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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38326

Chapter 38326 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ramirez R., M.; Armbrecht P., I.; Enriquez L., M.L.cia, 2004:
Importance of agricultural management for biodiversity case of ants in sugar cane Importancia del manejo agricola para la biodiversidad caso de las hormigas en cana de azucar

Horeau, V.; Cerdan, P.; Champeau, A.; Richard, S., 1996:
Importance of allochtonous food items for fish in the creeks of Sinnamary river basin French Guiana Importance des apports exogenes dans le regime alimentaire de quelques poissons de criques du bassin versant du fleuve Sinnamary Guyane Francaise

Matyja, B.A.; Wierzbowski, A., 2002:
Importance of ammonite faunas analysis for reconstruction of the Oxfordian and Kimmeridgian sedimentary basins in Central Europe Znaczenie analizy faun amonitowych dla rekonstrukcji basenow sedymentacyjncych oksfordu i kimerydu srodkowej Europy

Torres N., Daniel., 1997:
Importance of area 48 fourth reunion of the Working Group on Ecosystem Monitoring and Protection Importancia del area 48 4 reunion del grupo de trabajo sobre seguimiento y ordenamiento del ecosistema

Nicolas, Y.; Pont, D., 1995:
Importance of artificial backwaters for juvenile fish recruitment in a heavily regulated large river, the Lower-Rhone Importance dannexes laterales artificielles pour le recrutement en juveniles de poissons dans un fleuve amenage, le Bas-Rhone

Bodrova, N.V.; Krayukhin, B.V.; Malyarevskaya, A.Y., 1956:
Importance of artificial food for young carp

Syvokiene, J.; Jankauskiene, R.; Voveriene, G., 2001:
Importance of bacteria associated with fish larvae and Ponto-Caspian higher crustaceans in nutrition process Bakteriju, asocijuotu su zuvu lervomis ir Ponto-Kaspijos aukstesniaisiais veziagyviais, vaidmuo mityboje

Koval, L.G., 1968:
Importance of biotic factors in the seasonal dynamics of zooplankton in the north-western part of the Black Sea

Kapuscinski, S., 1949:
Importance of bird protection for forest conservation

Bures, Stanislav., 1994:
Importance of birds as a mortality factor of winter moth Operophtera brumata L Vyznam ptaku jako faktoru mortality pidalky podzimni Operophtera brumata L

Ollivier, P.; Debout, C.; Debout, G., 1999:
Importance of breeding territory selection for the reproduction of northern wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe on a stabilized dune in northern France Importance du choix du territoire dans la reproduction du traquet motteux Oenanthe oenanthe sur une dune fixee de la Manche N-O France

Ostroumov, N.A., 1947:
Importance of certain factors affectng the fisheries industry of the rivers of the Northern plain

Schmidt, Elmar., 1997:
Importance of clay mining for the European tree frog in Westerwald Bedeutung des Tonbergbaus fur den Laubfrosch im Westerwald

Ginetzinskaya, T.A., 1953:
Importance of colour in sporocysts of trematodes belonging to the genus Leucochloridium for identification

Safi, K.A.; Gibbs, M.M., 2003:
Importance of different size classes of phytoplankton in Beatrix Bay, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand, and the potential implications for the aquaculture of the mussel, Perna canaliculus Importance of different size classes of phytoplankton in Beatrix Bay, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand, and the potential implications for the aquaculture of the mussel, Perna canaliculus

Korneck, D.; Pretscher, P., 2001:
Importance of edge biotopes for flora and fauna Bedeutung von Saumbiotopen fuer Flora und Fauna

Shilnikov, V.I., 1963:
Importance of elder age groups of cattle in the distribution of dictyocaulosis of calves

Scorza, J.V.; Villegas, E., 1995:
Importance of entomological monitoring in the Antimalaria Programme Agua Caliente, Miranda municipality, Trujillo State, Venezuela, 1991 Importancia de la vigilancia entomologica en la fase de mantenimiento del Programa Antimalarico Localidad Agua Caliente, municipio Miranda, estado Trujillo, Venezuela, 1991

Nuss, H.; Buchs, W., 2000:
Importance of epigaeic predators as antagonists of soil dwelling insect pests of winter oilseed rape-inflorescences buds, flowers and pods Zur Bedeutung epigaischer Raubarthropoden als Antagonisten von Bluten- und Schotenschadlingen des Winterrapses mit Verpuppung im Boden

Santos-Moreno, A.; Gaona, S.; Hortelano, Y., 1998:
Importance of experience and intermediate variation in taking cranial measurements for morphometric studies Importancia de la experiencia y de la variacion intermedidor en la toma de medidas craneales para estudios morfometricos

Dombrowski, A.; Golawski, A., 2004:
Importance of fallow land in habitat preferences of chosen breeding bird species in the agricultural landscape of central Poland Znaczenie odlogow w preferencjach srodowiskowych wybranych gatunkow Iegowych ptakow w krajobrazie rolniczym srodkowej Polski

