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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38337

Chapter 38337 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Akhmedova, S.I., 1954:
Influence of host-environment on morphological and biological peculiarities of Heterakis gallinae

Ribeiro-Mendes, H.; NT.; Marques, ESA.; Silva, IM.; Fernandes, GW., 2002:
Influence of host-plant sex and habitat of survivorship of insect galls within the geographical range of the host-plant

Malison, Marco., 1994:
Influence of host-plant water-stress on the populations of the predatory mite Amblyseius aberrans Oudemans Acarina Phytoseiidae Influenza dello stress idrico della pianta ospite sulle popolazioni del predatore Amblyseius aberrans Oudemans Acarina Phytoseiidae

Quinteros, R.; Paz-Soldan, L. a; Pinto, C.F.; Aguirre, L.F.; Ruiz, O.; Tacachiri, D., 2006:
Influence of human activities on butterfly communities of Polylepis besseri forests of Cochabamba - Bolivia Influencia de actividades antropogenicas sobre comunidades de mariposas en bosques de Polylepis besseri de Cochabamba - Bolivia

Bourdanne, Daniel Kadebe., 1997:
Influence of human activities on the diplopod populations in the region of Abidjan, Ivory Coast Influence de lanthropisation sur le peuplement en diplopodes de la region dAbidjan, Cote dIvoire Diplopoda

Lacava e Silva, R.Victor, 2002:
Influence of human presence on the agonistic behaviour of the burrowing owl Influencia da acao humana no comportamento agonistico da coruja buraqueira

Salek, M.; Pintir, J.; Marhoul, P., 2004:
Influence of human settlements and forests on spatial pattern of the grey partridge Perdix perdix population in farmland Vliv zastavby a lesa na prostorovy vyskyt populace koroptve polni Perdix perdix v zemedelska krajine

Belozerov, V.N., 1957:
Influence of humidity on breeding of gamasids

Joniak, T.; Domek, P., 2006:
Influence of humification on biodiversity of lake benthic macroinvertebrates Wplyw humifikacji na roznorodnosc gatunkowa zoobentosu w jeziorach

Porter, WF.; Gefell, DJ.; Underwood, HB., 1990:
Influence of hunter harvest on the population dynamics of wild turkeys in New York

Polyakova, I.G., 1955:
Influence of hunting industry on the number of marmots in the West Aksaz Valley

Shilov., 1952:
Influence of hydrological and trophic conditions on various types of beaver colonies

Hulo, I.; Gergelj, J.; Horvat, F., 2001:
Influence of hydrological factors in migration of birds of wetland habitats Uticaj hidroloskih faktora stanista na migraciju barskih ptica

Tremblay, G.; Caron, F.; Verdon, R.; Lessard, M., 1993:
Influence of hydromorphic parameters on habitat utilization by Atlantic salmon juveniles Salmo salar Influence des parametres hydromorphologiques sur lutilisation de lhabitat par les juveniles du saumon atlantique Salmo salar

Buczynska, Edyta., 2006:
Influence of hydrotechnical works on caddisflies Trichoptera as exemplified by echo ponds in the Roztoczanski National Park Wplyw zabiegow hydrotechnicznych na chrusciki Trichoptera na przykladzie stawow Echo w Roztoczanskim Parku Narodowym

Golenishehev, N.; If., 1958:
Influence of inadequate nourishment in early ontogeny on further development of the common vole, other conditions being at their optimum

Vizi, Ondrej., 1997:
Influence of increased disturbance on some endangered bird species at Skadar Lake Uticaj povecanog uznemiravanja na neke ugrozene vrste ptica na Skadaraskom jezeru

Rahmel, U.; Rykena, S., 1996:
Influence of incubation temperature on the pholidosis of Lacerta agilis Linnaeus, 1758 Untersuchungen zum modifikatorischen Einfluss der Eizeitigungstemperatur auf die Ausbildung von Schuppenmerkmalen bei der Zauneidechse Lacerta agilis Linnaeus, 1758

Gromov, V.V., 1958:
Influence of indus-trial discharge on aquatic fauna and fish hauls in mid Kama river

Bervald, E.A., 1956:
Influence of industry on productivity of bream shoals in Aral sea

