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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38345

Chapter 38345 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Oliva, Adriana., 1997:
Insects of forensic interest from Buenos Aires Argentina First illustrated list and bionomical data Insectos de interes forense de Buenos Aires Argentina Primera lista ilustrada y datos bionomicos

Thorette, Jean., 1998:
Insects of fungi Insectes des champignons

Chevin, Henri., 1997:
Insects of humid dune depressions of Cotentin Les insectes des depressions humides dunaires du Cotentin

Chaniecka, K., 2004:
Insects of some spring areas of the Gorce National Park Owady wybranych obszarow zrodliskowych Gorczanskiego Parku Narodowego

Haes., 2002:
Insects of the Hayle-Gwithian Towans

Pesarini, Carlo., 2004:
Insects of the Italian fauna - Coleoptera, Lamellicornia Insetti della Fauna Italiana Coleotteri Lamellicorni

Rasnitsyn, A P. ., 1988:
Insects of the Moscow Region cadaster problems and conservation

Maltzeff, Paolo., 2001:
Insects of the Rome coast Insetti del litorale Romano

Borowiec, N., 2004 :
Insects of the vine in Paris Les insectes de la vigne dans Paris

Laister, Gerold., 2002:
Insects of the year 2002 Dragonflies of the genus Cordulegaster Insekten des Jahres 2002 Die Quelljungfern

Owada, M., 1990:
Insects on the high mountains of Taiwan

Stenlokk, Jan Arne., 2005:
Insects on the net Insekter i nettet

Paludo, C.A.arecida.; Diehl-Fleig, E., 1997:
Insects ontogeny and differential isozymic activity ants as example Ontogenia de insetos e atividade isoenzimatica diferencial enfase em formicideos

Bak, Jolanta., 2000:
Insects peopling the cones and seeds of common spruce Picea abies L Karst in selected branch areas of the Swietokrzyski National Park Owady zasiedlajace nasiona i szyszki swierka pospolitego Picea abies L Karst w wybranych oddzialach Swietokrzyskiego Parku Narodowego

Bertonazzi, M.; Christina., 1996:
Insects recently introduced into Northern Italy Insetti di recente introduzione in Italia settentrionale

Wallaschek, M., 2000:
Insects records Dermaptera, Blattoptera, Ensifera, Caelifera in middle Germany III Insektenfunde Dermaptera, Blattoptera, Ensifera, Caelifera in Mitteldeutschland III

Hall, R.; Forslund, M., 1999:
Insects representing Swedish provinces selected Svenska landskapsinsekter utsedda

de Moraes-Alves, M.M.ria Bueno; Alves-Junior, V.V.eira da Silva, S.M.rques; Santana, A.G.briela; Borges, D. de Sousa, 2004:
Insects that visit the flowers of Spathodea campanulata Bignoniaceae Entomofauna visitante das flores de Spathodea campanulata Bignoniaceae

Fernandez de Cordova, Joaquin., 2002:
Insects which attack Cordoban oaks Order Homoptera Aphidinea Insectos que atacan a los encinares cordobeses Orden Homoptera Aphidinea

Perich, Regis., 1996:
Insects which inhabit us Ces insectes qui nous habitent

Tammaru, Toomas., 1997:
Insects with multiannual life cycles a metapopulation in time? Mitmeaastase elutsukliga putukad - metapopulatsioon ajas?

Tyrner, P., 1970:
Insects with wintering bats

Sjoberg, G.; Nilsson, A.N., 2004:
Insects literary history, part 22 Collecting insects in poetry - the biological diversity in the poems of Transtromer Insekternas litteraturhistoria, del 22 Att samla insekter i poesin - den biologiska mangfalden hos Transtromer

Brunhes, J.; Hervy, J-P., 1995:
Insects, Diptera, Culicidae Culicinae, the genus Orthopodomyia from the Madagascar subregion and the Afrotropical region Insectes Dipteres Culicidae Culicinae, genre Orthopodomyia de la sous-region malgache et de la region afrotropicale

Gutzevich, A.V.; Monchadskii, A.S.S.takelberg, A.A., 1970:
Insects, Diptera Mosquitoes-family Culicidae Vol 3 Part 4