Pereira, M.H.racio.; Diotaiuti, L., 2002:
Importance of feeding for triatomine urbanization Importancia do processo alimentar na domicilliacao triatominica

Kajak, Z., 1966:
Importance of food for Chironomidae in the profundal of lakes

Holm, Kurt., 1996 :
Importance of food plants in the rearing of goldfinches Wichtige Futterpflanzen fur die Aufzucht von Stieglizen

Saidova, H.M., 1953:
Importance of foraminifera in the stratigraphy of Quaternary marine deposits, R.; Massa, B.; Rizzo, M.C.ncetta., 2002:
Importance of fragments of natural habitat for leaf-miners communities Insecta Diptera, Lepidoptera et Hymenoptera and their parasitoids Hymenoptera Eulophidae Importanza dei frammenti di habitat naturale per le comunita di fillominatori Insecta Diptera, Lepidoptera et Hymenoptera e loro parassitoidi Hymenoptera Eulophidae

Beyrem, H.; Aissa, P., 1998:
Importance of free living nematodes in the ecological monitoring of a disturbed lagoon environment Ichkeul ecosystem Tunisia Importance des nematodes libres dans le suivi ecologique dun milieu lagunaire perturbe lecosysteme Ichkeul Tunisie

Bleier, N.; Katona, K.; Biro, Z.; Szemethy, L.; Szekely, J., 2006:
Importance of game plots, salt stations, muddy pools and complementary feeding in big game management A vadfoldek, a kiegeszito takarmanyozas, a sozok es a dagonyak jelentosege a nagyvadgazdalkodasaban

Visentin, M.; Foschi, U.F.scolo.; Sorace, A., 2003:
Importance of golf courses for the conservation of avian species in Italy Importanca dei campi da golf per la conservazione delle specie ornitiche in Italia

Assmann, Thorsten., 1998:
Importance of habitat continuity for nature conservation - investigations of woodland inhabiting ground beetles Coleoptera, Carabidae with examples for methodical additions to long-term studies Bedeutung der Kontinuitat von Lebensraumen fur den Naturschutz-Untersuchungen an waldbewohnenden Laufkafern Coleoptera, Carabidae mit Beispielen fur methodische Erganzungen zur Langzeitforschung

Berraho, A.; Ettahiri, O.; Letourneur, Y.; Orbi, A.; Yahyaoui, A., 2005:
Importance of hydrological parameters in egg and larva distribution of small pelagic fishes in the southern Moroccan Atlantic Importance des parametres hydrologiques dans la distribution des oeufs et des larves des petits pelagiquesdu sud de IAtlantique marocain

Grenci, S.; Massa, B.; Nobile, V.; Rizzo, M.C.ncetta., 1998:
Importance of hymenopterans in the diet of the bee-eater, Merops apiaster Importanza degli imenotteri Insecta Hymenoptera nella dieta del gruccione, Merops apiaster L Aves Meropidae

Cugnasse, J.-Marc.; Canario, L.; Issaly, J.-Claude., 2003:
Importance of immature females in a peregrine falcon Falco peregrinus peregrinus population sub-unit in the south of the Massif central France from 1976 to 2000 Contribution des femelles immatures a la dynamique dune sous-unite de population de faucon pelerin Falco p peregrinus dans le sud du Massif central France, de 1976 a 2000

Letellier, C.; Haubruge, E.; Gaspar, C., 1995:
Importance of insect pests of stored products in Belgium Importance des insectes ravageurs des cereales stockees en Belgique

Malerbo-Souza, D.T.resinha.; Tadeu, A.M.rques.; Bettini, P.C.sar.; Toledo, V. de Alencar Arnaut de., 1999:
Importance of insects in watermelon production Citrullus lanatus Thunb - Cucurbitaceae Importancia dos insetos na producao de melancia Citrullus lanatus Thunb - Cucurbitaceae

Schlatter, R.P.; Hucke-Gaete, R., 1999:
Importance of international co-operation for the conservation of Chilean seabirds and marine mammals Importancia de la cooperacion internacional para la conservacion de aves y mamiferos marinos presentes en Chile

Skyllberg, U.; Lessmann, J.; Hansson, P., 1999:
Importance of lake and nesting site characteristics for the breeding success of sea-foraging red-throated divers Gavia stellata in Vasterbotten, Sweden Hackningsmiljons betydelse for hackningsframgangen hos havsfiskande smalom Gavia stellata i Vasterbotten

Kurzynski, J.; Mielnicka, B., 2004:
Importance of landscape parks for conservation of the most valuable nature components of the Polish Carpathians Znaczenie parkow krajobrazowych w ochronie najcenniejszych walorow przyrodniczych Karpat Polskich

