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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38338

Chapter 38338 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Paruch-Kulczycka, J., 2004:
Influence of postsedimentary factors on preservation of microfauna found in the Leczyce-Tr borehole Wplyw czynnikow postsedymentacjynch na stan zachowania mikofauny w profilu wiercenia Leczyce-Tr

Kolmikov, E V.; Mikouiza, AS., 2003:
Influence of predatory fishes on narrow clawed crayfish Pontastacus leptodactylus in the drowned land of Volgo-Akhtoubinsk Russia Influence des poissons predateurs sur les ecrivisses Pontastacus leptodactylus Esch dans les terres submersibles de Volgo-Akhtoubinsk Russie

Mourer-Chauvire, Cecile., 1999:
Influence of prehistoric man on the distribution of some species of sea birds the great auk Pinguinus impennis Influence de lhomme prehistorique sur la repartition de certains oiseaux marins lexemple du grand pingouin Pinguinus impennis

Vlasenko, S.P.; Shakhnazaryan, E.L., 1964:
Influence of preliminary radiation on radio-resistance in non-inbred rats

Soares, C.M.rtins.; Hayashi, C.; Esper Amaro de Faria, A.C.ristina., 2001:
Influence of prey availability, visual constrast and size of dragonfly Pantala sp larvae Odonata, Insecta on the predation of Simocephalus serrulatus Cladocera, Crustacea Influencia da disponibilidade de presas, do contraste visual e do tamanho das larvas de Pantala sp Odonata, Insecta sobre a predacao de Simocephalus serrulatus Cladocera, Crustacea

Kuroli, G.; Nemeth, L.; Pocsai, K., 1998:
Influence of primary metabolic products of the food plant on the individual number of aphids A primer anyagcseretermekek hatasa a leveltetvek egyedszamara

Teplov, V.P. ., 1954:
Influence of protection on economic mammals in Petchora Tayga

Verkhovskaya, I.N.; Arutyunova, M.B., 1953:
Influence of radiation of radio-active matters on activity of isolated heart of frog

Krivolutzky, DA.; Pokarzhevsky, AD.; Usachev, VL.; Shein, GN.; Nadvorny, VG.; Viktorov, AG., 1990:
Influence of radioactive environment pollution upon soil fauna at the region of Chernobyl Atomic Power Station

Gonzalez Y., Jose A., 1997:
Influence of rainfall and inducer agents on the reproductive cycle of cachama Colossoma macropomum Characidae, under captivity Incidencia de la precipitacion y agentes inductores en el ciclo reproductivo de la cachama Colossoma macropomum Characidae, en cautiverio

Cerdan, P.; Vigouroux, R.; Horeau, V.; Richard, S., 2002:
Influence of rainfall and the Petit Saut dam Guyane Francaise on the distribution of Sphingidae, Lepidoptera Influence de la pluviometrie et de la mise en place du barrage de Petit Saut Guyane Francaise sur la repartition des lepidopteres Sphingidae

Monje, J.C.rlos.; Ohnesorge, B., 1997:
Influence of rearing host, host species and host age on parasitism behavior of Trichogramma galloi Zucchi and T pretiosum Riley Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae Einfluss von Zuchtwirt, Wirtsart und Wirtsalter auf das Paarungsverhalten von Trichogramma galloi Zucchi und T pretiosum Riley Hymenoptera Trichogrammatidae

Sorges, Anja., 1999:
Influence of red deer Cervus elaphus Linne 1758 on the vegetation in the Nature Park North Eifel - High Venn Einfluss des Rotwildes Cervus elaphus Linne 1758 auf die Vegetation im Naturpark Nordeifel - Hohes Venn

Grimaud, J.; Kulbicki, M., 1998:
Influence of reef to ocean distance on coral reef fish assemblages in New Caledonia Influence de la distance a locean sur les peuplements ichthyologiques des recifs frangeants de Nouvelle-Caledonie

Ubero-Pascal, N.; Pinto, P.; Malo, J.; Morais, M.; Puig, MA., 2001:
Influence of regulation on the Ephemeroptera communities in four streams from the south of Portugal Guadiana Basin Influencia da regulacao do caudal sobre a comunidade de Ephemeroptera em quatro rios da bacia hidrografica do Rio Guadiana

Dominguez, J.; Vidal, M., 2003:
Influence of researchers on the breeding success of Kentish plovers Charadrius alexandrinus Influencia del investigador en el exito reproductivo del Chorlito Patinegro Charadrius alexandrinus

