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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38349

Chapter 38349 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Muller, J.; Steglich, R., 1997:
Intermediate results of the 1997 occurrences of Gomphus flavipes in the Elbe from Sachsen-Anhalt, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and the Weser near Bremen Zwischenergebnis 1997 zum aktuellen Vorkommen von Gomphus flavipes in der Elbe von Sachsen-Anhalt, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Niedersachsen, Schleswig-Holstein und der Weser bei Bremen

Chanet, B.; Chapleau, F.; Desoutter, M., 2004:
Intermuscular bones and ligaments in flatfishes Teleostei Pleuronectiformes phylogenetic interpretations Os et ligaments intermusculaires chez les poissons plats Teleostei Pleuronectiformes interpretations phylogenetiques

Moya, A.; Latorre, A., 2004:
Internal and external concepts of evolutionary biology Las concepciones internalista y externalista de la evolucion biologica

Navega-Goncalves, Maria Eliana C. de Souza, Ana Maria., 2003:
Internal and external morphology of the feeding chanel of Amphisbaena vermicularis Wagler, 1824 and Leposternon microcephalum Wagler, 1824 Squamata, Amphisbaenia, Amphisbaenidae Morfologia externa e interna relevo da mucosa do canal alimentar de Amphisbaena vermicularis Wagler, 1824 e Leposternon microcephalum Wagler, 1824 Squamata, Amphisbaenia, Amphisbaenidae

Mazhuga, P.M., 1954:
Internal blood vessels of the knee-joint

Bolshakov, V.N., 1971:
Internal characteristics of the Gobi-Altaimountain vole

Diaz Franco, S., 2001:
Internal dental structure and interior oclusal pattern modification in Boromys ofella Rodentia Echymidae Estructura dental interna y modificacion del diseno oclusal inferior en Boromys offella Rodentia Echimyidae

Smith, JA., 1990:
Internal medical problems of llamas

Caetano, F.H.nrique.; Tomotake, M.E.isa M.; Pimentel,; Mathias, M.I.abel Camargo., 1990:
Internal morphology in workers of Dolichoderus attelaboides Fabricius, 1775 Formicidae Dolichoderinae 1 Digestive tract and associated excretory system Morfologia interna de operarias de Dolichoderus attelaboides Fabricius, 1775 Formicidae Dolichoderinae 1 Trato digestivo e sistema excretor anexo

Vilardell, O.; Gili, E., 2001:
Internal organization of aggregations of rudists of a carbonate platform of the Santonian of the central southern Pyrenees Basin Organizacion interna de los agregados de rudistas de una plataforma carbonatada del Santoniense de la Cuenca Surpirenaica Central

Zuzuki, EM.; Costa, WW.; Bittencourt, VR.P., 2003:
Internal organs infection in Anocentor nitens Acari Ixodidae engorged females by Metarhizium anisopliae Infeccao de orgaos internos de femeas ingurgitadas de Anocentor nitens Acari Ixodidae por Metarhizium anisopliae

Sapozhnikov, G.N., 1970:
Internal peculiarities of wild sheep in Tadzhikistan

Prinzinger, R.; Dietz, V.; Bringer, D., 2000:
Internal pipping IP obligatory or facultative behaviour for successful hatching? Internal Pipping IP obligat oder fakultativ fur erfolgreichen Schlupf?

Barskov, IS., 1990:
Internal siphon structure of the Late Jurassic ammonite Virgatites virgatus Buch

Paulian, Renaud., 1995:
International Colloquium on the Biogeography of Madagascar Paris 26-28 September 1995 Le Colloque International Biogeographie de Madagascar Paris 26-28 septembre 1995

Tashliev, A.O.; Eminov, A., 1969:
International Conference on Protection of Resources of Aquatic Birds

Klarowski, R., 1976:
International Conference on the Conservation of Wetlands and Waterfowl in Heiligenhafen FRG

Meissel, M.N., 1958:
International Congress on Cell Biology

Anonymous., 2000:
International Entomology Meeting in Basle 1999 Internationale Entomologen-Tagung Basel 1999

Anonymous., 1998:
International Symposium Memory from Neurone to Cognition Colloque international La memoire du neurone a la cognition

