tadpoles of Hyla semilineata Anura Hylidae to snakes of the genus Liophis Colubridae Xenodontinae Impalatabilidade de girinos de Hyla semilineata Anura Hylidae a serpentes do genero Liophis Colubridae Xenodontinae

Stewart, ME., 1990: Impaled grasshopper sparrow in Jefferson County, Oklahoma

Schmitz, Gregor., 1999: Impatiens parviflora DC Balsaminaceae as a neophyte in Central European woods and forests - a biocoenological analysis Impatiens parviflora DC Balsaminaceae als Neophyt in mitteleuropaeischen Waeldern und Forsten - eine biozoenologische Analyse

Grimm, Herbert., 1993: Imperial eagle Aquila heliaca heliaca shot in Thuringia in 1991 Kaiseradler Aquila h heliaca 1991 in Thuringen erlegt

Harvancik, S..; Snirer, L.., 1997: Imperial eagle Aquila heliaca nesting in the Protected Landscape Area Ponitrie CHKO Ponitrie in the year 1996 Hniezdenie orla kralovskeho Aquila heliaca v chranenej karjinnej oblasti Ponitrie v roku 1996 a ochrana jeho hniezdisk

Zuljevic, Antun., 1999: Imperial eagle breeding on Fruska Gora Mountain near Molovin Gnezdenje orla krstasa Aquila heliaca na Fruskoj gori kod Molovina

Anonymous., 2006: Imperial eagle which remained loyal to Southern Sweden Kejsarornen som blivit Sydsverige trogen

Cerdan, Manuel., 1997: Imperial eagles are killed by poison again in Tietar El veneno mata a nueve parejas de aguila imperial en el Tietar

Felix, J., 1970: Imperial geese nesting in Prague Zoo

Pfeil, I.; Schneider, H-E.; Seiler, T.., 1997: Implantation of two artificil lenses in a mona monkey Cercopithecus mona with a cataract Implantation zweier Kunstlinsen bei einer Monameerkatze Cercopithecus mona mit grauem Star

Schreiber, M.; Gerhard, M. von Lindeiner, A., 2002: Implementation of Natura 2000 in the Atlantic Region of Germany Nature Conservation Associations Propose Procedure Stand der Umsetzung von Natura 2000 in der atlantischen Region Deutschlands Ein Verfahrensvorschlag der Naturschutzverbaende

Mallmann, D.L.B.; Asmus, M.L., 2006: Implementation of ballast water risk assessment in the port of Rio Grande, Brazil Implementacion de un modelo de evaluacion de riesgo del agua de lastre en el Puerto de Rio Grande, Brasil

Jobin, L..; Jutras, J.., 2004: Implementation of hives for megachilid bees in the area of Leon-Provancher marsh Mise a lessai de gites de nidification pour labeille megachile sur le territoire du marais Leon-Provancher

Raicevich, S.; Pranovi, F.; Libralato, S.; Botter, L.; Giovanardi, O., 2004: Implementation of indicators to assess the damage induced by fishing activities on crustacean Brachyura Messa a punto di indicatori per la valutazione del danneggiamento indotto dalla pesca su crostacei brachiuri

Casazza, G.; Lopez y Roy, C.; Silvestri, C., 2004: Implementation of the 2000/60/EC Directive for coastal waters, in the Mediterranean ecoregion The importance of biological elements and an ecoregional co-shared application Implementazione della Direttiva 2000/60/CE, per le acque costiere, nellecoregione Mediterranea Importanza delle componenti biologiche e di una applicazione condivisa a livello ecoregionale

Adams, Gerhard., 2000: Implementation of the AEWA in Germany the need for action, the allocation of tasks, and possible overlaps with the Ramsar-Convention and the EU Birds Directive AEWA-Umsetzung in Deutschland Handlungsbedarf, Aufgabenverteilung und moegliche Ueberlappungen mit der Ramsar-Konvention und der EG-Vogelschutzrichtlinie

Wulf, Friedrich., 2002: Implementation of the Bird Protection Guideline in Rhineland-Palatinate Nature protection organizations criticize shortcomings Umsetzung der Vogelschutzrichtlinie in Rheinland-Pfalz Naturschutzverbaende kritisieren Kuerzungen