Valius, M.; Saliene, H.; Daniulyte, G.; Slekyte, A., 1954:
Importance of light and temperature in the repro-duction of birds and mammals

Ostroumov, N.A., 1947:
Importance of lumbering in the fishery of the northern plain rivers

Dulkeit, GD., 1954:
Importance of lynx and wolverine as predators in natural complex of Altaitaign

Rossi, G.; Gatti, LG.; Gaiani, V.; Fano, EA., 1997:
Importance of macroalgal shape on prey-predation relationships in lagoon Importanza dellarchitettura macroalgale nelle relazioni pred-predatore in ambiente lagunare

Zhukova, A.I., 1957:
Importance of microorganisms as basic fish food

Vera-Pelaez,; Lozano-Francisco, M.; Carmen; Simon Vallejo, M.D.lores; Cortes Sanchez, M., 2003:
Importance of mollusks in Prehistoric sites, a case good documental Cueva de Nerja Malaga, southern Spain Relevancia del estudio de los moluscos en yacimientos prehistoricos, un caso bien documentado la Cueva de Nerja Malaga, Sur de Espana

Failloux, A.-Bella.; Rodhain, F., 1999:
Importance of mosquito population genetic studies in medical entomology Apport des etudes de genetique des populations de moustiques Diptera Culicidae en entomologie medicale Exemples choisis en Polynesie Francaise

Hallmann, J., 2006:
Importance of nematodes in history and science Die Bedeutung der Nematoden in Geschichte und Wissenschaft

Schulz, Ralf., 1998:
Importance of nonpoint source pollution in streams from the ecotoxicological view exemplified by the Ohebach in the northern Harz foreland, Lower Saxony, Germany Bedeutung diffuser Stoffeintrage in Fliessgewasser aus okotoxikologischer Sicht am Beispiel des Ohebaches im nordlichen Harzvorland, Sudostniedersachsen

Petrov, D.F., 1957:
Importance of nucleic acid in protein synthesis and problem of the origin of life

Kurek, P., 2007:
Importance of nutcracker Nucifraga caryocatactes Linnaeus, 1758 for dispersal of hazel Corylus avellana L in the Wyzyna Czestochowska Upland S Poland Znaczenie orzechowki Nucifraga caryocatactes Linnaeus, 1758 dla rozprzestrzeniania leszczyny Corylus avellana L na Wyzynie Czestochowskiej

Sviridenko, P.A.; Girenko, L.L., 1951:
Importance of olfactory receptors in rodents while searching for food

Hochkirch, Axel., 1996:
Importance of oviposition in dead wood for habitat preference and dispersal in Chrysochraon dispar Germar, 1831 Die Bedeutung der Eiablage in Totholz fur Habitatbindung und Ausbreitung bei Chrysochraon dispar Germar, 1831

Gerard, C., 1997:
Importance of parasitism in the community of gastropods in the pond of Combourg Britain, France Importance du parasitisme dans la communaute de gasteropodes de letang de Combourg Bretagne, France

Hall, M.C., 1931:
Importance of parasitism in wild life

Ponomareva, L.A., 1954:
Importance of particular species of Euphasiids as food components of food of fishes and whales

Aranda, M., 2002:
Importance of pecaries for the conservation of the jaguar in Mexico Importancia de los pecaries para la conservacion del jaguar en Mexico

Dardani, M.; Collu, I., 1999:
Importance of plant-insect interactions in the breeding biology of Dracunculus muscivorus Araceae Importanza delle interazioni pianta-insetto nella biologica riproduttiva del Dracunculus muscivorus Araceae

Agostini, N.; Malara, G., 1997:
Importance of populations of some species of Accipitriformes migrating, during spring, across the Central Mediterranean Entita delle popolazioni di alcune specie di rapaci Accipitriformi migranti, in primavera, sul Mediterraneo Centrale

Prange, Hartwig., 1999:
Importance of pre-roost gathering areas for the protection of crane staging sites Die Bedeutung der Zwischenlandeflachen fur den Schutz der Kranichrastplatze

Reitz, F.; Mayot, P.; Leonard, Y.; Mettaye, G., 1993:
Importance of predation in the causes of spring and summer mortalities of the partridge Perdix perdix in Beauce du Loir and Cher Importance de la predation dans les causes de mortalite printaniere et estivale de la perdrix grise Perdix perdix en petite Beauce du Loir et Cher

Urbaneja, A.; Ripolles, JL.; Abad, R.; Calvo, J.; Vanaclocha, P.; Tortosa, D.; Jacas, JA.; Castanera, P., 2005:
Importance of predator arthropods of insects and mites in Spain Importancia de los artropods depredadores de insectos y acaros en Espana

Shimalav, V.T., 1967:
Importance of predatory mammals in Belorussia as vectors of some of the helminthiasis of man and domestic animals Vestzi Akad

Clausnitzer, Hans-Joachim., 1999:
Importance of primary habitats for the Central-European fauna - conservation of primary or secondary habitats? Bedeutung von Primarhabitaten fur die mitteleuropaische Fauna Schutz von Primar- oder Sekundarhabitaten?

