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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38330

Chapter 38330 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Aguilera, L.; Gonzalez, M.; Marquetti, M. del Carmen; Capin, J.L.; Fustes, C., 2000:
Incidence of Aedes S aegypti and other culicids in Playa Municipio, Havana City Incidencia de Aedes S aegypti y otros culicidos en el municipio Playa, Ciudad de La Habana

de Souza Filho, M.F.; Raga, A.; Zucchi, R.A., 2000:
Incidence of Anastrepha obliqua Macquart and Ceratitis capitata Wiedemann Diptera Tephritidae in star fruit Averrhoa carambola L in eight localities of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil Incidencia de Anastrepha obliqua Macquart y Ceratitis capitata Wiedemann Diptera Tephritidae en Carambola Averrhoa carambola L en ocho localidades del Estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil

Pereira, A.D.; Atui, M.B.; Torres, D.M.GV.; Mangini, A.C.lia S.; Zamboni, C.Q., 2000:
Incidence of Anisakidae Gadus morhua parasites in the cod fish marketed in the State of Sao Paulo Incidencia de parasitos da familia Anisakidae em bacalhau Gadus morhua comercializado no Estado de Sao Paulo

Princep, M.; Bigas, M.; Durfort, M., 1996:
Incidence of Bucephallus haimeanus Lacaze-Duthiers, 1854 Trematoda, Digenea in the digestive gland of Ostrea edulis Linne Incidencia de Bucephallus haimeanus Lacaze-Duthiers, 1854 Trematoda, Digenea en el hepatopancreas de Ostrea edulis Linne

Calvo, D.; Molina, J.; Ma, 2003:
Incidence of Cacoecimorpha pronubana Hbn Lep, Tortricidae on low chill blueberry cultivars Vaccinium spp, Ericaceae in western Andalusia Spain Incidencia de Cacoecimorpha pronubana Huebner, 1799 Lep, Tortricidae sobre variedades de arandano americano Vaccinium spp, Ericaceae con bajos requerimientos de horas frio en Andalucia Occidental

Urbaneja, A.; Munoz, A.; Garrido, A.; Jacas, J., 2001:
Incidence of Chrysoperla carnea Stephens Neuroptera Chrysopidae in the predation of Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton Lepidoptera Gracillariidae Incidencia de Chrysoperla carnea Stephens Neuroptera Chrysopidae en la depredacion de Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton Lepidoptera Gracillariidae

Noble, M.; Pavon, V.; Pradas, I.; Lopez, MA.; Ocete, R.; Torrent, P., 2004:
Incidence of Kalotermes flavicollis Fabricius Isoptera, Kalotermitidae on three arboreal species belonging to the urban area of Sevilla Spain Incidencia de Kalotermes flavicollis Fabricius Isoptera, Kalotermitidae en tres especies del arbolado urbano de Sevilla

Caselin-Castro, S.; Carrillo-Sanchez, J.L.; Llanderal-Cazares, C.; Bravo-Mojica, H., 2003:
Incidence of Macrodactylus nigripes Bates Coleoptera Melolonthidae in corn and broad beans in Tlaxcala, Mexico Incidencia de Macrodactylus nigripes Bates Coleoptera Melolonthidae en maiz y haba en Tlaxcala, Mexico

Lipa, JJ.; Iriarte, J.; Tschorsnig, PH.; Caballero, P., 1998:
Incidence of Meigenia mutabilis Meigen Diptera Tachinidae on populations of Colaspidema atrum Oliv Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Incidencia de Meigenia mutabilis Meigen Diptera Tachinidae en poblaciones de Colaspidema atrum Oliv Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

Neyra, M.; Duponnois, R.; Ndoye, I.; Germani, G., 2002:
Incidence of Meloidogyne incognita and M javanica on the vegetation and on the symbiotic apparatus of Sesbania rostrata Incidence de Meloidogyne incognita et de M javanica sur la vegetation et lappareil symbiotique de Sesbania rostrata

de Souza Filho, MF.; Bergmann, EC.; Imenes, SDL., 1995:
Incidence of Pygiopachymerus lineola Chevrolat, parasitized by Urosigalphus sp, in seeds of Cassia fistula L and C nodosa Buch Incidencia de Pygiopachymerus lineola Chevrolat, parasitado por Urosigalphus sp, em sementes de Cassia fistula L e C nodosa Buch

