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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38346

Chapter 38346 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Demicka, A., 1990:
Integratory role of the cardiovascular system in temperature regulation of homeothermic animals

Rinnerthaler, M.; Gassner, H.; Patzner, R.A.; Jagsch, A., 2004:
Integrity assessment of the arctic char population of Mondsee using adapted stock-density-indices First tests and results Zustandsbewertung des Seesaiblings-Bestandes im Mondsee anhand adaptierter Laengenfrequenz-Indizes Erste Ansaetze und Ergebnisse

Jakubowska, A., 2002:
Integument - insects protection barrier Integument - bariera ochronna owadow

Dilmukhamedov, ME., 1994:
Integument 1 Skin Pokrovy 1 Kozhnyi pokrov

Siber, LS., 1994:
Integument 2 Melanin pigmentation Pokrovy 2 Melaninovaya pigmentatsiya

Milani, A.; Farneti, R.; Ambrosecchio, M.R.; Grimaldi, A.; Digilio, M.C.; Leonardi, M.G.; Tettamanti, G. de Eguileor, M.; Pennacchio, F.; Giordana, B., 2004:
Integumental absorption of nutrients in Aphidius ervi larval development Assunzione di nutrienti attraverso lepidermide negli stadi larvali di Aphidius ervi

Sousa, L.G.; Petriella, A.M.; Diaz, A.; Cristina., 1997:
Integumentary changes of Palaemonetes argentinus Crustacea, Decapoda, Caridea during molting cycle Modificaciones del tegumento de Palaemonetes argentinus Crustacea, Decapoda, Caridea durante el ciclo de muda

Ortea, J.; Espinosa, J., 2001 :
Intelcystiscus and Inbiocystiscus Mollusca Neogastropoda Cystiscidae two new genus from the tropical western Atlantic Intelcysticus e Inbiocystisus Mollusca Neograstropoda Cystiscidae dos neuvos generos del Atlantico occidental tropical

Noel, Franck., 2000:
Intelligent feeding behaviour by the coot Fulica atra Comportement alimentaire intelligent chez la foulque macroule Fulica atra

Weidner, Thomas., 2002:
Intelligent fish - are there such things? Itelligente Fische - gibt es die?

Heywang, Hermann., 1998:
Intelligent sensory systems in nature as seen through the eyes of an engineer Festvortrag intelligente Sensorsysteme in der Natur aus der Sicht eines Ingenieurs

Peter, D.; Trosch, B.; Lucker, L., 1999:
Intense bird migration in late autumn due to accumulation of birds in a bad weather period Intensiver Vogelzug im Spatherbst als Folge einer Stauentladung

Khotzyanovski, I.I., 1955:
Intensity in blood supply in bones of animals belonging to various constitutional types

Kajak, A., 1990:
Intensity of area searching in grasslands and grassland borders by some dominant spider species

Belokoputin, Y.S., 1976:
Intensity of breathing of some fish from the tropical part of the Atlantic Ocean

Gallero Ropero, M.Cristina, 2005:
Intensity of coffee agroecosystem management Coffea uraldga L monoculture and polyculture and species richness of generalist ants Intensidad de manejo del agroecosistema de cafe Coffea uraldga L monocultivo y policultivo y riqueza de especies de hormigas generalistas

Tsikhon-Lukanina, E., 1965:
Intensity of feeding and the exchange of matters in brackish water gastropod molluscs

Bodrova, N.V.; Krayukhin, BV., 1955:
Intensity of gaseous exchange in some Crustacea and Mollusca of the Dnester liman

Kometiani, P.A.; Klein, E., 1948:
Intensity of oxydation in various parts of the brain

Pavlova, EV., 1977:
Intensity of oxygen requirement in some copepods with the enlargement of the respirometer capacity

Rantala, M., 1990:
Intensity of radiation in some diplopods and chilopods reared in radioactive compost

Shtcherbakov, A.P.; Muragina, T.A., 1954:
Intensity of respiration in Apus cancriformis

Karabaev, D., 1954:
Intensity of sheep helminthiasis in Betpak-Dalin complex of seasonal pastures

Bruderer, B.; Liechti, F., 1998:
Intensity, height and directions of diurnal and nocturnal autumn migration in southwestern Germany Intensitat, Hohe und Richtung von Tag- und Nachtzug im Herbst uber Sudwestdeutschland