Danilevskii, A.S.; Kuznetzov, V.I., 1968:
Insects, Lepidoptera Tortricidae-the tribe Laspeyresiini Vol 5 Part 1

Wallaschek, Michael., 2001:
Insects, amphibians and reptilians Odonata, Dermaptera, Blattoptera, Saltatoria Ensifera et Caelifera, Amphibia, Reptilia of dry and wet areas in the district Eichsfeld Thuringia Zur Insekten- und Herpetofauna Odonata, Dermaptera, Blattoptera, Saltatoria Enisfera et Caelifera, Amphibia, Reptilia von Trocken- und Feuchtgebieten im Landkreis Eichsfeld Thueringia

Rudnev, D.F.; Karasyov, V.S., 1969:
Insects-main pests of willows in Pavni forests of the Ukraine and measures of pest control

Minelli, Alessandro., 2002:
Insects a brief history of a concept and a term Insetti breve storia di un concetto e di un termine

Pace, Roberto., 1999:
Insects coleopterans Staphylinidae Aleocharinae Insectes coleopteres Staphylinidae Aleocharinae

Nieves-Aldrey,; Fontal-Cazalla, F.M., 1997:
Insects general introduction Abundance and seasonal dynamics of insects in Coiba The case of the Hymenoptera Los insectos de la Isla de Coiba Panama Abundancia y dinamica estacional Analisis del caso de los himenopteros Hexapoda, Hymenoptera

Karg, Gerhard., 2003:
Insects how do they orientate themselves? Insekten Wei orientieren sie sich?

Sarasin, F.; Roux, J., 1925:

Bombardelli, R.A.lan; Morschbacher, E.F.lipe; Campagnolo, R.; Sanches, E.A.tonio; Syperreck, M.A.riane, 2006:
Insemination dose for artificial fertilization of grey jundia oocytes, Rhamdia quelen Quoy Gaimardm, 1824 Dose inseminante para fertilizacao artificial de ovocitos de jundia cinza, Rhamdia quelen Quoy Gaimardm, 1824

Shima, T., 1966:
Insemination reaction and sperm storage in Drosophila nigromaculata females in homogamic matings

Livingston, RJ., 1990:
Inshore marine habitats

Erwin, DG.; Picton, BE.; Connor, DW.; Howson, CM.; Gilleece, P.; Bogues, MJ., 1990:
Inshore marine life of Northern Ireland Report of the Northern Ireland sublittoral survey

Tronquet, Marc., 2006:
Insight into macro and microphotography Apercu sur la macro/microphotographie extreme

Beguinot, Jean., 2003:
Insight into the cecidogenous fauna gall inducing fauna of the Montceaux-Ragny area with ecological and ethological comments Apercu de la faune cecidogene inductrice de galles aux environs de Montceaux-Ragny, suivi de quelques remarques ecologiques et ethologiques

Beguinot, Jean., 2004:
Insight into the cecidogenous fauna of calcareous grasslands of Mount Avril near Jambles and Montagne de la Folie near Bouzeron Apercu de la faune cecidogene sur les pelouses calcicoles du Mont Avril pres Jambles et de la Montagne de la Folie pres Bouzeron

Abdul Hussain, A.S.mona.; Bitam, I.; Abdul Hussain, M.S.ela.; Cozma, V., 2004:
Insight into the dynamics of ixodid ticks in the region of Tizi Ouzou, Algeria Apercu sur la dynamique des tiques Ixodides dans la region de Tizi Ouzou, Algerie

Serusiaux, Emmanuel., 1999:
Insight into the evolution of the biological quality of the Wallonia area Mise en perspective de levolution de la qualite biologique du territoire Wallon

Tannert, Rudolf Friedrich. von der Dunk, Klaus., 2004:
Insight into the insect fauna in the current nature reserve of Tennenloher Forst east of Tennenlohe at Erlangen/central Franconia former US training site of Tennenlohe, TK 25, Nr 6432 Part 1 introduction and insect groups excluding Lepidoptera - discussion Erfassung der Insektenfauna im jetzigen NSG Tennenloher Forst oestlich Tennenlohe bei Erlangen/Mitelfranken frueherer US-Standort-Uebungsplatz Tennenlohe, TK 25, Nr 6432 Teil 1 Erfuehrung, Insektengruooen ohne Lepidoptera, Kom