Abstracts., 1990:
International Symposium on Chromosome Research from microscope to molecule

Sanz, J.Jose, 2005:
International Symposium on Ecology and Conservation of Steppe-land Birds, held in Lleida, Catalonia, Spain from 3rd to 7th December 2004 Simposio Internacional sobre Ecologia y Conservacion de Aves Esteparias, celebrado en la ciudad de Lleida entre el 3 y el 7 de diciembre de 2004

Demirozu, Kaya ., 1993:
International Symposium on Parasite Immunology 7-9 October 1992 Pendik-Istanbul Uluslararasi Paraziter Immunoloji Sempozyumu 7-9 Ekim 1992 Pendik-Istanbul

Shaposhnikov, L.K., 1957:
International Union of Nature Protection

Brader, Martin., 1994:
International Waterbird Census IWC in Upper Austria during the winter 1993/94 inclusive census results from November and March Internationale Wasservogelzahlung in Oberosterreich, Janner 1994 einschliesslich der Zahlungen November 1993 und Marz 1994

Brader, M., 1995:
International Waterbird Census IWC in Upper Austria during the winter 1994/95 including additional census results from November and March Internationale Wasservogelzahlung in Oberosterreich, Janner 1995 einschliesslich der Zahlungen November 1994 und Marz 1995

Brader, M., 1996:
International Waterbird Census IWC in Upper Austria, January 1996 including census of November 1995 and March 1996 Internationale Wasservogelzahlung in Oberosterreich, Janner 1996 einschliesslich der Zahlungen November 1995 und Marz 1996

Brader, M., 1997:
International Waterbird Census IWC in Upper Austria, January 1997 including census of November 1996 and March 1997 Internationale Wasservogelzahlung in Oberosterreich, Janner 1997 einschliesslich der Zahlungen November 1996 und Marz 1997

Brader, M., 1998:
International Waterbird Census IWC in Upper Austria, January 1998 including census of November 1997 and March 1998 Internationale Wasservogelzahlung in Oberosterreich, Janner 1998 einschliesslich der Zahlungen November 1997 und Marz 1998

Brader, M., 1999:
International Waterbird Census IWC in Upper Austria, January 1999 including census of November 1998 and March 1999 Internationale Wasservogelzahlung in Oberosterreich, Janner 1999 einschliesslich der Zahlungen November 1998 und Marz 1999

Brader, Martin., 2000:
International Waterbird Census IWC in Upper Austria, January 2000 including census of November 1999 and March 2000 Internationale Wasservogelzaehlung in Oberoesterreich, Jaenner 2000 einschliesslich der Zaehlungen November 1999 und Maerz 2000

Brader, M., 2004:
International Waterbird Census IWC in Upper Austria, January 2004 including census of November 2003 and March 2004 Internationale Wasservogelzaehlung in Oberoesterreich im Jaenner 2004 einschlieslich der Zaehlungen November 2003 und Maerz 2004

Brader, M., 2005:
International Waterbird Census IWC in Upper Austria, January 2005 including census of November 2004 and March 2005 Internationale Wasservogelzaehlung in Oberoesterreich im Jaenner 2005 einschliesslich der Zaehlungen November 2004 und Maerz 2005

Waugh, David R., 1996:
International action for Psittacidae by Loro Parque Foundation Acao internacional pelos psitacideos da Fundacao Loro Parque

Larson, Torsten., 2007:
International bird conservation news Internationella fagelskyddsnyheter

Schaeffer, Norbert., 2005:
International bird monitoring gets going Internationales Vogelmonitoring kommt in die Gaenge

Verin, Yves., 1998:
International bottom trawl survey in the North Sea Les campagnes de chalutages experimentaux en Mer du Nord

Gutierrez, Ricard ., 2005:
International census of marine and overwintering aquatic birds in Catalunya in January 2005 Cens internacional docells aquatics hivernants i marins a Catalunya de gener de 2005

Bannikov, A.G., 1958:
International colloquium on biology and systematics of ungulates

Paulduro, Ernst., 1996:
International conference of the Association of German taxidermists Internationale Arbeitstagung des Verbandes Deutscher Praparatoren