Moxica, C.; Linares, F.; Otero, JJ.; Iglesias, J.; Sanchez, FJ., 2002:
Intensive culture of octopus, Octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797, paralarvae in 9 m3 tanks Cultivo intensivo de paralarvas de pulpo, Octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797, en tanques de 9 m3

Czechowski, P.; Jedro, G., 2002:
Intensive passage of birds of pray in the Odra River Valley near Czerwiensk Zielona Gora county Intensywny przelot szponiastych w dolinie odry k Czerwienska Pow Zielonogorski

Antczak, J.; Kotlarz, B.; Ziolkowski, M., 1998:
Intensive passage of geese Anser albifrons and Anser fabalis and concentration sites thereof in the northern section of middle Pomerania in autumn 1995 Intensywny przelot gesi Anser albifrons i Anser fabalis oraz miejsca ich koncentracji w polnocnym pasie srodkowej czesci Pomorza jesienia 1995 roku

Grzybek, J.; Kaleta, T.; Mielczarek, S.; Walecki, R., 1997:
Intensive passage of white-winged black tern in Kolo region Great Poland Intensywny przelot rybitwy bialoskrzydlej Chlidonias leucopterus w okolicach Kola

Galvao, M.S.ntos Nunes.; Barreto, Sallee.; Yamanaka, N., 1998:
Intensive production of the rotifers Brachionus plicatilis OF Muller, 1786 and Brachionus rotundiformis Tschugunoff, 1921 Rotifera, Brachionidae Cultivo intensivo dos rotiferos Brachionus plicatilis OF Muller, 1786 e Brachionus rotundiformis Tschugunoff, 1921 Rotifera, Brachionidae

Hillermann, J.; Mares, J.; Kouril, J.; Kalova, M., 2001:
Intensive rearing of European perch larvae Perca fluviatilis L fed with starter feed and live food in laboratory conditions Intenzivni odchov larev okouna ricniho Perca fluviatilis L v laboratornich podminkach s pouzitim starterove krmne smesi a zive potravy

Pokorny, J., 2005:
Intensive rearing of two-year-old stock of grayling, Thymallus thymallus L Intenzivni odchov dvoulete nasady lipana podhorniho Thymallus thymallus L

Diouf, Taib., 2000:
Intensive research programme on Istiophoridae in the east Atlantic research status and perspectives Programme de Recherches Intensives sur les Istiophorides en Atlantique est etat des recherches et perspectives

Geissen, Hans-Peter., 1999:
Intensive use of pyracanthus by the bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula Intensive Nutzung des Feuerdorns durch Gimpel Pyrrhula pyrrhula

Hernandez, JM., 1998:
Inter and intraespecific phenotypic variability in four species of Iberodorcadion Breuning, 1943 Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae of Guadarrama Mountains Madrid, Spain Variabilidad fenotipica inter e intraespecifica en cuatro especies de Iberodorcadion Breuning, 1943 Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae de la Sierra de Guadarrama Madrid, Espana

Giorgi, G.; Natali, V.; Guerra, D.; Pezzoli, C., 1990:
Inter and intraspecific genetic divergence between Italian populations of two Drosophila sibling species

Quintana, F.; Yorio, P., 1997:
Inter- and intra-specific kleptoparasitism at a mixed-species colony of royal Sterna maxima and Cayenne terns S eurygnatha Cleptoparasitismo intra e interespecifico en una colonia mixta de gaviotines real Sterna maxima y pico amarillo S eurygnatha

Vargas, M.E.; Soto, R.A.; Guzman, G.L., 1999:
Inter-annual changes in the diet of subtidal fishes in the north of Chile between 2011 and 2020S Cambios interanuales en la alimentacion de peces submareales del norte de Chile entre los 2011 y 2020S

Brandl, P.; Brandl, Z., 1994:
Inter-annual fluctuation of nesting bird numbers along pond dikes Kolisani pocetnosti ptaku hnizdicich na rybnicnich hrazich

Niang, AA.; Trouillet, J.; Faye, O., 1998:
Inter-epidemic supervision of the leishmaniasis focus of Keur Moussa Thies, Senegal Surveillance inter-epidemique du foyer leishmanien de Keur Moussa Thies, Senegal