Zagrarni, M.F.ouzi; Hennebert, M.; Negra, M.H.di, 2007:
Insight into the proximal-distal platform gradient by means of the correspondence factorial-analysis method example of the Lower-Middle Turonian of Jebel Bireno central Tunisia Mise en evidence du gradient de plate-forme proximal-distal par analyse factorielle des correspondances exernple du Turonien inferieur a moyen du Jebel Bireno Tunisie centrale

Faugier, Charles., 2003:
Insight into the specific fauna of the Forest the vertebrates Apercu sur la faune specifique du Bois les Vertebres

Bergmann, Hans-Heimer., 1997:
Insight why dont the fowls and ducks close their eyes? Einblick warum Huhnern und Enten die Augen nicht zufallen?

Wirtz, P.; Nahke, P., 2004:
Insights - the development of eyes in the animal kingdom Augenblicke - die Entwicklung der Augen im Tierreich

Steiner, H., 2005:
Insights for alpine bird protection Anregungen fuer alpinen Vogelschutz

Turlin, Bernard., 2001:
Insights into Mauritius Lepidoptera Papilionoidea, Hesperioidea Apercus sur lile Maurice Lepidoptera Papilionoidea, Hesperioidea

Franke, Hanns-Joachim., 1999:
Insights into aquaria catfishes Lamontichthys and Pterosturisoma Blickfange im Aquarium Storwelse Lamontichthys und Pterosturisoma

Seidel, Ingo., 2000:
Insights into the breeding biology of some large catfishes Einblicke in die Fortpflanzungsbiologie einiger Grosswelse

von der Dunk, K.; Niedling, A., 2003:
Insights into the insect fauna of sandy fallow land Einblicke in die Insektenfauna einer Sandackerbrache

Mathes, Karina A., 2000:
Insights into the natural life habit of Testudo hermanni hermanni Einblicke in die naturliche Lebensweise von Testudo hermanni hermanni

Bruenner, Klaus., 2004:
Insights into the nesting of polistine wasps Hym, Vespidae, Polistinae Einblicke in die Strategie der Nestanlage bei Feldwespen Hym, Vespidae, Polistinae

Beyer, B., 2004:
Insights into the world of ants and their captive care A summary of the presentation at the spring meeting 2004 in Wernigerode Ameisen-Einblicke in ihre Welt und Haltungshinweise Eine Zusammenfassung des Vortrages zur Fruehjahrestagung 2004 in Wernigerode

Vellano, C.; Colucci, D., 2000:
Insights on structural and morphofunctional anatomy Cenni di anatomia topografica e morfo-funzionale

Mougin, J-L., 1997:
Insights on the demography of the Bulwers petrel Bulweria bulwerii of Selvagem Grande Apercus sur la demographie du petrel de Bulwer Bulweria bulwerii de Selvagem Grande

di Carlo, EA., 1990:
Insolito passaggio di gru Grus grus

Barataud, M.; Malafosse, J.-Pierre.; Nore, T., 1993:
Inspection of a ringed greater horseshoe bat Rhinolophus ferrumequinum Schreber, 1774, aged at least 27 years Controle dun grand rhinolophe Rhinolophus ferrumequinum Schreber, 1774 bague, age de 27 ans minimum

Charollais, J.; Clavel, B.; Schroeder, R.; Busnardo, R.; Cherchi, A.; Massera, M.; Muller, A.; Orsat, V.; Zaninetti, L., 2001:
Installation and evolution of the Urgonian platform from the Jura Mountains to the Northern Subalpine Chains Bornes, Bauges, Chartreuse Switzerland, France Installation et evolution de la plate-forme urgonienne du Jura aux chaines subalpines septentrionales Bornes, Bauges, Chartreuse Suisse, France

Ancelet, C.; Dugauquier, Y., 2004:
Installation and monitoring of 114 nest boxes of the barn owl Tyto alba in Scarpe regional park - Escaut Nord, France - summary of the first five years Pose et suivi de 114 nichoirs pour Chouette effraie Tyto alba dans le Parc Naturel Regional Scarpe - Escaut Nord, France - Bilan des cinq premieres annees