Sarwar, M.M., 1952:
Incidence of Schwartziella nodules and Schistosoma bovis in the Panjab and a note of the gross pathological anatomy observed in cases of infestation with these parasites

Iglesias, C.; Vares, L.; Sinobas, J., 1999:
Incidence of Sphaeroderma rubidum Graells and Cassida deflorata Suffrian in cardoon cultures Cynara cardunculus L Incidencia de Sphaeroderma rubidum Graells y Cassida deflorata Suffrian en el cultivo del cardo Cynara cardunculus L

Misra, KK.; Sarkar, PK.; Das, TK.; Somchoudhury, AK., 1990:
Incidence of Tetranychus cinnabarinus Boisd Acari Tetranychidae on some selected accessions of brinjal with special reference to physical basis of resistance

Rodriques Netto, SM.; Berlote, LCC., 1996:
Incidence of Trigona spinipes Hymenoptera Apidae in passion fruit Passiflora sp Incidencia de Trigona spinipes Hymenoptera Apidae em frutos de maracuja Passiflora sp

Thangavelu, K.; Mehta, UK.; Rajakumar, S., 1990:
Incidence of Xiphinema basiri Siddiqi, 1959 on mulberry Morus indica L in Tamil Nadu

Sarkisjan, M.A., 1955:
Incidence of amoebiasis and of carriers of Enta-moeba histolytica in an endemic focus

Jurek, M., 1990:
Incidence of aphids on cow parsnip in Cracow and Nowy Sacz regions

Mori, M.; Pretoni, Y.; Salvidio, S.; Balduzzi, A., 2003:
Incidence of autotomy in the crayfish, Austropotamobius pallipes Lereboullet, in the Liguria region north western Italy Incidenza dellautotomia nel gambero di rio, Austropotamobius pallipes Lereboullet, in Liguria Italia nord occidentale

Fangarezzi, C.; Piani, C.; Selmi, E.; Dinetti, M., 1999:
Incidence of bird fauna collisions against transparent panels and results of preventative measures Incidenti di avifauna contro pannelli trasparenti prima e dopo interventi di mitigazione

Trefll, B., 1967:
Incidence of butterflies in our district

Wriedt, A.; Hamann, H.; Distl, O.; Werner, F.; Bartels, T., 2002:
Incidence of cataracts and iris alterations in Bengalese finches Lonchura striata Linnaeus, 1766 f domestica Haeufigkeit von Katarakten und Irisveraenderungen bei Japanischen Moevchen Lonchura striata Linnaeus, 1766 f domestica

Schensnovich, V.B.; Chalaya, L.E.; Smirnova, E.N., 1963:
Incidence of certain intestinal protozoal affections among humans in Moscow

Marquetti, M. del Carmen.; Nunez, N.; Aguilera, L.; Fuentes, O.; Navarro, A., 1998:
Incidence of culicids in an urban zone of Havana City during 1995 Incidencia de culicidos en una zona urbana de Ciudad de La Habana durante 1995

Bergstad, O.A.sel.; Knutsen, J.A.le., 2004:
Incidence of embryonic malformation in herring Clupea harengus from a fjord polluted by dioxins The Frierfjord, Telemark Frekvens av embryonal feilutvikling hos sild Clupea harengus fra en dioksinforurenset fjord Frierfjorden, Telemark

Oldani, N.; Minotti, P.; Rodriguez, R.; Delfino, R.; Baigun, C., 2001:
Incidence of environmental factors on fish abundance and distribution in the Parana River and their relationship with fish passage systems of Yacyreta Dam Incidencia de factores ambientales en la abundancia y distribucion de peces del rio Parana y su relacion con los sistemas de transferencia de la represa de Yacyreta