Kuznetzov, V.V.; Tchubrik, G.K., 1950:
Influence of infection with larval trematodes on reproduction of some marine gastropods

Baicu, T.; Stanescu, V.; Margarit, G., 1996:
Influence of insecticide sprayings on useful fauna Influence des pulverisations insecticides sur la faune utile

Voronova, L.D., 1968:
Influence of insecto-acarocides, sevine and carbophos on armoured mites in the southern taiga

Nikitin, V.N. klimenko, A.I., 1962:
Influence of insulin on metabolism of rats of various ages after the removal of hypophysis Trudy nauchno-issled

Tchaykovskaya, M.Y., 1949:
Influence of internal and external factors on propagation of geese

Beyer, W.; Grube, R., 1997:
Influence of inundation on epigeous spiders and ground-beetles at riparian sites in the national park Lower Oder Valley Arach Araneida, Col Carabidae Einfluss des Uberflutungsregimes auf die epigaische Spinnen- und Laufkaferfauna an Uferabschnitten im Nationalpark Unteres Odertal Arach Araneida, Col Carabidae

Adamyan, T.V., 1967:
Influence of ionizing radiation on skeleton of embryo and newborn animals

Dzhibladze, N.V.; Dzhaparidze, T.N., 1959:
Influence of ionizing radiation on the phagocytic activities of leucocytes at different stages of the experiment

Labedzki, A., 1990:
Influence of irradiation of female pupae of the nun moth Lymantria monacha L on their attractiveness to feral males

Samokhina, A.A., 1966:
Influence of irritation of brain with the impulse-current with various frequency and of cardio-vascular system

Hoernes, U.; Irmler, U., 2004:
Influence of land usage and soil parameters on the spatial distribution of epigeal ground beetles Carabidae in a semi-open pasture zone Raumliche Verteilung epigaischer Carabiden in einer halboffenen Weidelandschaft in Abhangigkeit vonNutzung und Standortparametern

Oballe, R.; Vargas Osuna, E., 1998:
Influence of larval diet on the Helicoverpa armigera Hubner Lepidoptera Noctuidae development in the laboratory conditions Influencia de la dieta en el desarrollo de Helicoverpa armigera Hubner Lepidoptera Noctuidae en laboratorio

Fauvelot, C.; Planes, S., 2002:
Influence of larval dispersal on population structure and biogeography The example of reef fish Influence de la dispersion larvaire sur la structuration des populations et la biogeographie Exemple des poissons recifaux

Richard, E.; Couranjou, C.; Arruego, X.; Jolivet, J.; Thiery, D., 2000:
Influence of larval feeding on the development duration and mortality of caterpillars of the European vine moth Lobesia botrana Lepidoptera, Tortricidae Influence de lalimentation larvaire sur la duree de developpement et la mortalite des chenilles de leudemis de la vigne, Lobesia botrana Lepidoptera, Tortricidae

Martin Santana, M.; Martin Santana, P., 1994:
Influence of light intensity on roosting in the cattle egret Bubulcus ibis L, 1758 Influencia de la intensidad de luz sobre la llegada al dormidero en la garcilla bueyera Bubulcus ibis L, 1758

Irichimovitoh, A.I., 1947:
Influence of light on rate of development in tadpole of Rana temporaria

Gerasimenko, G.T., 1950:
Influence of light on some season alterations in the organism of Citellus suslica Gueld

Juliao, G.R.boucas.; Morales, C.L.ura. de Souza, F.M.luf. da Silva Nunes, J.R.beiro., 2002:
Influence of light on the degree of herbivory on Miconia cf phanerostila Melastomataceae Influencia da luz no grau de herbivoria em Miconia cf phanerostila Melastomataceae

Anayan, R.N., 1946:
Influence of lime sulphur solution on the eggs of the mite Epitetranychus altheae v H

L., E.A.toniassi; Gomes, L.C.rlos; Agostinho, A.A.tonio; Bulla,, 2003:
Influence of local and regional processes on fish assemblager in reservoirs of Parana State, Brazil Influencia de processos locais e regionais nas assembleias de peixes em reservatorios do Estado do Parana, Brasil