Hoelker, Manfred., 1999: Implementation of the EU Birds Directive in arable landscapes The case of Montagus harrier Circus pygargus in Germany Zur Umsetzung der EU-Vogelschutzrichtlinie in Ackerbaugebieten Schutz der Wiesenweihe Circus pygargus in Deutschland

Mayr, Claus., 1998: Implementation of the EU birds directive and the EU habitats directive in Germany Zur Umsetzung der Vogelschutz- und der Fauna-Flora-Habitat-Richtlinie der EU in Deutschland

Danielzik, Juergen., 2001: Implementation of the FFH directive in North Rhine-Westphalia from an entomofaunistic view FFH-Umsetzund in Nordrhein-Westfalen aus Sicht der Entomofaunistik Situationsanalyse zur Realisierung der Fauna-Flora-Habitat-Richtlinie

Dufrene, Marc., 2000: Implementation of the ecological networks in Wallony concept, constraints and application with the insects Mise en oeuvre des reseaux ecologiques en Wallonie concept, contraintes et application avec les insectes

Haas, Manfred., 2000: Implementation of the fauna-flora-habitat directive FFH in the state of Hesse Die Umsetzung der Fauna-Flora-Habitat Richtlinie FFH im Bundesland Hessen

Hofmann, A..; Ebert, G.., 2000: Implementing Red Lists in Lepidoptera conservation action plans and programmes Umsetzung von Roten Listen in Hilfs- und Schutzprogramme fuer Schmetterlinge

Mason, C.; Macdonald, S., 1990: Implementing conservation strategies

Mayoral, E., 1990: Implicaciones etologicas y significado de la estereotipicidad de Oichnus Bromley durante el Plioceno en la Cuenca del Bajo Guadalquivir SO Espana

Dauphin, Yannicke., 2002: Implication of the compositional diversity of the soluble organic matrices of carbonate skeletons Implication of the compositional diversity of the soluble organic matrices of carbonate skeletons

Garcia, J.-Pierre.; Racheboeuf, P..; Laurin, B.., 1997: Implications of demographic strategies in morphologic innovations expressed among articulate Brachiopoda Implications des strategies demographiques dans lexpression des innovations morphologiques chez les brachiopodes articules

Arocha, Freddy., 1999: Implications of fishing management for the swordfish Xiphias gladius from the north west Atlantic Implicaciones de ordenacion pesquera en el pez espada Xiphias gladius, del Atlantico noroccidental

Willems, P..; Raffaele, E.., 2001: Implications of interaction effects on the interpretation of factorial experiments in biology Implicancias del efecto de las interacciones en la interpretacion de experimentos factoriales en biologia

Von Zuben, Claudio J., 1997: Implications of spatial aggregation of parasites for the population dynamics in host-parasite interaction Implicacoes da agregacao espacial de parasitas para a dinamica populacional na interacao hospedeiro-parasita

de Santisteban, C.; Galobart, A.; Gaete, R.; Company, J., 2001: Implications of the presence of dinosaur footprints at the Purbeck-Weald facies boundary in the southwestern Iberian Basin, Losilla Valencia Implicaciones del la presencia de huellas de dinosaurios en el limite cartografico entre las facies Purbeck y Weald de la Cuenca Iberica suroccidental, en el entorno de Losilla Valencia

Saint Martin, Jean-Paul., 2001: Implications of the presence of microbial mud-mounds in Messinian deposits Sicily, Italy Implications de la presence de mud-mounds microbiens au Messinien Sicile, Italie

von Zuben, Claudio Jose., 2000: Implications of the spatial aggregation for the population dynamics in insects 1 competition for feeding resources and space Implicacoes do fenomeno de agregacao espacial para a dinamica de populacoes em insetos 1 competicao por recursos alimentares e espaco Artigo de revisao

Bohlin, T.; Cowx, IG., 1990: Implications of unequal probability of capture by electric fishing on the estimation of population size

Bringsoe, Henrik., 1998: Import ban on red-eared terrapin, Trachemys scripta elegans, to EU Forbud mod at importere rodoret terrapin, Trachemys scripta elegans, til EU