Willigalla, C.; Menke, N.; Kronshage, A., 2003:
Importance of rain storage reservoirs for nature conservation - example of dragonflies in the city of Muenster/Westphalia Naturschutzbedeutung von Regenrueckhaltebecken Dargestellt am Beispiel der Libellen in Muenster/Westfalen

Reinhardt, K.; Koehler, G., 2002:
Importance of recent findings on behavioural ecology for species conservation - example of grasshopper populations Bedeutung aktueller Befunde der Verhaltensoekologie fuer den Artenschutz Dargestellt am Beispiel der Heuschrecken

Coelln, K.; Esser, J.; Jakubzik, A., 2004:
Importance of refuges and connecting structures for the biodiversity of insects, described by examples from the Eifel Bedeutung von Refugien und Vernetzungsstrukturen fuer die Diversitaet der Entomofauna dargestellt an Beispielen aus der Eifel

Sviridenko, P.A., 1951:
Importance of rodents in forest culture and protective measures

Rius, M.; Salvado, H. del P.; Gracia, M., 1996:
Importance of rotifers in the purification process of residual waters of activated sludge Importancia de los rotiferos en el proceso de depuracion de aguas residuales por fangos activos

L.R., B.; Makaya-Makosso, J.-Privat., 1999:
Importance of semiochemicals in prey habitat location by the coccinellid predator Exochomus flaviventris Coleoptera Coccinellidae Importance des semiochimiques dans la localisation de lhabitat de la proie par la coccinelle predatrice Exochomus flaviventris Coleoptera Coccinellidae

Kordule, Vratislav., 1996:
Importance of some less known fossiliferous localities for the stratigraphy of the Jince Formation in the Bohemian Middle Cambrian Vyznam nekterych mene znamych fosilifernich lokalit pro stratigrafii jineckeho souvrstvi v ceskem strednim kambriu

Handke, Klaus., 1998:
Importance of spatial and temporal dynamics for the fauna - the example of the Bremer Flussmarsch Bedeutung raum-zeitlicher Dynamik fur die Fauna Eine Bewertung am Beispiel der Bremer Flussmarsch

Tsolakis, H.; Ragusa, E.; Ragusa D.C.iari, S., 1997:
Importance of spontaneous vegetation in the proximity of agro-ecosystems for phytoseiid mites Parasitiformes, Phytoseiidae Importanza della flora spontanea ai margini degli agroecosistemi per gli Acari fitoseidi Parasitiformes, Phytoseiidae

Garcia Ruiz, A., 2005:
Importance of temporary lakes for the conservation of soil arthropod biodiversiity in agricultural zones of Castilla-la Mancha Importancia de las lagunas temporales para la conservation de la biodiversidad de artropodos edaficos en zonas agricolas de Castilla-la Mancha

Dolgopolskaya, M.A., 1954 :
Importance of the Black Sea decapod Crustacea as fish and dolphin food

Calonge Garcia, A.; Lopez Carrillo, M.D.lores., 2003:
Importance of the Cuevas de Portalrubio Montalban, Teruel Cretaceous outcrops Importancia de los yacimientos cretacicos de Cuevas de Portalrubio Montalban, Teruel

Baghino, L., 2003:
Importance of the Genoese west wind for migration of the short-toed eagle Circaetus gallicus Importanza del Ponente genovese per la migrazione del Biancone Circaetus gallicus

Sokolov, A.A., 1957:
Importance of the Lumbricidae in the formation of soil1956

Novikov, G.A., 1958:
Importance of the animal world of the Cola peninsula to man

Treca, B.; Tamba, S.; Akpo, L.-Elie.; Grouzis, M., 1996:
Importance of the avifauna to the recycling of nitrogen and phosphorous in a sahelian savana of northern Senegal Importance de lavifaune sur les apports en azote et en phosphore dans une savane sahelieene du nord Senegal

Arcos Torres, A.; Solano Ugalde, A., 2006:
Importance of the carnivore and frugivore Potos flavus Procyonidae Mammalia, in the germination of Cordia panamensis Boraginaceae Importancia de un carnivoro-frugivoro Potos flavus Procyonidae Mammalia, en la germinacion de Cordia panamensis Boraginaceae

Kabanov, G.K., 1965:
Importance of the contemporary Dibranchiata for studying belemnitids

Shulman, S.S., 1954:
Importance of the data on parasites of fishes for related disciplines

Athias-Binche, F., 1996:
Importance of the evolutionary biology for applied purposes The case of Acari 1 Main life history traits Importance de la biologie evolutive en recherche appliquee Le cas des acariens 1 Principaux traits biologiques

