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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38335

Chapter 38335 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ieradi,; Cappai, A.; Cristaldi, M.; Cardarelli, E.; Grossi, R.; Campanella, L., 1995:
Infesting rodents as indicators of trace metal contaminants in the urban environment I roditori infestanti come indicatori della contaminazione da metalli in traccia in ambiente urbano

Rezende, E.B.; Absy, M.-Lucia.; Kerr, W.E., 1996:
Infidelity to same species of flower in three species of bees Apidae Meliponinae Infidelidade a mesma especie de flores em tres especies de abelhas Apidae Meliponinae

Touitou, David., 2002:
Infinite variations of Conus regius of Martinique Infinies variations de Conus regius de la Martinique

Manukhin, B.N., 1956:
Infiuenoe of adrenaline on the actvity of succino-dehydrase

Kuzmina, G.E., 1955:
Inflammation in adult segments, the zone of growth and in the regenerating part of Nereis pelagica

Morisita, T.; Kobayashi, M.; Nagase, K.; Nishida, Y.; Iwanaga, H.; Sumi, M.; Kato, N.; Okuno, Y.; Kawai, Y.; Shinoda, H.; Hosoi, T., 1969:
Inflammatory fraction from hog Ascaris A question about specificity of intradermal test for parasitic diseases Jap

Marquez, L.J.rge Garcia.; Camacho, S.P.z Diaz.; Sarabia, D.O.orio., 2001:
Inflammatory reaction caused by larvae of Gnathostoma sp Nematoda Gnathostomatidae in muscles of fish-eating birds in Mexico Reaccion inflamatoria causada por larvas de Gnathostoma sp Nematoda Gnathostomatidae en musculos de aves ictiofagas en Mexico

Belozerov, V.N.; Seravin, L.N., 1959:
Influence de lhumidite de Fair sur la teneur en eau de Alectorobius tholozani Laboul et Megn

Bardonnet, A.; Gaudin, P., 1990:
Influence de la lumiere au cours de lontogenese sur lexpression du rythme demergence de lalevin dombre commun, Thymallus thymallus L 1758

Kiyindou, A. le Ru, B.; Fabres, G., 1990:
Influence de la nature et de labondance des proies sur laugmentation des effectifs de deux coccinelles predatrices de la cochenille du manioc au Congo

Paquet, F.; Lacaze, J-C., 1990:
Influence de la photooxydation sur la toxicite dun petrole brut Effets sur la production larvaire du copepode Tigriopus brevicornis

Aupinel, P., 1990:
Influence de la photoperiode sur lactivite saisonniere de lescargot petit-gris Helix aspersa Muller effet specifique sur la croissance et la reproduction

Iperti, G.; Giuge, L., 1990:
Influence de la photoperiode sur la variabilite individuelle des potentialites biologiques dune coccinelle aphidiphage Semiadalia undecimnotata Schn Col, Coccinellidae

le Gall, P.; Bucaille, D.; Grassin, JB., 1990:
Influence de la temperature sur la croissance de deux oursins comestibles, Paracentrotus lividus et Psammechinus miliaris

Cerdan, P.; Provost, E., 1990:
Influence du nombre de reines dans la fermeture de la societe chez Messor barbarus Hym Formicidae

Demina, N.A., 1959:
Influence du rythme nyctemeral de lhote sur la periodicite de la reproduction de P relictum

Besch, WK.; Schreiber, I.; Magnin, E., 1979:
Influence du sulfate de cuivre sur la structure du filet des larves dHydropsyche Insecta, Trichoptera

Luferov, V.P., 1970:
Influence environmental factors upon density ofshoals Polyphemus pediculus

Dal, S.K.; Gusev, V.M.; Bednii, S.N., 1956:
Influence of 1953-1954 winter on the condition, number and distribution of saiga in the western Pre Caspian

Kiseleva, M.I., 1960:
Influence of Aral and Black Sea brackish waters on Nereis succinea

Shikhobalova, N.P.; Kustova, L.I., 1954:
Influence of Ascarids on the amount of the reserve of vitamin A in the liver of chicks

Boldireva, N.V., 1957:
Influence of Ascaris on the content of some phosphorus compounds in the pectoral muscle of chickens