Spagnolo, A.; Ausili, S.; Fabi, G.; Manoukian, S.; Puletti, M., 2006:
Installation of an off-shore gas platform effects on the soft-bottom benthic community Realizzazione di una piattaforma estrattiva off-shore effetti sul macrozoobenthos di fondo mobile

Ward, A.; Barbier, L.; Delsaut, M., 1995:
Installation of the first inland colony of cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo in the Pas-de-Calais department of northern France Implantation dune premiere colonie continentale de grands cormorans Phalacrocorax carbo dans le Pas-de-Calais, France

Lara, L. van der Blom, J.; Urbaneja, A., 2002:
Installation, distribution and efficacy of Orius laevigatus Fieber and O albidipennis Reuter, Hemiptera Anthocoridae in sweet pepper greenhouses in Almeria Installacion, distribucion y eficacia def Orius laevigatus Fieber y O albidipennis Reuter, Hemiptera Anthocoridae, en invernaderos de pimiento en Almeria

Shilov, M.N., 1956:
Instance of carrion eating by Ancistrodon halys

Aldana, E.; Moreno-Garcia, M.; Koteich-Khatib, S.; Bahsas, A., 2006:
Instar and female reproductive state of Rhodnius prolixus determined by nuclear magnetic resonance Determinacion del estadio ninfal y la edad reproductiva de la hembra de Rhodnius prolixus, Stal 1859 Heteroptera, Triatominae por medio de resonancia magnetica nuclear

Ros, Wolfgang., 2006:
Instigation of breeding in walking catfish Ausloesen der Fortpflanzung bei Froschwelsen

Bauwens, Franky., 2004:
Instinct or communication Instinct of communicatie

Hubner, Gerhard., 1997:
Instinctive and learned avoidance behaviour of Dendrocerus carpenteri as a part of its behavioural strategy during interactions with ants Instinktives und erlerntes Meideverhalten von Dendrocerus carpenteri als Teil einer Verhaltensstrategie bei Ameiseninteraktionen

Grum, Leszek., 2002:
Institute of Ecology, PAS - an impression of a witness of its 50 years of history 1952-2002 Instytut Ekologii PAN - impresje swiadka jego 50 -lecia 1952 - 2002

Denisiuk, Zygmunt., 2000:
Institute of Nature Conservation of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Krakow - the 80 years of history Instytut Ochrony Przyrody Polskiej Akademii Nauk w Krakowie - 80 lat historii

Aagaard, K.; Baekken, T.; Jonsson, B., 2002:
Institute programme Effects of pollution on biodiversity ponds, lakes and rivers in urban areas Final report 1997-2001 Felles instituttprogram Virkninger av fururensning pa biologisk mangfold Vann og vassdrag i by- og tettstedsnaere omrader Slutrapport 1998-2001

Gentilli, A.; Scali, S., 2001:
Institution of a national herpetological area the basic role of scientific research as a conservation instrument Listituzione di unarea di rilevanza erpetologica nazionale il ruolo fondamentale della ricerca come strumento di tutela

Gomis Blanco, Alberto., 1998:
Institutional development of the Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural Desarrollo institucional de la Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural

Godinho, H.M.ria.; Basile Martins, M.A.alia.; Fogli da Silveira, W., 1999:
Instituto de Pesca 30 years of publications 1969-1999 Instituto de Pesca 30 anos de publicaciones 1969-1999

Sane, B.; Solano, P.; Garcia, A.; Fournet, F.; Laveissiere, C., 2001:
Instraspecific variations of wing and thorax size of Glossina palpalis palpalis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 in the forest region of Cote dIvoire Variations intraspecifiques de la taille des ailes et du thorax chez Glossina palpalis palpalis Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 en zone forestiere de Cote dIvoire

Clerc, W.O., 1907:
Instruction pour collectionner les parasites de lintestin des oiseaux

Kiritchenko, A.N., 1923:
Instructions for the collection of Hemiptera-Heteroptera and investigation of local faunas