Ruiz-Garcia, M.; Alvarez, D., 2000:
Inter-population asymmetry and sexual dimorphism in Drosophila pseudoobscura I Differences among the correlations of the morphological variables Asimetria y dimorfismo sexual interpoblacional en Drosophila pseudoobscura I Diferencias en las correlaciones de variables morfologicas

Ruiz-Garcia, M.; Alvarez, D., 2001:
Inter-population asymmetry and sexual dimorphism in Drosophila pseudoobscura II Differences in the spatial relationships among morphological variables Asimetria y dimorfismo sexual inter poblacional en Drosophila pseudoobscura II Diferencias en las relaciones espaciales entre variables morfologicas

Petipa, T.S., 1966:
Inter-relationship between growth increase, energetic metabolism and the ratios in Acartia clausi Giesbrecht

Kozhova, O.M., 1957:
Inter-relationship between phyto- and zoo-plankton in the Small Sea at Baikal

Hargrave, B.T., 1970:
Inter-relationships between a deposit-feedingamphipod and metabolism of sediment microflora

Feinsinger, P., 1990:
Interacciones entre plantas y colibries en selvas tropicales

Tautu, P., 1990:
Interacting biological cell systems

Goncalves, J.R.; Faroni, L.R.; D'A.; Guedes, R.N. de Oliveira, C.R.; Garcia, F.M., 2006:
Interaction between Acarophenax lacunatus Cross Krantz Prostigmata Acarophenacidae and Anisopteromalus calandrae Howard Hymenoptera Pteromalidae on Rhyzopertha dominica Fabricius Coleoptera Bostrichidae Interacao entre Acarophenax lacunatus Cross Krantz Prostigmata Acarophenacidae e Anisopteromalus calandrae Howard Hymenoptera Pteromalidae sobre Rhyzopertha dominica Fabricius Coleoptera Bostrichidae

Cuezzo, F.; Virla, E., 2001:
Interaction between Delphacidae and Hymenoptera in maize crops in the Argentina Interaccion entre Delphacidae e Hymenoptera en cultivos de maiz en la Argentina

Dequech, S.T.; D.S.lva, R.F.; Fiuza, L.M., 2005:
Interaction between Spodoptera frugiperda JE Smith Lepidoptera Noctuidae, Campoletis flavicincta Ashmead Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae and Bacillus thuringiensis aizawai, in laboratory Interacao entre Spodoptera frugiperda JE Smith Lepidoptera Noctuidae, Campoletis flavicincta Ashmead Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae e Bacillus thuringiensis aizawai, em laboratorio

Rosano-Hernandez, M.C.; Deloya, C., 2002:
Interaction between Trogidae Coleoptera and marine turtles Reptilia Cheloniidae in the Mexican Pacific Interaccion entre Trogidos Coleoptera Trogidae y tortugas marinas Reptilia Cheloniidae en el Pacifico Mexicano

Peternelli, E.F.rnandes de Oliveira.; Della Lucia, T.M.ria Castro.; Martins, S.V.nancio., 2004:
Interaction between ant species and seeds of Mabea fistulifera Mart Euphorbiaceae Especies de formigas que interagem com as sementes de Mabea fistulifera Mart Euphorbiaceae

Beugnet, F.; Chermette, R., 2000:
Interaction between immunity and specificity a parasitological example using Taenia crassiceps Interactions immunite-specificite parasitaire, exemple de Taenia crassiceps

Meneghetti, F.; Moschino, V.; D.R.s, L., 2006:
Interaction between mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis LMK and habitat in an experimental area of the North Adriatic Sea evaluation of biological responses Studio delle interazioni tra molluschi bivalvi eduli e habitat in unarea a barriere artificiali nel nord Adriatico valutazione di risposte biologiche

Polanczyk, R.A.tonio; Pratissoli, D.; Vianna, U.R.grigues dos Santos Oliveira, R.G.ncalves, 2006:
Interaction between natural enemies Trichogramma and Bacillus thuringiensis in pest control Interacao entre inimigos naturais Trichogramma e Bacillus thuringiensis no controle biologico de pragas agricolas

Andresen, E., 2005:
Interaction between primates, seeds and dung beetles in tropical rain forests a case of diplochory Interaccion entre primates, semillas y escarabajos coprofagos en bosques humedos tropicales un caso de diplocoria