Wanderley, P.A.; Boica Junior, A.L.; Ramalho, F.S., 2003:
Influence of resistant and susceptible sweet potato cultivars to Euscepes postfasciatus Coleoptera Curculionidae on parasitism, survival and biology of Catolaccus grandis Hymenoptera Pteromalidae Influencia de Cultivares de Batata-Doce Resistentes e Suscetiveis a Euscepes postfasciatus Fairmaire Coleoptera Curculionidae sobre o Parasitismo, Sobrevivencia e a Biologia de Catolaccus grandis Burks Hymenoptera Pteromalidae

Mercier, Alexis., 1999:
Influence of river morphodynamic on mayflies habitat use Example of the Ariege river Pyrenean mountains, France Limportance du fonctionnement morphodynamique du cours deau sur les habitats des ephemeres Lexample dune riviere de montagne lAriege Pyrenees centrales francaises

Carvajal, F.; Maldonado, M., 2005:
Influence of river-lake connection over the fish community in the River Ichilo floodplain Influencia de la conexion rio - laguna sobre la ictiocenosis lacustre en la varzea del Rio Ichilo Cochabamba-Bolivia

Burski, M., 2003:
Influence of road traffic on the selected plant bugs communities structure Miridae, Heteroptera Wplyw ruchu samochodowego na strukture wybranych zgrupowan tasznikowatych Miridae, Heteroptera

Weidemann, G.; Reich, M.; Plachter, H., 1996:
Influence of roads on a population of Psophus stridulatus L 1758 Saltatoria, Acrididae Einfluss von Strassen auf eine Population der Rotflugeligen Schnarrshrecke Psophus stridulus L 1758 Saltatoria, Acrididae

Gerber, R.; Schmidt, W., 1996:
Influence of roe deer on the vegetation of oak-hornbeam forests in the southern Steigerwald Einfluss des Rehwildes auf die Vegetation von Eichen-Hainbuchenwaldern in sudlichen Steigerwald

Goryachev, P.P., 1963:
Influence of root system of some species of plants on embryonic development of ascarid eggs and hatching of the larvae

Wishard, SK.; Kamal, MY.; Jaitly, PN., 1990:
Influence of running water condition on the breeding of Indian major carps

Losovskay, G.V., 1961:
Influence of salinity on survival of some Black Sea polychaetes

Dubinin, V.B., 1948:
Influence of salinity on the composition of the parasitic fauna in fishes of the river Maly Uzen

Zaitzev, Y.P., 1955:
Influence of salinity on the development of eggs of Pleuronectes flesus luscus Pallas

Bukhalova, V.I., 1950:
Influence of salinity variation on the zooplankton in the Firth of Kovdsk in the White Sea

Karpevich, A.F.S.; Osad chik, F.V., 1953:
Influence of salinity, gas content of the water and character of the bottom on Nereis succinea

Tollefson, JJ.; Witkowski, JF.; Owens, JC.; Hinz, PN., 1979:
Influence of sampler variation on adult corn rootworm population estimates Influence of sampler variation on adult corn rootworm population estimates

Zandee, DI.; Kluytmans, JHFM.; Zurburg, W. de Bont, AMT.; Kruitwagen, ECL.; Veenhof, PR., 1976:
Influence of seasonal factors on energy metabolism the role of lipids in energy supply and gametogenesis

Diaz, O.; Encina, F.; Chuecas, L.; Becerra, J.; Cabello, J.; Figueroa, A.; Munoz, F., 2001:
Influence of seasonal variables, location and biological and environmental factors on the bioaccumulation of total mercury and methilmercury in Tagelus dombeii Influencia de variables estacionales, espaciales, biologicas y ambientales en la bioacumulacion de mercurio total y metilmercurio en Tagelus dombeii

L.D.ean-Quenec'Hdu, S.; Triplet, P., 2004:
Influence of sedimentary characteristics of interdidal mud on the feeding habits of waders Influence des caracteristiques sedimentaires des substrats meubles intertidaux sur le comportement alimentaire des limicoles

Epperlein, K.; Jaschewski, K., 1997:
Influence of seed treatments of maize with Gaucho imidacloprid and Mesurol methiocarb on field emergence, plant height and yield as well as on the population dynamics of the rose-grain aphid Methopolophium dirhodum Walk and on the sucking behaviour of the bird-cherry aphid Rhopalosiphum padi L Zur Auswirkung von Saatgutbehandlungen des Maises mit Gaucho Imidacloprid und Mesurol M

Niemczyk, E.; Olszak, R.; Sekrecki, R., 1998:
Influence of selective and non selective insecticides on occurrence of beneficial and harmful arthropods in an apple orchard Wplyw selektywnych i nieselektywnych insektycydow na wystepowanie pozytecznych i szkodliwych stawonogow w sadzie jabloniowym