Garzon-Ferreira, J.; Reyes-Nivia, M.C.talina., 2001:
Incidence of fish predation on stony corals at four atolls of the archipelago of San Andres and Providencia Colombian Caribbean Incidencia de la depredacion por peces en corales petreos de cuatro atolones del archipielago de San Andres y Providencia Caribe colombiano

Novinskaja, V.F.; Butovskij, P.M., 1960:
Incidence of infection with Trypanosoma spermophili in sousliks of Kazakhstan

Andrusko, A.M.Markov, J.S., 1955:
Incidence of infection with blood parasites in reptiles of various biotopes in the desert of Karakum Incl protozoa

Prezoto, F.; Machado, V.L., 1998:
Incidence of insects in maize cultivations Zea mays L in Piracicaba municipality, SP Incidencia de insetos em cultura de milho Zea maysL no municipio de Piracicaba, SP

Dutta, GC.; Bordoloi, GC.; Pathak, M.; Choudhury, A., 1990:
Incidence of intestinal helminthic infection in Rhinoceros unicornis in captivity

Horlent, N.; Juarez, M.C.; Arturi, M., 2003:
Incidence of landscape structure on bird species composition of a temperate forest in Buenos Aires, Argentina Incidencia de la estructura del paisaje sobre la composicion de especies de aves de los talares del noreste de la provincia de Buenos Aires

Latyshev, N.I., 1952:
Incidence of malaria in Caspian zone of NW Iran

Rubio, MD.; Ildefonso, N.; Aguera, EI.; Munoz, A.; Escribano, B.; Ferrer, M.; Vega, C., 1999:
Incidence of medioambiental factors in blood biochemistry of booted eagle chickens Hieraetus pennatus Incidencia de factores medioambientales en la bioquimica sanguinea de pollos de aguila calzada Hieraetus pennatus

Svanbaev, S.K., 1960:
Incidence of ooccidial infection in cattle and sheep of Dzhambul Province

Heineck-Leonel, M.A.; Salles, L.A., 1997:
Incidence of parasitoids and pathogens in adults of Diabrotica speciosa Germ Coleoptera Chrysomelidae in Pelotas, RS Incidencia de parasitoides e patogenos em adultos de Diabrotica speciosa Germ Coleoptera Chrysomelidae na regiao de Pelotas, RS

Ocete, R.; Lopez Martinez, MA.; Perez Izquierdo, MA.; Ocete, ME.; Chi, D., 2002:
Incidence of pests and diseases in the endangered taxon Vitis vinifera L, subspecies sylvestris Gmelin Hegi of Guipuzcoa coast Incidencia de plagas y enfermedades sobre el taxon amenazado Vitis vinifera L, subespecie sylvestris Gmelin Hegi de la costa de Guipuzcoa

Radhakrishnan, EV.; Vijayakumaran, M.; Hameed, KS., 1990:
Incidence of pseudohermaphroditism in the spiny lobster Panulirus homarus Linnaeus

Carretero, M.A.; Rosell, C., 2000:
Incidence of road deaths of amphibian, reptiles and other vertebrates along a section of recently constructed road Incidencia del atropello de anfibios, reptiles y otros vertebrados en un tramo de carretera de construccion reciente

Stamenkovic, Sreten., 1999:
Incidence of senn pests Eurygaster spp during 1994-1997 Kretanje brojnosti zitnih stenica Eurygaster spp u periodu 1994-1997 Godine

Lopez Martinez, MA.; Ocete, R.; Macias, J.; Semedo, A., 2000:
Incidence of termites on vineyards belonging to Tierra de Barros province of Badajoz, SW of Spain Problematica causada por las termitas en vinedos de Tierra de Barros Badajoz

Nisreen Ezz El-Dien, M.; Abdel-Rahman, MS.; Imam, EAE.; Fahmy, MM.; El-Gawady, HMA., 1990:
Incidence of the enteric helminth parasites of marine water fishes in Suez Canal area, Egypt

Iglesias, C.; Sinobas, J.; Vares, L., 1999:
Incidence of the eulophid parasitoid of Sphaeroderma rubidum Graells in Cynara cardunculus L crops Presencia de un eulofido parasitoide de Sphaeroderma rubidum Graells en el cultivo del cardo Cynara cardunculus L