Jeanneret, P.; Schuepbach, B., 2000:
Influence of local environmental and landscape elements on the invertebrates of the cultivated landscapes and importance of the connectivity the example of spiders Influence des facteurs environnementaux locaux et paysagers sur les invertebres des paysages cultives et importance de la connectivite lexample des araignees

Lamikhov, K.F., 1946:
Influence of low temperature of the vitality of the mange mites

Sokolov, E.A., 1956:
Influence of low temperatures on metabolism in animal organism

Chefranova, Y.A.; Ustinovich, M.A., 1963:
Influence of low temperatures on survival of eggs and plerocercoids of Diphyllobothrium spec

Hazin, H.G.; Hazin, FHV.; Travassos, P.; Hamilton, S.; Ribeiro, FP., 2002:
Influence of lunar phases on the relative abundance of the swordfish Xiphias gladius Linnaeus, 1758, captured in the equatorial Atlantic ocean Influencia de las fases lunares en la abundancia relativa del pez espada, Xiphias gladius Linnaeus, 1758, capturado en el oceano Atlantico ecuatorial

Luthardt, H.; Dettner, K., 2002:
Influence of management measures on gyrinid beetle population Beeinflussung von Taumelkaefervorkommen durch Bewirtschaftungsfaktoren in Teichanlagen Studien an Gyrinus marinus Coleoptera Gyrinidae in der Oberpfalz

Smirnov, A.I., 1955:
Influence of mechanical factors on the developing eggs of Oncorhynchus keta infrasp autumnalis Berg

Smirnov, A.I., 1954:
Influence of mechanical stimulus on developing eggs of Oncorhynchus gorbuscha

Contarini, Ettore., 1995:
Influence of mediterranean and continental climate pattern on the Coleoptera population of east Padania Linflusso climatico mediterranea sui popolamenti a coleotteri della Padania s l orientale

Anikina, V.V. ., 1969:
Influence of metabolism of ascarids on the motor function in rodents 1st Report

Andreazze, R.; Py-Daniel, V. de Medeiros, J.F.rnandes., 2002:
Influence of metereological variables factors on host-seeking and blood meal activity of Psaroniocompsa incrustata Lutz, 1910 Diptera, Simuliidae vector of Onchocerca volvulus Leuckart, 1893 in Xitei/Xidea, Yanomami indigenous area, Roraima, Brazil Influencia dos fatores climaticos na atividade hematofagica de Psaroniocompsa incrustata Lutz, 1910 Diptera, Simuliidae vetor de Onchocerca volvulus Leuckart, 1893 em Xitei/Xidea, area indigena Yanomami, Roraima, Brasil

Ashirov, M.G., 1964:
Influence of methyl- and ethyl-chlorophoses on the secretory activity of pancreas and intestinal glands in buffalo and the red cattle

D'avila, S.; Bessa, E.C. de A., 2005:
Influence of moisture on growth and egg production by Subulina octona Bruguiere Mollusca, Subulinidae, reared in different substrates, under laboratorial conditions Influencia de diferentes substratos e umidade sobre o crescimento e o numero de ovos produzidos por Subulina octona Bruguiere Mollusca, Subullnidae, sob condicoes de laboratorio

Tiberi, R.; Panzavolta, T.; Niccoli, A.; Marziali, L., 2004:
Influence of monoterpenes on ovipositing females of the pine processionary moth Influenza di monoterpeni sulle femmine ovideponenti della processionaria del pino

Pomerantzeva, M.D., 1958:
Influence of narcosis on radioactive reaction in animals

Hiiesaar, K.; Metspalu, L.; Kuusik, A., 2001:
Influence of natural pest control means on the development of eggs and larvae of Colorado potato beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata Looduslikku paritolu taimekaitsev ahendite toimest kartulimardika Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say muna-ja vastsearengule

Demite, P.R.; Feres, R.J., 2005:
Influence of neighboring vegetation in the distribution of mites in a rubber tree culture Hevea brasiliensis Muell Arg, Euphorbiaceae in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, SP, Brazil Influencia de vegetacao vizinha na distribuicao de acaros em seringal Hevea brasiliensis Muell Arg, Euphorbiaceae em Sao Jose do Rio Preto, SP

