Impacts of grazing sheep and cattle on the adder Vipera berus - first results Auswirkungen der Schaf-und Rinderbeweidung auf die Kreuzotter Vipera berus - erste Ergebnisse

Laufer, H.

Mertensiella 1 Dezember; 15: 303-309


Accession: 038324367

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The number of adders was determined on three test pastures. The 1.1 ha sheep pasture (day pen) holds about 300 sheep (mostly German moorland sheep and some mufflons) at most from end of June until mid September. The two cattle pastures are 14 and 15 ha and are used at low intensity with about one cattle per hectare. Both have been used as pastures for Vorderwaelder cattle (a local Black Forest race) from the beginning of June until mid September. Grazing sheep seem to have no negative efforts. However, negative effects from grazing cattle are probable. Even though there are suitable structures, no common adders could be found on the old pasture. On the new pasture, a significantly lower number of common adders was found afterthe cattle started grazing there. The reasons for this adverse effect could be a change in the structures and also a disturbance by the cattle.