Abstracts., 1998:
International conference of the European Organization for Game Diseases Internationale Konferenz der Europaischen Vereinigung fur Wildkrankheiten

Angelini, Bruno ., 1997 :
International convention Appropriate management of biotopes 24-25 November 1994, Trento Convegno internazionale Biotopi La gestione compatibile 24-25 novembre 1994, Trento

Herkenrath, P.; O'Sullivan, J., 1999:
International conventions relevant for nature conservation - an overview Internationale Konventionen im Naturschutz - ein Ueberblick

Braae, L.; Laursen, K., 1977:
International cooperation on censuses of small birds

Arsen'ev, V.A., 1970:
International coordination of research in marine seals

Schroeder, AC.; Bottenberg, H., 1990:
International entomology Opportunities, frustrations, and rewards of working abroad

Kayser, A., 2003:
International measures for protecting the common hamster Internationale Bestrebungen zum Schutz des Feldhamsters

Vodyanitzki, V.A., 1957:
International meeting for studying the Mediterranean

Abstracts., 1999:
International meeting on genetics and human diseases, Algeria, 07-17 June 1999 Colloque International de Genetique et Pathologies Humaines, Alger, 07 - 17 Juin 1999

Anonymous., 2001:
International meeting Mimetism camouflage Camouflage and nature colour perception by man Colloque international Mimetismes, camouflages Camouflage et trompe-loeil en couleur de la nature a lhomme

Prokosch, Peter., 2000:
International nature conservation shown at the example of the Arctic - conditions, cooperation, conventions and foci of the WWF Internationaler Naturschutz am Beispiel der Arktis Bedingungen, Zusammenarbeit, Konventionen und Schwerpunkte des WWF

Ivanov, A.I.; Dementyev, G.P.; Yudin, K.A., 1955:
International ornithological Congress

Petersen, D.; Laterveer, M. van Bergen, D., 2002:
International project on stony coral reproduction Internationales Projekt zur Steinkorallen-Vermehrung

Hutson, AM., 1990:
International protection of European bats

Anonymous., 1977:
International publications 1975

Hammer, C.; Kosswig, K., 1996:
International red fish survey on oceanic Sebastes mentella in the Irminger Sea with Icelandic, German and Russian participation Internationaler Rotbarschsurvey auf den ozeanischen Sebastes mentella in der Irminger See unter islandischer, deutscher und russischer Beteiligung

Carretero, Miguel A., 1996:
International resolutions on the conservation of Chelonia Resoluciones internacionales sobre conservacion de quelonios

Godan, Dora., 1999:
International review of Applied malacology in the years 1965-1998 Relationship between man and molluscs Phytomedicine Internationale Bibliographie von 1965-1998 zum Thema Angewandte Malakologie Beziehungen zwischen Mensch und Mollusken Phytomedizin

Nilsson, Leif., 1995:
International seabird censuses in Sweden Internationella sjofagelrakningarna i Sverige

Nilsson, Leif., 1994:
International seabird counts in Sweden Internationella sjofagelrakningarna i Sverige

Glandt, D.; Munch, S., 1998 :
International species protection in Germany Accommodation and treatment of confiscated animals Results of a symposium of the same name from 11-13 June 1996 in Metelen Biological Institute, Metelen, Germany Internationaler Artenschutz in Deutschland Unterbringung und Vermittlung beschlagnahmter Tiere Ergebnisse des gleichnamigen Symposiums vom 11 bis 13 Juni 1996 im Biologischen Institut eV, Metelen/Deutschland

Johann, Achim., 1999:
International studbook for the gelada baboon Theropithecus gelada 5 Internationales Zuchtbuch fur den Dschelada Theropithecus gelada 5

Bartmann, Wolf., 1998:
International studbook for the giant anteater Myrmecophaga tridactyla Linne, 1758 1997-1998 Internationales Zuchtbuch fur den Grossen Ameisenbaren Myrmecophaga tridactyla Linne, 1758 1997-1998

Pohle, Claus., 2003:
International studbook of the African wild asses Berlin, Jan 1, 2003 31 Internationales Zuchtbuch fuer Afrikanische Wildesel Berlin, 1I2003 31