D.M.trio, G.; Cacucci, M.; Deflorio, M.; Desantis, S.; Santamaria, N., 2000:
Incidence of the large pelagic fishing on the shark catches Incidenza della pesca ai grandi pelagici sulle catture di squali

Rodriguez Moscoso, E.; Espinosa, J.; Garcia, O.; Arnaiz, R.; Martinez, D., 2002:
Incidence of the protozoan Perkinsus sp on a cultivated population of the carpet shell clam Ruditapes decussatus L, 1758 in the Arousa ria northwestern Spain Incidencia del protozoo Perkinsus sp sobre el crecimiento de una poblacion de cultivo de almeja fina Ruditapes decussatus L, 1758 en la ria de Arousa

Gevorkov, A.A., 1945:
Incidence of visceral leishmaniasis in Samarkand during 20 years 1924-1944

Mansiangi, P.; Palata, K.J.; Kiyombo, M.K., 1999:
Incidence of waste on the water quality of aquatic biocoenoses of waters in Kinshasa the case of river Kemi Incidence des dechets sur la qualite de leau et les biocenoses aquatiques des cours deau a Kinshasa cas de la riviere Kemi

Urban, J., 2000:
Incidence, bionomics and harmfulness of the alder chrysomelid beetle Linaeidea aenea L Vyskyt, bionomie a skodlivost mandelinky olsove Linaeidea aenea L

Merdivenci, A., 1963:
Incidens of parasites of pigeons Oolumba livia in Istanbul

Montes, A.H.rrera; Olaya-M., L.A.; Castro-H., F., 2004:
Incident of human perturbance on diversity, richness, and distribution of Eleutherodactylus Anura Leptodactylidae in a cloud forest of southwest Colombia Incidencia de la perturbacion antropica en la diversidad, la riqueza y la distribucion de Eleutherodactylus Anura Leptodactylidae en un bosque nublado del suroccidente Colombiano

Mas, R.; Carrasco, G.; Martinez,, 2005:
Incidental breeding of robin Erithacus rubecula in Mallorca Reproduccio accidental de ropit Erithacus rubecula a lIlla de Mallorca

Silvestri, R.; Righini, P.; Violiani, A., 2001:
Incidental capture of Albunea carabus L, 1758 Decapoda, Anomura in the northern Tyrrhenian Sea Su una cattura accidentale di Albunea carabus L, 1758 Decapoda, Anomura nel Mar Tirreno settentrionale

Serena, F.; Silvestri, R.; Voliani, A., 1999:
Incidental capture of Taeniura grabata E Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1817 Chondrichthyes, Dasyatidae Su una cattura accidentale di Taeniura grabata E Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1817 Chondrichthyes, Dasyatidae

Domingo, A.; Sales, G.; Giffoni, B.; Miller, P.; Laporta, M.; Maurutto, G., 2006:
Incidental capture of marine turtles by long line fishing in the south Atlantic by fleets of Brazil and Uruguay Captura incidental de tortugas marinas con palangre pelagico en el Atlantico sur por las flotas de Brasil y Uruguay

Marcano, J.S.; Larez, A.; Gutierrez, X.; Alio, J.J.; Salazar, H.; Marquez, M., 2004:
Incidental catch of billfish and other species of Venezuelan longline vessels in the Caribbean Sea and western Atlantic Ocean Period 1986-2000 Captura incidental de agujas y otras especies por palangreros venezolanos en el Mar Caribe y Oceano Atlantico occidental Periodo 1986-2000

Pupo, M.M.; Soto, J.M.; Hanazaki, N., 2006:
Incidental catch of marine turtles by the artisanal fisheries on Santa Catarina Island, SC, Brazil Captura incidental de tartarugas marinhas na pesca artesanal da Ilha de Santa Catarina, SC

