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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38350

Chapter 38350 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Geptner, V.G., 1954:
Interspeci-fic variation and distribution of Sper-mophilopsis leptodactylus Licht, Mam-malia, Glires

Storch, David., 1995:
Interspecies competition among birds Mezidruhova kompetice u ptaku

Babushkin, G.M., 1969:
Interspecies connections in mammals- aquatic dwellers

Shnbin, I.G., 1967:
Interspecies of the correlation of certain rodents of central and north Kazakhstan

Meyer, Jobst., 1996:
Interspecific adoption in geese evidence of brood parasitism in the greylag goose Interspezifische Adoption bei Gansen Evidenz fur Brutparasitismus bei der Graugans

Ranftl, H.; Dornberger, W., 2000:
Interspecific aggression and food of the little grebe Tachybaptus ruficollis Interspezifische Aggressionen und Nahrung des Zwergtauchers Tachybaptus ruficollis

Laussmann, Helmut., 1996:
Interspecific aggression between a coot Fulica atra and a moorhen Gallinula chloropus causing mortality Interspezifische Auseinandersetzungen zwischen Blasshuhn Fulica atra und Teichhuhn Gallinula chloropus mit todlichem Ausgang

Klaus, Dietmar., 2005:
Interspecific agonistic behaviour of a native Conocephalus male Saltatoria, Ensifera Interspezifisches agonistisches Verhalten bei heimischen Schwertschrecken- Conocephalus- Maennchen Saltatoria, Ensifera

Naumov, N.P., 1956:
Interspecific and intraspecific relationships in animals mainly vertebrates

Popescu-Marinescu, V., 1967:
Interspecific and intraspeeific variability of the vascular sacculi in Gobioidei

Mignone, Giuseppe P., 2000:
Interspecific assistance a biological problem A assistencia interespecifica um problema biologico

Rozsa, Lajos., 1997:
Interspecific comparison as a method in ornithology Fajok osszehasonlitasa, mint vizsgalati modszer az adaptacio kutatasaban

Brockhaus, T., 2004:
Interspecific competition between Sympetrum fonscolombii and Orthetrum cancellatum in Central Europe? Odonata Libellulidae Interspezifische Konkurrenz zwischen Sympetrum fonscolombii und Orthetrum cancellatum in Mitteleuropa? Odonata Libellulidae

Baguette, M.; Castin, Y.; Dufrene, M., 1990:
Interspecific competition between three congeneric species of carabid beetles in sympatry a morphometric approach

Sanon, A.; Gauthier, N.; Huignard, J., 1999:
Interspecific competition between two parasitoid species of bruchid larvae, Eupelmus vuilleti Crw and Dinarmus basalis Rond Hymenoptera Eupelmidae, Pteromalidae importance of host density and quality on the reproductive success of the two species Competition interspecifique entre deux especes de parasitoides de larves de Bruchidae, Eupelmus vuilleti Crw et Dinarmus basalis Rond Hymenoptera Eupelmidae, Pteromalidae importance de la densite et de la qualite des hotes sur le su

Abella, M.A.oracion.; Isla, C., 1998:
Interspecific competition in Diptera cattle parasites, in the Cantabrian Mountains, Spain Competencia interespecifica en dipteros parasitos del ganado, en la Cordillera Cantabrica, Espana

Tsikhon-Lukanina, EA., 1990:
Interspecific correlation of consumption and filtration of food in Autobranchia mollusks

Polyakova, RS., 1971:
Interspecific differences in the size and structure of the olfactory bulbs in some rodents in connection with their way of life

Vuattoux, Robert., 1998:
Interspecific hybridization between Actias maenas male and Actias luna female Lepidoptera, Attacidae Hybridation interspecifique entre Actias maenas male et Actia Hybridation interspecifique entre Actias maenas male et Actia Hybridation interspecifique entre Actias maenas male et Actia Hybridation interspecifique entre Actias maenas male et Actia Hybridation interspecifique entre Actias maenas male et Actia Hybridation interspecifique entre Actias maenas male et Actia H