Pohle, Claus ., 2000:
International studbook of the Asiatic wild asses - general register onager - Berlin Jan 1, 2000 32 Internationales Zuchtbuch fuer Halbesel - Generalregister Onager - Berlin, 1I2000

Pohle, C., 2006:
International studbook of the Asiatic wild asses Berlin, 1I2006 38 Internationales Zuchtbuch fuer Halbesel, Berlin, 1I2006 38

Pohle, Claus., 2001:
International studbook of the Asiatic wild asses Berlin, Jan 1, 2001 33 Internationales Zuchtbuch fuer Halbesel Berlin, 1 I 2001 33

Rudloff, Klaus., 2000:
International studbook of the Persian fallow deer including General Register Internationales Zuchtbuch fuer den Mesopotamischen Damhirsch

Rudloff, K., 2006:
International studbook of the Vietnamese sika deer, Berlin, 1I2006 13 Internationales Zuchtbuch fuer den Vietnam-Sikahirsch, Berlin, 1I2006 13

Anonymous., 2002:
International symposium of the Bavarian regional hunting association eV and the Bavarian Academy Internationales Symposium des Landesjagdverbandes Bayern eV und der Bayerischen Akademie fuer Tierschutz, Umwelt- und Jadgwissenschaft Gamswild in den Alpen

Mamcarz, Andrzej., 1994:
International symposium on biology and management of coregonid fishes Olsztyn, 22-27 Aug 1993 Miedzynarodowe sympozjum na temat biologii i gospodarowania rybami siejowatymi Olsztyn, 22-27 8 1993 r

Mueller, Peter., 2004:
International tiger studbook Includes data to December 31, 2002 Internationales TigerZuchtbuch Stichtag 31, Dezember 2002

Aubrecht, Gerhard., 1993:
International water bird census in Upper Austria, January 1993 Internationale Wasservogelzahlung in Oberosterreich, Janner 1993

Kohl, Ralf., 2000:
International waterfowl census 1984 -1996 in the Saarbruecken area Wasservogelzaehlungen im Raum Saarbruecken im Zeitraum 1984 bis 1996

Kren, J.; Folk, C., 1990:
International waterfowl census 1987/88 on the territory of the CSR

Pihl, Stefan., 1997:
International waterfowl censuses and their application in international bird protection work De internationale vandfugletaellinger og deres anvendelse i internationalt fuglebeskyttelsesarbejde

Chalmers, ML., 1990:
International waterfowl count in Deep Bay, Hong Kong 1989

Nilsson, L., 1990:
International waterfowl counts in Sweden, 1989-1990

Sharpe, DJ., 1990:
International wildfowl count 1990

Schaffer, N.; Scaffer, A., 2000:
Internationally threatened bird species in Europe the Azores bullfinch Weltweit bedrohte Vogelarten in Europa der Azorengimpel

Mashaal, Maurice., 1996:
Internet and odonatology Internet et lodonatologie

Loeser, H., 2003:
Internodes of the genus Moltkia Octocorallia from a Maastrichtian glacial erratic boulder Upper Cretaceous from Lower Saxony Germany Internodien der Gattung Moltkia Octocorallia aus einem Maastricht-Geschiebe Oberkreide von Niedersachsen Deutschland

Tagiev, S.K.; Yusifov, P.G., 1968:
Interoceptive influence on bioelectrical activity of the cephalic brain in frogs and tortoises on the background of the activity of adrenaline and aminasine

Aliaga, R.; Bouche, MB.; Cortez, J.; Heidet, JC.; Hameed, R.; Soto, P., 1990:
Interpolabilite et validations des modeles ecophysiologiques versus les cycles saisonniers Problematique et illustration par les lombriciens

Colwell, R.K.; Mao,; Cheng, J., 2005:
Interpolating, extrapolating, and comparing incidende -based species accumulation curves Interpolando, extrapolando y comparando las curvas de acumulacion de especies basadas en su incidencia

Bekoff, M.; Jamieson, D., 1990:
Interpretation and explanation in the study of animal behavior Volume 1 Interpretation, intentionality and communication

Vargas, J.; Mario.; Guerrero, J.C.rlos.; Real, R.; Olivero, J.; Marquez, A.L.z., 1999:
Interpretation methods for colonization processes in the Canary Islands tenebrionids Coleoptera, Insecta as a case-study Metodos de interpretation de los procesos de colonizacion en las Islas Canarias el caso de los tenebrionidos Coleoptera, Insecta