Rasolonandrasana, B.P.; Goodman, S.M., 2000:
Importance of the forest corridor between Andringitra national park and Pic dIvohibe reserve for the conservation of terrestrial vertebrates Importance du couloir forestier situe entre le Parc National dAndringitra et la Reserve Speciale du Pic dIvohibe pour la conservation des vertebres terrestres

Wildhaber, M.L.; Lamberson, P.J., 2004:
Importance of the habitat choice behavior assumed when modeling the effects of food temperature on fish populations

Alvarado Quesada, G.M., 2004:
Importance of the islands of Manuel Antonio national park, Costa Rica as nesting and resting sites for aquatic birds Importancia de los islotes del Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica como sitios de anidacion y descanso para aves acuaticas

Vergnaud, A.; Bosquet, JP., 1997:
Importance of the main pests beneficials in cider apple orchards in Normandy 1993-1996 Importance des principaux ravageurs et auxiliaires dans le verger cidricole Bas-Normand 1993-1996

Caroppo, Salvatore., 1998:
Importance of the nematodes in fruit tree nurseries Limportanza dei nematodi nella moltiplicazione delle piante da frutto

Sevastyanov, V.D., 1968:
Importance of the nests of Formica rufa as niches for breeding armoured mites

Bordignon, Lucio., 1995:
Importance of the old collections in the reconstruction of the natural history of the birds in Vercelli area the Ferrero Collection Importanza delle vecchie collezioni nella riconstruzione della storia naturale degli uccelli nel vercellese la collezione Ferrero

Obeid, S.F.entes; Marin, A.S.mpedro; Marulanda, M.A.dila, 2003:
Importance of the red-eared turtle Trachemys scripta callirostris Chelonia, Emydidae as a natural resource for the community of Isla del Coco, Mojana region, Sucre department, Colombia Importancia de la Jicotea Trachemys scripta callirostris Chelonia, Emydidae como recurso natural en la comunidad de Isla del Coco, Region de la Mojana, departamento de Sucre, Colombia

Gusev, V.M., 1952:
Importance of the snow-depth for predatory birds living on mariforme rodents

Kretovich, V.L., 1956:
Importance of the works of D N Pryanishnikov in the development of biochemistry

Vedder, E.B., 1949:
Importance of thin blood films in malaria diagnosis Correspondence

Legalle, M.; Triplet, P.; Sueur, F., 2002:
Importance of trophic resources on avocet Recurvirostra avosetta breeding success in the Somme Bay Role des ressources trophiques dans le succes de reproduction de lavocette elegante Recurvirostra avosetta en baie de Somme

Dinetti, M., 2003:
Importance of urban areas for avifauna conservation Importanza delle aree ubane per la conservazione dellavifauna

Irmler, Ulrich., 2001:
Importance of urban fallow for ground beetles Carabidae Bedeutung urbaner Brachen fuer Laufkaefer Carabidae

Mena Selles, C.; Garcia Garcia, B., 2002:
Importance of vegetable protein in the natural diet of wild populations of the sea bream Diplodus puntazzo Cetti, 1777 implications for intensive culture Importancia de la proteina vegetal en la dieta natural de poblaciones salvajes de sargo picudo Diplodus puntazzo Cetti, 1777 sus implicaciones en el cultivo intensivo

Trnka, P.; Rozkosny, R.; Gaisler, J.; Houskova, L., 1990:
Importance of windbreaks for ecological diversity in agricultural landscapes

Gaffour-Bensebbane, C., 1990:
Importance systematique et phylogenetique des spermatozoides chez les Scutelleridae Insecta, Heteroptera

Dunger, W. .; Voigtlander, K. ., 1997:
Importance, status and current developments in the systematics of soil animals International convention on contributions to taxonomy, systematics and applied zoology for resolution of soil ecology problems, 17th to 20th September 1995 in Gorlitz Bedeutung, Stand und aktuelle Entwicklung der Systematik von Bodentieren Internationale Arbeitstagung zum Beitrag von Taxonomie, Systematik und Spezieller Zoologie zur Losung bodenokologischer Fragen vom 17 bis 20 September 1995 in Gorlitz

Castro, G.; Ortiz, EG.; Bertochi, L., 1990:
Importancia biologica y conservacion de la laguna El Paraiso, Lima

Gomez, JM.; Zamora, R., 1990:
Importancia de la vegetacion emergente en el comportamiento alimenticio de la focha

Bozic, Luca., 2003:
Important Bird Areas IBA in Slovenia 2 Proposed Special Protected Areas SPA in Slovenia Mednarodno pomembna obmocja za ptice v Sloveniji 2 Predlogi posebnih zascitenih obmocij SPA v Sloveniji

Sudfeldt, C.; Doer, D.; Wahl, J., 2002:
Important Bird Areas and potential Ramsar Sites in Germany Important Bird Areas und potenzielle Ramsar-Gebiete in Deutschland