Aviles, JM.; Sanchez, A.; Munoz, A., 1998:
Influence of nest-box age and occurrence of other species on laying time of the roller Coracias garrulus, L in steppes of the Extremadura region SW Iberian Peninsula Influencia de la edad del nidal y de la presencia de otras especies sobre las fechas de puesta de la Carraca Coracias garrulus, L en estepas de Extremadura SO peninsula iberica

Majewski, P.; Beszterda, P., 1990:
Influence of nesting success on female homing in the mallard

Garcia, B.G.rcia; Valverde, J.C.rezo, 2004:
Influence of number of fasting days per week on conversion index and survival of common octopus Octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797 Influencia del numero de dias de ayuno a la semana sobre el crecimiento, el indice de conversion y la supervivencia en el Pulpo de Roca Octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797

Carmo, F.M.ria da Silva.; Penedo, P.H.nrique Silva., 2004:
Influence of nutritional status of Eucalyptus grandis W Hill ex Maiden on defoliating caterpillar Eupseudosoma involuta Lepidoptera - Arctiidae dietary preference Influencia do aspecto nutricional de Eucalyptus grandis W Hill ex Maiden na preferencia alimentar da lagarta desfolhadora Eupseudosoma involuta Lepidoptera - Arctiidae

Boulay, R.; Auger, J.; Godzinska, EJ.; Lenoir, A., 1999:
Influence of octopamine on trophallaxis behaviour in the ant Camponotus fellah Hymenoptera Formicidae Influence de loctopamine sur la comportement trophallactique de la fourmi Camponotus fellah Hymenoptera Formicidae

Mironov, OG.; Avdeeva, SU., 1973:
Influence of oil pollution on the development of Black Sea Infusoria

Neumann, H.; Koop, B., 2004:
Influence of organic field cultivation on the skylark - investigations in two areas in Schleswig-Holstein Einfluss der Ackerbewirtschaftung auf die Feldlerche Alauda arvensis im oekologischen Landbau Untersuchungen in zwei Gebieten Schleswig-Holsteins

Molino Olmedo, F.; Viejo Montesinos,, 2001:
Influence of orientation of fallen wood on fauna of subcortical saproxilyc Coleoptera from Andalusia Influencia de la orientacion de la madera caida en la fauna de coleopteros saproxilicos subcorticales de Andalucia

Vernidub, M.F.; Kiseleva, E.V., 1954:
Influence of over maturity on initial cleavage of eggs in Aci- penseridae and on their early stage of development

Ovezmudarova, E.S., 1966:
Influence of overheating on the speed of penetration of radioactive phosphorus into the tissues of the internal organs and brain of white rats

Ferreira, A.A.gusto. de Oliveira Nuner, A.P.res.; Esquivel, J.R.mon., 2001:
Influence of pH on eggs and larvae of silver catfish, Rhamdia quelen Osteichthyes, Siluriformes Influencia do pH sobre ovos e larvas de jundia, Rhamdia quelen Osteichthyes, Siluriformes

Petrushevski, G.K., 1954:
Influence of parasitic diseases on fish conditioning

L.D.ean-Quenec'hdu, S.; Goss-Custard, J.D. le V. dit Durell, S.E.; West, A.D.; Marion, L.; Maheo, R., 2001:
Influence of parasitism of limicoles by mussels example of the European oystercatcher hibernating in the Exe Estuary Influence du parasitisme des moules sur lalimentation des limicoles exemple de lhuitrier pie hivernant dans lExe

Mougin, J-L., 1997:
Influence of parental experience on chick growth, chick feeding and fledging success in the Bulwers petrel Bulweria bulwerii Influence de lexperience des parents sur la croissance, lalimentation et la reussite de lelevage des poussins chez le petrel de bulwer Bulweria bulwerii

Mougin, P.J.L.; Jouanin, C.; Roux, F., 1999:
Influence of parental experience on growth, feeding, and fledging success in Corys shearwaters Calonectris diomedea borealis Influence de lexperience des parents sur la croissance, lalimentation et la reussite de lelevage des poussins chez le puffin cendre Calonectris diomedea borealis

