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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38351

Chapter 38351 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Poljanskij, J.I., 1951:
Intestinal infusoria of sea urchins

Stoner, K.E.; Gonzalez-D.P.erro, AM.; Maldonado-Lopez, S., 2005:
Intestinal parasite infections in primates implication for conservation Infecciones de parasitos intestinales de primates implicaciones para la conservacion

Plotkowiak, J., 1958:
Intestinal parasites in children and their educators in the Szczecin region

Carmona, M.C.inchilla; Guerrero Bermudez, O.; Gutierrez-Espeleta, G.A.; Sanchez Porras, R.; Ortiz, B.R.driguez, 2005:
Intestinal parasites in howler monkeys Alouatta palliata Primates Cebidae of Costa Rica Pardsitos intestinales en monos congo Alouatta palliata Primates Cebidae de Costa Rica

Popiolek, M.; Witkowski, A.; Kotusz, J.; Kusnierz, J.; Baldy, K., 2004:
Intestinal parasites of brown trout Salmo trutta fario L from streams of the Stolowe Mountains National Park Pasozyty jelitowe pstragow potowych Salmo trutta fario L z potokow Parku Narodwego Gor Stolowych

Boada, M.; Rueda, D.; Parra, R., 2001:
Intestinal parasites of juvenile Litopenaeus schmitt Burkenroad, 1936 from Maracaibo Lake, Zulia State, Venezuela Parasitos intestinales de juveniles de Litopenaeus schmitti Burkenroad, 1936 del Lago de Maracaibo, Estado Zulia, Venezuela

Appasov, R.N., 1960:
Intestinal parasites of man and pigs in Alma-Ata jirovince

Poliansky, G.I., 1959 :
Intestinal parasitic fauna of sea-urchins

Zimin, I.A., 1940:
Intestinal protozoa in Abkhasian Republic In Russian

Plotnikov, N.N.Suvorov, V.S., 1945:
Intestinal protozoa in dysentery patients

Zertchaninov, L., 1936:
Intestinal protozoa in northern Urals

Appasov, R.N., 1963:
Intestinal protozoa of swine in the Tzelinnyi Territory

Pak, S.M., 1960:
Intestinal trichomonads of jird

Sankaranarayan, N.S., 1949:
Intestinal trichomoniasis in calves

Plisetzkaya, E.M., 1958:
Intestine and bladder musoulature of frog in ontogenesis as acted upon by acetyl-choline and adrenalin

Rolff, Jens., 2000:
Intimate interactions water mites parasitizing dragonflies Acari Hydrachnidia; Odonata Intime Interaktionen ektoparasitische Wassermilben an Libellen Hydrachnidia; Odonata

Veling, Kars., 2005:
Into a tree for the white-letter hairstreak De boom in voor de iepenpage

Guenkel, Norbert Gregor., 2002:
Into space under a false name Unter falschem Namen bis ins All

Mazzarelli, G., 1903:
Intorno al parassitismo delle Strongylidae nei polmoni di alcuni Mammiferi

Cerradelo, S.; Guitart, R., 1990:
Intoxicacion por plomo en aves acuaticas

Bommer, Klaus., 2001:
Intoxicating effects of Virginia creeper on blackbirds Berauschende Wirkung des Wilder Wein auf Amseln

Babin, P.; Duguy, R.; Grandon, G., 1990:
Intoxication par ingestion dhydrocarbures chez le phoque gris Halichoerus grypus et le phoque veau-marin Phoca vitulina

Ochs, A.; Goltenboth, R.; Walter, JH.; Wolm, M.; Wittstatt, U., 1997:
Intoxication with a paint solvent as possible cause of death of an Asian elephant Elephas maximus Losungsmittelintoxikation als mogliche Todesursache bei einem Asiatischen Elefantenbullen Elephas maximus

Doucet, ME.; Cagnolo, S., 1998:
Intra and inter-specific variability of morphometric characters in some populations of the order Tylenchida Nematoda from Argentina Variabilidad intra e inter-especifica de caracteres morfometricos en poblaciones del orden Tylenchida Nematoda provenientes de Argentina