Oppenborn, Gunter., 1998:
Interspecific hybridization in red-throated parrot finches Artenmischlinge bei Papageiamadinen

Ahearn, JN.; Templeton, AR., 1989:
Interspecific hybrids of drosophila heteroneura and d silvestris 1 courtship success

Leite de Araujo Monteiro-Filho, E.; Aimore Bonin, C.; Rautenberg, M., 1999:
Interspecific interactions between marine mammals of the Guaratuba Bay region, southern coast of Parana State Interacoes interespecificas dos mamiferos marinhos na regiao da Baia de Guaratuba, litoral sul do Estado do Parana

Blanchemain, Joel., 1999:
Interspecific mating in Hesperia comma L, 1758 Lepidoptera Hesperiidae Accouplements interspecifiques chez Hesperia comma L, 1758 Lepidoptera Hesperiidae

Wuest, Jean., 1996:
Interspecific mating of Chrysomelidae Accouplement interspecifique chez des chrysomeles

Ayres, C.; Del Pozo, A., 2006:
Interspecific pairing attempt by authochthonous and allocthonous tortoises Intento de apraeamiento interespecifico de Galapagos autoctonos y aloctonos

Carnier, Thomas., 1997:
Interspecific pairing flight of the peacock Inachis io and the small tortoiseshell Aglais urticke Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Interspezifischer Paarungsflug von Tagpfauenauge Inachis io und Kleinem Fuchs Aglais urticke Lepidoptera Nymphalidae

Osipov, VG., 1976:
Interspecific relations behaviour of the fishes and the other sea animals in the subtropical and tropical areas of the oceans as abserved by the visual method

Badauy, R.C.; Silva, I.G.; Silva, H.H.; Dias, C.M., 2000:
Interspecific relationship between Dipetalogaster maximus Hemiptera Reduviidae and Trypanosoma cruzi Strain Y Kinetoplastida Trypanosomatidae Relacao interespecifica entre Dipetalogaster maximus Uhler Hemiptera Reduviidae e a cepa y do Trypanosoma cruzi Chagas Kinetoplastida Trypanosomatidae

Wissing, Heinz., 1996:
Interspecific socialisation of bats in man-made bat-nesting boxes in the Palatinate Interspezifische Vergesellschaftungen von Fledermausen in kunstlichen Nisthohlen in der Pfalz

Kulinich, L.J.; Frolov, J.M., 1970:
Interspecific variability of Iaera albifrons Leach, 1814 Crustacea, Isopoda, Asellota in the White Sea

Gubin, IE., 1976:
Interspecific variability of some indexes of the energy exchange in muscle mitochondria of carp

Severtsov, AS., 1990:
Interspecific variety as a cause of evolutionary stability

Bunalski, M., 1990:
Intersting localities of some species of Aphodius Ill subgenus Chilothorax Motch Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae in Poland

Potapov, M.; Thibaud, J.-Marc., 2003:
Interstitial Collembola from littoral and continental sands in Morocco Collembola Collemboles interstitiels des sables littoraux et continentaux du Maroc

Thibaud, Jean-Marc., 2004:
Interstitial Collembola from littoral sands in French Guyana Collembola Collemboles interstitiels des sables littoraux de Guyane Francais

Thibaud, J.-Marc.; Palacios-Vargas, J.G., 2001:
Interstitial Collembola from littoral sands in Mexico Collembola Collemboles interstitiels des sables littoraux du Mexique Collemboles interstitiels des sables littoraux du Mexique Collemboles interstitiels des sables littoraux du Mexique Collemboles interstitiels des sables littoraux du Mexique Collemboles interstitiels des sables littoraux du Mexique Collemboles interstitiels des sables littoraux du Mexique Collemboles interstitiels des sables littoraux du Mexique Collemboles inters

Thibaud, J.-Marc.; Boumezzough, A., 2006:
Interstitial Collembola from littoral sands in Morocco - II Collemboles interstitiels des sables littoraux du Maroc - II