Bollongino, R.; Burger, J.; Alt, K.W., 2003: Import or secondary domestication? The origin of European domestic cattle in the light of molecular genetic analyses of Neolithic bone finds Import oder sekundaere Domestikation? Der Ursprung der europaeischen Hausrinder im Spiegel molekulargenetischer Analysen an neolithischen Knochenfunden

Falke, B..; Oevermann, S..; Assmann, T.., 2000: Importance and consequences of wood-pasture for stenotopic ground beetle species in woodlands of north-west Germany Bedeutung und Folgen der Waldweide fur stenotope Laufkaferarten in nordwestdeutschen Waldern Coleoptera Carabidae

Morin, Hubert., 1998: Importance and evolution of spruce budworm outbreaks in eastern Canada the contribution of dendrochronology Importance et evolution des epidemies de la tordeuse des bourgeons de lepinette dans lest du Canada lapport de la dendrochronologie

Sevcenko, S.F., 1959: Importance de certaines especes de tiques Ixodes dans un foyer naturel de tularemie

Vorontzov, N.N., 1958: Importance de letude des compositions chromosomes pour la systematique des mammiferes

Valverde, L., 2003: Importance occurrence of egg-parasitoids of soybean lepidopterous pests in Tucuman, Argentina Importante presencia de parasitoides oofagos de lepidopteros plagas de soja en Tucuman, Argentina

Mondet, Bernard., 1997: Importance of Aedes Diceromyia furcifer Edwards, 1913 Diptera Culicidae among the arbovirus potential vectors, in the epidemiology of the yellow fever, in the sub-Sudanese savannas of Ivory Coast Importance dAedes Diceromyia furcifer Edwards, 1913 Diptera Culicidae parmi les vecteurs potentiels darboviroses, dans lepidemiologie de la fievre jaune en savane sub-soudanienne de Cote-dIvoire

Walankiewicz, W..; Czeszczewik, D.., 2006: Importance of Carpinus betulus for hole-nesting birds in the Bialowieza National Park Znaczenie grabu zwyczajnego Carpinus betulus dla dziuplakow w Bialowieskim Parku Narodowym

Reitlinger, E.A., 1960: Importance of Foraminifera for the stratigraphy of Lower Carboniferous sediments

Maslakova, N.I., 1963: Importance of Foraminifera in the separation of Upper Cretaceous deposits in the Utesovoi zone of the eastern Carpathians

Grigelis, A., 1961: Importance of Foraminifera in the stratigraphy of the Jurassic deposits of Lithuania SSB

Dain, L.G., 1961: Importance of Foraminifera in the stratigraphy of the eastern zone of the Russian Platform

Henriques, MH.; Mouterde, R., 2000: Importance of Graphoceratidae in associations recorded in GSSP of the Bajocian Cape Mondego, Portugal Importance des Graphoceratides dans les associations enregistrees au GSSP du Bajocien Cap Mondego, Portugal

Shilova-Krassova, S.A., 1952: Importance of Picus major to forestry in the southern forests of the European Russia

AbaturoY.B.D., 1968: Importance of Talpa europaea activities in forest soil ecology

Spalletta, B.; Mento, G.; Costa, F.; Ammendolia, G.; Giordano, D.; Capecchi, D.; Berdar, A., 1995: Importance of a beach collection of rare endemic ichthyological species from the Strait of Messina parasitosis indications Importanza dello spiaggiamento nella raccolta di specie ittiche rare ed endemiche dello Stretto di Messina cenni di parassitosi

Aymi, Raul., 1997: Importance of a bird in the hand Mas vale pajaro en mano

Zielinski, Slawomir., 1997: Importance of abandoned settlements for timber beetles Coleoptera, Cerambycidae in the Mirachowskie Forest on Kashubian Lake District, N Poland Znaczenie opuszczonych siedlisk ludzkich dla kozkowatych Coleoptera, Cerambycidae w lasach mirachowskich na pojezierzu kaszubskim

Cabovskij, V.I., 1960: Importance of active and passive change of place of Ixodes persulcatus P Sch in the foci of tick encephalitis

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