Moskalenko, B.K., 1956:
Influence of several years fluctuations of the water level in the Ob river on the fecundity and reproduction of certain fishes

Eminov, A., 1970:
Influence of severe winter on birds in the neighbourhood of Ashkhabad

Desprez, D.; Melard, C., 1998:
Influence of sexual genotype on reproductive traits of females genotype WZ and pseudofemales genotype ZZ in the tilapia Oreochromis aureus Influence du genotype sexuel sur les caracteristiques de la reproduction de femelles genotype WZ et de pseudofemelles genotype ZZ chez le tilapia Oreochromis aureus

Ivlev, V.S., 1953:
Influence of shield gland hormone on fry of Baltic salmon

Wasilewska, Lucyna., 2003:
Influence of simplification of meadows plant agglomerations on soil biology and decomposition processes Bioindicative role of soil fauna Wplyw uproszczenia zbiorowisk roslinnosci lakowej na biologie gleby i procesy rozkladu materii Bioindykacyjna rola fauny glebowej

Casaubon, E.A.; Cueto, G.R.; Hodara, K.; Gonzalez, A.C., 2004:
Influence of site quality on the attack of Platypus mutatus Chapuis Coleoptera, Platypodidae to a willow plantation Salix babylonica x Salix alba cv 131/27 Influencia de la calidad de sitio en el ataque de Platypus mutatus Chapuis Coleoptera, Platypodidae a una plantacion de sauces Salix babylonica x Salix alba cv 131/27

Pogosova, A.V., 1956:
Influence of sleep on calcium distribution in the body

Elle, O., 2005:
Influence of slope on the spatial distribution of the Skylark Alauda arvensis Einfluss der Hangneigung auf die raeumliche Verteilung der Feldlerche Alauda arvensis

Scalici, M.; Schino, G.; Allegro, A.; Giordano, P.; Gibertini, G.; Canese, S., 2002:
Influence of social factors on sex reversal of gilthead seabream, Sparus aurata L, reared in recirculating systems Influenza dei fattori sociali sullinversione sessuale dellorara, Sparus aurata L, allevata in sistemi di stabulazione a ricircolo

Boulay, R.; Lenoir, A., 1998:
Influence of social isolation in the ant Camptonotus fellah Hymenoptera Formicidae Influence de lisolement social chez la fourmi Camponotus fellah Hymenoptera Formicidae

Kajak, A., 2003:
Influence of soil fauna on processes of mineralization and humification of organic matter Fauna gleby a procesy mineralizacji akumulacji materii organicznej 50 lat badan nad ekologia gleby w Instytucie Ekologii PAN

Likhatchev, J.N., 1950:
Influence of soil freezing on population of Moles Talpa europaea

Afellah, M.; Ben Hamadi, I.; Smaili, C.; Hilal, A.; Chemseddine, M., 1997:
Influence of soil humidity, depth and type on the pupal stage of Bactrocera oleae Gmel Dipt, Teph Influence de lhumidite du sol, de la profondeur denfouissement et de la variete sur le stade pupe de Bactrocera oleae Gmel Dipt, Teph

Noetzold, R.; Wagner, T., 2004:
Influence of soil parameters on the presence of phytophagous beetles on Rumex plants in the Eider Valley Semi-open Pasture Project Untersuchungen zum Auftreten phytophager Kafer an Rumex-Arten in der halboffenen Weidelandschaft Eidertal in Abhangigkeit standortlicher Parameter

Ferreira, C.S.abra.; Vasconcelos, T.M.ria., 2001:
Influence of soil preparation techniques on the biodiversity of soil fauna from a chestnut stand in Macedo de Cavaleiros Portugal Influencia das tecnicas de preparacao do solo na biodiversidade da mesofauna num souto de Macedo de Cavaleiros Portugal

Langmaack, M.; Rohrig, R.; Schrader, S., 1996:
Influence of soil tillage and soil compaction on terrestrial Oligochaeta Enchytraeidae and Lumbricidae of agricultural land Einfluss der Bodenbearbeitung und Bodenverdichtung auf terrestrische Oligochaeten Enchytraeidae und Lumbricidae landwirtschaftlicher Nutzflachen

Pereira, E F.; Lopes, JRS.; Turati, DT.; Munhoz, C.; Corrente, JE., 2005:
Influence of soil water conditions and temperature on survival and feeding of Oncometopia facialis Hemiptera Cicadellidae on citrus seedlings Influencia das condicoes hidricas do solo e da temperatura na sobrevivencia e alimentacao de Oncometopia facialis Hemiptera Cicadellidae em seedlings de citros