Thibaud, J.-Marc.; Weiner, W.M., 1997:
Interstitial Collembola from the sands of New Caledonia Collemboles interstitiels des sables de Nouvelle-Caledonie

Thibaud, J.-Marc.; Taraschuk, M., 1998:
Interstitial Collembola from the sands of Ukraine Collemboles interstitiels des sables dUkraine

Thibaud, J.-Marc.; Diaz, A., 1998:
Interstitial Collembola of continental and fluvial sands from Venezuela Collemboles interstitiels de sables continentaux et fluviatiles du Venezuela

Almaraz, G.A.; Rodriguez.; Tejada, W.G.llardo.; Campos, E., 2002:
Interstitial decapod crustaceans of Carmen Island, Baja California Sur, Mexico, with notes on ecological distribution Crustaceos decapodos intermareales de la isla Carmen, Baja California Sur, Mexico, con notas sobre su distribucion ecologia

Nunez, J.; Riera, R.; Del Carmen Brito, M.; Pascual, M., 2001:
Interstitial polychaete annelids collected from the Salvage Islands Anelidos Poliquetos intersticiales recolectados en las Islas Salvajes

Brito, M. del Carmen.; Nunez, J.; San Martin, G., 2001:
Interstitial syllids Annelids Polychaeta associated to seagrass of Cymodocea nodosa from the Canary Islands Silidos Annelida Polychaeta intersticiales asociados a praderas de Cymodocea nodosa de las Islas Canarias

Chardez, Didier., 1995:
Interstitial thecamoebians from the beaches of the North Sea Thecamoebiens microporaux des plages de la mer du nord

Osorio, C.; Reid, D.G., 2004:
Intertidal and subtidal marine molluscs between Boca del Guafo and Elefantes Fjord, southern Chile Moluscos marinos intermareales y submareales entre la Boca del Guafo y el estero Elefantes, sur de Chile

Torruco, D.; Gonzalez, A., 2004:
Intertidal communities of the rocky coast of Sian Kaan Biosphere Reservation Comunidades inter-mareales de la costa rocosa de la Reserva de la Biosfera de Sian Kaan

Berrios, V.L.; Vargas, M.E., 2000:
Intertidal fish assemblages structure of the rocky shore at the north of Chile Estructura del ensamble de peces intermareales de la costa rocosa del norte de Chile

Pequeno, G.; Lamilla, J., 1995:
Intertidal fishes of Llanquihue coastline Chile taxonomic composition, relative abundance and longitudinal distribution gradient Peces intermareales de la costa de Llanquihue Chile composicion taxonomica, abundancia relativa y gradiente de distribucion longitudinal

Camus, P.A.; Barahona, R.M., 2002:
Intertidal insects from Concepcion, Chile perspectives for ecological research Insectos del intermareal de Concepcion, Chile perspectivas para la investigacion ecologica

Espoz, C.; Lindberg, D.R.; Castilla, J.C.; Simison, W.; Brian, 2004:
Intertidal limpets of Chile and Peru Los patelogastropodos intermareales de Chile y Peru

Sylvand, Bernard., 1996 :
Intertidal long term changes in the Baie des Veys Bay of Seine, French coast of the eastern English Channel evolution and general trends Transformations intertidales a long terme en baie des Veys littoral de la baie de Seine occidentale, Manche Orientale passe evolutif et tendances generales

Timsit, O.; Sylvand, B.; Lefeuvre, J., 2004:
Intertidal macrozoobenthos evolution of the Baie des Veys between 1985 and 2000 Evolution du macrozoobenthos intertidal de la baie des Veys de 1985 a 2000

Bellintani Salvador, L.; Domaneschi, O.; Zacagnini Amaral, A.C.cilia.; Morgado, E.H.lena.; Aparecida Henriques, S., 1998:
Intertidal malacofauna of sandy beaches of Sao Sebastiao Island Sao Paulo, Brazil Malacofauna da regiao entremares de praias da Ilha de Sao Sebastiao Sao Paulo, Brasil