Silva, E. de Jesus, 2004:
Influence of Clitoria fairchildiana, Desmodium incanum and Galactia striata Leguminosae in biology of Urbanus acawoios Lepidoptera Hesperiidae Influencia de Clitoria fairchildiana, Desmodium incanum e Galactia striata Leguminosae na biologia de Urbanus acawoios Lepidoptera Hesperiidae

Marlier, JF.; Schatz, B. de Biseau, JC., 2002:
Influence of Crematogaster scutellaris Hymenoptera Myrmicinae on two ant communities Influence de Crematogaster scutellaris Hymenoptera Myrmicinae sur deux communautes de fourmis

Uspenskaya, A.V., 1961:
Influence of Dactylogyrus vastator Nybelin, 1924 Monogenoidea, Dactylogyridae on the Organism of Carp

Jaschewski, Katrin., 1997:
Influence of Gaucho imidacloprid after seed-treatment of maize on the sucking behaviour of the bird-cherry aphid Rhopalosiphum padi L Zum Einfluss von Gaucho Imidacloprid als Saatgutbeize am Mais auf die Saugaktivitat der Traubenkirschenlaus Rhopalosiphum padi L

Epperlein, K.; Schmidt, H.-Werner.; Schwalbe, R., 1997:
Influence of Gaucho used as seed treatment of maize on the infestation with viruses, pests and on the epedaphic soil fauna Untersuchungen zum Einfluss von Gaucho als Saatgutbeize am Mais auf das Virusauftreten, Schadinsekten und die epigaische Bodenfauna

Bashta, A., 2007:
Influence of Norway spruce plantations on the bird communities of a montane forest area in the eastern Carpathians Ukraine Der Einfluss standortfremden Fichtenanbaus auf die Vogelgemeinschaften einer montanen Waldregion in den Ostkarpaten

Silva, M.M.; Buckner, C.H.; Picanco, M.; Cruz, C.D., 1997:
Influence of Trigona spinipes Fabr Hymenoptera Apidae in yellow passion fruit pollination Influencia de Trigona spinipes Fabr Hymenoptera Apidae na polinizacao do maracujazeiro amarelo

Barakina, N.F., 1959:
Influence of X-rays on blood formation

Faleeva, Z.N., 1939:
Influence of X-rays on peripheral blood in mice

Kheisina, V.I., 1956:
Influence of X-rays on the early period of embryogenesis

Ivanitzkaya, A.F., 1959:
Influence of X-rays on the recticular tissue of spleen in mice, studied by the trans-plantation method

Guerrero, S.R.gina.; Figueiredo, R.A.tonio de., 1997:
Influence of a Neotropical bird Turdus rufiventris Vieillot on the germination of Asian fig seeds Ficus microcarpa Linnf Influencia de uma ave neotropical Turdus rufiventris Vieillot sobre a germinacao das segmentes da figueira-asiatica Ficus microcarpa Linnf

Scalici, M.; Schino, S.; Barbaro, A.; Francescon, A.; Gibertini, G.; Canese, S., 2002:
Influence of a long-acting LH-RH analogue on sex reversal of gilthead seabream, Sparus aurata L, reared in recirculating systems Influenza di un preparato a lento rilascio dellLH-RH sullinversione sessuale dellorata, Sparus aurata L, allevata in sistemi di stabulazione a ricircolo

Melikov, R.M., 1964:
Influence of a prolonged minimum irritation of the stomach interoceptors on the electrical activity of the cephalic brain in rabbits

Mirzakarimova, M.G., 1966:
Influence of a single solar irradiation on some indices of water-salt metabolism in dogs

Pharisat, Andre., 1998:
Influence of a week of snow on the diet of the long-eared owl Asio otus at Etrabonne Doubs during winter 1994-1995 Influence dune semaine de neige sur le regime alimentaire du hibou moyen-duc Asio otus a Etrabonne Doubs au cours de lhiver 1994-1995

del Carmen Marquetti, M.; Carus, F.; Aguilera, L.; Navarro, A., 1995:
Influence of abiotic factors on the incidence of Aedes aegypti in 10 de Octubre municipe at City of Havana Influencia de factores abioticos sobre la incidencia de Aedes aegypti en el municipio 10 de Octubre de Ciudad de la Habana, 1982-1992

Rabette, C.; Lair, N., 1998:
Influence of abiotic factors on the migration from the sediments of Cyclops vicinus and Chaoborus flavicans in the sub-littoral and profundal zone of an eutrophic temperate lake Influence des facteurs abiotiques sur la sortie des sediments de Cyclops vicinus et Chaoborus flavicans dans les zones sub-littorale et profonde dun lac tempere eutrophe