Sudfeldt, C.; Doer, D.; Hoetker, H.; Mayr, C.; Unselt, C. von Lindeiner, A.; Bauer, H.-Guenther., 2002:
Important Bird Areas in Germany - revised updated and completed list state of 1st July 2002 Important Bird Areas Bedeutende Vogelschutzgebiete in Deutschland - ueberarbeitete und aktualisierte Gesamtliste Stand 01072002

Heeg, Otto., 2005:
Important Bird Areas no 012 Klingnau reservoir an A class bird meeting place IBA Nr 012 Klingnauer Stausee Vogel-Treffpunkt der A-Klasse

Viada, Carlota., 2005 :
Important Bird Areas, an outstanding project of SEO/BirdLife Areas Importantes para las Aves, un programa senero de SEO/BirdLife

Semikhatova, E.N., 1961:
Important Foraminifera in the study of Middle Carboniferous deposits of the Don-Medveditzkikh province dislocation

Anonymous., 1999:
Important addresses Wichtige Adressen

Gadeyne, E. ., 1996:
Important areas for raptors Germany part 3 East Germany part 1 Belangrijke roofvogelgebieden Duitsland deel 3 Oostelijk Duitsland deel 1

Aparicio, Karla M., 2000:
Important areas for the birds of Panama Panama achieve advances for the protection of its birds Areas importantes para las aves en Panama Panama avanza en la proteccion de sus aves

Legendre, F., 2004:
Important autumn passage of Dotterel in France in 2003 Passage remarquable du Pluvier guignard Charadrius morinellus en France a lautomne 2003

Dodman, T.; Barlow, C.; Sa, J.; Robertson, P., 2004:
Important bird areas in Guinea-Bissau Zonas importantes para as aves na Guine-Bissau

Viksne, Janis., 1994:
Important bird areas in Latvia Putniem nozimigas vietas Latvija

Heer, L.; Keller, V.; Schmid, H.; Mueller, W., 2000:
Important bird areas in Switzerland Important bird areas der Schweiz

Boyla, K.; Estrada, A., 2005:
Important bird conservation areas in the tropical Andes Areas importantes para la conservacion de las aves en Los Andes tropicales

Melter, J.; Schreiber, M., 2000:
Important breeding and stop-over sites in Lower Saxony Wichtige Brut- und Rastvogelgebiete in Niedersachsen

Schmid, H.; Naef-Daenzer, B.; Keller, V.; Zbinden, N., 2000:
Important cultivated areas for breeding birds in Switzerland Fur Brutvogel besonders wichtige Landwirtschaftsgebiete in der Schweiz

Grigorev, NI., 1975:
Important cytological and histological data and their study by the analysis of problems in phylogeny and systematics

Leonardi, Giuseppe., 1984:
Important dinosaur fossils Le impronte fossili di dinosauri

Krampl, F.; Marek, J., 2003:
Important faunistic records of moths and butterflies Lepidoptera of the Jizerske hory Mts, Czech Republic, from the years 1999 - 2003, with some eco-geographical remarks to expanding species Faunisticky vyznamne nalezy motylu Lepidoptera v Jizerskych horach, Ceska republika, v letech 1999 - 2003 a ekologicko-geograficke poznamky k sireni nekterych druhu

Ljungberg, Hakan., 2002:
Important habitats for red-listed ground beetles in Sweden Vara rodlistade jordlopares habitatkrav

Kaynar, O.; Guldur, T., 2003:
Important lectins in Protozoa Protozoonlarda onemli lektinler

Luebcke, W.; Richter, E., 2001:
Important moulting site of the tufted duck Aythya fuligula and pochard Aythya ferina in the Affoldern Reservoir Nature Reserve North Hesse Bedeutender Mauserplatz von Reiherente Aythya fuligula und Tafelente Aythya ferina im NSG Stausee von Affoldern Nordhessen

Lippens, L.; Burggraeve, G.; Trio, R., 1977:
Important ornithological observations in Het Zwin in 1976

Vaernesbranden, Per Inge., 1997:
Important ornithological site in Trondheimfjorden under threat of motorway construction Viktig fuglomrade i Trondheimsfjorden trues av motorvei

Ustinova, LA., 1990:
Important problems of fisheries research in works of young scientists Collected papers Growth of sprat in the east Baltic

Appolov, AB., 1990:
Important problems of fisheries research in works of young scientists Collected papers Some results of macrobenthofauna research in the east Baltic in 1986-1988

Dubois, P.J.; Duquet, M., 2003:
Important red-footed falcon influx in France in Spring 2002 Afflux sans precedent de Faucons kobez Falco vespertinus en France au printemps 2002

Carro, E.; Fernandez, R.; Morana, A., 1997:
Important roosts for Chiroptera in Galicia Refugios importantes para los qiropteros en Galicia

