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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38343

Chapter 38343 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Law, JH., 1990:
Insect egg proteins other than vitellin

Hermes, M.G.; Kohler, A., 2003:
Insect fauna associated to tobacco cultivation Nicotiana tabacum L in the Float System Levantamento da entomofauna associada a cultura de fumo Nicotiana Tabacum L no Sistema Float

Maes, Jean-Michel., 1998:
Insect fauna of the Bosawas Nature Reserve, Nicaragua 14 Five Sphingidae new to the fauna of Nicaragua Lepidoptera Fauna entomologica de la Reserva Natural Bosawas, Nicaragua 14 Cinco Sphingidae nuevos para la fauna de Nicaragua Lepidoptera

Krivolutzkaya, G.O., 1971:
Insect fauna of the Kuril Islands and their peculiarities

Rohacova, M., 2005:
Insect fauna of the dried up parts of the Sance-Recice dam Moravskoslezske Beskydy Mts Entomofauna vyschlych casti prehrady Sance-Recice Moravskoslezske Beskydy

Mejia Gonzalez, H.; Dominguez Ruiz, B.; Anaya Rosales, S.; Sanchez Escudero, J.; Dominguez Rivero, R., 1997:
Insect fauna of the ragweed Solanum rostratum Dunal in Chapingo, State of Mexico Insectos asociados con el duraznillo Solanum rostratum Dunal en Chapingo, Estado de Mexico

Yabas, C.; Ulubilir, A., 1995:
Insect fauna on bean growing areas in Mediterranean region Akdeniz bolgesinde fasulye alanlarinda bulunan bocek ve akar faunasi

Trouvilliez, J.; Descimon, H.; Nageleisen, L.-Michel.; Lieutier, F.; Dajoz, R., 2000 :
Insect fauna relation to storms Les insects au sortir de la tourmente

Brauckmann, C.; Herd, K.J.sef, 2005:
Insect finds from the Westphalian D Upper Carboniferous of Piesberg at Osnabrueck Germany Part 2 Neoptera Insekten-Funde aus dem Westfalium D Ober-Karbon des Piesberges bei Osnabrueck Deutschland Teil 2 Neoptera

Brauckmann, C.; Herd, K.J.sef, 2002:
Insect finds from the Westphalian D Upper Carboniferous of Piesberg near Osnabrueck Germany Part 1 Palaeoptera Insekten-Funde aus dem Westfalium D Ober-Karbon des Piesberges bei Osnabrueck Deutschland Teil 1 Palaeoptera

Nachtigall, Werner., 2005:
Insect flight in a natural environment part 21 - Flight speed and wingbeat-frequency in starting honeybees Hymenoptera Apidae Geschwindigkeit und Fluegelschlagfrequenz abfliegender Honigbienen Hymenoptera Apidae

Nachtigall, Werner., 2003:
Insect flight construction morphology, biomechanics and flight behaviour Insektenflug Konstruktionsmorphologie, Biomechanik, Flugverhalten

Juliao, G.R.boucas.; Amaral, M.E.genia C.; Fernandes, G.W.lson., 2002:
Insect galls and their host plants in southern Pantanal Galhas de insetos e suas plantas hospedeiras no Pantanal sul-mato-grossense

Lima da Silva, S.C.isto.; Almeida-Cortez, J.S.lva., 2006:
Insect galls occurring in Miconia prasina Melastomataceae in remnants of Atlantic forest of northeastern Brazil Galhas entomogenas de Miconia prasina Sw DC Melastomataceae em remanescentes de Floresta Atlantica Nordestina

Brown, VK., 1990:
Insect herbivores, herbivory and plant succession

Arevad, K., 1977:
Insect hormones for insect control

Grimmberger, Eckhard., 2006 :
Insect hunters, blood lickers and predatory bats - the bats of the world Von Insektenjaegern, Blutleckern und Raubfledermaeusen - Die Fledertiere der Welt

Hayes, TK.; Ford, MM.; Keeley, LL., 1990:
Insect hypertrehalosemic hormone structure-activity studies in Blaberus discoidalis

Robert, Pierre., 1997:
Insect illnesses during rearing Les maladies des insectes en elevage

Richoux, P., 2004:
Insect indicators of the evolution of habitats along the Ligerian axis Les Insectes indicateurs de levolution des milieux le long de laxe ligerien

Yvinec, Jean-Herve., 1997:
Insect infestation of a charcoal store from the 2nd century AD at Amiens Somme Infestation par les insectes dun grenier carbonise de la fin du IIme siecle AD a Amiens Somme