Caminas, JA., 1997:
Incidental catches of the loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta, L 1758 in the western Mediterranean during surface longline fishing of swordfish Xiphias gladius L Capturas accidentales de tortuga boba Caretta caretta, L 1758 en el Mediterraneo occidental en la pesqueria de palangre de superficie de pez espada Xiphias gladius L

de Pablo, Felix., 2004:
Incidental mortality of European shag, Phalacrocorax aristotelis desmarestii, in professional fishing in Minorca Balearic Islands Incidencia de la pesca profesional en la mortalidad del cormoran monudo, Phalacrocorax aristotelis desmarestii, en Menorca Islas Baleares

Schiel, F.; Hunger, H., 2006:
Incidental records of Sympecma fusca in probable overwintering habitats far from suitable waters for development Zufallsfunde von Sympecma fusca in mutmasslichen Ueberwinterungshabitaten fernab geeigneter Entwicklungsgewaesser

Nordmann, Michael., 2000:
Incidental records of coleopterans during the emergence studies of 1983, 1984 and 1987 on the Vesser Gotha Emergence Studies in the Vessertal Biosphere Nature Reserve No 35 Coleopteren-Beifaenge in den Emergenz-Untersuchungen 1983, 1984 und 1987 an der Vesser Gothaer Emergenz-Untersuchungen im Biosphaerenreservat Vessertal Nr 35

Parra, V.; Jaeger, J.-Jacques., 1998:
Incisors as body-size predictor among rodents Rodentia, Mammalia Estimation de la taille et du poids corporel chez les rongeurs Rodentia, Mammalia a partir de la taille des incisives

Puzovic, S.; Vasic, V.; Ham, I., 1997:
Inclining trends in Ulcinj salt-pans avifauna Montenegro, Yugoslavia Progradacioni procesi u ornitofauni ulcinjskih solana

Cappell, D.F.; McFarlane, M.N., 1947:
Inclusion bodies protozoon-like cells in the organs of infants

Delogu, M.; Catelli, E.; D.M.rco, M.A.essandra.; Guberti, V.; Lavazza, A.; Govoni, S., 1996:
Inclusion body disease of falcons IBDF in a hybrid of peregrine falcon Falco peregrinus x prairie falcon Falco mexicanus case report in Italy Malattia a corpi inclusi dei falchi IBDF in un ibrido di falco pellegrino Falco peregrinus x falco della prateria Falco mexicanus segnalazione di un caso in Italia

Chebez, J.C.; Krauczuk, E.; Bosso, A., 1995:
Inclusion of Physalaemus riograndensis Milstead, 1960 in the batrachofauna of Misiones, Argentina and other contributions to the knowledge of its distribution Amphibia Anura Leptodactylidae Inclusion de Physalaemus riograndensis Milstead, 1960 en la batracofauna de Misiones, Argentina, y otros aportes para el conocimiento de su distribucion Amphibia Anura Leptodactylidae

Bosso, A.; Gil, G.; Haene, E., 1998:
Inclusion of Tadarida brasiliensis and Lasiurus borealis Chiroptera in the mastofauna of San Juan Argentina Inclusion de Taradira Inclusion de Taradira Inclusion de Taradira Inclusion de Taradira Inclusion de Taradira Inclusion de Taradira Inclusion de Taradira Inclusion de Taradira Inclusion de Taradira Inclusion de Taradira Inclusion de Taradira Inclusion de Taradira Inclusion de Taradira Inclusion de Taradira Inclusion de Taradira Inclusion de Taradira Inclusion de Tarad

Matesic, D.F.; Erwin, J.A.; Kaneshiro, E.S., 1998:
Incorporation in vivo and in vitro of radiolabeled sphingolipid precursors into Paramecium tetraurelia lipids

Fresneda, Javier., 1999:
Incorporation of Euryspeonomus mendizabali Bolivar, 1921 in the genus Josettekia Belles Deliot, 1983 Coleoptera Cholevidae, Leptodirinae Incorporacion de Euryspeonomus mendizabali Bolivar, 1921 al genero Josettekia Belles Deliot, 1983 Coleoptera Cholevidae, Leptodirinae

Firmanszky, G.; Frank, T., 2000:
Incorporation of ornitological research results in long-term forestry management plans Madartani kutatasok eredmenyeinek beepitese az erdeszeti uzemtervekbe