Arbuzov, G.Y., 1950:
Influence of partial sympathectomy and vagotomy on hibernation in heterothermic animals

Boica, A.L.; Jr.; Lara, F.M.; Oliveira, J.C., 1999:
Influence of passion fruit genotypes and larval density on the biology of Dione juno juno Cramer Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Efeito de genotipos de maracujazeiro Passiflora spp e da densidade larval na biologia de Dione juno juno Cramer Lepidoptera Nymphalidae

Louveaux, A.; Mouhim, A.; Roux, G.; Gillon, Y.; Barral, H., 1996:
Influence of pastoralism on the acridid population of Siroua mountains Morocco Influence du pastoralisme sur les populations acridiennes dans le massif du Siroua Maroc

Rashkevitch, N.A., 1953:
Influence of pasture culture on numbers of murine rodents

Ivashkin, V.M., 1957:
Influence of peculiarities in biology of the parasite on epidemics of parabronematosis of ruminants 9th Conf parasit Probl

Lecchini, D.; Galzin, R., 2003:
Influence of pelagic and benthic, biotic and abiotic, stochastic and deterministic processes on the dynamics of auto-recruitment of coral reef fish A review Synthese sur linfluence des processus pelagiques et benthiques, biotiques et abiotiques, stochastiques et deterministes, sur la dynamique de lautorecrutement des poissons coralliens

Cardoso, A.M.; Cividanes, F.J.; Natale, W., 2002:
Influence of phosphate-potassic fertilization on the occurrence of soybean insect pests Influencia da adubacao fosfatada-potassica na ocorrencia de pragas na cultura da soja

Nadasy, M.; Pribek, D.; Csontos, A., 1996:
Influence of photoperiod on the feeding of Pieris brassicae L and Athalia rosae L larvae A fotoperiodus hatasa a Pieris brassicae L es az Athalia rosae L larvainak taplalekfogyasztasara

Reynalte-Tataje, D.; Luz, R.K.nnedy; Meurer, S.; Zaniboni-Filho, E. de Oliveira Nuner, A.P.res, 2002:
Influence of photoperiod on the growth and survival of piranjuba post-larvae Brycon orbignyanus Valenciennes, 1849 Osteichthyes, Characidae Influencia do fotoperiodo no crescimento e sobrevivencia de pos-larvas de piracanjub Brycon orbignyanus Valenciennes, 1849 Osteichthyes, Characidae

Srivastava, N., 1990:
Influence of photoperiods on the cyclic changes in liver cholesterol content of Channa punctata Bl

Parau, J.; Myrand, B.; Desrosiers, G.; Chevarie, L.; Giguere, M., 2005:
Influence of physical and biological variables on burying time of the soft shell clam Mya arenaria Influence de variable physiques et biologiques sur le temps denfouissement de la Mye Comune Mya arenaria

Claro Junior, Luiz Henrique., 2002:
Influence of physical parameters on fish richness in a forest waterway of terra firme of central Amazonia Influencia de parametros fisicos na riqueza de peixes em igarapes de terra firme na Amazonia Central

Veltz, I.; Lechenault, H.; Vernet, G., 1996:
Influence of physico-chemical parameters temperature, water hardness, pH and presence of contaminants heavy metals in the environment on the cephalic regeneration of Lumbriculus variegatus Muller Oligochaeta Influencia de las variaciones fisico-quimicas temperatura, dureza del agua, pH y de la presencia de contaminantes metales pesados en el medio, sobre la regeneracion cefalica de Lumbriculus variegatus Muller Oligochaeta

Gusev, A.G., 1968:
Influence of pollution on fish resources in the Lake Ladoga

Tomescu, R., 1987:
Influence of pollution on soil Protozoa fauna in the Zlatna industrial zone

Klimasauskiene, V., 1990:
Influence of pollution on the quality of water and zooplankton of the northern part of the lagoon of Kursiu Marios

Gonzalez, J.M.; Teran, J.B.; Badaraco, M.T., 1999:
Influence of population density on survival of Melittobia acasta Hymenoptera Eulophidae Efecto de la densidad poblacional sobre la sobrevivencia en Melittobia acasta Hymenoptera Eulophidae

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