Zolotarenko, G S. ., 1988:
Insect landscape ecology

Langer, T.W., 1970:
Insect locomotion and migration

Malinowski, H., 2004:
Insect midgut as a site for action and detoxification of newer generation insecticides Jelito srodkowe owadow jako miejsce dzialania i detoksykacji insektycydow nowszej generacji

Chambon, Jean-Pierre., 1993:
Insect mortality due to traffic La mortalite des insectes liee a la circulation automobile

Keeley, LL.; Hayes, TK.; Bradfield, JY., 1990:
Insect neuroendocrinology its past; its present; future opportunities

Litt, Rene., 2004:
Insect observations at Verviers in 2002 and 2003 Observations dinsectes a Verviers en 2002 et 2003

Adaime da Silva, R.; Silva Carvalho, G., 2000:
Insect ocurrence in corn crop grown under no-tillage collected with pitfall traps Ocorrencia de insetos na cultura do milho em sistema de plantio direto, coletados com armadilhas-de-solo

Lang, H.; Lang, C.; Raab, R., 2002:
Insect of the year 2002 promotion of the golden-ringed dragonfly Cordulegaster sp Odonata Cordulegasteridae Insekt des Jahres 2002 Steckbrief Quelljungfer Cordulegaster sp Odonata Cordulegasteridae

Cesard, N., 2005:
Insect ordeals in Amazonia Les epreuves dinsectes en Amazonie

Ajmat, M. del Valle.; Ajmat de Toledo, Z.D., 1998:
Insect orders 3 Pterygota 9nth part the order Hemiptera, suborder Heteroptera Los ordenes de insectos III Pterygota 9na parte el orden Hemiptera, suborden Heteroptera

del V.; Ajmat, M. de Herrera, JRB., 1993:
Insect orders 3 Pterygota Part 6a Superorder Hemipteroidea The orders Psocoptera and Phthiraptera Les ordenes de insectos 3 Pterygota 6a parte Superorden Hemipteroidea Los ordenes Psocoptera y Phthiraptera

del V.; Ajmat, M. de Herrera, JRB., 1993:
Insect orders 3 Pterygota Part 7a Order Thysanoptera Los ordenes de insectos 3 Pterygota 7a parte Orden Thysanoptera

Abbott, I., 1990:
Insect outbreaks in forests of Western Australia

Patricio, K.;, C., 2001:
Insect ovarian types Morphological and ultrastructural characteristics a review Tipos de ovarios presentes nos insetos Caracteristicas morfologicas e ultra-estruturais uma revisao

Genise, Jorge F., 1999:
Insect paleoichnology Paleoicnologia de insectos

Kolomiets, NG., 1990:
Insect parasites and predators of Lymantria monacha L Lepidoptera in the USSR

Gentile, P.; Trematerra, P., 2004:
Insect pests infestations on hulled wheat in central-southern Italy Infestazioni da insetti su farro nellItalia centro-meridionale

Ochoa M., O.; Samaniego M., G., 1995:
Insect pests of fruit-trees in the Sacred Valley of Incas, Cusco-Peru Plagas de los frutales en el Valle Sagrado de los Incas, Cusco

Maquera L., D.; Tello V., M., 1995:
Insect pests of lantreja bean Dolichos lablab L in Huanuco Valley, Peru Insectos plaga del frijol lantreja Dolichos lablab L en el valle Huanuco

Couturier, G.; Inga S., H.; Tanchiva F., E., 1997:
Insect pests of rice in Loreto, Peruvian Amazonia Insectos plaga del arroz en Loreto, Amazonia peruana

Mambetova, R., 1972:
Insect pests of sainfoin from the lssijk-Kul valley

Carrasco Z., Francisco., 1995:
Insect pests of tarhui Lupinus mutabilis in Cusco Insectos plagas del tarhui Lupinus mutabilis en el Cusco

Chakali, G.; Attal-Bedreddine, A.; Ouzani, H., 2002:
Insect pests of the oaks Quercus suber and Q ilex in Algeria Les insectes ravageurs des chenes, Quercus suber et Q ilex, en Algerie

Kadyrov, A., 1969:
Insect pests of the willow Salix utilized in the planting of parks in towns and settlements of the Gussar valley

Minyailo, V.A., 1970:
Insect pheromones and plant protection

Schetino Bastos, C.; Cardoso Galvao, J.C.rlos; Countinho Picanco, M.; Cecon, P.R.berto; Gomes Pereira, P.R.berto, 2003:
Insect phitophagous and predators incidence on maize and bean cultivated in exclusive and intercropped systems Incidencia de insetos fitofagos e de predadores no milho e no feijao cultivados em sistema exclusivo e consorciado

Mafaldo L., T.; Alvis D., L.; Diaz J., F., 1998:
Insect plagues on native fruit trees in Iquitos, Peru Plagas insectiles de algunos frutales nativos de Iquitos, Peru