Herbulot, Claude., 1999:
Incorrect synonymy of Lomographa laurentschwartzi Herbulot Lepidoptera Geometridae Mise en synonymie abusive de Lomographa laurentschwartzi Herbulot Lepidoptera Geometridae

Navarro Medina, Jose-Damian., 1998:
Increase and decline of the marbled duck Auge y declive de la cerceta pardilla

Pigolkin, AU., 1971:
Increase and seasonal dynamics of various pig helminthoses in Primorye region

Mocci Demartis, Attilio., 1994:
Increase in cormorant numbers Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis, overwintering from 1975 to 1991 in the pools of south west Sardinia Incremento del cormorano Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis, svernante dal 1975 al 1991 negli stagni della Sardegna sud-occidentale

Ludwig, M.; Kotter, H., 2001:
Increase in individual densities Otters - South Americans conquer Germany Individuendichte nimmt zu Nutrias - Suedamerikaner erobern Deutschland

Frodello, JP.; Terris, N.; Viale, D., 1998:
Increase in mortality of Balaenoptera physalus in 1995-96 in the Liguro-Provencal-Corsica basin Augmentation de la mortalite de Balaenoptera physalus en 1995-96 dans le bassin Liguro-Provencal-Corse

Vermouzek, Z.; Krenek, D.; Czernekova, B., 2004:
Increase in numbers of Ural owls Strix uralensis in the Beskydy Mts NE Czech Republic Narust pocetnosti pustika belaveho Strix uralensis v Beskydech

Vanhaelen, Marie-Therese., 2004:
Increase in numbers of tube worms on the beaches at Koksijde Toename van perkamentkokerwormen op Koksijdse stranden

Dementeva, TF., 1974:
Increase in the economic stages of fish

Bogolyubski, S.N.; Kapralova, L.T., 1966:
Increase in weight of skeleton and muscles in embryonic Gissar sheep

Gelbrecht, J.; Erlacher, S.; Schoenborn, C.; Busse, R., 2006:
Increase of abundance of Pennithera firmata Huebner, 1822 in Brandenburg and in the northern part of Sachsen-Anhalt with an overviev on the distribution in eastern Germany Lepidoptera, Geometridae Haeufigkeitszunahme von Pennithera firmata Huebner, 1822 in Brandenburg, und im Norden Sachsen-Anhalts sowie Gesamtueberblick ueber die Verbreitung in Ostdeutschland Lepidoptera, Geometridae

Vanhaelen, M-Th., 2000:
Increase of carapaces of the swimming crab Liocarcinus depurator Linnaeus, 1758 at Koksijde Toename van schilden van de blauwpootzwemkrab Liocarcinus depurator Linnaeus, 1758 te Koksijde

Vanhaelen, Marie-Therese., 2005:
Increase of cuttlebone shell strandings of the squid Loligo vulgaris on the west coast in 2005 Toename van gladiusstrandingen van schelpen van de pijlinktvis Loligo vulgaris in 2005 aan de Westkust

Holzschuh, Carolus., 1994:
Increase of damage by green weevils in Christmas tree plantations and nurseries Vermehrte Schaden von Grunrusslern in Christbaumkulturen und im Forstgarten Coleoptera Curculionidae

Sorace, Alberto., 1995:
Increase of great tit Parus major density in a Mediterranean scrub area of central Italy following nest boxes placement Aumento della densita di cinciallegra Parus major in unarea a macchia mediterranea in seguito alla collocazione di cassette-nido

Napiorkowska-Kowalik, J.; Gawlowska, J., 2004:
Increase of harmfulness of caterpillars Hadeninae and Noctuinae, Lepidoptera, Noctuidae on cabbage and other cole crops Wzrost szkodliwosci pietnowek Hadeninae i rolnic Noctuinae, Lepidoptera, Noctuidae w uprawach warzyw kapustnych

Walczak, F.; Jakubowska, M., 2001:
Increase of harmfulness of cutworm Agrotinae in Poland Wzrost szkodliwosci rolnic Agrotinae w Polsce

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