Mateille, T.; Duponnois, R.; Diop, MT., 1996:
Influence of abiotic soil factors and the host plant on the infection of phytoparasitic nematodes of the genus Meloidogyne by the actinomycete parasitoid Pasteuria penetrans Influence des facteurs telluriques abiotiques et de la plante hote sur linfection des nematodes phytoparasites du genre Meloidogyne par lactinomycete parasitoide Pasteuria penetrans

Chechina, A.S.; Malevitzkaya, M.A.; Kononova, N.E., 1953:
Influence of acclimatization on para-sitic fauna of Ameiurus nebulosus

Demin, N.N., 1955:
Influence of acetilcholine on the activity of catepsines

Krno, I.; Tomajka, J.; Tiriakova, E.; Bulankova, E.; Halgos, J.; Kosel, V., 1994:
Influence of acid rain on groundwater vein fauna in the Vtacnik mountain range Vplyv kyslych zrazok na faunu pramenisk pohoria Vtacnik

Oballe, R.; Aldebis, HK.; Santiago-Alvarez, C.; Vargas Osuna, E., 1998:
Influence of adult sex ratio in the reproduction of Helicoverpa armigera Hubner in laboratory Influencia de la proporcion sexual de adultos de Helicoverpa armigera Hubner Lepidoptera Noctuidae sobre la reproduccion de la especie en laboratorio

Lutyk, Piotr., 2002:
Influence of age of Scotch pine stands and quality of habitat on epigenic beetles Coleoptera Wplyw wieku drzewostanow sosnowych i bonitacji siedliska na epigeiczne chrzaszcze Coleoptera

Avila,; Parra, J.R.berto P., 2001:
Influence of age of bean plants on leaf consumption and fecundity of Diabrotica speciosa Influencia da idade do feijoeiro sobre o consumo foliar e fecundidade de Diabrotica speciosa

Stan, G.; Mihut, S.; Chis, V.; Coroiu, I.; Crisan, A., 2000:
Influence of age on mating behaviour and reproductive capacity of Mamestra brassicae L Lepidoptera Noctuidae under laboratory conditions Influenta varstei asupra comportamentului si capacitatii de reproducere la Mamestra brassicae L Lepidoptera Noctuidae in conditii de laborator

Grohmann, C.; Irmler, U.; Noetzold, R., 2004:
Influence of age, size and isolation of forests on beetles living in dead wood Einfluss von Alter, Flaeche und Isolation von Waeldern auf die Totholzkaefer

Starkov, I.D., 1952 :
Influence of ago and fecundity of females in fur animals, fecundity of their progeny

Anis, NA.; Clark, RB.; Gration, KAF.; Usherwood, PNR., 1981:
Influence of agonists on desensitization of glutamate receptors on locust muscle Influence of agonists on desensitization of glutamate receptors on locust muscle

Junker, S.; Ehrnsberger, R.; Duettmann, H., 2005:
Influence of agricultural practice and predation on the reproductive success of lapwings Vanellus vanellus in the Stollhammer Wisch District Wesermarsch, Lower Saxony Einfluss von Landwirtschaft und Praedation auf die Reproduktion des Kiebitzes Vanellus vanellus in der Stollhammer Wisch Landkreis Wesermarsch, Niedersachsen

Gonzalez Obando, R., 2005:
Influence of algae on larval density of Anopheles albimanus Wiedemann Diptera Culicidae in a lake of the Panama Canal zone Influencia de las algas en la densidad larval de Anopheles albimanus Wiedemann Diptera Culicidae en un Lago de la zona del Canal de Panama

Guerrieri, G.; Castaldi, A., 2000:
Influence of altitude in wintering distribution of Passeriformes on coastal mountains of Latium central Italy Influenza dellaltitudine nella distribuzione invernale dei Passeriformes sui rilievi costieri del Lazio Italia Centrale

Gaidam, Y.K., 1968:
Influence of ammonia salts on some peculiarities in biology of molluscs and gammarids

Gaidam, Y.K. ., 1968:
Influence of ammonia salts on some peculiarities in the biology of molluscs and gammarids

Turligina, E.S., 1962:
Influence of ammonium nitrate on sexual productivity of females of the gall-nematode Meloidogyne incognita