Aurioles-Gamboa, D.; Garcia-Rodriguez, F.; Ramirez-Rodriguez, M.; Hernandez-Camacho, C., 2003:
Interaction between the California sea lion and the artisanal fishery in La Paz Bay, Gulf of California, Mexico Interaccion entre el lobo marino de California y la pesqueria artesanal en la Bahia de La Paz, Golfo de California, Mexico

Kritski, G.A., 1957:
Interaction between the biochemical transformations of inorganic phosphate and desoxyribonucleic acid

Cabannel, A.; Cugnasse, J.-Marc., 1999:
Interaction between the fox Vulpes vulpes and the Mediterranean sheep Ovis gmelini, in the Espinouse massif Herault Interaction entre renard, Vulpes vulpes, et mouflon mediterraneen, Ovis gmelini, dans le massif de lEspinouse Herault

Henn, M.; Schopf, R., 2001:
Interaction between the host plant beech Fagus sylvatica and the phytophagous gypsy moth Lymantria dispar correlation of larval development with the content of individual plant compounds and reaction of beech to larval feeding Interaktion zwischen der Wirtspflanze Buche Fagus sylvatica und dem phytophagen Insekt Schwammspinner Lymantria dispar Korrelation der Entwicklung der Larven mit dem Gehalt einzelner Pflanzeninhaltsstoffe und Reaktion der Buche auf Larvenfrass

Ferreira, A.M.rgarida.; Martins, R.P.mbo., 2005:
Interaction between the population of Greenlandic seals Phoca groenlandica and cod Gadus morhua, in the Atlantic northeast Interaccao da populacao de foca-da-Groenlandia Phoca groenlandica com o bacalhau Gadus morhua, no noroeste Atlantico

Saini, E.; Quintana, G.; Rios, M., 1997:
Interaction between the predator Podisus connexivus Heteroptera Pentatomidae and Rachiplusia nu Lepidoptera Noctuidae nuclear polyhedrosis virus under laboratory conditions Interaccion entre el depredador Podisus connexivus Heteroptera Pentatomidae y el virus de la poliedrosis nuclear de Rachiplusia nu Lepidoptera Noctuidae en condiciones de laboratorio

Ebenezer, V.; Mohan Daniel, A.; Thomas Mathai, M., 1990:
Interaction between the size of the mosquito larval prey and the predatory efficiency of the naiads of Diplacodes trivialis Rambur Anisoptera Libellulidae

Prunier, F., 2003:
Interaction between yellow-legged gull Larus michahellis and Andouins gull Larus audouinii on the island of Dragonera Interacciones entre la gaviota patiamarilla Larus michahellis y la gaviota de Audouin Larus audouinii en la Isla de Dragonera

Dos Santos, H.J.G.; Jr.; Marques, E.J.; Barros, R. Gondim, M.G.C.; Jr., 2006:
Interaction of Metarhizium anisopliae Metsch Sorok, Beauveria bassiana Bals Vuill and the parasitoid Oomyzus sokolowskii Kurdjumov Hymenoptera Eulophidae with larvae of diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella L Lepidoptera Plutellidae Interacao de Metarhizium anisopliae Metsch Sorok, Beauveria bassiana Bals Vuill e o parasitoide Oomyzus sokolowskii Kurdjumov Hymenoptera Eulophidae sobre larvas da traga-das-cruciferas, Plutella xylostella L Lepidoptera Plutelli

Arp, H.; Notzold, R., 2004:
Interaction of beetles in different woody areas in the Eider Valley Semi-open Pasture Project Interaktionen zwischen der Kaferfauna verschiedener Geholzstrukturen am Beispiel der halboffenen Weidelandschaft Eidertal

Piano, L.; Guglielmi, R.; Guglielmi, S.; Valore, M.; Cliendo, M.F.; Carpino, F.; D.F.lippo, G.; Fulgione, D.; Rippa, D.; Milone, M., 2003:
Interaction of birds and aircraft of Capodichino-Napoli airport Impatto tra uccelli ed aeromibili allAeroporto di Capodichino-Napoli

Delgado-Estrella, Alberto., 1997:
Interaction of bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus, and spotted dolphin, Stenella frontalis, with shrimp fishery in the Campeche Sound, Mexico Relacion de las toninas, Tursiops truncatus, y las toninas moteadas, Stenella frontalis, con la actividad camaronera en la Sonda de Campeche, Mexico

Roland, J., 1990:
Interaction of parasitism and predation in the decline of winter moth in Canada

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