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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38352

Chapter 38352 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Berthold, T., 1990:
Intralucustrine speciation and the evolution of shell sculpture in gastropods of ancient lakes - application of Gunthers niche concept

Alberto, R.M.ria de Fraga; Goulart, M.S.lveira; Pereira, E.H.nrique Lopes; Bertoletti, J.J.rge, 2001:
Intramarsupial development of Telotha henselii von Martens, 1869 Crustacea, Isopoda, Cymothoidae Desenvolvimento intramarsupial de Telotha henselii von Martens, 1869 Crustacea, Isopoda, Cymothoidae

Wille, K-H.; Schenk, B., 1997:
Intramural vascular system of the large intestine of mammals A study of the literature Uber das intramurale Blutgefasssystem des Dickdarms der Sauger - eine literatur-studie

Urahe, K., 1956:
Intraperitoneal and subcutaneous injection of mice and rats with Balantidium coli with special reference to the effect of gastric mucin

Prus, T.; Prus, M., 1990:
Intrapopulation differentiation of Tribolium castaneum Hbst cIV and T confusum Duval bI

Cervantes, F.A.; Martinez Coronel, M.; Hortelano Moncada, Y., 1993:
Intrapopulation morphometric variation in Peromyscus melanocarpus Rodentia Muridae of Oaxaca, Mexico Variacion morfometrica intrapoblacional de Peromyscus melanocarpus Rodentia Muridae de Oaxaca, Mexico

Kehr, A.I.; Marangoni, F., 1999:
Intrapopulation variation in growth and body size at metamorphosis of Bufo paracnemis tadpoles in natural conditions Variacion intrapoblacion en el crecimiento y tamano en la metamorfosis de Bufo paracnemis, baja condiciones naturales

Snell, HL.; Jennings, RD.; Snell, HM.; Harcourt, S., 1988:
Intrapopulation variation in predator-avoidance performance of galapagos lava lizards the interaction of sexual and natural selection

Shchupak, EL., 1977:
Intrapopulation variation of periods of development of the sharp-nosed frog in the Urals 239

Rengife, J.C.amorre; Montealegre-Z.F.; Gonzalez, R., 2005:
Intrasexual male behaviour of Panacanthus pallicornis Walker, 1869 Orthoptera Tettigoniidae Comportamiento intrasexual en machos de Panacanthus pallicornis Walker, 1869 Orthoptera Tettigoniidae

Torres, T.; Llamas, JF.; Canoira, L.; Garcia-Alonso, P.; Coello, FJ., 1999:
Intrashell and intershell aspartic acid racemization ratio variation in Holocene mollusca from the Gulf of Cadiz SW Spain Variaciones -intraconcha e interconcha- de la racemizacion del acido aspartico en moluscos holocenos del Golfo de Cadiz SO de Espana

Gautret, Pascale., 2000:
Intraskeletal organic matrices from reefal scleractinian corals early diagenetic transformations of biochemical characters and consequences for cementing processes Matrices organiques intrasquelettiques des scleractiniaires recifaux evolution diagenetique precoce de leurs caracteristiques biochimiques et consequences pour les processus de cimentation

Errard, C.; Jourdan, H.; Glaude, C.; Delabie, J.; Hefetz, A., 2002:
Intraspecific and interspecific discrimination in the tramp ant Wasmannia auropunctata Hym Formicidae Discrimination intra- et interspecifique chez la fourmis vagabonde Wasmannia auropunctata

de Camargo-Dietrich, C.R.; Costa-Leonardo, A.M.ria., 2000:
Intraspecific behavior of the termite Heterotermes tenuis Hagen Isoptera, Rhinotermitidae in laboratory conditions Comportamento intra-especifico do cupim Heterotermes tenuis Hagen Isoptera, Rhinotermitidae em condicoes de laboratorio

Lopez, P., 2002:
Intraspecific communication in reptiles by chemical signals the use of reliable signals in deciding the behaviour Comunicacion intraespecifica en reptiles mediante senales quimicas la utilizacion de senales fiables para decidir comportamientos

Garcia-Martin, M.; Cabello, T.; Torres-Ruiz, A.; Gamez, M., 2006:
Intraspecific competence in parasitism response of Chelonus oculator Panzer Hymenoptera Braconidae Competencia intraespecifica en la respuesta de parasitacion de Chelonus oculator Panzer Hymenoptera Braconidae