Barbattini, R.; Greatti, M.; Zandigiacomo, P.; Costa, G.; Testolin, R.; Vizzotto, G., 1994:
Insect pollinator of kiwifruit and their role on the crop pollination Pronubi dellactinidia e loro contributo allimpollinazione della coltura

Diaz Torres, Isbel., 2001:
Insect pollinators and perspectives of use in agroecosystems Los insectos polinizadores y sus perspectivas de utilizacion en agroecosistemas

Michel, B.; Togola, M.; Coulibaly, M.A.ama., 1996:
Insect population sampling with the help of a modified beating filament Echantillonage des populations dinsectes a laide dun filet fauchoir modifie

Nowacki, Janusz., 2000:
Insect protection as necessary component of nature conservation Koniecznosc ochrony owadow jako niezbedny element ochrony przyrody

Hamon, J., 1997:
Insect protection in continental France and Corsica Protection des insectes en France continentale et en Corse

Wallaschek, M., 1997:
Insect records Dermaptera, Blattoptera, Ensifera, Caelifera from central Germany Insektenfunde Dermaptera, Blattoptera, Ensifera, Caelifera in Mitteldeutschland

Wallaschek, M., 1998:
Insect records Dermaptera, Blattoptera, Ensifera, Caelifera in Central Germany 2 Insektenfunde Dermaptera, Blattoptera, Ensifera, Caelifera in Mitteldeutschland 2

Popov, Yuri A.; Rust, Jes.; Brauckmann, Carsten., 2000:
Insect remains Hemiptera Belostomatidae; Coleoptera from the Upper Jurassic Kimmeridgian of Nettelstedt Wiehengebirge, NW Germany Insektenreste Hemiptera Belostomatidae; Coleoptera aus dem Ober-Jura Kimmeridge von Nettelstedt Wiehengebirge, NW-Deutschland

Rosendahl, Wilfried., 2001:
Insect remains from a Middle Pleistocene cave stalactite of the Zoolithen Cave D109 at Burggaillenreuth/Fraenkische Alb Insektenreste aus einem mittelpleistozaenen Hoehlensinter der Zoolithenhoehle D109 bei Burggaillenreuth/Fraenkische Alb

Tandberg, O,., 1975:
Insect research-for our survival

Sarkar, S.; Ranjekar, PK.; Rao, SRV., 1990:
Insect sex chromosomes 10 Cytological and molecular aspects of heterochromatin in Gryllotalpa fossor Orthoptera

Quellmalz, J.; Weissgerber, R., 2003:
Insect shortage as a consequence of extreme weather in summer 2003 cause of additional breeding losses of the swallow Hirundo rustica in Altenburg Insektenmangel infolge der Extremwitterung im Sommer 2003 verursacht zusaetzliche Brutverluste bei Rauchschwalben Hirundo rustica im Altenburger Land

Braeu, Markus., 2001:
Insect species of the Munich area and their habitats Insektenarten des Muenchner Raumes und ihre Lebensraeume

Wirtz, Peter., 2006:
Insect sprays can kill aquarium animals Insectensprays kunnen aquariumdieren doden

E V.S.A. e.V., 2000:
Insect status survey in northern Saxony-Anhalt Bestandserhebungen bei Insekten im Norden Sachsen-Anhalts

Ode, B.; Kleukers, R., 2003:
Insect thermometers studied more closely the rate of chirping in the field cricket Insectenthermometers nader onderzocht De tsjirpsnelheid van de Veldkrekel

Lozada, P.W.; Valencia, L.; Diaz-B., W.; Burckhardt, D., 2005:
Insect type material in the Laboratorio de Sanidad vegetal, SENASA, Lima, Peru Material tipo de insectos en el Laboratorio de Sanidad Vegetal, SENASA, Lima, Peru

Schwarz-Waubke, M.; Schwarz, M.; Gusenleitner, F.; Gusenleitner, J.; Malicky, M.; Malicky-Ruzicka, H.; Vogtenhuber, P., 2003:
Insect types deposited in the Biology Centre Linz Austria Part I Insekten-Typen am Biologiezentrum Linz Teil I

Comelade, Jacques., 1996:
Insect vectors of parasitic diseases Insectes vecteurs de maladies parasitaires

Gulii, VV.; Rybina, SYu., 1988:
Insect viral diseases and their diagnosis

Nachtigall, Werner., 2000:
Insect wing bending and foldering during flight without and with an additional prey load Abbiegungen und Abknickungen von Insektenfluegeln beim Flug ohne und mit zusaetzlicher Beutelast

Vera, J., 1996:
Insect-assisted pollination in young oil palm plantings Pollinisation assistee par les insectes en jeune palmeraie

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