Baquero de Pedret, B.; Quero de Pena, M.; Villaroel, L.; Roa Toro, E., 1996:
Instructions for the elaboration of commercial breeding projects Instructivo para la elaboracion de proyectos de zoocriaderos comerciales

Schmitt, Brian., 1998:
Instructions on constructing an outdoor terrarium for iguanids Anleitung zum Bau eines Freilandterrariums fur Leguane

Balletto, Emilio., 1996:
Insular biogeography today the Meditteranean islands Biogeografia insulare oggi le isole de Mediterraneo

Guerin, Claude., 1997:
Insular dwarfism and Quaternary mammals Le nanisme insulaire au Quaternaire

Casu, M.; Curini-Galletti, M.; Oggiano, G.; Vargiu, G.; Cubeddu, M.; Correddu, AR.; Cossu, P., 2003:
Insularity and endemism intestitial platyhelminthes as a test case Insularita e endemismo il caso dei platelminti interstiziali

Bonfiglio, Laura., 2005:
Insularity and terrestrial endemic vertebrates Insularita e vertebrati terrestri endemici

Bousses, P.; Reale, D., 1996:
Insularity syndrome in a recent population of mouflons Ovis musimon in the Kerguelen Islands Syndrome dinsularite dans une population recente de mouflons Ovis musimon des Iles Kerguelen

Planas Mestres, Jose., 1996:
Insulin and insulin-like growth factor-I in fish Insulina y IGF-I insulin-like growth factor-I en los peces

de Cassia da S. e Sa, R.; Mahecha, G.A.; E.H.j, A.; Butler, P.J., 2000:
Insulin-like growth factor I IGF-I expression in the pectoralis and semimembranosus muscle in two populations of the migrating bird Branta leucopsis Bechstein Anseriformes, Anatidae during different stages of development Expressao do fator de crescimento semelhante a insulina I IGF-I no musculo peitoral e semimembranoso em duas populacoes do ganso migratorio Branta leucopsis Bechstein Anseriformes, Anatidae em diferentes fases de desenvolvimento

Lopez, A.; Morales, MS.; Cabrera, R.; Urra, X., 2000:
Intake and apparent digestibility of forages in llamas Lama glama I Alfalfa hay Medicago sativa and wheat straw Triticum aestivum at different proportions Ingestion y digestibilidad aperente de forrajes por la llama Lama glama I-Heno de alfalfa Medicago sativa y paja de trigo Triticum aestivum en diferentes proporciones

Lopez V., A.; Morales S., MS.; Cabrera C., R.; Arias, M., 2001:
Intake and apparent digestibility of forages in llamas Lama glama II Clover hay Trifolium pratense, riegrass hay Lolium multiflorum, beans straw Phaseolus vulgaris and oat straw Avena sativa Ingestion y digestibilidad aparente de forrajes por la llama Lama glama II Heno de trebol rosado Trifolium pratense, heno de ballica Lolium multiflorum, paja de poroto Phaseolus vulgaris y paja de avena Avena sativa

Diaz, R.R.mos.; Valdes, I.M.randa.; Segovia, C.M.lina., 2001:
Intake and apparent digestibility of three marine ingredients by white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei Boone, 1931 Consumo y digestibilidad aparente de tres ingredientes marinos locales incorporados en dietas practicas para el camaron blanco Litopenaeus vannamei Boone, 1931

Minerbi, S., 2003:
Integrated Control Program of forestal ecosystems in Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy Il programma per il Controllo Integrato degli ecosistemi forestali in Trentino-Alto Adige

Massa, Bruno ., 1997:
Integrated agriculture and conservation of natural resources in the Mediterranean agroecosystems Agricoltura integrata e conservazione delle risorse naturali negli agroecosistemi Mediterranei

Fozy, I.; Fogarasi, A.; Szives, O., 2002:
Integrated ammonite and calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the Borehole Labatlan-36 Upper Barremian - Aptian, Transdanubian Range, Hungary A Labatlan-36 furas felso-barremi-apti retegsoranak integralt ammonitesz es meszvazu nannoplankton biosztratigrafiaja