Baytin, AD., 1990:
Influence of an anthropogenic factor on reptiles from south-west Tadzhikistan

Guillemain, M.; Fritz, H.; Guillon, N., 2001:
Influence of an artificial wetland zone on the distribution of the shoveler Anas clypeata in an internationally important wintering site Influence dune zone humide artificielle sur la distribution du canard souchet Anas clypeata dans un quartier dhivernage dimportance internationale

Jayasuriya, S.; Selin, XM., 1990:
Influence of annular solar eclipse on oxygen consumption in Indoplanorbis marginatus

Achazi, R.K.; Duker, C.; Henneken, M.; Rothe, B., 1995:
Influence of anthropogenic contaminants on invertebrates 2 Influence of BaP, Fla and Cd on life cycle parameters of Enchytraeus crypticus in laboratory test systems Einfluss von anthropogenen Schadstoffen auf terrestrische Invertebraten 2 Einfluss von BaP, Fla und Cd auf Lebenszyklusparameter von Enchytraeus crypticus in Labor-Testsystemen

Heck, M.; Achazi, R.K., 1995:
Influence of anthropogenic contaminants on terrestrial invertebrates 1 Enchytraeids Oligochaeta as indicators of polluted sewage farms Einfluss von anthropogenen Schadstoffen auf terrestrische Invertebraten 1 Enchytraeen Oligochaeta als Indikatoren belasteter Rieselfeldflachen

Hutagalung, RA.; Lim, P.; Belaud, A.; Lagarrigue, T., 1997:
Influence of anthropogenic disturbance on freshwater fish communities case of the Garonne River in Toulouse France Effets globaux dune agglomeration sur la typologie ichtyenne dun fleuve cas de la Garonne a Toulouse France

Bruno, R.Fidimalala, 2004:
Influence of anthropogenic effects on the population dynamics of Hapalemur griseus alaotrensis or Bandro in its natural habitat Influence des effets anthropiques sur la dynamique de population de Hapalemur griseus alaotrensis ou Bandro dans son habitat naturel

Sacco, M.; Girolami, V., 1995:
Influence of ants on parasitoids Hymenoptera Braconidae of Dysaphis plantaginea Pass Influenza degli imenotteri formicidi sui parassitoidi Hymenoptera Braconidae di Dysaphis plantaginea Pass

Herrmann, Mike., 1999:
Influence of area size and isolation on the presence of digger wasps Hymnoptera Sphecidae Einfluss von Flaechengroesse und Isolation auf die Praesenz von Grabwespen Hymenoptera; Sphecidae

Sordi Joachim-Bravo, I.; Nonato Guimareaes, A.; Castro Magalhaes, T., 2001:
Influence of attractive substances on the feeding behavior and oviposition of Ceratitis capitata Diptera, Tephritidae Influencia de substancias atrativas no comportamento alimentare e na preferencia de oviposicao de Ceratitis capitata Diptera, Tephritidae

Zwolfer, H.; Volkl, W., 1997:
Influence of behaviour patterns of adult insects on resource utilization and population dynamics a model of population control by three major components Einfluss des Verhaltens adulter Insekten auf Ressourcen-Nutzung und Populationsdynamik ein Drei-Komponenten-Modell der Populationsdichte-Steuerung

Steck, B.; Mueller, A. von Houwald, F.; Baur, B., 2006:
Influence of behavioural enrichment objects on the stereotypic behaviour of okapis Okapia johnstoni in the Basel Zoo Einfluss von behavioural enrichment-Objekten auf das stereotypische Verhalten bei Okapis Okapia johnstoni im Basler Zoo

Sasikumar, N.; Nair, KVK.; Azariah, J., 1990:
Influence of biofouling on the oyster settlement in the vicinity of a power station, India

Mattes, BR.; Consiglio, S. de AS. de Almeida, BZ.; Guido, MC.; Orsi, RB. da Silva, RM.; Costa, A.; Ferreira, AJP.; Knobl, T., 2005:
Influence of biosecurity levels on psittacine birds Escherichia coli gut colonization Influencia da biosseguranca na colonizacao instestinal por Escherichia coli em psitacideos

Zhuravlev, M., 1954:
Influence of black water on fish in the river Kura in the Mingechaur region

Mesquita, D.O.iveira.; Wiederhercker, H.C.rrea., 2003:
Influence of body mass and temperature on the movement and vocalization on three species of frogs of the Cerrado Influencia da massa corporal e da temperatura no deslocamento e na vocalizacao de tres especies de anuros do cerrado