Troncoso, JS.; Urgorri, V., 1991:
Intertidal molluscs of the Ria de Ares y Betanzos Galicia, Spain Los moluscos intermareales de la Ria de Ares y Betanzos Galicia, Espana

Sanchez, V.; Zaixso, H.E., 1995:
Intertidal recolonization sequences on a rocky shore in the San Jose Gulf Chubut, Argentina Secuencias de recolonizacion mesolitoral en una costa rocosa del Golfo San Jose Chubut, Argentina

Zaixso, H.E.; Vidal, A.; Lizarralde, Z.I., 1994:
Intertidal recolonization with mytilids in the San Jose Gulf Chubut, Argentina Recolonizacion en un poblamiento de mitilidos del mesolitoral inferior del Golfo San Jose Chubut, Argentina

Pagliosa, P.Roberto, 2006:
Intertidal to subtidal distribution of benthic macrofauna in an estuarine beach of Babitonga Bay, southern Brazil Distribuicao da macrofauna bentica do entremares ao sublitoral em uma praia estuarina da Baia da Babitonga, Sul do Brasil

Avila, Sergio Paulo., 1998:
Intertidal zonation of a mollusc community of Poca da Barra, a lagoon of the coastal platform of Lajes do Pico, Azores Zonacao intertidal de uma comunidade malacologica na Poca da Barra, uma lagoa localizada na plataforma costeira da vila das Lajes do Pico, Acores

Leonel, Cristiane., 2001:
Intervales foundation for the conservation floral production of thestate of Sao Paulo Intervales fundacao para a conservacao e a producao florestal do estado de Sao Paulo

Caro Calatayud, S.; Pavia Santamaria, S.; Perez-Lorente, F., 2003:
Intervention in the conservation of dinosaur tracks of La Rioja Spain Intervenciones en la conservacion de las huellas de dinosaurio de La Rioja Espana

Tekaya, S.; Dhainaut-Courtois, N.; Zghal, F., 1996:
Intervention of a tubulin-like material during regeneration of the marine planarian Sabussowia dioica Claparede, 1863 Platyhelminthes, Tricladida Intervention dun materiel immunologiquement apparente a la tubuline lors de la regeneration de la planaire marine Sabussowia dioica Claparede, 1863 Plathelminthes, Tricladida

Gonseth, Y.; Mulhauser, B., 1997:
Intervention or non intervention? A fundamental question for nature protection Intervenir ou ne pas intervenir? Une question fondamentale de la protection de la nature

Guyot Jackson, G., 2005:
Interview with Michael A Ewert, a scientist studying embryo development of turtle eggs Interview avec Michael A Ewert, scientifique etudiant le developpement embryonnaire des oeufs de tortues

Pak, S.M., 1963:
Intestinal Trichomonas of chickens and ducks of the Alma-Ata Region

Bouchet, F.; Bentrad, S.; Dommelier, S.; Paicheler, JC.; Petrequin, P., 1997:
Intestinal capillariasis Neolithic nematodiasis? Capillarioses intestinales nematodoses du Neolithique?

Maho, A.; Toguebaye, BS.; Belot, J., 1997:
Intestinal coccidia and coccidioses of the Sahel goat Hircus reversus in Senegal with the description of a new species Coccidies et coccidioses intestinales de la chevre du Sahel Hircus reversus au Senegal avec la description dune espece nouvelle

Valentin, A.; Jakob, W.; Stolte, M., 1998:
Intestinal cryptosporidiosis in snakes Pituophis melanoleucus sayi Kryptosporidiose bei Bullennattern Pituophis melanoleucus sayi

Schmitz, Klaus., 2001:
Intestinal flagellates - no thank you Darmflagellaten - nein danke

Taraschewski, H., 2002:
Intestinal flukes - possible rare human parasites in Central Europe Darmtrematoden - moegliche seltene Parasiten des Menschen in Mitteleuropa

Isomursu, M.; Helle, P.; Ratti, O., 2004:
Intestinal helminths in Finnish grouse Metsakanalintujen suolistoloismadot Suomessa

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