Totti, CM.; Cucchiari, EM.; Romagnoli, T., 2002:
Intra and interannual variability of phytoplankton in coastal area of Senigallia northern Adriatic Sea from 1988 to 2000 Varizioni intra e interannuali del fitoplancton nellarea costiera di Senigalli Adriatico settentrionale dal 1988 al 2000

Noronha, Aloyseia Cristina da Silva. de Moraes, Gilberto Jose., 2002:
Intra and interpopulational morphological variations of Euseius citrifolius Denmark Muma and Euseius concordis Chant Acari, Phytoseiidae Variacoes morfologicas intra e interpopulacionais de Euseius citrifolius Denmark Muma e Euseius concordis Chant Acari, Phytoseiidae

Stubbe, M.; Zorner, H.; Matthes, H., 1991:
Intra and interspecific relationships in Aquila pomarina Brehm Intra- und interspezifische Bezuge des Schreiadlers Aquila pomarina Brehm

Mercier, Jean-Luc., 1999:
Intra- and interspecific aggressiveness and territoriality in arboricolous ant mosaics Territorialite et agressivite intra- et interspecifique dans les mosaiques de fourmis arboricoles

Burkhardt, Carolin., 2006:
Intra- and interspecific behaviour of Orang Utans, Pongo pygmaeus abelii, and Malayan tapirs, Tapirus indicus, in captivity forecast for cohabitation Intra- und interspezifische Verhaltensweisen von Orang-Utan Pongo pygmaeus abelii und Schabrackentapir Tapirus indicus in Menschenhand Prognosen zur Gemeinshaftshaltung

Grasso, D.A.; Mori, A.;, F., 2004:
Intra- and interspecific competition between incipient colonies of Messor harvesting ants Competizione intra- ed interspecifica tra colonie incipienti di formiche mietitrici del genere Messor Hymenoptera Formicidae

Aspock, U.; Aspock, H., 1998:
Intra- and interspecific differentiations in the genus Nodalla Neuroptera Berothidae in the Eremic of the western Palaearctic Intra- und interspezifische Differenzierungen im Genus Nodalla Neuroptera Berothidae im Eremial der Westpalaarktis

Pirovano, A.; Galeotti, P., 1999:
Intra- and interspecific territoriality of the little owl Athene noctua in Pavia province Territorialismo intra- e interspecifico della civetta Athene noctua in provincia di Pavia

Landrein, P.; Loreau, J.-Paul.; Fleury, J.-Jacques., 2001:
Intra-Maastrichtian subaerial exposure of the Gavrovo-Tripolitza carbonate platform Greece effect on endemic associations of Rhapydionininae Foraminifera, Alveolinacea Emersion generalisee intra-maastrichtienne de la plate-forme de Gavrovo-Tripolitza Grece effets sur les populations de foraminiferes Rhapydionininae

Ghosh, RK.; Datta, AK., 1990:
Intra-renal venous branching pattern in cow, buffalo, goat and dog

Kral, Miroslav., 1996:
Intra-specific territorial behaviour in nesting collared flycatcher Ficedula albicollis females Vnitrodruhove teritorialni chovani hnizdicich samic lejska belokrkeho Ficedula albicollis

Salikhbaev, IK., 1973:
Intra-uterine development of Allactaga elater elater

Zolotarev, N.A., 1937:
Intra-uterine infection with piroplasmosis in domestic animals

Silva, E.S., 1990:
Intracellular bacteria: the origin of dinoflagellate toxicity

Nigro, M.; Leonzio, C., 1997:
Intracellular storage of mercury in marine mammals and birds Accumulo intracellulare del mercurio in mammiferi ed uccelli marini

D.M.rle, P.; Mazet, R., 1992:
Intracyclic dynamics of a Mediterranean population of Tortrix viridana Lepidoptera Tortricidae Dynamique intracyclique dune population mediterraneenne de tordeuse verte du chene, Tortrix viridana Lepidoptera Tortricidae

Dinter, Axel., 1997:
Intraguild-predation between spiders, carabid beetles and lacewing larvae and effects of multi-species interactions on aphid populations Intragild-Pradation zwischen Spinnen, Laufkafern und Florfliegenlarven sowie Auswirkungen von Multispezies-Interaktionen auf Blattlauspopulationen

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