Krasnolobova, T.A., 1968:
Influence of some biotic factors on morphology of the trematodes belonging to the genus Prosthogonimus Liihe, 1899

Martinez M., I.; Vazquez A., A., 1996:
Influence of some environmental factors on the reproduction of Canthon cyanellus cyanellus LeConte Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Scarabaeinae Influencia de algunos factores ambientales sobre la reproduccion en Canthon cyanellus cyanellus LeConte Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Scarabaeinae

Konstantinova, N.S., 1956:
Influence of some factors on the growth and reproduction of Enchytraeus

Burlacu, G.; Nastasescu, G.; Vladescu, C.; Stancu, S., 1967:
Influence of some glucides on metabolism, of the rabbit

Lyaiman, E.M., 1958:
Influence of some helminths on organism of fish

Korolyuk, I.K., 1958:
Influence of some invertebrates on the layers in the muds

Cantot, Pierre., 2001:
Influence of some leguminous plants on oviposition and larval development of Sitona lineatus L Coleoptera, Curculionidae Influence de quelques Papilionacees sur la ponte et le developpement larvaire de Sitona lineatus L Coleoptera, Curculionidae

Shiashtokas, I.; Tzukerzis, Y., 1968:
Influence of some mineral fertilizers and pesticides on Astacus astacus

Musatov, V.A., 1957:
Influence of some preparations with DDT and hexachlorane on some physiological functions of Rhipicephalus bursa

Scaps, P.; Daas, O.; Daas, T.; Brunet, L.; Bouzerna, N.; Descamps, M., 2005:
Influence of some third-generation pesticides on the structure of reproductive cells in Lithobius forficatus L Myriapoda, Chilopoda Influence de differents pesticides de troisieme generation sur la structure des cellules reproductrices de Lithobius forficatus L Myriapode, Chilopode

Machado Castillo, J.; Fonseca Flores, M.; Perez Fajardo, J.; Bruqueta Yero, D.; Tornes Vega, C.; Puertas Arias, A.; Gonzalez Salgado, H.C., 2001:
Influence of sowing dates in behavior of whitefly Bemisia spp and geminivirus in tomato crop in Valle del Cauto region Influencia de las fechas de siembras en el comportamiento de la mosca blanca Bemisia spp y el geminivirus en el cultivo del tomate de la region del Valle del Cauto

Markov, G.S.; Reshetnikova, A.V.; Trusov, V.Z., 1963:
Influence of spawning migrations on parasitic fauna of Acipenser stellatus Pallas

Tolomio, C.; Bullo, L., 2001:
Influence of spring and neap tides on the phytoplankton communities of the Chioggia basin January-December 1997 Influenza delle maree di sizigie e di quadratura sulle comunita fitoplanctoniche del bacino di Chioggia Gennaio-Dicembre 1997

Odinetz, R.N.; Steshenko, V.M.; Valuiski, P.P.; Ilibezove, E.P., 1959:
Influence of stable isotopes of strontium on organs of sheep

Schaub, GA., 1990:
Influence of starvation of the reduviid bug Triatomae infestans on the pathological effects of Blastocrithidia triatomae Trypanosomatidae and the coprophagic infection rate of the bug

Popova, K.S., 1961:
Influence of starvation on development of Eutilns frisii kutum in the initial phase of its larval life

Boica, A.L.; Jr.; Lara, F.M.; Bellodi, M.P., 1997:
Influence of stem of sugarcane varieties the development of Diatraea saccharalis Fabr and its parasitism by Cotesia flavipes Com Influencia de variedades de cana-de-acucar, incorporadas em dieta artificial, no desenvolvimento de Diatraea saccharalis Fabr e no seu parasitismo por Cotesia flavipes Cam

Kirshenblat, Y.D., 1952:
Influence of steroid hormones on females of Misgurnus fossilis

de Souza-Filho, J.J.ronimo; Cerqueira, V.R.nzani, 2003:
Influence of stocking density on the rearing of juvenile common snook in laboratory Influencia da densidade de estocagem no cultivo de juvenis de robalo-flecha mantidos em laboratorio

Jones, KJ.; Gowen, RJ., 1990:
Influence of stratification and irradiance regime on summer phytoplankton composition in coastal and shelf seas of the British Isles

Cierzniak, T.; Ratynska, H.; Banaszak, J.; Kaczmarek, L., 2005 :
Influence of strict protection on xerothermic grassland and bee fauna on the esker near the Lake Budzyniskie Wielkopolski National Park Wplyw ochrony scislej na murawe kserotermiczna oraz faune pszczol na przykladzie ozu nad jeziorem Budzynskim Wielkopolski Park Narodowy