Perico, Eduardo. da Silveira, Eliane Fraga., 2003:
Intraspecific competition among workers of Plebeia emerina Hymenoptera, Apidae, Meliponinae by the use of artificial feeders with different sugar concentrations Competicao intra-especifica entre operarias de Plebeia emerina Hymenoptera, Apidae, Meliponinae pela utilizacao de alimentadores artificiais com diferentes concentracoes de solucoes de acucar

Pereira de Sousa Junior, J.; Ribeiro Viana, M.S.lma; Saker-Sampaio, S., 2002:
Intraspecific diversification of the red snapper Lutjanus purpureus Poey in north and northeast of Brazil Diversificacao intra-especifica do pargo, Lutjanus purpureus Poey, no Norte e Nordeste do Brasil I - Caracteres morfometricos

Arculeo, M.; L.B.utto, S.; Sirna, M.; Maggio, T.; Cannizzaro, L.; Parrinello, N., 2003:
Intraspecific genetic variations and gene exchange of two Sparidae species in the Mediterranean Sea Variabilita genetica intraspecifica e flusso genico in due specie di sparidi nel Mar Mediterraneo

Weingartner, M.; Schindek, R.; Hilker, M., 1997:
Intraspecific interactions between larvae and adults of the leaf beetle Gastrophysa viridula Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae Intraspezifische Interaktionen zwischen Larven und Imagines des Blattkafers Gastrophysa viridula Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae

Duda, N., 2005:
Intraspecific nest parasitism in gulls Wewnatrzgatunkowe pasozytnictwo legow u meu

Golikova, V.L., 1964:
Intraspecific relations with a population of sylvan murine rodents in various sectors of their range

Birman, I.B., 1967:
Intraspecific relationship of the Pacific salmon in the sea

Macia, Arnaldo., 1996:
Intraspecific size variation in adults of Culicidae Diptera from La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina Variacion intraespecifica del tamano de adultos de Culicidae Diptera en el area Platense, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Izyumov, YuG.; Kozhara, AV., 1990:
Intraspecific variability and evolution of Abramis brama L

Gromov, VS., 1990:
Intraspecific variability and subspecific classification of European roe deer Capreolus capreolus

Hennemann, F.H.; Conle, O.V., 1997:
Intraspecific variability in Lonchodes femoratus Stoll 1787 together with some remarks on its synonymies Phasmatodea Phasmatidae Lonchodinae Intraspezifische Variabilitat bei Lonchodes femoratus Stoll 1787 nebst einigen Bemerkungen zu ihrer Synonymie Phasmatodea Phasmatidae Lonchodinae

Terzer, Gianluigi., 1996:
Intraspecific variability in the complex of Oliva spicata Roeding, 1798 Variabilita intraspecifica nel complesso di Oliva spicata Roeding, 1798

Popescu-Marinescu, V., 1968:
Intraspecific variability of the brains of Protherohinus marmoratus and Benthophilus stellatus Pisces-Gobiidae

Niculescu, E.V., 1971:
Intraspecific variation in Lepidoptera and its biological importance

Nel, Jacques., 2000:
Intraspecific variation of Mompha miscella Denis Schiffermuller, 1775 from South-east of France Lepidoptera, Momphidae Variations intraspecifiques chez Mompha miscella Denis Schiffermuller, 1775 dans le sud-est de la France Lepidoptera, Momphidae

Vasquez F., C.L.; Yustiz, E.; Morales S., J.; Gallardo V., J.S.; Rios S., Y., 2002:
Intraspecific variation of a population of Diplocentrus sp Variacion intraespecifica en una poblacion de Diplocentrus sp

Faure, Eric., 1999:
Intraspecific variation of the cytochrome B sequence of the brown rock cod, Epinephelus marginatus, Pisces, Serranidae, Lowe 1834 Variations intraspecifiques de la sequence du cytochrome B chez le merou brun, Epinephelus marginatus, Pisces, Serranidae, Lowe 1834

Medina, FJ.; Aviles, JM.; Sanchez, A., 2000:
Intraspecific variations in the use of a rubbish dump by white storks Ciconia ciconia in the west of the Iberian Peninsula Diferencias intraespecificas en el uso de un vertedero por parte de la ciguena blanca Ciconia ciconia en el oeste de la Peninsula Iberica

Flausino, W.; Soares, C.O.iveira.; Freire, R.B.stos.; Lopes, C.W.lson Gomes., 1998:
Intraspecific variations of tachyzoites of Toxoplasma gondii Apicomplexa Toxoplasmatinae isolated from a natural infection, and its comparisons with congenital strain Variacoes intraespecificas de taquizoitos do Toxoplasma gondii Apicomplexa Toxoplasmatinae isolados de uma infeccao natural e comparadas frente a cepa congenita