Lantermann, Werner., 1999:
Importation, trade and breeding of Fischers lovebird Agapornis fischeri in Germany Import, Handel und Haltung von Pfirsichkoepfchen Agapornis fischeri in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Domokos, Tamas., 2003:
Imported Cepaea nemoralis Linnaeus, 1758 in the Bukk Mountains N-Hungary Behurcolt Cepaea nemoralis Linnaeus, 1758 a Bukkben

Sellenscho, Udo., 1999:
Imported on luggage from the Caribbean Tapinoma melanocephalum Fabricius, 1793 Mit dem Reisegepack aus der Karibik Die Drusenameise Tapinoma melanocephalum Fabricius, 1793

Rican, O.; Novak, J., 2003:
Imports of cichlids - for the third time on cichlids 13 Importy kanciku potreti kancici 13

Bistrom, O., 2004:
Imports of the longhorn beetle Plagionotus detritus L, to Finland Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Import av bredbandad ekbarkbock, Plagionotus detritus L, till Finland Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

Terlizzi, Antonio., 2001:
Imposex pseudohermaphroditism in Mediterranean gastropod molluscs morphological aspects and ecological considerations Imposex pseudoermafroditismo in molluschi gasteropodi mediterranei aspetti morfologici e considerazioni ecologiche

Terlizzi, A.; Scuderi, D.; Faimali, M.; Minganti, V.; Geraci, S., 1997:
Imposex in Hexaplex trunculus and Stramonita haemastoma Gastropoda, Muricidae first records for the Italian coasts Imposex in Hexaplex trunculus e Stramonita haemastoma Gastropoda, Muricidae prime segnalazioni per le acque costiere italiane

Dubinin, N.P.; Frisen, G.G., 1931:
Impossibility of explaining the case of step allelomorphism Scute from the point of view of physiological theory of heredity of R Goldschmidt

Dubinin, N.P.; Frizen, G.G., 1931:
Impossibility to explain the ease of step allelomorphism scute from the point of view of physiological theory of heredity of R Goldschmidt

Mueller, D. .; Schoel, A. .; Bergfeld, T. .; Strunck, Y. ., 2006:
Impounded rivers in Germany Water management and ecological relationships Staugeregelte Fluesse in Deutschland Wasserwirtschaftliche und oekologische Zusammenhaenge

Rose, Louis., 2003:
Imprecise endings of some systematic categories for insects Desinences imprecises de quelques categories systematiques chez les insectes

Andell, Ingemar., 2002:
Impression from standard routes Intryck fran standardrutter

Kleinfeld, Frank., 1997:
Impressions of beetle morphology The description of some species of the genus Carabus Part 3 Additional description of Carabus Apotomopterus hector G Hauser 1924 Coleoptera Carabidae, Carabini Eindrucksvolle Kafergestalten Vorstellung einiger Arten aus der Gattung Carabus 5 Beitrag Erganzende Beschreibung des Carabus Apotomopterus hector G Hauser 1924 Coleoptera Carabidae, Carabini

Brockmann, D.; Zoellner, A., 2002:
Impressions of the Caribbean Part 1 Stony corals Karibische Impressionen Teil 1 Steinkorallen

Zoellner, A.; Brockmann, D., 2002:
Impressions of the Caribbean Part 2 end Scleraxonia and Holaxonia Karibische Impressionen Teil 2 Schluss Kalkachsen- und Hornkorallen

Kleinfeld, Frank., 1995:
Impressive beetle forms - the description of a Carabus species 4 Contribution On C Apotomopterus davidis Deyrolle Fairmaire 1878 and its related forms Coleoptera Carabidae Eindrucksvolle Kafergestalten - Vorstellung einiger Arten aus der Gattung Carabus - 4 Beitrag Uber C Apotomopterus davidis Deyrolle Fairmaire 1878 und seine verwandten Formen Coleoptera Carabidae

Kuhn, Erwin., 1999:
Impressive brachiopods from the Eifelian/Devonian Bestachelte Brachiopoden aus dem Eifeldevon

Tricot, Jean., 2000:
Impressive passage of fieldfares Turdus pilaris Passage impressionnant de grives litornes Turdus pilaris

Tricot, Jean., 1998:
Imprints and tracks presence indicators continuation Empreintes et pistes indices de presence suite

Hekker, R.F.; Zharkov, M.A., 1966:
Imprints of crawling trilobites in the Upper Cambrian of the south Siberian platform

Rossi, S.; Gili, J.; Tsounis, G., 2003:
Improper extraction inhibits recovery of red coral La extraccion abusiva impide que el coral rojo se recupere

Ros, JP.; Wong, E.; Castillo, E., 2001:
Improve of the attractant effiency of hydrolised protein against Ceratitis capitata Wied adding synthetic sustances in the trap solution Mejora de la atraccion de las proteinas hidrolizadas para Ceratitis capitata Wied mediante la adicion de sustancias sinteticas en la solucion de los mosqueros