Usera, J.; Blazquez, A.M., 1998:
Interpretation of population dynamics of Ammonia beccarii Linne, 1758 Foraminiferida, Protoctista in the continental Quaternary of the Villena lake Alicante, Espana Interpretacion de la dinamica poblacional de Ammonia beccarii Linne, 1758 Foraminiferida, Protoctista en el Cuaternario continental de la laguna de Villena Alicante, Espana

del Marmol, Patrick., 1996:
Interpretation of ringing data for the genus Corvus Interpretation des donnees belges de baguage du genre Corvus

van Dijken, MJ.; Neuenschwander, P. van Alphen, JJM.; Hammond, WNO., 1990:
Interpretation of sex ratios in Epidinocarsis lopezi, a parasitoid of the cassava mealybug Phenacoccus manihoti, as found in fields in Africa

Ferrari, H.R.; Catanesi, C.I., 1998:
Interpretation of stereotyped movements using the CONCOR algoritm Pearl and Schulman, 1983 Aplicacion del algoritmo concor Pearl y Schulman, 1983 para la interpretacion de estereotipos de comportamiento

Degnbol, P.; Lewy, P., 1990:
Interpretation of target-strength information from split-beam data

Gonzalez, R.; Frances, G.; Vilas, F., 2001:
Interpretation of the Holocene record of the Galician continental shelf based on planktonic foraminiferans Interpretacion del registro holoceno en la plataforma continental gallega a partir de foraminiferos planctonicos

Kopecky, T., 2006:
Interpretation of the inaccuraties in determination of Tachys Paratrachys turkestanicus Coleoptera Carabidae of Czech and Slovak republics Vysvetleni nepresnosti v determinaci Tachys Paratrachys turkestanicus Coleoptera Carabidae v Ceske a Slovenske republice

Royant, G., 1969:
Interpretation stratigraphique et tectonique de la Crete greseuse de Montebourg-Quineville Manche

Wagenplast, Peter., 2006:
Interpretations of fossils in former times Kein Mangel an Fantasie Fossildeutungen aus alter Zeit

Vovelle, Jean., 2002:
Interpretations of neoteny Interpretations de la neotenie

Bannikov, A.G., 1953:
Interrela-tionships between desert and steppe fauna of Rodents

Fuks, B.B., 1953:
Interrelation between direct and indirect division of cells in regeneration of endothelium in cornea of eye

Potemkina, D.A., 1953:
Interrelation between mesonephron and wolffian duct in Amphibia in the formation of the excretory system

Gawor-Biedowa, E., 1960:
Interrelation between microfauna and facies in the Carbonate Cretaceous of Pagorki Bore Hole near Mogilno

Verzhbinskaya, N.A., 1952:
Interrelation between respiration and anaerob glycolysis of brain in phylogenesis of vertebrates

Schensnovich, V.B., 1959:
Interrelation between the morphology of Entamoeba histolytica and the functional condition of the intestine

Bromlei, GF.; Kostenko, VA., 1970:
Interrelation of forest rodents and Korean cedars in central and south Sikhote-Alin

Egorov, Y.E., 1963:
Interrelations between Mustela vision and Lutra lutra in Bashkiria

Bagdanavichene, ZP.; Eitminavichute, IS.; Laskauskaite, DA.; Ramanauskene, Z.V., 1990:
Interrelations between bacteria, protozoans and oribatide ticks in the process of soil self purification from insecticides

Lo, L.-Chih.; Muller, P., 2000:
Interrelations between hatching success and territoriality and intra- and interspecific competition of ravens Corvus corax Bruterfolg in Abhangigkeit von Territorialitat, intra- und interspezifischer Konkurrenz beim Kolkraben Corvus corax

Pavlovski, E.N.Gnezdilov, V.G., 1953:
Interrelations between hel minths in the environment of the hosts intestine

Sludskii, A.A., 1962:
Interrelations between predators and prey As exemplified by antelopes and other animals, as well as their enemies