Santos, G.M.; Silva, S.O.; Bichara Filho, C.C.; Gobbi, N., 1998 :
Influence of body size on the foraging of social wasps Hymenoptera - Polistinae visitors of Syagrus coronata Arecaceae flowers Influencia del tamano del cuerpo en el forrajeo de avispas sociales Hymenoptera - Polistinae visitantes de inflorescencias de Syagrus coronata Martius Arecaceae

Acosta, M.; Lopez, A.; Mugica, L., 2002:
Influence of body weight and tarsus length on ecological relationships in a community of aquatic birds of a rice ecosystem Influencia del peso corporal y la longitud del tarso en las relaciones ecologicas de la comunidad de aves acuaticas del agroecosistema arrocero

Barros, R.; Vendramim, J.D., 1999:
Influence of cabbage cultivars utilized for rearing of Plutella xylostella L Lepidoptera Plutellidae on the development of Trichogramma pretiosum Riley Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae Efeito de cultivares de repolho, utilizadas para criacao de Plutella xylostella L Lepidoptera Plutellidae, no desenvolvimento de Trichogramma pretiosum Riley Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae

Woda-Lesniewska, M., 2003:
Influence of cadmium on development of cereal aphid Rhopalosiphum padi Wplyw kadmu na rozwoj mszycy zabozowej Rhopalosiphum padi

Lozinov, A.B., 1953:
Influence of carbon dioxide on the respiration and growth of young Acipenseridae

Kohler, U.; Kohler, P. von Krosigk, E.; Firsching, U., 1997:
Influence of carp farming on the capacity of the Ismaninger Teichgebiet for moulting waterfowl Einfluss der Karpfenbewirtschaftung auf die Kapazitat des Ismaninger Teichgebiets fur mausernde Wasservogel

Segato, S.; Giaccone, V.; Gobbato, D.; Lopparelli, RM.; Catellani, P.; Balzan, S.; Andrighetto, I.; Novelli, E., 2003:
Influence of caught season on biometric and nutritional traits of cephalopods from the north Adriatic Sea Influence of caught season on biometric and nutritional traits of cephalopods from the north Adriatic Sea

Srivastava, N.; Kumar Jauhari, R., 1990:
Influence of certain abiotic factors on the occurrence of larval trematodes in Lymnaea acuminata Lamarck in Doon-Valley

Mokeeva, T.M., 1958:
Influence of certain ecological and physiological factors on control of the little suslik with zinc phosphide

Rust, Christian., 2000:
Influence of changes of the water level on the species composition of ground beetles Coleoptera, Carabidae along a river bank Einfluss von Wasserstandsaenderungen auf die Laufkaeferzoenose Coleoptera, Carabidae des direkten Uferbereiches

Grabarkiewicz, A., 2005:
Influence of chemical protection of some agricultural crops on entomophagous organisms Wplyw ochrony chemicznej niektorych roslin uprawnych na entomofaune pozyteczna

Theau, J.; Ferron, J., 2000:
Influence of climate conditions on the behaviour of the American hare Lepus americanus in semi free living conditions Influence des conditions climatiques sur le comportement du Lievre dAmerique Lepus americanus en semi-liberte

Tzerakhovich, V.F., 1960:
Influence of climate on the dynamics and number of Murids

Garcia-Fernandez, P.; Benitez Rodriguez, R.; Orantes-Bermejo, FJ., 1995:
Influence of climate on the evolution of the population dynamics of the Varroa mite on honeybees in the south of Spain Influence du climat sur le developpement de la population de Varroa jacobsoni Oud dans des colonies dApis mellifera iberica Goetze dans le sud de lEspagne

Lederer, W.; Kampfer-Lauenstein, A., 1996:
Influence of climatic factors on the reproduction biology of a little owl population Athene noctua in middle Westphalia Einfluss der Witterung auf die Brutbiologie einer Steinkauzpopulation Athene noctua in Mittelwestfalen

Theau, J.; Ferron, J., 2001:
Influence of climatic parameters on seasonal and daily patterns of activity of snowshoe hare, Lepus americanus, in semi-wild conditions Influence de parametres climatiques sur les patrons dactivite saisonniers et journaliers du lievre dAmerique, Lepus americanus, en semi-liberte