Rajan.; Mathur, VK.; Lal, A., 1990:
Improved culturing technique for Aphelenchoides besseyi by inducing anhydrobiosis

Kotelnikov, GA.; Korchagin, AI.; Khrenov, VM., 1977:
Improved flotation method of coprascopic diagnostics of animal helminths

Kotel'nikov, GA.; Korchagin, AI.; Khrenov, VM., 1977:
Improved flotation method of coproscopic diagnostics of animal helminths Byulleten vses

Stakhovski, V.V., 1954:
Improved trap for catching small mammals

Haschemi, H.; Stein, W., 2002:
Improved waste disposal at the waste site Correct practices reduce pest fauna Verbesserte Rotteverfahren auf einer Deponie Richtiges Vorgehen reduziert Ungezieferfauna

Radonic, M.; Mueller, MI.; Lopez, AV.; Bambill, GA.; Spinedi, M.; Boccanfuso, JJ., 2007:
Improvement in flounder Paralichthys orbignyanus controlled spawning in Argentina Avances en la reproduccion controlada del lenguado Paralichthys orbignyanus en Argentina

Steffens, Werner., 1999:
Improvement in the condition of the Elbe and its tributaries Results of the work of the International Commission for Conservation of the Elbe Verbesserung des Zustands der Elbe und ihrer Nebenflusse Ergebnisse der Arbeit der Internationalen Kommission zum Schutz der Elbe

Ushakova, R.F., 1970:
Improvement in the method of determination of remains of nysin concentration in roe

Hennicke, Frank., 2000:
Improvement of degraded polders in the Peene valley The start of renaturalization by the Peenetal-Landschaft group Rueckbau degradierter Polder im Peenetal Renaturierungsansaetze des Zweckverbandes Peenetal-Landschaft

Zhadin, V.I., 1955:
Improvement of fish farming ponds

Gorokhov, VV., 1977:
Improvement of the method for successive flotation for detection of Fasciola eggs Byulleten vses

Ros, JP.; Wong, E.; Olivero, J.; Castillo, E., 2002:
Improvement of traps, attractants and killing agents against Ceratitis capitata Wied How to do the mass trapping technique a good way to control this pest Mejora de los mosqueros, atrayentes y sistemas de retencion contra la mosca mediterranea de la fruta Ceratitis capitata Wied Como hacer de la Tecnica del Trampeo Masivo una buena herramienta para controlar esta plaga

Gidudu, AM.; Cuisance, D.; Reifenberg, JM.; Frezil, JL., 1995:
Improvement of tsetse fly salivation technique for the detection of infective metatrypanosomes study of the impact of certain biological and non-biological factors on the probing behaviour of tsetse flies Amelioration de la technique de salivation des glossines pour la detection des metatrypanosomes infectants etude de quelques facteurs biologiques et non biologiques sur le comportement de sondage des glossines

Radchenko, A.G.; Tabunina, T.I.G.rshkovich, N.L., 1964:
Improvements in the organization of projects on disinfection of burrows of the large gerbil

Mai, Wolfgang., 2002:
Improvements in the rearing of the sea horse species Hippocampus kuda and H fuscus Verbesserungen bei der Aufzuch der Seepferdchen-Arten Hippocampus kuda und H fuscus

Rochard, E.; Jatteau, P., 1991:
Improvements to age determination methods for the sturgeon Acipenser sturio and its first applications Amelioration de la methode de determination de lage de lesturgeon commun Acipenser sturio et premieres applications

Mertens, A.; Salvatori, V.; Blanco, JC.; Huber, D.; Godes, C. de Andrade, L.; Pinto, 2005:
Improving coexistence between wildlife and agriculture in Mediterranean Europe overview of current situation and proposal for future activites Verso il miglioramento della coesistenza tra specie selvatiche e attivita agricole in Europa Mediterranea breve rassegna e proposte per il futuro

Schuchardt, B.; Scholle, J.; Brandt, T., 2002:
Improving colonisation of sheet piles for aquatic invertebrates - methods and results of a monitoring programme Verbesserung der Besiedelbarkeit von Spundwaenden fuer aquatische Wirbellose Methoden und Ergebnisse einer Erfolgskontrolle

Sperber, C.F.; Vieira, G.H.; Mendes, M.H., 2003:
Improving litter cricket Orthoptera Gryllidae sampling with pitfall traps Aprimoramento da amostragem de grilos de serapilheira Orthoptera Gryllidae por armadilha

Hapke, C.; Zebitz, C.P.ter W.; Dickler, E., 2000:
Improving mating disruption for the control of apple clearwing, Synanthedon myopaeformis Borkh, and codling moth, Cydia pomonella L Untersuchungen zur Optimierung der Verwirrungsmethode beim Apfelbaumglasflugler, Synanthedon myopaeformis Borkh, und dem Apfelwickler, Cydia pomonella L

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