Dudich, Endre., 1999:
Interrelations between the Imperial and Royal Geological Survey, Vienna, and the Hungarian Geology from 1867 through 1918 Die Beziehungen zwischen der k k Geologischen Reichsanstalt in Wien und der Ungarischen Geologie von 1867 bis 1918

Hinkelmann, Christoph. van den Elzen, Renate., 2003:
Interrelations in hermit hummingbirds genus Phaethornis, Aves, Trochilidae A comparison of methods Verwandtschaftsbeziehungen bei Schattenkolibris Gattung Phaethornis, Aves, Trochilidae, ein Methodenvergleich

Umorin, PP., 1990:
Interrelations in the Algae-Bacteria-Infusoria System at hydrogen oxidation at the soil/water interface

Petrov, Y.V., 1956:
Interrelationship and the unity of phyllembryogeneais

Voronov, A.G., 1957:
Interrelationship between animal and plant world

Mineo, G.; Sinacori, A., 1998:
Interrelationship between the entomofauna of citrus groves and that one of associated vegetation Interrelazioni tra lartropodofauna dellagrumeto e quella della flora associata

Yablonskaya, E.A.; Stark, I.N., 1955:
Interrelationship of Nereis succinea with other bottom fauna

Pronin, N.M.; Pyzhova, L.N.; Tugarina, P.; Ya.; Tyutrina, L.I., 1977:
Interrelationship of physiological and parasitic factors in the Lake Kosogol grayling, Thymallus arcticus nigrescens Dor

Berta, D.C.; Ovruski, NE., 2002:
Interrelationships between aphids colonizing tomatoes and their hymenopteran parasites in Tucuman Argentina Interrelaciones entre los afidos colonizadores del tomate y sus himenopteros parasitoides en Tucuman Argentina

Belsky, MH., 1990:
Interrelationships of law in the management of large marine ecosystems

Fink, SV.; Fink, WL., 1981:
Interrelationships of the ostariophysan fishes Teleostei Interrelationships of the ostariophysan fishes Teleostei

Dure, Marta I., 1999:
Interrelationships of trophic niches of two syntopic species of the family Hylidae Anura in a subtropical area of Argentina Interrelaciones en los nichos troficos de dos especies sintopicas de la familia Hylidae Anura en un area subtropical de Argentina

Demis, R.; Kovarik, F., 2001:
Interrupted development in mantises Preruseni vyvoje u kudlanek

Dorsch, Harald., 2007:
Interrupted moult of a reed warbler Acrocephalus scirpaceus in its winter quarters Im Winterquartier unterbrochene Mauser eines Teichrohrsaengers Acrocephalus scirpaceus

Miera, Claus., 2003:
Interruption of moult in a female linnet Carduelis cannabina Ringing record of Hiddensee ringing centre, no 10/2003 Mauserunterbrechung bei einem Bluthaenflingsweibchen Carduelis cannabina Ringfundmitteilung der Beringungszentrale Hiddensee Nr 10/2003

Gumpinger, Clemens., 2001:
Interruption of the river continuum by barriers the example of the river Pram system Upper Austria Kontinuumsunterbrechungen an Fliessgewaessern durch Querbauwerke am Beispiel des Pramsystems in Oberoesterreich

Blinova, TK., 1990:
Interseasonal abundance dynamics of bird populations in various habitat types of the Ishim Forest steppe and the Turgai Depression steppe

Mazgajski, T.D.; Kedra, A.H., 2000:
Interseasonal and inter-habitat variability of breeding biology aspects on the example of the starling Sturnus vulgaris Miedzysezonowa i miedzysrodowiskowa zmiennosc elementow biologii legowej na przykladzie szpaka Sturnus vulgaris

Ragionieri, L.; Mongini, E.; Giunchi, D.; Baldaccini, N.E.ilio., 1995:
Intersexual differences in the orientational capabilities of the sand martin Riparia riparia Differenze intersessuali nella capacita di orientamento iniziale del topino Riparia riparia

Rudolph, Erich H., 1997:
Intersexuality in the burrowing crayfish Parastacus pugnax Poeppig, 1835 Decapoda, Parastacidae Intersexualidad en el camaron excavador Parastacus pugnax Poeppig, 1835 Decapoda, Parastacidae

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