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Infectivity comparison among eight Steinernema feltiae Filipjev, 1934 Rhabditida Steinernematidae isolated from southern italian soils Confronto di patogenicita fra otto ceppi di Steinernema feltiae Filipjev, 1934 Rhabditida Steinernematidae rinvenuti in terreni dell Italia meridionale

Tarasco, E.

Entomologica (Bari): 31: 171-179


Accession: 038333471

The infectivity of eight strains of Steinernema feltiae (Filipjev, 1934) isolated from Southern Italian soils were compared in two laboratory bioassays against Galleria mellonella L. (Lepidoptera: Galleriidae) larvae. infectivity was determined by larval mortality rate and penetration rate assays. The percentage of larval mortality was recorded after 72-h exposure to infective juveniles (IJs) ranging from 37.7 to 71.1%. In the penetration rate assay the percentage and sex ratio of nematodes invading the insects were determined; the average number of nematodes in cadavers exposed to 100 IJs ranged from 5.23 to 15-80. There were significant differences among the strains and four of them (IS-CL2, IS-GR1, IS-CO1, IS-SA1) were highly virulent to G. mellonella larvae. Bioassays' results showed a correlation between levels of host mortality and levels of nematode establishment.

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