Lawrenz, A.; Marholdt, D.; Olbricht, G.; Schurer, U., 1999:
Intravenous fluid therapy in a juvenile African elephant Loxodonta africana with salmonella diarrhoea with simultaneous control of the blood values Infusionstherapie bei einem juvenilen Afrikanischen Elefanten Loxodonta africana mit Salmonellenenteritis unter Berucksichtigung der Blutparameter

Koelle, P.; Reese, S.; Hoffmann, R., 2000:
Intravenous urography and cystography in tortoises Urographie und Zystographie bei Landschildkroeten

Dumont, HJ.; Tundisi, JG.; Roche, K., 1990:
Intrazooplankton predation

Magniez, Guy J., 1997:
Intrinsic and extrinsic factors in current distribution of isopod crustaceans of subterranean waters of Europe Facteurs intrinseques et extrinseques de la distribution actuelle des crustaces isopodes des eaux souterraines dEurope

Guix, JC., 1990:
Introducao e colonizacao de Rana catesbeiana Shaw, 1802 em um pequeno vale no municipio de Suzano SP, sudeste do Brasil

Vicens i Perpinya, N., 1990:
Introduccio al coneixement de lentomofauna de la surera

de Viedma Hitos, MG.; Baragano Galan, JR.; Notario Gomez, A., 1984:
Introduccion a la entomologia Introduccion a la entomologia

Salom, F.; Vega, I., 1990:
Introduccion al conocimiento de los tabanos ibericos

Acosta, M.; Mugica, L., 1990:
Introduccion al estudio del espacio morfologico en trece especies de bijiritas Aves Parulinae

Barrera, JF.; Baker, PS.; Valenzuela, JE.; Schwarz, A., 1990:
Introduccion de dos especies de parasitoides africanos a Mexico para el control biologico de la broca del cafe, Hypothenemus hampei Ferrari Coleoptera Scolytidae

Martin, R.; Laurent, PJ., 2005:
Introduce again white clawed crayfish is urgent and possible, but needs acute discernment, determination and diligence Reintroduire le pieds blancs, cest urgent et aussi possible, mais il faut faire preuve de clairvoyance de determination et dassiduite

Werner, Uwe., 2002:
Introduced and bred for the first time Hemichromis frempongi Erstmals eingefuehrt und gezuechtet Hemichromis frempongi

Debussche, M.; Isenmann, P., 1990:
Introduced and cultivated fleshy-fruited plants consequences for a mutualistic Mediterranean plant-bird system

Navas, J.R., 2002:
Introduced and naturalized exotic birds in Argentina Las aves exoticas introducidas y naturalizadas en la Argentina

Sellenschlo, Udo., 2002:
Introduced ants and their identification, part I A surprise in the luggage ants Eingeschleppte Ameisenarten und ihre Bestimmung, Teil I Eine Ueberraschung im Gepaeck Ameisen

Sellenschlo, Udo., 2002:
Introduced ants Part II Eingeschleppte Ameisen Teil II

Sellenschlo, Udo., 2002:
Introduced ants Part III Eingeschleppte Ameisen Teil III

Grau, A.; Halloy, S.; Dominguez, E.; Gonzalez, JA.; Vides, R., 1995:
Introduced deer Study of environmental impact in north west Argentina Ciervos introducidos Estudio de su impacto ambiental en el Noroeste Argentino

Luengo, Juan Luis Rodrigo., 2002:
Introduced fauna Fauna introducida

Bizerril, C.R.berto S.; Fontenelle; Lima, N.R.jane Wille, 2001:
Introduced fish species in the continental ecosystems of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil Especies de peixes introduzidas nos ecossistemas aquaticos continentais do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Perez-Bote, Jose Luis., 1995:
Introduced fishes as indicators of rivers damages La expansion de peces introducidos, inidcio de la degradacion de los rios

M.E.; Kevan, DK., 1990:
Introduced grasshoppers and crickets in Micronesia

Reischuetz, Peter L., 2002:
Introduced mollusc species in Austria - an overview Die in Oesterreich eingeschleppten Molluskenarten - eine Uebersicht

Schmid, Guenter., 2002:
Introduced or released molluscs in Baden-Wuerttemberg Im Baden-Wuerttemberg eingeschleppte oder ausgesezte Mollusken

Blanc, G., 1997:
Introduced pathogens in European aquatic ecosystems theoretical aspects and realities Lintroduction des agents pathogenes dans les ecosystemes aquatiques aspects theoriques et realites

Ullman, Magnus., 2006:
Introduced species Introducerade arter

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