Gadzhiev, F.M., 1966:
Influence of cobalt and its combinations with manganese and iodine on the accumulation of protein in the growing sheep

Odinets, R.N.; Gogol, V.V., 1966:
Influence of cobalt chlorate on protein metabolism of wethers

Chernyak, S.S., 1956:
Influence of cold storage of sperm on the sexes in progeny of rabbit

Mougin, Par J-L., 1999:
Influence of colonies on some reproductive parameters in Bulwers petrels Bulweria bulwerii Linfluence des colonies sur quelques parametres de la reproduction chez le petrel de Bulwer Bulweria bulwerii

de Freitas, S.; Masse Bueno, Y., 1998:
Influence of colored water traps on chrysanthemum flower thrips Thysanoptera Thripidae in greenhouse Efeito de algumas cores na captura de tripes por armadilha de agua, na cultura do crisantemo

Korneev, A.N., 1963:
Influence of composition of food on growth and metabolism of carp bred in fishponds

Walker, JTS.; Hoyt, SC.; Carroll, DP.; Tangren, GV., 1990:
Influence of constant and alternating temperatures on woolly apple aphid Homoptera Eriosomatidae and its parasitoid Aphelinus mali Haldeman Hymenoptera Aphelinidae

Kokurewicz, B.; Witkowski, A.; Kowalewski, M., 1990:
Influence of constant and variable temperatures on the embryonic development of huchen Hucho hucho L

de Albuquerque, F.A.ves. de Oliveira, C.A.adeu Leite.; Barreto, M., 1998:
Influence of copper oxide fungicide on populations of Brevipalpus phoenicis Geijskes Influencia do fungicida oxido cuproso sobre populacoes de Brevipalpus phoenicis Geijskes

Honsig-Erlenburg, W.; Friedl, T., 1997:
Influence of cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis on fish populations in the river Gail Carinthia, Austria Einfluss des Kormorans auf die Fischbestande in der mittleren Gail Karnten

Gmitrzuk, K., 2004:
Influence of cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo on water and forest ecosystems of Wigierski National Park Wplyw kormorana Phalacrocorax carbo na ekosystemy wodne i lesne Wigierskiego Parku Narodowego

Shereshevskaya, C.M., 1962:
Influence of cortisone on the synthesis and qualitative composition of nucleic aCIDs, phospholipids and phosphoproteids in the tissues of the liver of animals of various ages

Boica, A L.; Junior; Soares, JJ., 2002:
Influence of cotton genotypes on development and predatory capacity of Podisus nigrispinus Dallas, 1851 nymphs Influencia de genotipos de algodoeiro sobre o desenvolvimento e capacidade predatoria de ninfas de Podisus nigrispinus Dallas, 1851

Perez Andueza, G.; D.L.s Mozos Pascual, M.; Acebron Linuesa, E.; Cardo Maeso, N., 2002:
Influence of crop association lentil-barley-rapeseed on the populations of lentil insect pests and natural enemies in central Spain Infuencia de la asociacion de cultivos leguminosa-cereal-oleaginosa sobre las poblaciones de los principales grupos de insectos plaga y enemigos naturales del cultivo de la lenteja Lens culinaris Medikus en Espana Central

Dobosz, R.; Lewandowski, A., 2004:
Influence of cropping white mustard cultivars on the change of Heterodera schachtii population density in the soil Wplyw uprawy odmian gorczycy bialej na zmiane liczebnosci populacjii Heterodera schachtii Schmidt w Glebie

Chiliragaryan, A.A., 1964:
Influence of cross-breeding on nuclear-cytoplasmatic relationship

Jabin, M.; Topp, W., 2004:
Influence of crown closure, coarse woody debris and season on the distribution pattern of soil macroarthropods in naturally managed forests Einfluss des Beschattungsgrades, des liegenden Totholzes und der Jahreszeit auf das Verteilungsmuster bodenlebender Makroarthropoden in naturnahen Wirtschaftswaeldern

Golenishehev, N.N., 1958:
Influence of darkness and reduced temperature on the reproduction of the common vole

Thomazini,; Berti Filho, E., 2000:
Influence of density and age of house fly pupae on parasitism by Muscidifurax uniraptor Kogan Legner Hymenoptera Pteromalidae Influencia da densidade e idade de pupas da mosca domestica no parasitismo por Muscidifurax uniraptor Hymenoptera Pteromalidae

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