Anderlik-Wesinger, G.; Barthel, J.; Pfadenhauer, J.; Plachter, H., 1996:
Influence of structure and vegetation of field margins on foliage-dwelling spider fauna Araneae in an agricultural landscape Einfluss struktureller und floristischer Auspragungen von Rainen in der Agrarlandschaft auf die Spinnen Araneae der Krautschicht

Ciutti, F.; Cappelletti, C.; Monauni, C.; Siligardi, M., 2003:
Influence of substrate composition on macroinvertebrates in a semi-natural system Influenza della composizione granulometrica del substrato sulla comunita dei macroinvertebrati in condizioni di seminaturalita

D'avila, S., 2005:
Influence of substrate on growth of Subulina octona Bruguiere Mollusca, Subulinidae, under laboratorial conditions Influencia do substrato sobre o crescimento de Subulina octona Bruguiere Mollusca, Subulinidae, sob condicoes de laboratorio

D'avila, S., 2005:
Influence of substrate on reproduction of Subulina octona Bruguiere Mollusca, Subulinidae, under laboratorial conditions Influencia do substrato sobre a reproducao de Subulina octona Bruguiere Mollusca, Subulinidae, sob condicoes de laboratorlo

Usera, J.; Blazquez, A.M.ria., 1997:
Influence of substrate on the distribution of benthic foraminifera of the internal continental platform between Valencia and Alicante Spain Influencia del sustrato en la distribucion de los foraminiferos bentonicos de la plataforma continental interna entre Valencia y Alicante Espana

Breuer, Michael., 1997:
Influence of sun energy on the development of Thaumetopoea pityocampa Den Schiff Einfluss der Sonnenenergie auf die Entwicklung von Thaumetropoea pityocampa Den Schiff

Ballon, P.; Guibert, B., 1993:
Influence of sylvicolous treatments on goats; the case of selection forest Influence des traitements sylvicoles sur le chevreuil cas particulier de la futaie jardinee

Kirshenblat, Y.D., 1954:
Influence of sympathicotrope and vagotrope on maturation of oocytes and ovulation in fish

Yamamoto, P.T.; Gravena, S., 1996:
Influence of temperature and food sources on the development and oviposition of Iphiseiodes zuluagai Denmark Muma Acari Phytoseiidae Influencia da temperatura e fontes de alimento no desenvolvimento e oviposicao de Iphiseiodes zuluagai Denmark Muma Acari Phytoseiidae

Li, A.-Hua.; Sun, R.-Hong.; Zhang, Y.; Liu, X.-Fang., 2006:
Influence of temperature and humidity on fecundity of peach fruit borer, Carposina niponensis

da S.; Rocha, D.; Jurberg, J.; Carcavallo, R.U.; Presgrave, O.A.; Cunha, V.; Galvao, C., 2001:
Influence of temperature and humidity on the nymphal development of Rhodnius robustus Influencia da temperatura e umidade no desenvolvimento ninfal de Rhodnius robustus

Torres, J.; Hermoso de Mendoza, A.; Jacas, J., 2002:
Influence of temperature and photoperiod on development of Asymmetrasca decedens Paoli Homoptera Cicadellidae Influencia de la temperatura y el fotoperiodo sobre el desarrollo de Asymmetrasca decedens Paoli Homoptera Cicadellidae

Hrncic, Snjezana., 2004:
Influence of temperature and relative humidity to fecundity and fertility of grape berry moth - Lobesia Polychrosis botrana Den et Schiff Lepidoptera, Tortricidae Uticaj temperature i relativne vlaznosti na fekunditet i fertilitet sivog smotavca grozda - Lobesia Polychrosis botrana Den et Schiff Lepidoptera, Tortricidae

Ladygina, N.M., 1963:
Influence of temperature on development of Ditylenchus dipsaci

Turpaev, T.M., 1955:
Influence of temperature on efficiency of acetilcholine

Avila,; Parra, J.R.berto P., 2001:
Influence of temperature on fecundity and adult longevity of Diabrotica speciosa Influencia da temperatura na fecundidade e longevidade de adultos de Diabrotica speciosa

Calado, D.C.; Navarro-Silva, M.A.tonio., 2002:
Influence of temperature on longevity, fecundity, and hematophagic activity of Aedes Stegomyia albopictus Skuse, 1894 Diptera, Culicidae under laboratory condition Influencia da temperatura sobre a longevidade, fecundidade e atividade hematofagica de Aedes Stegomyia albopictus Skuse, 1894 Diptera, Culicidae sob condicoes de laboratorio

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