Marino, Maria., 1994:
Integrated biostratigraphy and calcareous nannofossils and planktonic foraminifera of some terrigenous successions of the Upper Pliocene of Bacino di SantArcangelo southern Apennines Biostratigrafia integrata a nannofossili calcarei e foraminiferi planctonici di alcune successioni terrrigene Biostratigrafia integrata a nannofossili calcarei e foraminiferi planctonici di alcune successioni terrrigene Biostratigrafia integrata a nannofossili calcarei e foraminiferi planctonici di alcune suc

Petrak, Michael., 1998:
Integrated concepts of hoofed game management Integrierte Konzepte zur Schalenwildbewirtschaftung

Charles, JG.; Collyer, E.; White, V., 1985:
Integrated control of Tetranychus urticae with Phytoseiulus persimilis and Stethorus bifidus in commercial raspberry gardens Integrated control of Tetranychus urticae with Phytoseiulus persimilis and Stethorus bifidus in commercial raspberry gardens

Trottin-Caudal, Y.; Millot, P., 1994:
Integrated control of pests of protected tomato, situation forecasts for France Lutte integree contre les ravageurs sur tomate sous abri, situation et perspectives en France

Blot, Y.; Brunel, E.; Chabert, A., 1997:
Integrated control on wireworms Agriotes spp in corn crop, results of survey in Brittany Protection raisonnee contre le taupin Agriotes spp en culture de mais, resultats denquetes effectuees en Bretagne

Masse, Jacques., 1998:
Integrated echosounding in fisheries monitoring changing abundance in commercial stocks Lecho-integration en halieutique etude et suivi de la distribution et de labondance des stocks exploites

Bayerischen Landesamt fur Wasserwirtschaft., 1998:
Integrated ecological evaluation of water quality Capacity and possibilities Integrierte okologische Gewasserbewertung - Inhalte und Moglichkeiten

Pinter, I., 1998:
Integrated ecological evaluation Basis and conception of the LAWA Integrierte okologische Bewertung Ansatze und Konzeption der LAWA

Miramand, P.; Pigeot, J.; Guyot, T.; Fichet, D., 2002:
Integrated ecotoxicology From species to ecosystem Ecotoxicologie integree De lespece a lecosysteme

Covassi, M.; Tiberi, R., 1994:
Integrated forest pest management Interventi integrati di controllo dei fitofagi forestali

Stloukal, E., 2002:
Integrated information system on Slovak fauna - its history, actual status and expectations Databanka fauny Slovenska - historia, sucasny stav a perspektivy

Abbate, R.; Cappadona Ignazzitto, S.; Cimino, A.; D.P.tti, C.; Orecchio, S., 2003:
Integrated investigations for evaluating environmental resources of the carbonate area of Monte San Fratello zone B of Nebrodi park Indagini integrate per la valorizzazione dell risorse ambientali nellarea carbonatica di Monte San Fratello Zona B del Parco dei Nebrodi

Quiroz-Martinez, H.; Solis-Rojas, C.; Badii, MH.; Tejada, LO.; Flores-Suarez, AE.; Rodriguez-Castro, A.; Olson, JK., 2001:
Integrated management of mosquito larvae Manejo integrado de larvas de mosquitos

Batista Filho, A.; Ramiro, ZA.; Almeida, JEM.; Leite, LG.; Cintra, ERR.; Lamas, C., 2003:
Integrated management of soybean pests effect of insecticides on natural enemies Manejo integrado de pragas em soja impacto de inseticidas sobre inimigos naturais

Tryjanowski, Piotr., 1995:
Integrated monitoring of bird populations on agricultural landscape in Poland - research proposition Zintegrowany monitoring populacji ptakow krajobrazu rolniczego w Polsce - propozycja badan

Julliard, R.; Jiguet, F., 2002:
Integrated monitoring of common bird species in France Un suivi integre des populations doiseaux communs en France

Bairlein, F.; Bauer, H.-Gunther.; Dorsch, H., 2000:
Integrated monitoring of songbird populations Integriertes Monitoring von Singvogelpopulationen

Belcari, A.; Sacchetti, P.; Tripodi, F.; Mancini, M., 2000:
Integrated pest control in olive groves Evaluation of a forecasting development model for the olive fly, Bactrocera oleae Gmelin Lotta integrata in olivicoltura Valutazione di un modello previsionale di sviluppo per la mosca delle olive, Bactrocera oleae Gmelin

Longo, Santi., 1994:
Integrated pest management in Mediterranean crops Lotta integrata nelle colture mediterranee

Ozkan, A.; Gurol, M.; Uysal, H.; Celik, G.; Aktere, S.; Ali.; Eray, N.; Aytekin, H.; Arslan, M.; Akyel, E.; Kaplan, M.; Dalka, Y.; Tuncer, H., 2001:
Integrated pest management in citrus orchards in Antalya 1995-1999 Antalya Ili turuncgil bahcelerinde entegre mucadele calismalari 1995-1999

Ulber, B.; Buechs, W.; Hokkanen, H.; Johnen, A.; Klukowski, Z.; Luik, A.; Menzler-Hokkanen, I.; Nilsson, C.; Williams, I.H., 2004:
Integrated pest management strategies incorporating bio-control for European oilseed rape pests MASTER - Ein neues EU-Projekt zur Bedeutung der natuerlichen Gegenspielerfuer die biologische Kontrolle von Schaedlingen im integrierten Rapsanbau in Europa

Rapoport, S.I., 1990:
Integrated phylogeny of the primate brain, with special reference to humans and their diseases

Kollanyi, K.; Bernhardt, B.; Baldine Beke, M.; Lantos, M., 2003:
Integrated stratigraphic examination of the Eocene boreholes in Transdanubia Dunantuli eocen furasok integralt sztratigrafiai vizsgalata

Galbrun, B.; Baudin, F.; Bassoullet, J.-Paul.; Depeche, F.; Emmanuel, L.; Lachkar, G.; Renard, M.; Riveline, J.; Gabilly, J.; Hantzpergue, P.; Manivit, H.; Ruget, C., 1994:
Integrated stratigraphy of Toarcian type sections of Thouars and Airvault Deux-Sevres, France Stratigraphie integree du Toarcien stratotype coupes de Thouars et Airvault, Deux-Sevres, France

Chennaoui, K.; Nahid, A.; Argant, J.; Nocairi, M.; Malek, F.; Sahbi, H., 2005:
Integrated study of the morphosedimentary Holocenes recording of anthropic origin the Tissouirine snailery Atlantic Atlas, Morocco Etude integree dun enregistrement morphosedimentaire anthropique holocene lescargotiere de Tissourine Atlas atlantique, Maroc

Steinhausen, Walter R., 2001:
Integrated systematics on leaf beetles Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Chrysomelinae Integrierte Systematik bei Blattkaefern Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Chrysomelinae

Focardi, S., 2003:
Integrating chemistry and biochemistry to assess the effects of pollution in the marine environment Approccio integrato chimico e biochimico per valutare gli effetti dellinquinamento nellambiente marino

Woodward, SM., 1990:
Integrating specimen documentation, processing and data automation in a mammal collection a case study of an accession database

Solis, V.M.yakawa; Kalliola, R.; Alvarez, Mena, 2003:
Integration of Amazonian data information system on biodiversity and Peruvian Amazonia environment Integracion de informacion Amazonica sistema de informacion de la diversidad biologica y ambiental de la Amazonia Peruana

Hibberd, JK.; O'Neill, AL.; Marthick, J.; Sim, RL., 1990:
Integration of satellite imagery and geographic information systems for habitat mapping and the prediction of fauna distributions preliminary results and future directions

Mangano, M.; Gabriela.; Buatois, L.A., 2004:
Integration of sequence stratigraphy, sedimentology and ichnology in a chronostratigraphic analysis of the Lower Paleozoic of northwest Argentina Integracion de estratigrafia secuencial, sedimentologia e icnologia para un analisis cronoestratigrafico del Paleozoico inferior del noroeste argentino

Gonzalez Perez, G.; Briones-Salas, M.; Alfaro, A.M.ria, 2004:
Integration of state faunal knowledge Integracion del conocimiento faunistico del estado

Petrak, Michael., 1999:
Integration of ungulates in national parks Integration des Schalenwildes in den Nationalparken

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